so hard to color i almost cried


please consider

  • them just being really really sweet to each other
  • it makes the team wanna throw up

  • Tsukishima smiling  when Yamaguchi told him because like who wouldn’t

  • both drinking bitter, dark black coffee every morning together

  • suga being totally obsessed with yama’s freckles, kissing all of them

  • yama totally loving suga’s beauty marks

  • just their favorite physical feature of the other is the other’s source of insecurity but over time they learn to love them because POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT

  • this relationship would be hella positive

  • hella gentle teasing

  • suga standing on his tip toes because when he hugs yama 

  • Punk!Yama and Pastel!Suga


  • yama giving suga his first tattoo and it’s huge and in color and look at this small dainty adorable man he will probably cry but that’s okay ill be here and suga is totally unfased and yama’s like WTF please go out with me

  • dinner dates at american restaurants

  • yamaguchi almost getting arrested for trying to do the breadstick meme as a joke in real life 

  • suga laughing so hard he cries but ends up never being allowed back in that restaurant ever again
Forgive me: Kylo Ren imagine

Time seemed to be ticking away from (Y/n).  She knew she was late, really late. She ran out of her chamber as she grew up her hair, making her way towards the training room.

(Y/n) yet again happened to oversleep. And being Kylo Ren’s apprentice made it that much harder in her.

“I’m here!” She yelled as she ran through the double doors. Kylo stood there in his dark training robes.

“Your late (y/l/n).”  He stated as he crossed his large arms.

“I know. I’m sorry I over-” but before she could finish he cut her off.

“I don’t want excuses, I need you to be on time.” He stated with a cold tone. She nodded not wanting to displease him.

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I have one student who comes from a pretty crappy background (like family-wise), and when I first met him, he only colored artwork using red. But over the course of the last month, he’s opened up so much, and ever since I showed him how you can make different colors by mixing primary colors, he’s started using different colors in his work. And my job sucks sometimes, and the pay is horrible. But I would continue working there for a million years if it meant this one kid has a good life because he deserves it so much, and he’s worked so hard for it.