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as a revisionist, the thing i enjoy the most is posing for dialogue. boards are drawn before any audio is recorded, and often one drawing will have a whole paragraph of dialogue, or a line read will be so big/specifically delivered that the board needs a lil more spice added to it. and when that happens (which is pretty often!) either Kat, Joe, Rebecca or I (And sometimes Ben!!!) will pose for dialogue. Here’s some stuff I did for STEVEN VS AMETHYST!

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I was already excited about episode 10 because the homie Millicent Shelton is directing (and all of her eps so far have been big Iris eps, 1x06 an 2x13). But to see that Deric, Ben and Zack wrote it? Deric and Ben did 2x15 and 3x04. Even though 2x15 was pretty light on Iris, I still remember really enjoying the episode. Zack did 2x21 an 3x05. Of all of the episodes named, there’s only one that I didn’t really enjoy. 3x10 should be a great episode, I’m pretty sure all 3 are big Iris fans and big WA fans. 

Here are some snaps from when they should have been filming 3x10 under the cut:

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The Signs as... TC(or older men)/Student(younger girl) relationships

Aries-Ezra Fitz/Aria Montgomery-Pretty Little Liars
Taurus-Ben Carter/ Molly Maxwell-Molly Maxwell
Gemini-Auster/Megan Denning-Blue Car
Cancer-Humbert Humbert/ Dolores Haze-Lolita
Leo-Jesse Fisher/Zibby-Liberal Arts
Virgo-Jim McAllister/Tracy Flick-Election
Libra-Barry Anderson/Caroline Wexler-Daydream Nation
Scorpio-Pete Nash/Amy Dustin- For My Daughter’s Honor
Sagittarius -Lester Burnham/Angela-American Beauty
Capricorn-Jenny Mellor/David Goldman- An Education
Aquarius-Paul Spooner/Katie Kampenfelt-Ask Me Anything
Pisces- Raymond Yale/Carla Smith- The Square

If you don’t know one of them, i recommend watching them! They’re all so good, some have better endings than others.

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I'm thinking Rey steals the blankets because she's used to a much warmer climate than Kylo is, and probably gets cold really easily

Oh man Kylo walking home late from late shift and see Rey wrapped in the blanket like some ball or oddly shape sleeping bag. Not only her blanket but his too. Kylo has some choices on how to handle this:

A) Just pull the blanket from her waking her up( Rey is the cranky one wwhen woken up)

B) Just sleep next to her cold

C) Try to join her without disturbing her.

Its late and he’s tried, so he tries to join her and fails. He can’t find the opening nor see it.  “Ben….what are you doing? Its late…..come to bed.” She moves a bit and Kylo takes that moment taking his and then gettting close to her. Both a snuggled together and warm and have pretty good night rest

You’ll Understand

You’ll Understand - Kylo Ren x Reader
angst, comfort, one-shot
Tags: sad/emotional kylo, reader-insert, implied female reader
A/N: This may be a little ooc for kylo, I wrote it immediately after I saw the movie and did some minor editing on it tonight. Also yeah mind reading seems to be a pretty painful thing, so we’re going to assume that having been in an on-again-off-again semi-toxic relationship with kylo, the reader is past the point of painful interrogations and they’re just sort of used to it. Assume that the connection between them is pretty strong. 

You wanted so much more. More than him. But here you were, standing small beneath his towering frame. You weren’t proud of yourself. He had some kind of hold on you, you couldn’t get far enough away without being pulled right back. His dark eyes bore into your own, and you trembled like a leaf under his gaze

You knew about his past, his crimes, his viciousness. You also knew his gentleness that seemed only to be reserved for yourself. Those rare moments when he would break down his walls, show you what tiny scrap of light was left within him – and then it would be gone. Snuffed out with training and his own sheer will to not give in.

He strived to follow the darkness, to finish his grandfather’s legacy. You deserved more than stolen moments, more than unwilling fits of emotion. You deserved much more than his nervous kisses and shaky embrace.

And yet, here you stood, and with an unwelcome yet familiar probing sensation in the back of your mind, you knew that he had seen your every thought. You hated how easily he could figure you out, know every last thing you were feeling. He could take and take, and yet you were powerless. You had to make do with the tiniest of shows of affection, mere scraps of attention while he never needed to question your intentions.

“Then why haven’t you gone.” It was halfway between a question and an observation. He knew the answer. He knew everything.

The breeze whipped at his robes, briefly shielding you from the cold air, and as it billowed back around him the air bit at your face. You hadn’t noticed the tears dampening your cheeks until then.

You were angry. You were beside yourself with self-loathing and self-pity for loving a man that could never love you back. For loving a monster.

His eyes changed. I didn’t mean that, you thought. You knew he had sensed that thought, and he was visibly hurt. He drew back, stepping away from you. His eyes seemed so fragile, so distraught. He turned away from you completely, before saying, “Go, now.”

“But, I-“

“Please,” he choked. This was the most emotion he had ever shown you, yet you weren’t pleased. This is not how you wanted him to open up.

You stood there, rooted to the spot. Now that you had the chance to go, why weren’t you running? Why didn’t you move?

“I can’t.”

He remained still, save for clenching fists.

“I…I don’t want to. I don’t want to leave you.”

He turned around quickly, his eyes wide. Before he could take a step toward you, you had planted yourself directly into his arms, and without hesitation he returned the embrace. He burrowed his face into the crook of your neck, sighing deeply as your hands tangled into his shock of black hair.

No matter what you deserved, you wanted this. You wanted him in your arms, vulnerable and open.

“I am weak. You make me weak.”

“Emotion isn’t weakness, Ren.”

Again, he sighed. “You don’t understand.” He slumped into you a little more, visibly defeated.

“Neither do you,” you said, stroking his hair. “I’ll make you understand someday.”

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Bleach: Murder Baby™, Szayel, Grimmjow
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lmao so i @ ed deadline and asked them if they are unable to find any actual israeli people to play this character and some dumbo literally replied “I have many isrelli friends. They are excited to get their story across. It’s pretty awesome that the story is told” hm hm sure tiffany. so i answered: “I’m pretty sure your many israeli friends would have been even more excited if an actual israeli person got the role.”

then this person came at me with: “no I asked her and she said as long as the story is told.  Ben kingsly played Gandhi/british and many moreTalent is more imp” and first off? i thought you had many israeli friends? why only one now? and also: buddy, i got some news for you about ben kingsley.

and then they curved and went “my point is just because someone is from a country here story is about doesn’t make them a better actor for a role” which literally means u don’t think there are any good israeli actors stacey. (this person also obviously has no idea what nationality and ethnicity mean lmao…)

  • Me: *wakes up at 4pm*
  • Mom: What time were you up until?!!
  • Me: 6am...
  • Mom: What on earth could you have been doing to keep you up that late?!!
  • Me: Watching interviews of my favorite actors. You know. The usual.
  • Me: Well, I love them. So there's that...
  • Mom: ...
  • Me: Nope. Yep. That's pretty much it.

Okay so you all remember back to nmtd when Ben is thinking over some of the insults that Bea hurled his way about no one actually liking him and how he was just Pedro’s Bitch? Well maybe that is why he wants to keep the rules.

I mean he clearly has some insecurities about people not actually liking him and just putting up with him and before the rules is seemed like Peter was pretty annoyed with him. Well maybe he feels like the rules help him have/keep his friends. And he obviously films so much because his “fans” are like his friends and he just wants people to love him. He is so insecure and worried that no one actually wants him around that he doesn’t realise how many people love him, and that the rules are now pushing them all away.

Just a theory, but I would love to hear people’s thoughts on it