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I just wanted to thank you because you’re an amazing community ! I never had any trouble with one of you and some of you like literally everything I post (even the crappy things lol) and it really mean a lot for me !
I have reached 12 000 followers and wow .. this is amazing ! I never expected that really ;_;
I’m soo grateful !!
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hey no shade but how would you improve coercive systems? I've never heard anyone make the points you did, and I guess I'm pretty confused? what's so bad about cats for prisoners?

The bad thing isn’t cats for prisoners. Cats are cute!

The bad thing is prisons. Prisons don’t work, don’t make us safer and are really about controlling the population because the State would rather prosecure thieves than fix poverty, would rather lock up a fraction of rapists than fix sexism, would rather lock up people of color for minor drug offenses than fix racism, etc. Prisons don’t make our society safer, they just make the people in power safer because it’s something they can use against us when we get weird ideas about having a right to real freedom from their rule. 

Communities where there is justice and freedom from need are perfectly capable of solving disputes and harmful behaviour without relying on punishment. There has already been a lot of writing on this so there’s some stuff below. 

So about cats:

When there are projects like cats for prisoners, art for prisoners, theatre for prisoners, I’m generally happy that prisoners are getting one less crappy thing in their life. But the way they are presented are as things that will make the existence of prison okay. They’re not. No amount of cute cats and art programs will change a prison into a helpful institution. They’re still places that disappear human beings rather than fix societies’ problems. 

What’s more, these projects are almost always immediately used as another form of coercion. Prisoners don’t get a cat, period. They get a cat as long as they behave the way the prison wants and that cat can be taken away as punishment. It’s just one more way of controlling people. 

In the end these projects are not really about helping prisoners at all, they’re about us who read the news articles. They’re about maintaining the lie that prisons are humane places with a few minor flaws that can be reformed. They’re absolutely not. We don’t need prison reform, we need prison abolition. 

Reading list: (and some stuff to watch)




I have to say that this summer has been one of the hottest one yet… omg.. 😥Jesus! anyways, I know I’ve been in my house for the past… 2 weeks or so, going to work and then getting home hella tired. That being said… the school year is almost upon us, well to the ones that still go to school 😅😂 I gotta talk to my new professors and get some of my new books ready to go, I’m hoping this semester will be good just like the last one, even tho I had some struggles but hey, I passed at the end. Summer was pretty good tbh, a lot of good things happened 😊 though I wasn’t able to visit my parents up in NC,😫 but I was in communications with them. So yeah, anyways here’s this crappy ass selfies I took in between the kitchen and the second work space that I have next to the kitchen, Oh yeah, Dash was staring at some groceries I had on the floor… I think he could smell the treats I got him lol Anyways, Hope you guys are having a good day or night. 

What’s with all the hate for soft mounts? I don’t get it. When done well they’re gorgeous and lifelike. The excuses seem pretty weak.

“There’s so many bad ones! With crappy ears and crossed eyes!”

Well, yeah, it’s developing form of art largely. Comparative to taxidermy, there’s not a whole lot of practitioners, especially not long term ones who have been doing it for decades with huge communities that have worked out kinks and created products just for it.

Not to mention, there’s some pretty god awful rigid taxidermy, especially by beginners, because well, they’re beginners! And for stuffing they don’t get to rely on forms to work out anatomical kinks or guide them. They have to strategically stuff to get anatomy correct in the shoulders, legs, etc. If you have no background in something that would concern you with animal anatomy, it’s going to take time to pick up. These old dudes on taxinet Complain about the anatomy and how they need to follow it better, but everyone will need time and practice to truly understand it.

“It’s not real taxidermy.”

Well, the head is still mounted on a rigid form. So that makes it taxidermy in part. Some say that isn’t enough, but how is that much different from a rug then? Head mounted on rugshell, body sewn into material. 

I think I know what the issue really is, but I’ll give others a chance to explain. 

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So this is a very crappy edit to give examples of the very amazing things that have come from me being here on Tumblr. Warning, this is about to get all soppy and emotional.

I have to admit before joining this fandom on here, I was one very lost girl. I never really felt like I truly belonged anywhere, like I never had somewhere that I completely fit in. But ever since I joined this online community I have felt so at home and welcomed by everyone that I 100% feel like I belong somewhere. I have met some incredible people from so many different places in this world, all who fully understand this “fangirl lifestyle” and are willing to dedicate their lives, ruin their sleeping patterns and spend way too much time and money on the one incredible person we call our idol. To my beautiful Santa Squad, you girls are incredible, you make me laugh everyday with stupidity and wit and I am always looking forward to the crazy messages that I get from you all. My fellow Qld Swifties, I don’t talk to you all but its so amazing to see people that live in the same city as me having the same obsession because I’ve never been able to find people who do. To all the other lovely people who I talk to on here, I’m so glad I get to chat to you and get to know you, it really shows just how insanely crazy our world is but how just one person can bring everyone together. 

And lastly I just have to talk about the incredible things that have happened over the past week with Taylor. Ever since I was 12 years old this woman has been one of my absolute biggest influences. I made a promise to myself when I was 13 that one day she would know my name, and here I am 6 years later and somehow that promise was fulfilled. The comments I got from not just Taylor, but the hundreds of others, are some of the most incredible things I have ever read. I cannot believe that a video of little old me dancing around my garage to a Taylor Swift song has touched so many people and that so many people actually took time out of their day to watch it, and that one of those people was my baby T. If you had told me even two months ago that I would be sitting here writing this, I would have laughed and said that the chances of me ever being noticed by Taylor Swift are zero to none. But here I am, beyond grateful that this crazy website that takes up way too much of my life has provided me with a purpose, a reason to smile and a few incredibly touching words from the one person who, even as I write this, makes me cry with happiness. I’ve never felt so warm and happy inside, and its all thanks to all you beautiful people and that one kind of lame but kind of amazing girl called Taylor Swift, so thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making my life that little bit more crazy <3