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Some concept art for a comic I’ve been meaning to hash out for a while now! Some of you got to see it in stream but I’ll have some more posted later on in the week~
Basically I want a game where Zelda’s the heroine and if I gotta make a crazy alternate universe myself to do it then so be it- and why not make it a universe I also love?
The logo of course, is not mine- just a little mash up until i can think of a better one!

Edit: Reposted because the quality was terrible earlier!

Hello everyone! My name is Mar and I’m one of those weird people who actually enjoy going to school. I have always been a model student, but lately my grades have been lowering because of Anxiety™. 2016 has been an awful year (what else is new?) so I decided to create a studyblr to regain my motivation to learn. I’m very new to this (I literally created my blog two days ago) so any sort of help would be much appreciated.

Here are some facts about me:

  • I’m 16 years old and starting my first year of IB.
  • I’m Peruvian but I have lived in Indonesia for three years now.
  • The subjects I’m taking are English Lit. SL, Indonesian ab Initio, History HL, Chemistry HL, Phsysics HL and Math SL.
  • My school’s calendar goes from January to December.
  • I speak Spanish and English fluently (ish), and I’m willing to help anyone who needs help with that.
  • I’m learning French and Indonesian (and trying to teach myself ASL).
  • I’m one of those perfectionist procrastinators that will leave things to the last minute and then pull an all-nighter filled with sweat and tears to get a perfect grade.
  • I have no idea what I want to be in the future but I know I want to do something meaningful for humanity.
  • My other tumblr blogs are @llamasinspace​ (which is just fandom trash) and @quintesencia (aesthetics).
  • I have a horrible sense of humor (hence the pun in my url.. or rather.. the pen!… I know I’m lame)

Okay, I have written too much, sorry. You can check out my about page on my other blog if you want to know more (you probably shouldn’t tho, i’m not very interesting).

Some studyblrs that inspired me to do this are @noteology, @studypetals, @educatier, @einstetic, @gryfhindor, @academiics, @acadehmic, @milkteastudies@mujistudies, @study-well, @akademisk, @tbhstudying, @universi-tea, @studentsandlattes@studylustre@caffestudy, @aescademic, @inspirationales and @eintsein.

I’m looking forward to joining this community and finally getting some work done! Please reblog so I can fill my dash with more studyblrs, thank you!

Edit: This year I found out I am actually staying in Peru until I finish school so some things have changed.

  • I’m not learning Indonesian anymore (sorry!).
  • The subjects I’m taking now are Spanish Lit HL, English Lang & Lit HL, Psychology SL, Biology HL, Math SL and Art HL.

/yes YOU, all of you being tagged here/
Hello everyone~ Firstly please ignore my lame hastily put-togther edit (yes it’s a repeat from my prev FF bc I have no creativity). I know I did my “Stalk Forever” back in July so I know it’s kinda annoying to appear again lmao. Just bear with me.

Anw I just wanted to do this before my semi (?) hiatus. Recently I wasn’t very active here due to some personal issues such as job woes/personal financial crisis (search “Hanjin Shipping” if you want to know more lmao) as well as the need to find self-actualisation (as dramatic as it sound lol). Adulthood is tough ahaha. So I want to take a short break and will be out of town for a week or so to sort things out. Hopefully I can recharge and spend some quality time with my family.

I want to thank my followers, it means a lot that you guys thought my lame blog was interesting enough to follow and stick around ;;;;. And of course I want to show my appreciation to the amazing blogs that keep my dash updated with so many amazing content. This time round I will only include all the active BTS blogs I follow, for other amazing blogs, you can refer to my blogroll! Every blog listed is a fave and are cool people I really want to interact if not for my awkwardness. 

So here goes:
♔ : Super Talented Individuals that make me cry over your gifs/edits ;-;

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Take care and have a good week ahead everyone! xoxo


Hey Everyone!

This year on tumblr was quite short since I wasn’t as active as I used to be due to a knee surgery I had to get done and school keeping me busy ;_; But still I enjoyed having my blog and interacting with the people I listed on this lame ff. Every stated blog is amazing when it comes to their edits or mainly reblogging gorgeous posts. Some of them became close friends too (bold). Of course some are missing, but these are the cassies that I’ve been following from the start! I need to follow more tho, so if you could rec some, go ahead please n_n 
Wish you all the best for the upcoming year and that you can stick to your resolutions if you have any /(^-^)/ 

-Sarah /glomps

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