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Vixx & First Kisses

Anonymous asked: First kiss - all of the boys! 

So this is the first time I’ve done a reaction post and it seemed to kind of mix itself between reaction and scenario so, I apologize! But hopefully you still like it, this only came from the mind of Admin Maknae so *shrugs* 

Enjoy!! 💚

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N -  Being the confident leader that he is, he would be the one to initiate your first kiss, but also, make sure to see that you are comfortable with him too. Maybe starting with running his fingertips through your hair along your face and stopping to linger his hand near your jawline. Letting you know his intentions, but also trying to see your reactions as well, and if you were up for it, he’d step just a little bit closer, leaning into you. His kiss would be touching and delicate, letting you know that he cared. He’d want to touch you, but he wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable, so his hands would be warm, placed on the side of your face.

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SNSD Reaction to you coming home after visiting family in a different country for a month

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Taeyeon will be incredibly relieved that you are finally back in Korea with her, welcoming you with a warm hug. Once you get to your shared apartment Taeyeon will be having a hard time believing that you’re actually back home since you’ve been gone for what feels like a year. But she will be snapped back into reality when she sees you making food in the kitchen; it’ll feel like home.

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Jessica will be one word, emotional. Sica is the type of person to have a hard time expressing pent up emotions without talking to you face-to-face, so when she initially sees you after a month apart all of her feelings will start to boil on the surface causing her to tear up. Once you two finally share a long awaited hug/kiss Jessica will be unable to stop the flow of tears, and will continuously tell you she loves you. 

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Once Sunny is able to have her reunion with you after a extremely long month, she will do her best to not have the hug/kiss end. When it does eventually come to an end Sunny will cling to you like a koala bear for the rest of the day and maybe for the entire week because she missed your presence that much.

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Tiffany will incredibly grateful that you are now home back in Korea but she’s also glad that you were able to spend quality time with your family and that your flight was smooth. Initially when she meets you again after a month she will immediately welcome you will a bear hug and a loving kiss. Since Tiffany is super relieved that your home she will express her gratitude be saying, “You have no idea how much I missed you babe, it’s good that you’re finally home.”

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Initially, Hyoyeon will feel a little awkward around you only because she obviously hasn’t seen you in so long and seeing your face in real life isn’t the same as seeing it over video chat. Hyoyeon’s small dose of awkwardness will fade away when you two are finally able to embrace each other and enjoy each other’s presence again after a strenuous month.

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As the two of you are sitting in her car after she picks you up from the airport, Yuri will just stare at you because she has missed everything about you for the entire month that Yuri will just be in awe. You’ll be quick to see her gaze and question why she’s just staring at you. Yuri will simply say, “I missed you and you’re absolutely beautiful.” followed by a swift kiss on the cheek before driving you two home.

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Sooyoung will be absolutely elated that after a month you’re finally home and now she can have you all to herself! The little sweet reunion with Sooyoung will be short yet filled with cute compliments like, “Jagi did you get prettier after only one month?!” However, these comments won’t last long before Sooyoung starts acting like her confident self asking you, “What about me, did I get more beautiful too?!”

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Yoona will adore you when you come back home, she adores you in the sense of she hasn’t seen you in so long that it feels as though she has a school crush on you all over again. Yoona will try to keep her excitement under wraps because your probably tired from the flight, so she will want to cuddle you and to just enjoy having you back home in her arms.

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Since it’s been around a month that you’ve been gone when Seohyun is finally able to meet you again she’ll feel a little shy because this is honestly the longest time the two of you have been away from each other, even with her tour schedules. Like, Hyoyeon, she will quickly warm up to you and start picking up where you two left off the last time you talked although a dose of cuddles will be added obviously.