so happy with myself rn


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Ok so idk if anyone’s pointed this out yet… But I was pretty excited when I realized this, BUT the maze of chain-link fences the boys are running through to get out is on top of a helipad, you know the thing helicopters land on, like this:

Look familiar yet?

And then the end looks like this:

So what if once the boys have escaped their maze of struggling on earth represented by the grounded helipad, they have finally flown away or departed represented by them walking then running on the landing strip/taxi-ing area ready to fly away.

~ admin kae

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Idk why I'm telling you this but like rn I feel really confident with my body which is only a once in a while thing (bc i am a recovering anorexic and most of the time I think I'm horribly fat and don't want to eat, but I want to recover and it's an everyday struggle). Idk I just wanted to tell someone that I feel nice about myself rn~

That makes me so happy to hear!! 🖤 I understand 1000% your struggle and I am so so proud of you for your progress~~× keep loving yourself for the beauty that you are, angel and if you’re ever feeling down on yourself or begin to relapse please don’t hesitate to message me~ you’re lovely and I want to see you recover 1000000% 😙

I am so happy rn!!!!!!

I unknowingly entered myself in a contest for a FaceTime call with Breathe Carolina, and I was one out of a few who won!

I’ve had the most stressful week, between work, school, and exams, with no time for any breaks. I’m exhausted and stressed beyond belief, and originally, the time that this FaceTime call was supposed to occur was while I was taking an exam.

I finally got a lucky break, and they called me when I was all settled back in my apartment, and I was their first call too! 

They were extremely nice and down to earth guys, they asked me about what I’m studying, congratulated me on finishing my exam first, said I was smart and nice, etc. Honestly it’s really something I needed for a week that has been as shitty and stressful as this one has been.


tell me its okay to be happy now

i just headcannoned that carlos from wtnv is grown up carlos from the magic school bus and i will fight all of u


Here’s a before and after picture of myself. So it’s been 3 months with the difference in these pictures. (Mind the stain on my bra turns out sunburn oil stains badly)

Now I’m not going to say I’ve lost a lot of weight, but I am closer to 130 now instead of 150/160. The only difference is the amount of water I drink. I drink a whole lot more water than I did before and I exercise a little (not like hardcore. Every now and then I do a bit of stuff)

I used to really hate how I looked but now I can’t believe that my body’s changed this much.