so he holds an unrequited love for his sister all along

Blue and White Blossoms

@sir-scandalous this is the hanahaki Shance au I mentioned, it was written a few months ago, and I pretty much forgot about it until you mentioned hanahaki disease in a post, and I remembered I wrote something for a hanahaki au. I posted it and hope you like it! 

It might be awful, I’m not the best author.

Lance sat on the observation deck, watching the stars and universe. It was once a dream, to go into space, and to travel the universe… Lance winced as his chest suddenly burst into flames nearly, it hurt, but it was gone just as quickly. He blinked at the stars, something he’s used to seeing so often now.

He managed to go into space, along with his team and rival, and his hero. Thrown into a war they didn’t know about, something ten thousand years in process. Fighting for the fate of the universe, to protect their home planet and many others, most of which had no idea they were even doing it.

It made Lance’s eyes burn with the beginning of tears, and he blinked them back. He was afraid of someone seeing him cry, of seeing his facade dropped. He wasn’t really useful, or talented, but the least he could do is keep the team together, happy and laughing, even if it means he will be hurt in the process and he would suffer in the dark, quiet and hidden.

Lance also knew he was far too self-sacrificing, taking on the anger of the others to keep them from fighting with themselves, hiding his pain and accepting others to bring out smiles. He knew it was not good to do it, but he was far too much like his oldest sister, too self-sacrificing and willing to suffer for others.

Ah, not good… Lance grimaced as he felt his eyes blur, wiping his tears, Lance stiffened as footsteps echoed in the halls, getting closer to him. Blinking away tears and plastering a fake smile, though he could feel he wasn’t doing to good at it, Lance kept his eyes locked on the stars, the footsteps stopped at the entrance, as if he surprised whomever it was he was there.

Well, of course he did, he shouldn’t be up so late anyways. Lance turned and blinked at the figure who had stopped in the doorway.

“Lance? What are you doing up?” Shiro asked, continuing to walk up to him. Lance almost flinched when the pain returned to his chest.

“Ah, Shiro. I couldn’t sleep, figured I would watch the stars.” Lance laughed as he looked out to the stars again, he was afraid to look at Shiro, he was found in a weak spot and he didn’t want Shiro to notice. He wasn’t a fool, he knew Shiro was more observant than he let on, and that was dangerous.

“Oh?” Shit, Shiro didn’t believe him “I hope you don’t mind me joining you” Shiro said and Lance nodded, trying to act tired to make up for his lack of boisterous nature.

Lance stared out at the stars and found his mind turning to his previous thoughts, his older sister Mira. He was very close to her and- Shaking his head discreetly, Lance forced his thoughts away, to talking with Blue, or teasing Pidge.

“Lance? You ok?” Shiro asked and Lance jumped a bit, Shiro was looking at him, trying to see his face. Lance blinked back more tears and turned to flash Shiro a smile.

“Of course!” Lance said, pulling on as much bravado as he could, but he was tired from holding up his mask all day, he hadn’t expected anyone to come into the observatory so he wasn’t prepared to throw it back up again.

“Lance.” Shiro was using that tone, Lance knew it too well, it wasn’t the Lance, enough tone, it was the I’m not that easy to fool, so start talking tone. He’s used it on Lance plenty enough times, but Lance always managed to escape it. No one was around to make a distraction, he couldn’t pick a fight with Keith, or use Hunk as a way of escape.

“I miss home.” Lance said, not entirely telling the truth. Shiro’s eyes softened as he nodded, Lance couldn’t help the feeling in his chest as he realized just how deep in love he was, and just how bad that was.

“We all do… It’s ok to be homesick, we all are. Protecting home is important too.” Shiro said and Lance bit his tongue to keep from lashing out, he was getting irritated, but he knew he shouldn’t be. He wasn’t used to being worried over, it was weird because he was so used to keeping people from noticing, he’s forgotten what it’s like.

“I-I know… I’m not going to leave, I just… feel bad for worrying my family, they have no idea where I am.” Lance said, before shaking his head and letting out a laugh, though it sounded empty to his own ears.


“I’m fine, just tired is all.” Lance said, standing up and backing away a bit. Shiro stood up as well, and when he reached out to set a comforting hand on Lance’s shoulder, Lance fled.

“Good night Shiro.” Lance said, before turning tail and nearly running from the room. He heard Shiro mutter a ‘good night’ too, but he had been so focused on getting away he didn’t register it much.

Making it to his room, Lance sat on his bed and closed his eyes, clutching his chest as it became difficult to breathe. Lance coughed suddenly, it hurt and burned as he violently tried to expel whatever was in his lungs.

Lance blinked at the handful of petal in his hand, a few violet ones and white petals, blood was with them. Not much blood, but there was still some. A little blood dripped from his chin and Lance used his free hand to wipe it off as he let out a laugh.

Lance knew it was possible, despite how rare it was. He seen it happen, and now, he get’s to learn more about it… Because the seeds have already been planted.

Now they’re blooming, and things are going to get difficult.

Lance had always been told he was so much like Mira, too self-sacrificing and too quick to take the pain of others. Too thoughtful, too selfless, too much kindness and not enough selfishness.

He was too much like his beloved oldest sister, too quick to make people happy, no matter how much it hurt…

Now he was even more like her, falling in love and it being unrequited. Too sentimental to give up his feeling of love, and too selfless to tell anyone about it in fear it becomes requited because of it.


Laughing bitterly, Lance crushed the flowers in his hand as he shook his head, tears falling. His love would not be requited, there was no possibility, and because he knew that, and accepted it, they bloomed.

Shoving the flowers into a drawer, Lance cleaned his hands before running one hand through his hair. He knew it was foolish, he was too selfless to fall in love, too quick to accept his fate, too dearly holding on to something knows he can’t have.

Maybe that’s why he laughed, knowing he couldn’t fix it. He knew when the seeds were planted, he knew it, because he knew his feelings, so he knew when they started.

Coughing more, Lance stuffed more flowers into the drawer, wiping his hands on his black flight suit. Sitting on his bed, Lance recalled the day he found out Mira had Hanahaki.

Lance sighed as he finally got home, he managed to escape his bullies. Mira was visiting and he was excited to see her. She had been seeming down lately, her skin grew paler, she lost her bright smiles and grins, and she began to lock herself away. She was coming home more often though, and he he tried to make her happy, telling her stories and adventures he had just to get her to laugh, because she was pretty when she laughed.

He was happy to see her, he never really asked about her, because his Mama and Papa would grow sad. So he kept quiet and waited for the times she would visit.

Running inside, he set his bag down and ran towards her room to see if she was already there, only to stop at gagging in the bathroom. Quietly peeking through the crack in the door, to see his beloved sister vomiting in the toilet. He went in to rub her back and hold her hair back, he did it for his other sisters when they were sick, and some of his long haired brothers. It always made him feel better to know he could help out, even if it was just a little.

“Hermana?” Lance whispered, and his eyes widened in horror when he saw her vomiting up flowers and blood… Lots of it. He panicked and rushed to her, hugging her and sobbing, all the while she cried and hugged him close, whispering in a hoarse voice about how sorry she was.

Two months later, Lance came home and looked for his sister, she began living with them again, only to find her collapsed on the floor, blood and flowers pooled around her body.

“Mama! Mama! Mira, Mama, Mira!” Lance frantically called his mother, who rushed home to find him wailing and hugging his sister. The flowers grew and wrapped around her lungs in vines and blossoms, filling them and tearing them open, while crushing her ribs. She suffocated on the flowers and blood, dying at the delicate age of 23.

It killed Lance inside.

“Lance! Wake up!” Hunk called through the door and Lance jumped, he hadn’t realized he had been so lost in his memories. Tears fell down his cheeks and he was shaking, wiping his eyes Lance frantically shut the drawer with the petals in it. Mira died long ago, twelve years ago, and… He might just join her.

Standing up, Lance put on his armor and left his room, meeting Hunk in the hallway. He missed breakfast so Hunk came to check on him. Lance smiled confidently as he patted Hunk’s shoulder, playing his normal overconfident self.

“Sorry Hunk, Beauty sleep is important!” Lance boasted as Hunk lead him to the kitchen. Him and Hunk talking as normal, the day going by like every other. Training, talking, bonding.

Of course, Lance limited his interactions with Shiro the best he could, because he loved him. It was a horrible thing to know it would never be requited, and he almost got over his feelings for the slightly older teen, only to suddenly help save him and be trapped on the same ship with him. He hid his feelings so well, at least, until he acknowledged he wouldn’t have his feelings returned.

Then the flowers bloomed and his chest began to burn and contract. It got worse the more Shiro smiled and praised, the more Shiro touched him, the more he looked at Shiro.

It hurt, so so much. He wouldn’t let anyone know, and always brushed off their concern with a joke or snarky comment. Shiro would look at him suspiciously, after running into him on the observation deck, Lance never returned, instead hanging out in Blue’s hangar.

Shiro obviously knew Lance was limiting their interactions, and he didn’t look pleased at all. Lance laughed and joked with Hunk, teased Pidge, and bickered with Keith as usual during lunch, but then Shiro walked in and Lance’s chest constricted painfully, the more he was around Shiro, the more his love solidified and the more flowers grew, constricted, and filled his lungs. Lance rubbed his chest, trying to make it seem unsuspicious, before he excused himself from lunch.

“I’m heading to visit Blue.” Lance said as he stood up, Shiro had been there for a few minutes, but the pain was getting bad, the disease was getting worse. Standing up, Lance quickly turned and left the room, aware someone was following him. Turning, Lance tensed, it was Hunk and the look on Hunk’s face told Lance this wasn’t going to be pleasant.

“Lance, you feeling ok?” Hunk asked and Lance went to sigh, but leaned against the wall with a shoulder as he coughed harshly into his hands, eyes widening at the horrible timing, blood poured into his hand, as well as a bunch of petals, blue and white. Hunk gasped in horror.

“Lance! You have Hanahaki?” Hunk cried and Lance looked around, glad no one seemed to hear, because no one came rushing up.

“Hunk shh! It’s fine.” Lance said as he stuffed the flowers and blood into his pocket. Hunk opened his mouth to argue, but Lance shook his head. “Please Hunk, don’t tell anyone.”

“Who? Who is it?” Hunk asked and Lance frowned, he couldn’t tell Hunk it was Shiro. If Shiro knew, he would reciprocate his feelings, and Lance would feel like shit. Hunk set a comforting hand on Lance’s back as they leaned against the wall, Hunk partially blocked Lance from the end of the hallway where the kitchen was. The comforting affection and trust in him had Lance breaking, he couldn’t lie to Hunk anymore, he couldn’t do that to his best friend.

“I-It's… It’s Shiro.” Lance whispered, and Hunk blinked before he began to hug Lance closer. “I didn’t think I fell so hard. It’s… It started blooming when I realized I couldn’t be with him, it… It wasn’t possible.”

“This is going to be just like-” Hunk swallowed heavily, the weight of it hitting him. “Just like Mira…” Lance just nodded, and it was quiet before Hunk took a deep breath and sighed.

“Ok… I won’t tell anyone. But if they find out on their own, I’m not covering.”

“Thank you Hunk.” Lance whispered, leaning into Hunk as he wrapped him in an embrace, Lance loved Hunk’s hugs, it was comforting and warm. It felt safe, even with him dying. It hurt so much more to force his best friend to keep his feelings hidden, the chest pressure and pain was horrible, but he hated doing this to Hunk.

“You know, now I’m dying in a beautiful way.” Lance joked dryly and Hunk groaned as he tightened his grip. Hunk was a great friend, and though he knew Hunk would be distraught about Lance refusing to confess to Shiro, he still would keep his promise. The cure was right there, and Lance refused it, and it was going to kill Hunk inside.

“Please don’t joke about this… Never something this serious.” Hunk said and Lance nodded, before he was released and Hunked watched him go to the Blue lion’s hangar. Lance spent a lot of time there, Hunk often seen him sitting with the Blue lion and talking to her, sometimes he was in the Blue lion, sometimes just polishing her metal. The two were close, even Coran and Allura admitted that Lance and Blue had an unusually strong bond, even for the blue lion being the one of loyalty, bravery, and courage.

Hunk sighed as he turned to go back to the kitchen, blinking a bit in surprise as Shiro stepped out, nearly bumping into him.

“Oh, Hunk. Is Lance ok?” Shiro asked and Hunk nodded, smiling as he rubbed his neck.

“Yeah, Lance is ok. Just a little homesick is all.” Hunk said, turning and going into the kitchen, he was a terrible liar, and if he didn’t get away, he’d break his promise to Lance.

Shiro noticed it more during training, a while after Hunk found out. He had been noticing Lance was seemingly ignoring him, only talking with him when it came to missions, training, or when Shiro scolded him. Lance wasn’t joking around or just talking with him anymore, and it hurt.

Lance had been sparring with Keith when he had jolted, and slid around Keith before dropping his bayard and bolting from the room.

“Bathroom.” was all he choked out as Keith blinked in surprise and the others confusedly looked at each other. Hunk worriedly watched the door, Shiro nearly chased him down, but decided to wait.

It was nearly twenty minutes before Lance finally came back, his eyes were slightly puffy and his hair was ruffled a bit, most likely from running his hands through it. Lance looked pale, and that’s extremely worrying because the teen was normally tan. Lance laughed off their concern his hands stuffed into the pockets of his armor.

Keith grouched at Lance for running off in the middle of their spar, poking at Lance for being afraid, and Lance pointed a dark, kind of damp looking, gloved hand at Keith saying something about Keith’s mullet making him sick.

Shiro sighed and broke up the impending argument, catching on to the quick dodge Lance made to avoid Shiro’s touch. Turning and huffing, Lance turned to Hunk. Nothing was said, but Hunk smiled and Lance grinned back, something didn’t feel right and Shiro resisted the urge to force Lance to speak up. There was something he was missing.

If it was serious, Lance would say something. He never hesitated to say anything before.

“Let’s continue.” Lance said, turning back to Keith after retrieving his bayard. Shiro watched in concern as Lance sparred with Keith, he was hiding something, and it was bothering Shiro…

More frustrating, Lance was avoiding Shiro.


Shiro didn’t want to bring it up, and he kept telling himself Lance would tell him eventually. Lance, however, continued to joke around and play it off, avoiding him, and coughing into his hand and dismissing it. Shiro admitted that if it wasn’t for the slight red on Lance’s hand, Shiro may have let it be.

Lance hid it well, frighteningly well that if he hadn’t caught on to something being wrong, he wouldn’t have known. Anytime someone brought up his cough, he would brush it off with his usual overconfidence and bravado. Shiro kept telling himself that if it was serious, Lance would tell him, but the way Lance has been avoiding their interactions made it clear he wouldn’t. So when Lance suddenly got up from dinner, spewing some excuse and bolting, Shiro followed him.

Lance had run to the bathroom and was crouched to to the toilet, huffing and coughing. Lance laughed weakly as he ran a shaking hand through his hair.

“Haha, figures…ack.” Shiro flinched when Lance started coughing, and vomiting, the sound of liquid hitting the toilet made Shiro worry. At first, he sounded like he had a space flu or something, but then Lance leaned back on his heels and put his slightly red stained hands on his knees, and Shiro caught sight of the blood splatters on the toilet seat and flower petals. Frozen in horror, Shiro watched as Lance suddenly threw himself over the toilet again and began vomiting more blood and petals, a lot of it.

“Lance?!” Shiro yelled as he rushed up, Lance’s eyes widening in horror at the sight of Shiro. “What’s going on?!” Shiro demanded and Lance scrambled and flushed the toilet, and blocked the blood on the seat as he faced Shiro.

“Nothing! It’s just the space flu!” Lance said quickly, and Shiro floundered for a minute, he didn’t actually know what space flu looked like, but this didn’t seem right.

Lance.” Shiro knew his sounded angry, and Lance flinched before standing up and shoving his hands in his pocket, his tense shoulders relaxed as Lance sighed, though it sounded rough. Lance could feel the barbs and vines in his throat and lungs.

“Seriously Shiro, it’s just the space flu, I didn’t say anything because it’ll just pass.” Lance said and Shiro pinched the bridge of his nose in anger, and to hide his hurt. He hated that Lance was hiding something from him, he may not know what the space flu looked like but something in the back of his head was telling him- screaming at him not to believe what Lance was saying, that something wasn’t right.

“I-Next time, you better tell what the hell is really going on.” Shiro said, his voice was intimidating and Lance looked away as Shiro stormed out of the bathroom, too angry to stay there and too afraid to let his hurt show and cause a problem. He was angry that Lance was lying to him, afraid that Lance didn’t trust him, it made his chest ache and burn.

Lance sagged on the bathroom floor, weakly breathing as tears welled up in his eyes. Brushing them away, he cleaned the blood up and the flowers, before making his way to his room. Lance was relieved that Shiro didn’t seem to remember what Hanahaki was, but he was also disgusted in himself for being caught.

“What am I supposed to do? I’m a fool.” Lance whispered to no one as he fell onto his back, the soft and comforting Altean mattress didn’t help his despair. Lance curled into himself and cried, quiet sobs and his body wracking in pain. The flowers blooming in his chest making it hard to breathe.

He was hurting everyone he loved, this disease was horrible. It was getting harder to hide, but now that Shiro knew, Lance was terrified everyone else would know. Blinking his teary eyes, Lance couldn’t stop the horrible memories from getting to him.

Mira coughing up blood and flowers, Angela starting to as well before being put into surgery. Lance threw and arm over his eyes as he let out a watery chuckle, though his chest burned and tightened.

“I’m sorry.” he whispered, he wasn’t going to have his feelings removed with the flowers. It was horrible. Angela never truly loved after that, and the one she loved never connected to her again, their bond ruined by the feelings being taken. He couldn’t risk ruining the bond, however fragile it must be now, with Shiro.

He couldn’t risk it, only hope that he could last long enough to do his duty until his death. Lance’s blue eyes dripped tears, locked onto the ceiling as he bitterly laughed, though it hurt terribly.

“It’s unfair.” His muttered, the beautiful flowers that fell from his lips, white hydrangeas and blue wisteria blossoms. Unfairly beautiful signs of his upcoming death. He always hated Hanahaki, it took Mira, shattered his family, stole an important bond from little Angela. She was only twelve, she didn’t deserve such a fate at a young age.

Sleep stole him away, into a darkness too terrifyingly familiar. Hospitals and graves, the very flowers trapped in his beloved sisters lungs graced the floor as she had her love taken, and familiar beautiful flowers gracing a far too familiar grave. Nightmares of memories, his broken family, his sisters, his scared little siblings, sad older siblings, his Mama’s broken heart, his Papa crying for the first time, but not the last.

Lance shot up in his bed, tears cascading down his face as he covered his mouth to muffle the screams that he knew would have been ripping from his throat had the flowers not been choking him. Coughing more up in the bathroom, Lance stumbled toward the hangars, he wanted to talk to Blue, to apologize for being too weak to give up his love. Only, he bumped into Keith, who was coming out of his room.

“What? What the hell are you doing up?” Keith whispered, but Lance only shook his head, reigning himself into control.

“Don’t worry about it mullet.” Lance said with his usual snark, but Keith only narrowed his eyes.

“What’s going on with you? Everyone is worried sick!” Keith hissed and Lance turned away, he could tell Keith was clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, he was too easily angered and impatient.

“Nothing you need to worry about mullet. It shouldn’t matter.” Lance said, he felt bad for his irritation, but he didn’t want Keith to know. He didn’t want anyone to know at all. Pulling from Keith’s reach, Lance turned and stalked down the hall to Blue, Keith fuming in the hallway. As soon as he was out of sight, Lance ran to Blue, rushing up to her as he coughed a few more flowers up.

“Hey Blue, I’m sorry.” He said as he ran a hand along her metal paw, the resounding purr through their bond and link comforted him.

Worry… Paladin… Affection. Lance smiled at the feelings, and laughed a bit at the image of them flying together.

“Of course Blue, til the moment every blossom stops.” Lance said and Blue rumbled in sadness, and Lance lowered his eyes a bit.

“I know, but there isn’t anything we can do Blue, I’m weak, I can’t risk it. I’m so sorry.” Lance said and Blue rumbled again, bending her head down so Lance could rub her nose, even though he knew she couldn’t feel it. He still did it because he knew she enjoyed it.

“I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise you something I can’t control. Night Blue.” Lance whispered, watching his lion return to her position. Leaving the hangar, Lance headed back to his room.


Training the next day was awful, everyone was tensed and watching him in worry. Pidge knew something was off, but because no one said anything or jumped at him, Lance knew no one but Hunk knew of his disease. Shiro didn’t remember what it was, and he didn’t seem to go to Pidge with his concerns, so Lance continued training.

He did well, despite the pain and suffocating feeling. It wasn’t until Lance suddenly leaned over and began gasping as a flower blocked his air way. Coughing, Lance’s eyes widened in horror as everyone rushed over to him. Shaking away the hands and escaping, Lance collapsed against the wall of the training room, he faintly heard someone stop the training. Lance held a hand against the wall for support as everyone called out for him in worry, but his vision was going dark as he tried to dislodge the flower in his throat.

It was a full patch of Hydrangea, not just a few tiny individual blossoms. Lance weakly groaned as someone grabbed his shoulders.

Shit…” Was all he gasped out, as he slumped down, everything going dark.


Lance sprung up from the bed he was laid in, the burning in his chest and constriction was still there. Blinking, Lance barely registered someone speaking, maybe to him or not… He couldn’t tell.

“M-Mira…” Lance choked out as a petal fell from his lips. Suddenly, he noticed someone was shaking him. Eyes adjusting, he realized it was Coran, and he was speaking.

“C-Coran?” Lance asked Coran sighed, Pidge was in the room too. Rubbing his eyes, Lance turned to Coran.

“Pidge and Hunk explained to me what this Hanahaki disease is. Quiet odd that flowers grow in your chest. But! It would be rather easy to remove them, despite that you have a rather lot.” Coran said and Lance shook his head, waving off Coran as he stood.

“Lance, don’t be stupid.” Pidge said and Lance sighed as he tested his balance, before sticking his hands into his pocket.

“I’m not… I know what this does.” Lance said and Pidge rubbed her eyes. Lance groaned as he turned to face her.

“Lance! This isn’t something you can just brush off!” Pidge yelled, frustrated tears collecting in her eyes as Coran set a hand on her shoulder.

“If nothing changes, you’ll be getting the surgery no matter what.” Coran stated and Lance shot a bitter look at the Altean.

“No. Nope. Not gonna happen.” Lance said as he stalked towards the door, Pidge groaned and followed him, but he didn’t miss her worry.

“Lance, we need to tell the others. You shouldn’t be hiding this.” Pidge spoke up and Lance whirled on her, a horrified and fear wracked expression.

“No!” Lance said and Pidge jumped, before Lance turned away and covered his eyes. “Please, just… Let me tell them, I just need a little time.”

“Lance! You have fucking flowers in your lungs!” Pidge cried out exasperated and Lance turned to look at her, blue eyes glistening with tears.

“Please Pidge.” Lance muttered and Pidge’s breath hitched but she nodded, though he knew she would tell them if he didn’t sometime soon.


Lance didn’t get to his room in time, hoping to avoid Shiro. He knew the others knew he had Hanahaki, but he knew Keith and Hunk wouldn’t say anything. Keith, because he probably was too emotionally distraught and Hunk was probably panicking so they wouldn’t be able to explain.

Lance seen his room, but failed to get there because Shiro suddenly grabbed him by the waist, pinning him to the wall. Lance tried to force his feelings down, he couldn’t start blushing and stuttering, this wasn’t the time.

“You aren’t going anywhere, now talk.” Shiro growled out, his flesh arm was gripping his waist and his Galra arm was on the wall beside Lance’s head.

“I-I don’t know-” Shiro caged Lance in more at Lance’s attempt at escaping. Shiro narrowed his eyes as he kept Lance trapped.

“Lance-” Shiro was cut off as Lance shook his head, trying to figure a way to escape.

“It’s nothing Shiro!” Lance exasperatedly said, he couldn’t tell him it was because he loved him. It would put unnecessary blame on Shiro. He couldn’t blame himself if Lance never told him.

“This isn’t nothing Lance!” Shiro yelled and Lance tried pushing Shiro away, but the slightly older teen refused. Fully pinning Lance against the wall, Shiro narrowed his eyes, daring Lance to lie.

Then the alarms went off, signalling they were under attack. Shiro growled as he narrowed his eyes at Lance.

“We aren’t done talking.” Shiro said, before letting Lance free, and they both ran to the hangars. Getting into their lions, Lance let out a relieved breath.

Lance felt awful, Shiro may have sounded angry, but Lance has a lot of siblings, he knew when someone was using anger to hide worry and fear.

The Galra kept them from forming Voltron, so they had to fight separately. Lance coughed up more flowers, Blue keeping them from being damaged while he threw up more flowers and blood. It was getting worse, the flowers were nearly fully bloomed and there was more blood.

Lance glanced at the controls and sighed a bit, the rest were doing good. Rushing and clearing more ships, Lance cursed in spanish as he was knocked to the ground. Blue was knocked out of commission for the most part. Lance could hear the others yelling at him as he left Blue, yelling at him to return to the controls.

“Blue’s out of commission, gonna have to do it the hard way.” Lance yelled back, shooting all the Galra rushing towards him, shooting ships out of the sky, protecting Blue the best he could.

“Lance! It’s not safe!” Shiro yelled at him, and Lance felt bad, there was terror in Shiro’s tone and he couldn’t help but like the concern. Shoving it back, Lance choked as his body felt on fire, his chest was crushing and he couldn’t breathe, but he kept shooting.

It wasn’t long till Blue jumped back in and blasted a Glara ship out of the sky, saving Lance from what would have been his demise. The battle was done and Lance could hear everyone breathing out and calming down over the comms.

“Lance?” Hunk spoke and Lance put his bayard away. Grunting, Lance began coughing violently, the terrified voices of his friends nearly overlapping each other over the comms.


“Shit! Lance!”

“What the hell is going on Lance?!”

“Don’t you dare Lance!”

Lance blinked at the waterfalls of blood and flowers falling from his lips. Blinking blearily, Lance heard him being yelled at not to pass out. Lance laughed though, as he hunched over and began vomiting up more waterfalls of blood and flowers, so beautiful despite the fact that it was a sign he was going to die soon.

“Lance! Shit, don’t- god please!” Shiro cried into the comms, and Lance felt himself chuckle bitterly. He didn’t see his life flash before his eyes like in books or something, he just felt the pulling sensation in the back of his mind. He was in a lot of pain, and he felt weak as the world seemed to darken.

“O-Oh shit…” Lance said as the black lion landed near him, he looked at the ridiculous amount of blood and flowers, there was so much.

Lance finished coughing, and blinked at the figure running towards him as he crumpled. He got caught before fully hitting the ground as all the lions landed. Blinking up, Lance realized Shiro was yelling at him and looked on the verge of tears.

“Lance! Shit shit shit, don’t close your eyes!” Shiro was yelling, not understanding what was going on as the others dropped to their knees around him. He vaguely noted that Shiro wasn’t mad anymore, if anything, he look horrified.

“Shit! Why didn’t you tell anyone you had Hanahaki?” Keith yelled and Lance let out a pained cough, another flower falling from his mouth.

“I-I did…” Lance weakly said and Hunk shook his head.

“You should have told us all, not convinced me to keep quiet.” Hunk cried and the group began to panic. Pidge muttering quick explanations on the Hanahaki disease while Shiro rushed Lance to his lion. Hunk and Yellow brought Blue up to the castle ship while Shiro panicked with Lance and his fading pulse.

“Shit, god, Lance please.” Shiro muttered in panic as tears fell. He didn’t know what to do, he was missing to many memories, he couldn’t remember what Hanahaki disease’s cure is or if there even was a cure. His chest was burning and he felt like he was suffocating, fear and terror ripping him apart at the seams.

“I-It’s F-Fine…” Lance weakly said as he struggled to breathe, the flowers were getting worse, it was almost time. It’s been going on since they left Earth, but Lance has loved Shiro longer than that, which was why it was so bad.

“It’s not! Please, oh shit, Lance don’t leave… What do I do?” Shiro was definitely panicking now as they landed in the hangars.

“D-Don’t… Don’t let them… re-remove my l-love.” Lance muttered and Shiro blinked, before he finally remembered.

“Shit shit, who do you love? Fuck, we can find a way to-”

“S-Shiro… S-Stop…” Lance whispered and Shiro began to sob as he ran from his lion to the infirmary.

“Y-You can’t die! P-Please, d-don’t leave us… Don’t leave me.” Shiro cried, his hidden feelings, locked and pushed way coming to light. The others remained quiet as Pidge cried with Hunk, and Keith kept his eyes cast on the floor, tears dripping from his chin, Allura and Coran unable to do anything.

“S-Sorry…. S-Shiro.” Lance muttered as he lifted a shaky hand to Shiro’s cheek, having been placed on a medical bed. Shiro felt his chest burn, it hurt so bad, but he was too distraught to care.

“Please Lance… I love you.” Shiro begged, the last part his whispered as he closed his eyes and sobbed, the other paladins already past that point as they openly sobbed, wailed, and cried. Allura turned away and Coran covered his teary face in his hand.

Lance fell limp, and that was what shattered everyone. Shiro stood up, his chest aching as he brushed Lance’s hair back. Lance’s head fell to the side, everyone calmed down and grief strickenly moved over to Lance.

Only for blood and flowers to fall from his lips, Lance began to violently cough and hack it up. The blood stopped coming, but Lance continued to cough.


“Shit, breathe man breathe!”

“He’s choking Keith, he can’t breathe!”

“Not the time Pidge!”

“Q-Quiznak-” Lance muttered before violently coughing again, Shiro helped him sit up, though Lance kept leaned over as he hacked up flowers. There were so many that just piled up, Shiro was terrified, and the other’s panicked as they tried to help, rubbing Lance’s back, helping Lance remove the flora by gently pulling the flowers and vines out.

It was a long painful process, but Lance finally fell still. Panicked, Pidge checked his pulse, but breathed in relief at the weak, but still there, pulsing. Lance was quickly scanned and laid back down, until those last few flowers come out, Coran couldn’t put him into a cryopod. Shiro didn’t let anyone try to perform the surgery, Lance had been adamant about that.

Then, about an hour later, Lance began coughing again, so they helped him up and lean over, as more flowers fell, then silence.

Everyone started crying, he was breathing, and coughing, but no more flowers fell from his lips. Coran scanned him again, before rushing him into a cryopod.

Then it was a waiting game. Shiro never left the room, watching Lance rest in the pod and heal, others came in and watched over him, or made Shiro eat.

Not once did Shiro leave the infirmary.


Lance vaguely remembered collapsing after the battle was over, he remembered darkness and flowers, then he remembered Shiro holding him and crying as Lance talked to him, but Shiro didn’t hear him over his panic and tears.

It’s fine… I accepted this… He remembered thinking that he was going to die choking on his blood and pretty flowers, though he thought it was nice to be in the arms of someone he loved.

Then Mira crossed his mind, she died alone, in pain and suffering, and Lance felt awful to have the person he loved hold him while he died.

Then he was thrown into darkness again, blood and familiar flowers surrounded him. White hydrangeas, blue wisteria, all so pretty, but they floated endlessly in the blood. Lance cupped one in his hands, vaguely aware that something was off, but unable to register it. Looking at his reflection in the blood, Lance noticed blood dripped from his chin and ran down his bare chest to meet the blood he was waist deep in.


Blinking he looked around, someone was calling him… Who was it?


Shaking his head, he turned back to the blood, only to see a woman in white sitting in a white boat. She was beckoning him with a hand, her skin was nearly translucent, her eyes were closed and long bright hair framed her face. There were flowers falling from her mouth, the same ones Lance seen all around him.


Hesitant, Lance decided to ignore the voice, going to the woman. The flowers were beautiful, and maybe she would lead him to other flowers. Reaching to touch the blue wisteria blossoms on the bow of her boat, Lance ripped his hand away as a familiar voice called out again.

Please Lance!

The woman beckoned him more impatiently, and Lance reached out again.

I love you.

Lance blinked as the voice finally opened his eyes. Shiro? Lance wondered, turning from the woman, and looking out over the blood and blackness, tons of white hydrangeas and blue wisteria floated in the blood, but Lance couldn’t see the source of the voice. Suddenly, Lance began to sink in the blood, it whirled around him with the flowers, the woman and boat disappearing.

“Quiznak.” Lance muttered as he was suddenly coughing up flowers and shit tons of them. A little blood too, he heard people talking but he was exhausted, his chest hurt and he felt like he was under water, so everything sounded distorted.

Next thing Lance knew, he was stumbling out of the cryopod, confused, dazed, and tired. Someone caught him, and on instinct, Lance tried to pull away.

“Lance!” the person holding him cried out in relief, and Lance blinked, he couldn’t quite think, his mind fuzzy from the pain he had been in and just coming from the cryopod.

“W-Wha? W-Who?” Lance muttered, coughing violently, but no blood or flowers came out thankfully.

“It’s me, Shiro. Pidge, Hunk, Keith, Coran and Allura too.” The voice said and Lance nodded weakly.

“Ugh… Am I dead?” Lance groaned as he suddenly dropped limp, he heard his name being yelled and then nothing.

Shiro jumped at the sound of Lance’s cryopod opening, the tired teen stumbled out and into Shiro’s arms, saving him from hitting the ground. Shiro hugged him close, so relief swarming his being. The burning lessened, but was still there.

“Lance!” Shiro cried in relief, everyone else jumping and rushing over. Lance coughed violently, but no blood or flowers fell.

“W-Wha? W-Who?” Lance muttered, sounding dazed as he finished coughing. Shiro pulled away a bit as he smiled at Lance.

“It’s me, Shiro. Pidge, Keith, Hunk, Coran and Allura too.” Shiro said, watching Lance in worry. Lance blinked slowly before he nodded weakly.

“Ugh…Am I dead?” Then he suddenly collapsed, but he was still breathing. Shiro hugged him close, before lifting him up. Nodding to the others, they followed Shiro to Lance’s room, only to grimace when they opened the door. Blood and flower petals littered his bed and floor, a half open drawer was filled with bloody flowers, they didn’t even dare look in the bathroom.

“I’ll… put him in my room.” Shiro said and the others nodded, Coran and Hunk moving to clean Lance’s room while Pidge and Keith worriedly watched Lance be moved to Shiro’s room.

Setting Lance down, Shiro covered him and breathed out in relief. The pain in his chest was gone, Lance was alive and breathing. Standing up, Shiro quickly pressed a kiss to Lance’s forehead. He’d apologize for being mad when Lance woke up and was coherent.

He cornered and yelled at Lance because he was worried and upset that Lance was lying to him and hiding things from him. He was fed up with Lance running and avoiding him to, so he pinned Lance to get answers.

Who knew his desperation to strengthen their bond would bring so many complications? For now, Shiro just wanted Lance to be ok.

They would figure the rest out later.

Well there it is, I know it’s short and probably a mess. I love the Hanahaki disease Au, its a great way to have angst and tragedy.

Serendipity [ Min Yoongi ]

Originally posted by kuromel


Summary: [requested] college!au w/ yoongi where he treats you like his little sister and he keeps talking to other girls so you decide to push your feelings aside and distance yourself and talk to other guys but then yoongi gets jealous and then confessed.

Genre : Slight angst, fluff  |  Warning : Curse words 

A.N : Let me know what you think! Not really proof-read to there may be some mistakes  


[Y/N] hated Min Yoongi. She hated his jet black hair and his gummy smile and the way his eyes crinkled when he laughed. She hated how warm and comfortable his hugs were and how their hands fit together perfectly. She hated the way he looked at her, how his gaze softened, the slight indifference replaced with fondness. She hated his laughter and his stupid smirk and his nagging rant whenever she made a dumb mistake. She hated how he made her heart raced like a racing horse and her cheeks flushed pink like she just ran a marathon. She loathed the fact that he always knew how to make her smile, that she didn’t like it when he ignored her, or that he knew that she always slept halfway through a movie because being in his arms was just too damn comfortable. She hated how how he made her fall in love with him without any effort. But out of everything, she mostly hated Min Yoongi for treating her like a sister.

Like what he was doing right now.


“Okay, that’s enough alcohol for you.” Yoongi took away the red cup from her hand, poured out the alcoholic beverages that smelled too strong for his liking, and gave her a bottled water. “Drink this.”

“I’m not a child.” [Y/N] grumbled, taking the bottle nevertheless. “Why do you care anyway. Go find your girlfriend and ignore me like you did the past hour.” She childishly mumbled, the alcohol slowly taking control of her speech. In her defense, she was really mad and tired and disappointed. But this was a party and she was drunk, which gave her a valid excuse to lash out like a little kid. Yoongi raised his eyebrows as he leaned back on the kitchen counter and crossed his arms in front of his chest, eyes fixed on her pinked cheeks and the way she swayed whenever she tried to move.

“You are to me.” Yoongi replied with a small smile despite his frustration at her drunkenness, memories of them hanging out together when they were kids flashed through his mind. He supposed it had been ingrained in him to always take care of her. “Careful, brat.” He grabbed her arms before her face collided with the marble floor. He was about to scold her when she looked up at him with a sad smile and all anger in him dissipated. His expression softened as he helped her up, holding her waist to keep her steady. “You look sad.” He softly said, feeling a little tug at his heart.

She laughed and shook her head. Yoongi might be a genius at music composition and rapping but he sure was dumb as a fucking prawn when it comes to noticing her feelings.

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You Me Her

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 

Chapter Five: A Midsummer Nightmare

Word Count: 5306

↠ ♥ ↞

Abigail Adam’s production of Grease showed for three nights in early February of Riley’s freshman year. Riley and Kai played the quirky but loveable Jan and Putzie and during the rehearsal period Riley felt comfortable playing a ‘minor roll’ as she commonly referred to it. Kai kept stressing to Riley that being a Pink Lady was not minor by any means and she shouldn’t minimise her importance to the production. His encouraging words sent Riley into a nervous tailspin and she began worrying about messing the routines up for everyone with her clumsy habits. Kai happily put in countless hours with Riley after scheduled rehearsals. So much so that by opening night Riley could perform the entire play with her eyes closed. Even the parts that she wasn’t in. 

After a month of rehearsals and Riley’s involvement in the drama club her friendship with Kai had completely solidified at this point. Kai would eat dinner with the Matthews at least three times a week, which was three times a week more than Maya had been lately. 

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One Dance Club // Cheryl

Prompt #1: “Why are we at a strip club?”
Prompt #20: “Let’s have some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone.”

Author: Caitsy

Warning: Possible swearing, strip club, drugs (mentioned), underage drinking, and biker gang

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. The name of the club is actually the title of a song which I also do not own at all.

Summary: The group got together for a small get together before finals arrived at their doorsteps. Things have changed with Cheryl hanging out with the group more since the support she needed came from them. During the game the Reader’s secrets come out with shock of a family business and a relationship.

Requested: Yes.

A/N: Sorry for the length of time it took to get this out! I’m going through a couple personal problems but I’m getting this out. Plus I’ve been planning my tattoo I’m getting for my birthday this month!

Master List

Prompt List


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Cheryl was a different person to everyone with a strange personality that but if anything she was eve more bitchy after her brother’s death. You weren’t sure how you had become friends with the redheaded girl but it developed even further when she started to depend on you for support. The summer before junior year was a very odd year but with Cheryl putting her brother’s death behind her she needed something different.

During sophomore year so many things changed drastically from Betty no longer staring at Archie was unrequited love. She spent a lot of her time with Jughead for the paper and when he rejoined hanging out with Archie. Near the end of the year Cheryl began to hang out with the group to be more with you.

Everyone was in your house for a small get together to get ready for the upcoming summer following the coming finals week. It was the typical get together that included games and alcohol because what party doesn’t have that? The couples all sat together  with Betty and Jughead inconspicuously holding hands as if nobody knew they had been dating since early sophomore year. Archie was sitting by himself because whatever he had had with Valerie had ended almost as soon as it had started. Kevin and Veronica were sitting next to each other while Cheryl was glued to you.

“Let’s have some fun a little truth or dare never hurt anyone before.” You smirked as everyone straightened up.

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You Again Part 5

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pairing: jungkook x reader x jimin

genre: fluff and angst + college au

word count: 1016

part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Jimin had been the first to notice.

The way you looked at Jungkook like he was an entire galaxy of stars. The way Jungkook’s cheeks always became a deep scarlet whenever you hugged him. Jimin’s eyes always lingered on you for a little too long so it was almost instantaneous that he realised that whenever he was looking at you, you were always looking at someone else. He had just begun to fall for you but quickly realised that you had already become head over heels for his best friend.

He told himself to ignore his own emotions and to give up because Jimin was a lot of things but he was never one to be selfish. It just isn’t in his nature. Especially when it came to love. He had always been the person that gave more than he received and this often caused his heart to become more weary than he would like to admit, just because not everyone reciprocated the love and sincerity that encapsulated Park Jimin. Whenever it came to liking someone, he always believed that he would never stand a chance and quickly pulled himself out of the equation. The universe was bent on working against him and this time Jungkook just happened to be the tool that the universe had decided to use

Jeon Jungkook. 5’ 10. Athletic. Talented. Who wouldn’t fall for him? Jimin had reasoned but it didn’t help with the pit in his stomach every time he witnessed you and Jungkook slowly falling into the depths of each other. It pained him, but both Jungkook and you were his friends and he wasn’t about to let his own emotions ruin this.

Because he loved you, he decided to give up. Because he loved you, he wanted you to feel the love that he was never able to receive from you and most importantly, he wanted you to be happy. Even if that meant you being together with someone other than him. So, he decided that he would take matters into his own hands and make sure you were happy with Jungkook. If not, he knew he would be too tempted to make you his.

“Y/N, you like Jungkook don’t you?” Jimin’s words had hit home for you. It was an issue that always came up in your mind but not without you constantly avoiding it and pushing the thoughts away. You were happy living in denial if it meant you could avoid rejection. You were far too afraid to do anything about your feelings even though Jungkook seemed to be appearing in your dreams more often than what would be considered normal.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about” you replied sheepishly. If you were going to convince yourself that you didn’t like Jungkook, then you had to convince others too but Jimin wasn’t buying it.

“I’ve seen the way you look at him. Why can’t you just admit that you like him Y/N?” He wanted to make sure that you were going to face your feelings but he also had to completely shut down his own feelings for you and in order for that to happen, he needed to hear you say that you liked Jungkook to entirely fuse out all the hope he had, even if it wasn’t much to begin with.

You knew. He knew. But you just didn’t want to let yourself say it out loud because if you did, it would all feel too real and that would mean that your feelings were true. You didn’t want to risk your friendship with Jungkook but you also didn’t want to get hurt. After all, why would someone like him even fall for someone like me? 

Unrequited love had been something that you became quite familiar with over the years. Having a crush on someone always made you over analyse little thing that he did and in the end, you were the one that added things together and thought nothing to be something.

The first guy you had liked was your best friend high school. The two of you were inseparable and naturally told each other everything. He didn’t exactly lead you on but the thought of maybe, he likes me too always lingered in the back of your head. It had been unhealthy the way he consumed your thoughts and the way you still acted as though there was nothing in fear of destroying a friendship that had lasted so long.

Then, senior year came along and with it heart breaks from your end and the revelation of his true feelings that he had towards you. He thought of you as nothing but a sister. A lump had formed in your throat and you struggled to hold your tears back as you quickly ran away because you didn’t want him to be there when you could no longer control the waterfall that came from your eyes. That day, on the lonely walk back home, you had cried your heart out. He would usually accompany you on your way back since his house was only a five minutes walk on your own but as you were making your way back by yourself that day, you felt completely and utterly hollow as the hoped that you had held on for so long smithereens that had been crushed by the hurricane of his words. 

After that, you didn’t dare hope again. You built up your walls and told yourself that you weren’t going to fall in love but then Jungkook came along. Damn Jeon Jungkook and his smile. You suddenly became hyper aware of every interaction that you had with him and you didn’t want history to repeat itself because there is no way Jungkook would fall for you. He was only a freshman, like you, but he was already the talk of the school. Most girls would kill for a chance to be with him so why of all people would he want you. He’s out of my league. You had to guard your heart, and quickly before things became a mess. 

author’s note: sorry for the kinda short chapter but i think this part shows a little more background and gives more insight to y/n’s history with love and her own feelings towards jimin and jungkook… anws thanks for reading!

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Request: Hi there! I’ve just discovered your blog. I wondered if you could do a really flirty/sexy deanxreader one shot for me where Dean joked about the reader never seducing anyone so one night she has an idea of acting like as sexy as she can by straddling him (they aren’t together and Dean is like really surprised at what came over her) and eating whipped cream off him but it’s funny as well because she knocks stuff over and basically things just go wrong. Then it’s full of snarky comments?

Summary: Dean x Reader. 

Triggers: None

Word Count: 2432

Y/N = Your name  Y/L/N = Your last name  Y/H/C = Your hair colour

Sorry this took so long! I am awful Oo

“Damn it! If we can’t find a way to get closer to him we’ll never get the info we need,” Dean said, unceremoniously dropping the book he was reading back onto the mahogany table.

“Well, this guy likes women right?” You said, thinking out loud from where you were lounging on the couch with a book of your own. “What if I go in? Try to seduce the info out of him so to speak,” Placing the book you had been reading on the table beside you before twisting  to turn so that you were lying on your stomach, facing the guys at the large study table.

Dean’s eyes widened, as he looked at you. Nearly choking on his drink at your suggestion. “You? And what could you do (Y/N)?” He chuckled, looking down at you from his seat with mild amusement. As if the idea of you seducing someone was nothing if not laughable.

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Unrequited lover

A/n: sooooooo I killed myself writing this, unrequited love, and all that shit. PLEASE leave me comments and replies and anything and everything to me! 17: we were in love once that just doesn’t go away

Blonde hair. Olive skin that burned to the touch. Full pink lips encasing yours, leaving a trail of fire along your collarbones. A grin that left your stomach aching in the best way and hands that knew just how to hold onto you and touch you in the right way.

Brown messy hair. The same olive skin but dark brown eyes that burned into yours. Hands that held you that didn’t have the same touch but they were hands that you belonged to. Hands that you professed love to, your lover. While the other was forbidden, he didn’t belong to you neither you him.

Worst of all was they were brothers.

The one you loved had blonde hair and bright blue eyes sparkling with mischief, not the brown haired messy boy you were supposed to.


Laughing you shoved at the boys chest, “stop it! Tha’s not funny.” Falling back on his back he laughed, taking your hips in his hands “then why’re you laughing?” You smirked shaking your head and threw a leg over his hips “you.” Moving so you were straddling him you steadied yourself on his chest “are.” He had an eyebrow ticked while you ducked down, hair incasing the pair of you “a bad influence.” He grinned as you pecked his lips, humming lightly whispering “I’m the bad influence whilst you’re straddling a man in your bedroom?”

You giggled against his lips, letting out a gasp as his hand traveled under your top, hand splaying across your stomach, moving up against your sternum, fingertips brushing the sensitive skin under your breasts. He smiled, kissing your lips once before traveling to your jaw, nicking the bone. Gripping his shoulder he smiled “ready for another go around?” You nodded, shrieking in shock as he flipped you over, leaving you breathless.


A thousand years later and you’d come back. Come back for who? Mainly Rebekah. You missed her and the friendship. You weren’t foolish enough to think he would wait for you, you knew it was sad to ask.

You found all these years later, he had many loves. None Rebekah told you you needed to know about in great detail. And a daughter, he had a child. The news left you stunned, but after months of watching from afar you concluded the thing you always knew: he was an amazing father.

“You want to come with me to Christmas?” You looked at her from over your teacup “Beks that a bit sudden isn’t it? I don’t want to ruin anyone’s holiday.” She rolled her eyes “you won’t! Besides they’re getting suspect. Might as well come enjoy the holi, sure he’ll be shocked and sure he’ll have questions, but it’s not like you won’t answer them that’ll be all. You can be my date!” You grinned at her ridiculous offer before asking “what do I even wear?”


She convinced you a red ensemble, tight but flowy, with matching heels and a perfect pout. In truth Rebekah was the one okay with the hidden behind doors relationship you had shared with Nik, “true love always prevails.” As she had said, so Elijah wasn’t the one you loved, it didn’t matter, not now, not when life was too precious and love a too delicate manner.

Walking with her to the compound you breathed in relief at no sign of Klaus. But using your vampire hearing you knew he wasn’t far.

The first person you met was Hayley, then Freya, shocked they even had another sister. “Well well well look who it is, the only bird my brother fell completely head over paws for.” You glared playfully at Kol’s joke, hugging him tightly, pulling away with a smirk “I see you’ve changed.”

Pointedly at his human body. Elijah smiled tentively, “y/n how’re you?” You nodded, smiling tensely “well, and you?” He nodded “well.” With the way he looked at Hayley you knew there was no ill feelings, not anymore.


Making small talk seemed easy enough, until a kitchen door slammed open and your eyes darted to it, seeing a smiling seven year old “mommy!!! Daddy’s eaten all the cookie dough again! Tell him to stop!” Hayley smiled, “why don’t you tell your daddy! He’ll listen to you I’m sure!” She shook her head adamantly “he will not! Just tells me I’m-” she seemed to have lost her train of thought as her eyes landed on you, “who’re you?”

You smiled “I’m y/n, uhhh your aunties friend.” Looking at Rebekah for confirmation Hope nodded, “alright, you brought presents?” “HOPE!” Hayley berated making you smile “it’s okay..” turning to the girl “I did! That big green sparkly one under the tree is for you, Rebekah told me you’ll love it.” She grinned before running back to the kitchen “I’ve got to get Daddy and Carrie.” Rebekah raised her eyebrows asking before she ran off “baby who’s Carrie?” It was obvious to Hayley and those around it crushed you a bit but you licked your lips, forcing a smile. You knew this was a possibility, him finding love.

“Carries Daddy’s friend, want me to go get him?” Rebekah shook her head “no, sweetie why don’t you stay here with mummy and I’ll go chat with your daddy.” Watching her walk away, you met Hayley’s eyes and nodded with a smile.


You couldn’t stay and listen to Rebekah’s confession that you were alive and waiting on the other side of the door whilst he had a girlfriend there. How was it right?

But moving to leave, Kol gripped your wrist, turning to glare at him you whipped your head around as the door opened, and you saw him.

He looked stunned. Like he couldn’t believe you were standing in front of him, then he smiled slightly, looking awestruck. And you, you didn’t know what to do. So you stood watching him as he watched you. By this time Kol had let go of your wrist and Hope was standing by her mom. It wasn’t until Hope whispered “what’s wrong with Daddy?”

That you let out a snort, making Klaus laugh and Hayley smiled “nothing sweetie, just an old friend he’s happy to see.” You felt your heart drum as he took a step towards you, and another and another until he was standing directly in front of you, his hands idly at his sides while yours were laced. “Hello.” He smiled looking into your eyes and grinned as you lowered your eyes “Hi.”

Rebekah cleared her throat making you look up “alright, think it’s time for presents?” You bit a smile as Klaus gestured for you to walk in front of him, Hope running up and grabbing his hand whispering about all the presents she’s gonna get.


Hayley who knew about you’re appearance before hand got you a bracelet, charms scattered across it. Rebekah got you a ruby clip for your hair, and you didn’t expect the boys to get you anything but squealed in surprise at your “gift” from Kol, a smacking kiss in the middle of your eyebrows. Him snickering at the shriek while Klaus grinned, and when Hope looked at her father expectantly he cleared his throat “I uh- I’ll give y/n her present later.” Licking your lip you smiled, handing Kol, Elijah, Klaus and Hope their gift.

For Kol you decided on a blue button button down, Elijah a handkerchief, Hope a doll house and Klaus you got a letter. A letter you had written him over a thousand years ago explaining your feelings and your love for him.

He eyed you with a smile while you bit one of your own and turned to Hope “do you like it?” She smiled “like it? I love it, Daddy look at how big the dollhouse is!” He smiled facing her “I see it! Now give her a proper thanks.” She smiled looking over at you “thank you!!” You grinned “you’re welcome.”


After dinner and after Klaus put Hope to bed promising her Santa would come if she went to sleep. He found you in the library, looking through the shelves upon shelves of books, moonlight bouncing off your face.

Stepping in he smiled “sorry I didn’t get you anything.” You turned with a smile “seeing you again is all the present I need.” His heart thumped at that and he smiled, grasping your hand gently, making you look at him with those same doe eyes you had thousands of years ago. “Well you are my best gift to date as well, and that letter-” “you didn’t read it yet!” You blushed and he smiled “no but I was wondering if you’d read it to me tonight over dinner?” Your eyes hit his with a sparkle “but what about…” he cocked his head “Carrie? Love she was just a date for tonight.. nothing serious.” You smiled as he said “we were in love once that just doesn’t go away”

A Love Unrequited

@hoodedbirdie - Hello, sunshine! May I request “I want you to be happy, with or without me.” from the unrequited love list for Jacob (I’d be interested in both views, honestly. The reader being in love with Jacob and him not loving her back and Jacob being in love with reader who is not loving him back. Or they are. Oh God. I need too much of this ._. I’m sorry!).

A/N: So here it is. Some unrequited love with Jacob not being in love with the reader - which is why it isn’t tagged as Jacob x Reader. This is a sad one. There really isn’t a happy ending but there is a cameo of Jacob’s flat cap.

Edit: I forgot to add that I combined this with another request I had for Jacob being in love with a girl of wealth and not being sure how to go about it. Deeply influenced by Eponine and Marius from Les Miserables

Words: 2,545
Warnings: It’s sad. That’s all.

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anonymous asked:

can i have a jun angsty sad scenario where he's dating your best friend that is like a sister to you but you like him and when you're alone you let out ur emotions and go to the bathroom but you walk into her giving him a bj and run away and they get worried or something since you have never cried in front of them?? thank youu bbyy

Thanks for the request, I hope you like the way I did this! ❤︎

You had been best friends with your friend for as long as you could remember, and nearing your twenties, you were practically sisters. You had gotten along with her since the first days of elementary school, and while you had had your fair share of fights, you had always made up eventually and no hard feelings were ever held.

Throughout middle school and high school you had both laughed when your other friends and acquaintances complained about having the same crush with their friend, often the best one. You had only shared one look with each other and shook your heads - you had never liked the same person and thought you never would.

That was, until Jun walked into your lives. He was funny, friendly and awfully handsome, and while you and your friend didn’t talk about it out loud, you were both sold the second he accidentally bumped into you at a café, causing your coffee to drop to the floor, and offered to buy you a new one with a flustered smile all over his face.

He did as he had promised, and soon you were sitting next to the window, all three of you, and you were holding a new cup of coffee. After talking for a while and noticing that you all had quite a bit in common, you had exchanged numbers and all that, and it didn’t take too long for the three of you to start hanging out together on a regular basis.

And, it didn’t take too long for you to fall for him - or for him to fall for your friend. He was sweet and considerate, and, of course, also painfully handsome, and his jokes and caring yet fairly flirty nature were difficult to resist. Your heart had been beating fast in the best possible way whenever he was close and you had loved it, but that was only until you could obviously see the mutual attraction between the other two. After that you despised the way your heart would always increase its pace at the sight of him, and eventually you began coming up with excuses to avoid hanging out with the two of them.

With that, however, came that Jun and her got much closer. After all, the hanging out had soon changed into dating, and when your friend broke the news to you, your heart broke, even though you had seen it coming, but you kept your act together and smiled at her - “I’m happy for you guys.”

It got more and more difficult with time, however, and it did little to improve the situation when you moved in with your friend and Jun, naturally, became a regular guest. He’d come over several times a week and would sometimes stay over, too; you had never paid much mind to how thin the walls in the apartment were, but when he slept over the first time, the realization was painful.

Your friend would often tell you about Jun, how sweet he was and what kind of dorky things he had done recently, not to forget his intelligence and talent in several fields. With every little story, your heart ached more, but you always managed to keep a smile on your face and appear fascinated.

It tore you apart that even as her best friend, you couldn’t actually feel solely happy for her whenever Jun would surprise her with a present or a fancy dinner. You wanted to, you wanted to be the great friend you had once been, but the way your heart still beat for Jun made it impossible. You had spent countless nights swallowing tears and trying to lessen the anxiety of an unrequited love, especially when the object of it was sleeping next to your most treasured friend in the very next room.

Whenever your friend hugged you tightly and told you how amazing of a friend you were, you wanted to confess everything and tell her how wrong she was, tell her that you were a terrible friend and awfully smitten with her boyfriend. But you never did. You treasured her happy smile too much to do that; you treasured her as a whole too much to do that.

One Saturday morning, you woke up with your heart beating fast, and as soon as the dream you had just had came to you, you broke down crying. It had been so sweet; you had finally been able to do the kind of things with Jun you’d once daydreamed about, back when all three of you were only friends.

You had held his hand, he’d held you in his arms and whispered sweet things into your ear. You had, for the first time, been able to press your ear against his chest and hear his calm heartbeat, but now that you were awake, the only heartbeat you could hear was your own, as it was strong enough to reach your ears. It was so bitter. When would you finally be able to let go?

With the bitter tears streaming down your face, you got out of bed and tried to swipe them away, but more continued to escape your eyes. While you’d usually refuse to show your emotions and would dry your tears before leaving your room, you were now sure you’d be able to get to the bathroom without your friend or Jun noticing; they were probably sleeping, anyway, so you didn’t need to worry about your appearance. 

You opened the door to the hallway and squinted a little when the darkness of your room changed into the bright light, and while anxiously chewing on your lower lip, you approached the bathroom door.

A hot shower was all you needed and wanted was what went through your mind, although every single thought process came to an end when you finally opened the door and saw something that made you freeze altogether.

Jun was leaning against the sink, one hand supporting him, placed on the edge and one hand tangled in your friend’s hair, while she was on her knees in front of him. His sweatpants had been dragged down to his knees and she had him deep in her throat, her head moving up and down in swift movements that only got faster with each encouraging word that Jun mumbled. “You’re doing so well, baby… Shit, it feels so good… Just like that…”

The lewd sounds and the sight in front of you made you feel sick to your stomach, and with even more tears falling from your eyes, you were unable to silence the whine that became audible from you only a second before you dashed away; only a second before Jun noticed that you were at the door.

When he heard the sound, Jun opened his eyes that he had closed some time earlier, and had managed to see your puffy, red eyes, wet cheeks and trembling lips right before you left the door. He gasped, this time not out of pleasure but shock, and let his hand loosen in your friend’s hair. She pulled away from his length and looked up at him, as she had been too focused on the movements of her tongue to hear the whine you had let out.

“Y/N, she…” Jun began, pressing his hand against his forehead while trying to collect his thoughts. “She walked in, and she was crying, and…”

Your friend’s eyes widened and she felt her heart drop; she had never, ever seen you cry. You had known each other for more than ten years, yet she had never witnessed a single tear in your eyes. Her mouth opened, but she was unable to say anything, as all the words got stuck in her throat. Jun pulled his boxers and sweatpants up before he helped her up.

You were leaning against your door with both of your hands holding the door handle tightly. You were shaking and crying, and the sniffles could also be heard to the other side when Jun and your friend knocked on it.

“Y/N, are you okay?” your friend asked worriedly. You shook your head to yourself but remained silent. “I’m so sorry you walked in on that, but more importantly, why are you crying? What’s wrong?”

You bit your lower lip and looked up to your ceiling, shaking your head and determinedly holding the door handle even though the door was constantly trying to be opened. Your voice lacked all the strength it usually had. “Let me be.”

“Y/N, we’re worried about you,” Jun spoke calmly, although you knew it was him who was still trying to open the door. “Something’s obviously upsetting you, but what?”

You, you thought to yourself with a sob. You’re what’s upsetting me. Your smile is the brightest I’ve ever seen but I’ll never be the reason for it.

You tried to take deep breaths to calm yourself down; you knew that unless you eventually opened that damned door, they’d never let you be. But no matter how much more oxygen you took into your body, the tears kept falling and your mind kept going in the same circle: Jun had your heart, but you’d never have his, and you were tired of having to face that every single day.

“Open the door, please,” your friend pleaded, and a short moment after Jun did the same. You groaned and let go of the door handle, allowing yourself to fall to the floor, hugging your knees.

Both of them were quick to kneel down on both sides of you and hug you tightly.

“Whatever is wrong will be fine,” Jun said softly, his hand petting your hair, and while that was something you’d thought about in your daydreams, you now wanted to swat his hand away. It didn’t belong there.

Your friend stroked your back slowly and let out a quiet chuckle. “It’s too early to be crying like this, Y/N. Smile a little.”

You mimicked a chuckle but bit your lower lip right afterwards. Your heart was being torn into little pieces.

“We’re here for you.”

Yes, ‘we’, you thought as you let out a shaky sigh.

That’s how it would always be. You in singular and them, very much in plural. You didn’t have the heart to let your thoughts or feelings out, so you saw it better to just… let it be.

“Thank you. I love you guys.”

Jun’s arms tightened around you, and so did the clenching feeling in your chest. In unison, he and your friend said that they loved you, too.

But they would never - he would never - love you the way you loved him.

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The Last Naruto the movie - Things BOTH NaruSaku and NaruHina fans should know!!

I picked up the last movie promotional leaflet yesterday and have gathered some info from there and want to share my take on this. I am only going to refer to certain parts of the leaflet not because I’m masking information but because the other stuff most people already know such as the villain is related to Kaguya etc.

If you wanna see the full scans of the promotional leaflet they are uploaded in my post here (I like to keep opinion things and info separate) ⇒ JUMP to scans

Ok here goes.

  1. Hinata’s feelings are STILL unrequited 2 years after the 4th Ninja War.
  2. The movie marketers are making full use of Mizuki Nana’s popularity.

1. Hinata’s feelings are STILL unrequited 2 years after the 4th Ninja War.

Those that are dreaming that Hinata is pregnant or that they are already going out and you’ll get to see NaruHina’s lovey dovey date scenes are going to be sorely disappointed. At the very most we’ll get a REASON for how in the world Naruto went from not really noticing Hinata and not addressing her feelings for him at all to falling in love with her. Because honestly I’m waiting for that explanation as well.

The info stated in the leaflet are


The feelings which have still not reached him. What will happen to this love?


The winter festival is approaching Konoha. Naruto is having fun with his friends at the Ramen place Ichiraku. Amongst them the feelings Hinata has hidden inside the scarf she knitted have not reached him even now.


Hinata hates herself for only ever able to do little more than just watch over Naruto.

And then it goes on to say the villain comes and attacks her suddenly. Naruto was able to save her in time but then the man disappears and says he will be back to get Hinata eventually.

2.The movie marketers are making full use of Mizuki Nana’s popularity.

Hinata gets a insert character song for the movie

From here on out things get opinionated so those uncomfortable with that can just take the 2 pieces of info I presented above and take your leave.

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Stars [Scott McCall x Reader]

Hope you like the imagine, dear! Thank you for requesting! Apologies, Isaac is a bit out of character. 

x start x

You sat next to Stiles on the bench, breath coming out in visible puffs as you turned towards Coach Finstock, who was screaming something at a player on the field.

You rested your elbow on your knee, chin in your hand as you leaned forward, watching your puppy-dog-eyed friend, letting out a small cheer as he scored another goal.

Scott’s eyes scanned the field, connecting with yours, and he flashed a smile, causing your heart to flutter, and cheeks to redden as you smiled back.

“God – you two make me sick.” Stiles snorted, and you turned to him, raising an eyebrow.

“You make me sick when you pine after Lydia, but I don’t say anything.” You retorted, taking a sip of water, and Stiles sputtered, glaring at you.

“Why don’t you just ask him out already?” Stiles questioned, and you choked on your water, leaning forward, gripping your throat.

You turned towards Stiles, hurriedly whispering under you breath.

“Shut up- he might be able to hear you!” You stumbled, over your words, before sighing and throwing a longing glance at Scott.

“Besides, I don’t think he’d like me back.” Stiles raised his eyebrows, forehead creasing as his lips parted in awe.

“Are you kidding me? He’s head over heels for you, as soon as you walk in the room he does that puppy dog thing where he stares at you until you notice him, It’s kind of annoying actually…” Stiles muttered complaints under his breath, and this time you raised your eyebrows.

“You really think?” You asked timidly, and Stiles sighed, rolling his eyes.

“Trust me, I know.” Stiles stated, just as the game finished, the loud buzzing reverberating through the chilled air.

The bleachers burst out into cheers, and you and Stiles stood up simultaneously, clapping as the players on the field returned to the sidelines.

You picked up your helmet and lacrosse stick, following Stiles to go congratulate Scott when an arms slipped around your shoulders, pulling you into someone’s chest.

“Isaac!” You whined, pushing against your older brother’s chest, as he pulled you into a sweaty hug.

“So, is there any reason why you were benched half the game?” Isaac asked, and you rolled your eyes.

“I may or may not have pissed Coach off, and besides, I’m still better than you.” You teased, and Isaac pulled off his helmet, ruffling up your hair.

“If you were better than me, you wouldn’t have been benched half the game.” Isaac smirked, and you playfully scowled.

“And if you were smart, you’d keep your mouth shut, Lahey.” You sung, running off to have a shower.

“Remember, after party at David’s house, text me when you get there!” Isaac called worriedly, and you rolled your eyes, flashing a thumbs up before sprinting to the girl’s change rooms.

x at the party x

You had texted Isaac a while ago, telling him that you made it to the party safely and that you were going to hang out with a couple friends. You didn’t tell him those friends were Scott and Stiles, though.

“Hey, Scott!” You lifted a hand to wave, and his head immediately jerked up towards you, his mouth pulling up into a smile, and you couldn’t help but think that if he were a dog, his tail would be wagging at the moment.

“[Y/N], hey!” Scott called, and you placed your cup onto a nearby table, crossing your arms over yourself as your cheeks tinged red again, and you hoped that Scott didn’t notice the flutter of your heart.

“You were really good today- like usual.” You complimented, and his smile widened, ears practically perking with joy.

“You were great as well, even though you were off half the game.” Scott raised an eyebrow and you chuckled sheepishly, playing with your fingers.

While you were distracted, Stiles gestured wildly at Scott to take you somewhere more private, flailing his arms and mouthing random words.

“Uh, h-hey, [Y/N], can I show you something?” Scott asked, and your eyes widened, cheeks burning as you nodded your head, Scott grabbed your hand as he pulled you up one of the many flights of David’s house (David was kind of rich).

Scott had pulled you into a large room, on the top floor, one of the long walls was simply glass, and you awed quietly, tugging on Scott’s hand as you ran towards the window, staring at the breathtaking view of Beacon Hills, lights shimmering as your eyes slowly rose towards the sky, thousands of stars twinkling overhead.

“Wow- this is…” You trailed off, too awed to even think of a worthy word.

“Beautiful.” Scott breathed, and you turned towards him, noticing that his eyes were trained on your face.

“Nah, I was gonna say ugly.” You joked, and he smiled, chuckling under his breath.

He reached one hand up, the one that wasn’t clutching yours, to push a lock of hair from your face.

Your breath hitched, your heart jolting as your cheeks reddened under his gaze.

“Scott…” You whispered, trailing off, and he hummed, staring into your half-lidded eyes.

“Kiss me?” You squeaked, and his smile widened, one hand grasping your cheek as he pulled your face towards his, lips connecting with yours.

Your lips moved slowly, sweetly, parting as you moved your hands to intertwine them behind his neck. You parted, and your teeth latched onto his bottom lip, causing him to grin.

Once you had finally parted, you grinned, eyes wide and cheeks flushed.

“Wow, that was way better than I thought! Not that I thought you were gonna be bad or anything! Or not that I thought about it at all or – uh…” You trailed off, ears turning pink as Scott moved towards you, capturing you in another kiss, hands falling towards your waist as he pulled you against his chest.

You pulled away, and the two of you just stared at each other until you got sheepish and looked away.

“Are you going to say something?” You asked, cheeks burning, heart fluttering momentarily.

“I am, actually.” Scott chuckled, and you waited, staring up at him through your lashes.

“Will you, [Y/N] Lahey, be my girlfriend?” Scott asked, and your smile widened, if that was even possible, moving to press your face into his neck as you squealed a small yes.

Then you were kissing him again, melting against his body as his strong arms rested on your lower back, thumb rubbing the exposed skin on your hip from your ridden up shirt.

“[Y/N]- Scott? What the hell!?” Isaac yelled, standing at the doorway, causing you both to pull apart.

“What the hell are you doing Scott? What’s wrong with you?” Isaac yelled, and through your rage you noticed Stiles stumble into the room behind your brother.

“Isaac!” You yelled in panic and confusion, narrowing your brows.

“What’s gotten into you? I thought you’d be happy!? You know I’ve had a crush on Scott for forever!” You cried in outrage, and Isaac practically seethed, stepping towards you.

“That’s all it is, [Y/N] – a crush! You’re so hung up over one guy! Just because you’ve been alone for so long, you pounce on the first guy you get your hands on!” Isaac yelled, and you froze, tearing up.

“Dude! That was uncalled for!” Scott yelled, pulling you to his chest, like he could somehow hide you from Isaac’s harsh words.

“I’m just telling her the truth, Scott! You don’t even love her! She’s just your rebound from Allison!” Isaac seethed, and you felt tears streaming down your face, pulling away from Scott, even Stiles winced from Isaac’s words.

You didn’t expect him to act like this. Isaac and you were close, you had lost everything and still managed to keep each other, so you pegged Isaac’s reaction to him just holding on.

Isaac continued ranting, but it all just seemed like garbled muttering to your ears, tears streaming down your face as you sniffled, wiping at your eyes. It was one of those moments where everything just got tuned out, where your breathing quickened and you the only sound was the blood rushing through your ears and your pulse banging at your temple.

“I hate you.” You whispered, because it had been silent for a couple seconds as Isaac took in a deep breath, about to continue his rant, before you had interrupted him.

“I hate you so much.” You continued, looking at his shocked face, at the look of hurt that flashed through his eyes. For a split second you regretted saying it, but you shook your head, tears spilling down your cheeks.

Why couldn’t he just be happy for you?

“You’re just like Dad!” You screamed, and his eyes widened, mouth falling open as you pushed past him, running out the door, not only hurt, but embarrassed, embarrassed because Scott had to see that crappy exchange and embarrassed because you thought that Isaac would actually feel happy for you.

You found a small door that led to a large balcony, the sound of electronic music fading as the door softly closed by itself. You sat on the floor, back against the wall as you kicked your heels off, resting your face in your hands, sobbing quietly to yourself.

You remembered your father, always saying that you wouldn’t find anyone. That you weren’t smart enough or pretty enough, you just weren’t enough. For years and years you believed him, you believed that you’d die alone, or just drown in unrequited love. Then Scott came along. He was nice and funny, and kind of dorky, and he cared for you.

Isaac dug that hole again, he threw open the closet doors and picked at your skeletons, even if you screamed for him to leave them alone. You felt sick to your stomach, not only with sadness, but also with rage. He had no right to speak to you like that; you were his sister for God’s sake.

You sniffled, resting your head against the wall as you stared up at the stars, but without Scott they didn’t shine as bright, without Scott they weren’t as beautiful.

Then the door flew open and you blinked, wiping hurriedly at your face to try and get rid of the stray tears on your cheeks.

“[Y/N].” Scott breathed a sigh of relief, dropping next to you as he slung an arm around your shoulder, pulling you towards him.

You stayed quiet, breathing in his cologne, trembling in embarrassment and panic.

“Do you still like me?” You whispered into his chest, and he rested his chin on your head, his thumb kneading at your bare arm.

“Yes, [Y/N], I still like you.” Scott whispered, and you sniffled in relief, pressing yourself into his chest.

“I like you a lot.” Scott continued, and you let some tears slip out, throwing your arms around him.

“Thank you.” You whispered, and Scott smiled, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

The two of you remained silent, staring up at the stars.

“You’re going to be just fine, [Y/N].” Scott reassured, and you squeezed your eyes shut, holding back tears.

“I know.” You whispered, looking at Scott’s face, then back at the stars, clutching his hand.

“I know.”

I’m Sorry

Originally posted by markovakate

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Author: (me) multifandomimaginesandstuff

Word Count: 1510

Being the only girl in the Glade wasn’t easy. People always thought that you were weaker because you were female, but with a little bit of time you had proved to them that you were just as good as most of them. Obviously some of them could lift heavier things than you, but other than that you were one of the guys. You joined in on the crude jokes and heavy drinking. You could even make someone as vulgar as Gally blush from the profanities that left your mouth. So, in almost all senses of the word you were one of the guys and everyone had seemed okay with that.

You worked in the med-jack tent, for some reason that felt like the place that you should be, helping the Gladers that got injured doing their job. It made you feel good that you could help the boys, keep them safe to a certain extent. You mainly patched up the slicers though. They were good at getting meat but they weren’t very good at not cutting up their hands a few times in the process.

You rolled your eyes as, Winston, the keeper of the slicers walked in. You would think that as the keeper he would be better about not almost cutting his fingers off, but as you had found, he was worse. “What is it this time?” You asked him, a hint of playfulness in your words.

He held out his hand and you internally winced at the deep gash. “It’s not that bad you big baby.” He laughed at your reassurance and put his hand back down as you rushed around trying to gather the supplies that you needed.

You made sure to never let any of the boys know just how bad their injuries were because, let’s face it, guys are a bunch of drama queens when it came to stuff like this and with you being the only girl they most definitely dialed up the theatrics. You loved the boys, they were like brothers, but when they tried to hit on you most of the day it got a little tiring. The only boy you wanted to like you in that way only thought of you as a sister. It was frustrating on a monumental level. Newt would never think of you in a romantic way and it pained you to think that your love would always be unrequited.

You shook the thoughts of Newt from your mind and went back to treating Winston’s wound. You were done in no time and he was ordered to his hammock. You didn’t want him working for risk of infection and you did not want a sick Winston on your hands.


It was getting close to dark when you heard a commotion across the glade and being your usual nosy-self you went to go and check it out. You were shocked at the sight that was before you. Newt was being held up on the arms of Minho and Alby. “Y/N, hurry up and get over here!” You heard shouted at you.

You ran across the grassy field faster than you ever thought possible. You skidded to a halt when you got to the boys. Your heart shattered as you saw how pale and broken Newt looked hanging from the shoulders of your two best friends. “Get him to the hut, now.” You commanded, your voice leaving no room for any questions.

“What the hell happened to him?” You asked frantically when you were all safely in the hut away from the prying eyes of the other 17 boys.

“He jumped.” Alby whispered quietly.

You knew instantly what he meant, but you couldn’t dwell on that now. Right now you had to help the frail british boy that was dying in front of you.

Your eyes traveled down to his leg. His ankle was bent at an odd angle and you knew that what had to happen next would be painful for all of you. “Hold him down.” You ordered, your voice hollow and emotionless.

You grasped his leg and foot firmly and you apologized mentally as you counted to three. Your heart broke a little as he lurched and called out in agony. You wanted to make everything okay but you didn’t know if you could this time. Only time would tell if his leg would heal properly, but at least for now he was stable.


It had been a few hours since Newt’s accident and you hadn’t even thought about leaving his side. Alby had brought you a plate of food when he came to check on Newt, but you couldn’t eat when the second in command looked so fragile and breakable. It just didn’t seem possible that someone so sweet and strong hearted could attempt such a thing. You knew how he felt though. The thought of running into the maze before the doors closed and taking your fate from the grievers had scurried through your mind more than you would like to admit. Being in a place like this took its toll and Newt obviously got tired of paying it. You just hoped that he would be okay. He was one of the few people in this place that kept you sane. He was one of the first ones in the glade, along with Alby, Minho, Gally, Winston and yourself. Losing him would be like losing a little part of yourself.

Your head snapped up quickly when you heard a quiet groan escape Newt’s lips. “Am I dead because if this is death than it’s worse than a big pile of klunk.” You couldn’t help but smile at his groggy ramblings.

Your face grew serious quickly as he tried to move. Your ‘motherly instinct’ (as the boys liked to call it) kicked in and you pushed him back down slowly, making sure that he was comfortably situated on the pillow before you dared to speak. “I’m sorry.” You murmured quietly.

You knew that this wasn’t your fault, but you couldn’t help but think that there was something you could have done to stop him from jumping from that wall. Maybe there was something that you could have said, something that you could have forced him to talk about. “What?” Newt was confused, that much you could tell.

“Why are you apologizing for my bloody mistake? This isn’t your fault, how could it be? I did this to myself.” He avoided your eyes by looking down at his now wrapped leg.

“Why didn’t you talk to me? I would’ve liste-” He cut you off.

“You would have listened? Well how do you bloody tell someone that you want to jump off of a wall? How do you tell some shank that you want to end it all because there is no bloody way in hell that you can ever get out of this maze? How do you tell that to someone?” His cheeks were red by the time he finished his speech.

He had a point and you knew it. It was hard to tell someone that you wanted everything to end, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. He should have trusted you, and if not you Alby! You couldn’t blame him though. No one in the glade saw it coming so, you were just as much to blame for not noticing how he was feeling as he was for not telling how he felt. “Why are you crying, love?” He softly asked.

You hadn’t even realized that tears were running down your cheeks until that moment. You decided then and there that you were going to tell him how you felt because, you didn’t know how much time either of you had left in this god-forsaken maze so, why should you spend it pining over a guy? The worst he could tell you is that he didn’t feel the same, which would crush you, but at least you would know.

So, you said it, “Newt, I-I don’t know what I would do if I lost you, okay? You mean the world to me, more than any friend could. If you died it would crush me. You can tell me anything and I would listen whole-heartedly because, that’s what you do for people that you love; you listen to them no matter what.”

“Y-you…love me?” He asked hesitantly.

All you could do was nod your head. You were prepared for the worst, but what came wasn’t the rejection that you were anticipating. “I love you too.” You couldn’t believe the words that just escaped those pale pink lips.

Did he just say he loved you too? You were shocked, in a good way, obviously, but still shocked. “Uh, Y/N?” Newt’s voice broke through your haze and you did the only thing that seemed better than words, you used action.

You leaned over him and kissed him like it was the last thing you would ever do. Newt meant the world to you and as long as he was okay so were you.

(So, there are some differences and I think the biggest one is that I put down that there were only 21 people in the glade. I did this because this would have taken place far before The Maze Runner took place so naturally there wouldn’t be as many boys.)

Malec Week 2015– Day 7

“Scene not in the book but in the TV show”

I’ve waited a hundred years
But I’d wait a million more for you
Nothing prepared me for
What the privilege of being yours would do

Magnus fiddled with the tie. It was too loose and then suddenly it was too tight, strangling him, but always managed to be uncomfortable. He squeezed his eyes shut in a horrible effort to swallow his nerves and discomfort. His fingers still itched to tug at the tie though.

As he promised himself it was fine–he was fine– they crept their way up the front of the suit only to find another pair already there.

“Alec–!” Magnus yelped. It was instinctual now.

“You’re going to strangle yourself,” Alec said, an relieving calm to his voice. Magnus took Alec’s hands in his, trying to relax.

If I had only felt the warmth within your touch
If I had only seen how you smile when you blush
Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough
Well I would have known
What I was living for all along
What I’ve been living for

“Unless, that was your intention–?”

“No!” Magnus said quickly. Alec stepped around to face Magnus, though his hands broke contact with Magnus. “You still shouldn’t be in here.”

“Contrary to your and Isabelle’s beliefs, neither of us are brides and this isn’t exactly a traditional ceremony, so that’s a stupid superstition,” Alec said, all of his attention on the tie. He pulled the tie, now untied, away from Magnus’ collar.

“I didn’t want to see you until–”

Alec leaned forward, cutting Magnus’ complaint off.

Your love is my turning page
Where only the sweetest words remain
Every kiss is a cursive line
Every touch is a redefining phrase

Magnus’ entire body relaxed as the warmth of Alec’s lips spread throughout him.

The tie fell from Alec’s hands onto the ground, coiling like a silk snake. It was an involuntary reflex on his part, the result of a desperate need for his hands to do more than just dangle at his side, uselessly, holding the tie that was better suited for the floor anyways. They reached for the collar first, then slid along the planes of Magnus’ shoulders. They glided effortlessly, feeling the expensive fabric underneath.

“This suit looks really good on you,” Alec mumbled into Magnus’ neck.

“I’d like to keep it on for now,” Magnus whispered, stepping out of Alec’s reach.

I surrender who I’ve been for who you are
For nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart
If I had only felt how it feels to be yours
Well I would have known
What I’ve been living for all along
What I’ve been living for

Defeat didn’t wash over Alec’s face like usual when Magnus cut him off. A smile played on his lips, one of his rare, truly genuine ones that could only be sparked by true happiness.

“Alexander,” Magnus smiled. His lower lip caught in between his teeth in an attempt not to grin stupidly. “You are so incredibly beautiful.”

Magnus knew any compliment would cause Alec to duck his head for a moment while he hid a smile, before he’d raise his head, a peach blush tinting his cheeks.

“And I am so incredibly happy right now,” Magnus added.

Too long Magnus had been without this– this happiness, this sense of being whole and complete. Alec was his missing half, and Magnus wasn’t going to deny that. The fact that he had gone an entire month denying that filled his with an unforgettable regret.

How could he deny himself this?

How could he deny Alexander this?

He was obviously as in love with Magnus as Magnus was with him.

Years of emptiness and now he had Alec.

Though we’re tethered to the story we must tell
When I saw you, well I knew we’d tell it well
With a whisper we will tame the vicious seas
Like a feather bringing kingdoms to their knees

“I still have to put this tie on you,” Alec said, beckoning Magnus back to him. He picked the gold tie up off the ground, shaking it free of whatever dirt and grime it might have picked up.

Alec’s fingers worked on their own. What he was failing to tell Magnus was that he had no experience prior to today tying ties. Jace had sat with him for an hour that morning, Googling tutorials and trying to pick a knot out of dozens. But that hour had given him plenty of practice.

“Tell me you love me,” Magnus said, softly.

“Telling you on command defeats the purpose,” Alec responded, pulling the tie through.

“Requited love is better than unrequited, I’ve found.”

Alex pulled the tie a little tighter.

“Don’t touch this,” Alec ordered. Then he looked up at Magnus, his eyes pure and honest. “I do love you.”

“I’ll see you at the altar?”

“I’ll be there.”

“Don’t be late.”

“That was you, remember?” Alec laughed.

Magnus left a kiss on Alec’s cheek.

“Go before your sister finds you–”

“–lest I risk her wrath.”

“–lest you risk her wrath,” Magnus echoed.

Alec slipped out the door, winking as he shut it.

It was the last time he’d ever see Alexander Lightwood.

From now on, he was Bane-Lightwood.

Turning Page by Sleeping at Last.

And so concludes Malec week, fun friends.

So this was basically me this week though:

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If you’ve been reading my fanfic, liking it, reblogging it, know that I’ve pretty much had a heart attack this week with keeping up with notifications. And just all the Malec feels ugh I can’t.

I really appreciate the love and support. I write more on Wattpad under minipage and my AO3 account is in the works under the same name. 

あなたは怠惰で優雅  BLCD

あなたは怠惰で優雅 BLCD Review/Anata wa Taida de Yuuga


you see, i’ve listened to so many, many, many awesome smex scenes. however, this is not just awesome.  THIS ENTIRE BLCD its HOOOOT.  i nearly couldn’t take it. i can usually listen to a smex scene with a perfect poker face, but my poker face for this one crumbled so easily.

i don’t know how to describe it. there are smex scenes that feel empty you know no matter how good they are. there are semes that don’t do much during smex scenes the only one you hear is the uke. BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE HERE  AHMAAHGAAAD…kuso…this BLCD is going to be my favorite under H-SCENE category. i’m reminded why i am sooo inlove with Suzuki Tatsuhisa.



Suzuki Tatsuhisa as Yuge Midori

Kaji Yuuki as Shimizu Akito

RATINGS:  5 hearts the highest

story:               ❤    ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤      

voice acting:   ❤    ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤

h-scene:           ❤    ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤     ❤    ❤    ❤   ❤   ❤    ❤   ❤    ❤   ❤   ❤

Glimpse to the story:

Yuge Midori invited his friend since middle school, Shimizu Akito, to a New Year countdown party.

Shimizu has always been in love with super talented, almost perfect in appearance Yuge Midori, for nearly six years.  Shimizu, tired of his unrequited love, decided to end it all by kissing Midori after the New Year countdown. Midori, seemingly angry, dragged a weeping Shimizu out and kissed the latter violently in exchange.


the glimpse i did may be simple…but i tell you…if you want to tear your heart out with so many unexplainable feelings, you have to get your hands on this. XD plus…if you are familiar with Shinayakana Netsujou/Hanayakana (another awesomeBLCD), Hideshima Jiei and Koyama Omi (Miki Shinichirou X Kamiya Hiroshi), make their appearance in here as well. so this is like a same universe between Shinayakana Netsujou and this story.

the voice acting prowess of this tandem [Suzuki Tatsuhisa X Kaji Yuuki] is superb. i’ve never liked kansai ben this much!!!!!!! listening to this i even had to pace around the room because when Suzuki Tatsuhisa portrayed the angry, possessive/sadist Yuge Midori, it was heartwrenching, you want to get angry at him but you can’t. URGH. and of course, one of my favorite uke voice actors Kaji Yuuki, i really love him for trying so hard with the kansai dialect. he’s a genius. he made me imagine a totally goodnatured, cute young man who’s just deeply in love. *cries*

i;m sorry. i am seriously not in the right condition to making a detailed summary. my head’s swimming because of their intensity. muahahaha…i’ll try my best!!!!!!!

(  ̄ノ∇ ̄) ̄ー ̄)  detailed summary

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Title: Starting a new Life

Word count: 13,366 words

Rating: T 

Main Pairing: Percy Jackson/Nico di Angelo 

Side Pairing: minor- Percy Jackson/Annabeth Chase, Jason Grace/Piper McLean

Warning: Contains Attempted Suicide (non-graphic) and Erased Memories

Posted on: AO3 and FF

Summary: Nico di Angelo left five years ago after the Giant war, only sending letters once a year to everyone, excluding Jason, who had the privilage to update the boy on their everyday lives at camp each month, until he told him that Percy is getting married.

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Zettai Zetsubou Hagakure Later Chapters Summary

Spoilers for DR : AE

Kanon has been in love with her cousin Leon Kuwata ever since they were both very young and she affectionately refers to him as her “big brother”. She says she used to be rather unappealing, but after Leon said a gyaru girl was really cute, she was sad, but this leads to her attempting to emulate the style, which ended awfully. Leon then told her it isn’t gyaru he likes, but just cute girls in general. Ever since, she has tried to wear make up and make herself more pretty in hopes he will like her.

She has tried forever to get Leon to notice her and love her even though he only saw her as his little sister and nothing more. She ended up confessing to him a total of 3909 times between the ages of 6 and 15 and each time went unrequited. She became the manager of his baseball team in middle school in order to stay close to him.

While attending the same middle school together, Leon began dating another girl. For some reason Kanon herself didn’t know, she wanted to follow them, but found that she couldn’t follow them, due to losing them since she was following them from too far away. From then on, she began training physically in order to be able to follow them. While following the couple, her heart hurt when she saw them laughing with each other, holding hands, and doing other things that couples do. Although she thought she had followed them without being found out, Leon approached her, saying, “You’ve been following me, right?” He notes that the reason he had a problem with it was because he suspected that she was hurting while watching him and his girlfriend. From there, he makes a bet with her: If she could throw a baseball 160 meters per hour, he would think of her as a romantic prospect, but as long as she couldn’t, he would forbid her to talk to him. She agrees quickly, seeing this as a bright hope. However, she later learns that the Japanese record for female pitchers is 140 meters per hour, which makes her think that Leon had given her an impossible task to get her away.

The next time they meet, it is during New Year’s, and Leon has entered high school. She notices that his hair has gotten long, and she panics at how amazing he looks in her eyes. To her surprise, he talks to her, and asks why she hasn’t been able to throw the 160. She tells him about the 140 record, to which he replies that he honestly didn’t know. When she tells him that no one else has done it, he smiles and says that it would be extra cool then, since she would be the first. Through further conversation, she realizes that Leon did not trick her: He simply believed that she could do it and believed in her potential. When he sees her hands covered in callouses from practicing every day, he goes into silence from awe.

Before returning to Hope’s Peak Academy, he gives her a baseball lesson in the snow, trying to show how he does the 160 meters per hour. However, his lesson was no help, as Leon was terrible at teaching. All the same, when Kanon sees Leon throw a pitch, she remembers the beauty and coolness of her cousin when he is playing baseball. She begins to cry out of happiness, which makes Leon panic, not knowing what he had done to make her unhappy. He patted her on the head to try to make her feel better, but in Kanon’s mind, she wanted to actually thank him for showing her something so beautiful.

After the two were separated once again, Kanon was at home one day when a man she didn’t know came into the house, and she lost conciousness. When she awoke, she was enclosed in an apartment. During the 1 1/2 years she was captured, she was in pain, always thinking about Leon, and whether he was worrying about him, and wanted to see him. However, after she is released from her enclosure by the Monokumas, she finds a file in a public bathroom that revealed the history behind the School Life of Mutual Killing. The file lists those who had died and had become the “stepping stones” for the other students to escape the school. After seeing Leon’s name on the list, she then found a photo of him after his execution, bloody and tied to a pole. The file noted that the remaining students escaped and formed the Future Foundation. Kanon wonders to herself why she was still alive, since Leon was dead, and he was her life and world. Going outside in despair, she resolves herself to death by being eaten by a Monokuma. However, she then realizes that before she dies, she must take revenge and kill the Future Foundation members who killed her beloved.

Meanwhile, Hagakure went to Towa City along with the other members of the Future Foundation, and wore the suit uniform. His real goal was in fact to find things to “acquire” in order to solve his eight million yen debt. While trying to take a precious object, the Monokumas begin to attack. In his confusion, he is almost cut down, but is saved by Kanon Nakajima. To his surprise, she speaks with a gyaru dialect, making him poke fun at her for it. As soon as she does, she begins to break down crying for some reason he doesn’t know.

On their way, Kanon learns that Yasuhiro is part of the Future Foundation, and seems shocked. Later, she requests that he tell her love fortune. He asks her for an immense sum of ten thousand yen for his service, which he figures she cannot pay, but she immediately gives it to him, explaining that her father is a big wig at a reputable TV station. Yasuhiro then realizes that if he brings Kanon back safely to her father, he would be able to pay off his remaining debt. From then on, he begins treating her royally. He tells her fortune, saying that she is drinking tea in a garden with her soul mate. She then sighs with a smile, saying that that is not possible, since her fated one is dead. In her sleep, Yasuhiro hears her whisper Leon’s name, making him realize that she was his hostage.

They continue to work together to go to the bridge to attempt to escape the town. However, they see it being bombed, and are forced to turn back. However, they are found by Kotoko Utsugi on her robot, who attempts to attack them. However, Kanon is very strong, and immediately subjugates Kotoko and ties her hands with her knee-socks.

source: dangan ronpa wikia


This opens up a whole new possibility for the next series. I understand why some Japanese people wanted game version of this novel as well. It’s interesting!! Whomever brought the summaries to the wikia, thank you so much!!

So Kanon’s dad is a big guy in broadcasting industry, Kotoko and Ayaka has been through A LOT with dark side of it. I really want to know about their stories more!! I want to see more about the broadcasting industry of Dangan ronpa’s universe!!

On other note, Kanon having grudge against rest of the DR’s cast… will she be the final boss of next game or something? She’s such a big character to end up just here!! We need another game about her!!

Little sister Pt.2//Namjoon


This is longer and angsty. Hope you enjoy it!!!!

Knock! Knock! Knock!

You roll over from your morning knock. You search under your pillow and unplug your phone from the charger. 8:30. You have an hour and a half before you have to be at your class. You start to give yourself a few extra mins to sleep but then you smell burning pancakes and hear Namjoon yell,

“ I’m making pancakes.”

That was enough to make you get out of bed and get ready. You walk into your bathroom and complete your morning routine. You decide on wearing your black tank top with your red flannel. You put on black leggings and your red converse.

Lately you have been thinking you should move on from Namjoon. He has shown you multiple times that you were only his “little sister.” You decide that your love for him was long overdue. You have already tortured yourself enough holding on to the painful unrequited love. If someone else started to like you then you could get over Namjoon.

You walk to your mirror and put on a little makeup. You step back and admire yourself, you did a great job. It was a great improvement over your usual baggy shirt and sweat pants. You grab your book bag and purse and walk into the living room. Your living room and kitchen connected, only separated by the carpet turning into tile and a island countertop. You see a cookbook and ingredients for pancakes scattered over the counter top. You feel a little better because he is using a cookbook and not improvising like before. You drop your stuff on the couch then you walk into the kitchen. There Namjoon was trying to flip the slowly burning pancake.

“You need some help?” you say as you open the refrigerator, taking out the orange juice.

“Nope, I got it” he says concentrated. He finally flips the pancake and it shows a not totally burnt side.

“Why are you cooking all of a sudden? You have made me cook multiple times just because you don’t like cooking.” you say as he hands you a pancake.

“I just want to make my dear “little sister” some pancakes.” he says showing that dimple that you loved so much.

“I don’t believe you.” you say, staring at him suspiciously.

“Ok, I’d just thought I should practice cooking for my new cooking class.” he says with a smirk.

“Why did you start cooking classes?” you say as you cut strawberries to put on your pancake.

“Why do you ask so many questions?” he says turning off the stove while you put syrup on your pancake.

“Because you hate cooking.” you say then you sit and start eating your pancake. It wasn’t that bad.

“Ok, because you ask so many questions I’ll tell you. I like someone who takes the class so I thought I would take it too.”
You almost choked on your pancakes. Even though you planned on moving on, when you saw him in the kitchen you pushed the thought away. Now you actually had to move on. The girl would of course like him. He was the best in his class, he was handsome, and he was sweet. Everything you liked about him, she could fall for so quickly. Your insides turned making you want to faint. You pulled yourself together and you say acting unaffected,

“That explains everything. What is her name?”  you say finishing your food.

You want to go back to bed, curl up, and cry. You had so many so many questions you wanted to ask. What was so great about her? Why not you? You guys have been through so much together. You were the one that would walk down to his house to do homework together. You were the one who knocked on his door millions of times and still got nervous when he answered to let you in. You were the one who talked to him about the meaning of life and every random question he had in his brilliant mind. You were the one who loved him. Why? Why couldn’t he love you?

“I think I told you enough. It’s time to go.” he says laughing.

You get up unwillingly and throw your dishes in the sink. You had to go to your school for your test. He goes grab his stuff while you put the ingredients back because he was so messy. You both walk out the door and you lock it. You follow him to his car and you guys hop in. The whole ride you were quiet, you took in his smell. You could sit there the rest of your life but you were interrupted by sight of your school. You had a long day ahead of you.

He drops you off and says,

“Do well on your test! ”

“I will.” you say as you give him a sarcastic smile. Maybe those faces you make at him, made him not like you like that. Oh well, he already liked someone else and you couldn’t do anything about it.

You take your test and it was easy as usual. You sit through your usual classes doing the same old boring taking notes. At the end of the day you walk to Namjoon’s cooking class. You see him walk out talking to a pretty girl around the same age as him. You start to walk away but he calls out to you.

“Little Sister” he says loud.

You turn back around and walk toward him with a fake smile plastered on your face. You wave to him and the girl.

“Hi” you say as you succeed in holding back your tears.

“Little Sister, this is Park Eun Nari.” he says. His dimple is shows for another girl.

“You can just call me Nari Unnie.” she says smiling.

“Nice to meet you. I’m (y/n).” you say as you shake her hands that were soft and better than yours. You turn to Namjoon and say,

“Hey Namjoon, are we going to get food? I’m starving.”

Nari looks at you with big eyes and says to Namjoon,

“You let her speak to you like that? Not using oppa.”

You start to say yes but his finger goes onto your mouth and he says,

“No, I don’t know what’s gotten into her. Little sister address me more formally.”

You are surprised by him saying that. You have never called him oppa. Not once. You were just a few years younger than him and you were not his “little sister.” You would never let that be who you are in your brain to him.

“And yes Little Sister. We are going to that one place with the good chicken. Nari is coming along too.” he says and you look over to her and she smiles. They start walking to his car and Nari takes your front seat. The whole time you were at the restaurant you were quiet,you refused to talk to Namjoon formally so why speak. You drop Nari at her home and you jump into the front seat. You remain quiet and when you get home you go straight to your room. Namjoon walks into the apartment calls to you,

“Hey, come back let’s talk.”

boruto/himawari; beyond words

prompt: baby sister/big brother
rating: K+
a/n: first entry for sunshine siblings week. loosely inspired by my own relationship with my older brother because underneath all the banter we have daily, I do cherish him & appreciate everything he’s done for me. enjoy!



If you asked him the exact moment he realized he was a big brother, he wouldn’t have a clue.

Maybe it was one of those nights where the shrill howls of the wind carried the heavy rain to pound against his window like a predator coming for its prey; the blinding flashes of lighting followed by the grumbling of thunder heralded the brewing storm. But amidst the terrifying sounds of the raging weather would come the soft thudding of tiny feet making their way closer to the edge of his bed.

Her voice would be meek, hesitant and so, so afraid that he instinctively curled himself closer to the end so she could clamber in with the aid of his arms helping her as her short legs could only lift her so much. His arms would always feel shorter than usual for he couldn’t seem to wrap them enough around her small frame to stop the light trembles of fear but he does his best to act as an armour against the demons of darkness hovering outside until the faint tune of her calmed breathing and soft snores acknowledges his success in being her protection.

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PJO:HoO-Percico Fanfiction

Percy was in his cabin on the Argo II feeling depressed, when Annabeth came in.

“What’s going on seaweed brain?” she asked looking concernedly at his face, as she sat on the edge of his bed.

“Nothing. Can you just leave me alone for a while?” he replied.

“It doesn’t look like it’s nothing. Seriously, tell me what’s going on.” Annabeth said adamantly.

Percy sighed and turned towards her. His eyes were red and puffy, like he might have recently been crying. Annabeth wondered momentarily what was wrong with him, but it didn’t take too long to figure out. Nico di Angelo. Annabeth had known Percy since they were both twelve years old, and they had met Nico when they were around thirteen. At the time, Nico had been an innocent ten year old, fascinated by a card game called Mythomagic. Percy had rescued him and his sister Bianca from a manticore, and became Nico’s hero. When Nico’s sister Bianca joined the Hunters of Artemis, Percy promised Nico that he would keep her safe, and when she died, Nico blamed Percy for it. It was rough on Percy, watching Nico turn into a withdrawn and lonely person, and he blamed himself for it.

After the Titan war ended, and Percy and Annabeth were safely back at Camp Half-Blood, he confided in her a secret. Over the years he had growing feelings that he didn’t know how to deal with, or tell anyone about. He was in love. With Nico di Angelo. Nico was constantly on his mind, and he never stopped worrying or caring about him, even with Nico angry at him. It tore him up inside to see Nico so tormented and he just wanted to do something to help, but didn’t know what to do.

With Nico now on the crew of the Argo II, Percy seemed happier. His sea-green eyes sparkled whenever he looked at Nico, and he visibly brightened whenever Nico was in the same room. The sad thing was, Percy’s love was unrequited. For years now, Nico had avoided Annabeth, and the crew had a theory that it was because he had a crush on her. Percy kept trying to get over Nico, but he just couldn’t do it.

“It’s Nico, isn’t it?” Annabeth asked softly.

“Yeah, what tipped you off? My puffy eyes? Go ahead and make fun of me, wise girl. Make fun of how the great hero Percy, was in his room crying in the dark about the person he’s love with, like a thirteen year old girl.” Percy said and turned away dejectedly.

“I’m not going to make fun of you, Percy.” She said as she gave him a light hug. “I would talk more, but I really need to get some sleep. I have watch duty in about 5 hours. Good night, Percy. Try to get some sleep, okay?”

“All right. I’ll try.” he replied.

Annabeth got off of his bed, and lightly shut the door. He was glad she had tried to make him feel better, but sometimes it just made it worse to see her, because it reminded him of how Nico felt about her. Thinking like that made him want to cry again, so he decided to get some fresh air.

Percy walked to the side of the boat and looked overboard. At the moment, the ship was floating calmly along the waves; Percy closed his eyes and breathed in the scent of the sea. As the son of the sea god, the ocean was instantly soothing. He opened his eyes and stared out to sea, watching the pale light of the moon reflect on the water.

“Have a fight with Annabeth?” asked a quiet voice, breaking the silence of the night.

Percy, startled, turned around and looked up with wide eyes. Up in the crow’s nest was Nico di Angelo. He had his knees drawn up to his chin, and his arms wrapped around them, his dark brown eyes surveying the deck below.

“Oh my gods, Nico. You scared me.” said Percy quietly, holding his hand over his rapidly beating heart.

“I seem to have that effect on people, the majority of the time.” Nico said hopping down from the Crow’s nest, landing like a cat, with a soft thud. “So, what are you doing up? You should be asleep, right?”

“Uh, yeah I guess,” Percy said rubbing the back of his head. “Didn’t really feel like it.”

“You look upset. As I asked before, did you and Annabeth have a fight or something?”

“No, it’s not anything like that. Why do you care anyway?” Percy asked bitterly. It bothered him that the first thing Nico would ask, would be about Annabeth. Is that all he cared about? He was tired of having it rubbed in his face that the person he loved, loved someone else.

“What the hell is with that tone, Percy? I’m only asking to make sure that everything is going okay with you. I mean, she is your girlfriend.” Nico replied venomously.

“What!?” Percy yelled. “Annabeth is not my girlfriend! I don’t know what would give you that idea. If anyone wants her to be their girlfriend, it’s you!”

Nico looked at Percy, dumbfounded. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Yes you do! Everybody on the ship knows that you have a thing for Annabeth. It’s pretty obvious, with you always avoiding her.”

“You want to know the real reason why I avoided her?” Huh? Do you?” Nico looked at Percy with challenging eyes. “I-I was jealous of her.”

“Jealous, why?”

“Because, I-” he stopped abruptly. “You don’t need to know the reason. Just leave me alone.”

Percy could visually see Nico withdrawing into himself. He wasn’t going to let it happen. Nico needed to express himself more often.

He put his hands on Nico’s shoulders, the younger boy shivering under his touch.

“Tell me why you were jealous.” Percy’s green eyes bore straight into Nico’s.

Nico looked down, a slight blush on his face, “I was jealous because I thought you and Annabeth were dating.” he whispered softly.

“But we never were. Annabeth is my best friend, not my girlfriend.” Percy professed.

“I-I but-” Nico faltered, his face crumpling like a piece of paper.

“But that still doesn’t make sense. If you don’t like Annabeth, why would you have been jealous of us dating?” asked Percy.

“Oh my gods.” Nico said incredulously, slapping his palm onto his face.

“What?” Percy asked confused.

“Are you really that stupid?” Nico laughed dryly and sneered at Percy.

“Why are you acting like this, Nico?”

“Acting like what? I’m just trying to be normal like everyone wants me to be. I’m being the freak that I am.” he said scornfully.

“You aren’t a freak, Nico.” said Percy.

He snorted sarcastically. “Yeah, right. I’m already the son of Hades, making me the outcast of the demigod world, but then the world has to curse me even more. Why is it fair? Why am I the one getting singled out? I’m gay, Percy.” Nico’s words broke on the word gay, Percy’s name coming out as a sort of strangled sob.

Nico’s knees collapsed out from under him, and he slid to the floor, his head in his hands.

Percy, recovering quickly from the shock of what he had just discovered, knelt on the ground and gathered Nico into his arms.

Nico weakly tried to push him away, muttering something about pity.

Percy wouldn’t let go though, and gripped him even tighter, stroking the younger boy’s black hair in a comforting manner.

Nico managing to pull his head away, stared up into sea green eyes.

“What are you doing, Percy? I don’t need you to comfort me about this. I’ve already accepted the fact that I’m not normal.”

“Shhh, it’s okay, Nico.” Percy said softly.

“No it’s not. Do you not understand what I’m saying? I’m in love with you, Percy. It’s impossible for us to be friends.”

“That’s okay. I don’t want to be friends with you anyway. I want to be more than friends.” Percy whispered into Nico’s ear.

Nico jerked back his hand, his pale face turning crimson.

Percy chuckled and leaned his head closer to Nico’s. Nico’s face turning a brighter red.

“Whoa, Percy what are you doing?” Nico mumbled shyly.

Percy smirked, and leaned closer, softly touching his lips to Nico’s. He moved his lips tenderly, against Nico’s shock still lips. It didn’t take long for them both to absorbed, Nico’s arms tightly gripping the back of Percy’s shirt, and Percy’s hands entwining in Nico’s hair. Percy licked the outside of Nico’s lips, wanting to gain entrance. When Nico slightly parted his lips, Percy took the opportunity, and slid his tongue inside. By the time they pulled away from each other, they were both gasping for air, staring into each other’s eyes.

“I don’t begin to understand why you just kissed me, but it was amazing.” Nico gasped out, his eyes sparkling, almost regaining the same innocence they once had, a long time ago.

Percy grinned at him, and hugged him tightly, once more. He leaned close to Nico’s ear and with a hushed tone said, “I love you, Nico.”

Nico’s dark eyes lit up, and overflowed with tears.

“I love you too, Percy.”