so have a download link instead
Settlement Sheet
This is essentially a character sheet, but it's for towns and other settlements instead of persons. It's intended to help guide the creation process and facilitate reading and organization.

Settlement Sheet (by luckpack)

[The following text may have been edited for accessibility]

“This is essentially a character sheet, but it’s for towns and other settlements instead of persons. It’s intended to help guide the creation process and facilitate reading and organization.

I recommend using it with my [NPC Sheets.]

Below are Google Drive download links. All PDFs have two pages: the first one is the front and the second one is the back. The Form Fillable version has no lines, so you can download and print it without filling the forms if you want.

[Settlement Sheet]

[Settlement Sheet, Form Fillable]

[Settlement Sheet, Printer Friendly]

[Settlement Sheet, Form Fillable, Printer Friendly]

I intentionally left some things out from this sheet:

  • Some DMs like writing down “Notable Items” in their settlement notes, but this has never made sense to me. I view special items as NPC belongings or Quests rewards, not something location specific. 
  • The prices, foods, drinks and services provided by the local inn, as well as the inventories of stores. Rather than writing all this down for every settlement, I prefer having a single document for every store. I recommend checking this [Traders & Merchants homebrew] and this [Shopping Catalog homebrew.] Both can be referred to whenever players visit any and all stores.
  • Town random encounters. I don’t do those, personally.

Of course, if you want to write down any of those you can use the Notes section in the back.

bshjkfdjskfdjk so according to google it’s like, hell o’clock AM in the US right now so i can post this without dying. anyways @casentine posted the link to this wonderful contribution to the worldwide database of dirk strider content with the link to transparent lineart. (thank u for my life.) i was like hey lets colour something you haven’t done that in a while

then i remembered that i haven’t downloaded the tablet driver for my tablet yet SO i did it in ms paint instead. i’m sorry. i love him and also cas’s art. have some prime quality 9pm content
NPC Roleplaying Sheet
This is a non-combat character sheet meant to facilitate the process of creating and keeping track of NPCs.

NPC Roleplaying Sheet (by luckpack)

“This is a non-combat character sheet meant to facilitate the process of creating and keeping track of NPCs.

I prefer giving each NPC it’s unique small sheet of paper instead of keeping them all crammed together in a notebook or something. Having a form with fillable blanks also makes it that much easier to create a large number of characters.

It’s about 10x15 cm, a quarter of the size of a regular A4 paper. Below are Google Drive download links. All PDFs have two pages; the first one is the front and the second one is the back. I used the player character sheet as reference to try to get it to be “official” looking.

[NPC Sheet]

[NPC Sheet, no lines]

[NPC Sheet, printer friendly]

[NPC Sheet, no lines & printer friendly]


  • All races age differently. I recommend finding or creating an “age by race” table for quick reference. I also recommend writing how mature the character is as well in case you forget how that specific race works. So for a halfling, for example, I might write “80, middle aged” instead of just the number alone. 
  • In the “Combat Statistics” field, the idea is to write the name of a creature in the MM or other book. The NPC will utilize these stats. So for example, if I have a Captain of the Guard character and I want him to be stronger than the average Guard (p. 347 MM) I might write down “Scout, p. 349 MM.” Humanoids don’t vary that much in strength, so for the majority of NPCs you could print out a couple of obvious stats (Commoner, Guard, Acolyte, Scout, etc) and refer to them as needed. This is much more practical than printing a combat sheet for every character, considering you have no idea who players might attempt to murder.”

anonymous asked:

Hi I saw you made that list for the other anon and was wondering if you could make a list of your favorite eyeshadows please?

Sure, why not. :) But be warned, this list is going to get even longer than the one with eyeliners! 

*Note: A fair number of the creators who have been mentioned in the eyeliner post also make eyeshadows, so don’t be surprised if you see certain names repeat. Also, I’m going to include links to general eyeshadow/makeup tags for all listed creators, for even more browsing fun!

Lilith: Lotus eyeshadow | Supernova eyeshadow | Delicate eyeshadow | Serenade eyeshadow | Andromeda eyeshadow | General tag: Tumblr | Livejournal

Digital Angels:  Mouseyblue Soft Gold Island eyeshadow | general tag

Aweeshie: Back to Basics eyeshadow | Pixie eyeshadow | general tag

Nabila: Hypertronic Superstar eyeshadow (working link) |  Kyoto monolid eyeshadow (working link) | *other files reuploaded (sharing this instead of Nabila’s general makeup tag, since most of the original links on her LJ don’t work anymore)

MouseyblueSuper Real eyeshadows (the ones I have in my game are 1,2,3,7,16,26,31) | General tag: Tumblr | Livejournal | GoS

IoBruno/Ephemera eyelids (the link in the original post is dead, so here is a reupload. Sadly, I only found 3 recolors in my downloads. If anyone happens to have the full set and would be willing to share, please leave a comment!)  link updated by Io! | general tag

MaronBlind Date 2013 eyeshadowsMi eyeshadow | General tag: Tumblr | Dreamwidth

Jessi-dotBlame You eyeshadow | Rest My Case eyeshadowgeneral tag

CuriousB: *The Snake and the Moon eyeshadow (also available as multilayerable blush) | Song of the Nile eyeshadow | general tag

Prosthetics: Sleep alone eyeshadow | general tag

Anva: Vibrant shadow | MTS Profile

ZombieJillShooting Bullets eyeshadowBurning Rubber eyeshadow | General tag: Dreamwidth | GoS

IzzaGarageDays (recolors of ZombieJill’s Face Devouring shadows) | general tag

Fade to BlackZero Sum eyeshadow | General tag: GoS

Trapping: CiJ 2013 gift for AdmiralAeris | General tag: Livejournal | GoS | *other files reuploaded

Oritasho: Eyelids no.1 | General tag: Livejournal | GoS

Bruno: Just Shadow | Smudgy eyeshadow | MTS profile

SussisSoGoodSims: Sickly eyes (an old set, but it’s holding up pretty well; I sometimes to use these shadows on my vampire sims)

*BONUS DOWNLOAD: A random assortment of eyeshadows that I have in my game, but I either don’t remember where I downloaded them from, the original links/sites are gone, or I got them from downloading a sim and therefore can’t link back to the original post. In addition to the eyeshadows shown, the download also features a set of eyeshadows by Anva that aren’t on her MTS profile.



So I’ve decided to start sharing sims again, because it’s not a huge effort the way it was for TS3 and you guys seem interested in having them, so here you go. I decided to upload tray files instead of using Origin.

>> Click for download links and CC lists <<


Do whatever you want with them. Go crazy. All I ask is that you don’t reupload them or claim them as your own, and if you use one as a base please give credit. ♥

just a pot accessory by roaringheightts

hello my friends! i have a new download, are you surprised? today i bring you: a pot. that’s all it really is. i took the base game pot and made it into an accessory. i didn’t make any practical cooking poses because i’m lazy but these two stupid goof poses are included. there’s also… a hat version.

don’t ask me my i made this. i guess it was just because i was so excited i made an object into an accessory, i wanted to find more uses. and my friends thought it was funny. the pose codes are a_roaringheightts_cookingmama1 and a_roaringheightts_cookingmama2 because i think i’m funny. they’re not poselisted because, like we’ve established, i was too lazyyy and i don’t think too many people will find use for them. the hat accessory is hat slider compatible, and i highly suggest using the hat sliders bc i accidentally made it a little too far back (it’s hard to position things in milkshape ok). the accessories should have thumbnails in cas but it’s my first time doing that so idk if it worked. pls message me if something went wrong bc i didn’t test the thumbnails. also feel free to make your own poses for the pot, just put a link to this post instead of putting the pot in your downloads. that’s all i really have to say, i hope you can find use for these things!

download pot accessory, pot poses, and pot hat

I just downloaded Socialfixer so that I can filter the no-value-added political linking out of my Facebook feed, and I discovered that not only does this plugin have customizable filters, it can also fix the stupid Facebook features like defaulting to “top stories” instead of “most recent” and displaying “x hours ago” instead of absolute posting time, among other things.

download link here //  requires spa day for usage. 

- Please don’t upload or include in any type of mods folder, or paid websites.

I don’t have many other TOU, but this is also my first retexture for clothing so be easy with me… please? Also, I know it’s not Harley related but I mean I’m running out of ideas for Harley so let me live. I’ll be posting more retextures with CC tops instead. Anyways, click the HERE button to download and then press the link in the tweet since Tumblr doesn’t allow anymore.

So how is it Tumblr still doesn’t have a built-in way to ignore/blacklist specific tags? Or am I missing something?

 I’ll see people post spoilers or NSFW art without making it hidden using the features provided so you have to click a link/tab to view it. Instead, they usually just add a tag and expect people to know how to block stuff based on tags, especially the specific tags they decided to use. The issue with this is the average user does not know how to do this, since as far as I am aware, there isn’t a built-in feature. Instead, we need to download a third-party app or extension to do so. 

anonymous asked:

Hi, WCIF the medieval buns hair from your "Portraits from 1472 and 1544 of Constance the vampire" post? Thank you kindly! Your blog is excellent.

Hi ! Thank you anon ♥︎ This hairstyle is a “hat” (recolored from the Leia wig) that you can find here (I intentionally share a link that redirects to a reblog instead of the original download page, so you can read the warning☝️ ). In case you’ve missed the before/after post, note that the fabric part has been added with photoshop ! Hope the answer is useful anyway ! Have a nice week-end :)

Thanks to the HD download links, I grabbed a screenshot of the room that has spawned countless crazy theories. So go my fellow fans, analyze and theorize TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT!

Upon my first look around, I noticed that when the quality is this high, instead of a pile of toys completely covering the floor, there seems to actually be less (not much less though). There are also copies of toys pasted around the room, whether you interpret this as actually having any impact on the story or just something the artists did to save time is your choice. Another thing is dang some of these toys are big. It really adds to my “Chiro was a rich kid” theory and gives further proof against the orphanage theory.


20 (so far) of the base game windows redone :)

Whew! I gotta get a tablet to draw with! All of these windows were redone to make the grays white, to remove the nicks and dings (just for you, melbrewer367), and to join the joint of the frames better. Every single recolor of these 20 windows that is in the game has been redone. 

I changed all the hinges from brass to silver and the black and red windows that have gold decorations have been changed so that instead of gold, they have black and red, respectively. 

I will finish the other windows soon, but I’m burnt out on windows right now, so it might be a week or two. I will also do all the base game doors, so don’t worry about not having things to match! 

You can download them separately here:

google drive

Or you can download the merged file that has all the redone windows here:

merged file

TOU: Please feel free to use these in houses that you upload. Just give a link back to me and don’t reupload them as your own creations :) No paysites (I’m looking at you, TSR)

Please let me know if you need an alternate download link!


Okay! So here it is!

For those who wanted a tutorial I’ve tried my best to put what I did into words. Feel free to ask me any questions if I haven’t answered anything adequately!

I’ve used this painting instead of the other one I did originally as I wanted to release this to you guys afterwards! I’ll have a follow up post with the download link. 

I used S4PE, Adobe Photoshop CS6 and full credit for this mesh goes to Kiolometro over at TSR! THANKYOU for having a painting up that I could edit and release. You’re a godsend!

One thing I didn’t mention is that you’ll need an add-on to be able to open .dds files in PS. 

And another thing, I haven’t been able to work out how to change the description of the painting so it’s just as the creator made it :)

anonymous asked:

I don't have the game imported unfortunately? I wanna know how to do that before I splurge

Okay so there’s some things you’ll need. 

1: A physical copy of the game (or eshop if you have a japanese 3ds which i assume u dont)

2: The latest version of Homebrew (2.5)

3: An SD card slot so you can access your 3DS’ SD card 

I assume that you’re on the latest 3DS firmware (10.3.0-28U (U stands for united states, E for europe and J for japan, you can check your firmware by going to system settings). You’re going to need to download this starter pack made by the guy who made the hack

You’re going to plug your 3DS’ SD card into your computer and drag the files from the starter pack onto the ROOT of your SD card. The root means the very top, ex: you just clicked on the SD card and you see the folders “DCIM” and “Nintendo 3DS”. Also make a folder on the root called “hans”.

Once thats done your SD card should look like this

Once you’re done with that, it’s time to actually start getting the homebrew on your 3DS. Put your SD card back into your 3DS and start up the Browser. First clear all cookies and your history in the browser settings then restart the browser app.

Okay now here’s what you do. 

If your 3DS is an OLD 3DS running 10.3.0-28, type this into your 3DS’ url bar:

If your 3DS is an NEW 3DS running 10.3.0-28, type this into your 3DS’ url bar:

Once you do that, it’ll look like your 3DS is glitching up, but don’t worry its starting up the homebrew. You should then see some text on the screen that says Hax 2.5 beta and then BAM you’ll be in the Homebrew channel!

Now you’re not done yet. The thing about browser hax is that everytime you want to go into the homebrew menu you have to put the url in again and thats fucking annoying right? Well, worry no more, it’s time to install Menuhax and Ironhax.

The starter pack that you installed on your SD card earlier should have two apps on it, menuhax_manager and the ironhax installer. You should also have an app called something along the lines of Old eShop channel

First what we’re going to do is install Menuhax. This is pretty easy and doesn’t take all too long. Click on the Menuhax manager and click install when that pops up. There’ll be a ton of  text on the screen but don’t worry about it. Once it finishes it should say bam ur done;  you can press Start to return to the Homebrew channel (if that doesnt work hold down L+R+Down (on d-pad)+B for 3 seconds and it should return you back).

Now you’re able to boot into the homebrew channel by holding down L when you turn on your 3ds! (remember to hold it down until words show up on your screen)

Next, we want to install Ironhax since it’s a lot more reliable (less likely to get patched out). Boot up that fancy eShop - Old version downloader and you’ll be thrust into the eshop. From there search up “ironfall” and download the game. After its done, turn off your 3DS (since pressing the home button takes a screenshot) and turn it back on. Now just unwrap Ironfall and boot it up (no need to make a new file).

Once you do that turn off your 3DS again and boot into Homebrew via Menuhax (Hold down L while you turn on your system. Remember to keep holding it until words show up on the screen). Now that you’re back in the Homebrew channel click on the Ironhax installer and follow the onscreen instructions. It doesn’t matter which slot you save it to (i saved mine to slot one) and when it asks what your firmware version is, put in 10.3.0-28U (or E or J depending on your region). And ta-da! You can now boot up homebrew from Ironfall in case menuhax stops working! 

With Homebrew, you can install custom and offical themes (even from other regions stores), play homebrew games, play out of region games and emulate SNES and GBA games!

Now FINALLY getting the actual Fire Emblem: Fates patch working. Yes all of that preparation was needed, but THANKFULLY, this is the easiest part since I already have the patch so I can just give it to you instead of you having to make it yourself.

Go here and download the patch:!hYVV1bBS!TwvzSH0lQZC6SZgj7CwsJmtK-v_nGqMZZYpSNSDf6Ps

This is the latest version of the patch to date, version 3.0. This version has the translations for all 29 chapters for both Nohr and Hoshido (that includes prologue and epilogue), all paralogues translated, and 138 supports translated (actually not that many supports :( (here is a link to a masterpost with about 600 of the supports present)). This patch was made by Cellenseres and his team over at the SerenesForest forums. Go check out the project page here.

In order to install this all you have to do is drag the ROMFS file into the hans folder that you made earlier on the root of your SD card.

Once you do that all you need to do is put your SD card back into your 3DS and launch up the Homebrew Channel. Once there put your copy of Fire Emblem: Fates into your 3DS and launch the app called “Hans” (the app looks like an “H”). From here if you’re on a New 3DS change the core clock to 804 MHz (makes your game run faster, DON’T do this if you’re on an old 3ds). And make sure to switch the ROMFS option to YES. Once you’re sure that it works, restart and change Save Configuration to Yes so that you don’t have to do that every time you launch the game.Your screen should look like this: 

Congratulations, you are now playing Fire Emblem: Fates in English!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. 

Also yes this is completely legal.


Introducing the ‘’Full Dialogue Interface’’ - a mod that allows you to see the whole sentence your character will speak + click on the keyboards numbers to choose a dialogue

you can get this incredible mod from Nexus, you have to have an account to download, but its free and nexus is a good website so no worries. Ive tested this and so far it works. I cant begin to say how relieving it is to finally see what the heck my character is gonna say instead of the dumbass ‘’Yes’’, ‘’No’’ and ‘’sarcastic’’ options. 

linking once again in case u missed the highlighted ‘’nexus’’ lol

UPDATE VI!!Note: The Latest Update can always be found HERE

What, you thought I was just gonna leave these songs as is? No way, I’ll be updating this “album” each time I find a new song, or if I find more of the ones I already have again.

Each NEW song will be BOLDED.


I didn’t want to post this album as a download, first because none of the songs are mine, and second, because I wanted each individual artist to retain the credit due to them for their works. So instead I’ll post links to each song, and let you guys get them for yourselves. Please be sure to thank each artist for their hard work.


This is fanmade and is not endorsed by Square-Enix. Neither I, nor any of these artists gain profit by these works. This is all just for fun.

Track List:

  1. Echoes of Memory Dialup Edit by Josdaile
  2. Morning Sky (Kaze no Ne) by ellebirdy23
  3. Kaze no Ne by Xiro
  4. Kaze no Ne String Quartet by fragileshield
  5. Kaze no Ne Music Box by かみみもめつ
  6. Kaze no Ne Vocal Choir by きりか
  7. Kaze no Ne on Piano by TheLiveCat
  8. Kaze no Ne Arrangement by ぴえーる
  9. Kaze no Ne Instrumental Mix by Eduard Urbach
  10. Crystal Chronicles Opening Remix by draconiansimplicity106
  11. Crystal Chronicles Opening Chip-tune Remix by RaveTheDayAway
  12. Sound of the Wind (Marching Band) by Rachel Dziezynski
  13. Sound of the Wind by Floor Jansen & Metropole Orchestra
  14. Morning Sky (Live Performance) by Donna Burke
  15. Morning Sky Alto Sax Cover by MrAxel
  16. Sound of the Wind Piano by fountainkeeper
  17. Sound of the Wind Piano by J0shaw0tt
  18. Sound of the Wind Cover by Ana Axe
  19. Serenity by EvanFingerstyle
  20. Today arrives, becoming Tomorrow Flute Cover by コイツ
  21. Today Arrives, Becoming Tomorrow Piano by PlunderPiano
  22. Caravan Crossroad Mario Paint Composer by Althir1992
  23. River Belle Path Remix by c106mc
  24. Departure Piano Arrangement by ついな
  25. Departure by Zorafin
  26. River Belle Path (Departure) 8-bit by TheGamerOfAllGamers
  27. Departure Live Performance by Arjan h.
  28. Departure by Calnos Porton
  29. Departure Arrangement by かーる村長
  30. Departure Flute Cover by コバヤシちゃん
  31. Departure Wub Machine Remix by Caitlin Fegely
  32. River Song by zyko
  33. Clouds Reflected on the River’s Surface Piano by PlunderPiano
  34. Moving Clouds on the River’s Surface Live Performance by ChrisBlueStone
  35. Clouds Reflected on the River Surface - Mario Paint by MasterBrandini
  36. Moving Clouds on the River’s Surface Cover by sniuk
  37. Moving Clouds on the River’s Surface Piano by TheWolfenSiren
  38. Clouds Reflected on the Rivers Surface on Ocarina by Keikilanidraws
  39. The New Mushroom Forest by Laikros
  40. Dreaming of Twilight Hatsune Miku Cover by まぼどうふ
  41. Twilight in Dreamland by Chromescent
  42. Mushroom Forest 8-bit by TheGamerOfAllGamers
  43. Dreaming of Twilight on Flute by コバヤシちゃん
  44. In the Gloomy Darkness by Pulse Tone
  45. In the Gloomy Darkness Remake by CurledArt
  46. In the Gloomy Darkness Arrangement by Norgelt
  47. Cristal Chronic(les) by Wolf’s Mouth
  48. Magic Makes it all Complete by William Thurin
  49. Magi is NOTHING by ocre
  50. Everything Magiga Piano by PlunderPiano
  51. Everything Magiga Remix by 黒白(モノクロ)
  52. Everything Magiga Remix by kan@ta
  53. Magi is Everything Mario Paint Composer by zackarii
  54. Moschet Manor Triple Ocarina Solo by benvaughanmusic
  55. Amidatty and Eleonor Too on STL Ocarinas by shortycaptain
  56. Promised Grace Remix by まつぇラッテぃ
  57. Promised Grace Remix by minun♂
  58. Promised Grace Remastered by sschafi1
  59. Promised Grace Remix by Collin J. Lohnes
  60. Promised Grace Remix by kan@ta
  61. Promised Grace Remix by Ri
  62. Veo Lu on Mario Paint Composer by Althir1992
  63. A Gentle Wind Blows Piano by Chromescent
  64. A Gentle Wind Blows by Andreas Strömberg
  65. The Demon’s Court by TheWhiteCrow19 
  66. Goblin’s Lair by Masahiro Aoki
  67. Daemon’s Court Piano by Chromescent
  68. Goblin Lair Sound Font Midi by Liberation Boycotte
  69. Goblin’s Lair 8-bit by TheGamerOfAllGamers
  70. Dance of Monsters by G0rd0
  71. Wild Crab (Monster’s Dance~ Rondo) Piano by Quart de Carton
  72. Annual Festival Piano by frankied14
  73. Annual Festival Ocarina by STL Ocarina
  74. Annual Festival - Mario Paint Composer by Goatmon
  75. Annual Festival on Ocarina by WeissVivi
  76. The Body is Left Freely ~ Arrangement by 81ECM
  77. Glass in Arid Gravity by Retlaf
  78. Desert by octopuii
  79. Treasure Sleeping in the Sand 8-bit by TheGamerOfAllGamers
  80. Oh, Light…!   by Neon Bard
  81. The Northern Skies are Clearing Remix by CystemicCyanide
  82. TechnoAura Rebena Te Ra by CystemicCyanide
  83. When the Northern Sky is Clear (re orchistreated)  by FelipeRico
  84. When the Northern Sky is Clear 8-bit by TheGamerOfAllGamers
  85. Mag Mell by Chromescent
  86. Monster’s Ball by Barium56
  87. Unite, Descent 8-bit by OmegaManZX
  88. Unite, Descent by CtelinAjira
  89. Unite, Descent by 酒場のジャッジ@世界樹勢
  90. Moonless Starry Night (Live Performance) by Donna Burke
  91. Moonless Starry Night Piano by SAWANO TA
  92. Hoshizukiyo Flute by hotaru
  93. Hoshizukiyo Karaoke by hotaru
  94. Union of Friendships by DJ Dain
  95. Music Box of Water by GoncaloMartins
  96. Music Box of Water Hatsune Miku by ヴィオレントP@クロロン
  97. Music Box of Water on Harp by hanae8823
  98. Music Box Arrangements of Many FFCC songs by n吉
  99. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Selections by nuts

Bonus Tracks (Remixes of FFCC sequels)

  1. Ring of Fates (Music Ace) by SuperWilly101 
  2. Peaceful Everyday Life piano by JUNtokoro10
  3. A Score to Settle by LiKelos84095
  4. Boss Theme 1 (Phantom Hourglass Remix) by 228SomeGuy
  5. Fight! Remix by zugii
  6. Fight! (Remix) by SchnitelLion
  7. FFCC - RoF [Fight Remix] by Kopo14
  8. Castle Town Scenery by Syntheway
  9. Shopping Theme piano by JUNtokoro10
  10. Abandoned Town Remix by flyssa
  11. Take Moogles in Grass Remix by すいふぃ@swifee
  12. Take Moogles in Grass Remix II by まつぇラッテぃ
  13. Crystal Record by Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments
  14. Crystal Record by blastissimo218
  15. Crystal Record by PI511
  16. Hoshi no Sekai Music Box by かみみもめつ
  17. Memories of Ring of Fates Piano by jamiethepianist
  18. Land of Promise Remix by HalifaxStorm01
  19. Echoes of Time Main Theme Remix by すいふぃ@swifee
  20. Everyday Village Life Remix by まつぇラッテぃ
  21. Everyday Village Life Remix by ささかま
  22. Boss Type-A Remix by zugii
  23. Ice Mountain 8-bit by bluerabbit78
  24. Bridge Leading to the Tower Remix by カジぽん
  25. Bridge Leading to the Tower Remix by flyssa
  26. Echoes of Time -The Tower (Remix) by Ebony0Rose
  27. Final Battle by ばるたん
  28. Skydive Piano by yukineige
  29. Hoshizukiyo Crystal Bearers Version by なんだremokか

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Inspired Music

  1. Divinity by Gabriel Rigby
  2. Under Cerulean Skies by blueskyble
  3. はじまりの村 [Inst.] by ざうに
  4.  ダンジョンを by Rist.NS
  5.  FFCCっぽくBGM作ってみた【オリジナル】 by GINAKI
  6. FFCCをイメージして作曲してみた by めろん
  7. 【白髪教団】街景 賑いと潮騒【しろかみ学園】by 酒場のジャッジ@世界樹勢
  8. Pygmy Panic - A Mountain of Brutes (Level 2) by ://PaR!5 
  9. No Hearts by Just Like High School
  10. Phantom Forest by CrimsonAzure7
  11. ほそぼそ農村神社 by ロコイド軟膏プロペト