so he kisses cas and tells him sam is just his brother and if he was interested in anyone

Come Here Little Girl

Word count: 2,366

Warning: SMUT, daddy kink, rough sex, slight bondage

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary/Request: Thank you @thedevilsbestie for your request!

On a hunt, Y/N is surprised to find out in such circumstances, a kink that she has – as is Dean. They try it out when they get back to the motel room.

“I am not doing that. No way!” You shouted through the motel room.
“Come on Y/N this is where he’s going to be and it’s probably our only chance to kill him.” Dean argued. “I have to go too.”
You snorted, “You get to wear clothes though, you don’t have to go in your fucking underwear!”
You had been on this case for the past two weeks trying to find the vampire that was terrorising the city, so of course you wanted to kill the son of a bitch. But the only problem was that he only showed his face once a fortnight at a club downtown. The club looked like your average sort of club from the outside but in reality it was invite only. Not only that but the invites were for men who had girlfriends and partners that would come along only in their underwear (or less) and then, “I don’t even want to think about what sort of stuff happens in that club at night.”

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Okay so if you don’t know already, I love Doctor!Cas in destiel fics SO MUCH. Like I don’t even need to read the fic if it has doctor!cas in it, i’m already there XD. 

So here’s a list of the best/my favorite destiel fics with Doctor!Cas in them. I’ll update this from time to time when I find more fics :) (I track the doctor!cas tag on ao3 lol) All of these are AU and complete! 

Tagging: @deanscolette, @lostboycas, @seraphmisha, @rebmathegisher <3

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title: “Wildflower” (Dean Winchester imagine)

characters: sister/angel x castiel, reader x dean winchester, sam winchester.

word count: 1,291 words

warnings: fluff&stuff, swearing

(a/n): this is 100% inspired by an imagine i recently read, unfortunately i can’t for the life of me remember the title of it, let alone the author. if any of you guys figure it out, could you please let me know? thanks loves xxx

:: :: ::

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The Contest-Part 25

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA@oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)


I immediately sat up, despite the waves of dizziness I felt.  I got to my feet and looked around the room.  Spotting Missouri standing in the corner, I went to her.  She smiled at me and held out her arms for a hug.

“It’s great to meet you in the flesh, Missouri. Are you okay? Do you need anything?” I asked.

“I’d love a shower.” She said with a smile.  

“Mary, can you show her where the showers are?  The guys and I need to talk.”  Mary nodded and led Missouri away.

I looked over at the stranger, still perusing through his magazine.  “So your Gabriel, as in the Archangel Gabriel? Aren’t you supposed to be dead?”

Gabe smirked at me. “Every now and then Dad actually listens to prayers.  You happened to catch him on a good day.  You asked for help with Lucifer, didn’t you? So Dad sent me.  Good thing, because I just saved your bacon.”

“What the hell happened back there, Gem?” Dean asked me. “How did you do that spell?

“I don’t know. That was powerful black magic, way beyond anything I know. I just heard a voice in my head. It’s the same voice I heard in my dream the other night. It sounded familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it.”

“What did the voice sound like, Gemini?” Castiel asked me.

“Like Sean Connery, but female,” I replied.

“I don’t understand that reference,” Cas told me.

Sam and Dean looked at each other. “Rowena.”

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Want you

Title: Want you

Pairing: Balthazar x Reader, Cas x friend!reader

Word Count: ~3k

Warnings: Insecurity

Request: Hello I love your blog! Idk if you write for the angels but if you do would you mind maybe doing a oneshot where the reader can see balthazars wings and knows it means she is his soulmate but she doesn’t tell him because she thinks he deserves better and won’t want her. But somehow he eventually finds out, maybe she keeps staring at them or something, and he asks her why she never said and she explains everything and he reassures her? ❤❤

The first time you saw them they literally took your breath away. You stared at Balthazar like you never saw him before in your life. A pair of beautiful huge wings filled the room behind him. Soft light seemed to radiate of them and a feeling of safety and belonging pulled you towards him. All you wanted this moment was go over there, take him in your arms, let him wrap those wings around you and never let go.

“Hey, sweetness” The angel in turn had of course caught your staring “What are you looking at?”

Confused he turned around, tugging his wings away or whatever it was angels did to their wings when they weren’t visible. The feeling of belonging stayed however, even with the soft light gone. Shaking your head you tried to push the feeling away, quickly searching the walls for something. In the corner of the room your eyes finally landed on a fat spider. Good enough, you decided before pointing at it.


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Stepping into the writing realm

Ok, so this is my first fic ever.  I owe my soul @emani-writes for being the beta for this  :)  

Written for @splendidcas birthday fic challenge with the prompt “I Dare You” Happy Birthday Shannon

“I Dare You”

Castiel x Reader


Your apartment isn’t a tiny thing but it’s also not huge. It’s comfortable for you and maybe one other person. Which is why you are shut in your own bathroom, tonight, on your birthday, because there are whay? Twenty? Twenty three people or more? All squeezed into your apartment. They’re all people you grew up with, or friends from college, or co-workers.

This was not the plan.

Dean, your best friend, was just suppose to bring Sam and Cas over with some beer and pizza. It was going to be a nice quiet night with your boys. You’ve known Sam and Dean since you were 5. Sam and Dean have always been very protective older brother types and Sam gave the absolute best hugs. There were days where a hug from Sammy made everything better.

Then there was the new boy, Castiel Novak.  His family had always lived in your town, but it wasn’t until the start of middle school, when Castiel’s father lost his job, that their family moved to public school. The youngest boy, Castiel, stole your heart and you never looked back. He came into your life as Sam’s languages tutor as a way to make some extra cash. They became friends and were nerdy together and hung out regularly.  He also got along famously with Dean. So he became part of the circle and it had been that way through middle school, high school,and now college. You always had each other’s backs, you teased each other, sure you argued but you made up, your families knew each other. You were each other’s cheerleaders at any events and there with comfort foods and movies when one of you needed it.

And maybe tonight, on your birthday, you may have had plans to talk to Cas. You may have already told Dean you were going to tell Cas how you felt, plans which Dean enthusiastically supported. You MAY have even bought something sexy in case things ended up going how you hoped they would.

Except now you are convinced that Dean is an asshole. When your doorbell rings at 6PM, you are greeted with an endless stream of guests, each person carrying food, gifts, balloons, or drinks.

NO. This was not the plan.

There’s a knock at the bathroom door. “Y/N, you okay?” it was Dean.  “I’m coming in” he announces and without even waiting the door opens. Why didn’t you bolt it? Not that it would have mattered. Dean knows that if you jiggled the knob enough the door opens. The lock is complete shit. He shuts the door and leans his hip against the sink, looking down at you sitting on the toilet lid with your face in your hands.

“Sweetheart, I am so sorry.” His voice doesn’t hold any sarcasm, but there’s amusement there.

You glare at him and he holds his hands up in surrender. “Look, Y/N  We had this surprise party planned before you ever told me about talking to Cas,okay? What was I supposed to do? You only told me your intentions two days ago!”

You can feel him watching you for a response. He gets nothing. Frustrated, he sighs, “Okay, look. Everyone is out there setting up YOUR party.” he growls.  “Friends, co-workers” His voice trails off to an almost whimper “Friends of friends”

You throw your arm out hitting his stomach with the back of your hand. He chuckles and shrugs. Things go silent again and you find your face back in your hands.

You think you hear Dean growl “Seriously Y/N? Put on a happy face and get your ass out there! I’ll make sure Cas stays later tonight to help clean up and you guys can talk.” You don’t realize that Dean has leaned down, close to your ear until your feel his breath. He huffs out a small laugh and says, “Besides he says he has a kick ass gift for you but doesn’t want to give it to you in front of everyone.”

Your head shoots up so fast you feel momentarily dizzy. The smile Dean gives you is blinding.

Chuckling, Dean waggles his finger like a mother hen. “Alright! Five minutes. But you better be out there, or I’m sending Sammy in with the puppy dog eyes.” Then Dean is gone, shutting the door behind him.

You take deep breaths, and focus on all the things you love about Cas. How you can sit and talk about anything at all day or night. How calm he is when shit goes flying and always seems to steadily resolve any issue like damage control is second nature to him. How his clothes and hair are always rumpled or downright unruly. How intense he is about causes that mean something to him. How scary hot he is when defending a friend. How he smells like rain and cinnamon and his eyes!  The man has the bluest blue to ever blue eyes that you’ve ever seen.

You’re just beginning to calm when the bathroom door opens again and Charlie, your best girlfriend, lets herself in. Does anyone care that you could be naked in here, or actually USING the facilities?

She greets you with the biggest, brightest smile. “Hey! Happy birthday, bitch!” she says cheerfully.

“Don’t you even knock,” you grouse.

Charlie waves you off. “Sam was gonna come in but I vetoed that!”  Her eyes widen with excitement. Charlie beams and  hurries to sit down near you on the tub edge, babbling so quickly you can only pick out certain words.

“So I heard Dean talking to Cas something about giving you a present and IF he really wanted to make the day great he should just tell you how he REALLY FEELS!” She ends her rambling with a large, deep breath in and out.

All you seem able to do is stutter. “Cas? Really feels? What? Does he? What?”

Charlie’s smile grows impossibly large and she nods her head so fast her red curls bounce frantically. “Oh c’mon, it’s obvious you two are hot for each other. Hell, it probably goes deeper than just sexual attraction but-“

You cut her off. “You think he feels the same?”

She just rolls her eyes. You had hoped Cas would feel the same. But even with Dean, Sam, Charlie, and even Meg telling you that he’s crushing on you, you hadn’t truly believed it.

Without any warning, Charlie grabs you by the arm and pulls you up and out the door before you can protest. Once in the  hallway you contemplate chickening out and heading straight for your bedroom, but Charlie keeps a hand on you. You tentatively walk to the end of the hall and peek out into the main space.

Your miniscule kitchen is to your left and you notice Benny, Andrea, and Gabe, one of Cas’ many older brothers, setting up food.Charlie ignored them in favor of joining her girlfriend, Dorothy,at your small dining table just beyond the kitchen and behind the second hand living room suite Cas’ parents had given you.. Jo and Victor smiled at Charlie as she plopped onto Dorothy’s lap like it was nothing!

In the far corner of the living room beside the entertainment center, Sam signs to Eileen, though it seems difficult with Jess hanging off his arm. Eileen just laughs and signs back. The sectional is taken up by your co-workers, Caesar, Jesse, Bella, Ruby, Lisa, and Cassie, all in various stages of conversation. Balthazar, and Cas’ sisters Hannah, and Hael have managed to out the beer pong supplies and are setting up in the cramped area in front of the entertainment center. Michael, Luc, the two eldest Novak’s, are also hanging around with three old classmates, Kevin, Billie, and Fergus who has his arm around Billie’s waist (that’s new). They seem to be watching the beverage table with interest where Dean is stood with Meg and Cas, whose back is toward you.

Cas doesn’t notice you, but Meg sure does. She’s been Cas’s casual on again, off again friend-with-benefits for years, though they’re currently off. Meg shoots you a smirk and then looks back to Cas, crossing her arms and giving an annoyed huff. Her trademark smirk is positively evil as she rolls her eyes.

“Jesus, Clarence. Man up already. How many times have I had to listen to you piss and moan about your feelings for her?” Meg’s voice is just loud enough that you heard, and you swallow.. You can just make out Cas’ low, annoyed tone.

“I will. It’s just not the right time with all these people here.”

You can’t hear, but Dean’s response looks angry, his hands waving as he talked. That’s when you heard it.

“I DARE YOU!” Dean shouted, obviously frustrated. You see Cas and Dean arguing, Dean’s voice steadily rising.

“You are such a chicken shit! If there’s no better time than now, then when?”

Cas gestures quickly to quiet Dean and they bicker angrily in subdued tones.

Glancing toward the kitchen, you notice Gabe pausing at his task of plating the cake. He’s watching the conversation with equal parts interest and annoyance, though he does waggle his brows at you when he sees you watching.

“There’s the birthday girl!” he calls loudly, Dean turns toward you with a smile and Cas’s posture visibly tenses but he doesn’t turn your way, instead he downs his drink in one swallow. Gabe throws his arms out and loudly proclaims “Let’s get this show on the road!”

Glancing around, you notice Benny and Andrea have moved to the area around the entertainment center where Bess laughs at Garth’s failed attempts to hook up his iPod to your stereo. Kevin moves to help him.

You plaster on your best smile and walk up to greet Gabe. He smiles, gives you a hug, and whispers in your ear.

“Happy Birthday Y/N. Cas chose the menu but I baked it all and I expect credit where credit is due. I take cash, credit card, or kisses.”

You playfully smack him on the shoulder. Gabriel was a hopeless flirt, almost as bad as his cousin, Balthazar. Moving out of the kitchen, Gabe claps to get everyones attention, and raises his arms like he’s conducting an orchestra.

“Everyone ready? Haaaaapy Biiirthday to you! Haaaaapy BIIIIIIIIRTHDAY TO YOU-“

“STOW IT, GABE!” Dean interrupts before taking a long drink of what is no doubt whiskey. His voice is rough as he turns to the gathered crowd, swagger in full effect.

Dean glances your way and winks before facing the crowd fully. “It’s dare time!,” he yells, turning to point at Cas. “And I dare Cas to feed Y/N her birthday cake.”

Cas’s eyes go wide and his skin pales. Luc smirks, bemused,while several others gasp or even chuckle.

You’re frozen to the spot behind the island, not able to fully meet the eyes staring back at you. Instead you eye the plates of cake laid out in front of you. It’s vanilla with a thick layer of whipped icing and fresh strawberries. It’s perfect. Of course Cas knew the perfect cake. Looking up,  you lock eyes with Cas, watching wearily as Sam approaches him. Sam shoots you a smile and then leans down and whispers something in Cas’s ear, clapping him hard on the back. Something changes in Cas’s expression. His once terrified expression morphs into determination.

Out of the corner of your eye you see Charlie stand up with her phone at the ready. Of course she’ll video this.

Cas strides determinedly to your side, staring down at the amassed plates. Not looking at you, he whispers, “Happy birthday, Y/N Pick your poison.” You pick up a plate shaking so much that Cas puts his hand over yours. He relieves you ofthe plate and a fork before turning toward you.

“Uh… You won’t see a present from me. What I had planned can’t be wrapped.” Cas is obviously trying to whisper but the apartment is suddenly so quiet it’s likely everyone can hear him. “I just wanted you know. For later.”

You nod despite having trouble hearing over your pounding heart ringing in your ears.

Cas clears his throat then and stabs a bite of cake.

“Okay,” he breathes, finally meeting your eyes and grinning. “Open up.”

You oblige and the first bite of cake and strawberry hits your tongue and it’s bliss. You’re hardly aware of the small moan that escapes your throat but you certainly notice how Cas’s breath catches and his pupils dilate. You feel giddy and much more bold with that knowledge.

Giggling, you scan the crowd and find Gabe. “Oh my god, Gabe. This cake is orgasmic!”

He gives you a thumbs up. “I told you! I take payment in kisses, you can tip in tongue!”

Everyone chuckles including you, but when you look at Cas, he’s sending Gabe a smiteful look. You bounce on your heels in front of him, determined to be a distraction. No smitings on your birthday.

“Next bite please?” You ask innocently. Cas stares down at you, and offers up another forkful.

Around you, conversations resume and with them some of the tension dispurses. So, of course, someone has to speak up. It’s Sam this time, the little shit.

“Ya know Y/N, if that was wedding cake, you would be covered in it right now.” Sam chuckles at his own joke but Cas freezes, loaded fork halfway to your parted lips and he pulls back. Cocking an eyebrow, Cas’ determined stare turns predatory, and the bastard smirks. Anxious, you take a step back and he squints at you slightly, looking almost like Luc. You scan the crowd and Sam gives you an apologetic look. Some are looking on with mischievous glee, others are whispering with slight smiles, Charlie and now Kevin are both recording it all. Dean has a proud smile on his face and gives you a wink.

Assholes. They’re all assholes.

Setting down the cake, Cas appears to have thought of something new. He looks over the crowd.

“Why don’t you all help yourselves to some of Gabe’s-” he smirks and clears his throat “orgasmic cake?” Complete with air quotes, is he mocking you?

And they do, helping themselves to cake and moving away to mingle over the truly delicious dessert.. After passing out the last piece, you turn back to Cas. He’s looking at you speculatively before dipping two fingers into the thick whipped cream rose in the corner of the leftover cake. Then he takes a slow step toward you.

“You know, Y/N,” Cas says conversationally, all the while stepping threateningly toward you. “My original dare tonight was to tell you something.”

For every tiny step Cas takes you take one back, well aware that there’s not much room before you backed into the counter and cabinets.

You chuckle weakly. “And we know you can’t refuse a dare.” You eye him, curiosity warring with your apprehension.  “What, uh… What were you going to tell me?” The whisper leaves you before you can stop it.

Cas looks a the icing rose on his fingers, then at you and gives a devilish smirk. “Oh, just that I should tell you how…” He squints at you as he takes another step. “How much I don’t want to be JUST friends anymore.”

Your heart races This is happening!

He’s less than an arm’s length away when your back hits the counter. Dizziness overwhelms you. How can this be happening? Shouldn’t it be like in movies? A build up? A misunderstanding? A climactic montage where the guy goes after the girl or vice versa?  


He stops and places his free hand on your waist drifitng right into your personal spaces. His voice is a whispered growl. “We’re so much more than friends.”

Cas lifts his fingers to eye level and you think you’re going to get a face full of whipped icing and strawberry juice, but instead he places the icing in his mouth on that sinful tongue of his. You’ve had some sinfully bad fantasies about that tongue, or were they good? Doesn’t matter now as your brain proceeds to short circuit as his mouth covers yours. He tastes like vanilla and strawberry and whiskey and it’s wonderful.. Wonderfully him. Cas wastes no time, sweeping his tongue into your mouth and you melt instantly but he has you pressed so firmly against the counter that you’re not going anywhere.

Your brain vaguely registers a few whoops from the crowd, a “finally”, or “about damn time!” But it’s all soon drowned out as the music starts and you hear Dean exclaim, “Fuck! About time! Okay! Nothing to see here. Everyone give them some privacy!”

Conversations change quickly and everyone pointedly ignores the make out session going on in the kitchen. Your brain returns to the kiss and oh… the erection pressing against you.

Later, you promise yourself.

Cas’s hands are on your hips and he lifts you easily onto the counter before breaking the kiss. You both pant hard.

“I’m sorry,” he croaks out. “I really should’ve asked permission before I did that.” He stares at you now, all smugness gone, and in it’s place is what you’ve affectionately dubbed his “kicked puppy” face.

You simply laugh and hug your arms tightly around his neck, leaning in to whisper in his ear. “I swear to god, Cas, if you EVER apologize for kissing me again, I’ll key the Impala and tell Dean it was you.”

His deep chuckle against your ear does all kinds of good things for you downstairs. “I was actually going to talk to you about these feelings later and uhm….” You slowly look at him. “I wanted… I wanted to show you just how ‘unfriend like’ I wanted to be.”

Your face burns red. Another growl in your ear and his fingers tighten on your hips. He presses his forehead against yours for a long moment before slowly pulling away. Suddenly, you hear the party still going on in the background. You sigh.

“We have a party to get back to,” you say, casting a glance over his shoulder and smirking. “I think Meg is propositioning Luc now that she’s lost you.”

Cas frowns but concedes.  He graces you with a soft smile. “After everyone is gone, we can continue this.”

He slides you off the counter, and walks backward a few steps to the cake. Picking up a strawberry, he carefully offers it to you. Stepping close, you let him slip it in your mouth. Your eyes never leave his as you wrap your lips around his finger,  intentionally sucking slow.  His flutter closed and he groans and shudders slightly.  Your grin could give Meg’s trademark smirk some competition as he tries to compose himself and not so quietly states, “I still have a gift to give you, remember?”

You stand up on your toes, pressing your lips to the shell of his ear and whisper, “I dare you,” before swiftly skirting around him and rejoining your party.

Lily’s Hey Jude Lullaby // Dean

Summary: Dean was always the one to deny help when he needed it but when his wife and his separated when his daughter was a few months old. Life went down hill when Anna walked out on Lily officially. It left Dean with a full time job as both a parent and a career. What will he do?

Characters: daddy!dean x reader, Becky Rose x oldersister!Reader, Lily Winchester (OC), Sam Winchester, Anna Milton (mentioned), Bobby and Castiel Novak.

Words: 1788

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or the characters. Nor do I own any gifs, images or songs used.

Warnings: Fluff and Becky’s stalker tendencies (mentioned)

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: At the end. Let us know if you want added or removed on anything.

A/N: This was completely adorable to write. Requested by @komunyska


Prompt List

Originally posted by dark-dagger

Dean was going to rip his hair out because Anna, his now ex-wife, had sent a invitation to her shot-gun wedding. It was sent to both him and Lily as if to spite him. He didn’t even know since she had left her daughter behind with documents to prove it.

It hurt more when the name on the invitation had his childhood best friends name on it. James Castiel Novak, he had to take another glance because it stated his first given name. Up until third grade when Castiel left they had had three other James in their class so he was called his middle name.

Cas had lost touch with everyone here and he wasn’t one to have a social platform nor was there an address. Dean didn’t think that Cas knew he was marrying his best friend’s ex-wife. Dean didn’t know if he should go with his daughter because she wouldn’t remember it. For godlike Lily’s only a ten month old baby.

“Sh. Baby.” Dean said rocking his little girl to sleep, “Daddy’s got you. I’ll always be here for you.”

Not wanting to put her down but knowing he had to get some sleep for the early morning tomorrow. He had to be at work at six in the morning due to the important client coming into work and it was important because after he had to get over to the shop.

“Night sweetheart.” Dean said kissing the sleeping baby on the forehead before laying her down. Dean smiled watching his daughter smile in her sleep before he turned the night light on and left the room.

He was tempted to get a beer but he was trying to cut back for his daughter and he had forgot to pick up more. He was barely floating with caring for his daughter while also holding down two jobs in order to himself pay off his student loans. Despite landing a cushioning sport scholarship he had had to pay for his last year once an injury costed him the scholarship and a sports career.

“Time for bed.” Dean sighed going around the house to double check the doors and windows before checking the alarm.

Once he was in his room he stripped down to his boxers with a t-shirt. He had to get in the habit so when his daughter was older she wouldn’t run into her daughter wearing little clothing. He stretched before falling sleep with a picture of Lily being the last thing he saw.


Dean was making breakfast when Lily’s cries had Dean racing off towards her room. She was standing up in the crib with glassy eyes, sweaty skin and sneezing. He groaned picking up up out of the crib.

“You had to pick this day to be sick.” Dean sighed trying to soothe her, “I have to find a sitter. There’s no way Jo will let you in the daycare.”

Lily curled into his arms while he rubbed a hand over his head and carried the fevered baby downstairs. He had one option that would gladly looking after her so he punched in the number. He was making faces at the grumpy girl before his mother’s voice answered.

“Dean? Is there something wrong?” Mary questioned. His mother’s caring voice did the usual job of calming down Dean. She was up always at his time by habit.

“Lily’s sick and I don’t know anyone that can help. Mom I have to be at work at six and then I won’t get off for a longer time. Bobby gave me another shift.” Dean exclaimed soothing his daughter with exasperation.

“Oh honey.” Mary sighed, “I can’t look after her. I’m sorry but your dad and I already have plans.”

“Oh. I guess I can ask Sam and Sarah.” Dean pushed a hand through his hair again.

“Did you forget? They took the week off to go see Sarah’s parents before the baby is born.”

Remembering how his brother was telling how the family about the pregnancy in person didn’t help the situation. Dean growled in annoyance trying to remember anyone that could help him. He was drawing blanks because almost everyone would be working or lived in a different state.

“Give me a minute.” Mary mumbled placing the phone in the crook of her neck as she began going through the organized papers, “Becky, you remember her, she had an older sister about your age. She’s a elementary teacher so she’s on holidays now.”

“I don’t know. I’m not comf-“

“Dean, I know the girl.” Mary said not surprised at Dean hesitancy, “Give her a call okay?”


You were clicking your tongue not knowing what to do with yourself on the first day of summer holidays. It wasn’t warm enough for swimming nor did you feel like being around a lot of people. You were about to call your younger sister when the phone went off.


“Is this Y/N Rosen?” The deep male voice questioned.

“Depends on who’s asking.” You cautiously said.

“I’m Dean Winchester. My mom is Mary Winchester. She said you could help me.” The man, Dean, said, “My daughter came down suddenly with a cold and won’t be able to go to daycare. Is there any possibility you could look after her?”

“How old is she?” You inquired crossing on leg over the other.

“She’s just about one years old and rambunctious I will admit even at this age.” Dean admitted, “But she’s my Lily-pad.”

You bit your lip before agreeing to the information and gave your phone number with instruction to text his address. You got ready quickly before packing a bag to keep the young child interested and occupied.

The house you saw was small with a few toys laying in the front year that looked as if  they had been abandoned. You parked before strolling up the door, you gave yourself a pep talk before knocking. Even here you could the shrill scream of a child and fast paced feet that belonged to the man that had opened the door. Holding said child in his arms.

“I’m Y/N Rosen.” You said putting your hand out for him to shake.

“I’m Dean, thank you so much for doing this.” He sighed in relief, “Didn’t you drag your sister away from Sam?”

“She still likes him.” You muttered rolling your eyes. Your little sister was a pain in your ass and she had graduated high school. She still shouldn’t be wrapped around her childhood crush, “The amount of pictures have dwindled.”

Dean shook his head remembering how Becky Rosen was with her brother. She verged on stalker if both Dean and you were honest with yourselves. Becky didn’t even know about Sarah but with the amount of social media Sam blocked her on it wasn’t surprising.

“Who’s this little cutie?” You asked playfully making paces at the young child.

“This is Lily. Numbers and information is in the kitchen, there’s take-out menus sitting out if you want take-out or a frozen pizza.” Dean quickly said passing you his daughter, “Lily’s food is labeled and I made a sheet explaining what times to feed and what she needs.”

“Well planned out.” You chuckled. He sheepishly nodded before he was practically running to the nice car he owened.

“I’ll see you at around eight tonight!” He shouted practically speeding out of the driveway.

“Your dad is silly.” You laughed to the little girl. She giggled before pulling on your hair.


The day went by fast with Lily being content until in the last afternoon, she was screaming herself hoarse. You had given her medicine for the fever along with a soothing bath but nothing was calming the little girl. Her bedtime was creeping closer but nothing helped.

“Lily, come on. You need to sleep.” You muttered following what you saw your mom do when Becky was like this.

A bottle always helped and for awhile it worked for Lily but not anymore. You were having trouble figuring out what to do that you had no idea what time it was. You had turned on the radio in her room before you decided to sing to see if it would soothe her. You smiled when the song “Hey Jude” came on.

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

Lily started to calm down more and more as the song came on. Her eyes were trained in your area.

Hey Jude, don’t be afraid
You were made to go our and get her
The minutes you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better

You were smiling largely at the the baby when she started to coo along with you but it was the new voice that had you blushing. Dean was home leaning against the door frame and singing.

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain
Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders
For well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah

Lily was asleep in your arms when Dean finished the small part. You both stared at each other as the song went on as if there was a new light in both of you. Dean carefully took Lily out of your arms to tuck her in before he grabbed your hand to take you downstairs. He pulled a beer each out at the table.

“My mom sang that to Sam and I when we were kids. Sam didn’t enjoy it as much, he wasn’t one for the good songs.” Dean said taking a long sip from the bottle, “How was she?”

“Her fever went down but I gave her some medication before she went to sleep along with what you said to give her.” You smiled admiring the caring father. Yours had walked out on the family was a twenty-something secretary with large boobs and a smart brain apparently.

“I forgot to mention she only calms down hearing the first half of Hey Jude.” He chuckled shaking his head, “Mom says she takes after me almost too much.”

“She’s a sweet little girl.” You sighed. Dean tilted his head seeing you in a different light and it scared him.

“I have a question. You’re amazing with my daughter and I would like to know if you would like to grab dinner sometime?”

“Are you sure?”


“Well it’s date.” You laughed before talking more about your lives.

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Nobody But You

Pairing: Michael x Reader
Warnings: None 
Word Count: 1254
Request: “Could I request a fluffy Michael x Reader where they like each other but won’t admit it so Sam, Dean, Cas and Gabriel keep flirting with her to make Michael jealous so he’ll finally admit his feelings?” by anonymous.

If there was one thing you hated, it was sudden silence whenever you walked in a room - especially when the people that went silent were close friends. It left a heavy feeling in your gut, as if something was off. As if, perhaps, there might’ve been something you weren’t supposed to overhear. Which is exactly the feeling you got when you walked in on a rather peculiar scene: two hunters and three angels, all grouped together in conversation. To anyone else, it might’ve seemed like they were scheming about something. To you, it seemed like a good reason to get the hell out of dodge.

As soon as you walked into the Bunker’s common room, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Gabriel, and Michael all halted whatever hushed conversation they were in the middle of and turned to stare at you. Sam and Dean glanced at each other, both looking rather smug. Castiel was obviously nervous while Gabriel looked just as smug as Sam and Dean. Michael, on the other hand…well, Michael just looked frustrated - which automatically prompted your suspicion.

“Uh…hey, guys,” you spoke, your tone dripping with your obvious discomfort at having all eyes on you. None of them seemed willing to talk, but you couldn’t tell if it was serious. Before you walked in, they only sounded frustrated - and maybe amused? “What’s going on?”

Gabriel glanced at the boys before making his way over to you. Wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you towards the group, he spoke all too cheerily. “Nothin’, sweetheart. Has anyone told you how amazing you look today?”

You glanced at your outfit: jeans and a blue plaid shirt over an old shirt - your usual outfit and certainly nothing special. Gabriel’s sudden compliment left you confused given he was never one to be so blunt. “Thanks? You sure you’re feeling okay?”

“Never better,” he grinned. “In fact, I’m feeling peachy. Hey, Cassie - whaddya think? Y/N here lookin’ good?”

“She looks…beautiful,” Cas replied, a slight tinge of red coloring his cheeks. Although he sounded sincere, you couldn’t help but feel the compliment was forced.

Dean pulled you away from Gabriel’s embrace and between him and Sam. You glanced between the two of them, unsure of what exactly they were playing at. “I’ve never seen a more gorgeous person,” Dean smirked. “Y/N, we really oughta go out some time.”

Before you could reply, Sam had cut in. “You know Dean, I really think Y/N would prefer me - I mean, I’d take ‘em out on an actual date. Y’know, to a real restaurant and everything, not some local burger-and-fries diner.”

“Thanks, guys, but really -”

“Oh, no,” Dean chuckled. “You are totally not their type - isn’t he, Y/N? You’d go for the brave, leader type - and Sam’s definitely not that.”

Sam rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms arrogantly across his chest. “Say what you want but they’d want someone who can sweep them off their feet and still give them a challenge. You’re too predictable, Dean.”

Gabriel pushed Sam and Dean out of the way and wrapped his arms around you once more. “You guys are idiots - none of you know how to have any real fun. Y/N would want someone with a flair for adventure.”

“Really, guys, thanks, but I still don’t get what’s going on,” you interrupted hastily, before anyone could talk over you again.

“We’re just pining for your attention,” Gabriel smirked. “After all, not all of us are brave enough to -”

There was a loud slam that caused all five of you to jump when you noticed Michael had gone missing from the room. You pondered the fact that he could’ve been the one to storm out, but you didn’t understand why - not that you were understanding anything that was going on.

“That’s your cue,” Dean nudged you. “Go after him, kiddo.”

“Wait, what?” You sputtered, looking between the four of them. “What the hell is going on?”

Dean rolled his eyes. “You’d find out if you went after him. Hurry, before he poofs outta here.”

You glared at him, but nonetheless quickly jogged out of the room and into one of the Bunker’s many hallways. Michael was only a short length down the hall and it didn’t take you very long to reach him. He was visibly fuming and more angry than you had seen him in a while. His brilliant green eyes avoided yours as you stood in front of him.

“Hey, you okay?”

“They are all very childish,” he replied curtly. “I am sorry you had to see me storm out as I did; that was rude of me.”

“It’s fine,” you consoled. “I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.”

“I’m truly fine, Y/N. Thank you for being concerned,” Michael smiled lightly.

“Right…” you replied. “You wouldn’t happen to know what they were doing back there, would you? I mean, that was pretty unusual.”

“They were trying to make me jealous,” he replied bluntly, if not somewhat detached. “It worked.”

You gaped at him, convinced that you must’ve misheard. “Wait…that was all an attempt to make you jealous?”

“Yes, it seems that way,” he sighed. “I apologize if this makes you uncomfortable -”

“No, Michael, this is great news!” You exclaimed happily, unable to contain your smile.

“It is?” He glanced at you in confusion.

“C’mon, you’re an archangel - you should be able to tell,” you teased him. When he didn’t reply, you sighed. “It’s a good thing that you got jealous. Well, maybe not good, but otherwise I would’ve never found out…anyway, the point is, I like you. A lot.”

“I wasn’t aware,” Michael smiled. “Well, actually, I refused to believe it no matter how much Sam and Dean and my brothers tried to convince me. I refused to believe that someone as perfect and incredible as you would take interest in an angel.”

“See, that’s our problem,” you quipped. “Both of us never thought the other would fall. I never thought an angel - an archangel, at that - would like a measly human like me.”

“You are not just a ‘measly human’ to me, Y/N,” Michael replied, suddenly serious. “You are perfect. Brave, kind, funny, selfless - there are so many positive things I could carry on about but in the end it all amounts to who you are. There is nobody but you that I would ever want. I am sorry I waited so long to say something.”

“That was sweet, Michael,” you replied as you stepped closer to the eldest archangel. “And you are the only one I could ever want.”

Closing the distance between the two of you, you gently pressed your lips to his. Michael relaxed against you as he deepened the kiss, cupping the back of your head in one hand and keeping his hand other on your waist. You locked your hands together behind his neck, trying not to smile at the feeling of his soft lips against yours. It was a moment you had been hoping for but never brave enough to try. What seemed like minutes later but was actually only seconds, you pulled away, keeping your gaze on his. “That was….”

“Extraordinary,” Michael completed. “Does this mean we are a couple?”

“Would you like us to be?”

“Of course,” he replied confidently. “As long as you do.”

“Yes, Michael,” you laughed. “Of course I do.”

Take A Sad Song and Make It Better

Title: Take A Sad Song And Make It Better

Characters:Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Ruby, Stanford-Sam, Boy-King-Sam, Soulless-Sam

Relationships:       Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester

Tags: Attempted Suicide, Angst, Self-Harm, Brotherly Feels, Samulet

Summary: When Sam is in a coma from an attempted suicide Dean is more than willing to do anything it takes to get his brother to wake up, even to go inside of his mind to force him to wake up. However once he’s inside of Sams mind he realizes that there’s a lot to his brother that he doesn’t know, and just how heavy the past weighs on his soul. Before Dean can even think of reaching Sam, the real Sam, he first has to go through the guardians of Sams memories; his own self from various points in his life.

A/N: Author’s Notes: Good. God. Where do I begin? First a big, huge thank you to my beta Emily who was amazing and managed to work her way through my monstrous story and give me a title idea, and to NSA who had started to beta but unfortunately wasn’t able to complete it. An amazing thank you to my dear artist Pan who made beautiful art that I just can’t stop looking at over and over, and who was indefinitely patient with me getting back to her emails. This piece of work took endless nights and working through my finals week at school to get through and finally, I managed to get it done. Thank you every one, I couldn’t have done it without you.

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Rogue Angels

Originally posted by crowleyslittleminion

Pairing: CrowleyxReader
Word count: 1,050
Warnings: None
Author: Brittiny
Request: @ddean Could I request a fic where the reader is a rogue archangel, (similar to Gabriel), and saves Crowley’s ass when a deal goes wrong? Thanks!
A/N: I’m sorry I really didn’t write out the fight scene. I should probably binge watch some on youtube or something haha. I hope you like it, and thanks for the request!

You’d gone rogue not too long after Gabriel did. The both of you agreed not to pair up, once you had seen him on Earth. It was best to go your separate ways. You’d catch up now and then, making sure the other was okay.

That was how Cas found out where you were. You weren’t too mad about that, as it wasn’t entirely Gabriel’s fault. Thankfully, Cas did nothing about it. He was simply another angel that you could turn to. You missed your brothers and sisters dearly, but not enough to go home. You doubted that there was anything that could make you do that.

It was through Cas, and Gabriel, that you had met Sam and Dean. They weren’t all that bad. You’d helped Gabriel prank them a few times, but always took off when he went too far. If they needed help, they knew that they could call on you. However, if it involved other angels, you preferred to be kept out of it. You didn’t want them on your tail.

And, through Sam and Dean, you’d met Crowley. Your gut told you that you should be cautious. He was the King of Hell, after all! The way his eyes roamed over you sent a tingle down your spine. You weren’t oblivious like Cas. Gabriel had shown you that human interest right off the bat. Over the years, you’d fine tuned what you enjoyed. Accents happened to be one of them. On the rare occasion that you saw Crowley, you couldn’t help but to flirt with him.

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anonymous asked:

hey, I'd like to hear ur thoughts on sam and potential canon queer moments. please?


so let’s begin with demisexual sam because as far as i’m concerned that actually IS canon. for anyone who doesn’t know, a demisexual person is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.” and that’s… that’s just canon. if anything, sam gets uncomfortable when strangers flirt with him, and even though he does have one night stands and hook ups, he always forms some kind of connection with the person before he shows any interest. even with madison, who he was definitely attracted to in the end, he didn’t seem to enjoy her advances at all in the beginning - not until they talked and formed a meaningful connection. the only time sam had random hook ups with people he really didn’t care about was when he was soulless, which, well, makes the whole thing even more obvious.


i’m glad we cleared that up

then, of course, there’s queer sam as in sam being attracted to more than one gender, which isn’t really canon bUT imo canon can be interpreted that way because he’s never once said that he’s straight. at the very least, it’s really easy to find things in canon that could indicate that sam’s bi/pan/not 100% exclusively attracted to women - even though i don’t think any of that was deliberate on the writers’ part, sadly. (although i’m pretty sure jared once said sam might have ~experimented~ in college so idk maybe they could see him being “open” but still see him as straight?? idk idk but anyway i doubt they ever thought of sam as anything but straight when it comes to a definite orientation)

anYWAY so yeah that’s the first thing - sam NEVER SAID HE’S STRAIGHT. never. not oNCE. and he’s not bothered when people assume he’s queer or joke about it. whenever someone assumed or joked about him and dean being together, he only ever said “we’re just brothers”, whereas dean was the one who said “we don’t swing that way” or whatever. when balthazar called cas his boyfriend, he didn’t acknowledge it. and so on.

that is really important bc uNLIKE DEAN, SAM’S SEXUALITY ACTUALLY ISN’T CANON. (AND I’M TRYING REALL HARD NOT TO MAKE THIS ABOUT DEAN’S POTENTIAL QUEERNESS BC WE ALL KNOW WHAT I THINK ABOUT THAT SO I’M JUST GONNA STOP MENTIONING IT NOW.) the two things that make a character’s sexual orientation canon, in my opinion, are that character’s own statements, and their actions. since sam never said anything about it we can only look at his actions, so all we know is that he’s attracted to women bc we’ve seen him have sex with them (and enjoy it). what we don’t know is if he’s attracted to other genders as well. we can assume, sure - we can assume he would have hooked up with a guy at some point if he was attracted to them, we can assume that the spn writers would never make a main character queer, whatever - but we can’t say for sure that it’s canon. 




now that we’ve established that there’s nothing in canon that definitely speaks against queer sam, let’s look at the things that could potentially speak for queer sam.

first, crossroads demons. you know, crossroads demons, who try to get you to make a deal with them and kiss them to seal it, and therefore usually choose a vessel that looks attractive to whoever summoned them? crossroads demons, who appeared in a male vessel two out of the three times sam summoned one? yeAH. twice. yeah. (4.09 and 8.19). i mean i’m not saying that’s proof or anything but just keep that in mind. most crossroads demons appear as a pretty women in a revealing dress when a man summons them. sam’s crossroads demon appeared as a hot guy in a suit and tie. aLRIGHT THEN. OKAY. COOL.

sam’s (and dean’s) siren in 4.14 was a guy too, but i don’t really count that as a queer sam moment because it was clearly about the brothers, and as much as i love wincest i know they did NOT write that as anything even remotely sexual.

brady though. bRADY. we know for sure that sam and brady used to be close at stanford, they said as much and sam’s reaction was clearly very emotional. but what really hints towards there being more to it than friendship is the way crowley treats the whole thing. all through 5.20 (and 5.21), he refers to brady as sam’s “demon lover” and similar things. which, granted, could just be him joking around and making it into something sexual as usual, but it’s more than that. he refers to him like that even when he’s being serious. he’s really concerned about sam fucking the whole thing up because he’s unable to control his emotions. when he describes their relationship to dean, he says “they have history”. and we know that crowley doesn’t give a shit about sexual orientation, and we know that sam’s not really bothered by people joking about his, so the continuous joking doesn’t make all that much sense - unless, of course, it’s not a joke, but simply the truth. brady and sam had some kind of friends with benefit thing going on don’t even try to fight me on that just don’t

then there’s that moment in 3.10 where sam dreams about sleeping with bela and dean asks if he dreamed about angelina jolie - or brad pitt. and he says it completely serious. like, i’m really not convinced that was a joke. even if IS straight, that was dean honestly considering sam might be into guys. just saying.

also dean’s “could you be more gay?” and sam’s complete silence for an answer in 3.05 i mean this is p much what i think about that

also sam referring to his past sexual partners with gender neutral pronouns

for example in 9.13 where he says “you aren’t the only one who’s ever dated someone bendy” which gives me some interesting headcanons about sam taking a yoga class at stanford and dating the super cute guy who teaches it and gives him private lessons where he learns some rather interesting positions but. moving on.

when bobby makes a deal with crowley and sOLD HIS SOUL the first thing sam asks is if they kissed??? i’m just saying, guys kissing guys must be kind of important for sam, if his mind is so occupied with it that it’s the first question he thinks of. the possibility that someone so close to him might not have a problem with guys kissing guys must be kind of important to sam. and tbh, at least in my experience, other people potentially being queer is something on your mind a lot when you are, especially when you’re not out yet. YOU CAN MAYBE TELL FROM THIS META THAT THE POSSIBILITY OF MY FAVE BEING QUEER IS ON MY MIND A LOT

i also think sam might have had a cute little high school crush on his teacher when he was a teenager, judging from the way he acted in 4.13 and what we see in the flashbacks.

and the most recent thing was, of course, when his issue with “destiel” was “but what do they call me and cas though”

conclusion: sam could very well be queer, there’s tons of potential queer sam canon moments, in fact there are so many that i’m having trouble posting this bc i just keep thinking of more things to add. there is so much.


The Signs of a Breakup

Yes, this is as cliché as you think it is. Enjoy!

Dean may not be the brightest, but he’s no idiot.

He knows the signs.

How often has he been through this? Whoever he’s dating at the moment suddenly having little to no time to spend with him. Cancelling dates at the last minute, unable to accompany him to family functions, returning home only to sleep.

Cas just happened to stay interested longer than anyone else, that’s all.

Hey, this time around he actually got to move in with someone and pass the one-year-mark in their shared home, so that’s something.

It just feels worse because they’ve been together for over three years - more than he’s ever been with anyone else. Of course it feels worse.

He pretends that’s the reason because pathetically declaring that Cas is the love of his life and staring out the rainy windows with emo music in the background is not an adult way of handling a breakup.

Apart from the fact that it’s a bright sunny day outside.

Cas is too good for him anyway, has always been too good for him.

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Angel - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Angel

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 2,694

Warnings: None

Summary: Dean and Reader are together but nobody knows. When Castiel catches them in a rather intimate moment secrets are revealed. What is going to happen?

A/N: I know I said I was gonna have Safe Pt. 3 up today but there was a slight change of plans so I am uploading this today instead.

“So get this-” Sam started speaking and you looked up from your book to him “-People have started dying under mysterious circumstances in a small town next to… Seattle” he said, narrowing his eyes as he looked at the screen of his computer.

“Yeah and?” Dean raised an eyebrow, expecting more than just that from his brother.

You dared glance at Dean as he spoke and of course he caught your eyes on him. He turned his head to look at you and winked with a smirk. You stifled a giggle while putting a hand in front of your mouth. You tried looking back at Sam but you couldn’t avert your eyes from the older Winchester. You never could.

No matter how many times before you had tried to do so you always found yourself captivated by him. His forest green eyes always managed to make your heart flutter and that smile of his made the butterflies dance like crazy in your stomach. You could not deny how you felt about him, not after five years of being hunting buds with him and Sam. You were in love with the green-eyed hunter and although that was a luxury no hunter could afford in their lives you could not ignore it either. The man himself was amazing. Sure, he had his flaws but who didn’t? Aside from being a stubborn ass and a total jerk he was… Dean. Selfless, kind and always willing to help. Not to mention how good looking he was. Nobody could ever deny that, just like you could not.

You’ve had a crush on him ever since you met him and you soon caught yourself falling harder for him. Your feelings developed over the time, especially when you got to see his softer side. the side of himself that he never showed to the others.

And soon you were unable to hide how you felt about him. He did flirt with you in the beginning, a lot, but then he, even, started acting differently. His hand lingering over you whenever he touched you. His hugs lasted a little longer than needed, especially when he had to save you from some hunt. His eyes would linger on your form longer than they should and you had caught him more than plenty of times looking at you when he thought that you didn’t notice him. His smiles towards you became more soft and warm than flirtatious like they used to be. And, then, there was that small glimmer in his eyes whenever he looked at you that you had never seen before.

Needless to say one night, and after lots of drinks, with just you and him at the motel (Sam was in the library at that time) he confessed everything. It was impossible for you to believe it yet… you did. He looked so sincere that it was hard not to believe him. So you confessed to him that you felt the same way. Obviously it was just as hard for him to believe it but he was more than happy to know that you reciprocated his feelings. You formed a relationship just at that time and were happy with each other.

You didn’t say anything though, not to Sam or Cas or anyone else for that matter. You wanted to have the right opportunity to tell them, anyway. Sam was Dean’s brother and Castiel was like a brother to you as well. He always took good care of you. So both you and Dean wanted to wait for the right time to come. Keeping it a secret was fun anyway, and sneaking around to see each other was hell of a lot more.

You bit your lip to keep yourself from laughing - or attacking Dean with kisses - as he kept making suggestive faces that Sam, luckily, took no notice of. You kicked him under the table and saw a huge grin spread on his lips. A satisfied one at that. He bit his lip and winked at you and you internally groaned.

Why did you even fall in love with this jerk in the first place you had no idea now.

Or, well, maybe you did but who cared.

Your head snapped to Sam’s direction when he spoke up “Well there is no connection to the victims. No apparent one, anyway. They all have different backgrounds, completely different personalities and there is no obvious pattern in their deaths” he said and you frowned deeply.

You got up from your seat and made your way to Sam’s side. You sat on the empty seat next to him and in between Dean and him. You leaned closer to Sam to look at the computer screen. Dean did the same, bringing his chair close to yours, your shoulders touching, maybe to have a better view on the screen…

Obviously not.

You felt a hand rest on your knee and glancing at Dean you got your answer as to who’s hand that was (Not that there was any doubt anyway). The smirk on Dean’s face was impossible to hide especially when at the contact you jumped.

“So what makes you think that it’s our kind of gig?” Dean’s rough voice was heard. It sounded so calm and collected as if nothing was going on. And was completely the opposite of how you felt right now.

His hand moved higher to your thigh but you stopped him from going further. You caught his hand and held it tightly to keep him from moving, your fingers digging into his skin for sure. That only seemed to make Dean more satisfied though as the smirk only got bigger.

“Well the condition that all the corpses were found in is what’s interesting” Sam said but you had a hard time paying attention to what he was saying.

Dean was rubbing his thumb over your thigh and you literally felt going crazy at the feeling he was giving you right now. Goosebumps were created all over your skin and you felt a shiver run down your spine.

“Hmh” you felt Dean’s low rumbling, which sounding more like a cat purring, on your back as his chest was pressed to you. You took in a breath, trying to collect yourself, but it came in as shaky and it gave away - to Dean at least - what you were feeling right now.

“And what could that be?” Dean low and rough voice was heard right next to your ear, his hot breath fanning over your cheek.

“Well- ” Sam spoke “-all corpses that were found were distorted and had a look of pure horror on their faces. All of them”

“Like in the movie, right?” you asked almost breathlessly.

“Yeah like in The Ring.” he mumbled, eyes scanning over the screen.

“Well-” Dean spoke and you took in a sharp inhale as he squeezed your thigh “-Don’t know about you but I would have a hell lot of fun if I got to kick that bitches, Samara’s, ass” you could literally hear the smirk in his voice but you knew that it was not about what he was saying but what he was doing. What he was doing to you.

“We’ll see. I-” Sam said and suddenly got up, pushing his chair and gritting your teeth you removed Dean’s hand from your thigh, not wanting Sam to see anything “-am going to go for some more research. There’s a new library nearby. See ya” he said in a hurry, grabbing his jacket and the Impala keys that were nearby and walked towards the door.

Once he exited you let out a small sigh of relief and taking in a breath you ran a hand through your hair. Your head snapped to Dean’s direction when his laughter were heard and you glared at him.

“Seriously Dean?” you snapped at him looking with a furious look.

“You- you should have seen your face!” he laughed out loudly “Priceless!” he clapped his hands and laughed more.

You growled, frustrated (mostly after what he had just done to you) surely angry at how much he was enjoying this.

“You fucking tease” you grumbled under your breath.

Dean stopped laughing and opened his mouth to speak, probably to say something sassy considering the smirk on his face, but he only let out a sharp breath as you sat on his lap, legs on either side of his waist, and took firm hold of the hem of his plaid shirt. You didn’t say anything, you just crushed your lips to his and Dean, obviously, was quick to kiss back. You heard him let out a low growl of pleasure and then gasp when you moved on his lap. You took the opportunity to shove your tongue in his mouth, something he did not expect. Your tongue explored his mouth first and battled with his for dominance, this time you managed to win the battle and you smirked into the kiss.

“Damn” he breathed out as soon as you pushed him away from the kiss.

His eyes roamed your face and you could feel the sides of your mouth lift into a smirk as you took in the expression on his face. You finally understood what he meant by what he had previously said. This was what he had done previously to you.

“Bedroom. Now.” you all-but-commanded and he was fast to obey.

He took firm hold of your thighs, your legs wrapped around his waist, and lifted you with ease. He licked his lips as he looked intensely at you and wrapping your arms around his neck you kissed his lips. You moved your lips from there to his jaw and then neck, quickly finding his soft spot and biting softly. He groaned and and tightened his hold on your legs.

You soon entered his bedroom and you felt him throw you on the bed, him on top of you. He smirked at you before diving in to close the gap between you, his lips crashed to yours. His hands roamed your figure and they quickly made their way under your shirt, swiftly managing to remove it from you. He looked down at you with a pleased smile and you giggled at the smile on his face.

“Somebody’s eager, huh?” you raised a playful eyebrow and he only growled in response.

He leaned in to kiss you again, your lips moving in sink, as your hands made their way to his back. You slowly managed to remove his plaid shirt and he pulled away to take of his other shirt. He didn’t miss a beat to lean back in, though, and started attacking your neck with kisses. He licked and bit and you were sure that there was going to be a good bruise left there for you to cover the following day.

You moaned in pleasure and arched your hips forward to meet his, earning a growl from the older hunter. Dean’s hands moved to your jeans and yours made their way to the waistline of his until-
“What are you doing?!” came out in an almost shriek the voice of… Castiel?

Your eyes snapped open and his eyes did the same. You pushed Dean away and turned your head to look at Castiel standing on the doorway with a horrified look on his face.

“Cas, oh hey” you said with a nervous smile.

“Cas, man. I’ve told you a thousand times. Knock!” Dean said with an exasperated look on his face.

“What were you doing?!” Castiel repeated, completely ignoring what Dean said, glaring daggers at Dean.

“Man” Dean sigh frustrated, running a hand down his face.

“Dean?!” Castiel demanded.

“Look, man. Sorry we haven’t told you anything but (Y/n) and I-” Dean started speaking only to be cut off by Castiel.

“You were just about to have intercourse with my sister?!” he all-but-shouted, his eyes narrowed dangerously at Dean. Until of course they widened at the realization of what he had just said.

“What?” you breathed out.

Castiel shook his head and looked down “Wear your clothes, I need to talk with you. Especially you” he said and pointed a finger on Dean, lips pursed and eyes narrowed.

You quickly got dressed and both stood in front of Castiel. Dean crossed his arms over his chest but shifted uncomfortably under Castiel’s look.

“Cas, what did you just say?” you asked, voice soft “I’m- I’m your sister?”

He looked from Dean to you and his gaze immediately softened. He let out a sigh and looked down at his feet “Yes” he breathed out “You- you were an angel created in heaven during the same period of time I was. We were basically created together which made our bond even stronger. However when things started going wrong on heaven I told you to come to Earth with me in fear that something was going to happen to you. To make sure, though, I erased your memories so you would think you were human.” he said with an apologetic look in his eyes.

“So… that means that I’m an angel?” you asked with a smile and he nodded “And you’re my brother? I have a brother?” you asked again in disbelief.

“Many, in fact, but yes anyway” he smiled softly and you let out a chuckle, quickly closing the gap with him and wrapping your arms around him.

You pulled away and saw that his eyes were focused on something else behind you - someone else in fact.

“Uh Cas-” you started speaking, glancing between him and your boyfriend, but Castiel cut you off.

“(Y/n), can you please leave us alone for a while?” he asked, voice stern and eyes focused on Dean all the time.

“I uh-” you let out a sigh “Yeah, sure”

You glanced at Dean reluctantly and exited the room, closing the door behind you.

“Look Cas-” Dean started speaking only to be cut off by Castiel taking hold of the hem of his shirt and lifting him, slamming him against the wall.

“Whoa whoa hey, Cas, no man. No. Listen man. Just hear me out” Dean tried to calm him down.

“No, you hear me out Dean Winchester” Castiel said gritting his teeth, the fierce look in his eyes made Dean shudder. There were a few times that he had to see this look directed at him, many more directed at others, but every time he felt himself shudder in the most unpleasant way.

That is my sister” he pointed to the way you had left from “And if you so much as dare to do something that will hurt her then be sure that I’m not going to let it go by”

“Cas, you know I wouldn’t” Dean chocked out “Her and I are together, Cas. We are together and I- you know how I feel about her. I would never hurt her”

“I know how you feel about her, I always have but if you so much as do anything to harm her or anything not proper then, as you would say, I’m going to hunt down your ass and make sure you pay for it in the most painful way.” he said with narrowed eyes, glaring at him.

He let go of Dean and the hunter stumbled back as he tried to gain his balance.

“Cas, she’s a grown woman” Dean tried to reason him only for Castiel to narrow his eyes at him.

“That does not mean anything Dean. You-” he pointed a finger at him “-are not going to make her do anything she doesn’t want to, you hear me?”

“Fine fine” Dean raised his hands in fake surrender “Not that she didn’t want it anyway” he mumbled under his breath.

“Listen, I care about her Cas. A lot.” Dean cleared his throat “I would never hurt her or force her into anything. I will just do my best to make her happy. I know that I don’t deserve her and honestly I don’t know how I got so lucky but- know that I will do all that I can to not screw this up”

Castiel was reluctant but finally let a smile rest on his face, and gave Dean a small nod.

“I know that you will take care of her Dean.” he said putting a hand on his shoulder and Dean smiled as well.

“Just like I hope you know that I’m going to throw you back in the pit if something happens to her” Castiel said with a smile and Dean let out a chuckle.

“I know, Cas. I know”

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend fics with Sabriel or Destiel?


(Personal favorites will be marked with a *

Porn marked with a ~)

First of all, there’s Itch and Aria who are just consistently perfection so anything by them so go stalk the babies <3 

Last Words: Sabriel. He feels Dean’s eyes on him, but he can’t bring himself to meet his brother’s gaze. His mouth is cotton, his chest scraped raw. He draws back his sleeve and stares, breathing ragged, at the sharp black lettering along his forearm—the last words he’ll ever hear his soulmate say.“And this is me lying down.”

*The Change: Destiel and Sabriel. Dean Winchester has a problem. A witch cursed him so now every two weeks he changes into a woman. What will happen when he meets thoroughly gay Castiel?Supernatural AU the boys are not hunters, a bit of the supernatural exists in their worlds, but other than the witch they don’t know about any of it.

I’m A Man, I Swear I’m A Man: Destiel. Jo, Benny, Dean and Cas are in Purgatory, a rock band.
As Dean and Castiel decide to try out a relationship with each other, love forms, as does anxiety, fear, and obviously, not wanting to take off your shirt in hot ass weather. Oh, and there’s this whole Big Secret thing going on too.
Also, Castiel would like for everyone to know that he is a man. He is very much a man. And if Dean thinks he’s lying about his manhood, then he’s the personification of comic sans.

Shorten The Distance: Destiel.   “Nerdytr3nchcoat” and “Impala67” weren’t looking for romance on the dating website called ‘’. Castiel was looking for friends and Dean was just looking to get his nagging brother off his back. What they didn’t expect to find was each other. [a long distance, online relationship fic]

Jete: Destiel. Castiel has been photographing their ballet company for two years now and he and Dean have barely exchanged six words, and yet somehow when Dean breaks his leg, it’s Castiel who takes him home from the hospital and takes care of him.

Smoke: Sabriel. Gabriel would be the perfect man, if it weren’t for one tiny thing.

Chicago For One: Sabriel.  After everyone else’s flights get cancelled, Gabriel finds himself the sole attendee at his brother’s bachelor party. Thank God he can keep himself entertained enjoying all the things Michael had planned (and maybe flirting with the hot moose-guy on Instagram while he’s at it)

Early Mornings: Sabriel.  Gabriel’s pretty much the worst roommate ever, except for the fact that he always looks after Sam in the mornings.

~Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words: Destiel. Castiel misses Dean while he lives away at school. So, he borrows Anna’s camera and decides to send Dean a little gift until Cas can come home and be with him in person.

Painted Angels ‘verse: Destiel and Sabriel. Author Castiel Novak has finally hit the big time, with a book based on his failed college relationship with a brilliant painter. He’s put all his pain behind him, but at a book signing, he comes face to face with Dean Winchester for the first time in twelve years, and the reunion doesn’t go like Cas hoped. Dean’s a broken man, with a lot of scars and secrets, shoulders weighed down by his demons and self loathing.
Cas sees a second chance with the man he’s never stopped loving, but Dean’s moved on, and is about to get married. Sam launches a “brilliant” plan to reunite his brother and his best friend, but Cas is worried it will all blow up in their faces, and he’ll go through the agony of losing Dean a second time.

Never Been KissedDestiel.  Castiel has a date with Meg, but never kissed anyone. Castiel is nervous, so Dean wants to help. HS!AU

*(sad af)I’ll Only Say Goodnight: Destiel.  At the age of 84, Dean doesn’t really wish for anything more in life. He’s happily married to Castiel. And Sam’s still alive, kicking, and of course, married to Gabriel. But endings aren’t always happy.

Finally CleanDestiel. “You moved an alpha in and didn’t even think to ask me?!”“I didn’t ask you when I moved Charlie in.”“I didn’t live here then, jackass. And she’s a lesbian, so it doesn’t count.”“I thought it would be a little rude to ask Castiel his sexual orientation,” Sam says, being a fucking priss. “Maybe he’s straight.”

Single Or Taken: Destiel. Charlie and Sam drag Dean to a party on campus and he’s a little taken aback by the system they’re using to identify who is and who isn’t single. Why does the process of simplifying things have to be so difficult?

~After Midnight: Destiel.  "How can you know you don’t like guys if you never tried to sleep with one?“
Dean can’t get Sam’s words out of his head so he goes and picks up a guy. It doesn’t take long before he realiyes how extremly lucky he was to find someone like Castiel

Burn Bright: Sabriel and Destiel.  Or, the four times Sam Winchester visited “Heaven’s Delights” for pastries and coffee (and the baker), and the one time he didn’t.

Thanking Gabriel: Sabriel.  Gabriel’s joined the team and Sam realizes how much Gabriel appreciates a bit of praise.

*The Horns Grace: Sabriel.  Sam accidentally stumbles across the Horn of Gabriel while exploring the storage room in the Bunker. But it’s not the only fragment of Gabriel still lingering behind. There’s a bit of Grace left on it. A bit of Grace that finds him very…interesting. Sam’s not so thrilled, at first. Until curiosity gets the better of him.

~Like The Song: Destiel and Sabriel.  Dean Winchester has a problem. He’s in love with his roommate. His roommate who is addicted to sex…sex not with Dean. So what will happen one night when Dean needs advice and Gabriel sends him to Craigslist? And doesn’t that personal add seem just a little too familiar?

*Listen(To The Beat Of My Heart)Sabriel. AU: Gabriel runs a stationery store in NYC. When the store is burgled and Gabriel is injured, Sam is the detective that takes the case.

I’ve Got You: Sabriel.  Four times Gabriel tells Sam “I’ve got you”, and the one time Sam finally understands what he means.

A Fish Called Castiel: Destiel. Dean Winchester plans on proposing to his summer fling, Lisa Braeden. He buys a ring, against the advice of best friend Charlie Bradbury, and books a table at an expensive restaurant. Before he can propose however, Lisa breaks up with him. His pride wounded, Dean drives out to the coast, gets liquored up and throws the engagement ring into the ocean. When he goes in to retrieve it, he heads too deep and that should be the end of the story.He shouldn’t end up back on the shore, coughing up seawater with a beautiful young man tending to him. Dean doesn’t know where this man came from or who he is but he gives him the engagement ring as a thank you for saving his life. He never expects to see the guy again, but two days later he gets a call from the local Sheriff about a strange man she’s picked up wondering naked in town with Dean’s wallet and ring on him.The guy’s name is Castiel and, much to Dean’s surprise, he’s a mermaid.

*Take You To The Country: Destiel.  A Dean/Cas 1950s AU. Dean reads an elopement proposal in the town’s local newspaper, written by some old soul in love with their best friend. He’s mid-way through expressing to his brother how beautiful he finds it when Dean realises the proposal is for him.

Holiday Souvenirs: Destiel and Sabriel.  A crossover AU loosely based on the film The Holiday with Sam and Gabriel where Sam and Castiel swap houses for a month. Sam ends up next door to Gabriel, a widower with two young girls, and Castiel ends up sharing a house with Dean. Shenanigans, obviously, ensue.

*Watch Your Hands, Watch Your Mouth: Destiel and Sabriel. Sam was just doomed to spend his life with ‘Are you fucking sorry?!’ marked on his skin. Really, it wasn’t fair.As it turns out, the explanation isn’t so bad.

*Any Colour You Like: Destiel.  On his way home from work Dean meets a young prostitute and decides that he can’t leave the boy sleep on the street in a pouring rain.

*~The Importance Of Eclairs And Apologies: Destiel and Sabriel.  Gabriel likes the life he built for himself; with everything he needs and no favors from anyone. Then a walking wet dream moves in next door and Gabriel needs to reevaluate feelings that he thought died 20 years ago. On top of all that, his brother’s boyfriend keeps trying to set him up on a blind date.

~*(Un)Leashed: Destiel and Sabriel.  Maybe Gabriel was right. Maybe it is time to take a leap of faith. NSFW, Dom!Dean, Sub!Cas.

Distractions (AO3)

Summary: Dean’s been harbouring a crush on the hot, nerdy Castiel, who he watches run around the track every week at college, the same time that he does his baseball training. Last night, Dean finally got to go on a date. However, it doesn’t go as planned and it leaves him feeling a bit unsure as to whether Castiel even liked him or not.

“So did you score last night, Winchester?” Ash calls from across the locker room, which is followed by multiple cheers from the rest of the boys.

Dean rolls his eyes. “Shut up, Ash.” he grumbles, opening his locker and shuffling around inside it.

“Nah, man. Dean went on an actual date last night.” Luke loud voice cuts in.

“What? Like one that’s not in another girl’s pants?” Adam jeers, laughter echoing throughout the room. 

Dean huffs, not even turning his body to give Adam the finger.

“Oh c’mon, Dean. Throw us some details. Did you at least get a kiss?” Ash asks, as the rest of his team crowds around him.

Dean blushes. “No…he had to leave early.” he mumbles, watching as all of his friend’s eyebrows shoot up and lips pull up into smirks.

“Leave early? That’s a pretty poor excuse. I guess he just didn’t want to be the first person to turn Dean Winchester down.” Michael says, a large grin plastered onto his face.

“Oh, fuck off. It was a family emergency.” Dean says, closing his locker with a bang.

“You are so whipped, brother.” Benny’s southern drawl can be heard from behind him as Dean strides out of the locker room.

Dean steps inside the net, shoving his helmet on and hefting his baseball bat up when he reaches his mark. Michael lifts his leg up and just as he’s about to pitch, Dean spots the one and only Castiel out of the corner of his eye.

Dean doesn’t even respond as the ball goes flying past into Benny’s glove. He just straightens up, his bat dropping to his side as he watches the beautiful boy run around the bend of the track, his muscles tensing every time his legs hit the ground.

“You okay there, boy?” Bobby’s gruff voice come from outside of the net, where the rest of the team is sitting.

“Hmm? Oh, uh - yeah, course. Why wouldn’t I be?” Dean says, his eyes subtly - or what he thinks is subtle -  glancing back to where Castiel is now running down the straight. 

“Maybe because there’s some blue eyed man candy working up a sweat over there!” Brady calls, from outside the net.

Dean groans, tearing his eyes away from Castiel. “You better shut up, son or else you’ll be running laps.” Bobby grumbles, giving Brady one of his prize winning glares. Dean’s about to smirk when he hears Bobby call over to him, “And Dean. Maybe you should look in Benny’s glove and that’ll give you your answer.“

Dean turns to a smug looking Benny, who’s holding out his glove with the ball in it. Dean huffs. It’s not his fault that Castiel is running around, unknowingly showing off his muscles in all their sweaty glory. 

Dean shakes his head and sets himself, focusing really hard to not get distracted.

After two successful hits back into the net, Dean is lining up for another one when Castiel runs back round again and Dean’s jaw nearly drops when he takes in the fact that Castiel has now discarded and is holding his shirt. 

“Well, fuck me.” Dean mumbles to himself, his eyes trying to take in everything from his slim chest to his lean pulsing stomach muscles that seem to be shining from the sweat that’s lingering on them. 

Dean doesn’t even try to be sutble this time, turning his whole body as Castiel goes to run down the straight, giving Dean the perfect view of back and shoulder muscles and god, Dean’s mouth is probably watering now.

And to make it all worse, Castiel is probably the nerdiest and cutest guy ever who doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that all of the girls are secretly drooling over him. And Dean of course. Dean’s drooling over him too, obviously. 

“Hold on, I’ll be back in a sec.” Dean mutters to Benny, and then his bat and helmet are disposed on the grass and he’s jogging across the field to where Castiel has stopped on the side of the track. 

All of his attention is focused on Castiel, that he barely even hears the wolf whistling that follows him.

“Hey Cas.” Dean breathes out, as he comes to a halt beside him. Castiel turns around and he seems to choke slightly on the water he’s drinking as he spots Dean.

“Oh, hello, Dean. I’ll just - let me get…” he trails off, a blush crawling down his chest as he seems to fumble with getting his shirt back on. 

“Nah, don’t worry about it. I was kinda enjoying the view.” Dean says, watching as Castiel finally pulls it on, ducking his head to try and hide the way his cheeks grow pinker. 

“I saw you practicing over there. You’re very good.” Castiel says quickly, clearing his throat. Dean feels a few butterflies in his stomach at the thought of Castiel watching him practice.

“Oh - uh thanks. I saw you running over there. You’re - ah…good too, I guess.” Dean trails off awkwardly, but to his relief, Castiel laughs and Dean can’t help but stare at the way his nose scrunches up and his eyes crinkle at the sides.

“So…you have a good time last night?” Dean asks, nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh, yes of course. I’m just sorry that I had to leave early. My brother somehow got himself locked out of his apartment.” 

Dean furrows his eyebrows. “Couldn’t someone else have helped him out?” he asks, a little voice in the back of his head telling him that Castiel just wanted to leave the date in the first place. Castiel, however, laughs again.

“Well, he was naked and covered in whipped cream, so it’s not something a lot of people want to see.” Castiel says, causing Dean to scrunch up his nose at the sudden image of Sam naked and covered in whipped cream.

“Not really something anyone would want to see.” 

“Mmm, but better your brother than your neighbour.” Castiel huffs, shoving his hands into his shorts pockets.

“Right, yeah I guess.” Dean’s still unsure as to whether or not Castiel even liked him at all but decides just to go for it anyway. “So, would you be interested in going on another da-”


Dean barely has time to think before Castiel is practically shouting his answer at him.

“I mean - sorry, I just - I thought that after last night you might think that I’m not interested in you…with you know - because I left so early.” Castiel blurts out, causing Dean to sigh in relief.

“Oh thank god because I thought you left because you didn’t like me.” 

“Oh no, that’s what I worried you would think.” Castiel says, threading his fingers through his sweaty hair.

“Well, I’m glad I came over then.” Dean replies, gaining himself one of Castiel’s adorable, shy smiles. “So, same place, same time, this Friday?” 

“Pick up where we left off.” Castiel says, his blue eyes filling with glee.

“Good. Alright, I’ll see you then.” 

Dean’s just turning to run back over to his teammates and a probably grumpy looking coach, when there’s a hand on his shoulder pulling him back.

“Um, Dean? I know that our date only lasted half an hour or so but it was still technically a date wasn’t it?” Castiel asks, his eyes peeking up from under his lashes.

“Yeah, course it was.” Dean replies, his eyebrows drawing together in confusion.

“So does that mean that I can get a kiss?” he asks, his gravelly voice barely above a whisper, and his hands now fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

“Definitely.” Dean says, responding instantly, drawing his hands up to cup either side of Castiel’s face and pulling the other boy closer until their lips mould together.

Dean feels like his butterflies have moved from his stomach up to his chest. The softness and warmth of Castiel’s lips making Dean melt into him.

When Dean breathlessly pulls away, he notices that Castiel’s fingers have curled onto the hem of Dean’s own shirt and it only makes the tingling feeling in his chest grow.

“I guess I’ll be seeing you Friday, then.” Dean mumbles, against Castiel’s lips.

“Yes, I’ll see you Friday.” and with one more peck on the lips, Dean is turning and jogging back to the other side of the field.

This time Dean can hear the wolf whistles and shouts that get louder with every step he takes. Dean can’t wipe the smug grin off his face and he absolutely can’t wait to dig into his team mates. 

Because guess what? Looks like Dean Winchester scored after all.

~blanket piles

a gift for one of the world’s most wonderful people @synergysam​ who everyone should send random love to because she is made of magic and beauty

“Gabriel! I bought pizza!” Sam yelled as he banged through the door to his flat.

There was no answer.

Sam rolled his eyes, dropping his bag and his pizza boxes on the floor, half a mind to sink down on top of them as well. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to handle it if Gabriel wasn’t home right now. He’d been up since way too early, his bag weighed about a thousand kilograms, his first lecture had overrun, he’d been late for his second, he’d been given a bad grade on a quiz, and then on the way home, his bike had almost been hit by another cyclist coming in the opposite direction, who’d then decided to yell at him for a good five minutes about how he was impossible to see because his ‘grey plaid shirt was too similar a colour to the building behind him’.

So he’d decided to make a quick stop off at the pizza place across the road. He’d bought one meat lover’s with extra pineapple and a cheese stuffed crust (Gabriel’s favourite) along with one veggie supreme white pizza (his own favourite) and a couple of beers for each of them, and he’d been hoping to curl up next to Gabriel on the couch and eat and maybe watch a few episodes of whatever dumb anime Gabriel was obsessed with this week. If he was really lucky, Gabriel might even pet his hair.

But now there was no answer coming from the rest of the flat, even though Gabriel had said he would be home tonight.

Sighing, he picked up the pizza and beer again, making his way to his bedroom. He’d just have to eat alone. Maybe he’d eat a couple of slices of Gabriel’s, too, because that would serve him right.

He kicked open the door, but it had barely managed to open a few inches before it hit something solid. Squishy, yes, but solid.

“Oh, fuck,” came a muffled curse. “Didn’t think this through.”

Sam couldn’t entirely tell from the voice itself, since it was weirdly distorted somehow, but from the context (someone in his room, excessive swearing, and a plan gone wrong) it could pretty much only be Gabriel.

“What the hell have you done now, Gabe?” he asked, sighing a little more than was necessary, leaning against his own door, clutching pizza that was slowly getting cold.

There were a few rustles and bumps and grunts of effort, and then Gabriel’s face popped up next to the crack in the door. “Thought we could have a night in.”

“Yes, so did I. Sitting on the couch. Like normal people.”

“Well, where’s the fun in that?” Gabriel snorted, kicking a few more things out of the way and yanking open the door, revealing the room to Sam.

The place was absolutely covered in mattresses, pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals of every variety that Sam could possibly imagine. He thought he might have even seen an old pair of curtains draped somewhere. The lights were off and a few torches illuminated the room, as well as a laptop which already had Netflix cued up to one of Sam’s favourite shows.

“Gabriel - where did you even find this many blankets?” was all Sam could say, because he had so many questions right now.

“Don’t question a man and his blankets!” Gabriel shot back. “Good. You brought food. I had ice cream and chicken dinosaurs and stuff in the freezer, but that involves getting up and cooking and stuff which I really didn’t feel like doing. Come on, get in, we’ll rearrange these blankets into a proper fort, eat some food, cuddle, watch a couple episodes of this shitty nature show. And I’m not hearing any arguments about homework or whatever. We’re doing this.”

It was the perfect improvement to Sam’s bad day, and it was exactly what he had been hoping for. He let Gabriel re-make the fort around him and then snuggle up into his side, and the two of them tucked into the pizza, Gabriel feeding it to Sam so that Sam wouldn’t have to use up any more effort than open his mouth and swallow (and occasionally bite back words about how Gabriel was the absolute greatest friend to ever exist and that he meant so, so much to Sam.) They stayed there for hours, until it was dark outside and the nature show had inexplicably become Adventure Time, until Sam was floating in that halfway stage between awake and asleep.

“Wait,” Sam frowned, something occurring to him suddenly. His voice was thick with sleep and he was about three seconds away from passing out next to Gabriel and on top of all the blankets. “Why did you do this for me?”

Gabriel was pretty sleepy himself after eating that entire pizza and some of Sam’s leftovers too. “Because you’d had a bad day and I thought you could use cheering up.”

“No, but you didn’t know that. You set this up before I got home. Before I’d told you I had a bad day.”

“You should sleep, Sam. You’re tired,” Gabriel deflected.

Sam didn’t feel tired anymore. It seemed like Gabriel was trying to distract him, and he had lived with Gabriel for too long to let him get away with that. “I’m not sleeping until you tell me what’s going on here.”

Gabriel drew his legs up to his chest, making himself as small as possible. “Do you promise me you won’t hate me?” he squeaked in a tiny voice.

Sam wrapped his own arms round Gabriel, pulling him close. “Hey there. I could never hate you. You’re my Gibgab.”

Gabe nodded against whichever blanket was currently wrapped around Sam. “Alright. I’ll tell you.”

He pulled away, sitting crosslegged, looking down at his lap and playing with a strand of his own hair as he started to explain, his voice shaking. “See, it’s like this. You know how we met, right? Cause our brothers were friends? And then, Cas wanted to ask Dean out on a date, and he did all this traditional shit like rent a fancy pimp car and buy him a dozen white roses and take him to a French restaurant. And it was like a movie and they were the cutest thing ever. But I always said, if I ever liked anyone - if I ever loved anyone - I wouldn’t do it like that. It would be more simple. I’d just want to spend time with them, the two of us alone, and maybe we’d just watch some TV and be close to each other and then I’d tell them that I thought they were really special. I’d keep things simple. And there wouldn’t be any pressure. It would just be me, confessing to a beautiful boy, that he makes me so happy, and that if he was interested, I would love for there to be something more between us.”

There was a silence between them for a few seconds, and then Gabriel pushed himself up and out of the blanket pile. “Sorry. I’m a dumbass. Shouldn’t have said anything, shouldn’t have made your day any worse than it already was. I’ll go, I’ll do the dishes for a year to make up for it, won’t mention anything again.”

Sam grabbed Gabriel’s wrist. trying to stop him from leaving, but in actual fact it made Gabriel fall completely ungracefully into his lap.

Well, he supposed it was better access at least.

He leaned down, gazing into a pair of golden eyes that were one third surprised, one third scared, one third helpful and entirely mesmerizing. “Gabriel…” he whispered, with his lips centimetres away.

“Sam?” Gabriel whispered back.

“I love you too,” Sam confessed, just as their lips met, the two of them perfectly fitting together in this way just as they always had in every other way, too, the world around them dissolving so that nothing mattered except shifting so that they were more comfortable, lying down together in at least a hundred more blankets than anyone should rightfully own, kissing and kissing and kissing. They never increased the pace or tried to take things any further, just let themselves melt into one another, occasionally pulling back to whisper a few more desperate words that they’d always wanted to say but never had, always returning to each other’s lips.

And when they slept, it was with Gabriel’s head nuzzled into Sam’s chest, one of his legs wrapped around both of Sam’s own, every single blanket in the blanket pile unnecessary - because now, Sam had the best blanket of all.

First Step: Sleepless Nights

Part 4 to my To Be a Winchester Series

Pairing: Sam & Dean x Reader (Little Sister)

Word Count: 2740

Warnings: Language?

“Cas, what do you mean she’s warded?” Dean pressed.

“From angels, demons, everything. Nothing supernatural can sense her.” Castiel seemed almost as baffled as you were. “All of the sigils are branded onto her bones, like I did you two.” All three men were looking at you now with the same confused look you presented yourself.


The three of them just kept staring at you. Sam looked more surprised and confused when Dean almost looked wary of you. Castiel resumed studying you face like you were some sort of rare insect.

“What do you mean there are sigils burned into my bones?” They were still silent, and frankly, it was getting on your nerves. “Would someone please explain to me what in the hell is going on!” You through your hand up in exasperation and looked between the three men.

Keep reading

Castiel-You have my word

Title: You have my word

Pairings: Castiel x reader, Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count:1043

Request:Can you do a sister fic when the reader goes on a secret date with Cas and her brothers Sam and Dean find out. Sorry if its super specific this is my first request. Love you so much and you’re writing!!!

Rolling over you smiled at the large, calloused hand that stroked your bare shoulder. You leaned up, hair all over the place like a big jumble on top of your head as you smiled widely at the blue eyed angel. 

He grinned back at you, trailing his finger over your jawbone before caressing the back of your cheeks with the back of his fingers. 

‘’Good morning’’You whispered, placing your smaller hand on his chest and littering light kisses down his chest. He chuckled, chest rising up slowly as he played with your hair before you came back up and nuzzled your face in the crook of his neck. 

‘’Good morning, Sweetness’’He grumbled, voice deep and huskier than ever. You loved his morning voice. ‘’I made you that refreshment you like to consume every morning’’He added. 

You giggled, sitting up and combing back whatever hair you could tame before picking up the hot, steaming cup of coffee. You placed the large, round cup under your nose before taking a whiff of the freshly ground coffee before having to result to icky, black bitter coffee for the rest of the day due to your brothers not being able to function without it. 

‘’I must go’’He stated, leaning over and kissing your temple. 

‘’Oohh, Cas. Please stay a bit longer’’You whined, taking a sip before placing it down on your dresser and leaning into him. You gave him the puppy dog eyes that you had learnt from your older brother Sam. 

Cas looked at you before looking away then looking back and sighing. ‘’You know I cannot deny you when you do that’’He grumbled. You giggled, pecking his cheek before nuzzling back into him. 

‘’Are you excited for Christmas, it’s gonna be our first one together’’You cheered. Cas rubbed your arm lazily before frowning, thick brows knitting into each other. 

‘’(Y/n), Angels do not celebrate Christmas’’He stated, watching your eyes widen. You sat up abruptly, staring at him as if he just told you he enjoyed burning little puppies. 

‘’But you have too! Christmas is the best time of the year and even Sam and Dean a.k.a; the Marley and Scrooge, celebrate it!’’You cried out. Cas frowned at you. 

‘’I’m afraid I do not understand that reference. Do Sam and Dean adorn other names besides thei-’’

‘’Cas, baby, it was a film reference’’You sighed softly, before closing your eyes. They suddenly popped open as you jumped, scaring him slightly. 

‘’Okay, that’s it. You’re gonna have the best Christmas ever and we’re gonna watch Christmas films, listen to Christmas music, eat cookies, maybe some mistletoe’’You purred, nudging him. 

‘’Are all of these traditional Christmas partings?’’He asked, seeming interested. 

‘’Cas they’re like the rules of Christmas, you can’t have Christmas without these’’You gawked. 

‘’So Christmas can not be celebrated with thos-’’

‘’No, Cas, it’s not literal… it just wouldn’t feel like Christmas without those’’You chuckled before climbing out of bed. He watched you like a lost puppy, watching you shrug of his shirt and put on your clothes before he soon copied. 

‘’I was hoping that tonight you would like to accompany me on a… what you humans call…date’’He said, walking over towards you and bracing his hands on your hips. 

‘’Awh, Cas! Yeah I would love to accompany you’’You mimicked giggling slightly before bursting into full on laughter when you saw his confused expression. ‘’Yes’’You rephrased before leaning up and kissing him softly. 


Everything was going well, amazing actually. You had managed to sneak out, telling your brothers that you were going for some ‘you’ time which they thought was becoming a regular thing now. 

You were sitting opposite Cas, a cute little cafe date as you held hands across the table with wide smiles on both of your faces. 


Sam looked up, chuckling at his brothers stomach that growled loudly. Dean yawned, stretching before patting his exposed stomach that was left due to his hitched up shirt. 

‘’Man, I’m starving. Wanna get a bite to eat?’’Dean asked, running his fingertips through his hair. Sam nodded, giving a ‘why not’ shrug before closing his laptop. 

‘’Should we bring (y/n) something back?’’Sam asked as Dean slung his coat on before grabbing the keys and both shutting the motel door. 


Dean laughed, hitting Sam playfully on the arm before he pushed open the door, rolling his eyes at the bell that tinged. Dean instantly began to look at the menu’s, pursing his lips and rocking on his heels before he grinned. 

‘’Ooh, Imma get the pie, what about you Sa-Sammy…?’’Dean frowned, brows furrowed in as he turned to a slightly angry and shocked Sam. Dean followed his head, gasping and twisting into a pissed expression when he saw you and Cas leant over the table kissing. 

You jumped when Cas was ripped away from you, Cas shrinking as you anger quickly faded to a guilty expression when you saw a angry looking Sam and Dean. 

‘’I can expl-’’

‘’Outside, now!’’Sam growled, pointing outside. You looked at Cas apologetically who gave you a reassuring smile before the two of you got up and headed outside. Dean threw some cash on the table as he walked out. 

‘’What the hell was that!’’Dean whisper yelled, looking around to see if anyone was listening. 

‘’It’s not what it looked like’’You started only to get interrupted by Sam. 

‘’So you wasn’t shoving your tongue down my baby sister’s throat?’’Sam hissed at Cas who shrunk back. You jumped in front of him, glaring at the two. 

‘’Look, I’m old enough to date who I want. This wasn’t some fling or just ‘’shoving tongues down each others throat’’ I love Cas and he loves me, we’ve been together for a really long time now we were just scared about how you’d react’’You yelled, watching them become speechless. 

‘’So it’s… it’s a serious thing’’Dean mumbled. You nodded as you watched them comprehend what you said. 

‘’Okay but rules! 1. I don’t wanna see no mushy gushy stuff in front of us 2. No babies running around, no making babies either! 3. I’ll murder your angel ass if you hurt her’’Dean instructed as Cas nodded frantically. 

‘’I would never do anything to hurt her. You have my word’’Cas nodded.