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can you believe in the middle of all of this louis had the wherewithal to ask steve to record a song with him and he managed to write something uplifting and heartwarming in dedication of his mother? that he was able to pour his love into a song that he gets to sing, and that steve is right there for him even though as far as we know they only met this year. that they managed to keep this private and process in peace. that this is how he chose to honor her and that he’s allowing us to be part of it; that he’s gotten to choose what he’s sharing, and that this is what he’s sharing with us. 


Here some photos of our Hurtta trailing backpack harness. The L size is a little too big for Surma. I probably have to try the M size to see if the problems we have are simply because of the wrong size… I’m going to write about the harness later as I promised like months ago. I have just been to busy with life to actually try the harness out so I could see its benefits and all.

👁 Spell of Shattered Sight 👁

inspired by Once Upon A Time, a curse that makes a person only see the most ugly aspects of themselves and others around them

“[The Nordic King] was so devastated he decided his kingdom should share his pain. So he spent years harnessing dark magic, used it on the mirror and cast a spell over his entire kingdom. It made his subjects see only the worst in the ones they loved. And they turned on each other, destroying themselves.”

👁 gather: a mirror, something to write on glass, a taglock, rose petals, a candle, a fire-safe surface, and a cloth.

👁 on the mirror, draw an eye. 

👁  add sigils for specific things you want the person to notice.

👁 place the taglock on top of the mirror. 

👁 burn the rose petals to ash.

👁 scatter the cooled ash over the mirror’s surface. 

👁 cover with a cloth, do not look at the mirror after this. 

👁 to remove the spell, clean the mirror off without looking at it directly.


Okay guys wtf am I watching

and how do I make this my career


while we wait for the AAAs, let’s throwback to honoring the carat who shredded her vocal chords during the fanchants