so has this been done already or

McTiddie has an AO3

under the pseudo McTiddiezo. I’ve only uploaded the two mchanzo drabbles i’ve written so far -I’ll keep posting fics here too but figured what the heck. (probably will dig up some of my old SW fics from the glory days too eventually).
Seen some of y’all already done found me *finger guns in your direction*

this has been a McPSA.

AoS 4x15

so, hands down, best episode this entire season

my brave, strong ladies, Daisy and Jemma working together to kick LMD ass and get out safely

that shot of Daisy quaking LMD’s Mack and Coulson and literally causing the skin to tear away from Mack’s face to reveal the machine underneath was the coolest ever.

and the fight with Mace and Daisy was top notch

all the kudos to Elizabeth, Ian, Chloe and Ming-Na because they brought it, they brought it so damn hard. Superb work, all of you

that scene with Fitz and Simmons was so well acted and so well done. Same with Jemma and Daisy.

thank you, LMD May, for having that moment. I hoped you would make the right choice, and you did. Thank you for your sacrifice. Now, to rescue the real May and all our friends

AIDA killing Radcliffe wasn’t surprising; I’m sorry you died. You could’ve been so much more. But now, the student has defeated the master

I already knew Ward is gonna be back, but I’m still really excited to see the next episode. It brings up all the bittersweetness of what could’ve [should’ve] been.

Fitz looked hella good in that Framework world; wonder who he’s married to if Jemma is “dead”.

Mack actually seems happy, Coulson is a teacher but going against everything the real him believes in, and May is working for Hydra

can’t wait to see it

frostbite883  asked:

DC AU Questions: If Lex Luthor was able to shoot Superman with a Kryptonite Laser in the Injustice game (he was able to do this because Shazam in this scenario is still knocked out while Lex did it), how would an injured Superman feel about Luthor's betrayal? What would Luthor do with the defeated Man of Steel? And finally, how would things turn out for the Insurgency from here on out with Supes out of the way?

Superman would feel rage beyond belief but underneath that there would be so much hurt because he had already lost Lois and their child and now his closest friend has betrayed his trust. He would still try to put up a fight but since he’s been weakened so much, he wouldn’t really be able to do anything. So Luthor would try to find some way to contain him humanely; he doesn’t want to put his (former) friend in even more pain and torment, despite everything he’s done. But with Superman out of the way, things would start to fall apart. The world would be able to be cleaned up, the people wouldn’t have to live in fear of a tyrannical ruler anymore. Luthor and the few heroes who helped him would start to get rid of any traces of the former conditions under Superman, starting with the government and it’s corruption. Eventually it would go back to the way it was before Superman forcibly taking over everything.


☆*:.。. Happy Valentine’s Day~!   .。.:*☆ 

It’s already 15 here but whatever   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I was sick so <//3 I drew this first since I felt guilty about not being able to draw more for Viktuuri week <//////3 I’ll probably draw Tianshan after a quick nap  (*/ω\)

Anyways, sorry Viktor! Hahaha xD I wanted to make it sweet but I ended up doing this instead, has this been done tho haha

i was just going to bed but like…

an underwater au where sportacus is part of some ship’s crew but they make shipwreck in a big storm. sporty gets saved by merman robbie that brings him to his hometown, inhabited by merfolk.

here’s more drawings:

BTS: *constantly disses Jimin and playfully makes fun of him*

SOMEONE: *is actually mean and disrespectful*

BTS: The fuCK YOU JUST SAID?! How dare you offend our sweet ball of sunshine?! Don’t touch our sweet Jiminie!