so have a download link instead

you kids have it so hard.  Back in my day, you wanted to find some album, you went on megaupload and boom it’s just there.  Not sometimes “it” might not be the “it” you’re looking for, sometimes instead of the Money Store you’ll find a Neutral Milk Hotel album, but then you have a laugh, it’s a fun story.  

Now in order to find some downloadable shit you need to act like a fucking bomb disposal unit on some sketchy Russian website where every single pixel besides the download link uploads some like KGB black ice shit

bshjkfdjskfdjk so according to google it’s like, hell o’clock AM in the US right now so i can post this without dying. anyways @casentine posted the link to this wonderful contribution to the worldwide database of dirk strider content with the link to transparent lineart. (thank u for my life.) i was like hey lets colour something you haven’t done that in a while

then i remembered that i haven’t downloaded the tablet driver for my tablet yet SO i did it in ms paint instead. i’m sorry. i love him and also cas’s art. have some prime quality 9pm content



So I’ve decided to start sharing sims again, because it’s not a huge effort the way it was for TS3 and you guys seem interested in having them, so here you go. I decided to upload tray files instead of using Origin.

>> Click for download links and CC lists <<


Do whatever you want with them. Go crazy. All I ask is that you don’t reupload them or claim them as your own, and if you use one as a base please give credit. ♥

The person who has the google drive contacted me and I’ve told them to take it down immediately and not to take it down tomorrow (so that people have time to download it) like they planned and they said they will. EDIT:  IT HAS BEEN DELETED.  The person who did this will now be purchasing multiple bundles to hopefully make up for the loss and out of guilt.  Purchase the bundle, look for contests, ask someone to gift it to you, wait until you have the financial means to do so.  Hell, it’s better to ask for a friend’s log in instead of getting it for free because at least someone paid for it.  And if someone gifts it to you, don’t spread it around, don’t make the gifter feel guilty about gifting it to you.  They’ve done something generous only for you to break their trust and this might make people more hesitant about gifting the bundle.

If any new links in the future pop up, don’t hesitate to contact @hotladypants @anamatics @carmillaseries  I think that was the biggest mistake I’ve done and I think it has to do with the fact I was in complete shock and didn’t want this link to be spread around so I kept it hushed.

I just downloaded Socialfixer so that I can filter the no-value-added political linking out of my Facebook feed, and I discovered that not only does this plugin have customizable filters, it can also fix the stupid Facebook features like defaulting to “top stories” instead of “most recent” and displaying “x hours ago” instead of absolute posting time, among other things.

Updated links - SFS

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I have updated all my download posts with Simfileshare links instead of dropbox so hopefully they’re safe for a long time now! :) (I know how incredible frustrating it is not to be able to download that certain piece of cc)

Hi, Serya-chan/Bonbenlol here.

Mika already told you guys the news (we’re stopping the scanlation of Bloody Mary) so I have nothing else to add regarding this matter, she already said everything that needed to be said.

But honestly ? I’m feeling so cheated right now because of that one asshole who betrayed our trust.

It’s not the first time we’re considering stopping this project : When we realized that our public releases had been reposted by someone else some months ago, and when we found out that all our posts including download links had been deleted (probably because someone reported us)…

We could have dropped Bloody Mary then, but we didn’t. Because our love for this series went beyond that, we decided to get past those issues, and find a way to release the chapters in our private forum instead. Know that we could get into serious trouble for scanlating this licensed series but we didn’t want to let the fans down. We love Bloody Mary, and we were happy to share this love with other people. The flipbooks were the safest way to release the chapters, and we thought no one would even try to repost them. We were wrong… I’ve never seen such an amount of dedication and such a level of disrespect for the mangaka. Scanlators don’t get paid for this (it’s not our work), but sites such as mangafox or mangahere make money off the mangaka’s back. THE GOAL OF THIS PROJECT WAS TO PROVIDE YOU FREE SCANLATION SO YOU COULD BUY THE OFFICIAL RELEASE AS SOON AS YOU COULD LATER, NOT SO YOU COULD STEAL OUR RELEASES AND LET THE OWNERS OF MANGAF*X GET MONEY INSTEAD OF THE MANGAKA.

Jokes on you, reposter. We’re stopping the scanlation, I hope you’re happy.

I’m sad and bitter.

anonymous asked:

hii! i'm a broke ass bitch and i was just wondering if u knew of any links or anything where i could download photoshop instead of having to buy it?

hello !!! i am also broke , so i get u. i actually uploaded the link to the photoshop i have right here in my gif tutorial ( it isn’t mine but the original download was removed ) but it’s cs5 extended and just a tip when it’s opening and it asks u if u wanna restore anything ( it does that sometimes ) just click cancel instead of okay and it’ll open normally. hope this helps, sorry i’m answering this late!

Oh god I’m back

Thank you Tumblr staff ♥

I sent them a message about why does they terminated me, they said it was done automatically when we don’t respect tumblr rules. It is because of adf*y or j.g* I used, so I will never post those type of links with the bit.l* link over it, this is why I have decided to use my blogspot instead to post downloads xD

Also, on my CC finds (@shimydimccfinds), I will avoid to reblog posts with those links because they said it could be from here.

I’m really happy and relieved I’m back ♥

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If a file is set to public, can someone download it without the link? And how?

Not exactly - they need to have the link to download the file. But, the links for public files are just numbers, so in theory, someone could find the file by adding random numbers to another download link.

Private files have hashes for their links instead, which are much, much harder to guess, so there’s no real way for someone to stumble across the download link for a private file.

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Do you know where can we download that KS mmv with the song "told you" that you posted? I loved that mmv so much and i was gonna download it but its removed from youtube because of copyright :(

wHat I just saw and the video is gone. I’m not sure but I think you can download it if you copy my post’s link instead of the YouTube one?? I don’t know if it’ll work on mobile but I think it should on a laptop???

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Hi! Ive been following your blog for awhile now and was recently inspired to finally hack my town. I found a great tutorial on YouTube using soundhax and the sdvt save thingy. Sorry that might be a little jumbled hopefully you may know what I mean. I'm running into a problem though. I hacked my game, didn't do too much cause I was nervous. I decided I enjoyed it and wanted to make changes so I followed the videos instructions on injecting the hacked garden file again. It never works. Any ideas?

Hello! Here are a couple things I can think of and maybe it’ll help (hopefully);

  • sometimes save managers just simply don’t work for people so you can try this guide to using the JKSM instead! (you’ll have to go to their previously linked guide in there to find the JKSM to download) - but this is the save manager I use and it works perfectly for me!
  • make sure the file you are exporting, making changes to, and importing is the garden_plus.dat and not just the garden.dat (garden.dat is if you are hacking a pre-welcome to amiibo update game but if you are running the update it has to be the plus file)
  • you probably forgot to export the save file again - each and every time you go to hack you must eject/export the save using the save manager, then make changes, then inject/import it back in (all the while NOT opening your game) - new leaf works on timestamps, and so if you try to inject an “old save” (which the game will read a previously ejected file as “old” if you play the game thereafter you’ve ejected it) then it will corrupt the save file–or in less extreme cases will make the changes not show up
  • if you are in the above bullet point there is a way to recover a save if it’s been corrupted–so if that is you then just let me know and I can help (off-anonymous is better for me!)



News Every (3.4.2013) is translated!  This is worth watching again if you have already seen it, and it’s definitely worth your time if you haven’t.

This was actually translated a while ago, but it was not the full video + the quality was very bad.  Here is the HD full version! (Download links are in the description)


I know a lot of people hate AdFly and refuse to use the links (I’m one of them lol) but I have had quite a few messages asking me to include an AdFly option in my download links from some lovely people who want to support me but aren’t able to donate. 

Don’t worry, there will still be the usual Dropbox and Mediafire links so if you don’t like AdFly use one of the others instead =)