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“Your hands are empty,” you note in a level tone, palms flat against the arms of your throne.

a piece for @callmearcturus‘s jam fic, chamomile, rose water, and other unlikely intoxicants, i tried to do a weird gif thing

companion jake piece probably coming up later, provided this art block doesn’t continue to ruin my life

sousuke is jealous and actually crying inside because makoto spends more time looking at his figurine than him

NewGod!Tony Stark: 2nd version

American Gods crossover verse ( Original Post: HERE )

Fic Prompt:

Tony Stark is trying to handle all the problems with becoming a superhero and dealing with all these villains great and small. It doesn’t help that just as he’s getting used to being an Avenger, the whole group falls apart in the worst way. In the midst of tackling all this, the Fates decides to throw another thing his way and he wakes up with a whole new set of powers with no idea where he got them from. Also, his TV seems to be trying to engage him in a conversation.

Tony Stark is the new God of Tech.

Pairings: Gen, Frostiron or WinterIron.

Art Notes:

More realism studies with RDJ from the MCU movies. Bah…realism is so hard. OTL I just hope doing this really helps me improve when I don’t have a picture to follow.

You got it dude~!

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☆ Revali ☆

~ Revali had been wanting to take his s/o on Vah Medow for a while now, but they had been scared to go up there because of how high up it was. After a bit of convincing they finally agreed.

~ “Oh, come on~.” he teased “We’re already there, you can open your eyes now.” Being a Hylian, they weren’t used to flying and had their eyes closed the entire time. But once they opened them, they just stood there in awe, looking down as they passed over Hyrule. Forests that seemed endless before, mountains that once seemed unclimbable, they were flying way above them!

~ “I know, it’s amazing. That’s why I’m proud to be the champion of this beast, I feel like I rule the air from up here.” he said with a triumphant pose. He looked over his shoulder to see if they were listening (he’s such a cheeseball, he just wants their attention) but s/o remained silent as they looked over the land, trying to spot major landmarks from far away, they were in a trance from the view.

~ He took notice of how happy they looked and he chuckled. Seeing his s/o so joyful warmed his heart to the core and somehow he just knew he had fallen in love with them.

~ He would certainly be taking them back there again.

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☆ Teba ☆

~ The two of them were at the flight range for target practice, once they had finished they headed off to a small structure along the edge of the range to rest for a bit.

~ He looked over at his s/o as they sat fixing their bow on the platform beside him, their hair flowing in the updraft, they looked back at him and gave him a warm smile. He would start to think about how much they meant to him. About how when they were together, his world was at peace. About everything.

~ Why was his heart racing? What was it about this moment that made him feel this way? He realized he had fallen in love.

~ He would think to himself “What in Hylia’s name have I gotten myself into?”

~ Teba would make a promise to himself that day that he would never let anything happen to them.

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☆ Kass ☆

~ The two of them would be visiting Rito Stable, where he was practicing one of the songs that his late teacher had taught him long ago.

~ After a while of listening to him, his s/o would start to sing along with him.

~ Hearing the sound of his s/o’s sweet voice as he played his song practically made his heart melt and at that moment he just knew that he had truly fallen in love with them.

fic: how do you make it for real (zimbits, 1/5)

for @queersherlockian, the first chapter of my much-belated @fandomtrumpshateaction fic  this chapter is ~5k words, rated g, but there’s much more, and porn, to come.  also here on ao3.

Jack Zimmermann’s an adjunct history professor at Samwell University. Bitty works at Annie’s, at the start of what’s now his second year after graduation.

And they both want more than what they have. Not love, but a step up that ladder to professional success that sometimes seems hard to even find….

They’ll take love, though, if it comes.

Jack Zimmermann’s life is built from routines. People think that he’s boring, but he likes it, the way that each block of his day slots neatly into the next. He appreciates predictability, he hates to be left at loose ends, and even though he hasn’t played a game of hockey in years, he’ll probably live by the locker-room code of habit and superstition for the rest of his life.

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Get to know me meme: [4/5] male characters - Link (Legend of Zelda)

“But then, when all hope had died, and the hour of doom seemed at hand… a young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding the blade of evil’s bane, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light.”
Chilton 2.0 - BirchBow (chaoticTenebrism), LaughingStones - Motorcity [Archive of Our Own]
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Chilton 2.1

Mike blinks once, startled, and then bursts out laughing. “Me?!” he says, and shakes his head as Chuck gives him a slightly hurt look. “Chuckles, come on. I’m a cadet, what am I gonna do in a lab?”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you,” Chuck persists. “It’s a program–a cyborg enhancement program. Uh…a super-soldier. Program.”

Or: the story of how Mike became more than human, and then less, and then found a happy medium somewhere new.

((always love collab-fic with @rollerskatinglizard. :D  HERE’S SOME CYBORGS Y’ALL))  (Coupla bros bein’ bots)) ((Coupla bots bein’ dude))


Percico holding hands for the first time commission for @binyeum

Dating the Swim Team Captain does have its perks, doesn’t it, Nico? He’s so embarrassed. Percy’s goal is to make him flustered and happy at the same time and Nico wearing knee high Converse was something I never knew I needed. 



S: yeah, i mean, how can you like that edgelord version of me, honey. 


R: if ya ask me, most of them have pretty good taste… most. heh. or are ya stuck with seein’ all that red, bro?


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