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the stigma and hatred towards bootlegs is riD OF

Struck Matches

Summary: Dean comes across an old flame from a few years back. Except their parting wasn’t exactly on happy terms.

Paring: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Light gore, just some heavy pain that I couldn’t resist writing. Sorry not sorry

Wordcount: 1500+

A/N: Alright so this was written for Michelle’s AU & Things Challenge. My prompt was Old Flame AU. My only heads up is this is the first time I’ve written something like this (reader insert, not oc characters) so please be kind in your critisism. Otherwise, have fun and enjoy my dears!

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Could I request an imagine where the RFA+V+Saeran are jealous of MC. Like they see someone flirting with her or see her treating someone with care and they just get really jealous?

okay this got way too long so i’m gonna put the rest under a cut after yoosung’s LOL i wrote freaking novels oh my god


  • he actually gets jealous really easily
  • never forget yandere yoosung
  • you visited him on campus once and a lot of his classmates got lowkey crushes on you
  • some had highkey crushes and worked up the courage to go talk to you they moved in packs cause they were nervous
  • “hey there, are you an incoming transfer student? ;)”
  • “ah, no… i’m looking for kim yoosung?”
  • their eyes went wide before they burst into smiles
  • “oooooh, so this is our yoosung’s infamous girlfriend? we almost couldn’t believe it. i swear, he never stops talking about you”
  • in the distance, you swear you heard feet stomping before yoosung practically threw himself between you and his classmates
  • noooo!!! she’s mine, my girlfriend!!”
  • you and them are all laughing as he shoos them away before leading you towards the entrance
  • then he starts apologizing a billion times 
  • “i’m sorry, did they make you uncomfortable? they’re good guys, though. really!” 
  • “no, they seemed friendly… do you really talk about me that much at school?”
  • he goes red in the face and starts stammering like a madman
  • “n-no, i mean… yes, but it’s all… i like talking about you! but if you don’t like it, i’ll stop!!”
  • you laugh and say it’s fine, you think it’s cute, and he starts blushing even more
  • turns out it’s lunch break so he offers to show you around the school
  • although he holds your hand the entire time and doesn’t let go
  • if an oblivious male student tries to make conversation, you can literally feel him bristling like a little porcupine next to him
  • you think it’s cute though, lowkey

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happy birthday to the princess and angel, dearest Vi  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Dear Evan Hansen Fighting Headcannons:

  • Evan always wants to be alone after a fight because he feels like being with the other person will only just make it worse. When alone, Evan either thinks about how to fix the problem or just sleeps it away.
  • Zoe is a yeller when fighting. She yells about anything, even if it is irrelevant, just so that she can get attention. In the end, she is always exhausted from yelling so much and needs a nap.
  • Connor is a combination of Zoe and Evan. He usually gets his yelling out and then leaves the house and disappears. He always returns but there are usually a few hours where the Murphy household is quiet without him.
  • Jared tries to make a joke out of everything in a fight. He has a lot going on in his life that he hides from everyone through his comedy. Because of this, he is always cracks jokes, but that is not the best idea during an intense fight.
  • Alana is very determined during fights. She will not give up until the problem is solved and brings her logical brain into the scene so that there is a reasonable resolution. Alana is usually the best to fight with because the fight is actually worth it.

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Did you already hear about the interview that said there will be no romantic klance in canon? (But they will learn to respect each other, soo platonic klance all the way.) First, I was really sad but in the end it just means we have to stick to fanon and I guess that's nice too. The show's still great.

I have a feeling that my answer to this will not be what people would have expected from me :P But believe me when I say this: I never expected them to become canon.

See, I am not shipping two characters because they are “likely to become canon” or whatever. I’m here because I love them as standalone characters and because I freaking adore their interactions. Their bickering gives me life. Their honest and tender moments make me smile so hard that my cheeks hurt. In a sense I just want them to be happy and spend more time together, I want to watch their relationship develop and see them to grow up. I just- I love seeing them together and I love having the freedom to put them into AUs and non-canon situations and imagine how they’d act there. 

Fandom and canon are two things that have always been separate for me. There is a reason why I always put “this is a joke” or “don’t take this as serious proof” in the tags when I make a klance post. I am reluctant to reblog posts with explicit “proof” of them becoming canon because people here like to blur the line between fandom and canon and that will leave them disappointed one way or another. 

This show is not about romance and these characters are not our characters, no matter how much we love them. This show is about saving the universe, about learning that black-and-white mentality is damaging, about friendship and family and teamwork and finding your place in the world through personal struggles. The creators of the show had a message to deliver and they invented amazing characters to get their point across. So amazing, in fact, that people seem to forget constantly that their personal headcanons are not necessarily lining up with those of the creators :P

What I want to say with this is: Shipping is for fun. Fandom is for fun. That’s all I’ve ever seen it as. This interview changed absolutely nothing for me, I will continue to ship them and write for them as I’ve always done. I will continue to scream about their canon interactions and point out things that could be seen in a romantic light. I will keep doing exactly what I’ve been doing all this time because fanon is fanon and canon is canon and these two are completely separate. I love klance with all my heart and nothing will ever change that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Brotzly Week Day #2: 'Jacket'

seemed a good time to break out this @princessparadoxical prompt! thanks dear ^_^

Dirk had always wanted his own honest to goodness detective agency. Unfortunately, since such things tended to require a fixed location (and maybe even an additional person or two), he’d never quite got past the early stages of conception.

But finally he’d made it- and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency was well worth the wait.

Together he, Todd and Farah were a well-oiled detecting machine! Well, moderately well-oiled. Well… perhaps just very lightly greased. Point was they worked well together, and they got the job done. Sometimes. Through the power of teamwork! And dumb luck. But mostly teamwork. It was therefore of the utmost importance to Dirk that their team remained well greased. A metaphorically greasy team was a happy team.

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Riddle me this (Adlock fic)

This took me forever to finish! but here is it at last. It’s a fic for this headcanon made by @sorrowsflower 
I really hope is good enough. 
(More under the cut)

“Don’t leave now,” he said in his slumber. “You can leave in the morning, after breakfast.” She hesitated and came back to his side on the bed. Resting next to him, she leaned over his ear and whispered,

“I can’t. You don’t have milk for a morning tea.” His eyes snapped open and, gracefully, he got up from the bed.

“I won’t be long. Stay.” With no other words he quickly dressed and left to get milk. Irene laughed and laid on the bed with a smirk, Sherlock could be so useful sometimes.

Few minutes passed, the grin on Irene face still remained when the front door opened. It wasn’t Sherlock, it was too soon. Four pairs of shoes rushed upstairs, guessed Irene.

“He went to get some milk.” Irene managed to hear Ms Hudson say. At which a male voice answered. The other newly occupants were also female, Irene could tell from the faint sound of their voices.

From her hidden spot in Sherlock’s bedroom, Irene could hear how the people, three women and John probably, cleaned and tidy up the main room. Fifteen minutes passed when the front door shut. This one was actually Sherlock. At the bottom of the stair he began to complain and the group argued back. Suddenly the bedroom door burst open and Sherlock entered, panic in his face.

“They are arranging a party. Greg’s. Don’t know why, don’t care actually. We have to leave. We’ll take the window.” During his distressed speech, Sherlock gathered Irene’s clothes but she remained calm and still on the bed. “What are you doing woman? Let’s go!” He almost barked. Irene only gave him a disdained look in return.

“Did you get the milk?” She simply asked.

“Yes. Why?” He reply, frustration growing in his voice.

“I’ll leave tomorrow, after breakfast.” She smiled. Sherlock had to take a deep breath and was about to speak when Mary’s voice came from outside the room.

“Sherlock, your girlfriend can stay. She is very welcome to the party.” Irene smiled broadly and deep inside, Sherlock knew Mary was grinning. She must have found Irene’s heels next to the couch. This was going to be a difficult night.

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This is for my very very lovely @rutobuka2 , to whom i wish all the best with all my heart; you are a precious friend and a precious, sweet sinnamon bun

Dear Ex Bestfriend,

I certainly hope you’re happy. Are you enjoying your drugs, alcohol, revealing clothes, purple and black half-buzzed hair, manipulative friends, and terrible life choices?

Because I’m enjoying my health, happiness, great friends, and life that might actually be going somewhere other than the gutter.

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Of irritation towards Alex when Mr Schuyler goes "Be true" because damn Alex for hurting Eliza), and I can feel the passion behind every stroke. I watched your strings animatic and it left me baffled and with urge to write to my chat friends (that nowadays aren't just chat friends anymore) how much I loved them and cherished them. I especially liked your voice acting when Blanca goes "omg omg" and that "whaat?" Full of happiness, as well as the sudden music change, her hair waving in the wind

And when she’s on the train and the colour changes. Also little things like her pissed expression in the beginning when she was at her desk, and stuff like that. It’s so great that you can make people feel this sort of emotions. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Keep up having fun, dear, cause you are gonna go far, and I’ll be proud to watch you, just like everyone of us who follow you

holy moly i dont know what to say?? im glad youve noticed those details <3!! thank you so much for telling me this!

i know june is gonna be my fave month because it starts on a monday like tbh all of june is just really aesthetically pleasing to look at

NSFW-James March Smut. Part 2

oYou stepped into the room, but you didn’t pay much attention to the decor the only thing you were bothered about was him. You weren’t even in the room for half a minute before he was on you. His lips met yours as if you were his last breath, his hands were all over your body groping as much as he could. Before you knew it your dress was ripped off and sprawled on the floor. ‘’Oh I do hate it when clothes are such an obstruction for something so beautiful’’ It was his distraction as you looked to the floor for your dress he pushed you against the wall just like the elevator. You were pinned once again but you didn’t fight back, you wanted it, you wanted him to completely dominate you. ‘’Y/N you’re completely naked in one of my hotel rooms so you will do as I say, if you cum I will punish you’’ The heat and excitement of everything silenced you, it was as if you couldn’t speak. This man had this power over you! This man was capable of this and much more. He started to drop down to his knees but leaving your small kisses down your breasts to your stomach and then to the top of your thighs leaving a small bite above your sex and you could see how perfectly parted his hair was. He lifted your leg onto his shoulder so we could have perfect access. ‘’Remember what I said baby’’ he starts to lick up your sex towards your clit. His tongue starts to swirl on your clit and flick up and down making your head throw back. ‘’baby if you’re not able to cope with this now then i just don’t know how you’ll cope with whats to come’’ he resumes flicking his tongue on your clit and his hand starts to crawl up your thigh, he enters his long finger into you but he curls his finger around to make the come here expression. It’s strange at first but then you realise that he’s hitting your G-spot. He looks up to you with his lips glistening with you on him, ‘’ We’re going to spell Mr. March and you will say every letter with me’’ His tongue spells out the Letter M on your sex but he makes sure he’s getting every part of you. As he gets to the letter C you’re wet all over, your sex is dripping with a mixture of his spit and your wetness but he seems to enjoy every minute. ‘’Finally letter H’’ he says closely to your clit whilst flicking it with his tongue. He takes his fingers out of you and sucks them slowly savoring your taste. He’s now at your level and whispers in your ear ‘’Y/N i want you on that bed on your back and you spread open for me in half a minute’’ You scuttle over to the big bed that could fit two more couples on there. The bedding has a overwhelming smell of cleanliness but you didn’t care. He came walking over to you as if you were his pray, his suit jacket and top comes off. Now for his shoes and pants, you can see the bulge in his pants. He takes his underpants off and you can hardly believe how he’s managed to keep himself so composed. His dick thick but long, veins are showing with a little bit of pre-cum on the tip. He bends down to you and lifts your legs on his shoulder so your perfectly lined up with him. He slowly enters you, filling you and you can even feel yourself how tight you are but you accommodate very quickly. He start to slowly thrust but making sure to not go too fast, ‘’ I want you to feel every inch of me, every thrust I want you to feel me taking over, you will never have anybody else. you will never have anybody who will fuck you as good as me’’ as he was saying these words his pace was becoming quicker and deeper. He knew what he was doing when he lifted your legs onto his shoulders he knew he wanted to be deep inside you. He knew that you would be pinned and you couldn’t help but moan. Deep inside you and the pace was quickening you could start to feel the familiar tingling sensation and the deep pleasure in your stomach. ‘’Y/N I can feel you baby, I can feel you tightening up on me. you feel so fucking good but hold on i’m not finished yet’’ ‘’Mr.. oh fuck…March’’ is all you could say. He was fucking you hard and fast all you could do was lie there and feel like you were going to explode any minute, he was thick enough to make you feel a little sore. ‘’Cum for me now!’’ is what you heard which snapped you out of your thoughts. You didn’t even have to think about it before you did, it was like he could control your whole body without doing anything, he could control your body with words. His eyes looked straight into you they were almost jet black and his was a little out of place but his face was shiny from sweat. He gritted his teeth and you felt him cum inside you. ‘’Oh fuck, you feel too good i can’t handle it’’ he stayed in the same position for a few seconds before his breathing and demeanor came back to normal. Before he came to lie down next to you he reached over and gave you your underwear back. ‘’I think you better put these on and your other things before you tell your mother that you will be staying here tonight. I’ll be expecting you back before midnight so we can have even more fun, you my dear are a revelation’’
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Meihem one shot chapter 3!

This is for @plumpkin-pumpkin , a one shot based on some of her magnificent art of Mei and Junkrat having too much to drink, and it leads to some hot hate sex haha. I love you and thank you for being my Meihem Valentine! I’m sorry it took so long to write it, but I wanted to give you one hell of a story, and I hope you love it. This was all for you, my dear.

Obviously this chapter is very nsfw so have fun.

  • Dino: Hey, I'm going out to the movies with my friends.
  • Jeonghan: That's nice.
  • Dino: I also might stay over at someone's house.
  • Jeonghan: That's nice.
  • Dino: And aliens are destroying the world tomorrow.
  • Jeonghan: That's nice.
  • Dino: And now I'm going.
  • Jeonghan: That's nice. Have a fun time, dear. And come home early so we can protect ourselves against the aliens.