so happy with my purchase

my crystals came in the mail yesterday 😊 they’re from silver and fox shop on etsy!! do check them out if you can, their stock is so so lovely and I’m so so happy with my purchase!

I was going to order specific crystals individually, but then I ordered a mystery grab bag where the shopowner would privately select my stones for me, and I wouldn’t know what they were til they arrived. It felt more…. spritual that way. Of course there were stones I wanted, but I was curious to discover which ones would be chosen for me.

I received blue onyx, rainbow fluorite, chrysopase, smoky quartz, and (perhaps my favorite crystal) red jasper. 💕 Jasper is a stone I’ve wanted for such a long long time, even years before I was ever a witch. I’ve always felt drawn to it, and to see that it was chosen and sent to me really solidifies my bond with it.

I was filled with such a thrilling energy upon opening my package. The crystals are all so beautiful and special, and after referring to their common correspondences, I feel that each of these crystals are truly meant to be with me, and that they are precisely what I needed most. I’m so happy! 💎🌿

Darcy Lewis has her own fandom and I think that’s beautiful.


This is the only thing I have ever wanted in my life G O O D B Y E

With an added bonus extra of this E X T I N G U I S H ME


So I went into town to do some clothes shopping today and got two pairs of leggings (my first leggings ever!!), a shirt, a sweater and a sports bra! I was super nervous, but I wasn’t gonna let that get in my way. A year ago, I was terrified to even be seen looking at women’s clothes in a store. I think I’ve come a long way. :)
Anyway, I’m so happy with my purchases today. I’m feeling pretty good. 💖

Sugar cookie and coffee from Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Bakery - Starbucks.

So happy i purchased my underwater camera right before my trip to Hawaii! I got this picture of a beautiful green sea turtle hanging out in a tide pool!

i just bought a mens xl t-shirt that says “property of captain america” and im gonna use it as a t-shirt dress to sleep in. i’ve never been so happy with a purchase in my life!!!!!!!

catch-the-ghost  asked:

Oh!!! I just realized I've bought stickers from you off redbubble! (≧∇≦) The Jesus Victor one which I gave to my figure skater friend, and your header pic as a sticker for my birthday.

i’m incredibly happy you would purchase something with my art on it, that means a lot to me!

I really hope you and your friend enjoy the stickers!!! <3


Found this gem on twitter by @QueenIdle 😂

I know I mostly talk about drugstore makeups but I am so happy I stopped my Limecrime purchase last year. I could have been affected by the credit card fraud going on and am relieved I didn’t buy anything. And I will never do so.

On top of this I find it very disrespectful of Doe Deere and the Limecrime instagram account for NOT posting anything for a long time, bullying and blocking people and deleting their comments from various posts.

Ignoring your problems won’t make them magically disappear. You’re brand is a lie and I do hope many people see this and stop purchasing from a company that is not customer friendly at all. A lot of people lost a lot of money because of your ignorance and you actually try to just sweep it under the rug

#boycottlimecrime #limecrime #makeup

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