so he holds an unrequited love for his sister all along

Be my Queen- Part One

Summary- You and Loki have been friends since childhood. While your older sister Sif trained to fight with Thor, you were learning magic from Frigga alongside Loki. As you grow older both you and Loki believe the love you hold for one another is unrequited. Will this change when Thor is banished and Loki needs a queen to rule at his side while Odin sleeps? What will happen when you uncover a plot that will get Loki banished just like Thor?

Message- Reader is 7, Loki is 9. Sif is 12 and Thor is 13. Hela is an adult. Here’s part one! Hope you all like it! Sorry if it sucks.

Warning- there is a sort of spoiler for Thor: Ragnarok in this. Parents are arrested and reader is left abandoned. 


Word Count- 840

“But I want to play, too!” You huff.

“We are not playing, Y/N. Thor and I are training so we may one day ride into battle.” You sister Sif says.

“Then I shall train as well!” You squeal.

“No, you are too little.” Sif snaps.

“You are little, too! You are only 5 years older than me!” You huff as you cross your arms.

“You cannot come.” Sif says.

“But, Why?” You whine.

“Because I said so!” Sif snaps.

“Ugh, fine.” You mumble. “I will go look for Loki. Maybe he will play with me.” Then you run off, away from your sister. You end up wandering around the palace while looking for Loki. You were about to give up when you heard Queen Frigga.

“Just like that, Darling. Keep your mind focused.”

“Queen Frigga?” You ask as you knock on the door.

“Yes, Dear?”

“Have you seen Loki? I wanted to see if he would play with me.” You murmur.

“Come in, Dear. Loki is with me.” Frigga says. So you push the large door open.

“Hello, Lady Y/N.” Loki mumbles as he bows.

“Hello, Prince Loki!” You giggle. “Do you want to play?”

“I-I wish I could, but I am having my magic lesson with Mother.” Loki murmurs.

“Oh, maybe later then. Sorry to bother you.” You say as you move to leave.

“Y/N, Dear, would you like to learn, as well?” Frigga asks.

“Truly?” I am allowed? I am not too little?” You ask excitedly.

“That is the beauty of magic, my dear. It does not matter if you are big or small, male or female, rich or poor as long as you are willing to work at it you can become unstoppable.” Frigga says.

“I would like for you to teach me, please!” You squeal excitedly.

“Very well. But you must promise to come to every lesson and try your hardest.” Frigga says.

“I promise.” You say, in a very solemn voice.

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Blue and White Blossoms

@sir-scandalous this is the hanahaki Shance au I mentioned, it was written a few months ago, and I pretty much forgot about it until you mentioned hanahaki disease in a post, and I remembered I wrote something for a hanahaki au. I posted it and hope you like it! 

It might be awful, I’m not the best author.

Lance sat on the observation deck, watching the stars and universe. It was once a dream, to go into space, and to travel the universe… Lance winced as his chest suddenly burst into flames nearly, it hurt, but it was gone just as quickly. He blinked at the stars, something he’s used to seeing so often now.

He managed to go into space, along with his team and rival, and his hero. Thrown into a war they didn’t know about, something ten thousand years in process. Fighting for the fate of the universe, to protect their home planet and many others, most of which had no idea they were even doing it.

It made Lance’s eyes burn with the beginning of tears, and he blinked them back. He was afraid of someone seeing him cry, of seeing his facade dropped. He wasn’t really useful, or talented, but the least he could do is keep the team together, happy and laughing, even if it means he will be hurt in the process and he would suffer in the dark, quiet and hidden.

Lance also knew he was far too self-sacrificing, taking on the anger of the others to keep them from fighting with themselves, hiding his pain and accepting others to bring out smiles. He knew it was not good to do it, but he was far too much like his oldest sister, too self-sacrificing and willing to suffer for others.

Ah, not good… Lance grimaced as he felt his eyes blur, wiping his tears, Lance stiffened as footsteps echoed in the halls, getting closer to him. Blinking away tears and plastering a fake smile, though he could feel he wasn’t doing to good at it, Lance kept his eyes locked on the stars, the footsteps stopped at the entrance, as if he surprised whomever it was he was there.

Well, of course he did, he shouldn’t be up so late anyways. Lance turned and blinked at the figure who had stopped in the doorway.

“Lance? What are you doing up?” Shiro asked, continuing to walk up to him. Lance almost flinched when the pain returned to his chest.

“Ah, Shiro. I couldn’t sleep, figured I would watch the stars.” Lance laughed as he looked out to the stars again, he was afraid to look at Shiro, he was found in a weak spot and he didn’t want Shiro to notice. He wasn’t a fool, he knew Shiro was more observant than he let on, and that was dangerous.

“Oh?” Shit, Shiro didn’t believe him “I hope you don’t mind me joining you” Shiro said and Lance nodded, trying to act tired to make up for his lack of boisterous nature.

Lance stared out at the stars and found his mind turning to his previous thoughts, his older sister Mira. He was very close to her and- Shaking his head discreetly, Lance forced his thoughts away, to talking with Blue, or teasing Pidge.

“Lance? You ok?” Shiro asked and Lance jumped a bit, Shiro was looking at him, trying to see his face. Lance blinked back more tears and turned to flash Shiro a smile.

“Of course!” Lance said, pulling on as much bravado as he could, but he was tired from holding up his mask all day, he hadn’t expected anyone to come into the observatory so he wasn’t prepared to throw it back up again.

“Lance.” Shiro was using that tone, Lance knew it too well, it wasn’t the Lance, enough tone, it was the I’m not that easy to fool, so start talking tone. He’s used it on Lance plenty enough times, but Lance always managed to escape it. No one was around to make a distraction, he couldn’t pick a fight with Keith, or use Hunk as a way of escape.

“I miss home.” Lance said, not entirely telling the truth. Shiro’s eyes softened as he nodded, Lance couldn’t help the feeling in his chest as he realized just how deep in love he was, and just how bad that was.

“We all do… It’s ok to be homesick, we all are. Protecting home is important too.” Shiro said and Lance bit his tongue to keep from lashing out, he was getting irritated, but he knew he shouldn’t be. He wasn’t used to being worried over, it was weird because he was so used to keeping people from noticing, he’s forgotten what it’s like.

“I-I know… I’m not going to leave, I just… feel bad for worrying my family, they have no idea where I am.” Lance said, before shaking his head and letting out a laugh, though it sounded empty to his own ears.


“I’m fine, just tired is all.” Lance said, standing up and backing away a bit. Shiro stood up as well, and when he reached out to set a comforting hand on Lance’s shoulder, Lance fled.

“Good night Shiro.” Lance said, before turning tail and nearly running from the room. He heard Shiro mutter a ‘good night’ too, but he had been so focused on getting away he didn’t register it much.

Making it to his room, Lance sat on his bed and closed his eyes, clutching his chest as it became difficult to breathe. Lance coughed suddenly, it hurt and burned as he violently tried to expel whatever was in his lungs.

Lance blinked at the handful of petal in his hand, a few violet ones and white petals, blood was with them. Not much blood, but there was still some. A little blood dripped from his chin and Lance used his free hand to wipe it off as he let out a laugh.

Lance knew it was possible, despite how rare it was. He seen it happen, and now, he get’s to learn more about it… Because the seeds have already been planted.

Now they’re blooming, and things are going to get difficult.

Lance had always been told he was so much like Mira, too self-sacrificing and too quick to take the pain of others. Too thoughtful, too selfless, too much kindness and not enough selfishness.

He was too much like his beloved oldest sister, too quick to make people happy, no matter how much it hurt…

Now he was even more like her, falling in love and it being unrequited. Too sentimental to give up his feeling of love, and too selfless to tell anyone about it in fear it becomes requited because of it.


Laughing bitterly, Lance crushed the flowers in his hand as he shook his head, tears falling. His love would not be requited, there was no possibility, and because he knew that, and accepted it, they bloomed.

Shoving the flowers into a drawer, Lance cleaned his hands before running one hand through his hair. He knew it was foolish, he was too selfless to fall in love, too quick to accept his fate, too dearly holding on to something knows he can’t have.

Maybe that’s why he laughed, knowing he couldn’t fix it. He knew when the seeds were planted, he knew it, because he knew his feelings, so he knew when they started.

Coughing more, Lance stuffed more flowers into the drawer, wiping his hands on his black flight suit. Sitting on his bed, Lance recalled the day he found out Mira had Hanahaki.

Lance sighed as he finally got home, he managed to escape his bullies. Mira was visiting and he was excited to see her. She had been seeming down lately, her skin grew paler, she lost her bright smiles and grins, and she began to lock herself away. She was coming home more often though, and he he tried to make her happy, telling her stories and adventures he had just to get her to laugh, because she was pretty when she laughed.

He was happy to see her, he never really asked about her, because his Mama and Papa would grow sad. So he kept quiet and waited for the times she would visit.

Running inside, he set his bag down and ran towards her room to see if she was already there, only to stop at gagging in the bathroom. Quietly peeking through the crack in the door, to see his beloved sister vomiting in the toilet. He went in to rub her back and hold her hair back, he did it for his other sisters when they were sick, and some of his long haired brothers. It always made him feel better to know he could help out, even if it was just a little.

“Hermana?” Lance whispered, and his eyes widened in horror when he saw her vomiting up flowers and blood… Lots of it. He panicked and rushed to her, hugging her and sobbing, all the while she cried and hugged him close, whispering in a hoarse voice about how sorry she was.

Two months later, Lance came home and looked for his sister, she began living with them again, only to find her collapsed on the floor, blood and flowers pooled around her body.

“Mama! Mama! Mira, Mama, Mira!” Lance frantically called his mother, who rushed home to find him wailing and hugging his sister. The flowers grew and wrapped around her lungs in vines and blossoms, filling them and tearing them open, while crushing her ribs. She suffocated on the flowers and blood, dying at the delicate age of 23.

It killed Lance inside.

“Lance! Wake up!” Hunk called through the door and Lance jumped, he hadn’t realized he had been so lost in his memories. Tears fell down his cheeks and he was shaking, wiping his eyes Lance frantically shut the drawer with the petals in it. Mira died long ago, twelve years ago, and… He might just join her.

Standing up, Lance put on his armor and left his room, meeting Hunk in the hallway. He missed breakfast so Hunk came to check on him. Lance smiled confidently as he patted Hunk’s shoulder, playing his normal overconfident self.

“Sorry Hunk, Beauty sleep is important!” Lance boasted as Hunk lead him to the kitchen. Him and Hunk talking as normal, the day going by like every other. Training, talking, bonding.

Of course, Lance limited his interactions with Shiro the best he could, because he loved him. It was a horrible thing to know it would never be requited, and he almost got over his feelings for the slightly older teen, only to suddenly help save him and be trapped on the same ship with him. He hid his feelings so well, at least, until he acknowledged he wouldn’t have his feelings returned.

Then the flowers bloomed and his chest began to burn and contract. It got worse the more Shiro smiled and praised, the more Shiro touched him, the more he looked at Shiro.

It hurt, so so much. He wouldn’t let anyone know, and always brushed off their concern with a joke or snarky comment. Shiro would look at him suspiciously, after running into him on the observation deck, Lance never returned, instead hanging out in Blue’s hangar.

Shiro obviously knew Lance was limiting their interactions, and he didn’t look pleased at all. Lance laughed and joked with Hunk, teased Pidge, and bickered with Keith as usual during lunch, but then Shiro walked in and Lance’s chest constricted painfully, the more he was around Shiro, the more his love solidified and the more flowers grew, constricted, and filled his lungs. Lance rubbed his chest, trying to make it seem unsuspicious, before he excused himself from lunch.

“I’m heading to visit Blue.” Lance said as he stood up, Shiro had been there for a few minutes, but the pain was getting bad, the disease was getting worse. Standing up, Lance quickly turned and left the room, aware someone was following him. Turning, Lance tensed, it was Hunk and the look on Hunk’s face told Lance this wasn’t going to be pleasant.

“Lance, you feeling ok?” Hunk asked and Lance went to sigh, but leaned against the wall with a shoulder as he coughed harshly into his hands, eyes widening at the horrible timing, blood poured into his hand, as well as a bunch of petals, blue and white. Hunk gasped in horror.

“Lance! You have Hanahaki?” Hunk cried and Lance looked around, glad no one seemed to hear, because no one came rushing up.

“Hunk shh! It’s fine.” Lance said as he stuffed the flowers and blood into his pocket. Hunk opened his mouth to argue, but Lance shook his head. “Please Hunk, don’t tell anyone.”

“Who? Who is it?” Hunk asked and Lance frowned, he couldn’t tell Hunk it was Shiro. If Shiro knew, he would reciprocate his feelings, and Lance would feel like shit. Hunk set a comforting hand on Lance’s back as they leaned against the wall, Hunk partially blocked Lance from the end of the hallway where the kitchen was. The comforting affection and trust in him had Lance breaking, he couldn’t lie to Hunk anymore, he couldn’t do that to his best friend.

“I-It's… It’s Shiro.” Lance whispered, and Hunk blinked before he began to hug Lance closer. “I didn’t think I fell so hard. It’s… It started blooming when I realized I couldn’t be with him, it… It wasn’t possible.”

“This is going to be just like-” Hunk swallowed heavily, the weight of it hitting him. “Just like Mira…” Lance just nodded, and it was quiet before Hunk took a deep breath and sighed.

“Ok… I won’t tell anyone. But if they find out on their own, I’m not covering.”

“Thank you Hunk.” Lance whispered, leaning into Hunk as he wrapped him in an embrace, Lance loved Hunk’s hugs, it was comforting and warm. It felt safe, even with him dying. It hurt so much more to force his best friend to keep his feelings hidden, the chest pressure and pain was horrible, but he hated doing this to Hunk.

“You know, now I’m dying in a beautiful way.” Lance joked dryly and Hunk groaned as he tightened his grip. Hunk was a great friend, and though he knew Hunk would be distraught about Lance refusing to confess to Shiro, he still would keep his promise. The cure was right there, and Lance refused it, and it was going to kill Hunk inside.

“Please don’t joke about this… Never something this serious.” Hunk said and Lance nodded, before he was released and Hunked watched him go to the Blue lion’s hangar. Lance spent a lot of time there, Hunk often seen him sitting with the Blue lion and talking to her, sometimes he was in the Blue lion, sometimes just polishing her metal. The two were close, even Coran and Allura admitted that Lance and Blue had an unusually strong bond, even for the blue lion being the one of loyalty, bravery, and courage.

Hunk sighed as he turned to go back to the kitchen, blinking a bit in surprise as Shiro stepped out, nearly bumping into him.

“Oh, Hunk. Is Lance ok?” Shiro asked and Hunk nodded, smiling as he rubbed his neck.

“Yeah, Lance is ok. Just a little homesick is all.” Hunk said, turning and going into the kitchen, he was a terrible liar, and if he didn’t get away, he’d break his promise to Lance.

Shiro noticed it more during training, a while after Hunk found out. He had been noticing Lance was seemingly ignoring him, only talking with him when it came to missions, training, or when Shiro scolded him. Lance wasn’t joking around or just talking with him anymore, and it hurt.

Lance had been sparring with Keith when he had jolted, and slid around Keith before dropping his bayard and bolting from the room.

“Bathroom.” was all he choked out as Keith blinked in surprise and the others confusedly looked at each other. Hunk worriedly watched the door, Shiro nearly chased him down, but decided to wait.

It was nearly twenty minutes before Lance finally came back, his eyes were slightly puffy and his hair was ruffled a bit, most likely from running his hands through it. Lance looked pale, and that’s extremely worrying because the teen was normally tan. Lance laughed off their concern his hands stuffed into the pockets of his armor.

Keith grouched at Lance for running off in the middle of their spar, poking at Lance for being afraid, and Lance pointed a dark, kind of damp looking, gloved hand at Keith saying something about Keith’s mullet making him sick.

Shiro sighed and broke up the impending argument, catching on to the quick dodge Lance made to avoid Shiro’s touch. Turning and huffing, Lance turned to Hunk. Nothing was said, but Hunk smiled and Lance grinned back, something didn’t feel right and Shiro resisted the urge to force Lance to speak up. There was something he was missing.

If it was serious, Lance would say something. He never hesitated to say anything before.

“Let’s continue.” Lance said, turning back to Keith after retrieving his bayard. Shiro watched in concern as Lance sparred with Keith, he was hiding something, and it was bothering Shiro…

More frustrating, Lance was avoiding Shiro.


Shiro didn’t want to bring it up, and he kept telling himself Lance would tell him eventually. Lance, however, continued to joke around and play it off, avoiding him, and coughing into his hand and dismissing it. Shiro admitted that if it wasn’t for the slight red on Lance’s hand, Shiro may have let it be.

Lance hid it well, frighteningly well that if he hadn’t caught on to something being wrong, he wouldn’t have known. Anytime someone brought up his cough, he would brush it off with his usual overconfidence and bravado. Shiro kept telling himself that if it was serious, Lance would tell him, but the way Lance has been avoiding their interactions made it clear he wouldn’t. So when Lance suddenly got up from dinner, spewing some excuse and bolting, Shiro followed him.

Lance had run to the bathroom and was crouched to to the toilet, huffing and coughing. Lance laughed weakly as he ran a shaking hand through his hair.

“Haha, figures…ack.” Shiro flinched when Lance started coughing, and vomiting, the sound of liquid hitting the toilet made Shiro worry. At first, he sounded like he had a space flu or something, but then Lance leaned back on his heels and put his slightly red stained hands on his knees, and Shiro caught sight of the blood splatters on the toilet seat and flower petals. Frozen in horror, Shiro watched as Lance suddenly threw himself over the toilet again and began vomiting more blood and petals, a lot of it.

“Lance?!” Shiro yelled as he rushed up, Lance’s eyes widening in horror at the sight of Shiro. “What’s going on?!” Shiro demanded and Lance scrambled and flushed the toilet, and blocked the blood on the seat as he faced Shiro.

“Nothing! It’s just the space flu!” Lance said quickly, and Shiro floundered for a minute, he didn’t actually know what space flu looked like, but this didn’t seem right.

Lance.” Shiro knew his sounded angry, and Lance flinched before standing up and shoving his hands in his pocket, his tense shoulders relaxed as Lance sighed, though it sounded rough. Lance could feel the barbs and vines in his throat and lungs.

“Seriously Shiro, it’s just the space flu, I didn’t say anything because it’ll just pass.” Lance said and Shiro pinched the bridge of his nose in anger, and to hide his hurt. He hated that Lance was hiding something from him, he may not know what the space flu looked like but something in the back of his head was telling him- screaming at him not to believe what Lance was saying, that something wasn’t right.

“I-Next time, you better tell what the hell is really going on.” Shiro said, his voice was intimidating and Lance looked away as Shiro stormed out of the bathroom, too angry to stay there and too afraid to let his hurt show and cause a problem. He was angry that Lance was lying to him, afraid that Lance didn’t trust him, it made his chest ache and burn.

Lance sagged on the bathroom floor, weakly breathing as tears welled up in his eyes. Brushing them away, he cleaned the blood up and the flowers, before making his way to his room. Lance was relieved that Shiro didn’t seem to remember what Hanahaki was, but he was also disgusted in himself for being caught.

“What am I supposed to do? I’m a fool.” Lance whispered to no one as he fell onto his back, the soft and comforting Altean mattress didn’t help his despair. Lance curled into himself and cried, quiet sobs and his body wracking in pain. The flowers blooming in his chest making it hard to breathe.

He was hurting everyone he loved, this disease was horrible. It was getting harder to hide, but now that Shiro knew, Lance was terrified everyone else would know. Blinking his teary eyes, Lance couldn’t stop the horrible memories from getting to him.

Mira coughing up blood and flowers, Angela starting to as well before being put into surgery. Lance threw and arm over his eyes as he let out a watery chuckle, though his chest burned and tightened.

“I’m sorry.” he whispered, he wasn’t going to have his feelings removed with the flowers. It was horrible. Angela never truly loved after that, and the one she loved never connected to her again, their bond ruined by the feelings being taken. He couldn’t risk ruining the bond, however fragile it must be now, with Shiro.

He couldn’t risk it, only hope that he could last long enough to do his duty until his death. Lance’s blue eyes dripped tears, locked onto the ceiling as he bitterly laughed, though it hurt terribly.

“It’s unfair.” His muttered, the beautiful flowers that fell from his lips, white hydrangeas and blue wisteria blossoms. Unfairly beautiful signs of his upcoming death. He always hated Hanahaki, it took Mira, shattered his family, stole an important bond from little Angela. She was only twelve, she didn’t deserve such a fate at a young age.

Sleep stole him away, into a darkness too terrifyingly familiar. Hospitals and graves, the very flowers trapped in his beloved sisters lungs graced the floor as she had her love taken, and familiar beautiful flowers gracing a far too familiar grave. Nightmares of memories, his broken family, his sisters, his scared little siblings, sad older siblings, his Mama’s broken heart, his Papa crying for the first time, but not the last.

Lance shot up in his bed, tears cascading down his face as he covered his mouth to muffle the screams that he knew would have been ripping from his throat had the flowers not been choking him. Coughing more up in the bathroom, Lance stumbled toward the hangars, he wanted to talk to Blue, to apologize for being too weak to give up his love. Only, he bumped into Keith, who was coming out of his room.

“What? What the hell are you doing up?” Keith whispered, but Lance only shook his head, reigning himself into control.

“Don’t worry about it mullet.” Lance said with his usual snark, but Keith only narrowed his eyes.

“What’s going on with you? Everyone is worried sick!” Keith hissed and Lance turned away, he could tell Keith was clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, he was too easily angered and impatient.

“Nothing you need to worry about mullet. It shouldn’t matter.” Lance said, he felt bad for his irritation, but he didn’t want Keith to know. He didn’t want anyone to know at all. Pulling from Keith’s reach, Lance turned and stalked down the hall to Blue, Keith fuming in the hallway. As soon as he was out of sight, Lance ran to Blue, rushing up to her as he coughed a few more flowers up.

“Hey Blue, I’m sorry.” He said as he ran a hand along her metal paw, the resounding purr through their bond and link comforted him.

Worry… Paladin… Affection. Lance smiled at the feelings, and laughed a bit at the image of them flying together.

“Of course Blue, til the moment every blossom stops.” Lance said and Blue rumbled in sadness, and Lance lowered his eyes a bit.

“I know, but there isn’t anything we can do Blue, I’m weak, I can’t risk it. I’m so sorry.” Lance said and Blue rumbled again, bending her head down so Lance could rub her nose, even though he knew she couldn’t feel it. He still did it because he knew she enjoyed it.

“I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise you something I can’t control. Night Blue.” Lance whispered, watching his lion return to her position. Leaving the hangar, Lance headed back to his room.


Training the next day was awful, everyone was tensed and watching him in worry. Pidge knew something was off, but because no one said anything or jumped at him, Lance knew no one but Hunk knew of his disease. Shiro didn’t remember what it was, and he didn’t seem to go to Pidge with his concerns, so Lance continued training.

He did well, despite the pain and suffocating feeling. It wasn’t until Lance suddenly leaned over and began gasping as a flower blocked his air way. Coughing, Lance’s eyes widened in horror as everyone rushed over to him. Shaking away the hands and escaping, Lance collapsed against the wall of the training room, he faintly heard someone stop the training. Lance held a hand against the wall for support as everyone called out for him in worry, but his vision was going dark as he tried to dislodge the flower in his throat.

It was a full patch of Hydrangea, not just a few tiny individual blossoms. Lance weakly groaned as someone grabbed his shoulders.

Shit…” Was all he gasped out, as he slumped down, everything going dark.


Lance sprung up from the bed he was laid in, the burning in his chest and constriction was still there. Blinking, Lance barely registered someone speaking, maybe to him or not… He couldn’t tell.

“M-Mira…” Lance choked out as a petal fell from his lips. Suddenly, he noticed someone was shaking him. Eyes adjusting, he realized it was Coran, and he was speaking.

“C-Coran?” Lance asked Coran sighed, Pidge was in the room too. Rubbing his eyes, Lance turned to Coran.

“Pidge and Hunk explained to me what this Hanahaki disease is. Quiet odd that flowers grow in your chest. But! It would be rather easy to remove them, despite that you have a rather lot.” Coran said and Lance shook his head, waving off Coran as he stood.

“Lance, don’t be stupid.” Pidge said and Lance sighed as he tested his balance, before sticking his hands into his pocket.

“I’m not… I know what this does.” Lance said and Pidge rubbed her eyes. Lance groaned as he turned to face her.

“Lance! This isn’t something you can just brush off!” Pidge yelled, frustrated tears collecting in her eyes as Coran set a hand on her shoulder.

“If nothing changes, you’ll be getting the surgery no matter what.” Coran stated and Lance shot a bitter look at the Altean.

“No. Nope. Not gonna happen.” Lance said as he stalked towards the door, Pidge groaned and followed him, but he didn’t miss her worry.

“Lance, we need to tell the others. You shouldn’t be hiding this.” Pidge spoke up and Lance whirled on her, a horrified and fear wracked expression.

“No!” Lance said and Pidge jumped, before Lance turned away and covered his eyes. “Please, just… Let me tell them, I just need a little time.”

“Lance! You have fucking flowers in your lungs!” Pidge cried out exasperated and Lance turned to look at her, blue eyes glistening with tears.

“Please Pidge.” Lance muttered and Pidge’s breath hitched but she nodded, though he knew she would tell them if he didn’t sometime soon.


Lance didn’t get to his room in time, hoping to avoid Shiro. He knew the others knew he had Hanahaki, but he knew Keith and Hunk wouldn’t say anything. Keith, because he probably was too emotionally distraught and Hunk was probably panicking so they wouldn’t be able to explain.

Lance seen his room, but failed to get there because Shiro suddenly grabbed him by the waist, pinning him to the wall. Lance tried to force his feelings down, he couldn’t start blushing and stuttering, this wasn’t the time.

“You aren’t going anywhere, now talk.” Shiro growled out, his flesh arm was gripping his waist and his Galra arm was on the wall beside Lance’s head.

“I-I don’t know-” Shiro caged Lance in more at Lance’s attempt at escaping. Shiro narrowed his eyes as he kept Lance trapped.

“Lance-” Shiro was cut off as Lance shook his head, trying to figure a way to escape.

“It’s nothing Shiro!” Lance exasperatedly said, he couldn’t tell him it was because he loved him. It would put unnecessary blame on Shiro. He couldn’t blame himself if Lance never told him.

“This isn’t nothing Lance!” Shiro yelled and Lance tried pushing Shiro away, but the slightly older teen refused. Fully pinning Lance against the wall, Shiro narrowed his eyes, daring Lance to lie.

Then the alarms went off, signalling they were under attack. Shiro growled as he narrowed his eyes at Lance.

“We aren’t done talking.” Shiro said, before letting Lance free, and they both ran to the hangars. Getting into their lions, Lance let out a relieved breath.

Lance felt awful, Shiro may have sounded angry, but Lance has a lot of siblings, he knew when someone was using anger to hide worry and fear.

The Galra kept them from forming Voltron, so they had to fight separately. Lance coughed up more flowers, Blue keeping them from being damaged while he threw up more flowers and blood. It was getting worse, the flowers were nearly fully bloomed and there was more blood.

Lance glanced at the controls and sighed a bit, the rest were doing good. Rushing and clearing more ships, Lance cursed in spanish as he was knocked to the ground. Blue was knocked out of commission for the most part. Lance could hear the others yelling at him as he left Blue, yelling at him to return to the controls.

“Blue’s out of commission, gonna have to do it the hard way.” Lance yelled back, shooting all the Galra rushing towards him, shooting ships out of the sky, protecting Blue the best he could.

“Lance! It’s not safe!” Shiro yelled at him, and Lance felt bad, there was terror in Shiro’s tone and he couldn’t help but like the concern. Shoving it back, Lance choked as his body felt on fire, his chest was crushing and he couldn’t breathe, but he kept shooting.

It wasn’t long till Blue jumped back in and blasted a Glara ship out of the sky, saving Lance from what would have been his demise. The battle was done and Lance could hear everyone breathing out and calming down over the comms.

“Lance?” Hunk spoke and Lance put his bayard away. Grunting, Lance began coughing violently, the terrified voices of his friends nearly overlapping each other over the comms.


“Shit! Lance!”

“What the hell is going on Lance?!”

“Don’t you dare Lance!”

Lance blinked at the waterfalls of blood and flowers falling from his lips. Blinking blearily, Lance heard him being yelled at not to pass out. Lance laughed though, as he hunched over and began vomiting up more waterfalls of blood and flowers, so beautiful despite the fact that it was a sign he was going to die soon.

“Lance! Shit, don’t- god please!” Shiro cried into the comms, and Lance felt himself chuckle bitterly. He didn’t see his life flash before his eyes like in books or something, he just felt the pulling sensation in the back of his mind. He was in a lot of pain, and he felt weak as the world seemed to darken.

“O-Oh shit…” Lance said as the black lion landed near him, he looked at the ridiculous amount of blood and flowers, there was so much.

Lance finished coughing, and blinked at the figure running towards him as he crumpled. He got caught before fully hitting the ground as all the lions landed. Blinking up, Lance realized Shiro was yelling at him and looked on the verge of tears.

“Lance! Shit shit shit, don’t close your eyes!” Shiro was yelling, not understanding what was going on as the others dropped to their knees around him. He vaguely noted that Shiro wasn’t mad anymore, if anything, he look horrified.

“Shit! Why didn’t you tell anyone you had Hanahaki?” Keith yelled and Lance let out a pained cough, another flower falling from his mouth.

“I-I did…” Lance weakly said and Hunk shook his head.

“You should have told us all, not convinced me to keep quiet.” Hunk cried and the group began to panic. Pidge muttering quick explanations on the Hanahaki disease while Shiro rushed Lance to his lion. Hunk and Yellow brought Blue up to the castle ship while Shiro panicked with Lance and his fading pulse.

“Shit, god, Lance please.” Shiro muttered in panic as tears fell. He didn’t know what to do, he was missing to many memories, he couldn’t remember what Hanahaki disease’s cure is or if there even was a cure. His chest was burning and he felt like he was suffocating, fear and terror ripping him apart at the seams.

“I-It’s F-Fine…” Lance weakly said as he struggled to breathe, the flowers were getting worse, it was almost time. It’s been going on since they left Earth, but Lance has loved Shiro longer than that, which was why it was so bad.

“It’s not! Please, oh shit, Lance don’t leave… What do I do?” Shiro was definitely panicking now as they landed in the hangars.

“D-Don’t… Don’t let them… re-remove my l-love.” Lance muttered and Shiro blinked, before he finally remembered.

“Shit shit, who do you love? Fuck, we can find a way to-”

“S-Shiro… S-Stop…” Lance whispered and Shiro began to sob as he ran from his lion to the infirmary.

“Y-You can’t die! P-Please, d-don’t leave us… Don’t leave me.” Shiro cried, his hidden feelings, locked and pushed way coming to light. The others remained quiet as Pidge cried with Hunk, and Keith kept his eyes cast on the floor, tears dripping from his chin, Allura and Coran unable to do anything.

“S-Sorry…. S-Shiro.” Lance muttered as he lifted a shaky hand to Shiro’s cheek, having been placed on a medical bed. Shiro felt his chest burn, it hurt so bad, but he was too distraught to care.

“Please Lance… I love you.” Shiro begged, the last part his whispered as he closed his eyes and sobbed, the other paladins already past that point as they openly sobbed, wailed, and cried. Allura turned away and Coran covered his teary face in his hand.

Lance fell limp, and that was what shattered everyone. Shiro stood up, his chest aching as he brushed Lance’s hair back. Lance’s head fell to the side, everyone calmed down and grief strickenly moved over to Lance.

Only for blood and flowers to fall from his lips, Lance began to violently cough and hack it up. The blood stopped coming, but Lance continued to cough.


“Shit, breathe man breathe!”

“He’s choking Keith, he can’t breathe!”

“Not the time Pidge!”

“Q-Quiznak-” Lance muttered before violently coughing again, Shiro helped him sit up, though Lance kept leaned over as he hacked up flowers. There were so many that just piled up, Shiro was terrified, and the other’s panicked as they tried to help, rubbing Lance’s back, helping Lance remove the flora by gently pulling the flowers and vines out.

It was a long painful process, but Lance finally fell still. Panicked, Pidge checked his pulse, but breathed in relief at the weak, but still there, pulsing. Lance was quickly scanned and laid back down, until those last few flowers come out, Coran couldn’t put him into a cryopod. Shiro didn’t let anyone try to perform the surgery, Lance had been adamant about that.

Then, about an hour later, Lance began coughing again, so they helped him up and lean over, as more flowers fell, then silence.

Everyone started crying, he was breathing, and coughing, but no more flowers fell from his lips. Coran scanned him again, before rushing him into a cryopod.

Then it was a waiting game. Shiro never left the room, watching Lance rest in the pod and heal, others came in and watched over him, or made Shiro eat.

Not once did Shiro leave the infirmary.


Lance vaguely remembered collapsing after the battle was over, he remembered darkness and flowers, then he remembered Shiro holding him and crying as Lance talked to him, but Shiro didn’t hear him over his panic and tears.

It’s fine… I accepted this… He remembered thinking that he was going to die choking on his blood and pretty flowers, though he thought it was nice to be in the arms of someone he loved.

Then Mira crossed his mind, she died alone, in pain and suffering, and Lance felt awful to have the person he loved hold him while he died.

Then he was thrown into darkness again, blood and familiar flowers surrounded him. White hydrangeas, blue wisteria, all so pretty, but they floated endlessly in the blood. Lance cupped one in his hands, vaguely aware that something was off, but unable to register it. Looking at his reflection in the blood, Lance noticed blood dripped from his chin and ran down his bare chest to meet the blood he was waist deep in.


Blinking he looked around, someone was calling him… Who was it?


Shaking his head, he turned back to the blood, only to see a woman in white sitting in a white boat. She was beckoning him with a hand, her skin was nearly translucent, her eyes were closed and long bright hair framed her face. There were flowers falling from her mouth, the same ones Lance seen all around him.


Hesitant, Lance decided to ignore the voice, going to the woman. The flowers were beautiful, and maybe she would lead him to other flowers. Reaching to touch the blue wisteria blossoms on the bow of her boat, Lance ripped his hand away as a familiar voice called out again.

Please Lance!

The woman beckoned him more impatiently, and Lance reached out again.

I love you.

Lance blinked as the voice finally opened his eyes. Shiro? Lance wondered, turning from the woman, and looking out over the blood and blackness, tons of white hydrangeas and blue wisteria floated in the blood, but Lance couldn’t see the source of the voice. Suddenly, Lance began to sink in the blood, it whirled around him with the flowers, the woman and boat disappearing.

“Quiznak.” Lance muttered as he was suddenly coughing up flowers and shit tons of them. A little blood too, he heard people talking but he was exhausted, his chest hurt and he felt like he was under water, so everything sounded distorted.

Next thing Lance knew, he was stumbling out of the cryopod, confused, dazed, and tired. Someone caught him, and on instinct, Lance tried to pull away.

“Lance!” the person holding him cried out in relief, and Lance blinked, he couldn’t quite think, his mind fuzzy from the pain he had been in and just coming from the cryopod.

“W-Wha? W-Who?” Lance muttered, coughing violently, but no blood or flowers came out thankfully.

“It’s me, Shiro. Pidge, Hunk, Keith, Coran and Allura too.” The voice said and Lance nodded weakly.

“Ugh… Am I dead?” Lance groaned as he suddenly dropped limp, he heard his name being yelled and then nothing.

Shiro jumped at the sound of Lance’s cryopod opening, the tired teen stumbled out and into Shiro’s arms, saving him from hitting the ground. Shiro hugged him close, so relief swarming his being. The burning lessened, but was still there.

“Lance!” Shiro cried in relief, everyone else jumping and rushing over. Lance coughed violently, but no blood or flowers fell.

“W-Wha? W-Who?” Lance muttered, sounding dazed as he finished coughing. Shiro pulled away a bit as he smiled at Lance.

“It’s me, Shiro. Pidge, Keith, Hunk, Coran and Allura too.” Shiro said, watching Lance in worry. Lance blinked slowly before he nodded weakly.

“Ugh…Am I dead?” Then he suddenly collapsed, but he was still breathing. Shiro hugged him close, before lifting him up. Nodding to the others, they followed Shiro to Lance’s room, only to grimace when they opened the door. Blood and flower petals littered his bed and floor, a half open drawer was filled with bloody flowers, they didn’t even dare look in the bathroom.

“I’ll… put him in my room.” Shiro said and the others nodded, Coran and Hunk moving to clean Lance’s room while Pidge and Keith worriedly watched Lance be moved to Shiro’s room.

Setting Lance down, Shiro covered him and breathed out in relief. The pain in his chest was gone, Lance was alive and breathing. Standing up, Shiro quickly pressed a kiss to Lance’s forehead. He’d apologize for being mad when Lance woke up and was coherent.

He cornered and yelled at Lance because he was worried and upset that Lance was lying to him and hiding things from him. He was fed up with Lance running and avoiding him to, so he pinned Lance to get answers.

Who knew his desperation to strengthen their bond would bring so many complications? For now, Shiro just wanted Lance to be ok.

They would figure the rest out later.

Well there it is, I know it’s short and probably a mess. I love the Hanahaki disease Au, its a great way to have angst and tragedy.

‘anything you want’ (bellamy blake au)

Prompt: You’re Octavia’s college roommate, and for whatever reason, you can’t seem to get along with Bellamy. Octavia, being the peacemaker that she is, demands that while she’s on date night with Lincoln, you two try to make up. You and Bell agree and things take a turn for the… interesting. 

Pairing(s): Bellamy Blake x Reader, Lincoln x Octavia Blake

Warnings: language, light smut, slight angst

A/N: this is gonna become a mini series, it’s starting off as a college!au and then moving on to a wedding!au bc you guys know I love that ;) anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this!  (pls lol) let me know what you think! (!!!!!!!!!NO GIFS ARE MINE!!!!!!!!!)

“Bellamy what the fuck?” You stand up from where Bellamy had bumped into you, trying to get past you and get to the kitchen.

“You were in my way, Y/N. It’s not a big deal,” he smirks at you over his shoulder and you’ve got half a mind to slap the smirk off his face.

“Children, please,” Octavia groans as she steps out of her room, dressed up for her date with Lincoln.

“Ow owwwww,” you whistle and Octavia smiles, twirling around for you. “I have the hottest roommate of all time!”

“Aw shush. Have you seen yourself?” Octavia grabs your hand and twirls you around. “The hottest.”

“I’m literally dressed in pajama shorts I should’ve tossed out freshman year,” you laugh and she nods, a smile on her face.

“That’s true, but I love these shorts. So many memories,” Octavia sighs and you shake your head, trying to fight back a smile.

“All the memories of my near death experiences!”

“Hey, mine too. You’re seriously the best roommate,” she kisses your cheek and you wrap your arms around her, resting the side of your head against hers.

“You’re the most kind and fierce woman I know and I love you so much,” Octavia’s arms tighten around you and you pull away for a moment, holding her hands in yours before continuing. “You’re so beautiful and compassionate with so much love to give, it could warm up the coldest hearts, even Bellamy’s,” you look up at him with a genuine grin on your face, which he returns with a raised brow and a lifted bottle of water. You look back at Octavia and wink at her. “You and Lincoln are forever, and I’m so happy for you both. Now that I gave you that speech… I’m gonna need to know where you’re going tonight and what time you expect to be home, okay?”

“Oh, Y/N,” Octavia groans and Bellamy laughs before quickly covering it with a cough. “You had to ruin the moment, didn’t you?”

You shrug and wink at her. “You know that’s my specialty, baby.”

“Oh I know it all too well and that’s why I love you,” she kisses your forehead and smiles. “He’s taking me to his favorite Italian restaurant in downtown, he said he’ll text you the address. And I’ll be coming home really late, if any of that changes I swear I’ll text you.”

“Sounds perfect to me,” you grab your phone out of your pocket and check your texts. “Go say bye to Bellamy and then head out because Lincoln just texted me saying he’s downstairs.”

You lean against the archway between the living room and the kitchen, watching Bellamy hug his sister with a large, heartbreaking smile on his face. You’ve always had a wierd soft spot for Bellamy and that spot only grew larger when you watched him interacting with Octavia.Sure, you two always argued and you sure whatever you felt was unrequited, but you can’t argue with your heart or the way it fluttered when he laughed.

“While I’m gone, I want you two to just spend an hour with each other and get to know each other, okay?” Octavia turns to look at you before looking back at Bellamy.

“O, we’ve talked before. Come-”

“You two have argued… for hours on end. In the three years that we’ve lived together Y/N, have you asked Bellamy any questions?”

“Sure,” you cross your arms over your chest and Bellamy mirrors your actions. “I’ve asked him why he’s got such a stick up his–”

“That’s what I mean,” she sighs, quickly running over to put her shoes on. “You’re one of the most kind-hearted people I know but for some reason, Bellamy doesn’t like you… why?” Bellamy opens his mouth to answer and Octavia shoots him a look. “Don’t give me a smart ass answer, Bell. You’re spending the hour together, I don’t care.”

“Can you please head downstairs, Lincoln won’t stop texting me. And don’t worry, O. I’ll spend an hour with Bellamy… if I don’t make it out alive, it’s on you,” you slowly push Octavia out of your apartment and she laughs, knowing both you and her brother.

You close the door behind her and turn to face Bellamy, a light tint to your cheeks as you make eye contact. Bellamy refrains from giving you a smile, his knees almost giving way when his eyes land on your shy face. You sit on the couch, Bell watching your every move as he takes a sip of his water. You feel his eyes on you, but make no move to comment on it.

He’s purposely never stayed in a room alone with you, his senses are always on edge and he’s afraid he won’t be able to keep from brushing your hair out of your face or cupping your face every time you excitedly relay a story to  him. He’s always admired your tenacity, your affection for his sister, your love for the world. He’d never tell you, but he was sure he’s in love with you.

“Not that I mind your staring,” you interrupt his train of thought with a smirk on your face. “Octavia wants picture proof of us bonding. So get your ass to this couch, it’s time for pictures!”

“I guess,” he rolls his eyes almost playfully and walks over to you, plopping down onto the couch.

You lift up your phone (snapchat open and ready) and take a picture of the two of you. You’re smiling and Bellamy… Bellamy couldn’t seem to take his eyes off you. A blush darkens your cheeks and you save the picture before sending it to Octavia.

“Hey,” Bellamy whispers and gently grabs your arm, turning you to face him.

“Yes?” You clear your throat and raise a brow at him, almost challenging his actions.

His eyes move between your lips and your eyes, resting on the former his greatest fear comes true and his lips press against yours. Before you can even register what’s happening, your hands move on their own accord and wrap around his neck. Bellamy quickly pulls you against him, his hands moving to your waist as you straddle him.

“You’ve got no idea just how fucking long I’ve wanted this,” Bellamy pulls away, his skilled lips moving across your jaw and neck as you let out a gasp.

“I can make a rough estimate,” you smirk, tugging on his hair and pulling him back up to you.

Your lips find his again and it’s almost as if they were made for each other, your plump ones moving timidly against his as he fought to reign in control. You bite his bottom lip and he growls out, his hands tightening around your waist. His bottom lip eases into your mouth as you suck on it, plumping it up further before releasing it and smirking at him. His eyes meet yours and worry passes through them for a beat. You move back in to kiss him, Bellamy trying his hardest to resist before moving his hands to your shoulders and pushing you back a bit.

“No, Y/N,” he breathes heavily, still not put together. “We-we can’t be doing this.”

“Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t,” you lean forward and place gentle kisses against his neck as he tries to answer you.

“You’re Octavia’s roommate, her best friend. I can’t just, I can’t just jump your bones on her living room couch,” you move your head back, placing your hands against his chest as you teasingly grind against him.

“You’re right. My room is 10 feet away. Think you can handle it?” You grind against him again and his mouth falls open, his head back. “Think you can handle me?”

Instead of answering you, Bellamy lifted you both up, his hands gripping your ass as your legs wrap around his waist. You giggle and Bellamy smiles, your laughter lighting his entire being on fire. He twirls you around as you two enter your room, shamelessly kissing you before laying you down on the bed. You quickly pull your sweater off and lay down in just your bra, desperately awaiting Bellamy’s reactions.

Bellamy’s throat dries and his eyes widen, his breathing slows and his heart rate escalates. He never thought he’d get this lucky. He leans down and presses a gently kiss against your lips before pulling away again, eyes darker now.

“Y/N, you need to know,” he whispers, peppering kisses all along your arms until he reaches your collarbones. “I can’t believe this is happening, can’t believe you’d actually be up for this.”

“Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror, Bellamy?” You chuckle and Bellamy blushes. “You’re beautiful and you’re nice and I really do hope you’re finally warming up to me.”

“Baby, I’m more than just warming up to you,” Bellamy’s hips teasingly press against yours and you gasp as you feel his length against your stomach. “I’ve wanted this longer and harder than you have. I’ve wanted you so bad,” he growls, leaning down and biting your neck.

“So take me,” you lift yourself up, quickly undoing your bra and tossing it aside causing Bellamy’s eyes to nearly pop out of his eyes.

“Fuck,” he groans and leans down without a warning, taking a nipple into his mouth as his fingers tug and tease the other nipple.

You whimper and lift your chest up, desperate for more of him. He takes your nipple  between his teeth, eyes meeting yours as your breath grows ragged. Your other nipple is in torment, delicately placed between his thumb and forefinger. His free hand travels down your stomach, fingers brushing against the top of your shorts while you squirm under him.

“Take off your clothes Bellamy,” you pant out, moving your hand down and grabbing his hardened length. Bellamy hisses at your touch, his cock twitching in your grasp. “Please take everything off.”

“He quickly obliges, sitting up over you and pulling off his shirt. He leans down to kiss you before standing and taking off his pants. He pauses for a second, looking up at you.

Originally posted by bellamygifs

“If at any point, you want me to stop, you tell me. Okay? I’ve waited three fucking years for this, I can wait as long as you need,” he whispers and walks over to you, leaning down to give your forehead a tender kiss.

“Thank you, I understand,” you smile and kiss him, slowly sitting up and swinging your feet off the bed so that he’s standing between your legs. You kiss his stomach and look up at him, a hungry look in your eyes. “May I?”

“Anything you want, I’m all yours.”

And through every orgasm, every moan, every position, every cry, you believed him. You believed that he was all yours. But then you wake up the next morning with an empty space in your bed. You think nothing of it, thinking he’d call or stop by sometime. A week passes and you hear nothing, so you confront your best friend. You find out that he’s gone on a vacation of some sort, he purchased a spur of the moment ticket and flew out the day after you… the day after you two hooked up.

I’m Fine and It’s Nothing

Fandom: Star Trek (Specifically in Star Trek Beyond)

Request(By Anon): So if requests are open, in Star Trek Beyond [oh a Kirk x Reader x big brother! Bones], when Spock and Bones leave, reader goes with them and she gets stabbed instead of Spock, and then lots and lots of angst, but cute fluff and a happy ending????

Words: Just over 2000

Pairing/Characters: JamesTKirkxMcCoy!Reader, BigBrother!Leonard McCoy, Spock, possibly mentions of others.

Warning: Life threatening injury. A curse or two? Spoilers if you haven’t seen Star Trek Beyond…

Author’s Note: Nonnie! Love, I hope this was what you had in mind. I tried to keep it along the same lines of what went on in the movie. Agh, okay, well here goes.

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With a deafening crunch followed by horrible scraping noises, that deathtrap of a ship finally skidded to a violent halt. For one moment, one singular, almost calm breath, everything was still. Well, until you noticed the pain in your abdomen. And then the blood, staining your blue shirt. And the metal object dangerously protruding out of your stomach…

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One Dance Club // Cheryl

Prompt #1: “Why are we at a strip club?”
Prompt #20: “Let’s have some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone.”

Author: Caitsy

Warning: Possible swearing, strip club, drugs (mentioned), underage drinking, and biker gang

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. The name of the club is actually the title of a song which I also do not own at all.

Summary: The group got together for a small get together before finals arrived at their doorsteps. Things have changed with Cheryl hanging out with the group more since the support she needed came from them. During the game the Reader’s secrets come out with shock of a family business and a relationship.

Requested: Yes.

A/N: Sorry for the length of time it took to get this out! I’m going through a couple personal problems but I’m getting this out. Plus I’ve been planning my tattoo I’m getting for my birthday this month!

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Cheryl was a different person to everyone with a strange personality that but if anything she was eve more bitchy after her brother’s death. You weren’t sure how you had become friends with the redheaded girl but it developed even further when she started to depend on you for support. The summer before junior year was a very odd year but with Cheryl putting her brother’s death behind her she needed something different.

During sophomore year so many things changed drastically from Betty no longer staring at Archie was unrequited love. She spent a lot of her time with Jughead for the paper and when he rejoined hanging out with Archie. Near the end of the year Cheryl began to hang out with the group to be more with you.

Everyone was in your house for a small get together to get ready for the upcoming summer following the coming finals week. It was the typical get together that included games and alcohol because what party doesn’t have that? The couples all sat together  with Betty and Jughead inconspicuously holding hands as if nobody knew they had been dating since early sophomore year. Archie was sitting by himself because whatever he had had with Valerie had ended almost as soon as it had started. Kevin and Veronica were sitting next to each other while Cheryl was glued to you.

“Let’s have some fun a little truth or dare never hurt anyone before.” You smirked as everyone straightened up.

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Serendipity [ Min Yoongi ]

Originally posted by kuromel


Summary: [requested] college!au w/ yoongi where he treats you like his little sister and he keeps talking to other girls so you decide to push your feelings aside and distance yourself and talk to other guys but then yoongi gets jealous and then confessed.

Genre : Slight angst, fluff  |  Warning : Curse words 

A.N : Let me know what you think! Not really proof-read to there may be some mistakes  


[Y/N] hated Min Yoongi. She hated his jet black hair and his gummy smile and the way his eyes crinkled when he laughed. She hated how warm and comfortable his hugs were and how their hands fit together perfectly. She hated the way he looked at her, how his gaze softened, the slight indifference replaced with fondness. She hated his laughter and his stupid smirk and his nagging rant whenever she made a dumb mistake. She hated how he made her heart raced like a racing horse and her cheeks flushed pink like she just ran a marathon. She loathed the fact that he always knew how to make her smile, that she didn’t like it when he ignored her, or that he knew that she always slept halfway through a movie because being in his arms was just too damn comfortable. She hated how how he made her fall in love with him without any effort. But out of everything, she mostly hated Min Yoongi for treating her like a sister.

Like what he was doing right now.


“Okay, that’s enough alcohol for you.” Yoongi took away the red cup from her hand, poured out the alcoholic beverages that smelled too strong for his liking, and gave her a bottled water. “Drink this.”

“I’m not a child.” [Y/N] grumbled, taking the bottle nevertheless. “Why do you care anyway. Go find your girlfriend and ignore me like you did the past hour.” She childishly mumbled, the alcohol slowly taking control of her speech. In her defense, she was really mad and tired and disappointed. But this was a party and she was drunk, which gave her a valid excuse to lash out like a little kid. Yoongi raised his eyebrows as he leaned back on the kitchen counter and crossed his arms in front of his chest, eyes fixed on her pinked cheeks and the way she swayed whenever she tried to move.

“You are to me.” Yoongi replied with a small smile despite his frustration at her drunkenness, memories of them hanging out together when they were kids flashed through his mind. He supposed it had been ingrained in him to always take care of her. “Careful, brat.” He grabbed her arms before her face collided with the marble floor. He was about to scold her when she looked up at him with a sad smile and all anger in him dissipated. His expression softened as he helped her up, holding her waist to keep her steady. “You look sad.” He softly said, feeling a little tug at his heart.

She laughed and shook her head. Yoongi might be a genius at music composition and rapping but he sure was dumb as a fucking prawn when it comes to noticing her feelings.

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Unrequited Love

Summary: Your father arranged a marriage with Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer. To say you were unhappy with his decision would be an understatement. Though you didn’t know yet just how well the two of you would get along.
Requested by Anonymous

Words: 930

Pairing: Jaime Lannister x Martell!Reader

Originally posted by nikolajfangirlteam

Warnings: None really

Add yourself to the taglist or send me an ask to be added!

You were not very happy when you heard your father had arranged a marriage for you. Nonetheless a marriage to Jaime Lannister, also known as the Kingslayer. It surely wouldn’t be the first contact with the Lannisters though.

When Myrcella was promised to your brother, you met Tyrion, the imp of the family. Another time was when you were allowed to go to King’s Landing with your uncle Oberyn and Ellaria. The day your uncle was killed.

You had first met Jaime then and while you two didn’t talk, you weren’t happy with him or his family.

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You Me Her

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 

Chapter Five: A Midsummer Nightmare

Word Count: 5306

↠ ♥ ↞

Abigail Adam’s production of Grease showed for three nights in early February of Riley’s freshman year. Riley and Kai played the quirky but loveable Jan and Putzie and during the rehearsal period Riley felt comfortable playing a ‘minor roll’ as she commonly referred to it. Kai kept stressing to Riley that being a Pink Lady was not minor by any means and she shouldn’t minimise her importance to the production. His encouraging words sent Riley into a nervous tailspin and she began worrying about messing the routines up for everyone with her clumsy habits. Kai happily put in countless hours with Riley after scheduled rehearsals. So much so that by opening night Riley could perform the entire play with her eyes closed. Even the parts that she wasn’t in. 

After a month of rehearsals and Riley’s involvement in the drama club her friendship with Kai had completely solidified at this point. Kai would eat dinner with the Matthews at least three times a week, which was three times a week more than Maya had been lately. 

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CHARACTER DRABBLES: elain archeron x azriel x lucien vanserra
Author’s Note: I had a lot of angst and feels when coming up with this. My bad.  Thank you @canitwaitforabit for always being my go-to woman for reading my things first and giving input! You help me so much. ILYYYYY


She heard him approaching before she saw him; his scent wafting in the air, filling her nostrils. Dark voices curled around her mind, tongues wagging like lashes—should she do this? Was it right? It was far from proper, far from acceptable from her society’s standards. Yet… She was no longer human. Fae played by an entirely different set of rules when it came to matters of the heart.

“Elain?” His voice cut through the lulled quiet of the gardens. The fading light of the evening sun silhouetted the Illyrian; god-like in appearance, wings haloed by glorious shades of gold.

A breath was let loose, the gentlest of sighs that was not missed by the spymaster. His shadows whispered in his ear; weaving tales that something disturbed the fawn. Disturbed? No… Not disturbed. Agitated? Perhaps that was the better word for it. She was nervous about something and it involved him. Instinctively, Azriel clasped scarred hands behind his back to hide them from brown eyes that deserved to see only beauty.

The female rose from the bench. Slowly, gently a smile curved onto full lips as she closed the distance between herself and the Illyrian. “You came,” she said, amazed he had found the time to entertain her invitation.

For her alone, his shadows drew back. She was the sun; warm and bright, pushing back the shadows and showing the true face of a male with secrets. Yet… Without her sun, his shadows could not exist. His smile reached his eyes while he bowed his head, “Of course. I enjoy my time spent with you, Elain.” Truth was inlayed in his words. Secrets and shadows held no place around Elain.  Worry creased his brow while he observed her quietly, concern hedging his tone while the male asked, “Are you alright, Elain?”

Her palms were slick with sweat as nerves coiled and hissed inside her; don’t do it, don’t do it… He loves another. It was wrong. Wrong what she wanted, wrong what she was going to do. It had been three years since the war. Three years of building a friendship, building trust, and allowing her heart to fall for his.  But an untamed heart can be reckless—and sometimes harmful to those closest to you. It was time to take a risk; Elain’s heart demanded it.

Azriel saw her when no one else did. He made sense of her riddles and babblings and brought to light a gift from the Cauldron. A tortured soul who could still care… Offered her the greatest gift of all. He gave her kindness.
But his heart belonged to another in the most poetic of tragedies: unrequited love.

“I wanted to show you something…” she uttered, voice quavering while doe-brown eyes looked down to the petals that tossed in a gentle breeze along the ground.

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You Again Part 5

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

pairing: jungkook x reader x jimin

genre: fluff/angst + college au

word count: 1016

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Jimin had been the first to notice.

The way you looked at Jungkook like he was an entire galaxy of stars. The way Jungkook’s cheeks always became a deep scarlet whenever you hugged him. Jimin’s eyes always lingered on you for a little too long so it was almost instantaneous that he realised that whenever he was looking at you, you were always looking at someone else. He had just begun to fall for you but quickly realised that you had already become head over heels for his best friend.

He told himself to ignore his own emotions and to give up because Jimin was a lot of things but he was never one to be selfish. It just isn’t in his nature. Especially when it came to love. He had always been the person that gave more than he received and this often caused his heart to become more weary than he would like to admit, just because not everyone reciprocated the love and sincerity that encapsulated Park Jimin. Whenever it came to liking someone, he always believed that he would never stand a chance and quickly pulled himself out of the equation. The universe was bent on working against him and this time Jungkook just happened to be the tool that the universe had decided to use

Jeon Jungkook. 5’ 10. Athletic. Talented. Who wouldn’t fall for him? Jimin had reasoned but it didn’t help with the pit in his stomach every time he witnessed you and Jungkook slowly falling into the depths of each other. It pained him, but both Jungkook and you were his friends and he wasn’t about to let his own emotions ruin this.

Because he loved you, he decided to give up. Because he loved you, he wanted you to feel the love that he was never able to receive from you and most importantly, he wanted you to be happy. Even if that meant you being together with someone other than him. So, he decided that he would take matters into his own hands and make sure you were happy with Jungkook. If not, he knew he would be too tempted to make you his.

“Y/N, you like Jungkook don’t you?” Jimin’s words had hit home for you. It was an issue that always came up in your mind but not without you constantly avoiding it and pushing the thoughts away. You were happy living in denial if it meant you could avoid rejection. You were far too afraid to do anything about your feelings even though Jungkook seemed to be appearing in your dreams more often than what would be considered normal.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about” you replied sheepishly. If you were going to convince yourself that you didn’t like Jungkook, then you had to convince others too but Jimin wasn’t buying it.

“I’ve seen the way you look at him. Why can’t you just admit that you like him Y/N?” He wanted to make sure that you were going to face your feelings but he also had to completely shut down his own feelings for you and in order for that to happen, he needed to hear you say that you liked Jungkook to entirely fuse out all the hope he had, even if it wasn’t much to begin with.

You knew. He knew. But you just didn’t want to let yourself say it out loud because if you did, it would all feel too real and that would mean that your feelings were true. You didn’t want to risk your friendship with Jungkook but you also didn’t want to get hurt. After all, why would someone like him even fall for someone like me? 

Unrequited love had been something that you became quite familiar with over the years. Having a crush on someone always made you over analyse little thing that he did and in the end, you were the one that added things together and thought nothing to be something.

The first guy you had liked was your best friend high school. The two of you were inseparable and naturally told each other everything. He didn’t exactly lead you on but the thought of maybe, he likes me too always lingered in the back of your head. It had been unhealthy the way he consumed your thoughts and the way you still acted as though there was nothing in fear of destroying a friendship that had lasted so long.

Then, senior year came along and with it heart breaks from your end and the revelation of his true feelings that he had towards you. He thought of you as nothing but a sister. A lump had formed in your throat and you struggled to hold your tears back as you quickly ran away because you didn’t want him to be there when you could no longer control the waterfall that came from your eyes. That day, on the lonely walk back home, you had cried your heart out. He would usually accompany you on your way back since his house was only a five minutes walk on your own but as you were making your way back by yourself that day, you felt completely and utterly hollow as the hoped that you had held on for so long smithereens that had been crushed by the hurricane of his words. 

After that, you didn’t dare hope again. You built up your walls and told yourself that you weren’t going to fall in love but then Jungkook came along. Damn Jeon Jungkook and his smile. You suddenly became hyper aware of every interaction that you had with him and you didn’t want history to repeat itself because there is no way Jungkook would fall for you. He was only a freshman, like you, but he was already the talk of the school. Most girls would kill for a chance to be with him so why of all people would he want you. He’s out of my league. You had to guard your heart, and quickly before things became a mess. 

author’s note: sorry for the kinda short chapter but i think this part shows a little more background and gives more insight to y/n’s history with love and her own feelings towards jimin and jungkook… anws thanks for reading!

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marlsjames  asked:

Hi there! I️ adore your meta and was wondering your thoughts on Danneel joining the cast. Dabb is seemingly rewriting the series this season and now we are getting another Jo...a Sister Jo. I'm awful at this stuff but hopefully you know where I'm trying to go. I've seen a ton on how this will or won't impact DeanCas but little on this aspect of it. Thanks!!


And yeah I’m deep in the “just wait and see and stop assuming the worse” side of things about Destiel, because every single female character casting announcement since ever has been met with a kneejerk “it’s to give Dean a love interest/kill Destiel” reaction and I hate it >.> Even if they do have a fling it seems wildly unlikely it’s an endgame love interest thing and I also hate the idea that we’re supposed to get upset about Dean having sex with anyone… Or assume all female characters are love interests, OR that Jensen’s wife would be cast JUST to hook up with Jensen, jokes aside.

So, hey, let’s throwback to the first character introduced that made people panicked and angry that Dean was going to have a love interest! 

In the first couple of episodes with Jo, Dean really has it bad for her. There’s the now since 12x19 infamous line (well, okay, since 4x14 as well :P) about getting picked up by a guy bringing a sixpack and putting some zeppelin on the jukebox or whatever it was. In Simon Said they drop by the roadhouse and he gets the song Jo was playing while she cleared the bar stuck in his head and he’s still singing it far down the road. No Exit put a roadblock into their relationship though by giving us the backstory with John and her father and Ellen seeing Dean as just as dangerous to Jo… The story was subverted with the way they used her as bait and she KNEW she was bait before she even put together the file on the case. By the end of the episode she’s so upset about that reveal, that she can’t really look at Dean any more because Ellen has made her so upset about the truth. 

I think this must be the end of the original run of what could have been a longer romance for Dean because they’d naturally give Jo some time to cool and the episodes would start airing and they started getting the ridiculous fan response to Jo, of the first Serious Threat To Dean’s Singledom, whether it’s people thinking girls suck and ruin the story, or romance is bad on TV or having their shipping or fantasy fuel from Dean ruined by imagining him in a romance. So if there had been a plan to bring her back for more episodes in a way where she would be able to interact with Dean more and continue building what at the time was the ideally placed romance for him and about the only way to structurally maintain one short of adding a girl to the team (something fans were REALLY pissed about, and in season 3 announcing the casting, they had to insist Bela and Ruby weren’t going to just suddenly be added to the cast and spend every episode riding around in the Impala with the guys). 

Anyways it’s fairly well-known how absolutely disgusting people in this fandom can be and definitely were about female characters and all, so Jo’s only return, while Ellen stays as support on the phone/in the Roadhouse a few more times and has to say Jo’s run off to go her own way, is in 2x14 where she interacts first with Meg-as-Sam where she attacks Jo and reveals even more of the possible backstory to what happened to her father, just to remind her how horrible the Winchesters are. Later when Dean’s around, they have a much less charged interaction, Dean’s way distracted about Sam - rightfully - and the tropey patch each other up thing is subverted by Dean complaining she’s a butcher rather than it being the Indiana Jones “i hurt here and here and here” kinda tropey way to get a woman to touch the dude “plantonically”. They do field surgery and then Jo doesn’t tell Dean about what Meg told her, only gets it from Dean that she might have told Jo the truth to hurt her, and again it’s that Jo can’t bear to get into this with Dean, doesn’t tell him the truth, and they’re not working through this together. If there HAD been a longer arc this would have been something really sad for them to overcome. But he legs it after Sam and she sighs that he’s not going to call her, now moving this really to unrequited pining territory while Dean is distracted and busy and Jo has moved firmly to the “i must protect you and can’t deal with this and we missed the chance” bracket. 

She then disappears for three seasons, where she comes back as a “hey this character exists” along with Ellen in 5x02, where she and Dean have *no* meaningful interaction, and 5x10 where he tries it on for old time’s sake, she turns him down because she understands herself better and has grown up and not seen him for 3 years so the whole unrequited pining fire has gone out on its own even if they both still think the other is kind of attractive. He eventually just sweetly kisses her goodbye while she’s dying horribly and that seals it like welp we were never ever going to happen and it’s not just because you’re now bleeding out and about to explode. This is just what was inevitably going to happen to us and in hindsight I’m glad you stopped up hooking up. 

And in 7x04 when she reappears, again it’s wistful missed opportunity, but she gets to speak for his conscience and vindicate him that they were never meant to be no matter if they sort of liked each other. They get around to pointing out the same thing from No Exit - that Jo was trying to be a hunter like her dad, that THIS was why she was doing it and we already covered this ground in season 2. Osiris goes into it with a fandom filter - hurr blurr she’s a love interest and Dean feels so bad about it, but Sam gets her own words out - maybe she had a massive crush on him that she can joke about with hindsight but she was always going to be a hunter and probably always would have got herself killed some way or another, but haven’t they all died (too many times) on the job by now? :P 

So, yeah, THAT is the legacy behind Jo’s name when you’re talking about bringing in a character with the same name again… Danneel OBVIOUSLY makes you make a link between Sister Jo and Dean although I would find it HILARIOUS if she never met him, but the whole thing with Jo is like a missed connection, a romance that DIDN’T happen for Dean, and probably in no small part because the fandom was awful in the exact same way that has probably kept Danneel off the show for so long. I remember seeing a gifset of a con where Cindy was joking about how  much everyone hated Lisa and then saying that Danneel joked to her about well you try being MARRIED to Jensen. 

I wouldn’t say it’s exactly a call out of the fandom or anything, but it is interesting that this is all in here… It might just be they’re pulling old names from the past out of a hat for the nostalgia, but I think there’s been some interesting ways to examine what they might mean in the way they’ve been used. Right now I kinda feel like it’s impossible to avoid the way everyone’s mind jumps to casting Danneel to her having a romantic connection to Dean, because of being married to Jensen, even if that’s reducing her as an actress just to the man she’s married to, like, wow, go feminism. But at least giving her the name Jo creates some interesting thoughts right off the bat. 

I don’t see Jo as a simple past love interest to just give Danneel’s character this name so ooooh is she going to be another love interest, because they remained unrequited, and didn’t even have any really heated personal scenes because their relationship failed to catch hold after 2x06, and in the long gap between that and Born Under A Bad Sign they got too real about how bad they’d be for each other and how the block introduced to make a will-they-won’t-they more emotionally charged ended up just plain old being a massive block, and sadly deprived us of probably a lot of interesting season 2 John Winchester analysis via their issues with what happened with their parents… 

In any case, Dean having a romance with a second Jo seems really on the nose so it’s another reason even ignoring the proper story behind it to think that they wouldn’t really go there because some people IRL have romances with like 3 dudes called Mike back to back or whatever without even meaning to, but in TV you can’t repeat names like that. Unless it’s comical, like Donna and her Doug problems. And that shows that her second Doug had all the issues from the first Doug that she mentally superimposed over him even though he seemed harmless. Perhaps they managed to work together better but I doubt Donna’s going on to Wayward Sisters with a wayward Doug in tow :P Anyway, rules of comedy are different from rules of grim melodrama, which any attempt to romance Dean Winchester falls under… :P

Queen Ikona Yamato (née Amachi): Self-Defined Worth

“There lives a great threat just beyond those mountains,” her father told Ikona and her brother as they flew over their lush green rice fields, “If they do come, they’ll strike us first, so we must prepare for that moment.”

To live in the Amachi domain was to understand danger, a lesson the two children knew all too well when their father lost his life to a mercenary’s axe. The threat of the men from the west lands was truly real, she realized. And so, Ikona resolved herself to train hard and long for the next time such a catastrophe could happen. While she was busy learning to be a suitable bride for the high prince to whom she was engaged to, she spent the late hours of the night practicing swings with a wooden naginata.

“This won’t do,” her mother disapproved when she said she wanted to join the Sky Knight Corps with her brother. “You are an Amachi, and a prince’s bride. Know your duty.”

“Then I will learn the blade and the brush,” Ikona declared. “An Amachi strives for excellence.”

While her mother doubted her capabilities, her brother Hisashi swelled with pride and gifted her one of his prized naginata.

“Ignore those words, sister,” he said. “You can be strong in whichever way she chooses. If he rejects a woman as diligent as you, then Father would have chosen wrongly.”

The two climbed the ranks of the Sky Knight Corps together, and Ikona returned home regularly to complete her other duties. She gained much support from her fellow Sky Knights and was known for her flawless execution, perhaps even surpassing her brother Hisashi. Ikona was a high ranked officer by the time she formally met her future husband. Her mother’s words still echoed in her mind as she walked across the throne room to meet Sumeragi’s eye. She endured the prince’s long gaze and caught the twitch in the corner of his mouth at the sight of her weathered hands. She expected this, and fought to keep her composure.

"I chose to be strong in this way,” she answered his unspoken question, fully expecting a harsh rebuttal, but none came.

While many others in the court called for the high prince to annul their engagement, Prince Sumeragi refused, and welcomed her to Shirasagi Castle. When he let her stay with him, many called for her resignation from the Sky Knight Corps, and once again he refused to placate their demands. In the capital of Shirasagi, they lived side by side in a space where they could understand and come to tolerate each other. Sumeragi in her eyes had transformed from a boy who she only knew by name and station into a man she could trust and confide in. The two were finally wed on a cool summer’s day, and their first two children, Ryoma and Hinoka, were born not long after.

But an unexpected stranger was brought to the royal court. In search of a way to cure his aging father’s illness, Sumeragi returned with Eirene, a water maiden from legends old, beauty and grace unrivaled. The nobles may not have liked her nebulous origins, but they praised her enthralling songs, a far better fit for a Hoshidan king than a lady who understood nothing but war. But Eirene refused to give in to the possibility of rivalry and only sought to befriend the embattled queen.

“It is a waste to overlook the virtues of one so talented,” she said to Ikona. “How do they not see that your love for country and family is equal to mine?”

Moved by Eirene’s words, Ikona found a true companion, finally understanding why Sumeragi loved her so. Ikona and Sumeragi gave Eirene her official Hoshidan name, Mikoto, and the three of them defied the influence of the royal court and were inseparable. While nobles grumbled at their lack of propriety, much of the Hoshidan common people celebrated the courage of Queen Ikona and the wisdom of Lady Mikoto. Scholars foresaw good fortune and more prosperity following the birth of three more royal children suitable to take the Hoshidan throne. But the optimism would soon come to an end.

An uncovered smuggling business along the border was reviving tensions between the east and west lands. Hisashi Amachi, head of the Sky Knight Corps, was then prompted to request assistance from the royal guard to help enforce the additional trade restrictions imposed on his domain, and Ikona answered her brother’s plea. While investigating the local watch towers, Ikona uncovered irrefutable evidence that the smuggling ring was sponsored by none other than the Nohrian House Buelen, spearheaded by the royal consort Irma of Buelen. Before she could fly to warn her brother herself, an unsuspecting arrow struck her, sending her plummeting to the forest below.

The death of a Hoshidan queen shook the entire nation to its core. Her grieving brother, Hisashi, declared war on the bordering towns and cities on the west lands, and moved to rampage across the fields of Esterlyn and Morbank. The other noble clans and the royal family followed suit in the name of the queen. An age of strife and war began in earnest, all because of a single arrow.

And so my design lesson of the day is, if all else fails, add braids.

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anonymous asked:

can i have a jun angsty sad scenario where he's dating your best friend that is like a sister to you but you like him and when you're alone you let out ur emotions and go to the bathroom but you walk into her giving him a bj and run away and they get worried or something since you have never cried in front of them?? thank youu bbyy

Thanks for the request, I hope you like the way I did this! ❤︎

You had been best friends with your friend for as long as you could remember, and nearing your twenties, you were practically sisters. You had gotten along with her since the first days of elementary school, and while you had had your fair share of fights, you had always made up eventually and no hard feelings were ever held.

Throughout middle school and high school you had both laughed when your other friends and acquaintances complained about having the same crush with their friend, often the best one. You had only shared one look with each other and shook your heads - you had never liked the same person and thought you never would.

That was, until Jun walked into your lives. He was funny, friendly and awfully handsome, and while you and your friend didn’t talk about it out loud, you were both sold the second he accidentally bumped into you at a café, causing your coffee to drop to the floor, and offered to buy you a new one with a flustered smile all over his face.

He did as he had promised, and soon you were sitting next to the window, all three of you, and you were holding a new cup of coffee. After talking for a while and noticing that you all had quite a bit in common, you had exchanged numbers and all that, and it didn’t take too long for the three of you to start hanging out together on a regular basis.

And, it didn’t take too long for you to fall for him - or for him to fall for your friend. He was sweet and considerate, and, of course, also painfully handsome, and his jokes and caring yet fairly flirty nature were difficult to resist. Your heart had been beating fast in the best possible way whenever he was close and you had loved it, but that was only until you could obviously see the mutual attraction between the other two. After that you despised the way your heart would always increase its pace at the sight of him, and eventually you began coming up with excuses to avoid hanging out with the two of them.

With that, however, came that Jun and her got much closer. After all, the hanging out had soon changed into dating, and when your friend broke the news to you, your heart broke, even though you had seen it coming, but you kept your act together and smiled at her - “I’m happy for you guys.”

It got more and more difficult with time, however, and it did little to improve the situation when you moved in with your friend and Jun, naturally, became a regular guest. He’d come over several times a week and would sometimes stay over, too; you had never paid much mind to how thin the walls in the apartment were, but when he slept over the first time, the realization was painful.

Your friend would often tell you about Jun, how sweet he was and what kind of dorky things he had done recently, not to forget his intelligence and talent in several fields. With every little story, your heart ached more, but you always managed to keep a smile on your face and appear fascinated.

It tore you apart that even as her best friend, you couldn’t actually feel solely happy for her whenever Jun would surprise her with a present or a fancy dinner. You wanted to, you wanted to be the great friend you had once been, but the way your heart still beat for Jun made it impossible. You had spent countless nights swallowing tears and trying to lessen the anxiety of an unrequited love, especially when the object of it was sleeping next to your most treasured friend in the very next room.

Whenever your friend hugged you tightly and told you how amazing of a friend you were, you wanted to confess everything and tell her how wrong she was, tell her that you were a terrible friend and awfully smitten with her boyfriend. But you never did. You treasured her happy smile too much to do that; you treasured her as a whole too much to do that.

One Saturday morning, you woke up with your heart beating fast, and as soon as the dream you had just had came to you, you broke down crying. It had been so sweet; you had finally been able to do the kind of things with Jun you’d once daydreamed about, back when all three of you were only friends.

You had held his hand, he’d held you in his arms and whispered sweet things into your ear. You had, for the first time, been able to press your ear against his chest and hear his calm heartbeat, but now that you were awake, the only heartbeat you could hear was your own, as it was strong enough to reach your ears. It was so bitter. When would you finally be able to let go?

With the bitter tears streaming down your face, you got out of bed and tried to swipe them away, but more continued to escape your eyes. While you’d usually refuse to show your emotions and would dry your tears before leaving your room, you were now sure you’d be able to get to the bathroom without your friend or Jun noticing; they were probably sleeping, anyway, so you didn’t need to worry about your appearance. 

You opened the door to the hallway and squinted a little when the darkness of your room changed into the bright light, and while anxiously chewing on your lower lip, you approached the bathroom door.

A hot shower was all you needed and wanted was what went through your mind, although every single thought process came to an end when you finally opened the door and saw something that made you freeze altogether.

Jun was leaning against the sink, one hand supporting him, placed on the edge and one hand tangled in your friend’s hair, while she was on her knees in front of him. His sweatpants had been dragged down to his knees and she had him deep in her throat, her head moving up and down in swift movements that only got faster with each encouraging word that Jun mumbled. “You’re doing so well, baby… Shit, it feels so good… Just like that…”

The lewd sounds and the sight in front of you made you feel sick to your stomach, and with even more tears falling from your eyes, you were unable to silence the whine that became audible from you only a second before you dashed away; only a second before Jun noticed that you were at the door.

When he heard the sound, Jun opened his eyes that he had closed some time earlier, and had managed to see your puffy, red eyes, wet cheeks and trembling lips right before you left the door. He gasped, this time not out of pleasure but shock, and let his hand loosen in your friend’s hair. She pulled away from his length and looked up at him, as she had been too focused on the movements of her tongue to hear the whine you had let out.

“Y/N, she…” Jun began, pressing his hand against his forehead while trying to collect his thoughts. “She walked in, and she was crying, and…”

Your friend’s eyes widened and she felt her heart drop; she had never, ever seen you cry. You had known each other for more than ten years, yet she had never witnessed a single tear in your eyes. Her mouth opened, but she was unable to say anything, as all the words got stuck in her throat. Jun pulled his boxers and sweatpants up before he helped her up.

You were leaning against your door with both of your hands holding the door handle tightly. You were shaking and crying, and the sniffles could also be heard to the other side when Jun and your friend knocked on it.

“Y/N, are you okay?” your friend asked worriedly. You shook your head to yourself but remained silent. “I’m so sorry you walked in on that, but more importantly, why are you crying? What’s wrong?”

You bit your lower lip and looked up to your ceiling, shaking your head and determinedly holding the door handle even though the door was constantly trying to be opened. Your voice lacked all the strength it usually had. “Let me be.”

“Y/N, we’re worried about you,” Jun spoke calmly, although you knew it was him who was still trying to open the door. “Something’s obviously upsetting you, but what?”

You, you thought to yourself with a sob. You’re what’s upsetting me. Your smile is the brightest I’ve ever seen but I’ll never be the reason for it.

You tried to take deep breaths to calm yourself down; you knew that unless you eventually opened that damned door, they’d never let you be. But no matter how much more oxygen you took into your body, the tears kept falling and your mind kept going in the same circle: Jun had your heart, but you’d never have his, and you were tired of having to face that every single day.

“Open the door, please,” your friend pleaded, and a short moment after Jun did the same. You groaned and let go of the door handle, allowing yourself to fall to the floor, hugging your knees.

Both of them were quick to kneel down on both sides of you and hug you tightly.

“Whatever is wrong will be fine,” Jun said softly, his hand petting your hair, and while that was something you’d thought about in your daydreams, you now wanted to swat his hand away. It didn’t belong there.

Your friend stroked your back slowly and let out a quiet chuckle. “It’s too early to be crying like this, Y/N. Smile a little.”

You mimicked a chuckle but bit your lower lip right afterwards. Your heart was being torn into little pieces.

“We’re here for you.”

Yes, ‘we’, you thought as you let out a shaky sigh.

That’s how it would always be. You in singular and them, very much in plural. You didn’t have the heart to let your thoughts or feelings out, so you saw it better to just… let it be.

“Thank you. I love you guys.”

Jun’s arms tightened around you, and so did the clenching feeling in your chest. In unison, he and your friend said that they loved you, too.

But they would never - he would never - love you the way you loved him.

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And Then He Kissed Me (click title for link)

Betty Cooper was sitting in the bleachers watching Archie Andrews sprint across the field. Her green eyes darted left, then right as she watched Archie’s cleats crush the terrain beneath his heels. He noticed her once and waved, but when Betty tried to return the friendly gesture, his eyes had already returned to whatever focal point he was using on the field. It didn’t matter what said focal point was, really, because all Betty knew was that it wasn’t (and had never been) her. Betty was painfully aware of the fact that Archie was never going to like her that way. At first, wishful thinking told her otherwise. They had a chance, she thought, because they had grown up together, lived next door to one another – you know, the typical girl next door likes said guy next door cliché. But alas it was never to be. When Veronica Lodge moved into the neighborhood, Archie’s eyes found a new focal point. When he wasn’t running during practice, his eyes were transfixed on Veronica Lodge. Betty Cooper wasn’t even on his horizon line anymore. Instead, she had been relegated to the back of the bleachers.

“Unrequited love is never lost, Betts. “If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.”

Betty continues to stare at the red-head on the field.

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Unrequited lover

A/n: sooooooo I killed myself writing this, unrequited love, and all that shit. PLEASE leave me comments and replies and anything and everything to me! 17: we were in love once that just doesn’t go away

Blonde hair. Olive skin that burned to the touch. Full pink lips encasing yours, leaving a trail of fire along your collarbones. A grin that left your stomach aching in the best way and hands that knew just how to hold onto you and touch you in the right way.

Brown messy hair. The same olive skin but dark brown eyes that burned into yours. Hands that held you that didn’t have the same touch but they were hands that you belonged to. Hands that you professed love to, your lover. While the other was forbidden, he didn’t belong to you neither you him.

Worst of all was they were brothers.

The one you loved had blonde hair and bright blue eyes sparkling with mischief, not the brown haired messy boy you were supposed to.


Laughing you shoved at the boys chest, “stop it! Tha’s not funny.” Falling back on his back he laughed, taking your hips in his hands “then why’re you laughing?” You smirked shaking your head and threw a leg over his hips “you.” Moving so you were straddling him you steadied yourself on his chest “are.” He had an eyebrow ticked while you ducked down, hair incasing the pair of you “a bad influence.” He grinned as you pecked his lips, humming lightly whispering “I’m the bad influence whilst you’re straddling a man in your bedroom?”

You giggled against his lips, letting out a gasp as his hand traveled under your top, hand splaying across your stomach, moving up against your sternum, fingertips brushing the sensitive skin under your breasts. He smiled, kissing your lips once before traveling to your jaw, nicking the bone. Gripping his shoulder he smiled “ready for another go around?” You nodded, shrieking in shock as he flipped you over, leaving you breathless.


A thousand years later and you’d come back. Come back for who? Mainly Rebekah. You missed her and the friendship. You weren’t foolish enough to think he would wait for you, you knew it was sad to ask.

You found all these years later, he had many loves. None Rebekah told you you needed to know about in great detail. And a daughter, he had a child. The news left you stunned, but after months of watching from afar you concluded the thing you always knew: he was an amazing father.

“You want to come with me to Christmas?” You looked at her from over your teacup “Beks that a bit sudden isn’t it? I don’t want to ruin anyone’s holiday.” She rolled her eyes “you won’t! Besides they’re getting suspect. Might as well come enjoy the holi, sure he’ll be shocked and sure he’ll have questions, but it’s not like you won’t answer them that’ll be all. You can be my date!” You grinned at her ridiculous offer before asking “what do I even wear?”


She convinced you a red ensemble, tight but flowy, with matching heels and a perfect pout. In truth Rebekah was the one okay with the hidden behind doors relationship you had shared with Nik, “true love always prevails.” As she had said, so Elijah wasn’t the one you loved, it didn’t matter, not now, not when life was too precious and love a too delicate manner.

Walking with her to the compound you breathed in relief at no sign of Klaus. But using your vampire hearing you knew he wasn’t far.

The first person you met was Hayley, then Freya, shocked they even had another sister. “Well well well look who it is, the only bird my brother fell completely head over paws for.” You glared playfully at Kol’s joke, hugging him tightly, pulling away with a smirk “I see you’ve changed.”

Pointedly at his human body. Elijah smiled tentively, “y/n how’re you?” You nodded, smiling tensely “well, and you?” He nodded “well.” With the way he looked at Hayley you knew there was no ill feelings, not anymore.


Making small talk seemed easy enough, until a kitchen door slammed open and your eyes darted to it, seeing a smiling seven year old “mommy!!! Daddy’s eaten all the cookie dough again! Tell him to stop!” Hayley smiled, “why don’t you tell your daddy! He’ll listen to you I’m sure!” She shook her head adamantly “he will not! Just tells me I’m-” she seemed to have lost her train of thought as her eyes landed on you, “who’re you?”

You smiled “I’m y/n, uhhh your aunties friend.” Looking at Rebekah for confirmation Hope nodded, “alright, you brought presents?” “HOPE!” Hayley berated making you smile “it’s okay..” turning to the girl “I did! That big green sparkly one under the tree is for you, Rebekah told me you’ll love it.” She grinned before running back to the kitchen “I’ve got to get Daddy and Carrie.” Rebekah raised her eyebrows asking before she ran off “baby who’s Carrie?” It was obvious to Hayley and those around it crushed you a bit but you licked your lips, forcing a smile. You knew this was a possibility, him finding love.

“Carries Daddy’s friend, want me to go get him?” Rebekah shook her head “no, sweetie why don’t you stay here with mummy and I’ll go chat with your daddy.” Watching her walk away, you met Hayley’s eyes and nodded with a smile.


You couldn’t stay and listen to Rebekah’s confession that you were alive and waiting on the other side of the door whilst he had a girlfriend there. How was it right?

But moving to leave, Kol gripped your wrist, turning to glare at him you whipped your head around as the door opened, and you saw him.

He looked stunned. Like he couldn’t believe you were standing in front of him, then he smiled slightly, looking awestruck. And you, you didn’t know what to do. So you stood watching him as he watched you. By this time Kol had let go of your wrist and Hope was standing by her mom. It wasn’t until Hope whispered “what’s wrong with Daddy?”

That you let out a snort, making Klaus laugh and Hayley smiled “nothing sweetie, just an old friend he’s happy to see.” You felt your heart drum as he took a step towards you, and another and another until he was standing directly in front of you, his hands idly at his sides while yours were laced. “Hello.” He smiled looking into your eyes and grinned as you lowered your eyes “Hi.”

Rebekah cleared her throat making you look up “alright, think it’s time for presents?” You bit a smile as Klaus gestured for you to walk in front of him, Hope running up and grabbing his hand whispering about all the presents she’s gonna get.


Hayley who knew about you’re appearance before hand got you a bracelet, charms scattered across it. Rebekah got you a ruby clip for your hair, and you didn’t expect the boys to get you anything but squealed in surprise at your “gift” from Kol, a smacking kiss in the middle of your eyebrows. Him snickering at the shriek while Klaus grinned, and when Hope looked at her father expectantly he cleared his throat “I uh- I’ll give y/n her present later.” Licking your lip you smiled, handing Kol, Elijah, Klaus and Hope their gift.

For Kol you decided on a blue button button down, Elijah a handkerchief, Hope a doll house and Klaus you got a letter. A letter you had written him over a thousand years ago explaining your feelings and your love for him.

He eyed you with a smile while you bit one of your own and turned to Hope “do you like it?” She smiled “like it? I love it, Daddy look at how big the dollhouse is!” He smiled facing her “I see it! Now give her a proper thanks.” She smiled looking over at you “thank you!!” You grinned “you’re welcome.”


After dinner and after Klaus put Hope to bed promising her Santa would come if she went to sleep. He found you in the library, looking through the shelves upon shelves of books, moonlight bouncing off your face.

Stepping in he smiled “sorry I didn’t get you anything.” You turned with a smile “seeing you again is all the present I need.” His heart thumped at that and he smiled, grasping your hand gently, making you look at him with those same doe eyes you had thousands of years ago. “Well you are my best gift to date as well, and that letter-” “you didn’t read it yet!” You blushed and he smiled “no but I was wondering if you’d read it to me tonight over dinner?” Your eyes hit his with a sparkle “but what about…” he cocked his head “Carrie? Love she was just a date for tonight.. nothing serious.” You smiled as he said “we were in love once that just doesn’t go away”

looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid

characters: will and steve-centric, featuring jo and nancy.
pairing: n/a (side of jancy, mentions of steve/omc, will/omc)
word count: 2.1k
status: complete
content warnings: allusions to homophobia

summary: Steve wants to make sure Will knows it’s okay to be gay, in a quiet, subtle way. Steve is bad at subtlety, and Will takes it the wrong way.
an: this is just a quick little coming-out type drabble. i think it’s cute. featuring puppy crushes, steve doing his best to be a good pflag mom, jancy being the sweetest lesbian couple, and happy endings. also on ao3!

Steve has done his best to be there for his kids. He’s trying to work with Dustin on his self-confidence, and he’s always there to talk girls (and breakups) with Lucas. He tries to make sure Mike knows he’s around when he needs to vent, and he’s been teaching Max self-defence (though now, she’s throwing punches that could take him out). Steve tries to be there for all of them, and though he’s the toughest nut to crack, he thinks he needs to be there for Will most of all — Will trusts his sister a lot more than he trusts Steve, but, either way, Steve’s been trying to hint, subtly, that being gay is okay. Maybe he’s making more assumptions than he should, when he thinks that that’s what Will needs from him, but he feels like it’s working. That it’s helping. That he’s helping. And that’s all he wants — because, as begrudged as he tries to act, he really cares about these kids, and that’s why he tries so hard to be there for him.

Trying to be there for Will has been a little more work than it has been for the other kids, but that’s alright. The squeakiest wheel gets the grease, right? So that’s why he drove all the way to the city to pick up a rainbow decal for his car, and why he plays Queen and Elton John when he’s lugging Will around, and why he hints, whenever he can, that there’s more than “straight” in Hawkins — himself included — so maybe Will would pick up that he’s not alone.

Steve’s not good at subtlety, though, and when he spots Will sketching him, stars in his eyes, he thinks maybe he’s been giving off the wrong impression.

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A Love Unrequited

@hoodedbirdie - Hello, sunshine! May I request “I want you to be happy, with or without me.” from the unrequited love list for Jacob (I’d be interested in both views, honestly. The reader being in love with Jacob and him not loving her back and Jacob being in love with reader who is not loving him back. Or they are. Oh God. I need too much of this ._. I’m sorry!).

A/N: So here it is. Some unrequited love with Jacob not being in love with the reader - which is why it isn’t tagged as Jacob x Reader. This is a sad one. There really isn’t a happy ending but there is a cameo of Jacob’s flat cap.

Edit: I forgot to add that I combined this with another request I had for Jacob being in love with a girl of wealth and not being sure how to go about it. Deeply influenced by Eponine and Marius from Les Miserables

Words: 2,545
Warnings: It’s sad. That’s all.

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For Rose’s Birthday Drinking Challenge (Happy Belated).  I chose Pinnacle Vodka and  “I’m not drunk; I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Warnings : Maaaaaybe a tiny bit angsty, but really just fluff

               “What kind of a demon goes to brunch?” You continued to fuss with your hair and frown in the bathroom mirror at your made-up face.

               “Sweetheart, don’t try to get into the mind of a demon.” Dean chuckled. “We need to get going, though Y/N/N.”

               “I look ridiculous.” You whined.

               “We dress up all the time!” Sam chuckled.

               “No.” You corrected. “You two get to wear your Fed suits today. You wouldn’t let me wear mine.”

               “It’s a brunch.  We talked about this … You dressed like a Fed wouldn’t work.”

               Once you’d all determined where your demon was going to be, the boys forced you to go shopping for a “pretty” dress.  You go buy one, or we will. After hours of swearing under your breath and rummaging through the racks of the boutique in town, you’d finally settled on one.  You’d never admit it to them, but you absolutely loved it.  It was the best of both worlds to you – a knee-length, sleeveless dress; as not to restrict if you needed to fight, and black with beautiful cherry blossoms in different shades of pink across most of the top and down into the skirt that, despite your reluctance, made you feel sexy.  The boutique had a pair of black and pink heals that were a perfect match along with a pink clutch for hiding your gun and holy water, just like every fairy princess.

               You had stared at yourself in the dressing room mirror for what felt like an eternity, wondering what the Winchesters would think.  

               It wasn’t a surprise to find that you and Dean had the same sense of humor and secrete love of Dr. Sexy M.D. The two of you would sneak away from Sam and watch episodes behind closed doors on Dean’s laptop, sitting all too close on his bed so you could both see the small screen.  More than once you’d fallen asleep only to wake up and find yourself leaning into his shoulder with his arm draped around you.

               But it was Sam that held your heart.  His brains first drew you to him; spending countless hours doing research and marveling over the ancient books with the Bunker library together.  The two of you would spend late nights talking through new cases and reminiscing over old ones.  Quickly though, you found your time with Sam a distraction;  wanting desperately to follow his fingers with your own through his chestnut hair or letting your eyes linger too long on his hands as they turned the pages of some giant tome wondering what they would feel like on your body.              

               But yours was an unrequited love that you settled for knowing a Hunter’s life was not one that allowed for happy endings.  Sam and Dean would always be there for you and that had to be enough.

               You huffed again tugging at the top of the dress cursing yourself for the low cut.  One more deep breath and you swung open the bathroom door.  “If we have to run, I’ll never keep up.”

               “Let’s – “ was all Dean said before he froze.  You looked between him and Sam, neither one of them saying a word – both staring at you making you more uncomfortable.

               “Ok.  I’m changing!”  You felt like such an idiot.

               “NO!” they both shouted simultaneously as they made their way to you.

               “No, it’s just.  I mean, we never.  You don’t. You look…“ Sam rubbed the back of his neck, stumbling over himself until he finally looked to Dean for help.

               “What the idiot is trying to say Y/N…” Dean said rubbing his hand along your arm to turn your attention to him. “… You look stunning.”

               “Beautiful.” Sam finally said and you melted as their hazel and green eyes warmly stared back at you.

               “We need to go.” You softly whispered.

               “Yes. Right. Yes.” Dean agreed. “We’ll bag a demon and then - BACON!”

                Before arriving, it was determined mingling would be the quickest way to find the demon in question, so you separated to roam the room.  Sam smiled sheepishly at you before walking towards the patio.

               “You gonna be ok Sweetheart?” you felt Dean’s hand on the small of your back as he whispered.

               “I’m … I’m always ok.” You managed to say.

               He chuckled and, with a wink, responded, “Yes you are…”

               You quickly scanned the room until you found the much-needed bar.  No way were you going to get though this without something to calm your nerves.  As you approached the bar, you noticed the icy-blue bottle with the word “mimosa” written across it. You tried to remember the last time you’d had a mimosa as you eagerly flagged down the bartender and pointed at the bottle.

               The first sip had you hooked.  Scents of oranges and champagne tickled your nose as the sweet liquid warmed your insides.  You finished it quickly and requested another as you grabbed a tall stool to survey the room.   At the moment, you weren’t so much interested in the demon as you were Sam.

               He was leaning up against a pillar on the patio while some brunette was eagerly answering all of his questions.  She eyed him lustfully while he continued asking questions, clueless to her attentions.  Always convinced that Dean was the one all the ladies pined for, Sam rarely caught on when someone was genuinely flirting with him.  You sighed longingly, flagging down the bartender again for another round.

               You could hear her giggling now; flipping her hair and planting a hand in Sam’s chest as if she just couldn’t handle another one of his hilarious jokes.  He smiled that sweet heartbreaking smile that made your knees weak as he shifted his stance.  The scene was all too familiar and yet it hurt the same every time. He was just as blind to your feelings and, although you told yourself you were ok with being their “wingman” or “little sister” or “friend”, there were times – like today – when it was all too much.

               You ordered another drink and decided you needed to focus on work.  You chugged it down and stood to leave, but when you did you became dizzy and stumbled – knocking over the empty glass and falling against the stool.

               Dean must have heard the commotion because he was instantly by your side, with Sam not too far behind.

               “Hey there Princess, what have you been doing?” Dean helped you to your feet and held onto your waist to keep you stable.

               “What’s she been drinking?” Sam asked the bartender.

               “SHE’S been dringing mimmassis.” You pointed a finger in his chest.  Why wasn’t he just asking you?

               The bartender pointed to your new favorite bottle behind him and Sam’s bitch-face became stern.

               “You aren’t drinking mimosas Y/N/N! You’re drinking straight Pinnacle Vodka.”

               “Ok party-girl. Let’s go.”  The two of them shuffled you outside in what felt like lightening speed.

               When you were in the parking lot, Sam huffed. “What the hell were you thinking?”  

               You were crushed.  Not wanting either of them mad at you, you blurted out, “I love you.”

               He shook his head and tried to hold back a laugh, “Y/N/N… I love you too, but why would you drink so much?”

               “No Sammy!” You pleaded. “I loooove you.  Don’t be mad at me. I just … I … you look so nice in your fed suit and that girl was talking to you and you didn’t even know she was flirting with you because you’re too sweet and pretty and I really like your hair and you have a huuuuge brain and I stare at your hands all the time and … and I love you…”


               Dean cleared his throat. “Sweetheart, you’re drunk…” It sounded more like a question than a statement.

               “I’m not drunk; I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He leaned you up against the side of Baby as he searched for the keys. “But Dean, I love you too!” You declared. “Not love-love, but like love. You’re so funny and I won’t tell Sam about Dr. Sexy and …” you reached out to touch his face and he softly grabbed your hand. “Do you like my dress?”

               “Honey, sit down.” The door to Baby opened and you fell-sat in the backseat.  Sam hunched to your level and pulled his hand along your cheek and with a sweet smile, kissed your forehead.  “You know Dean and I both love you…”

               “NO SAM! I don’t want to play anymore! I looooove-love you and I know you’ll never love-love me back, and it’s ok sometimes and sometimes….” You started to feel tears streak down your cheek. “But but… it’s scary and it sucks and I know you think I’m lying…”

               “Hey hey hey!” Sam wiped the tear from your cheek and took your hand in his. “Sweetheart, I don’t think you’re lying, ok? But let us go back and see if we can find the demon and then we’ll go back to the Bunker and talk.”

               You shook your head as Sam pushed a piece of hair behind your ear. “Stay here, ok? We’ll be right back.”

               “And please Y/N/N, don’t get sick in Baby.”  You half-smiled as he shut the door with you inside.

               In the quiet, you started to feel how much you really had to drink. Your head swam as you teetered from side to side trying to focus out the car window.  As you rumpled your dress and tried to fan your face with your hand, you were hit with a ton of memory-bricks and began to panic.

               “I told him! I … I … shit shit shit oh my god!” You held your face in your hands and squeezed your eyes tight.  It was all ruined. That pretty blue bottle ruined everything you had. It practically packed your bags, tossed your stuff on the curb and changed the locks.  The man you loved more than anything would never look at you the same and your whole body began to shake.  You would blame it all on the alcohol.  You didn’t mean any of it. In fact, you’d never bring it up again and you’d all laugh about it later. Yes! That would fix everything.  

               You saw Dean running towards the car and you decided you could get up and help him and Sam.  You flung the door open wide and when you tried to stand up, something heavy hit the door and knocked you back onto the seat.

               “Y/N!!!” Sam was running to you from the other side.  

               “Sam! I got’er. Get him!” Dean pointed at the person you now saw laying next to the car.  Sam began speaking in Latin and black smoke flew through the air.

               “Dean?” you whimpered as you tried to get passed him.  He threw his jacket on the ground before your knees hit the pavement and softly grabbed your hair out of your face as you lunged forward to empty your stomach.   Minutes felt like hours before you felt like the violence your body used to rid yourself of your once-best friend finally subsided.  Without a word, Sam wrapped you in a blanket from the trunk and lifted you into his arms.  Dean opened doors and grabbed a bottle of water out of the cooler in the backseat and handed it to you.  You took a couple sips and snuggled back into Sam.

               You don’t know how you got to your bed, or got out of your dress and into shorts and a tank top.  You slowly rolled over to look at the clock and found a note  :



                You smiled and grabbed the glass and pills off of the nightstand, following orders.  You sat and ran through the events of the morning.  You had to save face – act like it never happened – you didn’t remember anything – must have been the alcohol.  UGH! How were you ever going to look at either of them in the face again?

               You pulled your hair up in a messy bun, grabbed a pair of socks out of the dresser drawer and went to face the music.

               “Hey! It’s Sleeping Beauty!” Dean was the first to see you when you walked into the library.

               “How ya feelin’ Y/N/N?”

               “Like shit!” you chuckled. “I need to remember what that evil liquid was so that NEVER happens again.”

               Dean patted the cushion on the couch next to him; your feet padding across the floor to join him.  “Do you remember anything?” He asked.

               You’re stomach knotted at the question. “Not really…”

               “Not falling off the bar stool.” Dean questioned.

               “Ouch! Really?”

               Sam stood and walked to where you and Dean were, sitting just on the other side of you. “Not the demon you hit in the head with the car door?”

               “That really happened? Wow!”

               Dean rested his arm across the back of the couch. “Not getting sick in the parking lot?”

               “That… unfortunately, I do remember.” You dropped your head, nervously looking at your hands. “Thank you both for taking care of me.”

               Sam reached and cupped your face in his hand, dragging his thumb along your cheek. “We’ll always take care of you.”  The look in his eyes woke the butterflies in your stomach.  Then you felt Sam’s hand heavy on your thigh as his hazel eyes burned through you.

               “You don’t remember anything else?”  Right then you knew. It was over.

               “I.. I don’t … I…”

               “You don’t remember telling us both that you loved us?”  

               Dean stood up and grabbed his laptop. “No, Sammy.  She only loves me.” He corrected as he started to walk out of the room. “She love-loves you… there’s a difference…”

               You swallowed hard; feeling as if the room was closing in on you.      Sam’s hand tangled into your hair, slowly pulling your face to his.  The kiss was sweet but strong; you could feel him holding back; still unsure.  He rested his forehead on yours, longingly taking you in; questioning your reaction.

               “So,” He spoke barely above a whisper.”What is the difference between ‘love’ and ‘love-love’?”  

               You bit your bottom lip to hold back a smile. “It’s kinda hard to explain.”

               “Hmmm… really?” Sam reached for you and pulled you into his lap.

               “Yeah.” You touched his face and combed your fingers through his hair. “I’d rather just show you.”


Too Strange and Strong - Day 4


(This week’s ficlets are all in the same universe, and unless otherwise specified, use both available prompts.)

aug 1st: folklore / (seemingly) unrequited pining

aug 2nd: surprise / online dating

aug 3rd: fast food / childhood friends au

aug 4th: opposites / (college) roommates

Tooru sighs as he drops another box at the foot of the bed next to the window, sparing a tiny thought to hoping that his as yet unseen roommate doesn’t have a problem with him choosing a side without waiting. His sister really needs to get back home as soon as possible though, and he didn’t want to make it confusing if his roommate showed up and started bringing in his own stuff while Tooru’s was just spread across the room without care. After he’s hugged his sister goodbye, he returns to the room with his last box, and nearly drops it on his foot when he sees a familiar body standing in the middle of the room.

Suga turns, and Tooru gets a glimpse of his spun sugar smile before it stretches into something more like a grin as he sees Tooru. “Fancy seeing you here.”

Tooru smiles back and drops the box on top of his stack. “Truly. I guess we never talked about which school we’d decided to attend, huh?”


“Well then. I hope you don’t mind I chose the window side?”

“Not at all. I’m not a morning person, so it’s better I get the darker side.” Suga scrunches his nose at the mention of morning, and Tooru wonders what other things they differ so wildly on, when Tooru absolutely loves waking with the sun. Their looks are an obvious difference, with the way that Suga is all light and pale, where Tooru tends toward dark and tan. And there’s a ten centimeter difference in their heights, too, leaving Suga looking even smaller than he really should, especially next to Tooru.

He just notices how Suga already has a small pile of boxes stacked neatly next to the other bed, and he looks back at his own stack, haphazardly bunched around the foot in a messy mirror. He hums consideringly and turns back to Suga instead. “What department are you in? Mine is science.”

Suga smiles and tilts his head toward one of the desks, where there’s what Tooru thinks is a very fancy, expensive camera. “Photography.”

“Hmm. Interesting.” Tooru finally realizes that Suga’s still holding a small box, and he shifts to the side to place gently on the desk next to the camera before wiping his hands on his jeans and holding one out to Tooru.

“Let’s have a good year?” Suga sounds a little questioning, like he’s not quite sure that it’ll be a good year, but that he’s willing to give it a try. To be honest, with how opposite they seem at the moment, Tooru’s not too sure about it either.

He takes Suga’s hand and shakes easily, though. “Absolutely.”

They used to be best friends once, after all, and neither of them could have changed so much that they wouldn’t get along anymore. The only reason they hadn’t become friends again after Tooru had moved back was because he was too unsure that Suga would welcome him back with open arms. Especially when he saw how Suga seemed to have a few close friends of his own already. Tooru figured it was easier to make new ones than to try to weasel his way into a group that might not be accepting of his presence.

Now, though, it seems like they’ve been given another chance, and this time Tooru isn’t going to let fear or insecurity keep him back. Suga squeezes his hand again and then lets go, clapping his own together instead. “Wonderful!”

“Would you like some help with your things? I’m all done bringing mine in already.”

“That would be very nice of you, but you don’t have to, if you’re already tired.”

Tooru grins and nudges Suga with his elbow. “I’m good. Let’s get your stuff in and then we can relax, yeah?”

Suga nods, and Tooru’s not sure if he’s imagining it or not, but his cheeks look the tiniest bit pink. It looks really nice, and like Tooru wants to see if he can make it darker. Later, though, maybe.

Stars [Scott McCall x Reader]

Hope you like the imagine, dear! Thank you for requesting! Apologies, Isaac is a bit out of character. 

x start x

You sat next to Stiles on the bench, breath coming out in visible puffs as you turned towards Coach Finstock, who was screaming something at a player on the field.

You rested your elbow on your knee, chin in your hand as you leaned forward, watching your puppy-dog-eyed friend, letting out a small cheer as he scored another goal.

Scott’s eyes scanned the field, connecting with yours, and he flashed a smile, causing your heart to flutter, and cheeks to redden as you smiled back.

“God – you two make me sick.” Stiles snorted, and you turned to him, raising an eyebrow.

“You make me sick when you pine after Lydia, but I don’t say anything.” You retorted, taking a sip of water, and Stiles sputtered, glaring at you.

“Why don’t you just ask him out already?” Stiles questioned, and you choked on your water, leaning forward, gripping your throat.

You turned towards Stiles, hurriedly whispering under you breath.

“Shut up- he might be able to hear you!” You stumbled, over your words, before sighing and throwing a longing glance at Scott.

“Besides, I don’t think he’d like me back.” Stiles raised his eyebrows, forehead creasing as his lips parted in awe.

“Are you kidding me? He’s head over heels for you, as soon as you walk in the room he does that puppy dog thing where he stares at you until you notice him, It’s kind of annoying actually…” Stiles muttered complaints under his breath, and this time you raised your eyebrows.

“You really think?” You asked timidly, and Stiles sighed, rolling his eyes.

“Trust me, I know.” Stiles stated, just as the game finished, the loud buzzing reverberating through the chilled air.

The bleachers burst out into cheers, and you and Stiles stood up simultaneously, clapping as the players on the field returned to the sidelines.

You picked up your helmet and lacrosse stick, following Stiles to go congratulate Scott when an arms slipped around your shoulders, pulling you into someone’s chest.

“Isaac!” You whined, pushing against your older brother’s chest, as he pulled you into a sweaty hug.

“So, is there any reason why you were benched half the game?” Isaac asked, and you rolled your eyes.

“I may or may not have pissed Coach off, and besides, I’m still better than you.” You teased, and Isaac pulled off his helmet, ruffling up your hair.

“If you were better than me, you wouldn’t have been benched half the game.” Isaac smirked, and you playfully scowled.

“And if you were smart, you’d keep your mouth shut, Lahey.” You sung, running off to have a shower.

“Remember, after party at David’s house, text me when you get there!” Isaac called worriedly, and you rolled your eyes, flashing a thumbs up before sprinting to the girl’s change rooms.

x at the party x

You had texted Isaac a while ago, telling him that you made it to the party safely and that you were going to hang out with a couple friends. You didn’t tell him those friends were Scott and Stiles, though.

“Hey, Scott!” You lifted a hand to wave, and his head immediately jerked up towards you, his mouth pulling up into a smile, and you couldn’t help but think that if he were a dog, his tail would be wagging at the moment.

“[Y/N], hey!” Scott called, and you placed your cup onto a nearby table, crossing your arms over yourself as your cheeks tinged red again, and you hoped that Scott didn’t notice the flutter of your heart.

“You were really good today- like usual.” You complimented, and his smile widened, ears practically perking with joy.

“You were great as well, even though you were off half the game.” Scott raised an eyebrow and you chuckled sheepishly, playing with your fingers.

While you were distracted, Stiles gestured wildly at Scott to take you somewhere more private, flailing his arms and mouthing random words.

“Uh, h-hey, [Y/N], can I show you something?” Scott asked, and your eyes widened, cheeks burning as you nodded your head, Scott grabbed your hand as he pulled you up one of the many flights of David’s house (David was kind of rich).

Scott had pulled you into a large room, on the top floor, one of the long walls was simply glass, and you awed quietly, tugging on Scott’s hand as you ran towards the window, staring at the breathtaking view of Beacon Hills, lights shimmering as your eyes slowly rose towards the sky, thousands of stars twinkling overhead.

“Wow- this is…” You trailed off, too awed to even think of a worthy word.

“Beautiful.” Scott breathed, and you turned towards him, noticing that his eyes were trained on your face.

“Nah, I was gonna say ugly.” You joked, and he smiled, chuckling under his breath.

He reached one hand up, the one that wasn’t clutching yours, to push a lock of hair from your face.

Your breath hitched, your heart jolting as your cheeks reddened under his gaze.

“Scott…” You whispered, trailing off, and he hummed, staring into your half-lidded eyes.

“Kiss me?” You squeaked, and his smile widened, one hand grasping your cheek as he pulled your face towards his, lips connecting with yours.

Your lips moved slowly, sweetly, parting as you moved your hands to intertwine them behind his neck. You parted, and your teeth latched onto his bottom lip, causing him to grin.

Once you had finally parted, you grinned, eyes wide and cheeks flushed.

“Wow, that was way better than I thought! Not that I thought you were gonna be bad or anything! Or not that I thought about it at all or – uh…” You trailed off, ears turning pink as Scott moved towards you, capturing you in another kiss, hands falling towards your waist as he pulled you against his chest.

You pulled away, and the two of you just stared at each other until you got sheepish and looked away.

“Are you going to say something?” You asked, cheeks burning, heart fluttering momentarily.

“I am, actually.” Scott chuckled, and you waited, staring up at him through your lashes.

“Will you, [Y/N] Lahey, be my girlfriend?” Scott asked, and your smile widened, if that was even possible, moving to press your face into his neck as you squealed a small yes.

Then you were kissing him again, melting against his body as his strong arms rested on your lower back, thumb rubbing the exposed skin on your hip from your ridden up shirt.

“[Y/N]- Scott? What the hell!?” Isaac yelled, standing at the doorway, causing you both to pull apart.

“What the hell are you doing Scott? What’s wrong with you?” Isaac yelled, and through your rage you noticed Stiles stumble into the room behind your brother.

“Isaac!” You yelled in panic and confusion, narrowing your brows.

“What’s gotten into you? I thought you’d be happy!? You know I’ve had a crush on Scott for forever!” You cried in outrage, and Isaac practically seethed, stepping towards you.

“That’s all it is, [Y/N] – a crush! You’re so hung up over one guy! Just because you’ve been alone for so long, you pounce on the first guy you get your hands on!” Isaac yelled, and you froze, tearing up.

“Dude! That was uncalled for!” Scott yelled, pulling you to his chest, like he could somehow hide you from Isaac’s harsh words.

“I’m just telling her the truth, Scott! You don’t even love her! She’s just your rebound from Allison!” Isaac seethed, and you felt tears streaming down your face, pulling away from Scott, even Stiles winced from Isaac’s words.

You didn’t expect him to act like this. Isaac and you were close, you had lost everything and still managed to keep each other, so you pegged Isaac’s reaction to him just holding on.

Isaac continued ranting, but it all just seemed like garbled muttering to your ears, tears streaming down your face as you sniffled, wiping at your eyes. It was one of those moments where everything just got tuned out, where your breathing quickened and you the only sound was the blood rushing through your ears and your pulse banging at your temple.

“I hate you.” You whispered, because it had been silent for a couple seconds as Isaac took in a deep breath, about to continue his rant, before you had interrupted him.

“I hate you so much.” You continued, looking at his shocked face, at the look of hurt that flashed through his eyes. For a split second you regretted saying it, but you shook your head, tears spilling down your cheeks.

Why couldn’t he just be happy for you?

“You’re just like Dad!” You screamed, and his eyes widened, mouth falling open as you pushed past him, running out the door, not only hurt, but embarrassed, embarrassed because Scott had to see that crappy exchange and embarrassed because you thought that Isaac would actually feel happy for you.

You found a small door that led to a large balcony, the sound of electronic music fading as the door softly closed by itself. You sat on the floor, back against the wall as you kicked your heels off, resting your face in your hands, sobbing quietly to yourself.

You remembered your father, always saying that you wouldn’t find anyone. That you weren’t smart enough or pretty enough, you just weren’t enough. For years and years you believed him, you believed that you’d die alone, or just drown in unrequited love. Then Scott came along. He was nice and funny, and kind of dorky, and he cared for you.

Isaac dug that hole again, he threw open the closet doors and picked at your skeletons, even if you screamed for him to leave them alone. You felt sick to your stomach, not only with sadness, but also with rage. He had no right to speak to you like that; you were his sister for God’s sake.

You sniffled, resting your head against the wall as you stared up at the stars, but without Scott they didn’t shine as bright, without Scott they weren’t as beautiful.

Then the door flew open and you blinked, wiping hurriedly at your face to try and get rid of the stray tears on your cheeks.

“[Y/N].” Scott breathed a sigh of relief, dropping next to you as he slung an arm around your shoulder, pulling you towards him.

You stayed quiet, breathing in his cologne, trembling in embarrassment and panic.

“Do you still like me?” You whispered into his chest, and he rested his chin on your head, his thumb kneading at your bare arm.

“Yes, [Y/N], I still like you.” Scott whispered, and you sniffled in relief, pressing yourself into his chest.

“I like you a lot.” Scott continued, and you let some tears slip out, throwing your arms around him.

“Thank you.” You whispered, and Scott smiled, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

The two of you remained silent, staring up at the stars.

“You’re going to be just fine, [Y/N].” Scott reassured, and you squeezed your eyes shut, holding back tears.

“I know.” You whispered, looking at Scott’s face, then back at the stars, clutching his hand.

“I know.”