so have something while i'm gone

a-kon was nearly a month ago now and i finally come with a picture!!

everything was against me finishing up soleil for the con ( :( my heart is still a little broken ) so i was olivia on saturday! i had a photoshoot with both ali and my lovely wife ( @maidenofsleep ) inside our favorite building at the con. this was one taken by said wife! 

the costume was made by mostflogged with things fixed up by wife and myself. this was so fun to wear?? if very revealing!

Short Note

Alright, only a short note for you all, so you know whats up lately.

I’m very sorry that I’m not able to keep up with my prompt requests atm. I know you are all waiting for them and for updates on my fics. The Problem is that I’m having some kind of writers block and I just can’t get anything down… or like I’m starting but halfway I’m losing what I actually can write and I have to stop. I’m doing my best but just so you know - I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN ANY OF YOU. I’M ON IT BUT IT WILL TAKE TIME.

Maybe it’s also because of the convention in two weeks and I can’t concentrate because I need to focus on getting my costume done for it. Orz.

I mean I keep getting followers (how the fuck almost 2k what the hell) and I have to thank you for all your support.

Just please bear with me and being a bit on semi-hiatus with my fics until the stress is gone and I finally can get actual words down in typing. I love you all!


I haven’t seen The Lion King. Why don’t you sue me? Talk to your lawyer.

Supernatural Imagine #20


“You were tailing me!”
“It’s not like that-”
“I told you I was fine on my own!”
“No! You promised!”
“I was trying to protect you! What if you were being followed? What if something got you while your back was turned? I have to be here to protect you!”
“The only thing following me was you! And the only thing that hurts me is you not trusting me. Just take off that monkey suit, stop working this case. I don’t want to hear of another Agent, walking on my case.”


“I know this looks bad-”
“Oh it looks
worse than that.”
“I know I promised-”
“Yeah, I’m starting to get the drift of how good those are.”
“I just didn’t want you getting hurt.”
“Yeah, well, I guess it’s a good thing that I notice things that hurt me, even if they’re behind my back.”


“You deliberately ignored what I specifically asked you to do!”
“I’m an angel. Angels protect their charges.”
“I’m not your responsibility!”
“I care for you. I don’t see the problem.”
“You lied to me!”
“This is the third time I’ve ever lied to you.”
“Lying isn’t okay! You don’t lie to people you care about.”
“Sam and Dean do it.”
“And you’re picking up Winchester Logic too!

Hunter AU #4

The first time Dipper sees Bill cry is the first time that Bill thinks Dipper might have been killed.

Dipper had gone on a walk in the forest while Bill was out fetching something from the store. He tried to stay close to home so he could get to safety, but eventually lost himself in the familiar blissful feeling of wandering the woods and winds up further than he intended.

Just as he realizes he should turn and go home, he feels a sharp pain, and then nothing. When he wakes up he’s hanging upside down in a strangers basement, and he almost shrieks when he realizes the strange man is sharpening a knife. The only think that stops his screech is the gag tied over his mouth.

Tears are pouring down his face as he struggles, a sob escaping him. The man approaches and severs the ropes holding Dipper several feet off the floor, and he drops harshly to the concrete, screaming in pain behind the gag.

The next few minutes are a pain filled blur, and suddenly he’s on the ground and Bill is in front of him, separating him from the Hunter. He weakly reaches out for the blonde, and everything goes black.

When he wakes up he’s in Bill’s arms and they’re back in their own home.

“Please wake up Pine Tree” he whispers, and when Dipper forces his eyes open he’s alarmed to see tears on Bill’s face.

“Are you… Crying?”

“Shut up” he spits, and Dipper is almost offended, but immediately after he’s being pulled into a warm embrace and he can practically feel the relief radiating from the other, so he relaxes into his arms and holds him back.


I was tagged by @beccatheshelfelf to post my six favourite selfies from 2015! Things I learned, looking at a chronology of my photos (and there were a lot): it took me a while to figure out how to take a good picture of myself; and when I figured it out, I have one go-to face; I’ve lost weight in my face; my beard has come and gone and come again; now I’m blonde; I’ve moved, and I miss my old bedroom. But something stayed the same: I remained cute af.

I’m gonna tag all the people I’ve come to consider friends in the past year, whether or not they’ve already done this: @foldedbetweenthepages, @freshsnow-holidayhoe, @bookavid, @theboywhocriedbooks, @greatfay, @noahczherny, @abookblog, @thequeenslexicon, and anyone else who wants to do this, because I love seeing your faces!