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Here's a concept: Stranger Things the musical. Sydney Lucas as Eleven, Laura Dreyfuss as Nancy, Anthony Rosenthal as Mike or Dustin, Rachel Bay Jones as Joyce, Ben Platt as Jonathan, Mike Faist as Steve, Judy Kuhn as Karen Wheeler

I have..genuinely…never loved anything more than I love this idea. I don’t even have the words to explain how brilliant this is.



so after the birthright quest I had to draw this absolute kitten

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While we were waiting to board the plane, Evans told me that as he lay in bed the night before, “I started exploring the sensation of ‘What if the chute doesn’t open?’ Those last minutes where you know. You’re not gonna pass out; you’re gonna be wide awake. So what? Do I close my eyes? Hopefully, it would be quick. Lights out. I fucking hope it would be quick. And then I was like, if you’re gonna do it, let’s just pretend there is no way this is going to go wrong. Just really embrace it and jump out of that plane with gusto.” Evans also shared that he’d looked up the rate of skydiving fatalities. “It’s, like, 0.006 fatalities per one thousand jumps. So I figure our odds are pretty good.” - Chris Evans is Ready to Fight.


Finn Wolfhard dropping a box of Froot Loops in the Behind the Scenes video for Sonora 


The Adventure Zone - Episode 68 (Part 1/ Part 2)

doodeling some TAZ while i relisten to all the episodes again

i only have two settings: 1. unconscious and 2. terrible

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Say cheese~! ✌

Okay but the way Rachel treats Chloe and constantly tells her how much she’s capable of and that she believes in her makes me fucking emo because I wonder when the last time was that someone told Chloe that she wasn’t a fuck up but an amazing and badass person who can do anything