so hard to be respected in a men's world

Random great thing about YOI: Viktor didn’t feel entitled to Yuuri’s love at any point. Even though he was hitting on Yuuri frequently in the beginning, he realized that Yuuri wasn’t completely comfortable with his advances. And what did he do? He respected Yuuri’s boundaries and BACKED OFF a bit. It would’ve been so easy to force himself on Yuuri, or shame him for rejecting the hottest man in the world, or assume that Yuuri is playing “hard to get” because they danced once when Yuuri was drunk. But he never at any point had a sense of entitlement to Yuuri’s feelings, and never acted like Yuuri owed him his love. He was so respectful of Yuuri’s limits, and was willing to take their relationship at a comfortable pace for both of them. THAT is indicative of a healthy relationship based on mutual respect and trust and love, folks. 

Meanwhile, men IRL think they have unlimited access into someone’s pants just because they acted “nice” :))) 

my heart still beats, my skin still feels

an: siiiiighhh. This one’s for you, @nowforruin.  (title yanked from ‘running with the wolves’ by aurora because i’m a predicable sob)

There is something curious about this Jon Snow. She’d thought as much the first time she laid eyes on him - smaller than she expected, lean where she had imagined girth, short where she expected a great hulking tree of a man, prettier than most the men she’s ever seen.

They called him King in the North, and Daenerys had expected broad shoulders and a mean face, a man who might tower over her in an attempt to frighten her, someone with hard eyes and a hard face.

Jon Snow has so far defied all her expectations.

He shouldn’t surprise her, considering the legions of men who follow Daenerys Stormborn wherever she takes them - across barren seas of sand, into battle against rich and powerful men, across an ocean most had always thought an insurmountable obstacle. She is a tiny thing, really, in the scope of the world, with delicate features and a face that, when she looks upon it, has not aged in accordance with her experiences. And yet, men follow her still, look upon her with both awe and terror - respect, even, and as she begins to know Jon Snow she begins to understand the perspective of all those who have bent their heads in deference to her.

He is a good man, with a kind heart, and he cares for his people more than his own life.

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@fluffy-nogger asked: Hoya or Lee Howon

Unnecessary explanation of my reasoning
Before I knew Howon, the only idea I had of him was “this handsome, manly guy from Infinite”. As I started following him more, I sensed his reserved personality in most times, even tho he often loves making lame jokes and tries to be loud, and I think that side of him pulled me more towards him. 
I also love how he is awkward with the people he newly met becuz that’s also how I am and it makes me realize how hard it must’ve been for him in this industry with a personality like that and seeing how far he has come makes me respect him more. I also find it extremely cute ^u^
Last but not least, in a world that women are the ones who are taken responsible for the sexual matters either regarding themselves or even men, I think he shows an extraordinary type of “manliness” and takes the responsibility of his own chastity! It makes me so happy that he thinks like that not only becuz I’m on the same page with him but also becuz it shows his strong determination! And don’t you think the fact that he canalizes this into making something creative (and perverted) is just so damn cool? :D

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Hey, I almost didn't go anon, but most everyone I follow + who follow me are very anti-terf and pro-trans mvmnt. I have always blindly thought that way too, thinking that it was the decent thing. But, after reading through your blog, I'm finding I agree with a lot of it. It's a little frightening how empowered I feel as a woman and how much I want to know more about rad fem. the overwhelming pc culture is getting old and oppressive. Would you mind filling me in on key concepts/vocab of rad fem?

Hi there. I’m glad that this blog is helping you find your way to radical feminism. To many women, radical feminism is a huge eye-opener: it tears down the ideological veil that has blinded us since we were little. We come to realize a lot of truths - to me it was that men don’t have to be cruel, narcissistic, or sexually entitled, that nature did not make them this way, and that we don’t just have to accept it and submit. We can protest. Radical feminism is a teacher of discovering your boundaries and self-respect, of finding our worth in a world that tells us we have none, and of saying something as controversial as “no” to men. It is a school of thought that absolutely terrifies men, because it teaches women we are strong and complete without them - which is why men, and the men within the transmovement, fight so hard against us. It is the epitome of counter-culture, hence the hate we face, from men and women both.

Anyway, let me sum up just a few quick radical feminist concepts and topics:

- Gender as a construct (femininity/masculinity) vs essentialism.
- Female sex and female sexuality as the basis of patriarchal oppression.
- Class analysis/women as a group/class/caste vs. liberal “feminism” with focus on the individual.
- Sex critical (often known as “sex negative”) vs sex “positive”. Meaning we scrutinize and analyze everything - “The personal is political”. An example would be our criticism of BDSM culture and the idea of “consent”.
- Being anti-prostitution and anti-porn: we see both as fundamentally misogynistic. Hence why we are often called “SWERF”s.

There are a myriad of topics to explore, honestly. It’s a bit difficult to name it all on the top of my head, but I’m hoping other radfems can contribute with ideas, resources, or other. You are welcome to write me if you have questions or would like to discuss, etc. Especially if you ever feel alone in the land of transmania ;).

Here are some links suggested by other radfem bloggers:

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Two laid back and horny guys who enjoy sex with a hairy third as a fun hobby.

I lately discovered we both get off on boyfriend showing off to me with a sexy guy, being a total slut. He loves it and it drives me crazy!

When the world sees only respectability in men wearing suits, I see only slutty gay sex. And Gay Suits You!

Perhaps as I am in Scotland surrounded by stunning hot ginger men? Whatever it is, ginger guys drive me crazy with lust and so I honour them here.

There is NOTHING that drives my more crazy than that very hairy line of hair from his tits all the way down his belly and into his bush, literally a trail, leading to the man treasure of his hot hard cock.

CMNM fun! the thrill of men stripping totally nude in front of me, especially if I stay fully clothed, revelling in their naked humiliation or exhibitionist fetishes, watching them abuse themselves, showing themselves off to me or just enjoying naturist fun with fellow nudists; enjoy my celebration of One Guy Naked

One of my deepest sexual thrills is to share long intimate sessions of wanking with another guy or group. This celebrates the buzz of this with images of men somewhere in that process of exposing themselves to another man, sharing their body, stripping, posing, touching themselves, groping their flesh, stroking and tugging on their thick hard meaty cock, sharing the sheer joy to just watch and Wank With You.

Dear media,

I’m a One Direction fan.  And I’m very proud of that.  Of course there is no denying that these boys are attractive.  It’s the entertainment industry, it’s pretty hard to be successful (let alone a part of the world’s biggest band) if you aren’t attractive.  But the 4 boys of One Direction are so much more than that.  They are human beings and deserve to be treated, and seen, as such.

Let’s start with Harry, who you constantly refer to as the “frontman” although this fandom would pretty much say that this band has no frontman.  Harry is an incredibly kind-hearted person.  He’s not the womanizer you make him out to be and he is so much more than the guy with beautiful long hair.  He bought pizzas for the homeless, calms down fans when they are having actual panic attacks, and has spoken out regarding equality, animal rights, and feminism.  He is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter with stage presence that many entertainers would kill to have.

Then there’s Liam.  Liam who is so much more than the “loved-up puppy” who is always the one being interviewed.  Not only does he have an absolutely amazing voice and writes wonderful songs, he is a genuine sweetheart.  He’s involved in multiple charity organizations such as Trekstock and Unicef.  He is always there to help this fandom feel better when times get tough.  He never lets us forget how special each of us are.  He has a fantastic sense of humor and isn’t afraid to be himself and be honest with his fans.

Next we have Louis, who you really seem to care about a lot recently.  Despite whatever personal drama there is that you choose to focus on, there is SO much more to this guy.  He is involved with more charities than I can name off the top of my head.  He stands up for himself and those he cares about.  He writes so many incredible songs and has such a unique and fantastic voice.  He makes every show so much fun for the audience and is so proud to be a part of this band.  He is always telling the fandom how grateful he is.  He is a businessman who wants to give aspiring musicians a chance.

Lastly we have Niall, one of the most genuine celebrities you will ever see.  He’s remained so humble despite all of his success and constantly seems amazed that this is his job, even after 5 years.  He is an amazing singer, songwriter, and guitarist.  He loves golf, he loves his friends, he loves his fans, and he loves being a part of this band.  He has participated in multiple charity events for causes relating to Autism.  He’s more than just the cute, blonde, Irish one.  He’s the guy who you really want to be friends with because of how absolutely lovely he is.

These guys started off as boys but now they are men.  They are adult males in the entertainment world and they deserve to be treated with respect.  Don’t touch them because you think it’s funny or cute.  Stop constantly asking them “what they look for in a girl” because you aren’t going to get some groundbreaking answer.  Start treating them like musicians.  Start treating them like artists.  They work so hard and have been through so much, and have provided many, many stories for you to cover.  Treat them with the respect that they deserve.


A fan who respects, appreciates, and supports this band and it’s members after their music helped them through a very rough time.

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Two laid back and horny guys who enjoy sex with a hairy third as a fun hobby.

I lately discovered we both get off on boyfriend showing off to me with a sexy guy, being a total slut. He loves it and it drives me crazy!

When the world sees only respectability in men wearing suits, I see only slutty gay sex. And gay suits you!

Perhaps as I’m in Scotland surrounded by stunning hot ginger men? Whatever it is, ginger guys drive me crazy with lust and so I honour them here.

There is NOTHING that drives my more crazy than that very hairy line of hair from his tits all the way down his belly and into his bush, literally a trail, leading to the man treasure of his hot hard cock.

CMNM fun! the thrill of men stripping totally nude in front of me, especially if I stay fully clothed, revelling in their naked humiliation or exhibitionist fetishes, watching them abuse themselves, showing themselves off to me or just enjoying naturist fun with fellow nudists… enjoy my celebration of One Guy Naked

One of my deepest sexual thrills is to share long intimate sessions of wanking with another guy or group. This celebrates the buzz of this with images of men somewhere in that process of exposing themselves to another man, sharing their body, stripping, posing, touching themselves, groping their flesh, stroking and tugging on their thick hard meaty cock, sharing the sheer joy of just watching and wanking with you.

anonymous asked:

i hate to be the one who kicks the hornets nest here because i dont condone changing the sexualities of characters but a lot of people in the fandom seem so eager to change hetero established character to bi and get all agitated when changed from homo to bi which is very hypocritical, that post targeted men as the primary offenders when I've seen bi mods for steve also

Bi mods for Steve are as wrong as bi mods for Samantha.
This is a personal opinion and I’m a bit scared to reply to you considering how angry people get about this.
So just to be sure we understand each other: do what you want in your games and add all the mods you want, I’m just telling you what I personally think about this. And I apologize in advance if my English is terrible.

The way I see it, gays and lesbians constantly have to fight to get basic rights and to be safe in the country they’re in. They’re judged and sometimes hated for their sexuality. Conversion therapy exists. In some countries, it’s illegal to be gay.
It seems to me that this is something that wouldn’t happen to heterosexuals. Not in modern society.
So while I know this is just a game, and ultimately people will do whatever they want, I don’t like when people have a lesbian or a gay man be bisexual.

I also believe that when you have a heterosexual be bi in a mod, you aren’t enforcing an irl situation.
You’re taking a well respected sexuality in our modern society and adding the possibility for the character to have a homosexual relationship (a less respected sexuality). That’s it.
The way I see it, bi mods in those cases are there because we don’t get enough LGBT characters in fiction so people need and are looking for representation.
Heterosexuality is still the main sexuality irl and those bi mods for heterosexual characters aren’t going to strengthen/reflect irl situations.
Ask yourself: how harmful is it that people are looking for a same-sex romance with a character? Knowing that, unless they mod it, they’re not going to get it because the option isn’t there? People who want heterosexual characters and romances will automatically get it… The rare times they don’t get it is when you have a gay character.

That’s why turning a gay character into a bi character is basically saying: “I don’t like that this character is 100% gay, I want them to have an heterosexual relationship. I can get heterosexual relationships all the time but I still want one for that one character who isn’t heterosexual.”
I mean, it’s called a “bi mod” but I don’t think it is about bisexuality. It’s about heterosexuality and it’s very much based on our society and how we see homosexuality in real life.
The proof of that is that lesbians constantly have to turn down men and explain they aren’t waiting to meet the right guy that will make them heterosexual again. They really love and want women, not men. This is something that men can’t accept sometimes (and it has terrible consequences). 
Why is it so hard to respect their sexuality?

If you use a bi mod for a gay man, you’re saying you want your female character to romance him. And to be fair, it’s not always comfortable for everyone to play as a male character but it still leaves me with a bad feeling and questioning the motive to do something like this. Probably because of the conversion therapy thing, and the fact that gay men have to hide that they’re gays. It’s happening right now in the world. They have to pretend to date women so they’re left alone or can get the job they want. It’s worse than that sometimes, it’s a matter of survival. They could be killed.

That’s my context. So while this is only a game, we can’t escape our identity irl and in fandom. What matters to us in real life will end up mattering in fandom.
I don’t think it makes me hypocritical. But to really analyze my feelings about this: I’m the first to say we should let people do whatever they want when they play, but I have opinions. I can’t help it. And my opinion is that it can become harmful when people start defending and promoting the bi mods for gay characters. That’s when I can say: I don’t like it.
In the end, you’re welcome to disagree. This is only a personal opinion.

If you want total freedom, liberty, and justice. Why do we look to a two party system? A system that has been corrupt since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 by demonic, filthy rich money hungry men with only one purpose. More money and power. A system that has single handily ruin this world for love of greed. Total freedom means, individual (<—- Notice that word INDIVIDUAL liberty, meaning why the FUCK is our president bring up women’s rights, gay rights, racial issues? Its already stated in the constitution that the individual is protected BECAUSE we are a republic. There is no debate. You are the president of the free world. Do you job and enforce the law. Stop dividing us. Stop trying to distract us from your WAR, DEBT SLAVERY, AND TOTALITARIANISM.) liberty, a free market economy backed by GOLD, cognitive liberty, and the full pursuit for happiness. You should be able to marry who you want, live where you wish, consume what you will, and respect yourself enough to not obviously live off the system. A system that sucks money from hard working people and keeps a LARGE chunk of it in its pocket. The middle class is dying. Politicians do not know what its like to kill themselves to live. Congress men become politicians because they gave in and sold their soul for money. This is obvious when there is NO TERM LIMITS in the house of representatives, people literally falling asleep during speeches, about to die, and so out of touch with how to help not only America, but the fucking world. What happened to the country that was built out of spite of a tyrannical country? History only repeats itself when you have not learned your lesson the first time right? Have we not learned our lesson? From the military industrial complex, to the economic collapse that is about to happen, the prison industrial complex, the drug war, the hunt for oil, Monsanto’s GMOS taking over the world, the ever so high security in this country for our “protection”, THE WAR, to the awful education system in this country. (I don’t dislike learning, I dislike how we are taught.) The whole system is fucked. Only few see it and the majority cheer it on. Free everyone… liberate fully everywhere. Listen to the politicians who stand against this system. Who blatantly aren’t friends with big corporations or lobbyists. Who are just as broke as you are and want to make a difference. Listen to the Doctors, the teachers, and the ones who don’t have the media in their pockets. Give them a chance because they’re about to be our only hope…

Stay woke.

-Scattered Aesthetics

Serious question.

Here’s a serious question for a serious moment in the last movie about Superman and Batman, or, as DC/WB loves to call it, “Batman and the rest”:

You are Wonder Woman. In fact you’ve been Wonder Woman, a fierce Amazon, for the last 5000 years and dealt with all, and I mean ALL, kinds of men and you fought hard to gain respect for the women of the World. So, you’re Wonder Woman in civvies, at a luxurious party, all dressed up and shit, and a guy, any guy, firmly grabs your arm, as if you were his possession to claim or you are a criminal and he does not want you to escape, right?

My question is, and remember you are Princess Diana of Themyscira, would you allow him to keep using that hand in the future? Even that arm, for what it matters?

Oh, you wouldn’t. That’s what I though.

eldionialberto  asked:

You're certain that Stannis will not get the throne. But do you think he will survive?

It’s a tall order. The visions he sees in the flames paint him as a man whose crown will consume him, turning him to ash. While it’s possible it could mean Viserys, I’m pretty sure it’s Stannis, seeing that the crown will scorch him body and soul, yet his personality means that he cannot run from duty despite that he foresees as his inevitable fate. As far as he’s seen, the flame visions come true, as he sees with Renly’s predicted death and the speeches he gives testify to genuine belief in Rh’llor’s magic, even if his only god is duty.

He needs to survive the Battle of the Ice, the campaign with the Others, and Daenerys’s campaign. The first looks survivable, the others are less so. I don’t think, however, that Daenerys and Stannis will come to blows in the North. Whether Stannis is dead and done already is irrelevant, I don’t believe Daenerys is going north without some understanding of what awaits beyond the Wall, and all other matters are less important when it comes to omnicidal ice faeries and their zombie army. However, we can’t possibly guess whether he’ll survive on Watsonian grounds, since there’s no telling how the plot against the Others will shape up. So, we must examine the narrative itself.

Stannis’s arc, as I see it, is ultimately a tragedy. His first adult act was to hold his castle for his brother and safeguard Renly from harm’s way, and he’s repaid with his brother attempting to steal his crown. He understands the existential threat to living creatures in a way that few other characters in the story do, which is why it is not an error to describe Stannis as “a righteous man,” yet he is named kinslayer, that most vile and accursed of terms in Westerosi culture. He respects the heavy price that a crown exacts from the monarch, yet never sits the Iron Throne despite the honor and weight he gives to the position. He’s not Azor Ahai, and he will pay the terrible prices that he believes he has to do under that mistaken mantle, all because a king must protect his realm, and if he has to be Azor Ahai to protect it, so be it. When it turns out he isn’t, all of his sacrifices become pointless and the Aristotelian tragic hero is fully realized: the man who causes his downfall because of an error in judgment. He’s even screwed over by the narrative, because for all the effort he devotes, he’s doomed never to succeed, since he is ultimately a secondary character and not one of the mythical chosen ones of prophecy. He knows that his story will consume him wholly, but he must do so because a king must protect his realm no matter how hard it is, no matter how much it takes from him.

So no, I don’t think he’ll survive. He’ll go down swinging trying to save a world that despises him, because that’s what a king is supposed to do. His philosophy on justice even among his own men, his anti-corruption stance, his meritocratic raising of Davos Seaworth, his emphasis on the social contract of kings, his respect for his own obligations, all of these things make Stannis the king. But his willingness to save the world no matter how it scours him makes Stannis a hero. And it is his story that gives us cause to mourn this hero and king, who never had a chance but kept going anyway.

Thanks for the question, dasg

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

Don’t hate people for things they can’t change. Like dammit why is this so hard to grasp.

You guys go on and on about how the world needs to respect/love women, lesbians, trans people, etc. And that’s great! We do need to respect them! But then in the same breath y'all turn around and declare that you hate all men, white people, etc. And that heterosexual people are dumb, that cis people are boring.

What??? Where did all the love go???

Then there’s the group ideology issue. Don’t hate all Muslims, got it. Just because some are violent and hateful and shit doesn’t mean all are. Good concept!

Then here comes the hate wave! ALL Christians and Republicans are bad. Are some hateful? Sure, some of every group are. But how dare you preach love and acceptance then turn around and declare that over 50% of the country is complete garbage? It’s not a hard concept to grasp. Plenty of Christians and Republicans are wonderful people, just like how plenty of Muslims are.

This isn’t even a strawman issue. Some good friends of mine have all this hatred seeping onto their blogs.


You’re not trendy, you’re not helping the world be just, you’re being gross and hateful. That’s one thing I’m not going to back down on.

It’s perfectly fine to hate racism and homophobia. It is NOT perfectly fine to declare everyone with a European parent trash and everyone who’s Christian awful.

How is this a difficult concept to grasp???

Why is this site so hateful??

I mean, I get it. Half of you are in your teenage rebellion stage where you declare your repulsion to everything your parents liked. A lot of you have had bad encounters with people before, maybe you’re gay and a classmate was cruel to you or you’re Hispanic and were denied employment. I realize that a lot of you are frustrated, whether it’s with the system or with your momey failures or your personal history of abuse or anything. Being upset at wrongs is fine. I get that.

But that doesn’t make it okay to release your anger by taking it out on innocent people.

And don’t you dare fill up my inbox with “UMM SWEETIE NO WHITES ARE INNOCENT???” and “You’re probably a cis man aren’t you” and “OH so you’re saying you hate blacks and think we should love nazis???”.

I’m not racist, homophobe, or anything like that. I’m just someone who thinks we’d have a much better time if you guys got over this trademark hatred.

You still don’t like my words? Fine. It’s not like MLK and Jesus and a slew of other beloved figures say the exact same thing.

Maybe try it out. Instead of looking at the world as an awful enemy, try loving people. I guarantee you’ll be happier.

GANG RAPE. (Abrasive to read?)

I am a young asian woman, lucky enough to live in the west. I tread the line of fire as I use the adjective “Lucky” here. I know that. It looks like I am a westernized asian woman turning my back on my heritage. But I wonder, is it perhaps our heritage that turned its back on us? I can hand on heart declare that India is one of the most beautiful and with no exaggeration here, magical places in the world. It holds an unmatched vibrancy, history, spirituality and scenery. As such a sight to behold it doesn’t surprise me to see travellers in the hundreds of thousands flock there to ingest the culture. But buried beneath all of this light is a tremendous darkness that is at long last making its way to the surface. It’s so distressing, it’s becoming hard to breathe in the wake of cities within India being deemed by other countries as “The rape capital of the world.”

I consider myself lucky to live in a world that recognizes and respects the necessity of treating women like equals (to some degree). While there is still a fair amount of abhorrent sexual violence towards women (and men) here, there is more of a regard towards consequence. Women are more cared for and protected here. There are explicit adverts here to teach us not to get into unlicensed minicabs, there are self protection classes, rape alarms, there is a sense of tragedy and shame around the concept of sexual assault here. It is an act considered so vile that the mere mention of it here can turn a woman or indeed a man’s stomach. We have numerous hotlines, helplines and services at our fingertips to get to aid. We are nurtured and counseled and people of all sexes are educated about the severity of the situation. As a young woman who is born of the east, I can say, while the spark of revolution has been faintly lit, respect for our women is so far from the reality where I am from, that it can rob you of your ability to think straight.

How is it possible that in 2014, in a world capable of such progress, that something such as even the most basic form of equality is still so hard to master? How do men teach their sons and each other that women are so lesser that they are held in society as little more than a hole, a punching bag, and a commodity.

Yesterday in a newspaper, I read this:

“The religious feelings of people need to be respected and therefore saving the cow is one of the top priorities of the government,” Nagendra Singh, the state public welfare minister, told the paper.”

Please do not misunderstand me here and think I am in any way shape or form disrespecting the importance of The Cow to Indian people. The sacred worship and love of any being can only be held in highest regard as far as I am concerned. Only it burns to have to swallow the fact that it is not apparent that a regard anywhere NEAR this is given to women within this culture. We are the mothers of the sons who commit these crimes. We provide life. Nurture. We are equally imperative to the future of mankind. We have the same minds. The same rights. The same hopes and fears. We are built for survival, not for the “use” of men. It is insane to me that it is commonplace for a woman to be raped on a moving bus in the middle of the day. It is insane to me that to wear jeans, a typically western clothing item, is to court sexual harassment, it is insane to me that it is an everyday part of life, borderline an assumption that young women, be it indiginous or tourist, have to constantly bat off the unwanted and unwarranted physical sexual advances of men in the street, on transport, in restaurants and in their schools. My mind is blown that you are not taught in school that you need permission to lay your fingers upon another human being. Another creation of the God you so highly regard.

How is gang rape something that exists within any culture whatsoever? How do men watch other men terrorize, violate and traumatise a woman and then go on to mimic the action? When I read this morning that less than a month ago in India, a 16 year old was gang raped twice by the same gang, the second time because she had reported the first crime, and then found mysteriously burned to death, I felt sick. But not so sick as when I read that in that same week it was reported that a group of young men in India, found a girl, distressed on a road side having just been gang raped, and they proceeded to gang rape her themselves. And it took the death of a 23 year old girl raped and beaten to death in the middle of the day on a bus home, for the world to take notice of this ageless crime, for young women to even have to gall to report these crimes?

How long has this been going on? Forever I can tell you. Of course women being allowed to walk the streets freely and at all times because of the ground breaking revolution allowing them to go to school and work, means they are easier prey than before, when it was once custom to be escorted everywhere by men… so it is perhaps a growing crime. Also there was once more shame around pre marital sex, even for men, which I believe is on the wane, as more and more seemingly have no problem helping themselves to vulnerable women.

It is all the perils of one singular evil. A lack of appropriate education in the basics of humanity.

Young boys do not grow up with the rape gene. We are not predisposed to hurt and traumatise one another. It is taught. It is tolerated. It is encouraged from somewhere. It is not an Asian trait to attack women. It is a lesson ingrained in the people, soaked in the blood and the hope of women everywhere. The simple fight of nurture versus nature. It starts with the parents, the workplaces, the religious groups, the elders and in my opinion, most importantly, the schools. In the same way an entire enormous country has been taught to respect and cherish an animal, they can be taught to do the same for one half of the damn population.

Putting everyone in jail for 20 years, when there is little money for a strong legal system, never mind enough jail space and staff to house such a wealth of criminals, means that it is very possible legal systems will at times fail to prosecute out of desperation to not have the jail structures burst their banks. What do you do? You lock up a bunch of rapists together for two decades and they do god knows what to each other in those prisons and still the tiniest percentage has learned little more than, “don’t get caught.” Or do you turn the crime into a moral prison sentence, one that can never fully be served… an emotional jail sentence. Do you stop the cause rather than the effect. Do we start a movement to teach young men to abhor and prevent this happening to their sisters, mothers, wives and friends? Rather than egging each other on and hunting in packs, can we see a movement of men stopping one another, questioning one another, and getting in the way?

While I am so relieved to know a legal system is in place and growing in severity, it is not the means to an end. The men I personally know in this country do not stop themselves from partaking in non consented sex with a person out of fear of punishment, but because they consider the act disgusting and terrifying. Us westerners have been capable of some of the worst crimes against humanity known to man, including slavery and tremendous mistreatment of women… even we are evolving. We are no more advanced in our ability to change than those in the east. We are just educated. All people have the astonishing capacity for change.

The time is well overdue. The indian people will only suffer. Tourism will decline shortly enough. The movement has started. They can no longer silence the people. The money will stop coming in from travel. The already devastating poverty will rise. They are only robbing themselves. We have to step in with compassion in order to teach compassion. An iron fist is a temporary fix only.

I am heartbroken to say that in spite of what I am missing out on culturally and spiritually that I am loathe to put my foot upon that soil as it is sodden with the blood and tears of women everywhere. It is sickening that in this day and age, a woman’s right to step out of her house unscathed is privilege and not a right.

We gasp in horror but we do nothing. It’s a circus to us. A distant nightmare so foreign to us we feel we need not engage.

Men need to step in and help. We need pioneers for change to teach the next generations the truth which they are starved of. This is not a case of men fighting for women. This is men fighting for human beings. We are as one. We are the future. We are important. We are in crisis.

We need a voice. Male Celebrities, Sportsmen, Politicians, Religious leaders, anyone with influence has to speak up and smear the deserved shame over the act of laying your unwanted hands upon a woman.

In america it took White leaders to accept the movement of the black community in order to create real and effective change. It is infurtiating, but it is something that needs to be changed in house. Men need to take responsibility for the acts of other men, step in and damn well do something. Don’t just stand there and tut from a distance. Speak. Teach. Move.

We need your help. It is embarrassing on your part that we even have to ask.

„Naruto… don’t be picky. Eats lot and grow strong. Make sure you bathe every day and stay warm. Also don’t stay up late. You need lots of sleep. And make friends. You don’t need a lot of friends. Just a few… Ones you can really, really trust. I wasn’t very good at it, but keep up with your studies and practice your ninjutsu hard. Remeber that everyone has strenghts and weaknesses. So don’t get too depressed if you can’t do something well. Respect your teachers and upperclassmen at the Academy. Oh, and this is important. It’s about the Three Prohibitions for a shinobi: be extra careful about lending and borrowing money. Put your mission wages into your savings account. No alcohol until you’re twenty. Too much can ruin your health, so drink in moderation. Another Prohibition is women. I’m a woman, so I don’t know too much about yhis but all you need to remeber is that this world is made up of men and women  so it’s only natural to take an interest in girls… but just don’t get hooked on bad women. Find someone just like me. Speaking of the Three Prohibitions, be wary of Jiraiya Sensei, dattebane. Naruto, from now on, you’re going to face lots of pain and hardship. Be true to yourself. Have a dream and have the confidence to make that dream come true! There’s do much.. oh , so much more that I want o pass on to you.  I wish I could stay with you longer. I love you”


I don’t watch a ton of web series, but this one (which deals with the truth of how teachers really live) is just incredibly beautiful and compelling so far. 

It makes me think back on my favorite teachers in high school, and how I knew that they worked hard but didn’t know they worked almost superhumanly hard. All the respect in the world for these men and women. Y’all are on my list of heroes. 

PS - So, who was your favorite teacher?

There are two ways in which guys think about girls: 

  1. The selfish way: “I want her for myself” “She doesn’t like me!?!” “I’ve been friend-zoned!  I can’t have that.” “She’s so hot” “How do I look in front of her?” “She’s got a boyfriend?  Not interested in her at all.” “She’s kind of ugly.” “I would never date that.” “She needs to lose weight.” “She needs to gain weight.                 
  2. The Christ centered way: "She is a dear sister in Christ, I want to see the best in her and be the best example of Christ for her.” “She is dear and cherished and loved.” “How can I best be a humble gentleman to her?” “She is seen as valued by Christ, so I see her as valuable.” “How can I be praying for her?” “What’s her heart like?” “How can I serve her well?” “What words will bring healing to her?”

The heart of a Godly Gentleman is one of humbleness, healing and leadership.  Speak out against those who say such terrible things about your sisters, stand up for the truth of Christ.  See each person as Christ does, make a stance against what your selfish heart might think, and gain a new identity within Christ.

Ladies; It’s important to look for the men in your life who treat you with respect, love and patience.  They are rare, they are out there, but they do not seek attention, so be mindful of that.  Make sure you are treating your brothers in Christ well, for they are also the Imago Dei. 

It’s hard to be a gentleman in these times, but we are not called to be of the world, for we have a higher calling, to be stewards to what God has seen as beautiful and worthy of respect and honor.

Be kind, be of a sound mind that is attentive to the voice of God.  Look each person in the eye, give your time to those who you normally would never give it to.  Let’s make each place that we’re at better, because it will reflect the goodness of Christ in you.


Woso players & their male comparison

Becky Sauerbrunn - Philipp Lahm

The gist:

The highest of soccer IQ’s. Tacticians who are one step ahead of the opponents.

Longer reason:

In any sport it is hard to get attention when you play for the defense. In soccer, no player will ever get as much attention as the much flashier goal scorers of the game, even if they only end up touching the ball a handful of times per game.

In Bayern Munich, you will hear about Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery, Lewandowski, and Müller before you hear about their captain and leader Philipp Lahm. In USWNT the spotlight early on in the entire World Cup tournament was on the likes of Wambach and Morgan, who combined for a less than stellar 2 goals in the entire tournament, despite the defense being the reason they won many of their games. In a world where it’s not just about who scored the goals, Becky Sauerbrunn would be the no brainer for MVP of the team and Ballon D’or finalist. That’s fine, it is what it is.

While both players certainly have the respect of their peers, maybe the fact that they’re so good is why people don’t notice just how good they are. Because they never have a mistake they have to clean, never a fire they have to put out. People notice Rampone when she shows her speed while having to make up ground on an opponent who’s beaten her. With Sauerbrunn, the opponent never had a chance because Sauerbrunn never gave her a chance. While you may not be aware of Broon during the game, you will certainly notice her absence. (*COUGH COUGH*)

Okay, yes, I will admit, Broon has put out fires. For her teammates. 

The same is said for Philipp Lahm. There may be no more consistent player over the last 10 years than the Munich right back, who spent all of last season being a defensive midfielder. Lahm locks down his side of the field so much that if you go search for gifs of him, you’d be hard pressed to find any of actual gameplay. Because, quite frankly, it’s not as exciting to see a guy who has so little problems to deal with on the pitch. 

While the Ballon D’or has not been won by a defensive player since Fabio Cannavaro in 2006 (& he is only the 3rd to do so), for Sauerbrunn and Lahm it seems suffice to know that they’re respected by the men and women on the pitch with them. A World Cup medal doesn’t hurt either. 

anonymous asked:

Judging from your last post you are team Michael (jtv), but I was just wondering, why do you prefer him over Rafael, just wondering because I'm still a bit undecided???but leaning more towards Michael as well.

Oh, yeah, okay so to be honest I genuinely went back and forth between Michael and Raphael through all of the first season. And I think a part of that is a huge testament to the writers because they made me love Jane and Michael, then Jane and Raphael, and then just completely turn around and realize that Jane and Michael are soulmates. And a huge part of that was me, as a viewer, reading what Jane wanted and just wanting her to be happy. But all this time, I never felt anger or bitterness towards the other side. I always saw the reasons as to why she should be with both men. 

I just think that the writing on this show is absolutely amazing and they take you where they want you to go with their characters. They take you there. They’re amazing. Basically, I started shipping Jane and Michael hard towards the end of s1. I don’t even think I realized it, but then I was reading an article where the cast were saying who they wanted her to end up with and almost everyone said Michael and I found myself cheering happily.  

So, why do I prefer Michael to Raphael? 

  • He respects Jane above everything else in the world. 
  • He understands her goals and dreams and wants to protect them and care for them. 
  • Michael also understands that Jane has to work for things,and he supports that too. He wants her dreams to come true but he also understands that the world is a real place.
  • He’s her best friend
  • They have such a strong history.
  • He knows her better than anybody in the world except for her mom. Seriously. The show makes it a point to prove over and over and over again that he knows her better than anyone. 
  • HER MOM SHIPS THEM. Xo knows what’s up. 
  • Also, Rogelio. Michael takes the time to get to know him and build a bromance. They love each other. He’s so kind and patient and respectful.
  • Seriously, though, he loves her so selflessly? 
  • He saved Abuela from being deported and he asked Jane’s mom not to say anything because he didn’t want Jane to think he did it to get her back. He did it because he just wants her happy and genuinely loves her family. 
  • He had a plan written out to see how long it would take for him to save up for an engagement ring for her. Friiiiick! 
  • GAAAH everything he does is to protect Jane and make Jane happy. 
  • It is his main motivation in life. 
  • He grew so much. The fact that I actively didn’t want them together and now I do is so telling. 
  • Michael almost sacrifices his job to save Mateo, and then goes back and keeps doing his job so that he can protect Mateo/Jane. FRICK. 
  • I want them together because Jane really wants them together. She clearly does.  
  • HE’S SO GOOD WITH THE BABY, it’s a miracle. 
  • The choice between Michael and Raphael is ultimately friendship versus passion. And Jane has both with both of them, but the fantasy of Raphael always overpowered the reality of Michael. Now that Jane knows what it’s like to be without Michael, her passion for him is bigger than it’s ever been. And still, they’re best friends. 
  • I’m crying. It’s fine. 

parasailin-sarahpalin  asked:

You couldn't have explained comic gate in a more condescending and obnoxious way. Congrats on making even points about free speech sound hateful by painting valid points by triggered people sound nothing but angry emotional bullshit. "Art is supposed to evoke feelings and discussion– even unpleasant– that’s the contribution of art in life. " it takes a special kind of talent to make that sound like worthless vitriol. In an industry that already loves disempowering women, this cover not only[1/2]

seems forced, but the reaction it brings out from the fans doesn’t just hinder the industry’s progress into becoming more inclusive of marginalized comic book admirers, instead it makes it seem absolutely reactionary, repulsive, and toxic. I wouldn’t say I loved your blog, but I’ve been following you for a while, and now someone’s turned on the light and I now see the fresh hell that is turned out to be. So, have fun with your opinions, it’s yours, but I can definitely live without it. [2/2]


Ah, yes, I was waiting for someone like you to come around after I posted my thoughts. Kinda like John Marston: it was only a matter of time.

Now, you may not be familiar with how I work. I take your statements and progressively break down the foundational structures that seem to lend it sense. In the end, you will sound a far greater gibbering idiot, than I am. So *cracks knuckles* let’s get started, shall we?

You couldn’t have explained comic gate in a more condescending and obnoxious way. Congrats on making even points about free speech sound hateful by painting valid points by triggered people sound nothing but angry emotional bullshit.

You’re welcome. But seriously, I don’t think I ever called out on the points of so-called “triggered” people as “angry emotional bullshit.” I clarified the point of the cover: to unsettle, to horrify, to tell people that the Joker is evil, and to elicit reactions along the lines of “Oh my god Babs.” But since you’re on the subject, let’s get to it:

“So you’re offended? Who cares?”

Life Lesson #23545: You and people will be offended by many things in this world and this tiny comic book variant cover, will just be one of them. This comic did not intend on offending you. There is no conspiracy to hold back women by portraying them in dangerous situations anymore than rape jokes cause rape. So what do you do when you get offended? You grow a pair (heh), and move on.

And please, don’t claim to speak for the “triggered” people like another white knight. You’re just making up this group in your head of “triggered” people. If it were not the case, (and citing a user from the CBR forums) then why aren’t we hearing from elderly people getting offended when Alfred’s hands were cut off during the “Batman: Endgame” story? Oh that’s right: They don’t care.

“Art is supposed to evoke feelings and discussion– even unpleasant– that’s the contribution of art in life. ” it takes a special kind of talent to make that sound like worthless vitriol.

I would have taken you more seriously if you went over my responses in detail. Except you targeted one single statement out of context from all the others, and dismissed it as “worthless vitriol”. Do you even know what “vitriol” means? It’s an “abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will” I don’t know how you can see vitriol in how I described the function and contribution of art.

In an industry that already loves disempowering women…

“Loves disempowering women”? As I remember, mainstream comic’s 50+ history has mainly been about punching stuff to solve problems. Women characters have been just as participative in this punching. Or are you talking about the costumes or entry into the industry? Because again, as I remember, women have claimed these costumes and even cosplayed with them and they are none the worse for wear (except maybe having to deal with a pervert or two). And entry into the industry? It’s really all about hard-work and luck. Inb4 you cite the pay gap myth, I’m way ahead of you on the curve.

this cover not only seems forced, but the reaction it brings out from the fans

Which fans are you talking about? You probably aren’t talking about the entirety of the fan-base, since there are people who loved that cover, and how it brings to mind the history of Babs and how she became the very awesome Oracle. It’s also powerful in reinforcing the magnitude of evil the Joker represents. If you’re gonna find some content regarding rape or even anything sexual in the cover, that’s not my problem. That’s you and your knee-jerk reaction from being trained to think of it as rape on first glance.

Also, this cover is not forced. This cover is part of “Joker’s Month” where Joker is in a position of power over the titled character in the comic book. When it came to Batgirl, a way to represent that would be the iconic story itself, the Killing Joke. If you gonna complain about that, then you might as well complain about the Joker Variant for Wonder Woman.

doesn’t just hinder the industry’s progress into becoming more inclusive of marginalized comic book admirers, instead it makes it seem absolutely reactionary, repulsive, and toxic.

“Marginalized comic book admirers”. You speak of being marginalized as if you’re the most oppressed group of people in the world, assuming the group is women, when men have it hard as well as people in developing countries and gay men and women. What makes you so special? What is so important and different in you that they have to give you special treatment by stopping the story they want to tell, which, spoiler-alert, ends with Batgirl being victorious anyway?

Why did you choose “admirers” instead of “readers”? To admire is to regard with respect or wonder. There is no content about reading. Does that mean you’re not a reader? Then why are you complaining about something you don’t know about, something you haven’t understood adequately?

And of course you’ll say that it “seems absolutely reactionary, repulsive, and toxic.” Adding a “seems” reveals a person very unsure about what to feel about something, but does so anyway by labeling with the hope of escape when you turn out to be wrong.

  • Reactionary? Reaction to what? The effort of some mythical patriarchy to put you down?
  • Repulsive? Of course it is, what human being capable of emotion would find this wonderful or exciting? That’s the point. Do you want the Joker playing nice-nice with the Bat family? Then go read ‘Lil Gotham.
  • Toxic? It’s as toxic as anyone wants it to be and for SJWs and Feminists: Extremely toxic, misogynistic and offensive. But we can make that decision ourselves, we’re smart mature adults! We wouldn’t go setting-off alarms because we seem to think we know what’s best for everybody. We want you to think for yourselves… by telling you what to think.  

So what’s left of you? Nothing but a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. You complain but offer no solution. Unless your solution is censorship, unless your idea of inclusiveness is not portraying women in danger. Ah, but there’s the rub: You want more women in comics stories, and yet don’t want them in any danger. You want to claim an exemption, yet support equality. You want to talk about rape and violence, yet stop people when they do bring it up (If they even bring it up in the first place)

I wouldn’t say I loved your blog, but I’ve been following you for a while, and now someone’s turned on the light and I now see the fresh hell that is turned out to be. So, have fun with your opinions, it’s yours, but I can definitely live without it.

If you are leaving, then I hope you find blogs that share your beliefs. I always mourn the loss of followers, even ones I never got to meet. They signify potential new friendships.

I’ll be here, making good art and staying warm and cozy in this “fresh hell” that you claim it to be. It’s certainly better than the cold, sterile numb of a censored heaven where nothing ever happens, nothing ever grows and nothing ever changes because every new story somehow manages to offend someone and is promptly stamped out.

Let’s cap things off from Warren Ellis, master storyteller: