so happy.. sheds tears


“No one knows what tomorrow will bring… But I know we will walk slowly together for our tomorrow..” - Guhai & Bai Luoyin / Huang Jingyu & Xu Weizhou

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Jamie Reyes reaction to his s/o learning Spanish for him please

He is blown away that you’ve managed to keep it low-key

he’s been yelling at scarab in Spanish when around you

and that’s why you’ve been giggling.

and blushing, when he’s yelling at scarab to shut up about when it’s optimal time to have sex

but he’s so happy, he even sheds a tiny tear and makes an effort to involve you in Spanish conversations and gently helping you with the language.

SHINee when you choose to be with them over your dream job

Taemin: “You really want to stay with me?”

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Minho: *can’t believe it* “You’re staying?! You’re crazy, you know.”

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Key: He’d be serious at first since he knows how much you wanted the job. He tries to get you to reconsider, but gets flustered when you say staying with him would make you happiest.

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Jonghyun: He’d be so touched he’d probably shed a tear or two, happy you won’t be leaving.

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Onew: *celebrating* “My jagi really loves me!”

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i refuse to believe homestuck is done. but, if it actually is. thank you so so much for this wonderful experience. because of homestuck, i found new friends, i didnt feel alone anymore, my art improved. because of homestuck, i began caring about what happens to my online friends. in this 4 years i’ve been in the homestuck fandom, i do not regret every single moment of it. it’s so overwhelming to think that it’s already ended. im still in denial and i have so many questions but, i’m happy. i’m happy that almost everyone is happy. im so so happy i got to experience this wonderful journey. tears were shed but there were also laughs that came from us. all the shenanigans, all the weird stuff we do in conventions, never regret any of that. never ever regret any of that. that is what makes us… well, us. i know this is getting redundant but, i cant thank you guys enough for this family. i love you guys.

and homestuck, thanks you. #ThankYouHussie #neverforgetthelove

BY THE WAY my messages and mentions are full of pictures of your cats now and I genuinely got so overwhelmed by happiness that I shed a little tear! I haven’t had a chance to reply to them all yet, but honestly, I appreciate all of your kitty floofs (and all of your non-cat floofs too) and I’m v v glad that you are all supportive bbs and I would buy you all fancy soap if I could.

Cause I finally found,
I finally found you


How everyone ended up a few years after the events of llftx ended

Ahhh llftx ended so beautifully, I shed tears of happiness ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚ The ending is so heartwarming and fulfilling. It’s especially wonderful seeing much Takkun has grown. Llftx is one of my favorite apps and this story made it so much more special. If you haven’t read takkun’s honeymoon, please give it a try!!!

How They React To Their GF Going All Out For Their Birthday (BIG BANG)

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Author: Taebaby

T.O.P: He’d be so surprised (and really touched, oh my god, manly happy tears) he wouldn’t have expected it and it would just blow him away

DAESUNG: He’d be so happy and prob would shed some shameless tears. He’d tell you that you didn’t have to do it, but he’d blush furiously when you told him he deserved every bit of it

TAEYANG: He’d just be so appreciative, he’s an angel. He’d feel like he wasn’t worth all the effort but you’d tell him otherwise

G.D.: Honestly, he’d be speechless. He wouldn’t know how to react other than being amazed and just so overjoyed

SEUNGRI: I think his arrogant outer shell would crack as soon as he saw all that you did for him, and he’d have a wide smile on his face and an amazed laugh would escape him

Drarry fact #31

Draco and Harry may have two kids together, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting another, yet neither of them has brought it up. Until one night they were snuggled in bed, after a long day of babysitting their friends baby, and they started talking. Eventually it lead to Draco brining up having another baby. Harry was so happy that Draco felt the same as him, so happy he may or may not have shed a tear.

EXO when you wake up from a  coma

Anon said: Helloo can you do exo reaction to you getting awake after a really long coma and recognising them. thank youuuu. i really love your btw


Suho: *treats you like ur a delicate little flower* Look what I got you

Baekhyun: *making sure you are ok* Ok, so how many fingers am I holding up? What about now? Are you in any pain? Can I get you anything?

Chanyeol: *smiles big so you can tell how happy he is*

Chen: Oh my god you’re awake!

D.O: *both smiling and shedding happy tears* I’m so happy you’re alive!

Kai: *relieved* Welcome back to reality babe

Kris: *looks up from crying over you and holding your hand*

Lay: *gets into your hospital bed and starts cuddling you*

Luhan: *so freaking relieved you have no idea–this little deer was so scared*

Xiumin: *tries to keep himself from crying*

Tao: I knew you would wake up

Sehun: Oh, hey babe, did ya miss me?

happy early birthday!!!

i doodled emmett and jevon, let me know if i need to fix anything!

i might draw leo and alex later :O (if you want you can send me more info about their personalities and backstories and whatnot so i can add more stuff to the drawing :u)

AAAA!!!! TYSM PATSY THESE ARE SO NICE!!! im crying i love your art style this is a blessing . and for leo/alex, if you’d like to incorperate their backstories/persoalities, leo is a cheerful & adventurous explorer while alex is a calm & mature, yet sensitive knight!! 


a pocket-sized seventeen having a surprise party for pocket-sized seungkwan when the clock strikes 00:00. They’d put a party hat on pocket boo and throw him in the air, singing a birthday song very loudly.