so has this been done yet

Sammy Lawrence: *takes a deep breath*

Sammy Lawrence: I lo-

Anyone who has spent five seconds around Sammy ever: yes, you love the demon bendy, we know, you love bendy so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love the demon bendy, we KNOW, you love bendy you fucking love bendy ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE BENDY. WE GET IT.

Imagine your OTP

Person A and person B are having a fight and person B starts undressing and Person A is trying so hard to stay mad but Person B is down to only their underwear now AND THATS NOT FAIR PERSON B DAMNIT

Has this been done yet? Probably???

BgA scenario - based of a gif

So tumblr has a gif preference thing when you search for gifs, and I thought that it would be a good idea to take the first solo gif of them (that i have yet to use) and just make a scenario about that pls and thank 

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P-Dragon had been enlisted in the millitary two months ago and had been on the run for one when he facetimed you with a stolen phone. When you asked where he was and what he had done he explained that he had stolen a tank and driven out and was now passing through minnesota on his way to you. 

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R.O.P had become a jedi (I know nothing about star wars I have not watched any of the movies so like if anything doesn’t make sense that’s why) and had been hired by disney a while later. He had texted you late at night saying “pls wtch mi nw dsny intro pls n thank” and had immidietly after called you to repeat the same thing and then hung up. You turned on the tv and saw this. 

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Jeungri had gotten a job as someone who promotes things for little to no money. When his short lived career as a violinist in a shitty boy group called BgV (boys generally violiny) ended, he had nothing else to do than use his cute face to promote whatever. This was his 500th commercial in the last two months and he started crying as he realized what his life had become. 

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J-Lite had called you whilst you were at work as he had something important to tell you. “I’m gonna get a pet!” he exclaimed. “Okay, but what kind?” you asked. “A cat!” J-Lite yelled in your ear. “But I’m allergic to animal furr..” You responded sadly. “I don’t give a f*ck!” J-lite replied and hung up. 

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Daeyang was a proffessional backup dancer at your entertainment company. You were the leader for your girl group “Girls generally Asian” and you were all preparing for your comeback. When the backup dancers arrived one of your fellow members pointed to Daeyang and whispered “Wow, he looks like he hasn’t showered in three weeks.” Daeyang didn’t seem to hear and instead started to talk to your manager. “Hey!” you called out to Daeyang. “How about you show us some moves?” He turned to you and then a smirk started to form. He then danced (like in the gif), leaving you and your members wondering how he got into the company in the first place. 

*if you re-use this then pls give me credit or i will take this to court. 

Reading J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fall of Arthur (a partial alliterative poem followed by extensive commentary by Christopher Tolkien on the Arthurian legend and his father’s process) made me want to write Arthurian fan fiction.

The problem? T.H. White’s The Once And Future King is my ideal Arthurian story. It is perfect. I could not possibly concoct anything that good, that genuine, that unnerving, that alternately regal and fun. CT’s commentary just went to teach me how much of the old Arthurian texts White used for his story - he was faithful to the main points. And yet the emotional acuity he brings to his individual characters drives their legendary actions so perfectly. White’s Lancelot is my favorite fictional character ever. It’s so good.

So, to conclude, I’m not going to write Arthurian fanfic. The best canon has already been done. *quietly closes 800 words of drivel*

ily: i love you

ilysm: i love you so much

ilysmichbilysmifligtaliomymmnbyammcrccahgmbcykmcfl: I like you so much, I can hardly breathe. I like you so much, I feel like I got thunder and lightning inside of me. You make me nervous but you also make me calm. Real calm. Calm almost how god must be calm, you know, Mylene? Calm from loving. 


I just don’t want him to think I’m not cool.

Six of Crows Characters as Popular Internet Things
  • Inej: me, an intellectual,,
  • Nina: "tag yourself" memes
  • Matthias: (wake me up) Wake me up inside
  • Wylan: that's a _____ you uncultured swine!1!
  • Jesper: the bee movie
  • Kuwei: gif of the guy walking in with pizza