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honestly your art makes my heart swell, im so happy the first thing i've purchased from you was the enamel pin, jm in love , i cant wait to have my own little Bob

Thank you so much, dear 😊❤💕


august 11.2016 // I decided that it was time to do some school shopping! So here’s a little stationery haul of things I bought. My favourite purchase of them all are the staedtler triplus fineliners. I have been wanting them for so long and decided it was about time to get them. It also came with a super cute pencil case to put them in! I also bought a two pack of a 0.5mm permanent pen by Bic because it was super cheap!! The last thing was this super cool 600 pack memo pad that comes in this cool spiral shape. Overall, I’m super happy and I can’t wait for school to start now!



Paprasto paprasčiausio bomberio norėjau gana ilgą laiką ir pagaliau nusprendžiau įsigyti. Tiesa, kaip pirmąjam bomberiui nusprendžiau daug pinigų neleisti. Kodėl? O todėl, kad nežinau ar tai yra tas daiktas, kurį nešiosiu daug ir dažnai. Bet jau dabar visai norėčiau storesnio, labiau tinkamo rudeniui ir įdomesnio bomberio. Su kokiais nors siuvinėjimais ir įdomesnėmis detalėmis. Šį žalią bomberiuką užsisakiau iš Rosegal internetinės parduotuvės visai pigiai. Pirkiniu labai džiaugiuosi, nes kokybė tikrai nebloga, atrodo gerai! Mielai jį užsimetu kai noriu jaustis patogiai, kai einu su šuniu pasivaikščioti ar šiaip po miestą pasižvalgyti. Beje, pastebėjau, kad dažniau jį velkuosi prie plėšytų juodų džinsų, juodų sportinių batelių ir basic tipo maikutės. Žodžiu, tikrai rekomenduoju neleisti didelių pinigų bomberiukams, nes pilna internetinių parduotuvių, kur galima įsigyti tokios pat kokybės už žymiai mažesnę kainą!
Maniškį galit įsigyti čia: Green Bomber Jacket

I have been dreaming about a simple bomber jacket for a long time now and finally I decided to get it.  Since it’s my first bomber jacket and I am more like a coats and leather jackets person, I decided not to splurge on this item. But I do actually like it, I do like to style my bomber jacket so already thinking about getting myself a thicker and maybe embroidered bomber jacket. This simple green bomber jacket that I am wearing I got from Rosegal shop. It’s quite cheap and in a nice quality. So I am very happy with my purchase. It is very comfortable, very stylish. Most of the time I wear it not with blue denim, but with distressed black jeans, basic top and black sneakers. Anyway, if you don’t want to splurge too much on a bomber jacket - visit Rosegal shop and get yourself one!

My bomber jacket is here : Green Bomber Jacket

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SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Shampoo and Hair Masque 

Back in October, I hit up my local Target and noticed that SheaMoisture had a new line. Since my other shampoo (SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo) was running low and expired (yes, I know!), I had to get a new shampoo and thought I’d try this one. I also got the masque. 

The scent: I would say that there is a fig-scented, brown sugar aroma–which I absolutely love. If you’re a fan of earthy scents, then this is for you. You can also smell the honey, but it isn’t overbearing. 

Key ingredients (according to the product labels):

  • Manuka Honey: contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the scalp. Helps create a moisturizing barrier.
  • Mafura Oil: contains high levels of beneficial oleic acid. Helps replenish oils stripped from hair.
  • African Rock Fig: contains antioxidant Vitamin C, which helps keep hair looking vibrant.

The Intensive Hydration Shampoo: As always, I diluted the shampoo with apple cider vinegar and water, but made sure I had higher concentrations of the shampoo to actually test the product. Interestingly enough, I was able to do a bit of finger detangling in the shower with this shampoo when I cleansed my hair. This shampoo also left my hair very moisturised–even more so than the Moisture Retention Shampoo, which sometimes left my hair feeling dry if I used to much of it. 

The Intensive Hydration Hair Masque: One of the best conditioners I have ever tried hands down. The conditioner has a super thick and creamy consistency. I massaged it between my fingers and there was so much slip, so naturally, I was really excited to see how it would work for my hair. Although I considered using the conditioner straight out of the container, I decided to add EVOO and avocado oil to the mix and a few drops of rosemary essential oil. Then I worked the masque generously into my thick hair. I left it in for an hour and when I hopped in the shower, I noticed just how easy it was to remove the tangles and shedding that I didn’t get during my detangling session the night before. My fingers literally glided through my strands under the stream of water. Also, my kinky, coarse hair literally felt like butter! It was so smooth and soft.

Overall, the shampoo and the hair masque are definitely keepers. I was in HEAVEN as I was washing and conditioning my hair today. If you choose not to get the shampoo,  please look into getting the hair masque–it works wonders for kinky hair. I’m so happy with my purchases! With the combination of the three ingredients plus gylcerin, shea butter, and aloe vera juice–these will be my fall and winter staples! :-)