so he keeps the beard

highlights from roman’s panel

  • best question of the night: “how does it feel being a legend at 32?” yes, girl, yes. of course, he doesn’t feel that way. not yet. he’s barely scratched the surface
  • him and r-truth are opposite personalities. ro is reserved and laid back and ronnie is the loudest person in the room and so outgoing, but somehow their personalities compliment each other. 
  • ronnie keeps him sane sometimes. 
  • the only way to get ronnie back for all the livestreaming he does with roman is “to play him at his own game, but I refuse to do that”
  • #applepiethief Roman has got no time for apple pies from Popeye’s. He looking for the chicken and shrimp, not apple pies. Popeye’s apple pies ain’t worth stealing. “I was gonna call Dean and ask him what he doing? Apple pies?” Goes on to explain that Ambrose was doing early media and hadn’t slept the night before, so he was talking some crazy
  • he can’t choose between defeating triple h for the title and defeating the undertaker for most memorable moment because they’re different beasts. undertaker was his dream match and he had it.  he “shared the art” with one of his childhood heroes. 
  • where does he go from main eventing Wrestlemania three times in a row? crowd yells “CENA”, “RETIRING CENA”, while I’m thinking “retire Brock”
  • he listed off facing cena, facing brock for the universal title, fighting undertaker again, and having another SHIELD triple threat
  • speaking of SHIELD, he’s extremely proud of his boys and thinks that they’re gonna take over. their tag team match was the only one he ended up catching at Summerslam and resonated with Ambrose about Rollins/Ambrose being tag team wrestling
  • calls rollins his LITTLE brother and was happy to give seth his wrestlemania 31 moment and holds no resentment.
  • someone asked him why he keeps shaving his face when he looks so damn good with the beard… his response “cuz it’s my face”. the words “extra” and “you know what” followed. he likes feeling clean. asked the audience if the scruff on his face today was enough.
  • he calls his month away last year during the draft his “vacation” with a face. 
  • thinks mayweather is going to knock tf outta mcgregor on saturday. 
  • he loves to push the younger talent and be that standard bearer and feels that if he doesn’t push them to the next level, he doesn’t have people to wrestle amazing matches with
  • was asked his opinion about punk thinking he started the shield or punk in general.. answers about punk thinking he started the shield, but thinks his opinion on punk would’ve been a lot more entertaining 
  • his passion for game of thrones, holy shit. watching him talk about each character that he resonates with and characters he’s rooting for. I’ve never watched GoT, but would love an episode by episode recap by him.
  • he also watches walking dead
  • little girl: why aren’t you in hair conditioning commercials? ro: “everyone get your phones out and livestream this. are we live? GOOD QUESTION. I’m down. Got any other ideas to make me money?”
  • he loves fighting the heavyweights like brock, samoa joe, strowman because it’s really a test of strength, but he loves tossing around talent like finn balor, rollins, etc
  • many many other things

side note: he is literally the warmest person. like temperature wise. during our photo ops, with his arm around me, it’s nice and toasty. him calling you sweetie makes your insides melt. and how many times he thanks you makes you feel that he genuinely appreciates all the support.  he also caught my attention as i was leaving the autograph booth to tell me to have a good night after i told him how he really turned my shitty day around. 

“I’m glad I was able to help you kick out.” Thank you, Roman.

kipseg  asked:

Could you tell us more hc about Otabek's brother please? (And his interactions with Yuri)


i just put these in some tags for lia, but i’ll throw them in here, too:

  • otabek’s brother, serik, is a few year’s older than he is.
  • because of this, he’s already neck-deep in college. he’s working on his law degree, because he wants to be a public defender. he wants to contribute to society, and he believes everyone deserves a fair chance, so he wants to put his skills to good use.
  • he has a pet chameleon named leon, because when he suggested it, the lizard wiggled his eyeballs, so obviously he approved.
  • his favorite color is green.
  • unlike otabek, serik keeps a well-trimmed beard and leaves his hair alone (his hair is a little thicker than otabek’s, and a little wavier, and it pisses their little sister off because she actually has to try to get her hair to look as nice as his always does). it annoys their mother when it gets too out of control, though, so he’ll get a trim when the mane gets past his shoulders (he wears it in a ponytail when he’s focusing).
  • reading headaches run in the family, so just like beka, he uses glasses to study.
  • he and otabek actually have a matching tattoo that they will NEVER tell mom about, oh god. it’s a little almaty sun on the side of their thighs. they got them together on otabek’s 18th birthday to remind them that their family will always be there no matter where in the world they end up.
  • the first time he met yuri was over that skype call, and he was immediately taken. yuri was just as attractive as otabek liked to rant and rave about, but he was also sharp. serik is very well aware of how severe the men in his family appear, and if that boy was able to crack wise on him right after meeting him and his father? he’s a keeper.
  • the first time otabek brings yuri home to visit is a few months before they actually start dating. serik and otabek are really close, and otabek won’t stop swooning, so serik actually has to threaten him to tell yuri about his crush just so he can get some DAMN PEACE IN HERE IT’S FINALS PLEASE BEKS.
  • nobody told him that yuri was so tall. yuri is so tall. serik has to physically look up to greet him, and he can tell it amuses yuri, because when they finally make eye contact, yuri snorts and sweeps him into a hug.
  • when otabek and yuri finally start dating, serik is on break from school, so he decides to use some of his free time wisely. he sits down at his laptop and spends two hours typing out a 10 page document of all the crazy shit otabek has said about yuri over the years. all of the weird observations, all of his metaphors about his gorgeousness and talent and secret intelligence, and the dumb shit otabek has thought about doing to impress him. his phone rings just as he hits the button to send the whole thing off to yuri and he grins as he answers, “HEY LITTLE BRO. I was just thinking about you!”

touchinganelectricdove  asked:

for the prompt <3 'Can't help it'

“Quit ticklin’ me, man.”

There’s a low rumble of a laugh at Link’s squirming, coming from where Rhett’s face is tucked into his neck. For a man who claims to be uncomfortable with touching, he clings to Link like a freakin’ octopus sometimes, long limbs wrapping around him and pulling him close. 

And Link likes being touched, so he doesn’t mind it usually. 

But Rhett keeps, every so often, digging his fingers just so into Link’s side. He keeps brushing his beard down Link’s neck. It’s too much contact to fall asleep. 

In response, Rhett murmurs, “Can’t help it.” 

“Yeah, sure,” Link says. He tries to wriggle out of his embrace, but Rhett just squeezes him a little bit more, holds him a little tighter. Link can feel him laughing, the way his body shakes with it. “Come on, Rhett. We need to get some sleep.” 

“I’m not doing anything,” Rhett insists, laughter lacing his voice. “I’m just trying to go to sleep. Quit wiggling around.” And he dances his fingers gently over Link’s side. 

“You quit ticklin’ me!” Link laughs, flailing his arms and legs until Rhett finally rolls onto his back, tossing his head back as he laughs. 

Link, seeing his opportunity, throws a leg over Rhett’s hips and straddles him, gets his hands around Rhett’s wrists so he can pin them to the bed. “Quit it.” 

With a sly look, a grin that gives off more of a mischievous look than anything, Rhett bucks his hips up, tossing Link off of him and giving him a chance to switch their positions. Rhett’s bigger than he is, and he squeezes his thighs around Link’s hips when he tires to buck him off, too.  

“Rhett,” Link groans in annoyance. “It’s time for sleeping, man.” 

“Sleep, then,” he says, that grin still there. He’s got a challenge in his eyes now, and Link feels something flutter in his stomach at the realization. 

“Well, now I’m not tired.” 

“Bet I can change that for you.” 

Last ramble of the night: my lizard is asleep under my bed cos I think he wants to brumate so I’m just gonna let him do his thing

My Godmother: Wow you know so many endearments in Russian! Haha got a girlfriend huh?

Me: ….no, I’m just a romantic ahahahaha..ha..ha…

The Truth: I practice by talking to my lizard solely in Russian and he needs to know how much I love him every time I speak to him.

sunday six

**Six lines from your current WIP**

“I want to know…” Duval considers Cassian’s question for a moment, running his fingers through his dark beard, and Cassian wonders if Duval keeps his beard specifically so he can look pensive with it. “When did you meet her?”

“Ten years ago,” Cassian says, and this, at least, is an easy question he’s perfectly fine with answering. “On Yavin 4. With the Alliance.”

Distantly, he thinks he sounds like he’s reciting information for the scene of a murder.

Time. Place. Motive.

this isn’t the Hoth story, which is “Finished” (i have to re-read it and make sure it makes sense). that story should be posting some time this week, I think. it’s shorter than i expected (a first for me!!!) at some 16,000 words, and entirely in Jyn’s perspective. i cut quite a lot, i didn’t like where it was going. i might be able to reuse the cut scenes somewhere else, like:

this is the story for @callioope, who asked for a growing back together story set pre-Ch. 14 of AMOR FATI. this story is currently Cassian’s perspective because it’s been so long since I wrote his perspective.

anyway she asked for it months ago but I couldn’t think of a good jumping off point for it until last night and then BOOM. i wrote 3400 words last night and feel pretty good about them, and pretty good that this is a story i will finish.

as always i invite anyone who has been working on something this past week to post their own sunday six!