so he is probably v polite about telling someone to go away as seen here

Sansa, Smart

So. Sansa. I hear some people think she’s not very clever. This is a view shared by several characters in the books.

But there’s no reason the readership should share those views. Sansa is a very clever individual who makes increasingly good use of several skills she started the series with, and develops greatly as an observer and an actor over the course of the story.

Putting everything under a cut, for reasons of four books of brainpower.

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{Special} College!AU Kihyun
  • major: drama + classics (concentration: greek civilization) 
  • minor: ancient greek 
  • sports: is running around campus in a toga considered a sport? he did that once as a part of an impromptu production,,,,,, 
  • clubs: poets society, theater club, hosts the bi-yearly ‘on campus olympics’, playwrights united, so many tbh,,,,,,
  • kihyun’s love for drama comes from his love for greek mythology. it all started with him watching an old film version of the odyssey when he was ten and afterwards he couldn’t stop parading around the street asking everyone to call him “odysseus ruler of ithaca” 
  • but instead of going into film as a major, kihyun had started reading the playwrights of sophocles, euripides, and agathon and had fallen for the sheer madness of greek tragedy 
  • his love for both acting, writing, and the culture of ancient greece made him want to learn the language (although he is rather clumsy with it) but inevitably he ended up majoring in both drama and the classics 
  • bringing together the two things he loves most: being on stage himself, while also learning about the art of his favorite kind of plays
  • and everyone in the drama major agrees that if they ever put on productions based off ancient greek plays that kihyun HAS to be the main role -
  • like for their production of hamlet, kihyun was fine playing horatio - he didn’t have to be the prince but when they put on oedipus rex well,,,,,let’s just say there was no question kihyun wanted the role
  • mostly because in the play oedipus ends up blind and kihyun came into practice with a blindfold on and proceeded to try and prove he could still do everything without seeing anything,,,,he ended up in the nurses office buT HEY HE GOT THE ROLE
  • all his classes that focus on playwriting / scripts kihyun has this need to only write twists on greek mythology, or make up stories using the gods
  • and in costume design he’s always like “my sketches are based on artemis!! see the dress is short, but comfortable with nature-themed colors because artemis was the goddess of the hunt-”
  • and you know the way some people are harry potter nerds or ,,,, gamers ,,,,, or you know kpop fans,,,,, kihyun is a fan of ancient greece. to put it simply
  • and he’s really smart about the civilization, he knows so many facts and so many philosophers and writers and political figures - even though it might seem like he’s a little messy at times 
  • which believe me, kihyun can give off the messy feeling because he’s really easily frustrated by a A LOT of things. like he always gets too much on his schedule and then fusses about how he can’t finish
  • and minhyuk loves LOVES L O V E S to tease kihyun when kihyun is trying to focus on his work
  • and it ends up with kihyun chasing minhyuk around the library waving around his copy of ‘hippolytus’ like a weapon
  • but also kihyun always drags minhyuk into his room to read through lines with him or give him his opinion on kihyun’s acting
  • and minhyuk is like whY ME ASK SHOWNU and kihyun is like i can’t shownu’s only reaction is ‘good’ ‘nice’ ‘very pleasing’
  • like minhyuk and kihyun are always bickering if they’re in the same room and minhyuk’s always like ROFL YOU’RE SO MAD YOUR EARS TURNED RED!!!! and kihyun is like THEY DID NOT CO M E HERE SO I CAN WHOOP-
  • but in the end minhyuk is always one of the first people kihyun invites to his productions and it’s cute it’s like cats and dogs w/them
  • on the other hand, with everyone else kihyun is sooooooo sly and he’s always like,,,,,like he always knows everyones secrets and no one knows how
  • like he leaned over to jooheon once and was like “i heard you failed your test in global finance” and jooheon’s fry fell out of his mouth because he was like WHO TOLD YOU I SHREDDED THAT TEST and kihyun is just like (—–: heard it thru the grapevine~
  • also jooheon is just an easy target for kihyun because he always slips up and tells kihyun exactly what he wants to know and everyone is like kihyun let him live and kihyun is like hehehehe,,,,NO
  • tries to matchmake all his friends on blind dates and stuff because he calls himself the ‘modern day eros’
  • it flops most of the time and everyone in monsta x is like stop trying to wingman us and kihyun is like that’s why you’re all single because you won’t listen to me - the actual god of love
  • and even though kihyun seems like this responsible, on-top of his work kind of person there are times where,,,,,,,that isn’t very true
  • because college makes people doubt their abilities and kihyun has never been the kind of person who’d go around asking for help or advice,,,he always just gives his support 
  • but when he needs it most ??? he shuts down
  • and you learn this because every time you’ve ever seen kihyun,,,,you’ve seen the happy and excitable kihyun. the kihyun who laughs with his whole body, who speaks his lines with so much emotion that people C R Y, who is always shining on and off stage
  • you’ve seen him like this ever since you started volunteering to paint backgrounds for the theater club
  • and never once,,,,had you see him look sad. you’d seen him angrily yelling out when things were getting messed up, how he gets a little on edge when people keep messing up lines,,,,,maybe even the way his ears get red when he’s rushing to get rehearsal started but,,,,,,
  • sad??? nope
  • so you can only describe it as pure shock when you think that everyone has gone for the day and you’ve set up the large white banner that you have to paint for an upcoming production but as you step back inside the dark theater with buckets of paints you hear ??? crying
  • and it isn’t like sobbing or anything but you hear someone sniffle
  • and you consider like turning around and leaving them in peace, but when you catch a glimpse of the pink hair,,,,,,,,the pink hair of the only person on campus who has that bright of a dye job
  • you freeze and think “kihyun?”
  • and at first you don’t believe it because no way. someone so outspoken and charismatic wouldn’t seclude themselves to crying in the theater ,,,,,
  • but then you see him get up from the corner he’s slumped again, a liter of paper scraps making a ring around his feet
  • and that’s when you notice that you’ve locked eyes. your wide, confused ones staring into kihyun’s that are rimmed with redness and the tear stains down his cheeks glisten even so far away
  • something about it leaves you even more shocked ,,,,, because even like this kihyun is handsome. hauntingly handsome,,,,,,wiping at his face with his sleeves and desperately moving his eyes away from yours
  • and you think he’s just going to run past you. leave
  • but he seems stuck too 
  • and for a while you two just stand there in a silence broken only by kihyun sniffling every now and then and you shifting the paint can in your hands
  • and then you hear him go “im sorry, this is painfully awkward for you isn’t it?”
  • something sounds a bit bitter in his voice,,, what it is you don’t know ? but you transfix your stare and shake your head simply going “no. you’re the one that looks like you’re going through something painful”
  • kihyun’s head snaps up to look back at you and again,,,,,,something about the browns of his eyes seem illuminated and glassy
  • he bites back his lip but sadly drops his shoulders “you’re right. it is painful.”
  • now it probably isn’t your place to go around meddling into his business, but it’s never nice to leave someone crying alone without at least trying to extend a helping hand so shakily you step forward. setting down your can of paint you keep your eyes on him 
  • “what’s wrong?”
  • kihyun seems to break at the sound of your question. a visible shiver runs down his body and before you know it he’s back to his knees on the floor, picking up the scraps of paper and crumpling them in his hand
  • without really knowing why you rush over and try to pull the scraps from him. you unravel one and read the disjointed sentences, the obvious dialogue mixed in with stage commands 
  • it’s a script,,,,,,for a play
  • putting together a couple of more scraps you make out names like ‘aphrodite’ and ‘eros’. the names of ancient greek cities. words you can’t decipher but that are most obviously distinct of an old langue 
  • you look up at kihyun and he stares blankly at the paper before clenching his teeth
  • “they won’t approve it. greek tragedy isn’t popular in our time, it’s only meant to be studied.” you tilt your head and kihyun continues with a sigh
  • “every time we have to submit a draft, the professor gives it back. says, “kihyun stop writing tragedies. stop putting in obscure greek references. kihyun,,,,,,,,,,,do something more modern.” but i don’t want to. im not majoring in modern theater. im majoring in the classics. so what if i want to rewrite them. so what if i want to make a play about ancient gods no one cares about. i care about them. i ,,,,,,,,”
  • he stops and his gaze meets yours. your trying to piece the paper back, you want to read the scene but you can’t. it’s so ripped up
  • kihyun takes the paper and without looking at it recites that characters lines. he sets the place for you, olympus and than a city off the skirts of athens. you listen, enchanted at how he’s added all this to his memory. the smallest details, the expression on his characters faces
  • it’s only one scene that he recites aloud, but you edge closer and ask “is there more?”
  • kihyun lets out a shallow laugh and shakes his head “the professor said to give it up. i need to re-write something more to their taste.
  • you sit back on your heels and then get up, taking the paint can beside your feet and dipping it in a sand colored mix, you begin to paint a long line
  • kihyun watches and blinks “what is that?”
  • you turn to him and smile “ancient greek cities had columns right?you mentioned the outskirts of athens-”
  • kihyun gets up and  puts his hand over your wrist. he shakes his head and goes “you don’t have to.”
  • but you yank your hand and continue to paint. “i want to.”
  • for a couple of minutes you continue to paint, trying to imagine the backdrop kihyun described as best you can.
  • “what about the background you’re supposed to actually be drawing?” he asks and you run your free hand through your hair to push it back from your eyes
  • “ill do it after. right now, i want to paint this. i want to see a part of your play in front of my eyes.”
  • kihyun seems taken aback but he sees your determination. he steps back and you think he’s going to leave, maybe find you inarguable and give up
  • but then you hear him walk back and forth, taking in your painting so far and then a smile pulls at his lips
  • “well ok see the column, cover it in slight vine. there’s also a market scene in my play so we should add in stalls and maybe an animal or two-”
  • you and kihyun paint for hours. maybe three. maybe four. you and kihyun. alone.
  • you both end up with stained hands, sweat on your foreheads, and a half finished piece of artwork
  • kihyun grins and turns to you, “thank you.”
  • you shrug your shoulders, the overalls your wearing have long been stained with paint but now there’s even more and you feel bad because kihyun’s gotten his fancy looking sweater dirty but he doesn’t look like he cares at all
  • he’s looking at the background with shining eyes and you’re happy because you can see that the redness from crying is gone, that bitter tone in his voice is gone
  • and you’re looking at the passionate boy you’ve always found so mesmerizing again
  • but as  you two realized it’s getting late you set out the large banner to dry in a vacant part of the backstage. kihyun suddenly takes your hand and pushes his phone into it
  • “put in your name and contact so we can meet up and finish this?”
  • you gladly oblige and kihyun reads your name aloud when you’re done, almost like he’s testing it out as a line to read on stage. you feel a slight blush cross your cheeks when he says it so boldly but you hide it with a “hopefully this all drys over night.”
  • kihyun walks out of the theater with you, insisting that he hold half the empty paint cans and a brush between his teeth that makes you laugh
  • as you wave goodbye and go separate ways the warmness in your heart stays with you all the way to your dorm
  • the next day,,,,,,,,,,,,that warmness is gone
  • because the director of the play you were supposed to draw the background for is livid to see that instead of their european snowy mountains request,,,,,,you’ve drown an ancient greek cityscape
  • “are you an idiot? can you not listen to directions? HAVE YOU EVEN READ THE PLAY? this isn’t some bullshit remake of ‘Medea’. throw this out no one is going to use it!”
  • the yelling makes you flinch and you reluctantly try to roll the banner up but the director puts a hand in your way
  • “what are you doing? rip this to shreds, it’s garbage.”
  • you clench your jaw and stand up, “it’s not garbage. it’s for another play. i need to make sure not to ruin it.”
  • with a cocked eyebrow the director folds their hands and snorts “what other play? since when were there any greek productions approved by the theater club? no one wants to s-”
  • “i want to see it. i want to see my friends greek tragedy and im not going to ruin the art we worked hard on so if you can please shut up and move your hand. ill get to work on your background, practice for it doesn’t even start till next week.”
  • passing the director whose looking at you with an open mouth you roll the banner up and heave it into your hands. it’s long and heavy, but you figure you’ll be fine if you walk slow
  • but just before you do, another set of hands wraps around the big roll of paper and you see a familiar pink head stick out from the side
  • “need help?”
  • you grin at kihyun and the two of you lift up the unfinished background. the director mutters something about of COURSE kihyun wants to put on a play copying the tragedies and it takes everything in you not to snap at them
  • kihyun’s reassuring smile keeps you stable and the two of you walk out of the theater and kihyun leans the rolled up paper against the wall
  • “well, i guess ill keep it in my dorm. although im not sure my roommate will be happy about it,,,,,,then again shownu never really cares that much.”
  • you apologize but kihyun leans over to ruffle your hair
  • “why are you sorry? i should apologize for distracting you from making that other background. that asshole really went off on you - do you think you can just quit and permanently work for me?”
  • you know he’s half-joking but you play with the idea in your head for a minute before putting your hands on your sides and going “you know what, i think i will quit.”
  • and with that you turn on your heel, back into the theater before kihyun can stop you, and you shout “i QUIT”
  • before returning to kihyun whose waiting outside with his eyes the  size of the moon
  • “you- why- you”
  • you laugh and shrug “i don’t want to work for an asshole, might as well put my skill to good use for people who actually appreciate it.”
  • kihyun bites back a big grin and throws his arm around your shoulder, pulling you into him suddenly and squeezing
  • “you know i owe you a lot!” you blush because he’s warm, his chest is solid and you fit so perfectly into the crook of his hand but you just manage to shadow it with another chuckle “you do! anyway, you need to finish writing the play,,,,,,”
  • kihyun lets you go and rummages around in his backpack, pulling out a thick stack of papers
  • “i spent all night on it. i mean i already had half done, but i actually finished it. you really motivated me.”
  • the words are simple but they make you heat up again and you take the stack, eager to flip through it and finally read the whole thing. kihyun somehow hauls the entire roll of paper onto his back and says he’ll call you when he’s free so you two can finish this up and so you can tell him what you think of the play. you nod and watch as he struggles across the quad,,,,,,,
  • you hold the play in your hands and think,,,,,it’s worth it. for him, it’s worth it.
  • you stay up reading it, even neglecting some studying to read it twice. from what you can figure out it’s a play on an greek romance tragedy where aphrodite meddles between a young girl and her secret lover,,,,,,,it’s kind of corny in some parts and over dramatic,,,but that’s the style that suits kihyun the best
  • and in the morning as you’re leaving for your first class you get a call 
  • kihyun’s excited voice on the other line calls your name and he says that if you have some free time to meet him in the art department soon. 
  • when you show up at the room kihyun told you about you see that all the desks are pushed against the wall and your unfinished background is spread on the floor surrounded by paint cans and brushes. kihyun is already on his knees, painting, wiping sweat away with one hand
  • but once he realizes you’ve come in he jumps to his feet and tugs you over by the wrist chattering about what he wants to add into the painting.
  • you guys paint together for horus, kihyun keeping the mood happy with jokes and stories and telling you more about the play he has in mind
  • at some point you two are sitting close together, shoulders basically rubbing up against each other
  • when kihyun leans over and you feel the tickle of a brush on your skin
  • and you look down to see kihyun painting a smiley face on your forearm
  • you retaliate by drawing a mustache on for him
  • he laughs and draws swirls on your cheeks
  • and the background is forgotten for a while as you both paint little things on one and other
  • kihyun covers you crooked flowers and scribbles of lines and you try to draw whiskers on his nose
  • and ,,,,,,,,, then you know kihyun is leaning in close
  • the brush he has is too big so he uses his finger to draw a pink petal on your forehead but then he makes the (good,,,,verY GOOD) mistake of looking into your eyes
  • and it’s still early afternoon with the sun peaking thru the blinds
  • of the empty classroom,,,,,
  • except,,,,,for you two,,,,,,,,,,
  • and your eyes are like,,,,,,,,,,,the most beautiful thing kihyun has seen in his entire life,,,,,your breathing both slowed,,,,,,,,your mouths inches apart,,,,,literally,,,,,
  • and both of you are thinking the same thing which is like ‘how soft are their lips,,,,,’
  • except kihyun cannot stop thinking about it and you keep touching your lips every second but ,,,,,,,,
  • kihyun just stops and goes “looks like we’re almost done!” in an effort to break the awkward air and you nod, adding some final details
  • and finally you get up and kihyun says you can leave it here to dry since no one is using this room today
  • and you don’t know why,,,,maybe it’s the leftover embarrassment, but you get your things and tell kihyun you have to go,,,,
  • but before you can make your escape kihyun calls out
  • “are you going to come and see my play?”
  • and you gasp because holy shit did he get it approved by the theater club????
  • but kihyun shakes his head and you’re like then how-??? and kihyun is like “just promise me, when i call you with an invitation you’ll show up right?”
  • and he puts out his pinkie and you’re like a bit confused but you link yours with his and promise
  • and kihyun reaches out like he’s going to ruffle your hair again but pulls back
  • and you leave,,,,,,,,,thinking about how kihyun is going to manage to pull off a play without the club but also,,,,,
  • your fingers touch your lips again,,,,,,but you’re like sTOP thinking about it let’s go do some homework or something instead!!!
  • ofc kihyun is in the room alone, staring down at the finished piece with his own hand over his mouth
  • before screaming out “YOO KIHYUN YOU ARE AN I D I O T” at himself and almost falling forward onto the damn background
  • but also like ,,,,,, two weeks passes and you don’t hear from kihyun. like you see him running around campus doing his usual thing, you see him teasing that other guy jooheon and hanging out with minhyuk
  • but everytime he turns and you think he might see you,,,,you duck behind a tree or pull up your hood
  • because ok you’re not going to admit it but,,,,,,,,,,,,you kind of are still embarrassed about the whole art room incident but,,,,,,you honestly though kihyun would have said or done something by now to show you it was all ok????
  • and you know it’s stubborn to not just text or call him first but you just caNT
  • and after it edges on three weeks you think well it isn’t worth it to care anymore. kihyun needed you around because you helped him with the painting. it didn’t really matter
  • but as you’re sitting in your dorm, watching some drama on your laptop your phone goes off and mindlessly you pick up w/o looking at the caller ID
  • and on the other line is,,,,,kihyun
  • who goes “you said you’d come if i invited you right? can you come down to the west dorms?”
  • and you sit up, almost knocking your laptop off your feet and you’re like “uh oh yes give me 5 minutes” and you can practically hear kihyun’s smile on the other end when he’s like ok great!
  • and that’s how you end up in kihyuns dorm,,,,,,, staring at the makeshift stage he’s made out of blankets on the floor and the familiar background you both painted taped onto his wall
  • and you’re not sure where kihyun is, but you can hear voices from the bathroom and suddenly ????? shownu comes out
  • wearing what you presume is a night sheet as a toga
  • and he starts off talking about his “daughter” who can’t find love and instantly you realize this is ,,,,, this is the script you read by kihyun
  • and then the ‘daughter’ runs out. it’s changkyun in a wig
  • followed by mischievous aphrodite played by minhyuk in another wig and a crown made out of plastic flowers
  • and the narrator in the back, who sits down in the corner is a very tired looking hyungwon
  • followed by the dashing young lover,,,,,,,,,,,, kihyun
  • (also in a night sheet toga)
  • and there’s music,,,,,,,every now and then provided by wonho with his ipod and jooheon who throws paper shavings everytime minhyuk appears since he’s playing a goddess
  • and the whole thing looks so,,,,,,,,so bizarre and silly
  • shownu pulls the script out of his toga to literally read off his lines and minhyuk is obviously improvising and when kihyun tries to hug changkyun changkyun almost smacks him away with his wig
  • and it’s,,,,,it’s a mess
  • but it’s kihyuns play. and you watch it: laughing and clapping and gasping when you need to
  • and finally, the last scene,,,,,,,,the last kiss between the girl and her lover,,,,,,
  • changkyun suddenly goes over to you and pulls you up, moving you toward his spot beside kihyun
  • whispering “he wanted it to be you, plus i don’t want to kiss him”
  • before sitting down where you were
  • and you’re looking at kihyun who says his last line before wrapping his arm around your waist and placing a gentle kiss right ,,,, on your lips
  • and you’re like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because oh god everyone is watching - was this kihyuns plan - he’s so soft and this kiss is so nice - wait oh god his friends are all watching
  • but then you can’t help it, your hand almost reflexively goes up to his neck to pull him closer
  • and hyungwon literaLLY clears his throat because AHEM this kiss is ‘short and sweet’ 
  • but when you two pull back it’s obvious the play is over and everyone in the room breaks into applause
  • but you’re star-struck staring at kihyun who just smiles and goes
  • “i’ve been waiting a long time to do that”
  • before turning to bow to the lone changkyun who is sitting where you were, pulling you down a bit so you bow too
  • and ,,,,,,,,,,, it’s crazy really
  • but somehow it feels right and you compliment everyone on their acting and helping and all of them crowd around to talk about how kihyun had bribed them to get them to do it
  • and it makes you laugh, hearing about how much effort kihyun put into this “play” just,,,,,,,,,,,,,,to show it to you
  • and once all his friends have filed out of the dorm. shownu leaving with jooheon to let you and kihyun be alone
  • you turn to him and go
  • “it was a good play, but you should really submit it to the theater club. it deserves more than just me seeing it.”
  • kihyun grins, kissing the side of your cheek and going “it’s ok. this play is special,,,,,,so special because it’s only meant for one person to see it.”
  • you: “me?”
  • kihyun: “the person i like.”
  • you: “so,,,,,,,,,me?”
  • kihyun: “pleASE i am trying to be romantic.”
  • you laugh again and kihyun collects you in his arms, pressing your foreheads together and wow yes kihyun asked you out by putting on a whole play for you and we ALL KNOW HE WOULD BE THIS EXTRA
  • but it’s cute,,,,,,,,,shownu comes back to find you and kihyun sitting in his bed reading through other stuff kihyun has written and shownu is like “id like to get some sleep but if you two plan on staying up giggling i will go make my bed somewhere else”
  • kihyun walks you back your dorm considering it’s dark out and you tell him that you’re serious though - he should get one of his plays put on by the theater club
  • kihyun just kisses you again and tells you you’re the best fan he’s ever had
  • and you hit him playfully because yes, fan but also -the best significant other???
  • and dating kihyun means literally just dating the most affectionate person in the world
  • from the moment you two meet up after your class to when kihyun has to leave you for practice ,,,,, kihyun is holding onto you
  • holding your hand, holding your waist, holding your face, literally just attached to your side
  • for that constant love and attention
  • and he’s even more passionate and dramatic than what you thought you knew
  • like he’ll get down on his knees with a rose in his mouth in front of your whoLE clASS on your 100 day anniversary
  • and he’ll insist on carrying you if you as much as scratch yourself on something
  • and he’ll serenade you outside your dorm window
  • and he’ll get his face printed on a t-shirt that says ‘i love kihyun’ as a gift for you
  • and oh gosh it sounds overwhelming but it’s all done with the best intentions because you best believe he makes himself a shirt that says ‘i love y/n’ with your face on it so he can wear it with pride
  • even though hyungwon sees this couple item and looks at you like please tell kihyun to burn these
  • but kihyun isn’t just passionate about you,,,,,,,,he’s passionate about your life too. he’s always cheering you up when you’re in a slump over course work or friends or family. and your family loves him because he literally is so polite and so well-mannered around them
  • and even on little holidays that most people overlook he’s like ‘let me call your family and thank them for bringing you into this world one again-’ and  you’re like PLEASE 
  • kihyun is also super smart,,,,,like he knows so much about ancient greek civilization and when he practices the language in front of you you’re like ‘you’re a genius’ and kihyun is like ‘i know, you’re lucky to be dating me. the next socrates’
  • and you’re like ok bye but he begs you to stay with many kisses
  • and he’s a drama major, and people think it’s easy but you know how kihyun stays up studying lines and then working on props that the club might need, and revising his own personal playwrights
  • and when you learn that he’s even taking a class on like lighting techniques??? for like stages???
  • you’re honestly like,,,,,,he is a genius and so hardworking,,,,,
  • so you’re always like giving kihyun a shoulder massage or helping organize his notes and he’s like “you really  care well for me”
  • and you play it off like WHAT would you do without me,,,,,but you’re just really proud of his hardwork
  • and that’s why when you hear that the club is looking of putting out another production you insist that kihyun submit one of his plays,,,,,but he gets all concerned again
  • so with confidence you submit a copy of it yourself and it gets picked?? and when kihyun finds out he runs to your first
  • and literally picks you up in a spinning hug because he’s like mY PLAY and you’re like I tOLD you TheY’D LOVE IT
  • and that one teacher that kept telling him to stop writing in that style,,,,,,well let’s just say he’s quite embarrassed when the whole drama department gets excited over seeing the club put on something modeled after the ancient greek play
  • and you ofc help to paint the background
  • and while kihyun is practicing, every now and then he’ll break his concentration to surprise you with back hugs and kisses on the neck
  • on opening night of the production,,,,, you have a front row seat along with the rest of monsta x
  • and it’s amazing,,,,,kihyun shines so powerfully with his performance
  • but watching him makeout with the other lead,,,,,well,,,,,let’s just say you force jooheon to cover your eyes for you
  • but after as you’re all congratulating all the student actors
  • you pull kihyun aside and just,,,,,,,,well just you kiss him with a bit more force than ever and kihyun pulls back like ‘is this a gift for my performance or are you trying to tell me something?”
  • and you blush because Shut UP but,,,,,also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you’re like “kihyun let’s celebrate more,,,,,,,,alone,,,,,,,,in your dorm,,,,,tell shownu to spend the night somewhere else”
  • and kihyun’s ears go redder than blood and he doesn’t even have to open his mouth when you two show up in front of shownu
  • because kihyun’s hair is a mess already since you made out with him and his ears are blushing and you’re already nudging him in the side and shownu gets it
  • he’s like “ill comeback tomorrow, you two have fun. be safe”
  • let’s just say when shownu comes around in the morning he has to throw another blanket on top of you and kihyun LOL
  • and kihyun is amazing,,,,,,,at acting,,,,,,,at being a boyfriend,,,,,at ahem other things
  • BUT he’s also a good cook and when you find him at your dorm with late night snacks he made or just when you two have the time to use the communal kitchen
  • you’re just like im blessed,,,,he’s everything
  • and one summer kihyun surprises you with money he’s saved up for a trip to greece before the semester starts again and you’re like kIHYUN where did you get the money,,,,,,,,,,, and he just grins because apparently translating ancient greek for some older scholars is actually quite a well paying side job and you didn’t even know he was doing it
  • but ,,,,,,,,,,,, you guys go and it’s amazing. it’s short only a week, but it’s amazing and kihyun is like “if you hadn’t said all those thing, about how you wanted to watch my play no matter what,,,,,,i would have probably dropped out of drama as a major.” and you’re like what oh my god ,,, and he just grins 
  • and brings you close and nuzzles his face against yours because,,,,,,,,you motivated him so much and you continue to motivate him
  • and you’re like kihyun!!! you motivate me too!!! you keep me stable and positive
  • and it’s just romantic,,,,,,,,,,,,,kihyun makes everything so romantic
  • and once you get back and another semester of college starts and all of monsta x is so jealous of your ‘lovers getaway’ to greece
  • kihyun is like “hey, let me wingman you guys and sooner or later you’ll all be on your own lovers getaways ;)”
  • all of monsta x: no
  • kihyun: you all are missing out. like i have a s/o and you don’t think about that hMMMMMMM 
  • you: *face in your hands* why is he like this,,,,,,,,

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((sequel to humid, papaya, and sunscreen))

When Keith Shadis asks something of you, it’s not as much as a request as it is a demand. That’s why, when on his rare day off, Levi wakes up a little before six am to the sound of his phone blaring on the nightstand and sees Shadis’ name on the screen, he knows that he’s screwed.

As it happens, one of the waiters had called in sick, and though Levi keeps insisting that he’s a bartender and not a waiter, this difference seems inconsequential to Shadis. Even as he’s trying to reason with the man, Levi finds himself stumbling out of bed and reaching for his clothes, a part of him already having resigned to his fate. It’s not the first time he’s been called in at a moment’s notice, and since it’s common knowledge that he’d sell his soul for a bit of extra pay, it probably won’t be the last.

Still, there’s always room for haggling, and he manages to convince Shadis to let him go as soon as breakfast is over. It’s just a couple of hours, and at the end he’ll get to snack on the leftovers, so it could be worse. From the moment Levi steps in the kitchen and sets to work slicing up fruits and plating cheese and ham, he’s counting the minutes to his eventual freedom.

By the time it’s fifteen minutes to ten, he at last breathes a sigh of relief. Shadis is in an unusually good mood today, and since Levi’s section of the dining room is already nearly empty, maybe he could leave a little early. There’s a few of older German ladies finishing their tea by the door, a couple who are more interested in making heart eyes at each other than actually eating, and a young girl with her parents who’s going back for seconds of cereal. As long as no-one else shows up, Levi’s sure that Shadis’ staff can handle the rest just fine.

As he’s gathering up plates from an empty table, he hears a painfully familiar laugh sound from behind him, and before he’s even turned around he knows exactly who it is.

Eren’s stopped to exchange a few words with the German ladies, and as one of them reaches up to touch his arm, visibly swooning, Levi has to resist the urge to fling a plate at her. Eren’s as handsome as ever, the sleeves of his pristine white shirt rolled up to his elbows and his hair wispy and mussed like he’d just rolled out of bed. The first couple of buttons of his shirt have been left open, revealing a delicious stretch of his neck and collarbones. Obscene, Levi thinks, his gaze drawn to the strong lines of Eren’s jaw and the curve of his mouth, shameless, illegal, how dare he?

Then, Eren looks up at him, and though a little surprised, flashes Levi a beaming smile. Definitely illegal.

Levi flees to the kitchen with the dishes, but he can’t hide in there for too long, because of course Eren decides to sit in his section. He looks at Levi from head to toe as he approaches, a slight smile playing on his lips, and suddenly Levi feels so very naked despite of being in full uniform.

“Good morning, sir,” he intones in clumsy German, not missing how Eren raises a brow at him. “Would you like tea or coffee?”

“Buenos días, querido,” Eren replies with a smile. “Coffee, please. How nice to see you here. You don’t usually work mornings, do you?”

“I do not. Just a moment, please.”

He’s quick to head back into the kitchen, brewing a fresh pot of coffee while trying to forget about those heated green eyes. He remembers what it had felt like, the softness of Eren’s lips against his and how perfectly their bodies had fit together. And his hands, dear fucking God, he remembers those hands stroking delicate patterns over his stomach and then wandering even lower, remembers how Eren had reduced him into a whining mess just with his graceful fingers.

All those thoughts are doing nothing in helping him calm down. He takes a deep breath, then a second one, before picking up the coffee and jug of milk with shaky hands. He can do this. It’s just breakfast, he’ll survive.

Eren’s exactly where he left him, though he’s gotten himself some toast and a heaping bowl of strawberries and Nutella from the buffet. Levi watches, transfixed, as he pops a strawberry in his mouth, his tongue flicking out to clean off some of the juice running down his finger. His eyes meet Levi’s and he grins, looking like he wants to devour him right there and then.

Levi clears his throat heavily. “Milk or sugar?” he asks as he fills Eren’s coffee cup, trying not to acknowledge how he can practically see down Eren’s shirt from this angle.

“Plenty of milk, thanks,” Eren replies, an edge of concern creeping into his voice as he goes on, “I hope you’re not working all the day into the evening today.”

With a quick glance towards the clock, Levi picks up the milk. “I was supposed to get off about five minutes ago, actually,” he quips, fighting back a shiver when he feels Eren’s hand trailing along his waist, “until someone decided to show up for breakfast at the last moment.”

Eren’s touch wanders lower until his fingers are resting over the swell of Levi’s ass. His eyes are alight with playful mischief as he says in what’s barely a whisper, “Ah, you know you can get off in front of me, I wouldn’t mind.”

Levi’s hand slips, and it’s like the world slows down for a few fateful moments. He watches in horror as the jug of milk falls from his grip, its contents splattering all over the table and the floor, and worst of all, Eren. It clatters loudly against the tiles as it lands by Levi’s feet, and even with his attention solely on Eren, he can tell that everyone in the room is staring at the two of them.

It’s silent and still for a long while. Eren’s the first to speak up. “Well, that’s not exactly the kind of white and creamy fluid of yours I hoped you’d cover me in,” he states, more amused than anything. His wet shirt is clinging on to his chest and stomach, showing off the outlines of his muscles, and that kind of a distraction is not helping the situation at all.

“Fuck,” Levi whispers, panic creeping into his voice. “I am so, so sorry.”

“Hey, it’s fine, darling, don’t worry about it,” Eren’s quick to assure him with a warm smile as he reaches to grasp Levi’s hands. “It was probably a bad idea to grope you while you’re working. My apologies.”

“What is going on here?”

As Levi turns, he finds himself face to face with Shadis, and that’s more than enough to divert his attention away from Eren’s body. The man has schooled his face into the most neutral and polite expression he can manage, though the twitch in his left eyebrow betrays the fact that he’s only seconds away from flying into a fit of rage.

“It fell,” Levi says, but before he can go on, Eren interrupts him.

“It’s fine, it was my fault,” he tells Shadis with one of his most charming smiles. “I touched his ass, I had it coming.”

Shadis falls silent, looking like he’s reconsidering every life choice that has brought him to this precise moment in time. After clearing his throat, he states, “Mr. Jaeger, we have a strict policy regarding inappropriate behaviour and harassment towards our staff.”

“No, but I liked it,” Levi blurts out, both Eren and Shadis turning to look at him, the former adoring and the latter slightly nauseous. “It was consensual ass touching.”

“Well,” Shadis starts off, opening and closing his mouth a few times. “In that case.”

“I should probably go change my clothes, though,” Eren states, rearranging his wet neckline and somehow succeeding to bare even more skin. Levi hears one of the German ladies gasp like a dying fish. “Would you mind serving me breakfast up to my room?”

“Yes, of course,” Levi rushes to exclaim, his face burning. “I’m sorry.”

Eren gives a dismissive wave of his hand. “No apologizing,” he says, his voice taking on a breathy tone as he adds, “Though I could always punish you a little, if that’s what you’re into.”

“I’m gonna go now,” Shadis interjects flatly, his eyes taking on the thousand-yard stare of a man who has already seen too much. Off he goes, not looking back, and though Levi’s still bright red, at least he’d managed to avoid Shadis’ wrath.

After dabbing at his mouth with napkin, Eren stands up. It gives Levi an even better view of his stomach, wet fabric hugging his abdomen, and though he’s seen Eren shirtless by the pool countless times, this is completely different and more erotic somehow. If they weren’t in the middle of the dining room Levi thinks he’d probably be dragging his tongue across Eren’s clothed torso by now.

The amused glint in Eren’s eye tells him that he’s been caught staring. He grasps on to the lapels of Levi’s uniform as he leans in closer. “Meet me up in my room in five minutes,” he whispers, his breath hot against the shell of Levi’s ear. “Bring the strawberries and Nutella. I wanna find out how they taste when I eat them off of your body.”

Just Us- Part 1

Yoongi-Centric *.*

*Word Count* 4,178
*Genre* Angst, Parenting, Happy
*Pairing* None


“Daddy, where’s mommy?”

What the hell was he supposed to say?

Mommy left because daddy couldn’t treat her right, it’s actually daddy’s fault for yelling in mommy’s face and telling her to get the fuck out and leave if she wanted to.


He couldn’t say that.

He didn’t want to risk his daughter hating him too.

See things were perfectly fine 4 hours ago.

He was working of course. working on a new song that he needed- no wanted to finish by tonight. His phone turned off so he wouldn’t be disturbed, he didn’t need any distractions while he was working anyway, if he wanted to get this finished he needed to be concentrated and isolated. He’d been sitting in the same spot since practice ended, which was about 6 hours ago, to say he wasn’t exhausted would be a lie, he was in fact beyond exhausted.

Yet even as tired as he was he was still determined to get his work done, get it over with, then he could move onto the next thing.

And by next thing, he means more work.

His original plans were to finish the song he was working on now then start working on another song he wanted to get halfway finished by tonight also. If he got halfway through the next song then he would be able to finish the entire thing the next day, then work on another song.

Of course, it doesn’t only take a day or two to finish an entire goddamn song that could probably be the next hit, or in their album if it gets accepted. It, in fact, takes days, weeks, months, years. 

Took him years to finally release his mixtape, it could take him years to finish the song he was working on now, but you never know. Yet again he’s determined he knows exactly what words he wants to put in this song, he knows that the beat he created fits well perfectly with this song. He knows it so well to be positively sure he can finish this entire thing by tonight.

As focused as he was, his mind still kept drifting off to unnecessary things when he couldn’t come up with anything, it’s like as soon he went off track, or moved his eyes elsewhere besides his computer screen his mind would think about something else. He didn’t even know what that something else was seeing as the thought left as fast as it came. He couldn’t just simply put words into a song, he wanted his words to have meaning, he wanted the fans he cared so dear for to feel how grateful he was towards them. 

The Fans, no Army, was just 1 of the things he always had on his mind 24/7, the feeling of not wanting to disappoint lingering in each members hearts. He wasn’t planning on letting them down, after everything they’ve done for him and his team. 

For those, he can’t see, for those he can’t remember, for those he can’t personally be close to. He wants them to hear him, to feel how he feels, to speak and have a connection with him through his music. To share something he loves so very much with people that continue to cheer him on, even tho he doesn’t know them(Personally)it means a lot to him. That’s one reason he works so hard.

Another reason he works so damn hard is not only I himself and the fans, but also for his team. Believe it not he believes not everything is about the fans, nor even himself when it comes to music. He thinks about his members to, their dreams too. Jungkook and Taehyung’s love for singing, Jimin and Hoseok’s love for dancing, his leaders love for rapping, and his Hyung’s love for singing also. Not only he but his members enjoy the thrill, the thrill of being on stage, the beating in their hearts louder than the fans screams that proceed to make they go deaf, the sweat trailing from his forehead all the way down to his chin and the music, the music that they enjoy making. For them is also another reason.

Out of sheer anger and hatred, he also works hard because he wants to prove the people that said they couldn’t do it wrong. Wants to tell them that they made it, and there going higher, higher than the very top. Wants to grab their success like a pile of dirt and throw it right in their face, like little children bullying another child. Even tho he’s angry and his hate burns strong somewhere deep inside of him, he’s better than that, and if he ever sees those people again, the ones who looked down on him and his team, he’ll just simply wave and smile. The reason for that is because he’s at the top, and there at the bottom, he could just simply crush them, with the lift of his foot, stomping on them like they were just merely bugs. But he won’t, because again he’s better than that, he’s already successful, but his hatred doesn't just fade away.

The last and 1 of the most important reasons, is because of his child.

His daughter.

His daughter’s existence was in fact known among his fans, his entire relationship was known throughout the country. 

He can still remember the day the media found out, sitting in the living room with his fellow roommates, eating the breakfast Jin had cooked which was always a bit too salty for his liking. His daughter only 3 mouths old in Taehyung’s lap playing with her little fingers, he can still remember the squeaky sound that erupted out of his daughter’s mouth made as he played with her while he simply watched the news. Then there it was. 

“Big News: Rapper Min Yoongi, Also known as Suga from k-pop group called BTS debuting under BigHit Entertainment, only 3 years into his career and he has already been confirmed to be in a relationship with someone and not only that he was caught seen by a fan who took pictures of him and saw him with not only his girlfriend but with a baby! Is this baby his? The fan eventually uploaded the photo on twitter and now fans are demanding answers!  What is Min yoongi hiding! More news on-“ 

His brain could only think about the words that had been said, he can remember how much panic he felt, for himself and for his group, Minhee to. The assuring words they whispered to one another after the news had been shared. The love and fondness, he loved her so much to think how far apart they are now, break his heart a little. 

He and his partner, Minhee at the time, were not married, fortunately, it’s not that he didn’t love her but he just wasn’t ready for marriage, but his dumbass should’ve thought about that before getting her pregnant. Her parents, of course, wanted them to get married, but he and his parents politely refused (It was mostly him, he was rude about it to be honest but he hates her fucking parents), leaving her father frustrated and angry. In all honesty, he could care less about how her father feels, her father claims yoongi’s always been out for all the money that his daughter has, which is so completely untrue and useless he always just drops the subject. He still loves her somewhat, and still takes care of his child but music……his music. He doesn’t want to blame everything on his job but, music is one of the reasons why he and Minhee split up, and because he was supposedly more focused on the fans and work that he didn’t have any time for her, is what she said.

His daughter stays with him and the other boys only on the weekends, he only keeps her for 3 days and unfortunately on some of those days he has to work, which means sometimes she has to sit on the hard wooden floor that’s located in their practice room and watch them dance. Other times she has to sit backstage as they do interviews or on stage performances,  she even has to sit in his studio and watch him type aimlessly on his keyboard. Sometimes he feels bad for her, they only have small conversations when he’s working, but when he’s not he focuses all his attention solely on his daughter. 

But today, things just aren’t going his way. 

His pale fingers went limp on his keyboard, his head snapping towards the door when knocks were heard. He took a deep breath and sighed, relaxing his body, he really didn’t want to be bothered right now, all he was trying to focus on doing was finishing his work. Who could be knocking on his studio door at this time anyway, didn’t the others leave?

“Who is it?”

He felt the words leave his mouth before he could even process he had said them himself. 

With his words, someone opened the door just enough to pop their head in, that head belonging to Jimin. He watched as Jimin slowly opened the door and made his way inside, the light from the hallway brightening up the dark room more than his dim computer screen did so. He wasn’t really curious as to why Jimin was still here, the kid was probably practicing, he just wondered why he didn’t notice him here before.

“What do you want?” He heard himself say

Jimin only smiled shutting the door behind him, yoongi heard the soft click of the door and watched as Jimin lazily leaned against it “It’s nice to see you to hyung" 

Frustration and Irritation are all he felt in this moment. He really didn’t have time for games, not to mention he couldn’t quite come up with anything. In his head, he was so fucking sure he knew exactly what he wanted to do, but being interrupted made all his thoughts fly away. He’s blaming jimin for this. Jimin was basically wasting his time and he needs every second he could get, if Jimin wanted to tell him something, he better hurry up because he can feel himself running out of patience. He wondered if his expression showed how frustrated he was because Jimin quickly lifted himself off the door and stood straight.

“Have you been here since practice ended?” He only nodded, moving his mouse upwards watching on the computer screen as the pointer appeared again from hiding. “I’ve been here the entire time, didn’t you know?” He found himself asking a question, which was taking up more time, the time that he oh so very much needed. Jimin raised his hands up in front of him and shook them along with his head, taking a seat on one of the beanbags next to his chair. “Ani, I’ve been here since practice ended too, but since I didn’t see the guys leave I thought you were with them" 

"Right.” He said squinting his eyes when his computer screen popped up something about a software update, it’s been asking him about an update for months now, it’s not like he didn’t want to update his software, believe me, he would love to get rid of this annoying pop up that seems to even pop up when he’s working. It’s just that he’s afraid that if he updates, then everything will be gone, all his files all his music, it’s happened before too.

Jimin only sat still, quiet with his hands fidgeting in his lap. Yoongi didn’t mind him being in here, but he’d really wish Jimin would stop tapping his foot and biting his nails, and of course the fidgeting is what he hates most. It’s obvious he has something to say. So he decides to just get this over with.

He closes his eyes, let’s out a big breath he didn’t even know he was holding in and turns his computer off. Turning his computer off means he’s done, done for the night anyway, he still has so much work he has to do, he’s not even finished with the first song to move onto the next one. He just shrugs to himself, he guesses that’s just more work for him tomorrow then he had originally planned, oh well he doesn’t care. 

He says this now but in fact, he does care, just thinking about how much work he’s gonna have to do tomorrow, he tries not to get stressed out at the thought.

He spins himself around in his chair and faces Jimin, who’s currently staring at him in confusion.

“What are-”

“Cut the crap, what do you want Jimin" 

Yawning, he puts his entangled fingers behind his head. Jimin only hangs his head down, and for some reason, Yoongi gets the feeling that whatever Jimin’s about to say can’t be very important.

"Hyung……Minhee, she, she called me…" 

Yoongi only rolls his eyes, he’s happy he turned his phone off, he didn’t want to hear from anyone when he was working, if he would’ve heard from her he’d be pissed. Pissed only because she would of most likely started an argument about something completely unnecessary. The love he has for that woman has been slowly fading ever since they called quits on their relationship. 

That was when Nari, his daughter was 2 she’s 5 now.

Even if he’s thinking a lot about the situation his only comment to Jimin’s sudden confession is "What the hell does she want?”

Jimin smiles sadly at his words. “She wanted to know when we were coming home…” Yoongi moved his hands from behind his head letting his left arm fall down on the arm of the chair and using his other arm to combed his fingers through his bright blonde hair. “What does she mean? ‘when are you coming home’ is she at our house?” If she was at their house he would be extremely angry it’s not even Friday so she has no reason to be there, if his daughter isn’t there then he could care less about anything she has to say. He immediately felt his blood boil and rise up to his face. 

“Call her and tell her she needs to leave”  

The look on Jimin’s face showed nothing but pure panic, the venom in Yoongi’s voice was no joke.

“Ah, hyung you shouldn’t-" 

"Fine I’ll do it” He shut jimin up real quick, grabbing his phone and roughly pressing each number, he was clearly angry he could still be working right now instead of dealing with something so unnecessary. As soon as he had dialed the number she had immediately picked up the phone, saying hello and waiting for his reply. 

“Why are you at my house?” He tried to say as nicely as he could, but trying to pretend you’re not angry is hard for him, so he’s pretty sure she heard how irritated he was.

She huffed on the other side of the phone and he’s positive she rolled her eyes.

“Don’t get an attitude with me, I’m not happy to be here either.”

“Good, then you should leave”

“Believe me I wish I could, I’ve been here for hours waiting for you”

“No one said you had to wait for me.”


“You’re wasting my time, what do you want?”

For a few seconds, all he heard was silence, she coughed a little and made him wait a little longer before answering his question. “It’s Nari…..” Instead of leaning back in his chair he quickly rose up from his seat moving things out the way rather roughly on his desk his hands searching for his car keys. With no luck finding the keys on his desk he patted his body with both hands up and down holding his phone between his head and his shoulder until he found the keys. He was ready to leave if there was anything wrong. His anger quickly turned into concern, Jimin not having any clue what’s going on just left the studio but he assumed Jimin was getting his stuff. 

“What happened? Is she okay?”

“I’ll tell you when you get here…”

“No, tell me-" 

The call had ended before he could even finish his sentence "Motherf-” he decided not to let the word completely slip his mouth and breathed out instead, hurriedly putting his phone in his back pocket, rushing to leave he almost tripped as his foot hit the orange beanbag jimin has sat on just a few minutes ago, quickly catching himself he was happy when he found Jimin already ready to go with his bags as soon as he stepped out the room of his studio, without explaining he motioned jimin to follow him out to his car.

The ride home was quiet jimin didn’t ask any questions because he had felt how tense Yoongi was and he didn’t want to make any false accusations and make him tenser. Yoongi even cut on the radio and actually let a very stupid song play just to distract him from his thoughts. It didn’t help much.

Once they had reached home, he had quickly stepped out of his old car and made his way to the doorstep nervously fumbling with his keys, he was in fact so nervous that he even dropped them, twice.

“Hyung maybe I should do it-”

“I got it!" 

Jimin had jumped in surprise at his tone, he hadn’t meant to yell at him he really hadn’t he was just so..he didn’t even know what he was talking about, he rarely ever yelled in the first place he even found his throat hurting a little. He would’ve said sorry for scaring jimin, but a moment after he had shouted the door opened.

Revealing Jin.

"Your home-”

“Where is she?" 

Passing Jin her started to look around the house for his daughter, he headed straight to his and Jins bedroom first, the door being shut, he attempted to open it but Jin stopped him.

"Wait, she’s sleeping”

“I won’t wake her” He said coldly glaring as he looked back at him, he tried to open the door, but he was again stopped, not by jin.

By Minhee.

“Fancy seeing you here”

She said smiling her voice even till this day still music to his ears, quickly taking in her appearance she still looked the same, like the same woman he had fallen in love with, but he and her both knew she was long gone, somewhere far away, probably dead. He didn’t know, but he missed her.

His face hardens doing the opposite of what his thoughts are hinting him to do.

“Oh really?”

Her smile drops hearing the sarcasm in his voice, not like any of her smiles are real anymore.

“Well this is my house” He finishes 

“Whatever…” She mumbles quietly crossing her arms, over her chest. Here she goes again wasting time and not getting straight to the point.

“What’s wrong with Nari?”

“I lied”


"I said I lied okay…”

“What?” He says again but mostly to himself not sure he had heard her completely. “You lied, lied about what?” he continues. She looks down at her hands, and from anyone’s point of view it would seem that she’s feeling guilty for whatever she lied about, but he’s not falling for it, he knows her too well to fall stupid to her tricks.

He’s not buying it.

“Stop fucking wasting time and tell me what’s going on” he snaps

She doesn’t jump only looks at him sternly.

“I lied about Nari, she’s perfectly fine..”

Finally letting go of the door handle he’s been holding onto since he got home, he walks up towards her slowly. “Then why the fuck-" 

"I wanted to talk to you..”

He can’t believe this, he literally can’t.  "You called and made me come all the way fucking home just so you could tell me something? Couldn’t you have said it over the phone? it couldn’t have waited? I was fucking working-“

"It’s important yoongi-”

“So important to the point where you had to lie and bring our daughter into this?” he accused his voice raising just a bit, he could see jin behind him and jimin to his left, them both wanting to do something to stop the argument, he could tell they wanted to, but they dared not to.

“Yes, that important!”


“If I had asked to speak to you in person would you have come?”

“Like hell, i would”

“That’s why I brought up Nari, because I knew you would listen if she was involved, this is important yoongi so how about you listen to me for once in your fucking life!” she said yelling at him his face only inches away from hers now. He stepped back at her sudden outburst putting distance between them rolling his eyes.

“Fine,” his voice still cold even though he agreed to talk.

“Hurry up, I don’t have all night”

Jin reached out grabbed Jimin’s wrist and walking out to the room giving them both a small smile before completely exiting leaving them both standing alone in the silence. 

“I met someone..”

He rolls his eyes, this is so stupid. He moves his hand to his back pocket, hoping to find his cigarettes there, but they aren’t he hasn’t smoked since high school but he had a sudden urge to start again.

Letting the thought leave his mind he focused on the situation again.

“So? what does that have to do with me?”

She lets out a breath and sits down on the only couch in their house, she waits to speak and again he think’s she’s only wasting more time. He’s getting tired, not like he wasn’t tired before, like he said he was beyond exhausted but he had something to keep him focused something he was determined to finish. 

But this, this was just boring and utterly useless, he couldn’t even bring himself to really care.

“I’ll be in America for at least 3 months, with him….” she whispers afraid if her words might start something.

They do.

“How about you fucking stay there forever?”

“That’s not what I’m say-”

“Stop with the bullshit! just fucking leave! that’s obviously what you’re saying right?”

She stands up angrily standing right in front of him, her fist balled up to her side.

“No, yoongi you know that’s not what I meant!”

“It obviously is, you wanna leave, just fucking do it! Please, fucking leave! We’ll be perfectly fine without you, so go up there with whoever the fuck this guy is and don’t come back! we don’t need you-”

He hears it before he feels it, the pain stinging the left side of his cheek.

He was shocked but he didn’t show it on his face, she had never hit him, even when they were together. He would be lying if the tears in her eyes didn’t make his heart ache a little, but no she brought this on herself.

“Why are you so selfish yoongi….why do you only think about yourself, you don’t give a damn about how others feel.”

He listens to her words carefully, but he doesn’t even try to compare himself with her words. 

He smirks.

“Your right, I don’t give a fuck, now fucking leave never comes back.”

His cold words pierce her, and he can see it to them way her eyes widen slightly and the tears in her eyes threaten to fall, but before they can she quickly grabs her purse and hurriedly rushes to the door.


He just stands there. In the silence, his body oddly cold even tho the house is warm. 

She’s joking. 

She’ll come back, right?

He didn’t even mean what he said, he didn’t mean it. He didn’t mean to say any of that, but his brain spoke instead of his heart. Like it usually does.

He sighs making his way to the kitchen, grabbing a glass from the cabinet and filling it up half way with foist water. God, he was such an idiot, he should’ve kept his mouth shut, and usually that’s not even a goddamn problem for him. But as soon as he says her face, heard her voice, he doesn’t know why but he just got so angry, even the thought of her made him angry.

He throws the glass cup in the sink, ignoring the loud clanking sounds it made, walking back into the living room him and Minhee stood in just a few minutes ago, and he lays himself down on the only coach they have. Staring at the TV, staring at nothing but the black screen it displayed.

He just wanted to sleep, sleep his stress away. Minhee would be back tomorrow he knows she will, she wasn’t really gonna leave.

Everything would be perfectly fine tomorrow.

7 am is the last thing he see’s before his eyes close, leaving him in nothing but darkness.


I’m Done! Tell Me What You Guys Think Okay? If I Get A Good Response Maybe I’ll Post A Second Part! *.*

Authors note: yall it was 5AM when I finished that last fic, i had no idea what i was doing. Honestly im not proud on how it came out at all but oh well :P, okay so this is the second chapter of this fic that you guys actually kinda enjoy? Like woah who told you you can give me 25 notes, tbh its the most I’ve ever had and i feel v, happy so thank you all so much :,) anywho i guess I’ll continue this since yall like it so much adkfjdk lets goooo ;;;;;;;soBs

(Okay this whole story is in craigs POV just saying here so i wont have to keep on saying it lmfao. ALSO ITS IN 3rd PERSON VIEW A LOT BUT I DONT THINK THAT COUNTS)

Evan and craig both entered the school and searched for their lockers, craigs locker was kind of near the english class and evans locker was pretty far away from where craig’s locker was.

Craig picked out a tiny piece of paper from out of his jean pocket, and looked at the small set of numbers on it.

He got his blue-ish grey-ish locker opened after he unlocked it and put a few items inside of the top shelf thing, and hung his black jacket onto the hook inside of the locker.

Craig closed his locker then he locked it, craig turned to his right, only seeing an extremely tall figure in front of him, craig swore giants weren’t real, but now he thinks they just might be.

The big figure looked down on him and shot a small smile at craig. Craig looked into the figures eyes and damn his eyes were like icicles? Craig swore he was about to say something like “damn i could swim in those eyes for days on end” but he didn’t because that would be strange. Craig gasped a little bit as he realized he was just staring at this random person strangely. He shot an apologetic look at the man standing in front of him, and he looked away.

The man just laughed and walked off chuckling to himself as craig was left there feeling embarrassed, and unsure on why he just stared into somebody’s eyes, and he didn’t even fucking know them? The fuck? Craig shrugged it off and headed to homeroom.

“Hey dude what took you so long?” Evan asked craig as they both took a seat.

“Uh, i dropped some things on the way so i had to like pick them up and stuff” shitty excuse i know but i cant just say “i stared into some guys fucking eyes” or some kind of creepy shit like that, fuck man he’d be all like “ooooooo ;;;;))))” or he’d probably think im some utter garbage creep.

“Oh alright, the guys should be here soon! I hope haha,” evan said with a worried tone in his voice, he was probably unsure if they really did go to our school. But thats his problem not mine. Craig shrugged to himself, but the out of no where someone flew into his mind.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that man, i dont know what stood out, but he seemed like so much more then a regular stranger, craig swears that he’s seen him before but that’s probably a silly prediction.

“Dude look! Theres brian!” Evan shook craigs shoulder and made craig snap out of his thoughts and direct his head to the way evan was pointing.

“bbbBBBBRRRRIIIIAAAANNNNNN” evan shouted out extremely loudly, most likely loud enough to attract the whole fucking room.

Craig ducked his head down and faced evan giving him a glare “did you have to scream that fucking loud?!? Jesus christ everyone is staring” craig said in a faint whisper.

“Shut up man, who cares its the first day! Nobody’s going to implant the fact that i yelled loudly in class once in their fucking brain dude” evan joked while waving in the distance as brain came running over.

“Hello friends!” Said a friendly sounding voice, he had an irish accent and he seemed pretty cool!

“Hey brian! This is craig, craig brian, brian craig”

We shook hands, then he took a seat next to evan, there were about 6 chairs left at our table, it had me wondering on how many people evan met over the summer time, and he hasn’t ever told me about them?

“Anywho how are you guys?” Brian asked us both, which caused me to get thrown off of my thinking. But of course he was just trying to start a conversation because it was starting to get awkward.

“Im doing fine! Im really excited about the fact that my new friends i met were actually in my schools for years and I didn’t even notice.” Even explained excitingly

“I guess im doing fine, little hyped for new friends I guess,, i suppose it is kind of nice to finally meet new people.” Criag said politely.

It was a little more awkward until one person sat right next to me, then another one shyly sat by brian and another one sat across from evan.

“Holy shit, uh,, tell me these are your friends?? please?” Craig said worriedly at evan giving him a scared look.

“Haha dont worry dude, this is lui, brock and jon. (little side note im not sure if its jon or john lmao sorry) “guys meet craig! My friend since kindergarten” “hi…” said brock, shyly. “Whats up dude!” Lui said and smiled kindly at craig. “Hey man!” Said jon taking his hand out of his hoodie pockets. I took it and shook it slightly.

I shot them all a friendly smile and they did the same. Then once they started talking to eachother i was thinking of joining in..Until that tall figure came across my mind again, all of a sudden i not sure to be honest, is he.. erm, forget it craig said to himself.

But, thats when that very person he was thinking about showed up to his table about 6 feet away, the tall figure with the icey blue was him..but why was i so memorized by this guy.. shit, im staring again craig said to himself in a panic and turned his head to the guys while acting like he wasn’t paying attention to the man.

“Hey retards”

WOOP LONGISH CHAPTER WILL GET LONGER I PROMMMIISSSEEE goodnight im tired i need sleep !! Hope you guys enjoyed this, because I enjoyed making this

Idol Couple with Taehyung

And it is time for my love, my bby, my itty bitty ball of squish whose legs are longer than a bad movie, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • Backstory time bc backstories are cute as fuck
  • You two meet when you two are MCs together
  • You know how he did that lil show with Sujeong where it was just them and they went over like the top music videos/songs or something like that
  • That’s the type of show you two do together
  • It’s just you two (and the crew of course) and a lil tiny puppy off in the corner that you both spend about an hour cooing over
  • Both of you are already fans of the other's group  
  • You’re already nervous bc MC but then you learn that tae’s gonna be your partner and it’s just well shit
  • You don’t know this part but he’s just as !!!!
  • Bc he’s got a lil crush on you, from seeing you perform and in interviews and backstage
  • He has his moments of being shy and you bring those moments out of him when you two are MCing together
  • He’s all good until you look at him and then his mind kinda just focuses in on the fact that you’re looking at him
  • Does he look okay is his hair messed up is there something on his face or are you just being polite and looking at him while he talks
  • You know how sometimes when he gets shy, he smiles but he bites his lip to hide it and sometimes he does this shy lil laugh
  • That’s him off camera
  • Bc he has no idea how to flirt or how to be subtle about it
  • Plus he’s trying to figure out if you think of this as just a business thing where you both just happened to be together or do you think of it as friendly too
  • He can still talk to you bc even shy tae is pretty outgoing?? like there are lil pauses here and there where he kinda needs a second to chill but then it’s all good
  • On camera though, the V side of him kicks in and he’s able to be all outgoing and his usual puppy self
  • You find it endearing that he gets a bit shy when you talk to him
  • As the day goes on, he loosens up a ton and can actually talk to you without turning !!! 
  • You two get along really well and it’s pretty obvious that both of you aren’t thinking of this as just business anymore
  • When everything is being wrapped up, he asks for your number to keep talking and maybe hang out soon
  • Things just go from there
  • The daily texts turn from kinda flirty ?? is it flirting or is he just being friendly?? to oh okay this is actual flirting I’m down
  • Texts turn into calls, calls turn into late night meet ups at small cafés
  • The platonic affection turns into romantic affection, holding hands, kissing cheeks, hugs that last too long to be strictly platonic
  • It all happens really naturally and effortlessly and the next thing you know, he’s your boyfriend
  • Okay but tae would honestly be s u c h a good boyfriend
  • He just wants cuddles and love and laughter 
  • Cuddles you every single time he sees you
  • He has to have his hello hug maybe a kiss, it can be quick if you’re busy but he needs it
  • It isn’t rare for you two to sneak off backstage, away from the cameras so you can have a lil cuddle session
  • Maybe talk about your days, what the other missed while they were gone etc.
  • Maybe just simply hold each other and whisper quiet lil “good luck, you’ll do amazing”
  • Lil signals for when you two are both on stage and can’t talk but still wanna communicate
  • Still interacting even though you’re supposed to be lowkey
  • But tae can kinda get away with it since he’s pretty friendly but you do have to limit it
  • You both get so excited when the other wins something
  • The second it’s announced bts has won, tae just looks over at you and smiles bc holy shit did you hear that his group won is this real life
  • Late night ice cream dates
  • All the blurry selfies you can handle
  • They’re never uploaded (until after the relationship is public) but he has hundreds on his phone and so do you
  • Similar to Jimin, literally no one is surprised when the relationship is announced
  • Everyone knows and has known since the MC thing happened bc he was giving you that look you get when you see your crush and you were lowkey doing the same thing
  • Tae would probably require the least amount of time to go public bc he seems like a really open person and I don’t feel like he’d like to keep such a huge thing hidden
  • Bc when he’s in love, he is in l o v e, he seems like someone who falls really hard and it’s hard to hide that
  • Especially when he just wants to squeeze you and kiss you and cuddle you and tell everyone that you’re his lil bby teddy bear
  • You both post pictures to announce it since that’s a pretty easy way to go
  • Side note, after it’s all public, you two are constantly seen together
  • You know those lil twitter videos they do, you’re in those all the time
  • It could be something super cute like him filming the two of you walking along bc he thinks it’s really fucking adorable that your feet are in sync with his
  • But it could also be just him kissing your cheek, maybe just showing the outfits you two are wearing that happen to match or maybe he tries to subtly show off the fact that you’re wearing his jacket it’s all up to him and how he feels that day
  • And whenever he misses you, he posts a video of him cuddling the small teddy bear you got for him
  • “Missing my actual teddy bear but this one will do”
Bad Reputation (Part Two) - Oliver Wood Imagine

A/N: well, after a looooot of requests, here’s part two dearies! :D 

you guys are AWESOME xD haha so by popular demand, I give you part 2! (idk how many parts this story is going to have yet :P) also, if someone could help me with gifs that’d be amazing cause I feel like I suck at it haha 

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :D

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Bad Reputation 

[Part 1] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6[Part 7[Part 8] [Part 9[Part 10 [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14]

Oliver Wood walked around the hallways looking for her. He hasn’t been able to get (Y/N) off his mind. The look on her eyes when she confronted him on the Common Room. It killed him. He had never noticed how alone she really was. He decided he needed to make things right and get a new start with her. Only one problem… he hadn’t seen her in the last couple of days; ever since their argument. He had woken up early and gone to bed really late hoping that he would coincide with her when she’d gone out or inside her dorm. But no such luck. He hadn’t even seen her around for breakfast, lunch or dinner and he was getting worried. He made his way over to Professor McGonagall’s office knowing he had to tell her sooner or later. He knocked nervously on the door and opened it when he heard her allowing his entrance.

“Hello, Professor. I’m sorry to bother you, may I have a word?”

“Oh, Mr. Wood, just the person I wanted to see” she said politely pointing him to the chair in front of her desk. Confused, Oliver made his way and took a seat.

“Um, you wanted to see me?” he asked nervously. Had (Y/N) come and told her about their argument? He was probably screwed now.

“Yes, it’s about Miss Rosier” she said kindly.

“Uh, yes, about that- Professor, I um-“

“I must tell you I am very impressed with the progress you’ve made so far” she interrupted him making Oliver’s jaw drop in shock.

“Uh- I um, I’m sorry?”

“Yes, in the past couple of days, Miss Rosier managed to catch up with all of her homework” she said proudly.

“She- uh… wait, what?” he asked more confused than ever.

“Don’t get me wrong, she’s still getting into fights and talking back to Professors and I do believe she didn’t attend my class yesterday” she said looking through her notes. “But well, it’s a start” she said smiling at Oliver.

“I, uh, she- she what?” he asked looking at Professor McGonagall’s notes.

“I believe this is all thanks to you” she said smiling proudly at him.

“Oh, n-no, Professor I merely-“

“Oh, please, Mr. Wood, now is not the time to be modest” she brushed him off. “I knew you were just the person to get that girl on the rails again” she said kindly. “Now, what was it that you wanted to tell me?”

“I’m sorry?”

“You said you needed to tell me something?”

“Uh, right! Um, I’m just… well, I just wanted to tell you that it hasn’t been easy b-but I’m glad she’s doing b-better” he said with an innocent smile.

“She really is, Mr. Wood. I do believe she will get a long way with your help” she said with hopeful eyes. What was Oliver supposed to do now? He could only smile and excused himself after she thanked him again. He had to find her. Luckily for him, the girl was never too far away from trouble.

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Originally posted by teendotcom

Request: @direwinterfell requested an imagine with robb stark and a preggo reader so HERE U GO :)

Warnings: Lil light bit of smut HURHURHUR

Word Count: 1389 (ITS LONG AS SHIT SORRY)

Notes: MY FIRST FICCCCC.  If u liked this plz like/reblog/follow!

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Behind The Scenes 2 (16/16)

Author’s note: I meant to post this part yesterday, but I was really busy. Once again, this isn’t the official ending. I am currently in the middle of writing BTS 3. I will talk more about that at the end. I hope you guys like this part. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: ?

Word Count: 2202

Summary: You and the guys get ready to head off to the airport.

Other Parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

It was the day you all had to fly to Dalian. You were waiting alone in your room while the rest of the guys were getting their last minute things together. Technically, what you were really doing was counting down the seconds till you had to encounter the manager. You hadn’t had to see him since that night, but as time moved closer to him showing up, you grew more and more nervous. You didn’t know what to expect. He might act like nothing happened or he might try to do everything all over again.

Anxiety grew within you at just the thought of having to see him again. You tried to distract yourself by looking for something to wear to the airport, but your mind wouldn’t stop thinking of the worst case scenario. You couldn’t sit still anymore. You stood up and began pacing around the room. A surge of adrenaline went through you and you felt the need to move more to get it all out. You began to swing your arms and walk around at a faster pace, but that didn’t help. You began to feel panicked and had the urge to just run. You stopped pacing and began jumping in place to get rid of the excess energy, but that did little to help. You tried to bring your breathing back to normal, but instead it became more and more labored. You felt like you couldn’t get enough air in. It was hard to stay focused and you just wanted to cry.

Jimin walked in from having helped Jungkook pack up. It was easy for him to guess why you were acting the way you were. “I know how you feel y/n.” He made sure to speak softly to not scare you. “I’m not going to say “don’t worry” or “just don’t think about it”, I know that’s not going to make the anxiety go away.” He carefully made his way over to you. “Just know that we are going to be with you…”

You really appreciated what he had to say. His words didn’t help much, but it was good to know that you weren’t alone in all this. Things were okay for a spilt second, but then you remembered that you wouldn’t have them around while they were performing. The idea of having to be alone with the manger for those hours brought all the uneasiness right back.

There was a tiny knock at the door. The distracting sound momentarily made you forget how you were feeling. You were scared it was Rap monster and tried to act as normal as possible.

The door opened a tiny bit, but no one came in. “Are you guys decent?” Jungkook asked.

“Come in.” Jimin said.

Jungkook came in, immediately reading the intense atmosphere. He cautiously made his way over to the both of you. “Um, y/n are you okay?”

You shook your head.

“What’s wrong?”

“Hiro” Jimin whispered.

“Shit… Why don’t we, um, not think about it then.” Jungkook said turning to you “… Uuhh why don’t we figure out a couple outfit to wear?” He glanced over to Jimin for approval.

“Yeah.” Jimin said. “Even though this plane ride won’t be too long, it’s still smart to dress comfortably and stuff.”

You nodded. Although you now felt a bit better, you were still fidgeting your legs.

“What do you want to wear?” Jungkook asked.

You shrugged. You started biting your bottom lip and the urge to cry didn’t go away.

You and Jungkook went over to your worn down bags of clothes. You had your new clothes already packed up while your old ones stayed in the trash bags.

“Aish, Y/n, I’ll make space in the closet for you when we get back from the tour.” Jimin frowned.

Jungkook went over to your bag filled with shirts and began looking through them. He pulled out a blue shirt. “This one?”

“No.” you muttered.

He pulled out a few more options, but you shook your head at all of them.

“Guys!” Rap monster appeared at the doorway, frightening the three of you. “Get out to the living room, she’s here.” Then he walked off.

“Who is here?” Jungkook and Jimin asked themselves.

Jimin looked over at you. “I don’t want to freak you out, but try to calm a bit. Don’t let Namjoon see how nervous you are.” He warned.

You shook that last of your nerves off and then you all went to the living room where the others were also waiting.

“Who’s here?” you whispered to Suga.

He just shrugged at you.

“Get into character.” Rap monster ordered as he went for the door.

You went over to Jungkook and he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, both of you still not knowing why you had to do so.      

Rap monster opened the door and there was a girl standing there with a case of luggage. He smiled as he greeted her and let her in.

She had covered herself the same way that you used to. She was wearing cute, nice fitting sweat pants and a pretty sweater with matching flats. Despite how simplistic her wardrobe was, she was still able to show off her nice figure. Even her hair looked perfect as it was up in a messy bun. It seemed as though every small section of straight black hair was purposely placed to ornament her whole look. She then carefully removed her scarf as she walked in, revealing her beautiful face.

She smiled at everyone and bowed politely. “Good morning everyone!”. On top of her looks, she had a pretty voice too. She didn’t at all seem nervous to meet the boys, not at all like how you were back when you meet them at the fan meeting. She was the exact opposite, she oozed confidence.

The more you admired her, the sadder you became. She came off as someone who had a lot going for them in life. She looked like a smart girl, she was definitely beautiful and probably had a lot of friends. With her confidence, she was capable of accomplishing a lot, if she hadn’t done so already. You knew that Rap monster was going to kill her soon. You wished you hadn’t had seen her because now you felt guilt growing inside of you. You wanted to tell her to run away now, but it was too late. She was already here and there was no going back now.

All the guys, except Jimin, couldn’t take their eyes off her. They were too busy gawking over her to respond to her greeting. You could even feel Jungkook’s arm slide off your shoulders.

“Good morning, nice to meet you.” Jimin smiled.

“It’s nice to meet you too!” you did your best to sound cheerful, but you knew your voice didn’t completely match your fake smile.

“So guys, this is Eunhee. She’s coming with us to Dalian.” Rap monster wrapped his arm around her waist.

“Hi Eunhee.” You and the guys chimed, expect for Jungkook, he still couldn’t stop staring at her.

You wrapped your arm around him, but he didn’t seem fazed. You whispered to him. “Calm down.”

“Huh?” he wasn’t really paying attention to you.

“So” Rap monster began. “Eunhee and I are going to go talk in my room, so you guys all just stay busy or something.” He said smiling down at Eunhee.

He guided her down the hall. You could hear them mumbling to each other and laughing. Jungkook’s eyes followed Eunhee as she walked by. He didn’t stop staring until she disappeared down the hall.

“Damn! She is hot as fuck!” Jungkook said moving away from you.

Jimin rolled his eyes at him. “Such a devoted boyfriend you got there y/n.” he said sarcastically

“Tell me about it.” you both looked at Jungkook disappointingly.

“You already packed?” Suga asked coming up behind you and resting his elbow in your shoulder.

“Yeah. You?”

“Of course not! You wanna help me out?”

“Nope.” Jungkook answered for you. “We have to figure out a what we are going to wear.”

“Maybe I can go with you after we are done.” You said

“I could help you Yoongi.” Jhope offered. “I finished already, Namjoon even took my main stash.”

“Jimin, can you help me pack too?” V asked. “I feel like I’m still forgetting some things.”

Jimin looked over at you. “You cool now?”

Suga raised an eyebrow at Jimin. “She seems fine.” There was a hint of attitude in his voice. Suga still didn’t know that you and Jimin were a bit better now. You never really got a chance to tell him. From the incident with that manager, you only got to the point where Jungkook brought you home.

Jimin scoffed at Suga and then walked off with V.

Jin’s phone began to ring. He pulled it out and answered the video call. “Hi Jinjin!” He smiled. “Are you going to school already?” he was starting to walk through the four of you as he tried to get to his room.

“Hi daddy! Oh! Everyone is there?!? Hi uncle Yoongi, uncle Jungkook and uncle Hoseok. Hi y/n!” he screamed.

Jin stopped moving and let you all crowd around him so that you could see Jinjin.

“Y/n!” Jinjin called out. “I always thought that you and Uncle Yoongi were boyfriend and girlfriend, but then I heard you were uncle Jungkook’s girlfriend.”

Immediately Suga took his elbow off you.

Jungkook came up behind you and rested his chin on your head.

“Jinjin when did you hear that?” you all heard his mom’s voice from off camera

“I heard you and your friend talking about it.” Jinjin said with an innocent face. Then he looked back at the rest of you.

“Yoongi and I are just friends.” You clarified. It stung a bit saying those words, but you kept a smile on your face.

“We had to keep our relationship a secret.” Jungkook said. “Even from you buddy, sorry about that.”

“How about we talk while I pack? You can remind me what I need to take!” Jin said walking off to his room.

Jungkook backed off you and you followed him to his room.

“So Jimin was right, we should dress comfortably.” He mumbled as he went through his closet.

“Whatever, I just want something that won’t grab anyone’s attention.”

“Ha, well Y/n, everyone is going to have their-“ he stopped talking as he looked back at you and noticed how upset you were again. “Well, um. *clears throat*”. He went back to looking in his closet. “Yeah let me see what I have.”

Just then, Rap monster busted into the room shirtless. Parts of his arms, chest and stomach were covered with old scars. He ran over to Jungkook’s dresser and began going through all the drawers, throwing everything everywhere to find what he was looking for.

Jungkook ran up to him. “Bro! What the fuck?”

Rap monster ignored Jungkook and pulled out a box of condoms.

“Those are mine!” Jungkook whined.

“Chill! You won’t be missing these anyway.”

“Couldn’t you have waited for the hotel?” Jungkook ripped the condoms away from Rap monster and only tore one off to give to him

Rap monster, quickly took the rest of them instead and walked towards the door, exposing a large scar across his back “Gotta do it now, the bitch ain’t even making it to the concert.” He huffed.

Within an hour, the nine of you were in the living room waiting for the manager and apparently his friend to show up.

You and the maknaes filled out the large couch. Jin, Jhope and Suga filled out the small couch. Rap monster and Eunhee were “talking” in the kitchen.

You were starting to freak out a bit again, but kept talking to Jimin to keep your mind busy.

“So why is his friend coming along again?” you asked. You hadn’t seen the manger’s friend since he stitched up your collar bone. You didn’t really know what to expect with him coming on the tour too.

“His name is Minho. Um, he’s coming along just in case any of us need medical attention.” Then he brought his voice to a whisper. “If things go down at a drug deal we don’t go to a hospital, Minho is always the one that’s able to take care of it.”

Ten minutes later, Hiro and Minho arrived. When you saw Hiro, you gripped tightly onto Jungkook’s arm. You tried to hide behind him, but it obviously impossible because you were sitting on the couch.

Jungkook wrapped his arm around you. “It’s okay. We are right here.” He whispered.

Right away, the manager and his friend loaded all the luggage into the van.

“Ok, everything is loaded in the van and Eunhee’s taxi is here so let’s get going.” Rap monster said

Everyone got up and headed out the door, but you tried to stay behind.

“Let’s go y/n” Jungkook said.

Jimin came up to you. “Just stick with us. It’ll be ok.”

You nodded and followed behind of two of them to the van. You braced yourself for the weeks ahead.

Thank you all for keeping up with/catching up with my series. I really do hope you all can stick around for when I start posting BTS 3. I am currently about half way done with it. I don’t want to starting posting it until I have completely finished it. There are many complex ideas going on and I want to make sure that all the details make sense and all. I am not too sure how much longer it will take for me to finish it, especially considering how school is going so far. If anyone has any questions or comments to my series, feel free to send me an ask/anon or message me. Once again, thank you so much for having read my series so far, I have put so much work into it and it really means alot to me that you all enjoy it! <3

“You Wouldn’t Have.” 4/?

BTS Taehyung Fanfiction 

Theme: Angst, Fluff, Violence, Gang / Mafia AU

Word Count: 2498 Words

Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Originally posted by igotbulletproof

I was pushed into a van with 7 other men. Of course it was uncomfortable, there was absolutely no room for me to sit.

“Hey, just let her sit on Jungkook’s lap.”

“Excuse me?”

“Or do you want to sit on Jimin’s?” Namjoon asks with his eyebrow raised.

You look at the orange haired boy who seemed to like the idea. He uses his index finger to signal me to come over. The man’s hand was pushed away by Jungkook’s.

“She’ll just sit with me.”

He grabs my waist and pulls me on top of his legs.

“Lucky you, she’s sitting where I want her to be on mine.” He smirks.

“Don’t move, the more you do the closer it will get to my-”

“I-I got it. Don’t say more.” I interrupted. I didn’t want to hear him continuing on with the sentence. It made me uncomfortable. As the car was moving there were a bunch of speed bumps, causing the car to go up and down. It made me go up and down on Jungkook’s thighs, which made me irritated. Jimin was staring up and down on me, smirking and chuckling on what was happening. Jungkook had no emotion towards it, he was just paying attention outside of the car window.

“W-Where are we going?” I stuttered.

I felt Jimin’s hand massaging thigh, “Your stuttering habits are so cute.”

I brush Jimin’s hand off and attempted to move away from him. As I was moving away I felt Jungkook’s hand touch my waist once more, “I told you. Don’t. Move.”

His touch made me flustered, looking at Jimin smiling and then looking at the window.

“We’re here. But we have to have Y/N get off first, then Jungkook.“ Namjoon said in the front seat. The car stops and Namjoon looks in the back and sees me flustered with Jungkook’s hand on my waist.

“Hey, you two. If you keep holding her like that I don’t think you will be able to get off of the van sooner or later.”

I heard two guys laughing in the back.

“You two in the back, Hoseok and Jin. If you keep laughing we will surely lose track on this mission.” Namjoon said with a serious tone.

They both quiet down, “Okay, Y/N right? You should get off first, then Jungkook will follow after and tell you what to do. Don’t do anything stupid alright? He will be right behind you, right Jungkook?”

He nods, he opens the door on his side and signals me to get off. I hesitated, if I get off I didn’t know if I was going to either get shot or kidnapped once again.

“It’s okay, we’ll be right out.”

I look back to see Taehyung smiling towards me. I nod and get off the van, right after Jungkook follows behind. “Of course you would follow Taehyung’s words.” he mumbles. As I turn around I saw the door of the van close, leaving me and Jungkook at an abandoned factory.


“Stop saying his name. I told you, he’s not who you think he is.”

“I know, but he’s the only one I can trust right now.”

“What about me? I literally saved you from being harassed by Jimin.”

“I know that too. But all of this is not making sense to me. I’m here looking like this and walking to a place that you’re probably going to trade me for something.”

“No. We’re not trading you.”

“Then why am I here?”

“Because we’re using you.”

He grabs my shoulders and pushes me, making me walk towards the abandoned factory.

“W-What are we doing?”

“You’re going to be the distraction for us. We’re going against another group here. Once you walk in looking like this they will sure have eyes on you. Just do what they say, once we’re in there and you’re with them, they’ll give me something and I’ll walk out. Don’t worry, it won’t be long. If they try anything, just try to move away from them, even if they say they’re nice. If you hear the name Jaebum, find out who that is. Once you do, find him, he will stop them from doing anything to you. After I leave, stay with Jaebum as much as possible. Once you hear gunshots, run. Run away from him and everyone else. Try to find a hiding spot.”

After Jungkook explains all of what I was supposed to do, I was right in front of the door. Jungkook knocks on the door and it opens, there stands a man with dark red hair.

“Ah, Jungkook! You’re here early.”

Jungkook was right, the boy looks at me up and down.

“Who’s this?”

“I-I..” I stuttered.

“She’s a friend of mine.” he exaggerates the word friend.

“Ah, I see. Come in, Jaebum hyung is inside.”

Jaebum, that’s the name Jungkook told me to find out. I’m guessing he’s the leader of their group.

“W-Who’s Jaebum?” I stuttered once again.

“Ah, cute. I guess she has those habits.” The boy said with a smile.

“Shut up Yugyeom, just let me see Jaebum. I’m here to make business not you flirting with her.”

He opens the door and guides the way. Jungkook pushes me inside, then walks behind me.

“Keep going, don’t look anywhere besides the back of Yugyeom. If you look at any of the other members they will lock you as their next target.” Jungkook whispers.

I nodded and continued on walking. From left to right I could hear whimpers of girls, boys laughing, gun reloading, and heavy bags falling onto the floor. I tried my best ignore it because of Jungkook’s warning.

“Ah, Jungkook-shi! It’s nice meeting you here in MY territory.” I could hear the sarcasm in that voice. I look up to see a man with brown hair, and dark magenta coat on. He looked like he was back in the vintage years. I could hear footsteps coming closer to me, “And may I ask who this is?” he asks.

“Jaebum-shi, this is Y/N-shi. She’s my friend here today.” Jungkook exaggerates the word friend, making it sound suspicious to me.

“Ah, friend. It’s nice to meet a pretty girl like you. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a beauty like you.”

I could hear Yugyeom chuckling. Laughing at what Jaebum has said.

“Alright, where’s the money?” Jaebum asks.

“What money? Ah, the money for this territory? How much was it?” Jungkook jokingly asks.

Jaebum scoffs, “Hey, you said this was business. You’re here bringing a girl with you, and now you’re asking how much is the territory?”

“Namjoon knows how to work his business huh?” he sarcastically asks.

“He didn’t tell me anything, he just gave me the money and told me to walk in here.”

“Jungkook-ah, you know how much this is don’t you? It costs a lot more than what you’re holding.”

“Ah, I see that. I’ll just go out and ask Namjoon to get more. Can you wait for a while?” Jungkook asks.

“I can, but leave the girl here. I have low patience when it comes to business like this.” Jaebum requests.

Jungkook nods and backs away from me.


“Just stay here okay? I’ll be right back.” he signals me, making me remember what he said before we got into the factory.

I nodded, standing completely still and looking onto the ground. I was gripping the bottom of my shirt, afraid of them staring at me.

“Jaebum~ Youngjae told me-”

The male voice stops his sentence, “Who’s this?” he questions.

“Y/N, she’s Jungkook’s friend.” he exaggerates that word once again.

“Ah, and I’m guessing what she has heard about us. She’s looking on the ground, good tactic.”

He continues on, “You should look at your seniors, it’s not polite if you don’t give them eye contact. It’s okay, I’m nice.”

I remembered what Jungkook said, about calling themselves nice. I ignore what the male voice said and continued to look down.

“Hey, did you not hear what I said? I said look up.”

I continued on ignoring him, I could hear his footsteps coming near to me.

As I was shaking I felt a tug on my hair, making me look up. I close my eyes before looking at him.

“Ah, so she does know. You should open your eyes, I’m the nicest one from this group.”


“Oh? You like Jaebum? Hey, he’s really picky when it comes to girls. I never heard a girl like you request Jaebum.”

“Move along Jackson, if she wants me. Then she’ll have it.” I heard more footsteps coming closer to me. My hair becomes loose, the tug was gone. I felt a wrist grab as I accidently look up at the Jaebum, we look at each other in the eyes.

“My target.”

I accidently looked at him, is it okay? Jungkook told me not to look at anybody but I looked at Jaebum.

“Oh she’s pretty.” The guy with white silver hair said.

“Yeah, but she’s mine Jackson.” Jaebum said while gripping on my arm. I shake at the sudden tension going on between us.

“Look over there.” Jaebum said while pointing to a direction.

I squinted my eyes to see bags of loose money and guns on a table.

“We make a lot more money than the group your friend Jungkook is in. We settle things a lot more nicer than what they do. I guess you saw them kill someone out of revenge huh?”

I nodded, “T-They said it was just revenge.” I stuttered once again.

“She stutters a lot hyung.” Yugyeom said with a smile.

“It’s cute.” Yugyeom continues on.

“I know, she’s adorable.” Jaebum said while patting my head. His hand trails down through my hair then to my shoulder. It shiver from his touch, as he continues to trail down my arms I heard a gunshot. A warning shot.

“Hey, check out what they’re doing! I’m guessing they want to settle this the hard way.” Jaebum shouts. He pushes me, making me fall. He looks at me then runs towards the guns. This was my chance to run. I get up and took the chance to run the opposite way. I could hear gunshots everywhere, girls screaming, guys punching each other, and stabbing sounds. I cover my ears and found the nearest exit. I took the chance to run outside, I was in the woods once again. I ran into the forest, deep inside the forest. As I was running I heard a gunshot, the shot hit straight next to me hitting the tree. I scream and fell onto the ground.

“Don’t run from me, I told you. You’re my target.”

I get up and started to continue on running. I could hear the footsteps coming closer and closer.

“Leave me alone!” I screamed back at him. This gave me flashbacks, of when I was being chased by Namjoon’s group. But this time, I will probably die for real. I look back to see Jaebum and I believe Jackson right behind him. As I was looking back I felt my leg stuck on a tree branch. I slip and fell onto the ground hitting my leg on a rock. I heard a snap on my ankle, I scream at the sharp pain. I could hear the footsteps coming closer, I back up on a tree and see Jaebum and Jackson coming closer.

“Please! Don’t do this!” I scream at them.

“I did nothing to deserve this! All of this! I should’ve let them kill me in that alleyway!” I shouted. 

Jaebum and Jackson were five feet away from me. I could see blood coming from Jaebum’s arm and Jackson heavily bruised. They both panted from the chase.

“It wasn’t our fault. It was theirs. They started the violence. We could’ve done this the easy way but they chose to kill our gang.” Jackson sighed.

“Since they killed most of our gang members. It’s time for them to have one of their members die from our hands.” Jaebum said.

He takes his gun out and aims it at my head.

“I was never part of their gang. They kidnapped me, they saw me kill Jihyung.”

“How do you know Jihyung?” Jackson asks.

“He was the one that told me to run, because they saw me kill hi-”

“Enough with the questions Jackson.” Jaebum interrupts.

He locks and places the gun on my temple.

“Anything you want to say before you die?” Jaebum asks.

Since it was probably my last statement before I die, I wanted to make it loud and clear.

“I hope your whole gang dies, because with your money, you’re nothing but a murderer in everyone’s eyes.”

Jaebum takes the gun away from my temple and I felt the gun slap me across the face.

I look at him then close my eyes, waiting for the gunshot.

“Good statement, but no one is going to hear what you said anyways.” He shifts the gun around then back to my temple.

“Goodbye, Y/N.”

I prepared myself, I know once he shoots I won’t feel any pain. I didn’t know if this was for the better or worse. I just knew that once he shoots, it will be all over.

After I heard his words I heard two gunshots, it wasn’t neither Jaebum’s shots. It was from a long distance. Next thing I knew I heard Jackson scream in pain and roll onto the ground. I felt the gun pull away from my temple and I heard a punch, multiple kicks, and three stab sounds. I open my eyes to see Jaebum on the ground with a pool of blood around him. I scream from all the blood was around him, he was dead.

“Y/N. Are you okay?!” I heard a familiar voice.

His hands were covered in blood, his lower lip was bruised.

“I-I’m scared. I thought Jaebum was going to shoot me. I was going to let it happen. I didn’t know if anyone will find me if I die here. I didn’t know if you were going to save me or you guys just left me out here to die and-” My eyes started to water, I was scared.

I felt a sudden tug on my arm and I was pulled into a hug.  I felt the thick blood touch the back of my shirt and into my hair. I could feel the blood touch the back of my neck then to the front of my neck.

“It’s okay, I’m here. Don’t think that way. I’m sorry you’re pulled into this mess. But it’s over now. We won. We got this territory now. Jaebum won’t hurt you anymore.”  the voice said while his chin was placed on my head. I look up to see someone that I thought I would never see again.


Skeleton Dance Oneshot: The Vlogs

Just a cute idea I thought of ^v^

Plot: Wander had always been someone who enjoyed taking pictures to help him remember the great things he had seen and experienced, so it’s not too surprising that he would document the months he was pregnant, and nor is it surprising that he would try to drag his husband into them as well. 

Contains Domestic!Skeleton Dance and Mpreg. Enjoy! ^v^

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anonymous asked:

what draws you to the sebxchris dynamic if i may ask? =) do you ship them or do you just like their camaraderie as costars? i don't see much of them generally but there's a little fandom for them so there must be something ^^ i'm curious! i'm all about anthonyxsebastian but i would not be opposed to some more sebxchris loving at all ;)

FOR THE SAKE OF FULL DISCLOSURE i feel i must state that i’m platonically* madly in love with anthony mackie, like every other human on the planet including both sebastian stan and chris evans (*however their love, i feel, is not so platonic), so i want him in all the ships and fanworks &c ever. duh. ofc. obvsly you’re on the right track there.

now that that’s out of the way — i also feel i must clarify that i’m a v. easy shipper. if it’s queer, i ship it pretty much. so, are you kidding me, hell yeah i wanna fictionally extrapolate on chris evans and sebastian stan putting their mutually pouty pink mouths together and staring deep into one another’s baby blue eyes.

you raise a good point, buddy, about what this possible SOMETHING might be.

perhaps the stifling UST

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Anyone interested in reading a rant? :)

As all of you know, I have been totes obsessed with my dog and his shoes lately.

Lets go back a bit. This is the first winter I am living with Shakes in NYC - last winter I had to send him to live with my parents for a few months because I broke my leg and couldn’t walk at all and it wasn’t very snowy before that so I didn’t get it. In NYC you NEED shoes. Whatever they put on the streets eats the feet raw. Even if you wash them immediately after getting home. It happened to Shakes.

I am not the one to dress my dog, Shakes really doesn’t need it. His coat is thick enough to enjoy a Polar Vortex. The only time I dress him is on Halloween, at only for about 15 minutes at that, for my own amusement and a pic for you guys :)

However, after his toes started bleeding in the street after he walked over a bunch of de-icer,  I went out and got him shoes. I was ready to go with my camera because I thought he would walk much like Winston, in the video below. Much to my dismay, he took to his shoes right away and didn’t mind them one bit. 

These shoes have been the best 15 bux I ever spent. His feet healed and even the little allergies he had on them before hand went away. 

So, to the point of my rant. The reason I said all this is because a video of a Doxie named Winston recently went viral. I’m sure you’ve seen it already but if you haven’t here it is - I thought it was hilarious! I laughed out loud at my desk watching Winston stumble around. Then I looked at the comments.

Holy crap. I could not believe how many people were throwing hate at this video. Anything from “Stupid human jerks” and “These people should not be allowed to own a pet” to some serious death threats. One person, who was especially hateful, said something like “Can’t you just carry him?” You ass, where you gonna carry him in New York City? The next block which has even more salt? Or maybe she should just hold him up in the air while he does his business? UGH!

I don;t know this lady or her dog, but I am mad for her!

Look at this freaking dog. He is beautiful, well taken care of, lives in a beautiful home and just wasn’t used to the way his feet felt in these booties. And people are saying that someone should come and take him away because she is ABUSING him? WHAT? 

I can’t imagine, if I was Winston’s mom and I got an overwhelming negative response like she did… I would take the video down.

She is pretty graceful in her response though. It looks like she answers EVERY negative comment, and politely, if I may add. I would probably be telling people to go sit on it and rotate, if it was me. 

I would like to send out a tip of the hat to Winston’s mom. Whose only crime was to have a sense of humor about her dog walking funny in his new shoes, which he needs for his health.

People do not get the “NYC Dog problems” (New blog idea? LOL) Road salt is probably one of the biggest… hot pavement in the summer is another. There is  no escaping it, and shoes are the ONLY answer. Or you know… you can just not let your dog outside for weeks or months…. That surely is more humane… right.

Since the video hit it big, she has posted a follow up of Winston walking around in his new booties, feeling a lot more comfortable. You can check it out here -

Can we all go and leave her a bit of a positive message?

PHEW. OK. end rant.

anonymous asked:

Pretend, V is sitting in class next to you and your someone really quiet and shy but some guy from another table kept on making comments about you. Like, how your so sexy, cute and pretty. And you looked pretty uncomfortable. How will V react?

Ahh.. immature school boys.. don’t we all appreciate their existence? rolls eyes so far back 

It’s time for them to get their just desserts. Grab your popcorn ladies and gentlemen, let’s go back to school.

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louisianne-kpop  asked:

Vmonster, first time meeting at a posh dinner party (flirting may or may not be happening)

Namjoon hates, more than any other part of his job, the elbow-rubbing charity dinners that feel more like begging than gently coercing these rich assholes to donate to his museum. He was grateful he didn’t really have to do as much talking this time since the director was back from her maternity leave, but it still meant he had to make nice with people who probably wouldn’t ever even learn his name even if he tattooed it on his forehead.

So he tries to lay low, orbiting around the edges of the room rather than barrel straight through the center. It’s better this way, anyway–this is where the snacks are. He reaches for another mini quiche tart and finds another hand grabbing for the same. He draws his back, considering it’s probably someone who could buy and sell him six times over, and he glances up to give a polite apologetic smile.

It’s a little gross to watch this guy shove approximately sixty mini quiches into his mouth but Namjoon does his best not to look too visibly disgusted. And it’s weird, the way this guy stares without blinking, without his eyes shifting elsewhere. They’re dark and haunting and probably mean trouble but it’s hard to look away.

“Enjoying the evening?” Namjoon asks in his best talking-to-rich-assholes voice.

“Not really.” Crumbs from the quiche fall onto this guy’s shirt, a black turtleneck beneath an even blacker suit jacket.

“Is there something I can do to make the experience more enjoyable for you?” Namjoon sounds like a douche even to his own ears. He hates hates hates this.

“I’m Taehyung.”

“…Okay. I’m Kim Namjoon,” he says. “I’m the assistant curator of the contemporary art exhibition. So if you’ve got your eye on any contemporary art…” He chuckles some. Taehyung doesn’t. Awkward. “Okay, well. I could tell you about the newest pieces we’ve acquired? We’re actually very thrilled to have about six works from V now. Not a lot of museums have that privilege. Very prolific painter but very guarded. No one’s even seen him. Are you familiar?”

Taehyung shrugs one shoulder. “Sorta.”

“Do you mind if I tell you about him? He’s probably my favorite contemporary artist. Certainly he’s painted my favorite contemporary piece. Papillion. I could show you if you’d like…?”

They don’t speak as Namjoon leads Taehyung toward the exhibit. Namjoon can still hear Taehyung chewing and god it’s grating but this guy looks rich and he’s got to behave. He stops in front of a painting, about fifteen feet high, filled with dark, dreary colors and only very vaguely resembling a butterfly.

“So this is Papillion,” Namjoon says as he gestures. “2014, pastels on canvas. A lot of people think it’s got to do with death, sort of the opposite of the theme of rebirth usually associated with butterflies.”

“What do you think?”

 Namjoon glances at Taehyung a moment. He’s startled by how attentive this guy still is, those eyes still unblinking as they watch him. “Uh…well. I think it speaks more to the nature of impermanence rather than death. There’s no finality here, in my opinion. It’s just…transience. And the color palette represents a sort of melancholia associated with that impermanence.”

“Hm.” Taehyung’s head nods and when he looks up at the painting, his bangs fall back. “Can I tell you a secret?”

“…Sure, I guess.”

“I ran out of yellow.”

“I’m not sure I follow.”

Taehyung waves his hands toward the painting. “I had a lot of purple and blue. Not so much yellow. Didn’t feel like buying more. It’s nothing that deep. I just like butterflies.”