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I thought I was over of how bad s4 was but I'm not and it's now 4 am and I can't sleep. The thought that's making me loose sleep is why did they have to make Mary part of the team? It's just the two of them against the rest of the world, right? why did they have to love her and include her in the cases? Why can't at least Sherlock see how horrible she is? I know I'm being rediculous but it gets to me it really does

Hey same ridiculous insomniac anon do you know what gets to me too??? John cheating on Mary even if it’s texting… people argue that it’s in character he’s a womanizer after all but isn’t he the guy who’s loyal very quickly? What do you think?

Hi Nonny!

Yeah, I never understood why they went the route of making all of S4 essentially NOT about John and Sherlock. I liked the visuals of T6T and TLD, but Mary REALLY fucking killed it for me, especially the magical redemption arc they chose to give to her. The whole season felt really ooc for me, and Mary being more of Sherlock’s partner than John was REALLY rubbed me and many others the wrong way. The way the narrative was going, it SHOULD have been her being on the run FROM them, not working WITH them.

Because of this, I really, really feel like there is a false narrative at play here, that the entirety of S4 is being told like a blog entry (hence why they stopped the blog AND used the title of one of the entries to clue us into this fact) because of all the OOC-ness, inconsistencies, fourth wall breaking, “scene jumping” and the “fakeness” of Mary’s death and TFP. The season contains a sense of adventure,  is romanticized (though in the wrong direction), and fantastical elements, just like the blog. I found it SO bizarre that Sherlock CONSTANTLY kept saying “I’m Sherlock Holmes!”… just like John’s blog would have done. And TFP for me is John’s TAB, so there’s already an alternative narrative. Anyway, this went way off topic, but you get me. John’s blog is playing out on screen. Why, I don’t know; perhaps to show the general audience that not having John and Sherlock in the picture together doesn’t work, since most of the entries are told as if John is standing on the sidelines watching events unfold – ergo making the season seem very not-our-show. Plus, calling the first episode “The Six Thatchers” after a blog entry on John’s blog and ENDING the season with Mary narrating is so telling to me.

Second part of your ask: I AGREE. It’s really weird to me, simply because we SAW John was essentially done with dating by the end of ASiB because he was happy with whatever he could get with Sherlock. And it took him TWO YEARS to mourn Sherlock before he decided to move on, and for whatever reason, Mary was able to establish that trust with John within six months (I presume she emulated what she thought John wanted, but she’s a professional manipulator). He only stayed with Mary because he didn’t think Sherlock wanted what John wanted, and perhaps also some manipulation on Mary’s part, convincing John that Sherlock would never love him like she loved him.

So then when John is “cheating” I find it really OOC, if only because I just can’t see John ever wanting to get involved with anyone every again after the heartbreak of both Sherlock and Mary. Though, I still hold the belief that it’s really Sherlock John is texting in T6T, and we are told otherwise because of the false narratives (given that I think that the episodes are being told like a blog entry, it’s only natural to assume lies about the things truly happening are present). And maybe it was “just texting”, fine, but it just doesn’t really fit John’s character to me unless that person is Sherlock or unless John is doing another plan behind everyone’s backs with Mycroft (ie. the texting is coded and E is an associate of Mycroft). He has serious trust issues, even an emotional affair with some rando on the bus just doesn’t jive with his character arc they’ve built up over three seasons.

I don’t know. People say it’s in his character, but I just have a really hard time seeing it, especially since he knows the kind of person Mary is (killing Sherlock for trying to tip off John), like… I can’t imagine he would do that again. Mary’s complete shift from the character she was in S3 is what’s tipping me off the most about a false narrative, and as such we can assume the other characters may not be who they seem to be as well, at least in my opinion.

Last Expiration

By: Kurisu678

All characters belong to @smokeplanet.

One Year Ago…

Late morning sun shone through the blinds into the bedroom shared by Mitch Mueller and Jonas Wagner, painting thin lines of yellow light against the bright blue walls. The space was kept in a state of comfortable chaos, a delicate balance between order and disarray. As per usual Sunday custom, alarms had been left off and both Mitch and Jonas were left in a blissful state of dozing while snuggling.

It was however, not to last.

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promise | john shelby

john’s wife is getting fed up of the constant fighting, coming home late and not spending time with the kids.

Being John Shelby’s wife most definitely had its ups and down. People respected you, and you felt special. People would move out of their way for you, give you a quick nod before looking ahead, frightened of what would happen if John had out that they’d been speaking to his girl.

You were nothing like John and the Shelby family, in fact, you were polar opposites which explained why people were shocked when they found out about yours and his engagement. The business was something that John adored, he put his heart and soul into making it work with his brothers but you knew that it was killing him deep down. However, he would never admit it. John loved the adrenaline rush that he got after a fight, even though it slowly started to go once he’d realise the extent of his actions. You hated the fighting, especially when he came home late at night covered in blood with the cheeky grin on his face that he wears so well.

“You can’t keep doing this John,” You mumbled as you dabbed the cloth against a fresh cut.

“It needed to be done,“ John stated as he winced slightly.

“Maybe so, but not every single night. You’re gonna start and give the kids nightmares if you keep coming in covered in blood.” You sighed and pressed the cloth down harder, just to emphasise that you were pissed off at him.

“Don’t be so dramatic,”

“I ain’t, I’m being honest. They always ask me where you are, when you are going to be home and I can’t give them an answer. For simple fact, I don’t know what you’re doing most of the time or where you are. Do I deserve to be in the dark like that?” You asked.

“Of course not, but it’s dangerous. I don’t want you or the kids being dragged into any of the business. The people we are dealing with at the moment are ruthless and they wouldn’t fucking hesitate to kill a kid. So, listen to me when I tell you that I do all of this for my families safety.” He grabbed your face, forcing you to look at him. “Ok?”

“No,” You whispered as you walked away. “I can’t stand it John and I don’t understand. We aren’t a proper family any more. Me and the kids hardly ever see you, we don’t spend no time together and when we do, I’m cleaning up your face, your asleep or pissed out of your head. I’m starting to think that this is a one way marriage.”

“Don’t act so fucking stupid. You know that isn’t the case and to be honest, I don’t expect you to understand. You never will but, just know that every time I go out on business I am thinking of you lot. I think about the future and how one day we will be happy together, in some nice big house, the kids running around and me and you will be happy. I do all of this for us,” He shrugged his shoulders, not wanting to argue and walked out of the bathroom.

You quickly followed him into yours and his shared bedroom and locked the door so none of the kids could walk in. You didn’t like them seeing you and John argue but lately it had become inevitable.

“You know that I love you, don’t you?” John lit a cigarette and stared straight at you from the other side of room. You nodded your head as you looked back. “And I know that you love me, so please, drop this Y/N. I really don’t want to argue with you.”

“It’s not going to go away though John. Six months from now we will be here arguing again about how the business is ruining our lives. I can read you like a book and I know that it is slowly destroying you and I can’t stand that. I want you to be happy and I want us to go back to the way it was.” You walked over and wrapped your arms around his neck. “I get that right now, you can’t just leave but, take some time away sometimes. You don’t need to constantly be coming home covered in blood. Stick to the legal side of things.”

“I’d do anything for you, and one day there will be no more fighting, coming home late and missing out on time with the kids. I promise you that.” He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close. “You and the kids will always be my number one priority and don’t ever forget that.”

Frost Bitten, Not Shy

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Elvis (Charles)

it feels weird not posting all the soulmate au stuff really fast, but i want to drag it out so i can write it. so i’ll post this for now

this one is for Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis cause man. that song. son. boi. friend. that song gets me. (this fic doesn’t really get me, but i still sorta like it so it’s gonna be posted) (pre apocolypse)

You beamed at Charles, running your fingers over the grass around you.

“What’re you doing?” Charles asks softly, his expression light and you glance up at the clouds, smirking into the sky.

“Rest and relaxation. It’s good for the soul.” You answer, glancing at him again and you can’t help smiling. He just makes you happy.

“How long have we known one another, Y/N?” He asks suddenly and you hum softly, pushing yourself into a sitting position.

“Six months. Cause we met at that thing you hosted.” You nod slowly, glancing up from the grass you’d been frowning at and smiling at him. Shuffling over, and ignoring the grass stains that’ll be on your pants, you lean yourself against his shin and watch the trees. “We didn’t get to know one another until Scott threw that party though.”

“You’re right.” He chuckles softly, his fingers sliding into your hair almost absently. “It was quite a good party, even though I had told him not to throw it.”

“You can’t tell a teen anything, you should know that best, Charles.” You laugh, rising to your knees and turning to him, your hands settled on the arm rests of his chair.

“I know, I know.” He sighs, smiling at you and warmth fills you. Like the sun on your skin, inside your heart.

“Shall we go inside, I’m starved.” You offer and he hums for a moment, his eyes returning to the trees before he nods hesitantly.

“Of course, lunch.”

“We don’t have to.”

“No, no, it’s fine.” He smiles and you nod once, following beside him as he makes his way back to the mansion.

“Take my hand, take my whole life too.” You sing softly, smiling into the pot of pumpkin soup. Hank was the only one that you knew actually liked it, other than yourself, but you couldn’t help making gallons as soon as the first cool breeze of winter arrived. “Oh, for I can’t help falling in love with you.”

Crossing to the drawers, you pull out a regular spoon, turning back toward the stove. Behind you, the door swings open and scuffling footsteps pad in.

“Hank, you hungry?” You ask, licking the spoon you’d just dipped into the soup clean, and he laughs softly, pulling out a stool and settling himself on the seat. You offer him a grin as you turn, grabbing a bowl from the cupboard and ladling some of the soup into it. Leaning over, you add some garnish and settle the bowl before him, sliding a spoon up beside it. “Taste, taste, taste. Is it good?”

“Mmm, perfect.” He laughs, shaking his head. “Like always, Y/N. You shouldn’t worry.”

“I like to be sure, I don’t want to accidentally poison anyone.” You laugh, rolling your eyes and grabbing yourself a bowl. “Charles has been acting weird.”


“It’s nothing big, he’s just… I don’t know how to describe it. Have you noticed anything?”

“I- Uh, well. He’s- That is to say, that as a person, Charles, personally- Um.” Hank stumbles, coughing and clearing his throat, his eyes darting.

“Fine.” You whine softly and he relaxes, sighing and rubbing his forehead.

“Thank you.” He mumbles and you smile, huffing a soft laugh.

“What’s happening in here?” Alex grins, waltzing into the kitchen and wiggling his eyebrows at the both of you. Hank chuffs a laugh, and you frown at him.

“You wouldn’t do anything illicit with me? Nothing… Unprofessional in the workplace?” You tease, trying your best to look seductive while you lick your spoon and Alex cackles.

“No, sorry Y/N. You’re too innocent.” Hank snorts and you gape. You. The innocent one.

“Me?” You squeak and Alex flops against the fridge, staring at you in amazement.

“You literally said “unprofessional in the workplace”, Y/N.” He giggles and you frown at the pair of them.

“It would be unprofessional in the workplace.” You whine and the pair burst into cackles again. “Jerks.”

“What is all the ruckus?” Charles asks, coming through the side door and you pout at him, bouncing to his side and glaring at the other two.

“They’re saying I’m too innocent to seduce them. Hank said I was too innocent.” You tattle and Alex holds up a hand.

“Hey, hey. He’s Beast, remember?” He grins teasingly and you can’t help giggling, Hanks cheeks going red even as he smiles. “But even the Professor can’t argue that.”

“He can so, he’s a professor. They teach and persuade all the time.” You remind him, groaning the words as if it’s all obvious and Alex spears you with a heavy lidded glare. “Go ahead, Charles. Tell them I’m super sexy and could have any guy hopping into my bed with the shake of a rabbit’s tail. Ooh, and add that I could even be a dominatrix if I wanted to.”

Hank stares at you, his lips twitching toward a grin and Alex has his palm spread over his mouth to hold back his laughter, his face bright red. Their eyes dart between the two of you as if it’s the most fascinating competition type match to grace their eyes. Sport? Science? Beach racing?

“Uh-” Charles hums, coughing and clearing his throat, his eyes darting and you step back from him slightly, spearing him with a glare.

“You don’t agree.” You growl and his hands come up, as if to ward off your words. “We’re supposed to be friends, Charles. Wow.”

Scowling at the three of them, you swish from the kitchen and head for your room.

“Y/N?” Charles calls from the door and you scowl at it, flicking your fingers and hearing the lock click. “Y/N, come now, it was all in good fun.”

“Know what’s good fun? Not being thought of as a child!” You shout back, flipping the page of your book calmly. He can likely tell that you aren’t that bothered, that you’re just a little tired of being everyones little sister, even when you’re the same age as them.

“I don’t think of you as a child. No one does.” Charles keeps up and you scoff loud enough for him to hear, gaping as marauders suddenly start attacking your book characters. “Let me in, Y/N. We should talk.”

For a moment, you wait for some kind of sign that he’s in your mind, but all you want to do is to open the door so you can blow a raspberry in his face and slam it again. Not to talk.

Rolling over to face away from the door, the book following your eye line, you flick your fingers again and unlock the door. Snuggling down, the door whines open and you hear the soft hush of the wheels of Charles chair on your floors.

“Y/N.” Charles says softly and you grunt noncommittally. “Are you going to listen?”

Rolling to face him, you scowl, glaring and waving your hand. You grin when he grunts, surprised at being lifted from his chair and you quickly settle him against your pillows beside you.

“I didn’t think you’d-”

“Don’t say that. I’d never not let you anywhere.” You mutter, shuffling into his side and leaning your head against his chest. You’re still furious, but you can’t help cuddling up to him, he’s just so cuddle-able.

“You know I love you. That we all love you.” Charles mumbles and you sigh, your eyes falling closed.

“Like a river flows, surely to the sea.” You mouth, the song appearing in your mind like a soft lullaby.

“It’s just strange to think of you that way.”

“Why? What’s so weird about it?” You mutter, glaring at his pressed jacket that half rests under your head.

“You’re- you.”

“That’s not an answer.”

“It is, Y/N. You know it is.” He sighs and you sigh with him, clutching his fingers tight as he interlaces them together. All you want, since the moment you met him and fell insanely in love, is a sign that it was reciprocated. Yet since you’d met, there was nothing.

“Then why are you being so weird? You aren’t thinking about sex or romance or anything like that so why are you different? Did I do something?”

“Different?” He whispers and you can’t help rolling your eyes at the whisper thin cover. Please. Just something.

“Yes. Different.”

“We’ve only known each other-”

“Long enough. I’m not the kind of person to watch something blossom but hesitate to take a cutting. The wise men are wrong.”

“The wise men?” Charles frowns, shaking his head to the ceiling and you growl softly, drawing his eyes back to meet yours. This isn’t working. Nothing’s going the right way.

“Wise men say only fools rush in.” You sing softly and clearly, your eyes glued to his and he inhales a harsh breath in the silence. “But I…”


“I can’t help falling in love with you.” You breath and his lips press to yours, the arm around your shoulders pulling you tight against his chest.

“I love you.” Charles pants as you part, your foreheads glued together and you laugh softly, staring at him with unrestrained wonder.

“How did you not know?”

“I don’t read my friends minds. I certainly wouldn’t read yours when I didn’t think you loved me in return.” He chuckles, pressing three quick pecks to your lips and you can’t help the small part to your mouth, surprised wonder all you can feel.

“You’re a fool, Mr Xavier.”

“Darling.” He sighs and you flush happily at the sight of him, at the feeling of him so close and pressing closer. It’s the same, but different.

i hope the timing on this is correct. I mean, the song was released 1971 so it should be fine but i’m currently too lazy to google the year the movie was set, soo


Aftermath - Barry Allen Imagine

A/N: OK, so it’s 5 in the morning here, but I had this really great idea for a prompt I found so I just had to write because I was afraid I might lose it. It’s kind of sad, but I really hope you guys enjoy it. It is kind of choppy but because i’m super tired but i really liked the way it came out. Let me know what you think. :)

Prompt: Person A undergoing physical/mental torture that essentially leaves them broken and as the shell of the person they once were before. Person B saves them and cares for them, doing everything/anything in their power to bring some–any–semblance of their old self back. The day Person A cracks a smile, Person B nearly has a breakdown. (Prompt is from otpdisaster)

Barry knew telling (Y/N) that he was the Flash was dangerous, but he loved her too much not to. And the day he told her was the happiest day of her life.

The fact that he trusted her with such an enormous secret made her love him even more. And now it was the only thing keeping her alive.

She was on her way to STAR labs to meet Barry when all of a sudden her head was covered by a burlap sack, nearly choking her to death. She could’ve tried to fight them off, but there was more than one person. She didn’t know how many, but they were strong and had her bound by her feet and hands.

Even after a month since (Y/N)’s disappearance, Barry hadn’t given up the hope of finding her. Everyday he’d search every inch of Central City, including the outskirts, over and over again, but to no avail. Cisco and Caitlin were worried about him, but nothing they told him made him want to look for her any less.

(Y/N) had no idea how long it had been. They had her in confined to a small, dark room twenty-four hours a day, and when they did take her out, it was only to see if she was broken enough to confess Barry’s secret. They would bring her out only to mess with her head by telling her that the Flash was dead or that they had her mother. They hardly let her sleep, and every time she heard the heavy metallic door slam, she knew she would be alone with her thoughts again. They never hit her though, they knew she would break herself with the voices in her head. She never did break though, she was close, but she never did.

Cisco had finally tracked her down when one the guys who kidnapped (Y/N) slipped up and got too confident. But when Barry found her, she wasn’t the same person anymore. She wasn’t (Y/N), only the shell of the woman she used to be. She was broken and scared. She rarely spoke anymore and she had to take sleeping pills in order to sleep. The loneliness never left her, even after Barry rescued her. Every door that closed was a reminder of the woman she had to repress in order to survive.

“It’s been six months, Caitlin.” Barry was exhausted. He tried everything to get (Y/N) back, even just a little of her old self. (Y/N) had been staying at STAR Labs, and Barry visited her everyday, whenever he could. He would tell her about his day even if she didn’t respond and he would talk to her about new songs and movies he’d discovered. And when she did talk, it was heart wrenching to hear how dry and broken her voice was. “She hasn’t smiled or laughed. Her eyes are dead and its all my fault,” Barry whispered to himself, putting his head in his hands.

“Barry, we’ll get her back. Just give her time.” Caitlin was worried about both (Y/N) and Barry. She was scared that the (Y/N) they knew was gone. “Remind her,” she shot Barry a half-smile and squeezed his hand.

Remind her. Caitlin’s words resonated through his head, but what was he supposed to remind her of? The day they met? Their first date? But then it dawned on him.

Barry sped past Caitlin and Cisco and into (Y/N)’s room. She was sitting on the window sill with a book in her hands. She wasn’t actually reading, though, she just needed something to occupy her hands.

Barry sat down in front of her and he couldn’t help but think about how she was just as beautiful, if not more, as the day he met her. She wasn’t looking at him, she couldn’t look at him or anyone for that matter. She could see the pity in their eyes and it killed her.

He didn’t know whether to wait until she acknowledged him, so he started anyway, “Do you remember the day I told you I was the Flash?” Barry let out a breathy laugh, remembering the way (Y/N) reacted. “You almost fainted from the excitement. I thought you were gonna be so mad at me, but no. You were laughing, but I think it was because you were nervous.” Barry’s eyes were so bright with happiness, (Y/N) couldn’t help but look at him. “Then you asked me to take you all over Central City because you wanted to see what it felt like. God, you were so beautiful that day, but man, when we got back, your hair was so fucked. Do you remember?” He was laughing, and (Y/N) smiled at him and the memory.

Barry stopped laughing when he saw her smile. He couldn’t believe it. After six months of trying to get her back to old self, she finally smiled. Tears escaped his eyes with no warning, and he was holding her face in his hands. He laughed, but he was so overwhelmed with happiness and fear, he started sobbing.

(Y/N) tried so hard not to cry, but seeing Barry that way made her upset. She’d give her life to see him happy.

Barry knelt in front of her and put his head in her lap, still sobbing. She swallowed hard, and moved his head then sat in front of him and held his face, making him look at her. When their eyes met, Barry could see a bit of life coming back into her eyes.

She opened her mouth to say something, but, instead, she put his head on her shoulder and ran her fingers through his hair. “I love you,” she was barely audible but Barry heard her loud and clear. He tried to say it back, but all that came out were whimpers.

(Y/N) understood the overwhelming sensation that Barry was feeling, so she just sat there, holding and comforting him the entire night. (Y/N) didn’t know whether she could be whole again, but she promised herself that she would try. For Barry, at least.


Omg is this for real? Tumblr’s not just pulling a belated April Fool’s on me? 

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I’m not going to go on because otherwise this could get crazy cheesy and lame, but what I will say is it makes me insanely happy to see so much support for Philinda and fingers crossed that we’ve done enough for our ship to finally be made canon in the show once they get out of this damn framework! 

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IKEA - Charles and Erik x Reader


“hello! Can I request a one shot where Charles and the reader and Erik are having a hard time putting an ikea chair together and both Charles and Erik like the reader so they’re trying to impress her with their building skills and they get the chair together and she’s pretty impressed? Thank you and happy new year!!! 🌈 “

(This request is six fucking months old oh my god.)

Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

“No! You’re doing it wrong!” You laughed as Erik tried to screw two parts of the chair together which most definitely did not go together. 

“Fine. You do it then since you’re so smart.” Erik said, pushing the pieces towards you.

“I will.” You laughed, sticking your tongue out at Erik.

He smirked at you, a quirk of his eyebrow making you giggle.

Erik. Charles said to him mentally. You’re flirting. I thought we agreed no flirting.

I never agreed to anything. Now get out of my head.

Charles raised an eyebrow, leaning forward to see what you were doing.

“That looks wonderful love but I think that’s wrong.” He said, resting a gentle finger on the back of your hand. 

Erik shot him a glare, which Charles ignored.

“No Charles, that’s more wrong.” Erik said, taking the chair pieces away from him.

“No Erik.”

“No Charles.”

You sighed, throwing down the instructions. “I give up, you guys make it. I’ll go make tea.”

You got up off the floor and left to the kitchen. With one single, tell all glance, the two men started rushing as fast as they could to build the blasted chair before you got back.


“Erik!” Charles hissed as you walked into the living room balancing three cups of tea.

“Thank you dear.” Charles smiled at you, gesturing at the chair they’d finished.

“You’re finished?” You asked, setting the tea on the coffee table, “I’m impressed.”

The boys gave each other a smug glance as you sat down. 

The chair held, and you smiled at them, opening your mouth to speak when one of the legs fell off and the whole chair toppled sideways, tipping you onto the floor.

“It was Charles!”

“It was not! You screwed that leg on!”

“Both of you are rubbish!”

My photo adventures continue...

For those of you who missed it, today we had @billymonday on as a guest for this month’s InCovnersation.I am so happy that Pete and I started doing this SIX MONTHS AGO, in October. I am very grateful to Pete for this opportunity to learn and share and grow. And have lots of fun, even if at times it is stressful, though it gets less so over time. Last month we had @redzenradish-photography on as a guest. How lucky am I to have the chance to share conversation with such folks as these?

Also learned how to detect the distance of sharp focus in manual mode. There is a little line graph at the bottom that shows the range of distance that will give me sharp focus according to my A, S, and ISO settings. I am learning this in the FfX100s.

And I also discovered I erased a whole bunch of photos I took with my D5500. There were a lot of Manetti Shrem Museum photos. Yes, I am going back, now that I ahve a camera with a larger sensor, which will give me images that w3ill look better in larger prints. I was only slightly upset, very briefly, that I lost about 5 possibly good images; there were about 75 RAW files. 

Had a great conversation with my friend who sold me my baby, the D50 that I gave to one of my kids. She, coincidentally, worked with him as a student a few years ago.

Is it just me or does this whole photography thing seem to fit me right now?

None Of Your Business-Epilogue

Sam, Dean and you have returned to this universe after finding out you have spent the last six months in the TV show “None of Your Business” courtesy of the Archangel Gabriel who isn’t dead after all.

Characters: Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Omega! Reader, Castiel, Gabriel, (mentioned) Jody Mills, Claire, Alex, Garth, Donna Hanscum, Eileen Leahy

A/N: I decided that 15 parts is a nice round number.  This is what happens after Gabriel and hopefully will answer any questions. Thanks to everyone to left such great comments and responded so passionately to the cliffhangers.  It meant SO much to me!

Part 1 (All Parts are linked)

One Month Later

Readers POV

Sam, Dean and I were still dealing with the fallout of Gabriel’s little “game”.  Dean had called Cas from the motel and let him know we were back and that Gabriel was alive.  Cas immediately set off to find Gabe, and promised to meet up with us at the bunker.

Gabriel was nowhere to be found.  He had gone totally off the grid.  When Cas showed up a few weeks later, I was thrilled to see my favorite angel.  Don’t get me wrong, We all were happy to be back at the bunker, but things were still weird.

Dean was so angry he had lost six months of his life to the Archangel’s “crap” as he called it.  He was having a hard time readjusting to his old life.

I was feeling pretty conflicted.  Before Gabriel kidnaped us, I wasn’t involved with Sam or Dean.  We were just friends and hunting partners, that’s it.  I had always had feelings for Sam and wanted him to be my Alpha, but I’d never acted on them.  I was so afraid of rejection.

Sam and I had been a mated Alpha/Omega couple in the “ None Of Your Business” world.  We had been about to get married.  I had no idea what we were now.   But as soon as Sam found me, he made it clear that nothing had changed.  He claimed me for real that very night the minute he could get rid of Dean.

With Dean it was a little more complicated.  Here we were just friends, but there we had been lovers and we had a child together.  Not to mention the fact that there I’d cheated on him with Sam and then he’d died.  I knew I loved Sam, and Dean was not one to share his feelings, so I had no idea how he felt.

Getting over the loss of my children was hardest.   Mandy, Dean and Bobby had been real to me, and I missed them every day.  I know Sam did too.  I cried an ocean of tears for the loss of them.  I also missed Jo and Charlie.  They were my best friends. It was like they had died all over again.

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Six Months

[Pairing; Kenny Omega X Reader]

      “After tomorrow, I’ll just have three more months. And I am very excited about that. Things are getting a little tight in here.” The phone relayed back to my husband. “I’ll be so happy to be home with my two girls, tomorrow.” Kenny admitted. “Babe.. We don’t know if it’s a gi..” I was cut off. “It is. I feel it.” He said, and has time and time again. Ever since we found out, he’s been hoping for a little girl. 

      “We’re going to be in for it, if it is. You know?” I questioned and Kenny hummed. “Makeup and dresses, and.. boys.” I continued, and Kenny hummed again. “No. No boys, (Y/N).” Laughter escaped my lips at the thought of Ken dealing with all of this. “It’s okay, we’ll do it all together. I can’t wait to see you. I love you, so much.” I finished, saying my final goodbye before being able to see my husband, in the flesh, again. And did I have a surprise for him. 

      “Adam, do you have the boys with you?” I asked Cole, making sure he was taking care of problems that I couldn’t. “Of course, I do. You know that they wouldn’t be able to do this on their own. They’ve always got to have me.” Adam laughed back over the line. “Thank you. Ken’s flight is landing and I’m going to get him. My mom is here and will let you all in. Don’t.. don’t harass her, or so help me God..” I threatened. “We won’t, Jesus. No super kicks to mom, got it.” I snickered at the thought of it, hanging up the phone. 

      Please.. Please, please don’t tell anyone. I want us all to find out together. I know you know, but I want only you to know. Please. I love you. See you soon. 

      I hit send, knowing my mother would keep the secret- secret. Adam, Nick, Matt, and Xavier were all home- alongside my family and some of Kenny’s. He has no idea about any of this. The party, the planning, the welcome home.. The gender reveal. It should be amazing, I thought to myself. Kenny’s been off wrestling the world for the past six months- leaving only one week after we found out. This is huge. 

      “Ken!” I shouted, spotting my husband in the airport. I ran towards him as quickly as I could, knowing he’d be the faster one. Arms connected around my waist, pulling me into the air. My face buried into his shirt, and it smelt like home. God.. his touch, I missed this so much. “(Y/N). Hi, baby.” Kenny said, kissing me and setting me back to my feet.

      “And hello, baby.” He added, dropping to his knees- placing his palm to my stomach. “Wow.. It looks so much more.. more, in person.” He laughed, astonished at how it was real. He never got to.. see it, or feel it until now. “Later, you’ll probably be able to feel it kick.” I said, placing my hand on top of his. Kenny took a moment to breathe, never moving from his knees.. and I saw a diamond shine his eyes. He swallowed harshly, cleared his throat, and in that moment- realized that he was about to be a father. 

      “Let’s get you home, Ken.”

      Maybe 5 minutes from the driveway. 

      Send. Anxiety began to grow instead of the baby, now. This is a lot for one person in one day. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea.. I don’t even know if I’m ready to find out.. crossed my mind the entire way home. “You okay?” Reeled me back, with the help of hand-holding. I turned me head to face the love of my life. “Perfect.” 

      “Kenny!” was shouted, before we could even reach our drive. “Is that.. Matt?” Kenny asked. Son of a bitch, Adam. “Oh, God..” I muttered. Nick opened our front door, and yanked his brother threw- slamming the barrier behind him. “(Y/N).. Why..” He began. “No. Not not. Come on.” I pulled his hand, and opened my door. 

      Not needing a key, I let Kenny opened our front door- immediately pleased with doing so. “Surprise!” Everyone shouted, welcoming Kenny home. A distant “I’m sorry.” was offered, by a certain Jackson brother. Ken started laughing, hugging all of his friends and family through our home. Nick and Matt jumped on each side of him, as soon as they could. Adam stood from my couch, pulling him in with a one armed hug. I mouthed a “You..” to Cole, letting him know that I knew. 

      “Omega!” Xavier greeted, slapping him on the back. “Congrats, man! Very, very happy for you all.” He said, looking at the both of us. “Whenever you want Uncle Zave to come save you, Just call.” Xavier said, seriously to Kenny. “You’re the only one we’d trust.. with our child.” I stated, half jokingly.

      “It’s six, everyone!” My mother exclaimed. Six. The gender reveal. “Outside, outside!” She continued, moving everyone to the door- pulling one of my table knives from Matt’s hand on her way. “Here? Now?” I asked, towards both Jackson’s.

      People began to pile outside, taking seat where they could. Two, large cannons set on the back deck- containing God know’s what. “You both close your eyes!” My mother scorned. Kenny interlocked my fingers with his, and we did as we were told. Everyone started to count down from ten.

      10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 

      Kenny squeezed my hand. “What the hell, (Y/N).” He whispered, excitedly. 

      6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..

      A pull of strings later, and a few flamed sparks.. bangs shot off and our skin danced with light unknown objects. “Open your eyes, babe.” Kenny said.

      Fireworks shot through the dimming sky, one after another. Petals fell from the clouds, hitting not just us- but everyone here. Hundreds of thousands of Japanese Cherry Blossom petals.. falling forever. Pink. 

      Whistling, cheers, and clapping roared through our backyard, bringing everyone into one giant congratulatory stance- flowers still falling. Kenny leaned down to my ear and said- “I told you, I knew.” and his lips fell to mine.

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Whose ready for resbang 2016? Not this chick really, but I mostly did it. Thanks to Caitlin for assuring me it mostly made sense, the mods for everything they do to make this event possible, Amanda and sigsegv for art that is far better than I deserve! Onwards to the fic.

No thanks to my device for making posting this fic on any platform I could get my hands on a Herculean task like fight me and fight me tumblr mobile for not letting me italicise or bold anything your killing my aesthetic I’m too tired for this I need a mug of hot chocolate. This is neither the first nor the last time I will cry over resbang and it going a little pear shaped on me but it’s here so please do forgive me for the disappointing aesthetic.


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The Stars Over the Sun

Hercules x Female Reader


Word Count: 1780

A/N: Um, so sorry about my week+ hiatus there. I think I wrote and erased and rewrote this about twelve times, I couldn’t decide on the plot I liked best. I’m pretty happy with which plot I went with, but it might be confusing, so idk. It’s just a little Herc fluff. This is mostly just dialogue, which was really strange for me to write, so it might not be as good of quality as my other imagines, but here we are. Hopefully you like it! Here we go!

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anonymous asked:

my roommate keeps referring to my boyfriend as my husband even though we've only been dating six months but the funny (amazing, actually) thing is we basically already are planning on getting married after college, im so happy and so in love (and my roommate will definitely be one of my bridesmaids)

My Beautiful Moon

“Prongs! Are you even listening to me?” Sirius indignantly asked, clutching his chest in mock pain.

James nodded his head absently, going back to reading his book. “Moony this, Moony that. ‘Oh James, whatever shall I do if he rejects me? Woe is me!’ Something along those lines.”

Sirius sputtered in shock, “This or that? This is a crisis, mate! What if he says no and then I’ll end up alone living in London with twenty cats!”

James snorted, “First off, he would never say no. For some bloody reason, Remus likes you. Don’t ask me why, but he does. Second, you hate cats.” Rolling his eyes, James tossed a pillow at Sirius, “Besides, in this little fantasy of yours, do I run off and abandon you?”

Sirius nodded solemnly, “In the custody battle, Remus won full rights.”

James laughed and nodded, before smirking at something behind Sirius. “Why hello Moony, Sirius and I were just talking about you! Good ole Sirius here was telling me all about hi-“

Sirius leapt up from the bed and covered James’ mouth. Puzzled, Remus tilted his head towards Sirius, a questioning look in his eyes. “What James was trying to say is that he was just leaving.” Sirius said forcefully.

As James walked out the door, he mouthed ‘Condoms are in the top drawer” and gave Sirius a thumbs up. Sirius groaned and slammed the door in his face, sheepishly looking at Remus, who was determinedly staring at the floor.

“So,” Sirius started, “I was wondering, uh, if you wanted to go to Hogsmeade with me sometime? Together?”

 Remus smiled, “Of course I would.”

Remus finished lighting the candles, proud of the surprise he put together for their one year anniversary. He had set up a romantic picnic for them by the Great Lake, and managed to smuggle some firewhiskey from Hogsmeade. All of Sirius’ favorite foods were there as well, all that was missing was Sirius.

An hour passed by, and the chilly air surrounded Remus. Biting his lip anxiously, he checked the time again. 

1:21 AM

Sighing, Remus began to pack everything away. He felt tears prickling his eyes, as he started to doubt himself.

He must have realized I don’t deserve him. I can’t believe I fooled myself into thinking someone could love someone like me.

As Remus trudged back to the castle, he remembered he had the Marauders Map. Anxiously, he searched for Sirius’ name. His heart started beating faster when he discovered where Sirius was- the infirmary. He ran faster than he had before, skidding to a halt outside the heavy doors. Laying on a bed, was Sirius, sickly pale and covered in bruises. Turning to Madam Pomfrey, he felt hot and dizzy as she explained what happened.

“He was found outside the library, unconscious and bleeding. Mister Potter brought him down here, and after running some diagnostics, it appears the cruciatus was cast on him for several minutes. I don’t know to what extent the damage is, he hasn’t woken up yet.” She sighed quietly, “I know how close you two are Remus, feel free to stay here tonight. I’ll have the house elves bring down your things.”

Remus thanked her quietly before sitting next to Sirius.

“I thought you forgot about me, or left me.” Remus whispered, crying softly.

“How could I forget my beautiful moon” a hoarse voice asked.

“Say Padfoot Harry!” Sirius grinned as he bounced the giggling baby on his knee, “Pad-foot! It’s easy!”

“Moomoo!” Harry squealed and grabbed for Remus who sat nearby making faces at Harry.

“Told you he likes me better,” Remus gloated, tickling the infant’s feet.

“At least I’m not called Moomoo,” Sirius shot back, “and he said my name first anyway.”

Remus rolled his eyes, “He said Daddy. Not paddy.”

Huffing, Sirius shook his head. “You wish.”

James swooped in and grabbed his son, tossing him in the air. “Hey little man! Did you have a good birthday?”

Harry grinned and tugged at his father’s hair, giggling again. Lily chuckled besides them, “He sure does love your hair Jamie, let’s hope he doesn’t get it though.”

“Why not?” James asked offended, “It would be an honor if he had hair as magnificent as mine!”

The two playfully argued until Remus and Sirius pulled out two presents. “We were at the store and both saw something perfect for Harry. So here’s a little gift from each of us.”

 Lily unwrapped Sirius’ present first, gasping when she saw what it was. “A toy broomstick? Merlin Sirius, he’s only one!”

Sirius smirked, “Eh, he’s a Potter! He’s a natural flier!”

Lily thanked him and turned to the next present. Inside was a beautiful sweater with two deer on the front. She clutched the sweater tightly and smiled, “Oh thank you Remus! It’s absolutely gorgeous!”

As the evening drew to a close, the two apparated home to their shared flat. Sirius absentmindedly tugged at his hair and bit his lip. Remus recognized the signs, and hugged his boyfriend.

“What’s on your mind love?”

Sirius exhaled slowly, “I was just thinking, maybe someday we could start a family of our own?”

Remus smiled as he kissed Sirius’ forehead, “Is that what’s got you so worried love? Of course we can, and then Harry can have a friend his age!”

The two talked for hours about their future before falling asleep on the couch.

“What if it doesn’t work,” Remus whispered, “What if we’re wrong? What if he’s gone for good?”

Hermione gripped his arm tightly, “You can’t talk like that Remus. We’ve researched this for months, I just know it will work. It’ll be fine.”

Together, they raised their wands and said, “Revertimini”

On the floor, a haggard man materialized, gasping in a deep breath. Remus gasped and ran to him, tears streaming down his face.

“Love? Do you remember me?” Remus whispered, unsure of the answer that would come.

The corner of the man’s mouth quirked up, and the corner of his eyes crinkled. “How could I forget my beautiful moon?”

Remus choked back a sob, “Oh merlin, Sirius, I missed you so much!” Drawing him in for a hug, Remus whispered softly, “Happy birthday love.”

“But, its June, isn’t it?” Sirius looked at Remus puzzled, “We had run to the Ministry, Harry was in danger.”

Remus smiled sadly, “That was six months ago love. Today you turn thirty-eight. After you fell through the veil, Hermione and I researched how to get you back. The credit goes to her actually. She found the veil essentially took you to a state of non-existence. You weren’t dead, but you weren’t alive. We altered a few spells to get you back, and I was afraid it wouldn’t work.” Remus looked at the ground, ashamed at the confession. 

Sirius grasped Remus’ chin, forcing the other man to look into his eyes. “That doesn’t matter,” he whispered, “you got me back love.” Sirius smirked and lifted the hem of Remus’ shirt, “I do believe I owe you a proper thank you.” 

Forcefully kissing the other, they quickly forgot about the girl in the doorway. Clearing her throat, Hermione tried to catch their attention. When she realized the attempt was futile, she smiled behind her hand and quietly left, locking the door behind her.

“On the count of three I want you to open your eyes, okay? Until then, no peeking!”

Remus chuckled at his boyfriend’s enthusiasm. Ever since the war ended, Sirius and Remus had been trying to outdo one another with elaborate dates and surprises. Sirius kicked him out of the house three hours earlier, declaring, “I won’t have you ruining the surprise!” After being blindfolded, Remus was ready to see what was taking so long. Upon being told he could open his eyes, Remus gasped at the sight before him. The drab apartment they shared had been covered in tinsel and lights, and a beautiful tree stood by the fireplace. 

Sirius smiled bashfully, “I know it’s not much, but I thought you might like it. Sorry I couldn’t do more love.” 

Sirius bit his lip and avoided looking at Remus. He was surprised when the taller man hugged him fiercely, and felt tears land on him.

“I love it Pads,” he whispered, “It’s beautiful.”

Sirius relaxed at those words, and grabbed a present from behind the couch. “I got you this, too.”

Remus opened the present, and gasped when he saw what was inside. “These are original copies of Lord of the Rings! How did you afford these?” Remus softly cried, clutching the books. “These mean so much to me, thank you love.”

Pulling out a box from under the tree, Remus handed it to Sirius. Opening it, Sirius found a leather jacket signed by his favorite band. Shocked, his jaw dropped and he put it on excitedly.

“How do I look?” He asked, posing in front of the mirror.

“You look beautiful, love.” Remus laughed.

“Not as beautiful as my moon.”

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Hope you enjoyed love! Of course all the other goodies I wrote for you are at @shhimyoursecretsanta so enjoy!

*Revertimini is latin for ‘return now’

anonymous asked:

Thank you so much for coming back, I really missed this blog and I'm so excited for their vacation antics! (P.S. You started posting just hours before my birthday, so I'm considering this a birthday present.)

You’re welcome! It’s been a long time, huh? I realized I haven’t posted since Election Night–was too dang depressed/angry. Oops. Springs coming here, though, and I really want to get things rolling again so we can see these kiddies grow old and up together. I’m finishing my surprise–you guys are gonna be like, “WTC I can’t believe it took you like six months and that’s what it is–and then we’ll get things going again I think. The comic is going to be on hold for a bit until I save up enough money to get a new tablet–the one I have hasn’t been doing what I need.


Yes, Ma’am  (Steve Rogers x reader)

Request:  Hello!! I was wondering if you could write a Steve imagine where the reader is trying to run away(literally haha) from her ex that just won’t let her go and she bumps into Steve, so she just grabs his hand and tells him to keep quiet and play along as her ex arrived and see them

Hope you enjoy, love!

“Andrew, I’ve told you this so many times, and I really don’t know any other way to say it that you will understand.  We. Are.  Over.  We aren’t going to be friends, I’m not your booty call; I’m your nothing.  You are my nothing.”  You were becoming more and more frustrated as your now ex-boyfriend stared at you, crying and begging you to forgive him of his latest transgression. His dejected expression left you with a small pang of regret, but not enough to change your mind. “I’m leaving now, Andrew.  Don’t follow me again.  Stay here, maybe have lunch, clear your head, and forget about me.”

It was really getting embarrassing, him following you so much.  Today, you had ducked into a small café just to get the scene off the sidewalk and out of public display.  If he wanted to work on winning you back, acting like a petulant child was not the way to do it.  You had only been together for six months, and it was a shock to you that he would be having this reaction.  You certainly weren’t happy, so what did he think he was fighting for?  

As you rounded the corner past the café, you heard his voice again.  “(Y/N), come on!  Why can’t we work this out?”

Your pace quickened, ducking around the next corner, not even caring which way you were going.  As you turned you looked back to see if he was watching, paying no attention to the man who was directly in front of you. You turned to him just as you crashed together, his arms quickly reaching out to grab you and keep you upright.

“Oh, shit!  I’m sorry!”  You looked up to see a very handsome, very well-built man, now looking at you with concern and confusion.  “I wasn’t watching where I was going…I…uh,” you stammered, entranced by his soft blue eyes, now at a complete loss for words.  “Um, I mean…I was just trying…to…to get away…from…”

“(Y/N), really? You’re hiding from me now?”  

“Are you in trouble? Is someone following you?”  He moved to step in front of you, but you grabbed his hand and pulled him forward, hatching what just might be the perfect plan.

“Just play along, ok?”

His eyes were wide as you pulled him back around the corner, stumbling onto the sidewalk.  “Y-Yes, ma’am.”

Putting on your most confident walk, you flipped your hair back and squeezed the man’s hand tightly. He easily towered over you by at least a foot, but you’d never felt taller as you prepared to confront your whiney ex-boyfriend for hopefully the last time.

You had now met up with Andrew on the sidewalk, his expression confused and growing a bit angry.  He looked from you to this new man and back again. He was sizing him up, you could tell. You stifled a laugh, knowing he was no match for your new captive companion.  Giving him a brief smile, you casually moved to walk past him, but he stood in your path.

“Excuse us, Andrew.”

“What the hell is this?!” his hands frantically pointing back and forth between the two of you. “When the hell did you meet Captain America?! And why is he holding your hand?!”

Your stomach dropped and you began to feel your face heating up, attempting to not change your expression to one of complete humiliation.  Oh god, of all the guys in New York, I had to grab Captain freaking America?  

“Hello, I’m Steve. Andrew, is it?”  Steve held out his hand, trying his best to be polite. “I’ve heard so much about you,” Steve took a step forward, now toe-to-toe with your ex, holding the handshake firmly.  You could see Andrew’s fingers beginning to turn white from the pressure.  “and I didn’t like any of it.  I think you should leave the lady alone now.”

“Oh, you think so do you?” You closed your eyes as your dumber-than-you-thought ex boyfriend spoke.  “You wanna know what I think?”  He reached out to pull you towards him, grabbing your arm with the hand he still had free.

That was a really, really bad idea.

The sound of crushing bones is one you will never forget, along with the high-pitched scream and sound of Andrew’s pleas as Steve held him to the ground, his arm twisted awkwardly behind him.  “Now, Andrew, you are going to leave the lady alone.” It wasn’t a question; it was a direct order.  Steve’s voice was calm, controlled, and extremely sexy.  You felt awkward at your attraction to him, in front of the violent scene playing out.

“I will, I will!  I swear!  Just let me go!”

Steve released him, still standing over the small, shaking man.  “ I suggest you apologize to (Y/N).”

“I’m sorry, (Y/N).” He was panting now, holding his injured hand to his chest.  “I won’t bother you again.”  He slowly stood and cowered as he walked away, never looking back to you.

You squeezed your eyes together, embarrassed now at what Steve had done for you.  “I’m sorry.  Oh, I’m so sorry.  I had no idea who you were.”  You had just realized that you were still holding his hand.  You released it quickly, as if it were burning your skin. “Steve…um… Captain…um…”

“Steve, please.”  He reached down and took your hand again. For such a powerful man with such strong hands, his skin was soft and warm, and your hand fit perfectly within it. “The way you took control back there, I believe you could easily out-rank me, given the chance.”

You took a moment to look at your hands together, then up to his face with those damn beautiful eyes, trying to gather your confidence.  “Well, in that case, mister,  you’re taking me out for a cup of coffee.”  His eyes brightened, if that were even possible, his face alight with the excitement of a kid at Christmas.

“Yes, ma’am.”  

I need to talk to you

Request : Hi!!! I have a request 10, 35,41 & 60 with Bucky 😚

Request 2:  7 and 10 with Bucky?? Please

7) ”You’re mine, and I love you”

10) “I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and – Oh, screw it!“

35)“Wait. Am I gonna be a dad?”

41)“You’re warm.”

60) ‘The things i want do to you, with you …”

Words : 696

Originally posted by seabasschino

Bucky watched you every time you were in the room. Was a habit of him, he liked to know if you are safe and happy. He doesn’t know when this habit started but he knows that he is not going to stop.

Right now you are in the couch talking to Wanda about something he is not really paying attention to your conversation. He is just looking at you and how beautiful you look today. He wishes he could just sit there and kiss you but he knew that you wouldn’t like that.

He remembers the first time you two get together ,was after a mission. The mission was difficult neither of you two was hurt but there was a lot of adrenaline in the system to keep you separate that night.

In the next morning when he woke up with you in his arms he knew that he was doomed. You are perfection in the morning, the away the sun highlights your freckles and how your hair spreads on his chest.

You wake up and he smiles at you bright “ Good morning doll, i hope you sleep well” you kiss his chest a couple times and say “ Best sleep of my life but unfortunately i have to get up before someone notice i am not in my room ” he notice you trying to get up but don’t let you move “Don’t go, you’re warm and i like to have you on top of me”

That wasn’t only a one night stand every night he was in your room and not only just for sex, sometimes you two spend the night watching movies or just talking. You never judge him for his past and for that he was grateful

‘You should go to talk to her she is a mess" Wanda said taking him away from his thoughts. He looks at you and you gave him a look to follow you and he follows. “Bucky we need to talk" he sits with you in bed and prepares himself for the worse. You probably don’t want him in your life anymore after six months with him you figure it out the kind the man he was.

“I am scared of how things are i love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and when we get together i was so happy but what i am to you?” He is lost in your words because for him you were embarrassed of sleeping with him but no and all this time without saying anything, was hurting you the only person he never meant hurt. ”You’re mine, and I love you”. You start to cry a little and he is there just to hold you and tell you that everything is going to be okay.

After a few minutes you stop crying “i need to tell you something" he is afraid that he loves for you doesn’t change anything and you still want out of this relationship. You get up and grab something in your drawer “ i don’t know how this happened” he takes the object in your hand and look for a few minutes without understand “Wait. Am I going to be a dad?”

You agrees and he is so happy, he never thought that would be possible. He kiss you ” Hey this is good news, unless you don’t want this baby, my baby" you put your head on his shoulder and place your hands on top of his for comfort “ I want i just don’t want do this alone” he start to kiss your neck “ you aren’t alone i am here for both of you”

He continued working on your neck and his hands on your breasts as you moan he say “‘The things i want do to you, with you god i love you” you start to lay down on your back “ do it i am yours” he take his time appreciating every single inch of you don’t let nothing untouched, he was being extremely gently with you. After you both finish he pulls you closer and say “ i am yours too”

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Neymar Imagine || Daddy’s Boy (Feat. Davi Lucca)

“Y/N, we’re here.” I hear Neymar say as the front door opens. I get up from my seat and walk in his direction.

Davi is wondering around the hallway and I can’t help but smile at the sight of him. I knew he was three, but somehow I figured he’d be bigger. Once he notices me walking over, he runs back to his dad and hides behind his legs. I stifle a laugh as Neymar wraps an arm around the little blond haired cutie.

“Davi, this is the girl I’ve been telling you about.” Neymar says with a smile. “Y/N? Do you remember I told you about her?” Davi gives him a quick nod, but refuses to come out of hiding. His dad crouches down next to him and I take a few steps forward.

“I’m so happy to meet you.” I smile. “I didn’t know he was shy.”

“He’s not.” Neymar laughs. “God, he is so not shy. You’re going to miss these quiet moments once he gets used to you. ”

Although we’ve been dating for over six months now, this is the first time I’m meeting Neymar’s son, because we thought it would be wise to wait until we were sure that this relationship was actually going somewhere. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense for us to put a child in the middle of it and have him end up wondering where I disappeared to if we were to break up. It wasn’t my idea, but I was okay with waiting, because the last thing I wanted to do was hurt a three year old in any way.

I’ve always been great with children, probably because I’m the oldest sibling and I always had to take care of my little brother and sister as I was growing up, but for some reason that I don’t quite understand, Davi is the exception to that. He is supposed to spend at entire week with us in Barcelona, but after the first four days, he still doesn’t seem to have gotten used to me. Neymar keeps assuring me every day that I’m not doing anything wrong, but I find it hard to believe him, especially when I watch how much fun Davi seems to have with all of his father’s friends and teammates. He doesn’t hesitate for a second to jump in their arms the second he sees them and drags them along to play with him or show them whatever toy he is carrying around that day, but when it comes to me, he ignores me as much as possible.

The only time when he seems to acknowledge my presence is when we’re alone in the house during Neymar’s training sessions, but, even then, he still tries to stay as far away from me as possible and gives me monosyllabic answers to pretty much everything. Now, I’m obviously not expecting to have full on conversations about the meaning of life with a three year old, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find it surprising that he’s going out of his way to avoid me.  

“Davi?” I call out from the kitchen, as I’m looking through Neymar’s fridge and trying to figure out what I should make for dinner. We haven’t moved in together yet, but I stay over a lot and it wouldn’t be the first time I cooked for the both of us. “What do you want for breakfast?” I ask again, fully aware that he can hear me from the living room that is only a few meters away, but is purposely ignoring me.

I wait for a few seconds, but Davi doesn’t make any effort to answer my question, so I close the fridge door with a sigh and make my way to the living room. He is sitting on the floor, playing with a bunch of dinosaur figurines and pretending he can’t hear me.

“You haven’t eaten anything today, little guy.” I sit down next to him and he scoots away. “I don’t know why you don’t want to talk to me, but it’s fine. Just tell me what you want for breakfast.” I smile and pick one of his toys up, hoping this will get his attention.

“I’m not hungry.”

“You haven’t eaten since last night.” I laugh, finding it ridiculous that he’d rather starve than talk to me. “I’m going to make myself some cereal. Would you like some?”

“No. Daddy makes me cereal.”

“Daddy won’t be home for a while. I’ll make you cereal.”

I don’t wait for a reply, because I’m pretty sure I won’t get one out of him, as I get up and walk back to the kitchen. I fill two bowls with Cocoa Puffs, pour some milk over them, grab a couple of spoons and carry everything to the living room. Davi isn’t sitting in his spot anymore and I’m too preoccupied looking around for him to watch where I’m going and I end up stepping on one of his dinosaurs and dropping one of the bowls on the floor, while spilling most of the milk in the second one.

“Son of a -“ I yell, but catch myself just in time. “Nutcracker! For crying out loud!” I stand there unable to move, unsure whether it’s because of the mess on the floor or the pain in my foot, but the sound of sobbing snaps me out of whatever trance I was in.

I turn around, careful not to step in the mess I just made and look around for Davi. I can’t see him, but the sound of sobs guides me in the right direction. It’s coming from upstairs and I find myself running towards him, afraid he might have fallen and gotten hurt while I was too busy ruining breakfast.

“Davi?” I walk into Neymar’s bedroom, where the crying seems to be coming from, but I can’t see anyone. Finally, I find him sitting on the floor on the side of the bed, facing away from the door and hiding his face in his hands. “Baby, what happened?” I sit down next to him, but he doesn’t seem to notice me, so I pull his arms down as gently as possible. His eyes are red and tears are falling out of them like there’s no tomorrow. “Did you hurt yourself? What happened?” Davi shakes his head.

“You dropped the cereal.” He says, crying even harder than before. “I’m sorry.”

I giggle for a second at the thought that he’s literally crying over spilt milk, but just the idea that he’s so terrified of me that he’d cry over something as silly as this makes me sad.

“It’s not your fault. I just tripped over something. ” I say, in an attempt to make him feel better.

“My dinosaurs.”

“You dinosaurs are fine, Davi. They just need a little cleaning and they’ll be as good as new.”

“No.” He shakes his head at me. “You tripped over my dinosaurs and dropped the bowls. It’s my fault.”

“Oh my God.” I try to smile at him, but now I’m the one who feels bad. He must have heard me swearing and assumed I was mad at him for leaving his toys on the floor, when it was actually just me being the uncoordinated idiot that I am. “That was my fault. I should have watched where I was going.”

“You’re not mad at me?” He wipes the tears from the corner of his eye and watches me in disbelief with his big brown eyes.

“Of course I’m not mad at you.” I can practically see relief washing over his tiny face, as he stops sobbing and watches me carefully, as if he’s afraid I’m going to blow up any second.

“Please don’t tell daddy.” He pleads, still watching me with the saddest eyes.

“I won’t.” I run my hands through his blonde curls, in an attempt to comfort him. “Why are you so worried about your dad finding out? You did nothing wrong.”

“Because he doesn’t like me anymore.” The boy sounds so sure of what he’s saying and I’m left staring at him in complete disbelief, unable to understand why he would ever say such a thing.

“Why would you say that? Your dad loves you so much.”

“He loves you.” He hides his face in his hands again and I let out a sigh, as I grab one of his arms and pull him over, until he’s sitting on my lap.

“Davi, listen to me.” I brush his hair away from his tear stained face. “Your dad loves you more than anything in the world. He loves you so much more than he’ll ever love me, because you’re his son. There is no competition and you have nothing to worry about.” He lifts his face towards mine and watches me as I talk. I use my hand to wipe his tears again, but this time there aren’t any more threatening to spill.


“Yes.” I nod and give him a little smile. “You can love more than one person at a time, you know? Don’t you love anyone other than your dad?”

“I love my mommy.”

“See? There’s plenty of love to go around.” I decide we’ve had enough serious conversations for the day, so I sneakily place my hands on his chest and start tickling him. For the first time since we’ve met, Davi is actually laughing with me and not scooting away to the other side of the room.

I stand up and offer him my hand to help him up, but once he’s back on his feet,  he wraps his arms around my waist and hugs me tight for a few seconds. If I knew spilling food was what it took to get him to warm up to me, I would’ve done it long ago. Once Davi lets go, I pick him up, plop him on my hip and carry him downstairs and into the kitchen, before putting him down on the counter. I whip up another two bowls of cereal and climb next to him, where we eat our breakfast in silence, our feet dangling in the air.

“I think I love you, too.” He says, in between two bites, in the way that kids do when they say the most random things at the weirdest times, as if that was the most obvious thing in that moment, but I know that to him it was.