so he gets some sometimes jesus christ

public teasing/sexually confident Evan headcannons

…… we go again (nsfw obv);

-Evan is like surprisingly into teasing you

-and he’s super good at it

-he’s so smol so he’s really good at playing innocent

-like he’ll put his hand on your thigh or he’ll squeeze your ass and you’ll be like


-and he acts super super pure and pouts



-he has d e f i n e t l y leaned over and whispered something along the lines of

‘You don’t know how hard is it for me to keep my hands off of you right now. You look so sexy.’

-he will pull shit like this basically anywhere anytime 

 -watching a movie? he’ll start giving you little pecks on your cheeks -and then he starts to get more ~scandalous~ and starts to kiss down your jawline and your neck

 -you shove him off because yOU’RE TRYING TO WATCH THE MOVIE, EVAN

 -he pretends to be very hurt and he scoots away from you and sulks in the corner -you see him from the corner of your eye, and you roll your eyes -and you move next to him and put your head on his shoulder

 -he puts his hand on your inner thigh and just rubs circles on your skin

 -of course now you’re squirming around in the seat 

 -and he’s like 

 'you’re gonna distract me from the movie, babe’

 -you shoot him a death glare

 -he’s just a massive tease sometimes

 -you’ll be at dinner with Heidi and you’re talking about how you and Evan are planning to move in together after highschoo

l -Evan is bored so he just starts playing with your hair

 -when his mom isn’t looking at you he like yanks a fistful of your hair

 -sometimes he just does it mid-sentence 

-and you like let out a tiny weird cough

 -and Heidi asks if you’re okay 

 -'more than okay, Ms. Hansen' 

 -Evan pulls your hair again and you like c h o k e on air

 -and then he kisses you in the cheek and you can feel the his smirk 

 -after a few minutes he’ll make up some excuse as to why you need to leave

 -he refuses to acknowledge the teasing while you two are in the car

 -'ev why do you always do this to me?’

 'do what?' 

 'you know what, dumb dumb' 

 'you’re cute’

 'thanks but that doesn’t answer my question’

 'I love you so much’

 -if you’re hanging out with jared and he starts making sexual jokes about you, evan will touch you as intimately as possible in whatever situation you’re in 

 -like if jared jokingly says something like

 'if you ever get tired of good ol’ Evan over here, just know my door is always open, y/n. i wouldn’t mind making you scream' 


 -if he can slip a finger into your pants, he will 

 -if he can start fingering you, he will 

 -and he goes h a r d

 -like he’s taking out his anger on you

 -and you have to try really hard to suppress a moan and your face goes super red 

 -and Jared’s like

 'hmm you’re blushing. guess you wouldn’t mind it either. i think y/n has the hots for me, hansen

 -and you open your mouth to say something but like nothing comes out

-and then jared kinda looks down and he can see some movement

 -and his eyes widen as he realizes what’s happening

 -he mumbles 'Jesus Christ’

 -and you’re like 

 'I don’t think I’m ever gonna get tired of Ev, Jared. But thanks for the offer' 

 -jared chuckles awkwardly and leaves

 -Evan will turn to you and kiss you so hard oh my god

 -he’s so loving and sweet but when he’s jealous he is so demanding

 -like he needs you to know that you’re his and that you don’t want anyone else

 -because he’s insecure

-connor tells you two to get a room like a l l of the time

-like sometimes you’re not even doing anything ad connor just

‘get a fucking room you two’



 -Evan just loves you so much dude

 -he loves you so so much


He was six years old the first time he’d heard it.

“Stephen!’ His mother had snapped as soon as she opened the door to her husband’s study.  “Stop annoying your father, he’s got important things to do.”

Steve had stopped dead in his tracks, his story about his new friend from school ending abruptly.  He’d glanced at his father, hoping to hear some dismissive words along the lines of “it’s not annoying,” but his dad had just glared at him.  Steve had quickly left the room, being shooed off to play with the nanny.

He never did end up finishing that story.

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salem u should write something about richie getting the shovel talk from the other losers because it'd be hilarious

ok then! im gonna do this tiny oneshot w eddie for @eddiekaspbrakin

It was Beverly who came to him first.

“Now, Richie,” she’d said. “I know you think you’re good with Eddie, right?”

Richie blinked, before grinning wide and leaning back against a tree. “I know I am, what do you mean?” Eddie was his best friend besides Stan, what was she on about?

Beverly looked him up and down, saying outright, “look. I know you think you’re good with Eddie.”


“But you kinda suck.”

“What?” Richie’s offended, indignant fave sent Bev off into gales of laughter before she looked back at him with a dead-set face. “I don’t suck, Bevvie! I’m great with Eds, he loves me!”

“He loves you, exactly.” Beverly grabbed Richie’s shoulder tightly. “That’s why you have to be careful, Richie. You know he won’t leave you even if you treat him wrong. He’s too sweet. He might fight with you a lot, but you know he’ll never leave.”

Richie looked away, rubbing the back of his head and ruffling his curls. Bev was right, he knew it- Eddie never truly stormed off. He always let Richie win, always accepted Richie’s begrudging, prompted apology. He was kinda and meek in his own way.

“I’ll be careful, Bev, god, get off my back, woman!” Richie adopted his rough Italian Mobster Voice, and ushered her away. He was meeting Eddie for lunch soon.


Stan and Bill came next, as always, Stan striding ahead and Bill flanking him.

“Richie, sit.” Stan’s command was short and unshakable, like the speaker himself, and Richie sat. Stan took a seat across from him on the log they’d cleared off for a bench, and Bill sat down next to his petite boyfriend.

“Yowza, boss, what’s the hurry?” Richie looked between to two boys, the both of them polar opposites- Stan short and thin and dark, Bill tall and broad and light- and narrowed his eyes playfully at Stan. “Are you giving the talk I think you’re giving, or the talk I hope you’re giving?” He winked at Stan and bit his lip, which Stan ignored as always.

Bill cleared his throat, and Stan looked at him before back at Richie, leaning forward so he was looking at his friend straight in the eyes. “Richie, you need to learn how to let Eddie talk sometime, or we’re gonna kill you, okay?”

“Excuse me, what?” Richie’s magnified eyes blinked, but Stan pressed on.

“I’ve heard you talk to him, okay, and you are so loud he never gets a word in edgewise. So just give him a break sometimes, okay? We’re gonna be watching.”

“Okay! Christ!” Richie exclaimed,gesturing exasperatedly towards both Stan and Bill, who were sharing a look. “Jesus, I can handle myself, man! I’m not that bad! Can you get the fuck out now, please?”

Stan arose, taking Bill up with him, shooting his best friend a look and sauntering bitterly away, saying under his breath to Bill something about that being “exactly what he meant, he’s so rude and quick to anger, absolutely abhorrent.” Bill made a comment of some kind too on Richie’s tone, and Stan laughed at it, slipping a hand into Bill’s when he thought Richie couldn’t see, and they were gone.

Richie got up again- he has work to do for a project of his. He was tired of his friends hounding him.


Ben and Richie were shopping one day, and that’s when Ben breached the subject.

“Rich, hey- no, that’s the wrong sort of wood, put it down- so how’s Eddie doing with, you know…” he trailed off delicately.

“With me?” Richie’s head of curls popped out from behind a display. “Good.”

“Is he happy?”

“Yes. Do you need the screws of the nails?”

Ben blinked, turning around, conscious of not brushing his hips against the drawers. “I’ve said nails a million times, Richie. And… are you happy?”

“Yes.” Richie came around the bend of the shelves, with arms full of craft supplies Ben didn’t remember asking for, saying matter of factly, “you know, Ben, this isn’t much of a shovel talk. It’s pretty wimpy.”

“What?” Ben tried to sound innocent. “I’m not giving a- frankly, it’s rude you’d assume that, Richie. Can’t I wonder how my friends are?”

Richie looked Ben up and down bemusedly, before skipping over to the checkout, Ben bustling along behind him, trying to keep up with the bouncy teenager. “Sure, Haystack. Keep telling yourself that’s why you ask.”

Ben did not keep telling himself that’s why he asked, but he did walk away even more perplexed by Richie than he ever had been (why was he buying glitter glue and clay?).

So Richie was want to make happen, Ben left too tired to question anything.


Mike’s talk with him was the most straightforward, and the quickest.

They sat facing eachother, Richie scribbling something in his notebook in front of him as they talked. Mike cleared his throat.

“So, uh…” Mike’s calm, slow baritone rung through the small living room. “Are you and Eddie doing anything together?”

Richie’s brow furrowed as he tried to concentrate. “What kind of together?”

“Like, are you… y’know… Together.” The emphasis Mike put on the word was clumsy and heavy, and the way Mike shifted in the manner of a much smaller man at his discomfort forced Richie to hide a smile.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Mike shook his head quickly, his fists curling on his knees as he started turning a little red. “No, Richie, gross. That’s disgusting.”

“Maybe, yeah, a little. But you’re the one who asked.” Richie tipped his head up to shoot Mike a wicked grin before going back to his writing.

“I guess, but…” Mike felt himself being led off track. “But that’s not the point. Listen, all I wanted to say is… be gentle. Go slow. Let him decide sometimes.”

“Ah… hah.”

“And if I ever, and I mean ever, hear anything bad about how you’re treating little Eds…” Mike leaned in close for this. “You’re going to regret ever being born, all right, Richie? You got that?”

Richie hummed a little and puffed out his right cheek, before popping a finger against it to push it in and getting up quickly/ “Yeah, sure, whatever.”

“Do you care?”

Richie was already out of his seat by the door, notebook under his arm. “Not really,” he called back. “Truth is, you guy’s have been so busy coming after my ass trying to intimidate me into being nice to Eddie, that you all forgot that it’s his birthday tomorrow. I’m putting together my gift, I couldn’t care less what you guys tell me about being considerate.” He popped his head back into the doorway with a triumphant look. “How’d ya like them apples?”

The look on Mike’s face was priceless.

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What are all the moments we get with Eggsy and Tilde from the novelization?

I’m so glad you asked!

  1. Eggsy thinks her accent is “adorable”
  2. Tilde and Michelle get on so well – like sickeningly well – and Eggsy is so happy the “…two most important women in his life love each other…” (scratch that, he thinks – it’s three, including ole Daisy) (I still can’t believe we, as a collective, managed to make Daisy a canon name?)
  3. When they’re heading over to Brandon’s party, he sees her in the hoodie and pants and he just thinks that even when she’s dressed down, she still looks like royalty. (’He supposed she always would.’)
  4. Tilde makes a comment about how beautiful the architecture is at his old estate and he’s a little taken aback because he ‘…doesn’t detect a hint of sarcasm in her voice…’ She’s so genuine! And wants to see the beauty in everything!
  5. Their cover-story for how they met goes as follows: Tilde came into the Kingsman shop one day to find a new tailor for her father and Eggsy was the “…lucky bastard who got to help her…” Sparks flew, and they’ve been together ever since. What. A. Dream.
  6. Eggsy constantly worries (in his head) that he’s not good enough to be with her, especially long-term. He’s like, how can a guy who grew up on a London council estate ever be good enough for a princess?
  7. Eggsy is so stressed the morning of meeting her parents. They’re waiting outside by a cab and Brandon rolls up late and Eggsy’s snapping at him a little bit from the stress and Tilde shoots him looks like, “We’re so thankful you could dog-sit JB, Brandon. Aren’t we, Eggsy?” And Eggsy just murmurs, “Yeah, thanks,” before handing over the keys to his flat.
  8. Eggsy actually didn’t pick the orange dinner jacket! Tilde did! He does love the jacket but he’s self-conscious in it because he doesn’t know if it’s appropriate or not but she tells him how handsome he looks in it and he immediately – immediately – starts feeling better about it.
  9. Eggsy’s in such awe when he enters the palace for the first time. He murmurs, “Fuck me,” and she leans in and whispers, “I will. Later. Maybe in the throne room.” And they both giggle. (She’s a freak! Love her!)
  10. When the attacks begin to happen, Eggsy darts out of the dining room, desperately trying to get someone on the comms. She follows, trying to catch up with him as he stumbles through the halls. Then, he turns around, stumbling over his words and not being too coherent – “Stay here, I have to go. It’s safe here.” She wraps her arms around him, and at first he tries to move away – he has to go – but then he melts into it, accepting this one comfort. Softly, she tells him to do what he has to.
  11. (Later, we find out that she told her parents the reason he freaked out was because some of his friends were caught in the “London Bombings” – and assures him later that, despite that, her parents loved him.)
  12. Remember when Eggsy tells Whiskey he got his Glasto tickets from his contact? His contact is literally Tilde. He told Whiskey to stay out in the car while he got the tickets – he literally made Jack wait outside while he had a rigorous Welcome Home shag with Tilde. #Goals.
  13. They’re having a “…post-coital cuddle…” and Tilde is tracing patterns into his chest and Eggsy tells her, in Swedish, that he loves her and Tilde smiles and kisses him and sighs, “God, I’ve missed you so much.”
  14. She asks him if, after he’s done with everything, he wants to go house-hunting with her. And he thinks about how much it’ll hurt now Harry’s flat is gone, but decides it’ll be really good for them to have their own place.
  15. Tilde, mischievously: “Do you want your present now?” / Eggsy: “I thought getting to see you was my present. There ain’t nothing I want more.” She then hops out of bed and gets the puppy from the bathroom.
  16. Eggsy leaves the hotel, returning to Whiskey. Immediately, Whiskey says, “Do you always sleep with your contacts?” Nodding down to Eggsy’s shirt, “Your shirt was tucked in when you went in.”
  17. Before they leave, they hear tapping from above. Looking up, there’s Tilde, in a bathrobe and the puppy in her arms. She smiles, broadly, and waves down at the boys. She’s so fucking cute - GOD.
  18. (Bless her, she accidentally got them the wrong Glasto tickets.)
  19. When Eggsy rings her up, he’s dreading it. He doesn’t want to tell her about the Clara stuff. He’d rather ask her how her day’s been, if she’s eaten. If she has, what did she have? Was it any good, babe?
  20. Tilde, upon hearing Eggsy has to sleep with someone, immediately thinks it’s Whiskey. “Who?” She asks, “The old guy with you?”
  21. Tilde: “Is she pretty?” / Eggsy: “Nowhere near as pretty as you.”
  22. She asks for a photo of this girl he has to sleep with, and he actually sends her a really pretty photo of her and of course she’s not gonna be happy about it, dude! Oh, my God.
  23. The thing that gets me the most is that when Eggsy sees Clara undress, he thinks about how the old Eggsy – the Eggsy before he met Tilde – would’ve already been shucking off his clothes and pulling Clara onto the bed but he can’t now. He only ‘…finds her attractive in the abstract…’ ‘…Nothing stirred in him.’
  24. I really love her POV chapter, during the part where she’s sprawled out in bed, miserable, smoking a fat-ass joint (same, sister). She’s not even that upset that he has to sleep with someone else. It’s the fact she thought he wanted to be with her, have a future with her.

    Their relationship felt so good, and worked for as long as it did, because they were able to overlook each other’s upbringings, the labels – these things that they can’t help – and love each other anyway; share a life, in spite of all those things that would otherwise drive people away.

    But they can’t. She’s a public princess and he’s a secret agent and it’ll compromise the both of them if they made a big, public lifetime commitment to one another, and she begins to wonder if he ever even meant it when he said he wanted to spend his life with her. Why say it if he knows they can’t be public? Why say it if it’s a danger with the job?

    Why even begin a relationship like theirs if it wasn’t going to work out?
  25. On the plane coming back from Glasto. Eggsy is desperately texting Tilde, trying to get a response. She does, telling him to stop texting her. She needs time to think. Eggsy to Whiskey: “Is the wifi working in here?” / Whiskey, casually playing pool as Eggsy’s life falls apart: “Yup. It’s your relationship that ain’t working.” / Eggsy: “She’s never ignored my texts before.” / Whiskey: “You never told her you didn’t have a future before.”

    (Sorry, divergent. But this is a really, really good scene that was cut and is supposed to parallel the martini scene with Harry and Eggsy. Here, Whiskey basically tells Eggsy that he should forget about Tilde. He’s a spy! They get to travel the world, fuck and chuck. They shouldn’t worry themselves with attachments. Whiskey: “Your friend Harry probably would’ve told you the same,” and Eggsy supposes he’s right about that. But then, of course, later on in the movie, Harry tells him the opposite. Which is probably why Eggsy looks so taken aback when Harry tells him that no, love as much as you can. Love is what makes life worth living.)
  26. Eggsy sits at the bar, miserable, and checks his voicemail, just to see if Tilde called him and he missed it. She hadn’t. That No New Messages voice makes him feel cold. He stares at the photo of them with JB, which is his wallpaper, and is just absolutely wrecked.

    (TW: Suicide idealisation.) With losing Tilde, and everyone else, he leaves the bar and wishes some drunk sod would run him over so all this could be over. He wonders what’s the point of going on if he, a spy, can’t protect everyone and everything he loves? What’s the point when it’s all taken away from you? Jesus Christ, this book gets fucking dark sometimes.
  27. Moving forward. Eggsy gets a text from Tilde:
    She immediately rings him. He picks up, “Tilde?” But she doesn’t know who he is. Tilde: “Who is this?” / Eggsy: “What? You called me?”

    She hangs up. He calls her again, this time on FaceTime, and sees her face covered in the rash, like the movie. He freaks out, she’s talking a load of hysterical rubbish. Then, she freezes.

    Her father steps into shot, snatching the phone from her hands. “She’s in the third stage. Maybe if you hadn’t had broken her heart–” and then throws the phone onto the bed. All Eggsy can see is her in the distance, limbs bent at an awkward angle, her eyes glazed over but looking terrified (You’re conscious the whole time you’re stuck. The moment stage-three happens, the mania wears off.) Their new puppy skitters around on the bed, just as terrified. And Eggsy can’t do a thing about it.
  28. Later, her parents have a room full of doctors surrounding her, trying to figure out how to help her. But they’re useless. Tilde, conscious, sees the puppy, scared, and wants to comfort him. She thinks of Eggsy, and wishes she could kick everyone out of her apartment and have him there instead. She wants to take him in her arms, she wants to touch him, hold his face. She wants to hear his voice, wants to tell him how much she loves him, how much she misses him. She wants to fix things.
  29. They give her a cure. Then, as if on cue, her phone rings. Her father grabs it, and Tilde can see from afar that it’s Eggsy calling. She runs – sprints – to the phone and snatches it out of his hand to take the call. For a woman who was just paralysed, they all think, she sure can move.
  30. Oh, Eggsy thinks she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen in his life when he sees her walking down the aisle. He thinks that, from now on, beauty is gonna be measured and compared to this, to her in that dress. His eyes brim with tears, his heart feels full.

    Daisy follows closely behind her and Tilde’s father, in this adorable little dress (she’s a bridesmaid!), with Tilde’s ring clutched in her little, toddler hand, and with “…a grin a mile-wide.” She’s so happy for her big brother!
  31. The priest begins to do the ritual and Eggsy is so busy looking at her that he can’t hear a single thing the priest is saying. The both of them smile at each other, bursting with pride and happiness and love.
  32. Daisy has Tilde’s ring, and Harry has Eggsy’s. Should I add that the dogs are at the wedding too? Harry names his Yorkie, Hamish, after Merlin. And Eggsy names his new pug after JB (JB2)
  33. A little extra. The wedding hall is divided. One side is Tilde’s relatives, and the other is Eggsy’s. Tilde’s side is very reserved, very regal, whereas Eggsy’s are a lot more boisterous and energetic.

    Champ begins to heckle Tilde’s side as the pair kiss. Champ: “Hey! Lighten up, guys! This ain’t a goddamn funeral! Champagne’s on me!” Then: “Hit it, Elton!” And Elton breaks out into song: “Kiss the Bride”.

    (It doesn’t take long for the Bop to liven up Tilde’s side of the church)

    TBH… wedding of the year.
danny rand is a good person

danny rand lived with no one but monks since he was 10 years old. he is probably still trying to learn how to be an adult, if not a person in general. and on the account of all the “take a shot every time danny calls himself danny rand of rand enterprises or the immortal iron fist”, what the fuck? have you considered that those are the only things he knows how to be?? like, actually?? 

no one is saying the kid isnt privileged as fuck, im certainly not saying that at all. but when luke gave him the speech on white privilege and having power since the moment he was born, danny didn’t have a single thing to say in argument because he knew that luke was right!!! 

danny rand is a good person with a kind heart who is trying to do the right thing. he gets caught up in that sometimes, obviously. he obviously is misguided a lot of the time. but jesus christ stop making him out to be some asshole who is purposefully trying to make things hard on other people, or purposefully trying to flaunt his money or power. 

if you didnt like the iron fist series for whatever reason. then fine, that’s your own opinion. but jeez, so many people are holding it against danny for not knowing how the real world works after he’s been removed from it for the past 15 years.

danny rand is a good fucking person. he’s trying. 

Happy Endings

synopsis: Ronan hasn’t slept since Cabeswater died but tonight Adam insists on helping him sleep and in doing so unknowingly helps Ronan come to terms with grieving for his mother and for Cabeswater.

“I can see you staring at me.”

Ronan snorts from his side of the couch but his eyes don’t waver from staring at the side of Adam’s head.

“Well while you and Opal were ridiculously excited to watch this movie, I happen to see it for the Disney bullshit that it is and couldn’t be bothered paying attention. I mean even Opal got bored of it halfway through.”

Ronan doesn’t add that he’d much rather look at Adam than any movie or TV programme and that this is what he usually does when they watch something together because he doesn’t think it’s necessary information for Adam to know.

Adam looks down into his lap and is proves right of course by the young dream girl who has been asleep for a good twenty minutes.

Ronan doubts Adam was really paying attention to the movie anyway as he turned the sound down until it was barely audible when Opal fell asleep but knowing Adam, he probably just wanted a distraction from everything going on.

“I’m glad she’s getting some sleep though” Adam whispers, fingers softly stroking through her stringy hair.

Ronan huffs, “I suppose when she’s sleeping she’s not causing havoc”

But looking down at Opal’s blissful sleeping face, Ronan is glad that she is sleeping peacefully right now. She’s been restless for the past few days, ever since Cabeswater died.

Cabeswater was a part of her just like it was a part of Ronan and Adam but Opal was a creature born to the forest of Cabeswater, in a sense she was Cabeswater, it existed within her and always would.

Whereas Adam willingly tied himself to it and Ronan had created it from his mind and now that Cabeswater was gone, the only part of them Cabeswater had control of was the small place it would always hold in their memories and hearts. It wasn’t as easy for Opal to disconnect herself from it.

“At least she is sleeping though” Adam says, his eyes finally lifting to meet Ronan’s and Ronan can tell from that determined look in his eyes that he won’t like what Adam has to say next and sure enough he’s right, “Unlike you.”

Ronan sighs and rolls his eyes, “I’m sleeping fine Parrish.”


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18, regan? 👀

Negan’s a motherfucking sentimental guy, dammit. He’s not sure why that always comes as such a shock to people.

Alright, so maybe he understands it a little. It probably has something to do with how he presents himself, or some shit like that.

Or the baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire slung over his shoulder.

Or the fact that he’s been known to kill people for defying him. Or getting in his way. Or just to put them in their place.

Okay, so there’s a lot of reasons people would be surprised. And, he’ll admit it, it’s been a long time since he’s shown a truly sentimental side of himself to another person. He shows a tender side sometimes, with his wives. But because of the nature of his relationship with them, he doesn’t get sentimental. He knows they’re there because of what he can give them. And he’s happy with that, really. They get what they want, he gets what he wants, everyone’s happy. He hasn’t sought out an emotional connection with another person for a long time. He’s seen too many people die, get eaten alive or wasted by other people, and it just seemed easier to give all that shit up.

And then Rick Grimes had to come in and fuck that shit right up to the ceiling.

Even if he thinks long and hard about it- which he has, several times- he still isn’t completely sure how he and Rick happened. He has some guesses- a strange mutual attraction, a common loss of their wives, an unexpected level of begrudging respect for the other’s ability to keep people safe and alive. But none of that explains the inexplicable truth that Negan’s stumbled upon:

He actually really fucking likes Rick. He cares about Rick.

He never could have expected it, but there it is anyway. And, yeah, he may get a little sentimental about Rick sometimes. Like right now, when he’s laying sprawled beside him, basking in the afterglow of what was some pretty goddamn mind-blowing sex. Negan pushes himself up on one elbow to stare at Rick because, Jesus fucking Christ, Rick’s one gorgeous man.

Negan admires the long, lean lines of Rick’s body. The only light is coming in from the window, so he’s all stark whites and dark shadows right now, with just the faintest hint of pink tinging his face and chest. He looks like a painting, all chiaroscuro and angelic features. Negan wants nothing more than to run his hands over him, feel the silk of his skin and the tightness of muscle under his fingertips.

His cheeks are still flushed from their earlier activities, his lips even more pink and full than they normally are, making him look absolutely fuck-me kissable. His hair is a goddamn wreck from Negan tugging at it and running his hands through it. Loose strands are plastered to his forehead, and Negan can’t decide if he wants to reach up and brush them out of his face or leave them there.

Then Rick shifts slightly to look up at Negan, and the light from the window crosses over his eyes, and holy hot damn, are his eyes blue right now. They look like the water in the pictures of tropical beaches that Negan has only ever seen in pictures, and he finds himself thinking that doesn’t mind that he’s never set foot on such a beach as long as he gets to see that color in Rick’s eyes.

“You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” Negan breathes, more than a little awestruck. The words tumble out of his mouth without his permission, and Rick looks up at him with, of course, an expression of surprise. And then his face flushes a little deeper, and in lieu of replying, he responds by wrapping his hand around the nape of Negan’s neck and pulling him down for a kiss that’s wet and open and leaves Negan’s mind reeling and hoping for a round two.

2p Prussia: Klaus

Oh boy.
This motherfucker.
Actually represents the German Order, which is the renamed Teutonic Knights.
His baptismal name was Gilen, but he gave it up when he converted to Judaism.
Loves video games a lot.
Made of memes.
Loves the “emo trinity” (My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! At The Disco)
He loves his hair a lot and wishes he could braid it himself but he can’t poor bab.
Has anxiety, depression, selective mutism, and ADHD.
The last one is mostly a personal headcanon that I don’t think anyone shares haha.
Chaotic good.
Is very ticklish on most of his body and he wILL attack if you exploit this.
He’s so fucking tall with legs for days step on me plz.
Don’t make him mad or you will suffer with the Piercing Blue Death Gaze™.
Infinite sass.
He is so warm both in personality and the fact that he is basically a living space heater.
But he doesn’t understand it because when people hug him they’re like “you’re so warm!!” but he thinks he’s always cold because that’s what he feels???
A lot of his scars are from battle, some are from stupid accidents and “public service” such as climbing a tree to save a very distressed Roland (2p Austria) and falling like three times.
“Roland the tree isn’t even that tall get down yourself! “Noooooo I can’t!!!” “Jesus Christ Roland.”
Allergic to cats.
Back to the German Order thing, they are located in Vienna, Austria.
As such, Klaus lives with Roland so he has to deal with all of his one night stands doing the walk of shame at like 6am.
But it’s better than living alone, because sometimes he needs someone to rant to or to kill the spiders lmao.
Wishes he could spend more time with Siegfried (2p Germany) but the whole cat thing kinda drives them apart (even if they meet outside of his house Sigi is always covered in cat hair for some reason lol)
Fights neo Nazis
Heterosexuality? He doesn’t know her.
Mystic Messenger trash lol.
“luciel choi is actually me”


Now that the show has closed and I won’t spoil anything for anyone, I can talk about the stage musical version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

It was absolutely magnificent!

This production was everything that as an adult I wish the movie was. It was dark, it was uplifting, it was soul stirring, it was humbling. 

I really applaud Disney for not playing it safe on this one. They could have given us the movie moved to the stage with a few new songs added, but instead, they went back to the book, made a LOT of departures from the movie, and went balls to the wall with it. The cast did such an amazing job bringing new life to the characters that so many people have known and loved for years. 

As I said, they went back to the original novel for plot points and characterizations.

The three wisecracking gargoyles are not in this production (thank God IMHO), and are replaced by a sort of Greek chorus, who serve as the narrators, townspeople, Gypsies, and others. Among those others are the inanimate objects – the bells, gargoyles, statues, etc. – that Quasimodo has, in his mind, given life to.

Frollo is back to being the Archdeacon of Notre Dame, which in my opinion makes him less of a villain with no redeeming qualities and a lot more interesting, as we do get to see his compassionate side when he speaks to Esmeralda about teaching her about Jesus Christ and thinking that he can save her soul by converting her to Christianity. The fact of his religiously imposed vows of chastity also makes his lust for her a lot more of an issue for him then when he is just a judge. Patrick Page does an amazing job wrestling with these emotions (and sometimes sound so much like Tony Jay, who provided Frollo’s voice for the movie, that it’s scary). He’s also given a back story with his brother Jehan which gives some explanation of his harshness.

Quasimodo is mostly deaf from constantly being in such close proximity to the massively large and loud bells. When he speaks to the other human characters in the show, he uses rudimentary sign language and affected speech. Michael Arden as Quasimodo does a fantastic job of fading out the hindrances to his speech when he speaks to the inanimate objects, and removing it almost completely while singing. Check out this clip of “Out There” to see what I mean -

Phoebus and Esmeralda’s characters are not that different from how they are portrayed in the film, but we do get to see more of their relationship develop and we get a bit of Phoebus’s background as a soldier. And, !!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! we don’t get the happily ever after Disney ending in this one, folks. The musical uses the novel’s ending.

The additional songs fit with the original songs very well. I was very happy to see that they took the practice that they used in Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King of making new songs out of existing pieces of the movie’s score. They also use the song “Someday” that was recorded for the end credits of the movie and turned that into a duet for Esmeralda and Phoebus.  

I really don’t have enough adequate words to describe this production. It was truly amazing.

Unfortunately, as of right now, there are no plans to move the show to Broadway. There is the possibility of a West End run, but it would have changes made and probably would end up not being the same show. In my opinion, the show does not need to be changed. It is absolutely beautiful the way it was.

teacher au: harry is the headmaster of a school, and eggsy is the young fun unconventional teacher that used to be a student with a rough home life, and harry was the teacher who helped him turn his life around

so eggsy became a teacher himself to give back to his community and applies to teach at his old school, like the first day for his interview, harry thinks he’s a tardy student and tell him to get to class

and then eggsy turns around and replies, ‘that bring back memories, doesn’t it, sir?’ and harry is floored

eggsy quickly becomes a popular well-liked teacher, and sometimes harry walks by his room to see him teach with flying enthusiastic hands and his gorgeous smile, giving each student careful attention and encouragement, because eggsy cares about his kids so fucking much, and his students utterly adore him, and maybe harry adores him a little too

and eggsy’s always had a lowkey crush on harry, but honestly, who in mr. hart’s maths class didn’t, and fuck, the funny little twinge in his chest when he sees harry hasn’t gone away, it’s getting worse now that they have lunch together every day, and sometimes sit and chat in harry’s office after school, and harry is just as wonderful (and handsome, jesus christ) as eggsy remembers, and then some

(the students have a betting pool on when mr. unwin and headmaster hart will get together. mr. merlin the computer science teacher pretends to break it up but puts a tenner on summer term, but it’s ms. morton who wins the pot by wagering on school formal - harry and eggsy show up to chaperone, both dressed in surprisingly stylish suits, and spend most of the night staring at each other across the room before eventually disappearing somewhere together when they think no one is looking)

bartender michael PART 2

part 1

a/n: sorry this took me 2 days lol i’ve been thinking of ideas and i was gone all day yesterday.  also this is past tense but when i put things in italics it’s kinda supposed to be the main girl’s thoughts as the events are happening.  sorry if it’s confusing i’m terrible with writing mechanics!

10 minutes of flirty small-talk later, Michael walked me up to his apartment building and then we got into the elevator.  The building was kind of dingy, and all of the rooms seemed to have parties going on inside of them.  His small studio was actually well kept, and decorated with some band posters and antique bottles.  He had an extensive collection of alcohol in his kitchen, he must have a passion for booze. 

“Now that we are in the privacy of your own home, why don’t you finally make me a drink”  I protested before he could even take off his leather jacket.

“Okay, jeez.  I’d love to see what vodka does to you.”  Michael said, chuckling a bit at the thought of seeing me drunk.  I was a little nervous, I didn’t know what had gotten into me.  Normally I hate drinking.  Drunken hook-ups never interest me either, but it was something about this guy.  He looks like could literally disable you in bed, but he could also write you a love letter John Green would be envious of.  Lord help me.  

He poured a me a glass and one for himself.

“Here’s to you being stood up and finding me instead!”  He exclaimed.

“Hey, I didn’t find you.  You found me and wouldn’t stop pestering me.”  I corrected him and took a sip.  What the hell did he put in this.  God damn this is magical.  I better not drink to much though, God why am I so nervous.

“So Y/N, I"m going to cut right to the chase.  I’m not going to drink too much because I don’t want this to be some one-night stand I won’t remember.  In fact, I’d love to see you again sometime this week so I can figure out what goes on in that mysterious brain of yours, and also-”

“Who said anything about sleeping with you?” I cut him off.

“Would you like me to drive you home now?”  He replied.  Jesus Christ he is awful.  

Oh get over yourself!”  I retaliated.  I hadn’t realized that with each word each of us said we had gotten inches and inches closer to each other.  This must be sexual tension.  He set down his drink, I had stopped drinking mine minutes ago.  

“I think we are both quite full of ourselves, what an awful combination.”  He whispered in my ear.  He started kissing my neck and started sucking at my collarbones.  I grabbed a fistful of his thin hair and rest my other hand up against the table.  Working his way up, our lips finally met.  I giggled into the kiss, and his arms trapped me against the table.  One of his hands intertwined with mine,  the other still holding me against the platform.  He grabbed at my back, and I wrapped my legs around his waist.  Michael desperately tried not to break the kiss, but he needed to locate his bed.  As he carried me through his small apartment, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.  He set me down, and I was about to take out my phone and throw it across the room to escape distraction, but I noticed I had a text from someone I had almost forgotten about.  It was the guy I was meeting at the bar.  I immediately thought I shouldn’t look, I was having way more fun than I would’ve had and I didn’t need his pity.  But out of curiosity, I looked at the message.  

“im so sorry i didn’t show up, bit of an accident happened im at harlem” The message read.  Harlem is a hospital.  Oh my fucking God.  Michael didn’t mind that I was looking at my phone, but he did ask who it was as he started playing with the hem of my shirt.

“That guy I was supposed to meet earlier, haha!” I sort of laughed, not wanting to make it seem like I cared.

“Bet he wishes he was me right now.” Michael chuckled.

“Bet he wishes he anyone right now, he’s at the hospital” I said giggling, trying to make it sound like a joke.  I wasn’t sure why I mentioned that. 

“What?  We better make sure he’s okay.”  He said, sitting up, still straddling me.

“What, no!  I don’t care.  I need you now.” I said to him.  What the hell is up with him?  He would totally do this.  He is such a tease oh my God.

“Y/N, your poor friend could be dying!  Let’s go.” He said, standing up and grabbing my hand, smirking.  He knew what he was doing to me, God he is going to pay for this later.  I can’t even believe him.  His humor was really hot, though.

I was extremely handsy in the car, trying to make him turn around and do all the things to me he said he was going to do.  He was really good at keeping this act up.  I started to reach for his jeans and grabbed his thigh, but he swatted my hand away.

“Jesus Christ Y/N this is no time to be inappropriate!’  Michael teased, obviously knowing how stupid he was being.

When we rolled up to the hospital parking garage, I told Michael to stay in the car and wait.  I didn’t want him to waste time or be rude to my "friend”.  I’m not even sure why I am here.  I guess I should make sure he is okay, and then I’m going to get the fuck out and put Michael to work.  Woah, i’ve only known him for about 4 hours.  What is this.

I walked into the lobby and I already see him standing there with a cast on his leg and a bandaged up face.  

“What the hell happened?”  I asked as I lightly hugged him.  

“Taxi accident, damn I’m so sorry I stood you up.”  He replied, wincing in pain.

“Hey, no sweat!  Are you okay?  How are you going to get home?”  I asked in a worried tone.  "Let me take you home.  There is no way you are getting in a cab again.“ I answered my own question, with a little bit of a laugh again.  

"Um, okay.  Thank you so much.”  He replied, a little intimidated by my over-bearing kindness.  I helped him out of the lobby and started walking to Michael’s car.

“Oh, this isn’t actually my car, it’s, erm, a friend’s.”  I told him, hoping he wouldn’t be embarrassed that I found a rebound guy so fast.  I left him near the car and walked over to the drivers window.

“Is it okay if we bring him home?”  I asked Michael.

“Sure thing, princess.” He responded.  Oh don’t call me princess right now.

I helped my friend into the back seat and buckled his seatbelt.  Michael was just looking at his hands, ready to start the car.

“Okay, Michael, this is-” I tried to introduce him to Michael, but he cut me off as he noticed who it was in the back seat by looking in the rear-view mirror.