so he loses hope that anything good will happen to him


Request: Gabriel x reader rough smut. Like basically they hate each other but there is still that sexual tension. Big fight happens and then smut smut. Hope this works and is okay and thank you

A/N: This is the first time I attempted anything except Cas, Sam, and Dean but I tried so hard to make it good enough for your pretty little face. Personally I think I did ok, but I am terribly sorry if I didn’t meet your needs. Hopefully you don’t lose doubt in my writing abilities, love xx

Warnings: SMUT, language
Gabriel x Reader

“Gabriel just shut the hell up!” You were sick of the way he always had to make something about him or the way he made everything a joke. You were being nice enough because he was helping you work an angel case, but other than that he just needed to stop.

“Sorry cupcake, didn’t mean to upset that pretty face,” he said with a hint of sarcasm. You swore under your breath. You would easily beat him up if it wasn’t for him being an archangel. Sure he was kinda cute but you would still beat him up in one way or another.

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The Protector

I’m a little hesitant to post this because it’s been a while since I’ve last written anything, so my skills are kinda rusty ehhh D: This is also my first time writing Jacob’s character, so I can only hope I’m doing him justice. Please let me know if he’s OOC

Uh yeah. Literally no idea where this came from. The idea just popped into my head and I couldn’t help myself. Super fluffy with a dash of angst.


EDIT: I added a little tidbit towards the end that I forgot to add in. Re-read if you want but it’s not much of a change. now we at 4,189 words :’) 

Warnings: Graphic Violence (just to be on the safe side)

((Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader))

Summary: The reader finds out some good news but at the worst of times, and Jacob basically loses his shit over the thought of his wife and unborn child put in danger by him ugh Jacob you idiot.

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