so happy with my purchase

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(screams) I found you!! Sorry but just dropping in to say that i bought your Shiro and Keith pillows on Society6 and I am so excited for it to arrive!! Love your art btw, and I really appreciate your love for Shiro (:

That’s awesome, I’m so happy you found my blog! Aaaaah and thank you SO MUCH for your purchases! Your support means the world to me ヽ(〃▽〃)ノ I hope the pillows arrive soon!

And yes, I have nothing but love for this soft man child ♡

Yesterday my Kindle arrived and I’m so happy with my purchase ✨ I just want to read ebooks for a while now, but my paperbacks are calling for me as well 🙈
Only one afternoon at work before it’s weekend. Pieter and I are planning to fill it with visits to the cinema, now that we have a subscription to it! Last night we saw Happy Death Day and tonight we’ll watch Leatherface (although neither of us have seen The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 🙊)!

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