so happy to see them this summer :3

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Hi! Top 5 Hinata friendships (besides Kageyama because there's obviously something more there)?

You’re very right my dear, Kageyama is not only his best friend he’s his soulmate, his partner, his person. But our little sun managed to get some really great friends too along the way:

1. Kenma. I still don’t understand how this happened but it’s the purest thing ever happened in the whole Haikyuu history, literally nothing could ever surpass them they are like fresh water poured from the highest mountain, two white roses just blossomed in a secret garden, a baby kitty and a cuddly chick crow…they make each other so happy I mean Kenma is really excited to see and play with him can you believe *wipes tear away* excited…and the most amazing thing is that all the rest of the boys are just amazed by their pureness as we are!

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2. Yachi. It was because of Hinata’s encouragement that Yachi decided to stand up for herself and officially join the club to become their second manager and he was the very first friend she made (besides Kiyoko). Not to mention that Yachi is the captain of the Kagehina ships and she cares about them…A LOT. We all remember how devastated she was during their fights, how much she worked to make them get closer to each other again, how happy she was when they finally made up…she’s just….the purest person 

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3. Yamaguchi. They are way more friends that most of people recognize them to be. In the manga they hang out together even outside club activities, during the summer training camp they were together A LOT, even in the latest chaper they went off to shopping and see Fukurodani together…I feel that, besides Tsukki, Hinata is the only real friend Yamaguchi has and idk they make me so happy!

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4. Bokuto. I love their dynamic A LOT. Hinata looks up to him so much, he literally idolizes him and, among all the people, Bokuto chose him to be his disciple, his heir, his legacy. More than a friend he’s like a bid brother (or his actual real dad, sorry Daichi) and I’m such a sap for every single interaction of them :’)

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5. Nishinoya. If Hinata is Bokuto’s pupil, in Karasuno he’s Noya’s protégé. They instantly bonded and they gets so excited about each other’s awesome skills. Also is very telling that Noya is one of the very very few people that call Hinata by his first name, sign that he really considers himself very close to him <3

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Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

So my mom told me there were cinnamon rolls in the kitchen, and my first thought was to make this. They’re one big reluctant family of cinnamon rolls as far as I’m concerned and I miss them </3

5 Things

I got the message, but because it wasn’t anon (sorry about that! Gotta keep the lu/na/noct trolls at bay) I decided to just post the answers here!

5 things that make me happy as of late

1. My eyesight is slowly coming back! I can now see more than I was able to yesterday, and it just keeps getting better and better. I could cry.

2. My boys are having a concert tour starting up this summer, and I am super looking forward to getting to see them play again. Oh man, I miss them.

3. Final Fantasy XV and all of the amazing people I met since joining the fandom, but also all of my friends on here I have met through the years. All my new friends and my old friends: You guys have really helped me in these last few weeks. I love ya.

4. This is super fucking shallow, but I am having tacos for dinner and this has me so stupidly happy I can’t even. Tacos in Japan usually suck lol

5. I have tonight and tomorrow off, so I am going to just stay in my house and I think I’ll finally download Nier:Automata

Thank you to the non-anonymous anonymous person who sent this to me! <3

I’ve been catching up on a lot of cartoons, and anime, lately. I binged through Cowboy Bebop and FLCL not that long ago, and I’m eagerly awaiting Star Vs to come back, as well as the next Stevenbomb. Never mind Rick & Morty also being around this Summer. All of those shows are excellent, or at least left me wanting more.

That being said, god I’m happy to have Samurai Jack back to wrap itself up. The first 3 episodes killed it, and the episodes since have all been great as well. It’s probably part nostalgia that I’m happy, and really excited, about these episodes. But, I’m realizing I was missing it so much. 

All of those other shows are excellent, and I’m looking forward to seeing them continue, but this final season of Jack has been fantastic. I’m going to be so torn when the season wraps up. 

20 Questions

Me again, I was tagged to do this by lovely @shut-up-murphy so I am doing this! YAY, very happy and excited. Should we start? Oh yes, let’s go. 

1) Name: Slađana (Croatian name- S-L-A-Đ(G)-A-N-A)  

2) Nickname: Slađa, Saky, Slođa

3) Zodiac sign: Leo

4) Height: I am not sure in inches but I will write in centemetres: 1.61cm (SMOL MIDGET)

5) Ethnicity: I will go with HUMAN

6) Orientation: Straight

7) Favorite Fruit: Watermelon! Ugh, the best! 

8) Favorite Season: Summer 

9) Favorite Book: I can read so many good books and like them but one in particular is the best of them all: See Jane run by Joy Fielding. Like the. best. book. ever. 

10) Favorite Song: Slow Hands by Niall Horan. 

11) Favorite Scent: Coconut mixed with chocolate 

12) Favorite Color: Red

13) Favorite Animals: Wolf, dogs (Huski and Pug) and that is about it

14) Favorite Beverage: cold nescaffe (chocolate)

15) Favorite Movie: A milion ways to die in west

16) Favorite Characters: From Choices- Oh well, only one and it’s Zig from the Freshman

17) Blanket Number: From yesterday -1 

18) Cat or dog: Both, because I have both already

19) Follower number: 7 (Thanks to those 7 who gave me a chance lol) 

20) Blog created at: pretty recently, I think its somewhere in the middle of May. Not sure.

Alright and let’s tag people: @hollyashton, @choices-addict, @visualnovel-lover, @sfaitlovehope, @captainrapmusic - I apologize if you did this already and I tagged you. Okay, that is it if you want tag me somewhere else too ! 


My Portal Secret Santa for @jovialfire

Merry Christmas! xD You said you liked Chelly and wanted to see what was happening in Eaden after Blue Sky, so here are some pics of Chell and Wheatley from each season (in order: Spring, Summer, Fall “Halloween”, and Winter) post-Blue Sky. Hope you like them :3 Also I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Stay awesome! :D  


 >> (other than the continually fabulous melissa mccarthy).

honestly I never make posts plugging films or tv shows because i’m just too lazy or don’t care enough, but i came back from watching this last night and havent stopped thinking about how fantastic it was.

ok so for those of you that don’t know, spy is essentially a movie about melissa mccarthy’s character susan cooper, whose a mild-mannered analyst for the CIA that ends up taking a field job that takes unexpected twists and turns. aside from being hysterically AND CONSISTENTLY funny (which so many comedy films lack, with the best parts already shown in the trailer!! not the case here!!) here are a couple reasons to spend $11 on seeing spy instead of anything else in theatres right now

aside from maybe jurassic world. still go see that.

  • the action is legitimate. the same kind of stunts that you see chiseled men doing in moves like james bond or mission impossible flicks, are in here
  • if youre scared of it becoming too gun-and-lead-blazing action-y, don’t be. some of the best moments are imbued with moments of comedy that come from dismantling tropes or stereotypical spy scenes with real life (think the scene in the trailer were jude law sneezes and accidentally pulls his trigger)
  • nor do you have to worry about it getting too campy. like i mentioned above, most moments of comedy stem from ruining too-perfect moments you’ve seen in other action movies with mistakes or missteps you’ll recognize from your own life
  • the ladies get a higher percentage of the badassery than the men!! VALAR MORGHULIS ALL MEN MUST DIE BUT WE ARE NOT MEN
  • mccarthy’s character is not fatshamed once. not once. nor do they make a joke of her weight - she doesn’t wheeze after running 50 meters or get rude nicknames. the only time she is intentionally made out to be “dumpy” is when she is undercover, in obviously ridiculous and unflattering clothes
  • on that note, there’s also age diversity! one of the major supporting characters, susan’s best friend nancy, is played by 42-year-old miranda hart. the director of the CIA is allison janney, who is 55. even the film’s sexpot-mafia-heiress raina is played by a 35 year old actress (rose byrne). it’s not much, but it’s a start!!
  • tbh any movie that uses the phrase “limp-dick unicorn” has my whole heart so
  • susan is in love with her uber-handsome, hella-smooth field agent partner bradley fine (NOT A SPOILER DONT WORRY) played by jude law. who, ya, looks p good. anyway. when she finally vocalizes her love for him, she is not made out to be pathetic, hapless, or hopeless, even though another character is trying to make her appear as all these things at the time
  • also honestly guys its just funny as fuck

SO YEAH. THERE WE GO. a bunch of reasons for you to slink away from this disgusting summer heat to see spy and laugh off like 3 popsicles worth of calories at your local theater.

disclaimer, though. i’ve only seen the movie once now, so i could be missing some problematic or offensive themes or bits within the film. the movie is not perfect, and has very serious and disappointing drawbacks. it lacks racial diversity and uses ableist language at least once.

 if anyone has a problem with any of the points im more than happy to remove or edit them!! just let me know!!


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Ok so Scott's s/o loves to cook but they always make loads of mess while they do,so they do their thing and Scott just follows them round, picking up all the leftover ingredients, wiping up the spills, washing the dishes. Everyone (Jean and warren especially) laughs that he's whipped but he doesn't care bc he gets to see his s/o happy cooking, shaking their butt and singing along to dumb songs, and kiss the taste of the ingredients off their lips <3 I love Scott he's such a sweet lil dork <3


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Your translations are so good for me! Every day i come back from work i see a chapter came out and i am simply happy and i can relax. I simply adore your t/n and i always look for them. They make me laugh. Not lolol but like real human laughter and real human smirks. I am so happy i discovered you and your work. Plus that summer and unlucky mansion are such good stories&art!!! Good luck with your studies! <3 bug hugs from this european girl. *doki doki*

omgg thank you so much!! ; __ ; i’m glad they’re making you happy and wish you only the best <3 

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please spill your clones 3 and 4 headcanons!! i have a mighty need

I made a post about them in my other blog, but I guess I’m adding more stuff in!

So, we have 2 Dips. And as similar as they are (being the same person), I’m sure after a while they would start to developing different traits. We already see 3 playing a banjo, did he always know how to or he learned in a month or two they were alone, or it’s somehow related to McGucket?

They live through the summer, but later in Autumn they have to find a place to stay (they have a campfire, does it mean they get cold or they even need to eat something? In any way, snow isn’t great), so they just go back to the Shack. Soos, of course, is happy to see them and doesn’t even question it, boys get to stay in their old room. They help Soos and Melody with the Shack. But mostly, they just end up taking after Ford. They didn’t have the same experience Dipper had with Mabel, so accepting Ford’s offer later when they actually meet him would be logical. 

But for now they can’t let their family know about themselves, so they are going wait till Dipper and Mabel come to visit in summer. To be honest, they are pretty anxious, because they think they are nothing more than just copies, so they are trying to not attract attention. For now they have all they need, they can finally explore Gravity Falls! They try to busy themselves, because they miss Mabel and others so much, they need something to take their minds off. They start to differ even more, like, idk, D4 starting to write short stories, D3 becomes more athletic or starts playing other instruments (sometimes even asking D4 to joing him with sousaphone), and both of them keep reading Ford’s books. There are so many factors that can make them into different people, some adventures where they end up playing different roles: D4 having to hide and wait and D3 having to act. Repeat this pattern a few more times — and we get more cautious D4 and more active D3, taking risks when there’s a chance it’ll work. 

They picked their new names the first week after being created, but they still keep their hats with numbers on. They changed their clothes into something, that won’t melt by water (basically just normal clothes and raincoats). And the next summer when the Pines family is back, all of them figure out how to make Dips water resistant. The original Dipper grew a lot over the year Dips haven’t seen him, so that’s when they realise they don’t grow and age at all. But that is nothing compared to finally seing Mabel, they get very emotional, and Mabel is very excited to have 3 brother instead of one! Dipper is pretty gealous at first, but hey, 3 brains is better than one! And let’s not forget, that this is Gravity Falls! How many magical creatures live there, there should be at least one to grant wishes! New Pinocchios.

I agree with some of momma-ran hedcanons from this post, specifically — ink for blood and paper healing.

As sad as I am to see the Leafs lose, I’m also proud of how far they went. I’m also super excited to see the Caps go against the Pens, and to hopefully see my favorite Leafy Boys get up to some fun stuff during the summer. They worked so hard and came so much farther than anyone expected, so they definitely deserve the break. 

Thank you all // I’m Back??

Alright I’m finally back from a mix of shit mental health aand uni (which, funnily enough, is the reason behind said mental health but I digress) I want to thank Everybody who liked my stuff enough to follow me. I really, really honestly appreciate it. I started this blog to hopefully get my favourite groups more photo based repping online and it makes me really happy when I see people sharing them around and stuff. (Also, yalls tags are hilarious bless

SO for that reason, I’m having Open gif requests for all new and old followers! 
Please message or Ask your requests in the form of a top 3/ top 5 list of bias groups, eras, or idols and I’ll see what I can do! Now I did promise some people gifsets before Uni messed things up, and I promise, now that Summer’s here, that I will get to those. Thank you for being so chill about them, I did not forget you. 

I’ll repost this a few times before some followers I’ve noticed log on. are active at different times. Thank you, thank you again for sticking with me. Yall have no idea how much it means to me. 


For one, I’m posting this kinda early, cause why not? (And I’m too excited. And I’m also worried I’ll forget to post it this week as I’ll be boarding my film starting tomorrow. Who knows how many days that’ll take me to do :’D But tbh I’d probably remember, but I don’t want to take that risk. I could be blessed with a sudden load of work, I really don’t know xD)

BUT I HAVE ANOTHER FOR THE DAY OF, SO NOT TO WORRY. Cause I couldn’t decide on what to draw..but really I had planned on drawing this earlier, but decided hey..lets make it a bday pic cause yeah. I’ll stop rambling..

It’s someone (I really REALLY care about)’s birthday this week… u_u <3

Chose to dedicate a drawing to something we do often together..and that’s pig out on some good ol’ pulled pork poutine!!
See…we’re a good match. Like..pretty damn good, actually. There’s a lot of reasons as to why, but one big one being cause I’ve always had the problem of never getting much of the cheese curds in poutine. Either they dont put enough cheese on, or everyone I typically share poutine with literally ALWAYS fights me for it. But that’s not the case with us!! I get all the cheese without a hassle, aw yeah! Cause he’s actually not a big fan of cheese, so it works perfectly!!
(I just have to fight for the meat now xD Naah, I’m actually not a big eater at all, so it’s never actually come to we usually get extra pork anyway c: ) Of course if he did like cheese as much as I do, I would be more than happy to share them with him u_u (BUT NO ONE ELSE >8C) Yeah..its just a bonus seeing how well that works out with poutine :’D I find it hilarious, actually.

But anyway! Enough rambling, and being selfish with cheese.
Here’s our characters chowing down on some good ol’ Canadian food! Probably in a park somewhere..likely Hamilton. I didn’t want this to have a plain solid background, so a late summer scenery works just fine! (Hey Brad, let’s go eat poutine in a park..we haven’t done that yet u_u )

Anywho! Happy (really early) birthday, Cool Fox <3 I’m really looking forward to spending lots and lots of time with you this week, but that’s pretty obvious c: <3

Artwork & Nicole©Niki.S

I love it when 5sos are at home…It makes me so happy and here’s why…

1. We get crazily cute tweets.

2. We get to see them spending time with the families.

3. We get snaps of beautiful things like Ashton’s dog

and Luke playing the piano

and Luke’s ankle

4. They get to spend time doing normal stuff like going to bars and hanging out with their friends

5. Australia is hot so they take their clothes off more

Ladies and gentlemen, lets give it up for Australia…

Vapor- Part 2

‘That was weird.’ Calum thought as he hands Ashton back his phone. Michael just called Ashton to tell him that he can’t wait to see him. There’s nothing wrong with that, really, Calum doesn’t doubt that one of his bandmates is excited to see his other bandmate. He doesn’t think Mashton is dead unlike most fans. He smiles to himself at that and then shakes his head. But why call just to tell him that when they have only been separated for not even an hour? Michael had taken a shower first, at a rate that was too fast even for him. He did not even go to the living room where Calum was chilling to say he was leaving, he just shouted from the foyer. Michael had been in a hurry. And for what? And now the phone call. There’s an itch at the back of his mind that tells him his bandmates are up to something.

“Ash,” Calum says shifting in his seat.

“Hmmm,” Ashton lifts his chin a bit, turning his head a little, not enough to take his eyes off the road but enough to show Calum he heard him.

“Why was Mikey in such a hurry when he left?” Ashton looks at the side mirror, at Calum’s reflection and finds his eyebrows knitted in confusion. “In fact, why did he want to be there first?” Calum turns his head to look at Ashton and Ashton looks back at the road, barely missing meeting Calum’s eyes.

“Huh,” Ashton decides to play the I-didn’t-thought-about-asking card. “I don’t know. He just told me he doesn’t have the patience for us to finish getting ready. I didn’t really want to deal with him so I just told him to go, why? Did he mention anything on the phone?”

“No he didn’t,” Ashton sees Calum turn his gaze away from the periphery of his vision. “I was just wondering.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing more than Michael being Michael.” Ashton swallows the lump in his throat, hoping Calum didn’t notice that.

Calum jumps when Ashton’s phone rings again. Ashton groaned and reached for it, not bothering to see who’s calling him. He hands it to Calum, choosing to not risk their lives by answering it himself, no matter how uncool that is for some people.

“It’s Feldy,” Calum mutters. “Shall I get it?” They are supposed to meet him at the concert. Did everyone really miss talking to them that much that they can’t wait five more minutes?

Ashton nods. “Must be important,” He answers absent-mindedly.

“Hello John,” Calum greets smiling, even if he knows too well that John wouldn’t see it.

“Hi Cal,” John greets him from the other end of the line.

“Miss me, babe?” Calum jokes.

“Yes, haven’t talked to you in a while. Listen, I wish we can have more time for this call to become a full on phone sex but there are much more important things to do.”

“Are you sure I am not more important John?” Calum softens his voice as much as he can, trying to sound sexy without cracking up.

John chuckles as a response. “Calum, stop this.” He pauses for a moment to let a bit more laughter before he calms down to continue. “Remember that Rolling Stone cover we’re all very much excited about?”

Calum remembers. How could he forget? Being in the cover of Rolling Stone US is part of making it, of actually making it. Most of the bands he looks up to have been in that cover at one point in their careers. To say the band was excited when they were offered the chance is an understatement. He remembers asking if the magazine even had to ask their permission when they all know that a band that has struggled to prove themselves like they had would never turn an opportunity like that down. “Yeah, what about it?” Calum asks.

“The guy who’s going to write the article wanted to do a bit of an interview over dinner. He says it’s nothing serious, just a few questions and mostly casual conversation. Says he’s just trying to know the band so he’d know the direction of the article.” John explains.

“When, now?” Calum asks. On any other day he’d really have no problem with this. It’s just he thought he had a few days to be himself, to not put any masks on and he honestly thinks the entire band feels the same. It’s really not a good idea to be around them when their minds are all set on vacation-mode, even if vacation means only three days. He can already see it, they would be too loose about it, their defenses too down. The non-stop promo have really worn them thin. Plus there’s this thing between him and Luke. What are they supposed to do? It’s easier to fake it when there are cameras all over their faces to remind them and it’s easier to increase their interaction to as high as it can be when interviews only last ten minutes at a time. But this, this is different. Someone asked to sit through dinner with them which could last for an hour, Calum can only pray the interviewer isn’t good enough to notice the problem.

“Yeah now, where are you and Ashton at?” John asks.

“Nearly at the venue.” Calum answers somberly.

“Great! We’ll have dinner at a restaurant a couple blocks away. Luke and Mikey are already on their way there.” Calum almost chokes at the mention of Luke’s name. He expected him to be present for the interview he just did not expect Mikey to be with him.

“Yeah okay,” Calum says as he ended the call. That’s all he can say really.

This time Calum did not return the phone back to Ashton, opting instead to clutch the device in his hands, turning it over and back, again and again on his lap, just so he can do something with his hands. “Mikey left early for Luke didn’t he?” Calum finally says after a few minutes of silence.

Ashton squeezed the stirring wheel. “Yeah.” One thing he hates a lot is lying to his best friends, but there is nothing he hates more than getting caught and feeling like whatever explanation he has will not suffice.

“I can take it you know, you don’t have to hide things like that from me.” Calum says carefully, unsure if that’s really what Ashton and Michael were doing.

“We just did not want to present any more reasons for you not to come along. We really want to share this night with you Calum, just like old times.” Ashton smiles at him and Calum nods at this. Because he understands why they would want that. He misses it too, the times when they could all hang-out in peace because there is no Luke and Calum that is coming in between the band. And his heart aches with apology. Maybe being more than a friend to Luke was actually a mistake.

Calum keeps his head down as he walks in the restaurant. He’s walking behind Ashton, watching where his feet are going so he can follow. His heart thuds steadily but every beat seems to be ringing against his ears and his chest hurts from how hard it’s pounding against his chest. He’s tempted to quietly turn back around, make some lame excuse about going to the bathroom and never coming back. He’ll find his way home after he’s had a walk around to calm himself. His hand reaches to his front pocket where he placed his pack of cigarettes, wishing he can light one up right now. He does not have to smoke it, he can just watch it burn away, watch the smoke dance against the light from a streetlamp or something, anything but having to see his face.

Calum is shocked when Ashton suddenly stops and the toe of his boots bumped against the heel of Ashton’s. He looks up, past Ashton’s shoulder at the table in front of them. A mistake. A terrible mistake. He turns his body to walk away but Ashton’s hand is already on his arm, his grip tight against his bicep.

“Don’t make me do this Ash,” Calum blinks fast wishing the burn he feels in his eyes isn’t visible as tears forming yet.

A pained expression crosses Ashton’s features and Calum scolds himself for thinking this is only difficult for him. “Sorry Calum, but he’s looking at us and he’ll know something is wrong if you walk away now.”  Calum follows Ashton’s gaze to a man beside Luke, with a thick mop of brown hair. He looks expectant, definitely the type to pounce on anything unusual that’s going to happen.

Calum nods stiffly, his jaw twitching as he moves towards the table. Ashton drops his grip immediately. Calum pulls out a chair beside Michael, Ashton sitting on his other side. The journalist introduces himself immediately and Calum shakes his hand, hoping his grip wasn’t too hard.

“Sorry, I did not know he was going to bring her.” Michael whispers against his ear.

“Sure you didn’t.” Calum knows he’s being an asshole but he really does not appreciate being surprised like this.

“Yeah, you’re right I could have at least warned you. But I did not know how to tell you without you making Ash turn the car around demanding he bring you back home.” Michael says, still whispering, as he lays that white napkin against his lap.

“Huh, funny, cause that’s exactly what I would have done.” Calum reaches for the glass of water in front of him and takes a sip.

Michael places his hand on Calum’s knee, giving it a light squeeze. “I’m sorry okay, I promise to help you get through this.”

“That’s the least you can do.” Calum answers without looking at Michael. He places the glass of water back, looking at the pair in front of him for the first time. He’s wearing her shirt and he wants to throw the water in his glass at him just so he’d take it off. Didn’t he look in a mirror before he left? The neckline looks ridiculous on him! The shirt itself is too short, showing a bit of his skin every time he raises his hand to reach out for something.

“That’s a nice shirt, Luke.” He says instead, swallowing the bitter taste in his mouth. Luke gapes at him in surprise, blinking before composing himself.

“Thanks, Calum. You’ve always, uhm, looked good in white, I guess.” Luke blushes and Calum blushes too. He did not mean it. He did not mean it. Calum repeats to himself inside his head. He can’t have himself believing anything that comes out of his mouth, even if he had told him that before when he first wore that distressed green day shirt with the sleeves cut off, with his lips against his neck, his lip ring scraping against the skin of his throat. Calum closes his eyes hoping Luke can see his pain. When he opens them again, she’s resting her cheeks against Luke’s shoulder but Luke is still staring at him.

“Please,” he mouths, and Luke looks down, turning towards the reporter’s ear after a beat, giving him the answer to his question.

Calum focused on the food the rest of the night, taking the time to cut them into the smallest pieces before putting them into his mouth. His contribution to the conversation is minimal. In fact, he only ever spoke when a question is directed specifically to him. When a contribution is expected from their side of the table, Ashton is quick in giving his two cents. If Calum finds himself unable to continue with his answer, Michael would continue for him or if it makes him too uncomfortable, he would direct the conversation into an entirely different topic. He’s grateful but that does not mean he’s going to pay attention. At the moment, he’s busy slicing a grape in his salad as thinly as he can and don’t know what the others are talking about at all.

He looks up and is surprised when he meets her eyes. She holds his gaze and he wonders at what’s going on in her head. One corner of her mouth turns up slightly and he honestly don’t know what to make of that. Luke put his knife down and reaches for the glass of wine to drink. Then she raises their entwined hands from under the table and place it at the space between their plates. Luke gives her a confused look but she just kept on staring at Calum and Calum finds his knuckles white from gripping his knife too tightly.

He allows his utensils to drop on his plate with quite a noise. “Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom,” he excuses himself.

“Please, come back after,” Michael pleads against his ear.

“Make him control his pet by the time I do,” he angrily whispers back.

“You already made me sit across them in that restaurant I am not sitting on the same section as them.” Calum’s tone is full of finality and the only thing Ashton can do is nod.

“Would you like to stand just inside the barriers?” Ashton suggests. Calum looks at him disbelievingly.

“Ashton, we’re two six-foot-tall men. Stand there and what? Block the view of those who actually paid to get in here?” Calum can’t believe he’s making Ashton realize something as trivial as this.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Where do we go then?” Ashton rubs the back of his neck, this whole situation is giving him pain in areas he haven’t felt pain in before.

“I guess we could just stay on the floor, at the back. It’s not a very big venue, it’s not like we’re going to be too far back.” He reasons. He walks away when Ashton did not complain, grabbing a cup of beer among ones lined up on a table.

“You haven’t introduced me to Calum and Ashton yet, do you think we should approach them” She asks. She has never left his side since they arrived back to the venue after the dinner. That’s also what he has been doing all night, introducing her to his friends, never having more than a few minutes with each because she keeps on insisting on meeting everyone. He’s too tired to argue, so he complies.

“No.” He answers a little too sharply. She narrows her eyes at him. “I meant, not now because I don’t know where they went.” He answers. He silently thanks all the saints in the heavens for Ashton and Calum disappearing from sight just at the right moment.

“Luke, I’m heading to our seats. Would you like to head up there with me?” Michael hands him and her a bottle of Corona. Luke thanks him before taking a swig.

“Yeah, we’re coming up.” He grabs her hand and follows Michael.

“Where are Ash and Cal?” Luke asks Michael after they’ve taken their seats.

Michael shrugs and drinks from his bottle. For Michael the best state to be in a concert is a little buzzed. He needs to be just loose enough to properly enjoy himself without worrying about what others think of him. It has become harder to enjoy himself at these things recently, when he’s sure at least a couple of people in crowds would recognize him and probably share whatever stupid thing he decides to do to the entire world. No matter how many times he tells himself that he does not care if the world judges him, it still gets to him. So he just tries to become really careful not to do anything extra stupid. That doesn’t mean he’s not going to get buzzed. He still is, just the right amount of buzzed, nothing more.

It didn’t take long for Good Charlotte to take the stage. Everyone cheered loudly when they come in, Michael standing up from his seat to shout encouragements at their friends. Luke sings along with every word, sometimes even imitating the guitar sounds with Michael, his hand entwined with hers the entire time. He would whisper lyrics against her ear in advance sometimes so she could sing them too. She tries, sometimes she could sing them and they would laugh together if she can’t. By the fifth song Luke and Michael are performing themselves, singing to imaginary microphones and strumming air guitars; she dances along with the songs throwing her hands in the air and nodding along. The three of them are glad when Good Charlotte finally decided to slow it down, their hearts finally having time to go back to its natural rhythm.

Luke wraps his arms around her, resting his chin on her head. She places her hands on top of Luke’s arms around her middle and they sway along with the music. That’s when Luke spots Calum on the floor, standing beside Ashton behind majority of the crowd. He can only see the side of his face from this position, his profile, and his strong jaw. He likes running his nose along that jaw, tilting his face up a little when he reaches the spot where it joins his ear so he could scratch the skin with his beard. That always makes Calum shiver.

He closes his eyes and when he opens them, it’s him in his arms. He imagines his chin resting on his shoulders, his arms around his slender waist. He’d nuzzle his face against his neck, kiss him there. He’d make a trail of kisses along his jaw until he reaches the corner of his lips. He’d smile against his skin when he’s there. He imagines him sighing, letting out an impatient ‘Luke, please’ and he’d grin like an idiot at that. Calum would be annoyed, would think Luke is making fun of him so he’d turn and grab Luke’s face so he can press their lips together. He would move his lips a bit and just when Luke’s about to respond he’s going to turn back around urging him to listen to the music instead. Calum loves teasing Luke and Luke loves being teased by Calum.

But Calum isn’t teasing him this time. Luke moves his lips, pressing, pressing, pressing and Calum pushes back, kissing him just as hard. He keeps his arms around Calum, letting it rest against the small of his back. He felt one of Calum’s hands tugging on his hair, the other on his neck. He bites Calum’s bottom lip, swiping at it right after. And Calum opens his mouth, giving out a sound at the slight pain, a sound Luke swallows with his mouth. Suddenly Calum is pushing at him but at the same time fighting to keep their lips together. He realized he wants him to step back so he does, keeping Calum’s body flushed against his. He felt the seat on the back of his knees. One last push and his sitting down. Calum climbs on his lap, grabbing the sides of his face and continues kissing him. Luke places his hands on his muscular thighs, running them up and down, stopping at his hips and hooking his fingers on his belt loops.

“Let’s get out of here,” he says when Calum moves to kissing his jaw, He bites him and Luke has to stop himself from moaning. “Calum, please.” He breathes.

Calum suddenly pushes against him and stops kissing. “What did you just say?” Luke blinks his eyes. His vision clears just as the weight lifts off him.

He runs his hand against his face. “Oh god I’m sorry,” he tells her. Michael is looking at him from behind her, shock also on his face. He’s assuming he knew what happened.

She shakes her head and grabs her purse from her own seat. “I can’ believe this.” She says as she walks away.

“Well, she can’t seem to get away fast enough,” Michael commented after she has left, nursing another beer. Luke has his elbows against his knees trying to think.

Luke stands up and Michael raises an eyebrow at him. “Mikey, if she comes back, just talk to her.” He tells Michael, clapping him on the shoulder.

“What, why? Where are you going?” Michael asks but Luke is already several feet away from him. Michael shrugs wondering what it is with tonight and people walking out.

“Ash where is he?” Ashton turns to Luke, clearly startled. Luke’s hand is on his elbow, his chest rising and falling too quickly.

“Luke, why were you running?” Ashton sometimes has this knack for asking the most irrelevant questions.

“I saw Calum here beside you a while ago, where did he go?” Luke tries to ask one more time.

“He said he needed a smoke. Probably at the back or something,” Luke is walking away from him before Ashton can finish.

Luke finds him at the end of a hallway, standing beneath what must be a vent, watching the smoke he blows get sucked upwards. Luke slows his pace as he approach him, questioning himself why he thought it’d be a nice idea to talk to him right now. He’s had so many opportunities, back when they were touring Europe for promo. They were alone then, the band was alone, she wasn’t there. He could have talked to him when they were in Amsterdam, just after Michael broke down, because Calum could have used an extra friend when Michael isn’t able to be that for him. He could have talked to him when they were in three countries in a day, he noticed Calum was tired then, but unable to sleep, just like him. He could have talked to him on that peaceful train ride to Scotland when he could have been more forgiving.

If Calum noticed Luke coming, he did not give any indication of it. When Luke reached where he was, he did not even turn his head to look. Luke steps in the cramped space, leaning against the wall opposite Calum.

“Aren’t you going to ask what I’m doing here?” Luke says when it became clear to him the Calum will not say anything first.

“No, because you’d tell me anyway.” Calum puts out his cigarette. He knows Luke doesn’t like its smell.

Luke lets a small smile form on his lips. “I’m sorry,” Luke says looking at the ground.

Calum snorts. “What for?” He decides to lean against the wall opposite Luke too, he suspects he can’t handle standing on his legs and this conversation at the same time.

“For leaving just like that. For leaving you back in Florida.” Luke looks at Calum, expecting him to have his head bowed down just like he had. But Calum is staring right at him, and Luke almost closes his eyes at what he sees in them.

Calum gives him a sad smile and Luke’s chest aches because he did that. He forced Calum to smile at him even if he’s feeling like he can’t. He made Calum hide his feelings from him just like he does to everyone when he once was one of the few privileged enough to know what he truly feels. “Are you really?” Calum asks him.

Luke is at a loss for words. How does he prove him he’s sincere? “I am.” He says weakly.

Calum places his temples between his thumb and other fingers, rubbing at his eyes as if to erase traces of tears from them. “Okay,” He says staring Luke in his eyes again. Luke feels a sob rise up from his stomach to his throat. His chin trembles but he keeps it at bay.

“Is that all you’re going to say?” Luke asks because he wants Calum to be angry at him. He wants Calum to be so angry at him that he’ll shove him against a wall and punch him in his gut. He wants him to tackle him on the floor, lock his head up until he’s red in the face from lack of oxygen. He wants Calum to hurt him, like he hurt Calum. He figures he can handle that kind of pain, but not this, not this. This…hurts more.

“What do you want me to say Luke?” Calum’s tired. He’s not sure he’s fought enough but he feels like he has. He can see the veins in Luke’s forehead starting to pop out. Luke is angry and Calum doesn’t know why after all this time it’s still Luke who is angry. He’s supposed to be the one who’s angry, but all he feels is exasperation.

“I don’t know, Calum. You were ignoring me so I thought that maybe you cared what I do after all. I thought it meant that you did not like seeing me with someone else. I thought that it meant that you wanted me after all! Don’t you Calum? Don’t you want me? At all?” Luke sounds like he’s pleading but Calum doesn’t know what he’s supposed to give him.

Calum just nods. “You’re not going to say anything?” Luke runs his hand in his hair in frustration.

“I won’t lie to you just so you could hear the words you want to hear.” Calum tells him.

Luke swallows. “You don’t want me.” he says in resignation.

“I don’t know. I can’t give you the answer you want because I don’t know! And it’s really difficult to figure that out when I see you shove your tongue down her throat because it makes me want you but at the same time not want you!” Calum pushes himself against the wall getting closer to Luke with every word.

Calum is suddenly so close to Luke, their noses almost touching. Luke searches Calum’s eyes and his chest tightens when he sees it there. Calum’s gaze shift down to his lips and Luke is pulling Calum by his shoulders closer to him and he crashes their lips together. Calum tastes of smoke but he doesn’t mind because he misses this. And Luke saw that in Calum’s eyes too. They miss each other, they crave each other. The kiss is frantic their hands touching every part of each other as fast as they can, clinging to what they both know is temporary. Calum nibbles on Luke’s neck just like he knew he would when they both needed to come up for air.

“Lie to me, Calum, lie to me.” Luke breathes out, gripping the hair at the back of Calum’s head.

Luke feels Calum’s grip tighten on both his arms. Calum takes a step back, still holding Luke against the wall. They look at each other, both of their breathing heavy. Calum shakes his head. “No Luke, I can’t.” Then Calum is walking away and Luke can only watch his retreating form.

 A/N: Happy belated Christmas or early new year or start of Bali trip? I don’t know but here it is. 

Generalising about an entire fandom and making them out to be rude/sexist/cheaters/bitches etc is about as ignorant as generalising about entire religions, cultures, countries. A lot of the 5SOS fam have been gracious and sweet about everything, so let’s not go blaming them or starting fights with the ignorant ones.

Besides, awards and accolades don’t equate to anything, they are what they are; happiness and SUCCESS do. With 3 lead singles going 4x platinum, a song in the top 20 on the Hot 100, and all of us being the most supportive fandom in the world, 5H have nothing to complain about, which is exactly why they aren’t complaining.

And neither should you.

(Oh, and let’s not dismiss last year’s VMA win. We DID THAT.)

So congrats, 5SOS. See you next year!


Illustrations by Francesco Francavilla

If you follow this blog you know how big of a fan I am of the new horror FOX show, SLEEPY HOLLOW.
As I did with some other show that I dig a  lot (Breaking Bad, Doctor WHo, etc.), I started to do minimalist posters for each episode after watching it on tv in prime time. So it was pretty cool to have, this past Summer, FOX Entertainment contacting me to about using those posters in the extras section of the dvd/buray Season 1 set (see photo above of the tv). For the occasion, I completed the posters (I was missing 3 of them, probably because of some deadline) to make a total of 13 illustrations, one for each episode.

Everybody at FOX was so happy with those posters that I was asked to contribute some more art for a very special, exclusive booklet for the TARGET release of Season 1. What came out is a 32 page booklet full of art depicting all the main characters and plot points of the full season. 

Took some snaphots (see above): the booklet is part of the dvd/bluray set and it’s really neat. The set is on sale, starting today, in all TARGET stores only (not available online), so go grab one if you guys love the show (like I do) and dig what you see here :)


Here are some tips when planning and thinking about your summer:

1. Make A Bucket List: Making a bucket list is a great way to have a visual reminder of all the things you want to do this summer! Get a huge poster board, write about twenty things you want to do, decorate it, and hang it up somewhere you will see it everyday. Having a bucket list will motivate you to get things done instead of just sticking to your same daily routine.

2. Find Your True Friends: Do you have those couple friends that just don’t make you feel good about yourself? Then guess what? You don’t have to hang out with them! It can be hard to cut off friendships during the school year, so this summer is the perfect time to only hang out with the people that make you happy. This is also a great time to branch out and make some new friends too.

3. Take That Health Challenge: Make a promise to yourself that you will do something healthy this summer and stick to it! Whether it is fitness, exercise, or nutrition related, you can treat yourself how you deserve to be treated and learn something in the process!

4. Explore Your Interests: Think about something you are really interested in, and take a class about it or pursue it on your own! You could take photos, grow a garden, take a journalism class, write poetry, make a film or even start an organization!

5. Get Crafty: Research some cool ideas for crafts or DIY fashion and do it! You could end up making something really cool that you are extremely proud of. Some ideas to start out with are collages, mosaics, or tye-dye.

6. Do Something Different: If you want to take the next step out of your comfort zone, go to a new summer camp, take an interesting summer school course, go camping, or get a job. You will thank yourself later for taking a risk because of all the cool people you will meet, things you will do and you may even gain a new perspective on some aspect of your life!

7. That Summer Romance: As the school year winds down, let that boy that you’ve had your eye on know how you feel, and it could turn into something really great over the summer. And, worst case scenario, he doesn’t feel the same way, you won’t have to see him until next fall and you will be glad you took the chance anyway!

These are just a few simple things you can do to make this summer the most memorable one yet! Enjoy! xx - Cameron


MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Oh, Renren-chan, you are such a great artist, I am always happy when I see your art <3  I wish you every success, joy and happiness! It is not very X-masy, but I know you like this couple, so.. Take them! (in my mind it is like Tori is summer and Sans is winter, but you can interpret it however and whatever you want :D) (I’ll also “enclose” background and line version of this file in case you like it more)

OHMYGOSHHHH ;A;;; Waaaah, you didn’t have to do this! ohgosh, this is such a nice surprise;; thank you so much! <33 I hope you have a very merry Christmas too, full of warmth and good food and presents~ Thank you so much for drawing this for me, you sweet person youuuu! I love it! <33

5sos preference 1 :: The trait of his that you acquire

Michael : His cursing. When Michael first met you, the only time a profound word would ever leave your mouth was only when you were angry. You stubbed your toe, you’d curse. Stuck in traffic? Fuck everything. Times like these were the only time you would curse. But on the other hand, Michael is the total opposite way, cursing is practically a second language for him. And you found that the more you were hanging around him and his band mates, the more common it was for you to cuss. Michael didn’t start to notice it, until one day after they finally ended a show, he was met with you, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck. “You guys did fucking amazing!” You smiled, letting go of him. You were met with a very amused face, as a light blush crept onto your own. “Fucking? What, did someone steal your food right before this or something?” He laughed, and you lightly punched his arm. “Shut the hell up, Clifford. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re a bad influence.” He raised his eyebrow at you, the little bit of sass that you were throwing his way all of a sudden was catching him off guard. “I wouldn’t say it’s bad… just different.” He smirked, tossing an arm around your shoulders. From that moment on, Michael had gotten used to hearing words that would normally come from his own mouth, coming from yours, and he loved it.   

Ashton : His laugh. Everyone that hung around with Ashton knew well how contagious his laugh was, and no one ever complained about it. Everyone loved his laugh, including you. Ashton always laughed about the smallest things, and it was one of your favorite things about him. He had a laugh like no other, because it was always changing. He would sometimes laugh extremely loud, and other times, it would come out as a quiet giggle. You loved all of his laughs, no matter what the situation. When they guys weren’t on tour, you spent nearly every day together, talking about random things, which often led to laughing. One day, you were walking around Ashtons house, where all of you were currently hanging out at the moment. You were in the kitchen, cleaning up some dishes while the boys played FIFA, when you suddenly thought of a time in this kitchen, when you and Ashton had a water war, and he ended up slipping and falling onto his ass, causing both of you to burst into laughter. The thought alone made you laugh, and the more you replayed the visual of him falling, the harder you laughed. You hadn’t noticed that in the living room, the boys grew silent, the game paused as they all looked at each other, extremely confused as to why they heard a laugh that sounded a bit like Ashtons. The boys turned, glancing at him to see a wide smile on his face. “She sounded like me just then, didn’t she?” They each nodded, and he began to laugh too, the sounds meshing together and you could hardly tell the difference between them. 

Calum : His shyness. You had never really been a shy person before you and Calum started dating. You’d had boyfriends before, but you never understood how all of your friends always talked about how shy they got around their boyfriends, because you were never that way. That all changed one day when you were talking to Cal. It was any normal day, and he came up to you, as nervous as he always was around you. By now you had grown used to it, you’d come to love it, actually. This time though, when you went to respond, you felt this feeling in your stomach, like a twisting and knotting, and you found yourself unable to form words without stuttering. When you stumbled over your words but finally finished the sentence, you were confused as to what had just happened. Calum looked at you, not used to you being the one to act shy. A smile crept onto his face as he watched your confused expression and a shade of pink fall over your cheeks. A ping of pride washed over him, because you had told him before that you didn’t really know what it was like to feel shy around one of your boyfriends. From that day on, you found yourself getting more and more shy around him, and the boys always teased the two of you about being the, ‘shy power couple’ of the group. 

Luke : His kindness. Luke always has a way of making people feel better simply by talking, and you are no exception to that. When ever Luke is around, you always find yourself so much happier. With Luke, you had hope that there were still good people left in the world, and it made you want to be a better person. One time, you were on a coffee run to Starbucks. When you guys got there, you noticed the long line of people, and instantly you wanted to leave. Luke was fine about it though, laughing it off easily and joking around to pass the time. This sort of carefree act was one of your favorite things about him. When you two were finally the second person in line, you sighed deeply again, watching as the man in front of you struggled to find the remaining two dollars of his pay. Luke began taking out his wallet, and you watched him in confusion as he pulled out two dollars of his own, placing it on the counter in front of the man. His reaction was priceless, and you have never seen someone smile that much over coffee. “Thank you, sir!” He kept repeating, and Luke just smiled. Since then, you’ve slowly found yourself doing things somewhat like it, you’ve actually paid the extra for someone a few times yourself. You could see now, why Luke was so damn happy all the time. Making someone else smile by complimenting them or just showing small acts of kindness really can make your day. Altogether, being around Luke was showing to be a good influence on you, and you weren’t complaining.


Authors note : This wasn’t requested, I just randomly thought about it and thought it would be cute. I hope you guys like it <3