so have some cute

So there's been quite a few negative posts from me lately, and I'm really sorry about that guys♡

Tumblr is such a wonderful positive fish community, and I’m sorry if some of my posts brought yall down♡**

So I thought I’d give yall some more positivity!
So I love marimos, and have been looking for some smaller cute tanks to house some more marimos in :D and I remembered that petsmart has this .5 gallon glass cube tank with a decent light.

It’s like 25$ tho ._. So I was hoping it would be on sale ^-^ It wasn’t :/ BUT when I scrolled down to see reviews, someone had written a short review about the tank being too small, the betta basics, and even a bit about cycling :,)

And 21 people found it to be helpful, and I’d like to think that those 21 people took that advice on cycling and proper sized betta tanks♡

I encourage yall to speak up when you see something on amazon or petco or petsmart, because people do listen and people do want what’s best for their pets most of the time♡

**If something ever bothers you, or if you’re not liking where a post is going, or where a post went, please message me and let me know so we can talk about how I can improve the blog for the future♡


I think I overdid this

Oh my god what I have done


me reading smut: *is completely unfazed* lol nice
me reading fluff: *puts hand over heart* *literally starts screaming* oH MY GOD HE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT WHY IS HE SO CHEESY *has to stop reading for a good two minutes before continuing*


Azurrin Week 2016 Day 5: Song


Love potions but like nothing happens

♡Don’t imagine Keith or Lance accidentally drinking a love portion
♡They don’t know it’s a love potion just a tasty drink
♡Shiro rushes over to tell them but is stopped by the fact that neither of them are really reacting? ??
♡they look to be fine? Pidge what the heck u said they both just took a super strong love potion that would have them heads-over-heals for each other????
♡they. .. did ??? They should be smitten as kittens right now? ??
♡they decide to step back and just watch the two for side effect
♡they wouldn’t let their teammates suffer under the lack of control of a love potion but… if it was a dud or something???
♡then no need to worry them right?
♡so the days go on and. ..
♡the Red and Blue paladins argue, bicker, make fun, and spar with eachother as they do everyday
♡pidge and Hunk keep a close eye on them tho
♡"so like??? Did the potion not work???“
♡"or maybe they already???”
♡"they already like eachoth–!“ Pidge has to practically climb Hunk to throw a hand over his mouth so Lance and Keith don’t hear him
♡this was in fact not needed as it seemed the Red and Blue paladins where completely 100% focused
♡on eachother
♡the day comes to an end along with the timer pidge set for how long the potion would last and…
♡nothing changed
♡and nothing happened


Evaan Verlaine and Leia Organa in Princess Leia

Have you even noticed that I’ve stopped addressing you formally? No “Ma'am”? No “Your Highness”? I did it because you threw everything away for Tula. That reminded me of all your other sacrifices, and those made me think of your achievements.


movie dates! i love how all of these pairings have completely different dynamics, it’s ridiculous and beautiful

I fell so hard for this ship but it’s so rare I’m suffering ╥﹏╥

also if you would like to suffer with me go and read this fantastic fanfic by @metisink ♡♡