so have some respect when reposting


(´;ω;`) Hey everybirdie. Today is a sad day, imah sincerely sorry but i’ll need ur help…

This is an art reposter. From the category ‘’ i don’t credit the artists ,i’m doin’ it and i dun’ care about the consequences of my acts. ” 

I talked to them, multiple times.They eventually blocked me and i’m completely out of ideas now. (T~T;。)


What happened ? 

One day,i shared an artwork on twitter. That was some lemon septiplier that i regretted so much that i deleted 30 minutes after posting it. I asked to everyone to noooot repost it anywhere. Too bad,this person did it.Their friends shared the picture without telling them to not repost it. No prob’ .that’s okay,I told them and they took my picture down. However, when i started to ask to take down all the other pictures not credited...things started to get…problematic.  (๑ १д१)

A lot of artworks are daily reposted on this fan account. @konoira, @smollerei  @suke1234 , @some-youtubes​ , @kihori​ ,@floatingmegane-san​ ect… 

Sfw and Nsfw are publically reposted without the consent of anybirdie.

I’ve engaged ¾ times a conversation with them (once a week/two weeks) and they never rly listened to my warnings.Only promises. No real act.

 After my warnings, they were starting to repost things again and again. 1 and half month passed and my patience running out. I thought that was enough. that’s why i’m askin’ ur help.

What i would consider to do :

  • Comment the reposted artworks. Tell them what they’re doing bad. Why it’s not respectful towards the artists. no hate. Just explain.
  • If you kno’ some artists .comment their name, if not, ask septiplier.trash to take down the art.
  • Report the account .

Don’t forget. ONE RULE:

No hate.

This is clearly someone who doesn’t want to hurt anybirdie. They like the septiplier community , want to entertain them and keep their fan blog active. they think it’s too hard to credit the artists so they don’t.However it’s not optional. 

 I don’t want to ruin the life of this person. i guess they have life issues and want some attention but today they also need to respect ppl as we respect them.  


Spread the love,think by yourself and neveh forget to respect  everyone. \(@;◇;@)/ 

You can also link them my post ‘cause i don’t want to talk to them anymoar. When someone makes me waste my time,my patience, don’t respect my art friends and block me when i tried to help. it’s not possibru anymoar.

40 or 4000 fans for a repost account? this is not acceptable. Nothin’ against this person but respect is respect and today, it’s enough. 

-thanks to @owlyabun and @reikiwie-art for the screenshots and support !

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((Thanks at least some people have some semblance of actual respect))

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Honestly the amount of times I've seen your work being reposted especially outside of tumblr with no recognition or credit at all pisses me off like you work so hard on stuff and have stated many many times for people to not repost your work how do some people just not understand? I've always reported pictures saying that's it's not their own content and it's been posted without permission, someone has to do something about it.


it’s a fucking insult seeing the lack of respect and credit given to my work and thank you for reporting them. i really appreciate that

and thank you to everyone who messages me letting me know when my subs are resposted!! pls keep letting me know 

Respect our artist pals – try not to reblog stolen art

Seen some art reblogged that I know is a repost (though I don’t recall the artist’s name) & every post on the originating blog is a repost. Without credit. It’s easy to just hit reblog when we see pretty art, but it’s also easy to check the originating blog. If it’s full of a whole heap of different styles, no credit in the post, some of the pix have artist marks or other people’s blog names on – not so good.

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i'm really sorry your edits were reposted. some people have no respect or consideration for other's work. i see edits reposted on other sites all the time and it's annoying to no ends

thank you for your kind message! ye it is very very annoying. it takes me so many hours to make even the easiest edit, cause you have to check the colors, the size, the background, the textures, the psd etc etc. so i got so mad when i saw that, it was credited but still?? i hope to never see such a thing again bc it is so ugly 😒and it doesn’t help me at all

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hiya!!! i love your art so so much its amazing !!!! i was wondering if i may use some of your art as my profile picture if thats alright? of course with credit in my bio

Hellllo! It makes me happy, thank you so much! But sadly I have to say no, I don’t want others to use or repost my art. I hope that you understand and respect that 😄
By the way guys, even though I don’t allow others to use my art in any form I deeply appreciate when you ask before you do anything with my work. I’m fully aware that there may be people who would use my drawings without even bothering to ask. That’s why I’m thankful everytime you ask me about it, even if I have to refuse such request. Good to know that there still are people who respect artists and their choices 💜(faith in humanity restored!)

Someone: Look what I found!! -repost of artwork without a credit description-

Me: Where is the source? Did the OP give you permission to repost their artwork? Just where did you suddenly “find” this artwork?

:’) If you ever find artwork on another site please be sure to ask the artist if reposting is okay. If not then DON’T POST THE ARTWORK ,instead make a TEXT POST with a link edited in the text to share the piece but it will direct others to the original one. You don’t need to repost the art.

I know there are younger people who are new here but if you’ve been here for a while then you most likely have seen posts on not reposting artwork that is not yours.

Some artist DO NOT wish to have their artwork be shared in Tumblr so please respect that when they decline. If said artist uses d.eviantart or another website you don’t have a account for then check if they have a Tumblr blog and you can search if they have reposted that art piece that you like so that YOU may reblog is.

I’m so tired of seeing reposted art and I’m very close to reblog the post too .

You’re still reposting artwork without permission in 2017?????

To the people spewing reposted acnl fan art and posts like there’s no tomorrow - if you want notes and popularity in this community so bad work on your town and post pictures of it, share your own shit like the rest of us it’s kind of what the game and fandom is about… when I first joined my posts got like 3 notes… some of my posts still don’t get that many but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna steal someone else’s

Reposting stuff immediately loses you my respect and will also lose you a follower, just saying


I can’t put into words how disappointed and heartbroken I am… 

You would think for a second, from one graphic/edit maker to another, they would understand the creativity, time, and effort that I pour into what I love doing, which is making edits/graphics. Especially when I put fair notices like this one:

But nope. As you can see, not only did they show a failure to read, they gave no indication or link back to me. Not that it would’ve mattered, because I do not allow my things to be uploaded anywhere else, period. It used to be not without my permission, but that’s changed precisely because of things like this. 

I was going to post translations on this blog of the Versus III CDs, including mini dramas, bonus short stories, etc (Ruki’s especially, since it seems he has a lot of fans, and ofc Ayato), but now, after seeing this, I’ve lost the interest. I asked for little in return, just a bit of respect to follow my rules, but maybe that’s too hard for some people, so I’ll make it simple. 

I know reposts happen all the time, but those are graphics that I made myself. And when I take measures to write IN ENGLISH not to repost, I expect there to be no misunderstandings when the reposter is a native speaker. What this likely means is that they reposted on purpose, and not because they ‘didn’t know any better’. Their google seems full of fanart reposts as well. 

Therefore, any future edits/graphics I make will likely have a big, fat watermark that brands any reposter as a thief, or it will be posted privately to a new blog. 

I don’t feel safe sharing what I love doing anymore.

Thanks for reading. I try to keep this blog drama-less, but I’ve had enough. I don’t understand people who can make their own edits but still choose to steal someone else’s. If you can eat with a fork and a knife, you can most certainly google how to learn to do things for yourself. 

It would mean more than you know if you can reblog this notice after reading it. Thanks again…


Reposting without sourcing is bad, but so is reposting someone’s art without asking their permission first! 

Pixiv, deviantART AND tumblr (yes tumblr) require EVERYONE to get permission before posting an artist’s art elsewhere.  It’s part of their terms of use and community guidelines.  I recently found out about this (around January) and I have completely changed how I run this blog.

You should too.  Please be considerate of artists and ask their permission first!  There are a few other blogs I see who do, and I thank you.  But there are also plenty of blogs (popular ones too) that do not ask permission and are posting art from artists I KNOW FOR A FACT DO NOT WANT THEIR ART REPOSTED or already have tumblr blogs on which they post their art.

Ask their permission - most artists will be very grateful that you ask, but may still decline.  This happens A LOT on pixiv for me, but I still respect their wishes.  Some artists never reply which is an implicit denial of permission.  Unless the artist EXPLICITLY gives you permission privately, or publicly on their profile, DO NOT REPOST THEIR ART.

I know it’s hard when you find a really awesome artist, and you just want to share, but unless that artist lets you share, refrain!  Many artists, especially Japanese artists on pixiv, have stopped posting their art completely because of this!  So PLEASE STOP.

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hey so i think the "do not repost" notice kind of ruins your art post when assuming anyone who sees it is going to steal it instead of admire it and respect it too. if you don't give the chance for your viewers to ask you permission or look for a FAQ page, isn't that creating bad audience? not telling you what to do, just concerned and sending a suggestion.

Oh my god

Attention ONS Fandom!

So we all know the new chapter is coming out soon, which means the spoilers are likely coming even sooner. I BEG of you guys, if the person posting the spoilers writes not to repost them, PLEASE DONT REPOST THEM. I know it’s inconvenient, I know that sucks. I know you can get a bunch of notes by posting the actual pictures and not just a link to them, but please. If you ever do just one thing for me, it’s this. I’ve reached the level of apathy when it comes to people reposting my personal spoilers, however, that doesn’t mean I stop respecting the wishes of a poster who still wants to keep people from reposting. We don’t want our source to get angry and stop. They’d have every right to, as it’s a risk for them in the first place.
In return, I’ll do my best to post a link along with a summary as quickly as possible. I’ll maybe include some pictures in the post, but not the whole chapter if the op requests so. If they don’t request no reposting this month, then there’s no problem. But if they do, I once again urge you to respect their demands. I know their will be those out their reposting anyways, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to follow suit.

I hate it when people try to justify reposting other peoples art. ESPECIALLY when NO link to the original content is given. Congrats you like the ship, but just because “other people do it”, does NOT make it ok to do it yourself.  Some of us actually make a living off of our art, and for you to not link us in any way hurts our possible prospects. 

I never had a problem with cosplay pictures (at least mine) behing used in a graphic, even if uncredited, but what I saw today really made me draw the line.

It’s NOT OKAY to take a cosplayer’s picture and replace their face with someone else’s for your fancast/aesthetic/whatever.

We put month’s worth of work in our costumes so erasing the person behind that work is a really shitty thing to do (regardless if you credit or not and if you ask for permission or not. And damn, you gotta have some guts to go up to someone and ask them if you can photoshop some actor’s face on their own because you don’t think they look enough like the character or whatever).

I see 100000 posts about not reposting and editing art out of respect to the artist but I never see such posts when it comes to cosplay photography. When a cosplayer posts a cosplay picture, they’re not just posting a picture of themselves to show their pretty face, it is by all means a fanart. It’s not a fucking selfie, it’s the result of hard work both on their and the photographer’s part.

So, if you are not okay with people editing or reposting art (often without credits), you should be against it when it comes to cosplay too. Because, let me tell you, it happens A LOT, a lot more than it happens with art too, and nobody beats an eye.

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What's your opinion on the whole nash grier debacle that is going on right now?

I’m thinking about making a video about it but I don’t know if I’m going to so lets just begin from the start.

Last year Nash was 15. That’s when the vine was made. At age 15 most teens haven’t learned to filter what they say. They haven’t learned like hey I may impact someone in a negative way by posting this. Yes I know that some people do know this but some do not. I mean everyone knows that something they say can be taken negatively but not to the extent that Nash is going through at the moment. 

When Nash makes his vines he makes them for entertainment. He sees something and finds a way to make it his own. He said himself it was never his intention to hurt or harm people or their feelings. He was young and dumb. We all, or most I should say, are young and dumb. We say and do the first thing that comes to mind without even thinking. Which was what happened in this case.

But anyways he took the vine down after posting it because he knew he had done wrong. We also have to remember it wasn’t until later in 2013 that he began to grow. So back in April when this vine was posted he was NO WHERE NEAR the amount of following he has now. The amount of people that saw that when it was posted was minuscule compared to now. 

Then you have some jerk REPOSTING it. Like this person clearly did and does not like Nash at all. Nash took it down for a reason respect him. I know this persons overall goal was to get Nash hate, to get to Nash, to beat him down, and try and ruin his career. But Nash has his fans they know how much of a heart Nash has and they know that people make mistakes and say things they don’t mean in a negative way.

The reason this vine exploded was of course like ALWAYS because of Tyler Oakley. He really hasn’t learned to keep to himself. He goes searching for people to hate and it makes me mad. But he is allowed to stick up for what he believes in and that’s okay I completely understand. But he doesn’t personally know Nash none of us to do actually judge him.

But let’s be real for a second once in your life you have used the world GAY to describe something or called someone a FAGGOT when you were mad or anything like that. Most kids say it without thinking alright. Its a kid thing to do. Times are changing. People change. Times and things are always changing. ALWAYS FOREVER CHANGING.

You can’t take back something that’s been done. You can’t change it. What’s been done has been done. Build a bridge and get over it. You bitching at him and complaining and sending him death threats isn’t going to change a damn thing. He’s still going to be more famous than you, have more support, stand tall and strong, change lives, be happy and live his life how he wants to live it. You telling him these things isn’t going to affect him. Well its going to affect him but he has an amazing support group to keep him going.

So I’m going to finish this off with. You don’t fight hate with more hate. I’m not going to hate on the haters for hating on Nash. I support their feelings but don’t send him hate. It’s not right. If you are feeling upset about something talk with your friends voice your opinion but don’t call him a dick or a douche or a homophobe. Be the bigger person in the situation.

He apologized and that’s all he can do.

So I’m leaving this post with this:

This boy will never fail to make me smile.

Let’s talk about art stealing one more time

I thank @emeralddrop​ for the tag and I want to talk about this post, and this ask.
I reply it like this just because maybe I have some young people in my followers and I don’t want to impress them without leave them a choice to open or not a post, so I agree with the anon for this.

But because I want this to be clean, I’m about to explain my point of view.
I don’t like reposters. I totally agree with Emeralddrop, for this.
I can leave you repost in some other websites, but with some conditions: I would you, please, to ask me before. I really would it.
I can make you repost if you don’t know that I already done myself, I can make you repost with credits, I can make you repost stuff in groups blog, anthologies, wikies, I can make you use my works as forum signatures, avatars or s**t, but please, ask me before.

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So I have read that certain people in the kpop fandom think that the act of fansites not allowing editing is selfish, unreasonable, or that the fansites do this because they want fame. And I have a few things to say.

First of all, to all the tumblr photo editors out there - do you like it when your edit is reposted? Probably not. Most people go crazy if their edits are reposted, because you work hard on those edits, putting in your own time to adjust the photo so it looks good. Also, I think it’s safe to assume that everyone edits their photos in the comfort of their own home, with personal space, and with a convenient, freely downloaded software like photoshop. I also imagine that most of you only create edits when you have leisure time, for fun.

For fansites, taking photos is more than just for pleasure - it’s an obligation. Now, imagine the fansites, taking time out of their daily lives, going to crowded arenas and having to secure a good view, not being able to fully experience the concert or event, and having to keep some kind of composure the whole time, while taking high quality photos with expensive cameras. And these fansites share these photos with us FOR FREE. They even allow reposts with credit.

So how can you call these fansites “selfish” when they are so considerate of the international fandom? How can you call them unreasonable, when they are taking out their time to create a site where they can share these photos with us? How can you call them fame-hungry when you yourself are against the repost of your own edits, because you want more notes on your original post? That’s kind of hypocritical, if you ask me.

Have some respect, and understand these fansite owners. Don’t shame them for their no-editing rules. Stop editing fantaken stuff.

No one freak out.

Alexander Gold posted a snap of Scott kissing Alex on the cheek. He’s deleted it now. I know some people have saved it, it’s currently on the pentatonix_ru Instagram. But don’t repost it if you find it. If he deleted it that quickly, they don’t want it out there. They’ve kept their relationship out of the public for their own reasons, it’s not up to us when/if they tell us.

I give up. I’m not even going to block out her name anymore. I’m done giving her my pity. This is getting so ridiculous. 

Ok, so, apparently there’s an Instagram vs. Tumblr war now… Cool…? Anyways, dear reposter, thank you for realizing that. Also, as mean(?) as this sounds, we are actually targeting some Instagram users. Though, I don’t know if target would be the right word… But, we do “target” Instagram users because they repost! We’ll only “target” reposters, anyways. More often than not, when we call out reposters, we try to be respectful and/or polite about it. Most of the time, though, reposters will often lash at us for calling them out reposting.We only have so much patience so we will eventually become more blunt than before. We’re not being crazy when we tell you to stop reposting, we’re only trying to help you dear reposters out, believe it or not. But, I guess you can just block us and private your Instagram account too. That doesn’t mean we can’t report you anymore. You can’t just run from us trying to stop you from reposting forever.

What this reposter is saying is only going to hurt herself.

-Mod Lamy