so hard to find good pictures of her

Fed up of assigning characters in Gryffindor: Angie Martinelli in Hufflepuff aesthetic

These rolls keep for three days. Four if it’s cold and you put them out on the windowsill.
Oh, glad to hear it. I don’t often steal food.”
Are you kidding? Carol once fit a whole chicken down her sweater.”

Old Peggy. Remade Peggy

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this is really good advice maybe your new blog should be swordlesbianadvice

damn true i could recommend a specific blade for each situation

(on a serious note tho i kinda wanna change the url bc i dont like being restricted to just aesthetics? i’d love to interact with yall as much as possible + reblog more text posts,,, also yall have no idea how hard it is to find pictures of girls with swords i have to wade thru so much gross stuff in the tags even tho safe search is on)

“Try to think good thoughts, trying to find my way clear. Let the room fill with steam, trace pictures on the mirror, ghosts and clouds and nameless things. Squint your eyes and hope real hard, maybe sprout wings.”



Close your eyes. Look inside yourself because the answers lie within,” you say, hands over your ears so you don’t hear your own advice.The words taste like a sugary syrup as they pour over your lips. You say them to the mirror, but only see your mother and her lies. The answers don’t lie within – trouble does.



Shae’s wide eyes peered up at her mother as she watched her pull her braids behind her ears, pretty little lies that sounded like melodies spilling out of her plumped lips. There was an appeal to her voice and the constant sugar-coated lies. Sometimes the lies were small, harmless, like when Shae was six and they’d lost her cat. Other times the lies were different, more dangerous. Dates were for nothing more than a good fuck and to swipe the unlucky man’s credit card. It seemed her mother cared for nothing other than a good con, but that wasn’t true; her daughter was her reason for everything. Shae watched as her mother made bad decision after bad decision, wrapping herself up with the wrong sorts of people all to make sure she was safe. Unfortunately, try as she might, the people Shae’s mother was wrapped up with were dangerous, and warned her mother of the costs that came for double-crossers. Desperate times came, and when Shae’s mother took a larger cut from a job than she was supposed to they didn’t go after her, but Shae. For months, it seemed as if she’d gotten away with it. Then one night someone broke into their home, went to Shae’s room while she was asleep and held her down on the bed. They didn’t strangle her, didn’t beat her, just covered her eyes, pushing her further and further into her mattress, and moments later, before her mother even made it to her room, the man was gone. Since that night, Shae hasn’t had a single dream, only nightmares.

Since the break in, Shae’s relationship with her mother has been strained. She doesn’t hate her mother, but they haven’t spoken in years. Yet her mother’s influence still haunts her. To Shae, the only way she knows how to survive is to con her way through life. She’s more careful than her mother, and doesn’t involve anyone in her cons.. When Shae was twenty-two she opened a psychic shop in Foxcroft. It was the perfect con, something she could run on her own without doing anything too dangerous. In a town like Foxcroft people were always searching for answers, whether it be how to get out of town or explanations for why things were happening in town. Shae was going to give them to them, or at least she was going to pretend to. There are those who believe in Shae’s smoke and mirrors and those who give her dirty looks from the other side of her store’s windows, but everyone would believe her, if only Shae believed in herself.

Lying is easy. Cons are easy, at least they can be. It’s much harder to tell the truth, especially when you see it in yourself. Ever since the night Shae was attacked she’s had vivid nightmares, almost as if she’s there. Most of the time she doesn’t see anything concrete, but she’ll get glimpses, hints and sometimes they come true. While many people would feel empowered by visions of the future, they frighten Shae, especially because she never sees the full picture. She knows that if she told anyone they’d expect more, push and push her for answers. Shae would much rather feed them pretty little lies; no one deserves to live in the dark like she does.


I’ve always had this headcanon that since Raph is so artistically talented shown by his mad sculpting skills as a kid and his knitting abilities as an adult. Seeing the wall of guitars in the movie, I picture Raph – being the little artiste that he is – would also be musically inclined. And there is nothing sexier than a guy who can play an instrument or sing – better yet – both….

(Also, let me hit y’all with a little known fact – the actor that plays Raph in the 2014 movie also auditioned for American Idol once upon a time. He hammed it up for one of the female judges after her reaction to his obvious good looks, so it was kind of hard to focus on his vocal abilities, but he made it to Hollywood, so he could hold a decent note.)

…Anyway, I pictured April drops in unannounced one day and finds Raph alone in the den just tuning a recovered beat up Fender guitar. After quietly announcing herself she’s surprised instead of jumping to his feet pretending she didn’t just witness what he was doing, he remains sitting, just turned his head slightly and smiled in greeting. At ease with his comfort, she walks over and throws her arms about his shoulders and asks him to play her a song. Raph, never being able to say ‘no’ to her can’t help but do as she wishes.

In other news, I posted a few pieces of nsfw 2012 Raphril this week – you can check them out here – but, be warned, they are nsfw, so if you’re not yet 18, I’d suggest not clicking the link.

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sorry, i still don't understand the back thing, could you show a picture of what that would be like?

So I can’t find a picture off the bat of what that would look like in something like a layout or an acro move (it’s hard enough to even find examples of swayback on Google images and sifting through all the pictures of little dancers on Tumblr is a long and inefficient process, plus I don’t necessarily want to single out a dancer on this). But here’s an example of what swayback looks like static with a dancer just standing:

So when a dancer bends back like this for something like a layout, or executes an arabesque, the effect is more of a “crunch” than a “lift.”

Here’s a good example of Elliana where you can see that she’s liftng up and OUT of her back, maintaining her beautiful length and bending in the right spot:

If you were to rotate the picture so that she was in a split, her lower abdomen would be perfectly perpendicular with the ground, not puffed outward so her back were in a C-shape.

While you never know what growth and puberty will do to someone (she could very well lose a lot of flexibility naturally as she gets older) she probably won’t have a lot of issues with her back as she gets older because she’s not flat-out abusing it with her bending.

Olivia was at her end right now. She was just so disappointed and feeling like she should just stop trying with a lot of things. One being this so called love for Harry and wanting to get him involved with his future baby. She had a scan this afternoon which she had told Harry about a few times to which he said he wanted to go to. She sat in the office for the doctor and waited and waited, even let someone go before her so she could wait for Harry that little bit more. But eventually she had to go. Today she could find out the sex and she did want to know so asked to. They were having a little boy and she welled up. Half for the fact she was thrilled and the other that Harry wasn’t here to share the good news with her. It was hard for Olivia to take. Walking out, she looked on instagram to see Kendall’s picture of her and Harry hanging out together. He was with her. He missed this to be with her. Blood boiling, Olivia got back to the hotel and just put on The Little Mermaid to cheer herself up.

Yet another spec drabble about the finale - had a thought

“Wait!” Henry protested, hands raised up and palms out, “I can help you.”

Killian - no - Captain Hook, turned the cutlass so that the light bounced off the blade, it hit Henry square in the eye and he winced, shading his face.

“My boy, I find that very hard to believe. But go on, if your answer is amusing enough, perhaps I might spare your life.”

He needed to get someone on his side, someone who could help find his mom so she could fix this, use her magic and undo whatever the Author had done. Everything was backwards, Grandma and Grandpa looked like a pair of supervillains about to destroy Gotham City, Rumplestiltskin claimed he was a knight, there were posters all over the forest, “Wanted - For Crimes Against the Queen” with his other mom’s picture on it, looking young and scared, Zelena was the beloved Good Witch of the North and Robin Hood was a prince.

The only one who appeared to be the same was the pirate currently pointing a very sharp looking sword at his throat. Henry thought fast, so if Killian was the same, that meant he wanted the same thing, right?

“Revenge!” Henry yelped, “You want revenge, right? Against the one who took your hand? I can help you, I know someone who can help you. My mother.”

His lip curled but the sword dropped a fraction, “So you’re saying your mother can help me get my revenge against the one who took everything from me?”

“Uh,” Henry nodded, “Yeah. Yeah she can.”

The Jolly Roger rocked underneath their feet. The three of them were supposed to go sailing tomorrow. Maybe, if they found his mom and everything went back to normal, they still could.

Killian took two steps forward and Henry gulped. The pirate clapped his hand on Henry’s shoulder, “Then welcome aboard lad. Now tell me, who is your mother and what can she do against the one who wronged me, the devious Crocodile herself, Emma Swan?”

His mouth dropped open and one word ran through Henry’s mind.