so he better dont


vento aureo is pretty good so far….also i found out i really like drawing giorno

okay so unpopular opinion but like.. i dont get it when people dont like macdennis solely bc its toxic like.. yall realize that EVERY member of the gang is toxic? and a bad person? like yes, macdennis is toxic but even if mac got into a relationship w another man it would still likely be toxic and bad bc guess what.. hes not that good of a man himself


because of the recent shortage of gays in space, I was motivated to draw one of my favourite Space Gays, Steve Cortez, whom I love very much


“i feel so lucky to have existed at the same time as you, clearly the odds were in my favor for once.“

sciencexacte  asked:

1 ! I am curious about the working space of anyone who do art :3

Lmaooooooooo you could not be more disappointed with mine 

At the moment ☝ that’s what it looks like. I don’t have a workspace. Just give me somewhere to sit and my samsung tablet fully charged and i’m good haha 

I just got home from college (summer vacation yay!) so my current workspace is my bed??

boyfriend hoseok (wonho)

A/N: i’m so sad i wasn’t able to keep my streak but i was too tired and afraid it wouldn’t turn out well!!! im wearing a sweatshirt so i’m typing with sweater paws in honor of wonho!!! masterlist!!!

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  • let me tell you one time i talked about wonho in the car with my mom and by the end of the conversation we were both crying
  • he is So PrEcIoUs
  • make sure he knows he is loved okay??
  • he is always working super hard and forgetting about his sleep and health but he will text you to ask if you’re eating well and taking care of yourself
  • and you’re like bOY
  • sometimes he just has to push himself but he will love the way he can melt into your arms and fall asleep
  • he will pamper and spoil you so much
  • totally the type to be walking around with you and when you see something you like but refuse to buy it he will show up after saying he’s going to the bathroom with that thing you like in seven different colors
  • he does it for the smiles you give him
  • speaking of smiles
  • his smile
  • wow what art
  • he will be smiling so much!!! laughing !!! blessing you with the angelic light that radiates from his happiness!!!
  • you’ll probably be a very chic/stylish couple i can see the minimalist aesthetic already
  • definitely the type to grab you and start dancing while singing to you idk he seems very into classic romance stuff because he wants to make your heart flutter y’know???
  • probably kisses you in front of the members to brag about having a relationship
  • i mean he’ll respect your boundaries more than anything 
  • but he wants to brag about you ALL THE TIME
  • he is so proud of you and you give him so much inspiration and passion just by being in his life 
  • is probably nervous to have you meet his family because it’s so important to him aw and then he’ll take you to the café his mom has and you just witness that pure love between those two and then he wraps his arm around your waist to bring you closer and he is just beaming because !!! the two most important people in his life are meeting !!!
  • loves it when you play with his hair
  • he’ll come home after schedules and plop wherever you are so his head is in your lap and he looks up at you with puppy dog eyes and a wide smile and even though you were doing something you know he’s going to whine if you don’t pay attention to him so you just thread your fingers in his hair and massage his scalp and he basically purrs and lets his eyelids fall and you smile and go back to doing whatever you were doing with one hand now
  • sweaters !!! sweater paws !!! sharing sweaters !!!
  • highkey the type to to give you five thousand sweaters, twelve pairs of gloves, and thirty scarves before you go out in the winter so you don’t get sick
  • once he’s made you into a winter version of the michelin man and you’re looking at him like “seriously” he claps his hands and kisses your forehead and leads you into the outside world
  • definitely adores eating with you
  • like it’s so simple and homey and intimate and he just LoVeS iT
  • will probably want to feed you
  • and then get lowkey embarrassed that he actually just fed you so he will get even cuter by cringing 
  • “can you believe we’re parents already?” “what” “we have monbebes!!!” “i’m divorcing you”
  • seriously though that boy loves monbebes so you two will probably bond over love for them 
  • please speak to him in french because i think about it constantly and it KiLLs Me
  • wouldn’t be surprised if he got a small tattoo symbolizing you because he wants to make sure you know just how special you are to him
  • he definitely feels most comfortable crying in front of you and sometimes you two cry together and it’s beautiful because there’s so much trust in that wow
  • abs abs and more abs
  • please tell him to put a shirt on sometimes because yes seeing him walk around and flaunting his body is wonderful and all but the window is open and it’s freezing and you don’t want him getting frostbite
  • gives amazing hugs
  • the kinds where he just wraps his arms really securely around you and buries his face in your neck so he can smell your shampoo and he sighs so happily and you’ve never felt more loved and adored in your whole life i love wonho
  • hoseok is a pure being and he has so much love in his art and when he loves he loves hard because he feels his emotions to the fullest and he will write so many songs about you and he devotes himself to making the best life for you however it manifests and at the end of the day you two grow so much together and have such a trusting and wholesome relationship and im crying please take care of him

Red hair Jimin (●´∀`●)

I love his hair ;;;;;; so much omg

Also his makeup was so on point

heiwajima shizuo appreciation post
  • wants to be a good senpai and a good big brother and a good person
  • knows he’s flawed and tries to be the best he can be
  • fought a tiger and won
  • cares so much about his brother he wears the uniform kasuka gave him every single day
  • wanted to be a detective
  • his diet consists of milk and sweet things
  • actually has a good sense of morals and follows the rules
  • has a healthy relationship with his sibling which is rare in durarara
  • cutie patootie
  • doesn’t watch tv because it’ll make him angry
  • is trying his best
  • has been thru so much bad things but has never given up
  • doesn’t deserve anything bad
  • deserves love
  • deserves the best in this universe