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Two days of releasing CC, yep that’s a first, I usually take a month break between my projects, and guess what? I probably will be releasing one more tomorrow or the day after it! So today I’m bringing something we seen a lot these days *drumrolls* FLOWER CROWNS! Those are so pretty, I swear they look perfect on any hair, it was so hard picking the ones for the preview! Also isn’t it cool how much stuff we got from just an update?! I loved it! Everyone has been doing their own version of these and here is mine, of course they would be for children, I think everyone saw it coming! I haven’t seen those for children yet, but you guys are fast as hell and probably someone has already done it, so i’m sorry but here’s my version:

  • Base Game Compatible
  • Disabled for Random
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • 3 Heights So That It Works With Practly Every Hair
  • 13 Solid Colors
  • 7 Beautiful Double Colored Versions by @habsims

Before Downloading Please Read my T.O.U

Download: (AdFly)

 ⊰ SimFileShare ⊱

if you have any trouble, please let me know!

Feel free to use #auroramoonsims or tag me, I would love to see your beautiful creations

Super Especial Thanks to @teanmoon and her CC Help Desk And to the Lovely @habsims for letting me use her double colored flowers! Check them here!

Hey all. I’m sure plenty of you have seen the gofundme page going around, as well as my ASAP call for any donations you can offer. I know it’s a lil slim for all of us who are trying to work my hardest, so I very much appreciate any and all signal boosting ya’ll have done. You’ve been amazing in that support alone.

I haven’t heard back from the owner but I’m not losing hope just yet. So, what I wanna try to do is a weekend of streaming. Or at the very least stream SOMEWHAT over the next 3-4 days. My work load has gone down a bit so I feel I can put some time aside for it. That and the weekend feels optimum to possible catch people unlike weekdays which usually is filled with either work/school.

I will attempt to stream between 4-6pm PST between Sept 29th-Oct 2nd. I will have cheap sketch commissions open, or if you would like to get something cleaner you can check out my commission info here and get something of that nature and see it drawn LIVE IN STREAM. I will be taking payments through paypal via invoices (unless you’d like to throw it at the gofundme instead. Work it out with me in the stream)

I’ll do my best in this attempt though apologize as I’ve been rather tired for the past couple weeks just trying to make money. Saving for funding. All and any funding is going towards our total. Thank you so much for any further help that you all provide.

chevko  asked:

I'm totally new to your page so I have no idea - were you guys doing Alolan pokemon? I'm trying to avoid spoilers because I'm excited about this one, though I really want to follow you (guys).

Hey there, I’m the sole artist/blog runner! I haven’t done Alolan Pokemon yet, so you’re safe in that regard. I’ve been waiting for the new National Dex numbers to be released before I add them to the list, but I probably won’t get to any before the games are out anyway.

I have answered asks that talk about Sun and Moon, but I try to tag them as “sumo spoilers”. Also, I have done one Pokemon that, in a way (no spoilers) has something to do with Sun and Moon, but it’s also tagged with “sumo spoilers”, so as long as that’s blacklisted, you should be safe :)

anonymous asked:

is this where I vote for an underrepresented character? If not, then I assume it's in fanmail? I haven't been around for long, so if this character has been done please ignore this and accept my apology (that sounds pompous) Has Hong Kong been done yet?

Hong Kong has, in fact, had a week! And this is where you vote, but we don’t accept anonymous votes. A while ago we had five anonymous requests for one character within a minute of each other, and we figured that anonymous requests wouldn’t be fair because one person could be spamming the inbox.


so friends, the time has come. i’ve decided to make a new blog! this blog has been fun, but i think it’s time for a fresh start. i might leave this one up after i’m done transferring all necessary stuff to my new blog, but i haven’t decided for sure yet.

so my new blog is @yuglatte and my sideblog is still @sprjngup and is now attached to the new blog.

(i’m gna tag my mutuals below but if ur tagged pls don’t feel pressured to follow it!! i’m just doing it so that those who wish to can :D )

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Chapter 25: WC Update #3

Previous Word Count: 1121
Current Word Count: 1947



Writing a book has been and always will be the most difficult fucking thing I’ve ever done. 

Someone please be proud of me I’m in hell.

so the tokyo ghoul anime ended

the signs and their favorite cartoon series
  • Aries:Bob's Burgers
  • Taurus:Bob's Burgers
  • Gemini:Bob's Burgers
  • Cancer:Bob's Burgers
  • Leo:Bob's Burgers
  • Virgo:Bob's Burgers
  • Libra:Bob's Burgers
  • Scorpio:Bob's Burgers
  • Sagittarius:Bob's Burgers
  • Capricorn:Bob's Burgers
  • Aquarius:Bob's Burgers
  • Pisces:Bob's Burgers