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“That Can Only Mean One Thing” - Kurt/Blaine

please disregard the clunky title I literally listened to nothing but Hotline Bling on repeat the entire time I was writing this

Inspired by – don’t click if you’d rather be surprised! – this post, have young twentysomethings Kurt and Blaine working together in the offices, with a side order of Rachel Berry and Adam Crawford and a dash of “social media mishap” for dessert

4300 words | AO3

“Kurt, where are you? You know I have an extremely limited amount of time between my diction class and my next rehearsal.”

“Rachel, I would be able to meet up with you a lot faster if you didn’t call me every two minutes! I texted you that I was still finishing up. You could’ve just texted me back. Or relaxed and waited like a normal person,” Kurt hisses into his phone, hurrying down the hallway of the offices with a stack of thin files in one arm. Stress has been high ever since he clocked in this morning, the lifestyle and entertainment department working to finish up preparations for the party happening the following night.

“You would’ve ignored me if I texted! I would have gone ahead to the restaurant if I’d known you would be late–”

“You still could,” Kurt mutters. “The funny thing about having a job is that sometimes, important things come up that are out of your control. You wouldn’t know anything about that, but you could at least be sympathetic.”

Rachel’s voice is getting louder, but also echoing in a strange way that makes Kurt pull the phone away from his ear. “Kurt, I don’t think I’m being unreasonable here–”

“You? Unreasonable? Never.”

“–but, honestly,” she continues, suddenly turning down the hallway towards him and ending the call to confront him in person, “I thought having a job like this would make you more prompt.”

“Scratch that,” Kurt sighs, closing his eyes so that he can’t see Rachel tapping the toe of her knee-high black boots impatiently. “Who let you in?”

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Camping with the X-Men - Wolverine x Reader

Summary : Logan (your boyfriend) decides to take all of the X-Men on a camping trip. Alright then… 

Just some love for the X-Men really, wanted to write something with (some of) the gang. Warning for langage, and also, slightly NSFW. As usual I’m like “meh, it’s kinda shit” (uhuh), but I still hope you’ll like it : 

(My masterlist blog here :


The sound of your laughter fills yours and Logan’s bedroom as your boyfriend announces to you that he just told all the X-Men he planned a camping trip for them. 

Right. Like that would ever happened. When he was off to go camping in the wild, he wouldn’t take even you sometimes, so everyone ? Suuuuuuure. 

But as you start to calm yourself from your giggly fit, and you’re face with a very serious Wolverine, you start to doubt your convictions. 

-Wait…You’re serious ?

He nods. 

-You want us to camp…all together ? 


-Like, everyone, we go out and we put our tents up, and we make a bond fire and all of that ? 

-That’s the idea.

-…Even Scott ? 

-Even Scott. 

-Even Emma ? 

-Even Emma. 


-Everyone !

-Everyone ?


-…Everyone ?

-YES goddammit, how many times are you gonna make me repeat myself ? Everyone but the students of course. They’re all going on a field trip to the Sh’iar imperium.

-So, us, all the teachers, the X-men…We’re going…Camping ? 

-Yes (Y/N), we’re going camping. All of us. 

Worried, you walk to your boyfriend and, even though you knew it was impossible that he’d have a fever, you lay the back of your hand on his forehead, just to check if he was warmer than usual you know. 

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An Unlikely Pairing

Originally posted by cisco--ramon

Summary: (Unrequested) Your boyfriend, Sebastian Smythe, shows up at school one day.

A/N: Just a one-shot I thought of, nothing too special about this one. Again, from my old blog

You sat in the Glee Club room with everyone else as you were waiting for the school day to start, the room had become your hangout place. Everyone was talking, until a sudden presence in the doorway quieted everyone.

“I still hate the stench of public schools.” Your boyfriend, Sebastian Smythe.

“Oh my god, what is Satan doing here?” Santana groans with a pointed stare at Sebastian as he enters the room.

“Well, I have the day off, and I thought I’d come and see my competition. Well, you’d technically only be competition if you even had a chance at winning. But that’s besides the point. I also came here to see my girlfriend.” He leans against the piano, waiting for the reaction.

Blaine, your brother, who is currently the only person at McKinley who knows about your relationship, groans. Everyone hears him but pays little attention, instead murmuring  to themselves.

“But why is he here?” Sebastian looks at you and winks while everyone is distracted. He knows you haven’t told New Directions that you two are dating.

“I thought he was gay.”

“No, actually. I’m 100% straight. It’s just fun to flirt with guys.” Sebastian chimes in, still leaning against the piano.

“If you’re here to see your girlfriend, why are you standing around here?” Mercedes questions him, and Sebastian just looks at you.

“Guys,” you sigh. “Sebastian is my boyfriend.”

“WHAT?” They all shout at once.

“You’re dating Satan?” Santana asks you.

“Y/N he’s the enemy.” Kurt admonishes, his deep distrust of Sebastian showing.

“Yes, we’re dating. And relax, we’ve been dating for a while, if something bad was going to happen it would have already happened. Have the Warblers even tried to sabotage us recently?”

“Blaine, you knew about this?” People start to question him, and he gets defensive.

“Guys, guys, don’t pin this on Blaine, I told him not to tell you.” Sebastian takes his chance to move from the piano and stride languidly towards the group, taking a chair and sitting in it backwards, so the back of the chair is facing them and his long legs are slung on either side.

“Look, I know you guys don’t like me. I don’t expect you to. Well, I expect one of you to.” Sebastian looks at you and winks, giving a proud smirk when he makes you blush. “But I mean, I decided to spend my entire day off with my girlfriend at her…poor excuse for a school.” He shudders slightly and looks around with disgust at the last phrase but continues. “Plus, you all know me, I can be ruthless, cold, I’d go as far as heartless even. But I love Y/N, I mean ask Blaine he’s seen us.”

“It’s true, it’s actually kind of sickening sometimes how they are together.” You get up from your chair and go to Sebastian, grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the chair.

“Heyyy, can we talk? Okay great, come on.” Once you’ve successfully gotten him into the hallway (how does he manage to walk so smoothly even when he’s pulled?) you stick your head back into the room.

“Just a sec.” You close the door, unaware that they could still see you through the window. All is quiet in the room as they try to hear you and Sebastian.

“Why did you come, Sebastian?”

“What, no ‘happy to see you’ kiss?” He smirks, and you reach up on your tiptoes to quickly kiss him, but he catches you and deepens the kiss, taking a step forward to close the gap. You respond immediately, intensifying the kiss until you have to break away to air.


“Oh. My. God.” Kurt is the first to speak, saying what was on everyone’s mind.

“I feel like I have to go wash out my eyes.” Brittany comments, and people murmur their agreement.

“I’m the one that has to deal with this all the time, guys.” Blaine says, and people all apologize.

“Shhh, they’re talking again.” Mercedes quiets them.


“But seriously, Sebastian. Why did you come?”

“Because I want to spend the day with my girlfriend. Even if it means being inside a public school.”

You smirk, a habit you developed from Sebastian. He smirks to himself, pleased that he was rubbing off on you.

“Well that’s nice of you. But please, don’t be a jerk to them.”

“I’ll try. But only because I love you.”

“I love you too.” You kiss him again, quickly this time, and head back into the room.

“We’re back.” You announce, as you sit back down in your chair and Sebastian takes the one next to you.

“Fine, just please don’t make out like that again.” Rachel says. “It was disturbing.”

“No promises.” Is all Sebastian says as he takes your hand, pulling gently. You concede, getting up from your chair and going to sit in his lap, turned so you can see him like you usually do. You see people looking at you, but you give them a few pointed stares before settling in and talking to Sebastian.

“Does this always happen?” Kurt questions Blain.

“Unfortunately, yes. But you should see him with her, he’s different. He cares about her.” He motions for the group to gather at the other side of the room while you talk to Sebastian.

“Guys, I know you may not like Sebastian, but Y/N really does, and he likes her.”

“Okay, well I don’t see any problem with it. Besides, it’s not our business to be involved in her relationship, as long as they’re both happy. The most we can do is be accepting.” Mercedes says, and everyone agrees.

“If Y/N gets hurt though, I’m kicking his ass.” Santana adds, and people agree again. The group disperses, and turns to see you and Sebastian kissing again, like you were in the hallway.

“Oh my god the images.” Artie says and covers his eyes.

“Y/N, please. I’m your brother I don’t need to see that.” Blaine says as the group comes to stand in front of you and Sebastian. You pull away, both you and Sebastian looking at the group in front of you. Mercedes is the first to speak.

“Y/N it’s come to our attention that you’re dating Sebastian, and although he is ‘the enemy’, we wanted to say we’re happy for you. Just please, don’t kiss like that in front of us.” You get up from Sebastian’s lap, and hug Mercedes.

“Thanks you guys, that means so much.” Santana walks over to Sebastian and looms in front of him.

“If you hurt her, I will hurt you pretty boy, so treat her right.” Sebastian just stands up and adjusts his shirt.

“I already do.” He comes over to you, grabbing your hand and gently pulling.

“Come on, Babe. You can give me a tour of this wretched place. Or we can go get coffee.”

“Fine,” you acquiesce, with a hint of a smile. “See you guys later!” You call out as the door shuts behind you.

“They really are good together.” Quinn comments as everyone sits down again.

“Yes, they are.” A chorus of people respond.


i have this HC that jubilee was so happy to see the guys n’ gals that went to cairo when they came back safely that she tackle-hugged them all… and they all appreciated it, but kurt did the most… so every time he comes back home from an x-mission she makes sure to go find him when the x-jet’s landed.

at least until she passes her own eX-am and gets to be an x-man too. then she can just look out for him on the job.

anonymous asked:

What do you think happens to Veronica post Heathers? I mean obviously she would be traumatized by the whole experience but do you think she would've eventually married someone? Or would've committed suicide or died young or something like other people have suggested?

Aahhh I’m sorry I never answered this I forgot lmao.
I think it would be hard as fuck at first, obviously. She’s clearly very resilient, so I think she wouldn’t crumble completely; she’d still finish school, get into college, keep her life going, etc. but it would take her a while to get completely back to her usual self.
I think she would have nightmares like craaazyyy. Dreaming about him blowing up, about killing Kurt and Heather and Ram, about the school blowing up, etc. I also think she would have really good dreams; dreams where everything is okay, and he’s alive, and they’re happy. And waking up from those dreams would be awful for her.
After a few years I think she would be ready to move on. Some people say she’d move on with Heather M or even Martha, but I don’t think so. I think she would want to distance herself from Sherwood and Westerburg completely, with the exception of Martha, who has been her best friend since even before school. She would want a totally fresh start with new people and new places.
She’ll probably find someone, and she would want them to be NOTHING like JD. Not because she doesn’t love what he was, but because it would be super painful for her to be reminded of him. She’s trying her best to forget him and stop missing him, and being with someone who reminded her of him would make it really hard for her to move on.
She’ll also never have the same kind of love with anyone that she had with him. She’ll fall in love and it will be sweet and nice and comfortable and happy, but it won’t be passionate and intense and consuming like it was with him. (Also lbr she’ll never have sex like that again rip)
She’ll move on, but there will always be a part of her, in the back of her mind, that wonders what if?? What if everything had been okay and they were together and she was married to him instead of her current spouse?? Would she be happier?? (She ignores the part of her brain that yells YES)
And idk, since it seems that ghosts are a thing in the heathers world (supposing they weren’t just in Veronica’s head) I wanna believe that she and JD would be together again when she does (as an old lady but then once she’s dead her soul/ ghost is 17 again cry) and be happy in heaven or w/ever!!

Teenage Dream

A/N: I don’t own Glee, or anything you might recognize here.

“Get out,” David laughed, and lightly cuffed Wes’ shoulder as he smiled at Blaine. “I can’t believe either of you are even talking about this.”

“Well, last year they spied on Vocal Adrenaline,” Blaine reasoned, spreading his hands wide.

“How is it you know this, exactly?” Wes asked.

“Show choir blogs,” Blaine reminded him, nodding.

David straightened in his chair and glanced at Wes. “Blaine, the Council appreciates your concern, but we don’t think they would do that here.”

Wes frowned, then nodded his agreement. “The Warblers’ performances are available to anyone who searches for them online. Why take the risk?”

“They don’t know our set list, or some of the changes this year,” Blaine countered.

David and Wes shared a look. The Warblers had evolved somewhat since Blaine joined them, introducing more movement (some of which could even be called choreography). But the basic Warblers’ recipe, of flawless a cappella harmonies, sung in their usual school uniforms, hadn’t budged. They’d had a lead singer for a few years, though not one as charismatic as their newest one.

“If it happens, we’ll know what to do,” Wes stated.

“When they go low, we go high,” David quoted.

“I guess you’re right, guys. Thanks for listening.” Blaine felt a bit disappointed that they hadn’t shown much interest in countering the newest serious competition in their region.

“Any time, Blaine,” David smiled. “See you at rehearsal.”

a few days later …

Blaine rushed down the stairs, checking his watch needlessly; the bustle ahead of him told him he was in danger of running late for the special performance.

“Excuse me, um, can I ask you a question? I’m new here.”

Blaine turned around, and saw the boy with the unfamiliar voice. His appearance was as unusual as his voice was: wearing what looked like a vintage Dalton uniform, beautiful eyes, and a lovely face to go with them. “My name is Blaine.” He reached out to shake hands, unable to take his eyes off the … intruder! This guy wasn’t new here, Blaine knew: all new students were assigned buddies, and any new student mid-year would have had the place buzzing hours ago. He cocked an eyebrow, and wondered if maybe his suspicions that McKinley’s glee club would send out spies had come true. A quick glance confirmed that whoever this was, he was alone here.

“Kurt,” the boy gave his name. “So, what exactly is going on?”

Blaine couldn’t help but smile back. Kurt’s smile was so cute, and he hoped to hear more of his voice. “The Warblers. Every now and then they throw an impromptu performance in the Senior Commons.” He added with a wink, “tends to shut the school down for a while.” Blaine glanced at his classmates as they headed that way.

“So, wait, the glee club here is kind of cool?” Kurt asked.

Blaine grinned, enjoying this exchange. “The Warblers are like … rock stars.” Okay, he thought, maybe that was a bit strong, but they were a beloved institution at Dalton. He saw Kurt’s eyebrows rise at this. While he wished he could have talked to Kurt longer, he knew he had run out of time. Chewing a bit on his lip, he decided to take an alternate route, to avoid leading Kurt through the school in a crowd. Wes had reminded him before to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Well, Kurt was adorable, alone, and didn’t seem like a threat; but if he was right about him being a spy, he wanted him right where he could see him, and the inspiration that landed next made him smile. “Come on,” he reached out and grabbed an incredulous-looking Kurt’s hand, “I know a short cut.”

He led an unprotesting Kurt down a deserted hallway; one he liked to read in when he wanted a quiet nook with natural light. In those few seconds, grasping Kurt’s hand, he became aware of another thought: that it would be obvious to anyone from Dalton that the boy did not fit in, that he was vulnerable. Well, if his plan worked out, Kurt would be safe enough, he reasoned, arriving at the doorway with him just in time.

“Ooh, I stick out like a sore thumb,” Kurt breathed, looking around at the crowd.

“Next time, don’t forget your jacket, ‘new kid’” he winked again, and reached over to straighten out Kurt’s lapel. “You’ll fit right in.” He ducked towards the Warblers, nodded, and said quietly, “now, if you’ll excuse me,” and turned to take his place as their leader.

Blaine smiled broadly, as he sang the opening lines of their arrangement.

Before you met me, I was all right, but things were kinda heavy,

You brought me to life, now every February, you’ll be my Valentine, Valentine.

Blaine made eye contact briefly with Wes, and wondered if Wes caught it: that he’d found an intruder to their school, who was probably a McKinley spy. He danced with his fellow Warblers, though in the crowded Common Room they had to scale it back a bit. Whenever possible, he gazed at Kurt, singing right at him. An invitation? A challenge? He smiled at himself as he realized he was flirting, but Kurt didn’t seem to mind. Blaine noticed that his schoolmates were thoroughly into the performance, bopping around and dancing a bit as he performed. He didn’t even care if they noticed that he seemed to be singing for Kurt alone.

Then David was singing beside him, and from his smile and knowing glance towards Kurt, Blaine wondered how much David had guessed. He preened, enjoying pointing at Kurt (and having to suppress a snigger at doing such a Coop move!).

I’ma get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans,

Be your teenage dream tonight

Blaine was pleased. The Warblers had never sounded so good, and if they had planned on intimidating the competition, they couldn’t have picked a better piece. Singing a recent song, originally sung by girl, and totally owning it, he was proud of his team, and happy with his own performance. Kurt, he noticed, looked more relaxed as the song went on, noticing the crowd less, and (maybe?) getting lost in the performance, smiling back at him encouragingly. How, he wondered, did they find such a cute spy to send to Dalton?

He hammed it up on the last chorus, as the guys let loose with their fullest volume. He added in a double point at himself with the “look at me” line, nodding at Kurt as they finished, and happy that he applauded as enthusiastically as anyone else in the room.

Blaine almost lost sight of Kurt, surrounded by guys high-fiving him and the other Warblers, but hurried past his schoolmates, catching sight of him before he rounded the corner.

“Kurt!” he panted, running down the hallway to catch up. “Wait a minute!”

The boy turned around, and Blaine noticed he was blushing now, which somehow made him even cuter.

“Sorry I … I had to leave,” Kurt stammered, “that was really great.”

“Kurt,” Blaine murmured, stepping closer to him, “can we talk for a minute?” Blaine’s heart sunk as he noticed Kurt quickly became pale, and the boy was nervously looking past Blaine as they stood in the same hallway he’d taken Kurt down a few minutes before. “It’s just me,” he added in a near whisper.

“Okay,” Kurt nodded.

“You’re not really a new student here, are you?” Blaine asked, as gently as possible.

Kurt gulped, and looked all around again before answering. “No. I’m not.”

Blaine watched as Kurt’s spine stiffened, the boy standing tall and waiting now for him to speak. “I’m glad you found me, Kurt.” He smiled at the boy. “I bet we have a lot in common. We should talk.”

“Um, okay. Sure,” Kurt answered him.

“How about we meet for coffee?” It dawned on him that Kurt wouldn’t know his way around campus. “It’s here, in this building, just down at the end of this hall.”

Kurt smiled back at him shyly, and looked down at his outfit. “Maybe I could change first. I suddenly feel out of place.”

Blaine wondered if this was it, if Kurt would just run, but figured he had to give him some space. “Sure. I’ll grab us a table.” He reached up to gently squeeze his shoulder. “I’ll get us some coffee.” He frowned as Kurt nodded and quickly walked away, and then he reached for his phone, to text Wes and David.

Moments later, he sat flanked by the older boys, who already had their coffees, as well as a medium drip for himself, and a latte for Kurt (while he wasn’t a fan, the Dalton caf’s lattes were legendary).

“You really think he’ll show?” Wes asked.

“I do,” he answered, looking down at the latte he’d bought for him. “Just a feeling I have, I guess.”

David nodded sympathetically. “You did serenade him, after all,” he teased.

“Oh God,” Blaine groaned, burying his face in his hands.

“David,” Wes hissed, “I see him coming. Knock it off.”

David rolled his eyes at Wes, and pivoted so he could watch the boy’s approach.

Blaine stared at him. Kurt had changed (how had he done it so quickly, he wondered?), and was now wearing an outfit fit for a fashion plate. Suddenly, he was more dressed up than they were. Kurt was also very pale now.

“Latte?” Blaine offered, sliding the cup across to Kurt. “This is Wes and David.”

Kurt mouthed a silent ‘thank you’ and accepted it. He seemed to gather his courage before he spoke.

“It’s very civilized of you to invite me for coffee before you beat me up for spying.”

Wes, Blaine noticed, was all business as he raised his hand to dispel that notion. “We are not going to beat you up.”

David’s smile was welcoming and friendly. “You were such a terrible spy, we thought it was sort of,” and David grinned right at Blaine before turning back to Kurt, “endearing –“

Blaine cut in, not wanting to give his friends an opportunity to tease him, “which made me think that spying on us wasn’t really the reason you came.”

Back at his room, Blaine couldn’t stop thinking about Kurt. Kurt, dressed like a fashionista, but not from a family that could just send him to Dalton. Who’d had to suffer at the hands of homophobic bullies, and had been heartbreakingly vulnerable as he shared what his experiences had been like.

He shook his head. No one should have to be that brave on a routine basis at school. And if his outfit at coffee had been any indicator, Kurt wasn’t shy about owning who he was. He picked up his phone, unaware of the smile that lit up his face as he picked Kurt’s number from his contacts. He wrote a message, obliterated it, then another, rolling his eyes at his own verbosity, and put down his phone for a moment. Then he remembered something his mom had told him about Dan Rather and his famous signoff, and typed in a single word. Courage. He hit ‘send’ and lay back on his bed, unable to get the unlikely spy out of his mind.

A/N: It’s been a long time, and I do plan on updating my loooong fic, but needed to stretch a bit first. On rewatching season two this “missing scene” came to me, and it did seem to fit. I hope you’ve enjoyed, and if you have comments or feedback, I’d love to hear from you. Courage!

Klaine Valentines Challenge - “Come up to Meet You: Chapter 6/6 *COMPLETE* - Tell You I’m Sorry” (NC17)

Now that Kurt is getting better, Blaine wonders if staying together is the best thing for the man he loves. (2598 words)

Written for the @klainevalentines prompt “I Will” by The Beatles.

Chapter 1 - Come up to Meet You

Chapter 2 - Nobody Said It Was Easy

Chapter 3 - You Don’t Know How Lovely You Are

Chapter 4 - Tell Me Your Secrets, And Ask Me Your Questions

Chapter 5 - I Had to Find You, Tell You I Need You

Read on AO3.

“Hey, Blaine! Nice to see you back!”

“Hey, Maureen. How’s your afternoon been so far?” Blaine asks, approaching the nurse’s station with a brown paper bag in hand.

“Pretty good. No real complaints,” she says, smile widening when Blaine hands the bag over. She unrolls the top and takes a sniff of the freshly baked cronuts inside, the scent of sweet, warm pastry making her eyes twinkle and her stomach growl. “Better now, though. Three of us on shift haven’t had anything to eat since breakfast, and that was about eight hours ago.”

“Well, hopefully those will tide you guys over till you can take a break,” Blaine says, tapping out a cheerful rhythm on the counter with his index fingers.

“They will.” She cinches the bag at the top to keep the cronuts toasty. “Thank you so much, Blaine. You’re a life saver.”

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Not Much of a Looker (Part 2)

Originally posted by rswinther

Kurt Wagner x Reader

Not Much of a Looker (Part 2)

Part 1:

Prompt: Several of you. Like literally all of you. Hope you like it! :)

After two months of living at the Mansion, you fell into a routine. Every morning, Jean or Ororo would walk you down the stairs for breakfast, and then Kurt would pop in, usually a few minutes later. After that, the two of you would be inseparable. Not quite dating (yet) but certainly more than friends.

After every class, he would teleport to you so he could walk you to the next one. You ended up eating lunch and dinner with him and the others pretty much every day.

And you noticed something while living at Xavier’s. For once in your life, you weren’t an outcast. Even though you couldn’t see, the others did their best to help you in every way and make you feel comfortable and welcome.

You were walking to lunch, latching to Kurt’s arm, as you usually did, when Hank stopped you. He was your science teacher, and it had come up in discussion the day before that your mutation was the reason you were blind.

“Hey (Y/N), can I talk to you for a second?” he asked.

“Sure,” You replied, stopping. “What’s up?”

“Well um,” Hank started. “The discussion we had in class yesterday about your mutation blinding you really gave me an idea. I use a serum to suppress my powers temporarily. I’m not saying it’s a guaranteed fix, but I could make a solution that works for a few hours maybe.”

“You’re saying you could give me my sight, even for a few hours?”

“Theoretically, yes.” Hank nodded. “It’s not guaranteed, but I think it could work.”

“Thank you so, so much!” You said excitedly. Kurt smiled a little, but his smile faded when he realized what this meant. No longer would you have a vague image of what he looked like. You would see him in all of his blue, three-fingered, red-eyed glory.

He walked with you down to lunch and both of you sat with the others. Your smile gave away your good news, so you shared it with the others.

“So you might be able to see?” Jean asked, smiling. You nodded excitedly. “That’s great, (Y/N)!”

“I can’t wait to put the faces to the voices,” You said. Kurt still looked distant, but didn’t say anything. Jean took a peek in his mind and looked at him with sympathy. She knew how each of you felt about eachother, but didn’t want to intervene.

“So when might this happen?” asked Peter. “When do you get to see how attractive I am?”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure. But I can’t wait!”

“I bet,” Scott smiled.


It was a few days later that Hank came to you with a little briefcase. He took you to his office, a few of your friends standing there to meet you, officially, for the first time. Kurt, Scott, Jean, Ororo, Peter, and Jubilee all stood there waiting in anticipation as Hank slid the needle into your arm and squeezed the medication into your veins.

You closed your eyes. They stung a little, but nothing too serious. You blinked, tears forming in the newly functioning eyes. As soon as the medicine took effect, you heard a *bamf*. You rubbed your eyes. Everything was fuzzy, but things began to come into focus.

You looked around at the mutants standing in front of you and started guessing their names.

“You’ve gotta be Peter,” You pointed to him first. The silver hair was a dead giveaway. “And you’re Jean, right?”

“Yep,” she smiled.

“Ororo, Jubilee, Scott…” you listed, pointing to each one. You looked around. “Where’s…Where’s Kurt?”

“He teleported out a few seconds ago,” Scott said.


“I think I know why,” Ororo shook her head.

“So do I,” Jean nodded.


“Right there,” Jean pointed from the steps of the mansion. Kurt was sitting at the fountain, staring at his reflection. His tail swayed back and forth, and the wind ruffled his black and blue hair.

“Which one?” You asked. As it was a Saturday and the courtyard was flooded with students.

“The blue one,” She smiled. Your eyes found him.

“Awwwww, he’s so cute!” You gushed. “I don’t know what he’s so worried about.”

“Go get him, tiger,” Peter patted your shoulder. You made your way across the courtyard, walking down the path. The other kids stopped to look. They all knew who you were, and here you were without anyone to guide you.

“Hey there,” You said quietly. Kurt turned, jumping in surprise.

“I see you found me.”

“I did,” you motioned to the others on the stairs. “With some help.”

“So…I’m ‘not much of a looker’ as Peter says, ja?”

“Kurt, you are the cutest. Literally. You are so, so cute. I don’t know what you’re so worried about. I mean, after all, blue is my favorite color. And it looks so, so good on you.” You told him. He smiled, heat rising to his cheeks. He felt like he might melt.

“You mean it?”

“Of course I do,” You smiled, happy tears running down your cheeks. “I have been waiting forever to see you,”

“Oh, don’t cry, liebe,” he pulled you into his arms, holding you tight.

“They’re happy tears,” you laughed, sniffling.

“Ich liebe dich,” Kurt whispered so softly you barely heard it.

“I love you too, blue,” you smiled, hands rubbing his back. He gasped softly.

“You know German?”

“Only a little, and I only learned so I could tell you that I love you in your own language.” You confessed.

“So are ve…?”

“Dating? If you want to,” You told him. “But I’m still going to need you to be my seeing eye man.”

“Vhy is zhat?” he asked softly. You pulled out of the hug to look at him, lifting your hand to touch his cheek. He smiled, and you took in all of the details of his face, every intricate design. You tried to memorize every facet of him.

“It’s already going away,” You sighed sadly, vision beginning to blur. He stared at you, wide-eyed.

“Zhen let me do zhis vhile you can still see me,” Kurt said.

“Do what?” you asked, but you were cut off my a pair of soft blue lips. He kissed you softly, passionately, like he would never get another chance. His three-fingered hands held your cheeks, thumbs softly stroking your skin as the colorful world around you faded to black once again.

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I'm going nuts!!!! It's obviously a soulmate fic but I can't remember much other than they have a connection and Blaine gets hurt and shuts off their connection and Kurt hates it. And yells at him to turn it back on. I'm sure it's a popular one yet I'm blanking.

I believe it’s this one:

Two Coins by justanartist

Kurt knows those people who are soulmates. His friends are soul mates and happy about that. Soul mates have a very deep connection. Some connections are so deep that people are able to feel every emotion and physical pain from their soul mate. He never understood why it was good to feel what your soul mate felt or to not even have a choice with who you want to spent the rest of your life with. Until he meets his soulmate and is not happy about it.

Was talking with Stacey razorsharpquill about this gifset of Matt Bomer on Ellen, which then turned to Sam giving Cooper stripping lessons with Kurt, Blaine, and Elliott watching.  Seriously, that is the entire jist of this and it’s all Stacey’s fault.  ~1000 words of ridiculous.

He’d only been gone thirty minutes.

Apparently thirty minutes was all that was needed for everything to go straight to weird.

Blaine stood, wide eyed and slack jawed, in the doorway to the apartment he shared with Kurt.  He’d gone out to get dinner, leaving Kurt and Elliott chatting about ideas for a new band, and Cooper regaling Sam with stories about acting gigs he’d gotten in LA and suggestions for Sam’s burgeoning modeling career.  Everything was normal

Thirty minutes later, and Sam and Cooper were in nothing but boxer briefs, dry humping the air, with Kurt and Elliott on the couch watching them intently.

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Can we please talk about how much this hurt’s me please because *internally screams AHRGH* Look at the way he looks at his wings and realises that he’s no longer able to fight so they’ll most likely kill him because he’s not their star fighter anymore, he’s useless to them// The wings thats kept him alive and is probably the only reason he’s alive right now, that he’s learnt to love so much after his childhood, the thing that probably makes him happy?? The realisation on his face just kills me// It was right on where the wing connects to his back an you know he’s not going do anything about it apart from sit there even though he’s in so much pain mentally and physically. i havE SO MANY EMOTIONS 

Imagine Sebastian walking into the cafeteria during your lunch hour and singing “Want You Back” as his way of asking you to Prom.

You sat with your friends at your lunch table, eating poorly made Mac n’ Cheese and drinking a smuggled milkshake from McDonald’s. “Whoever made this food needs to serve time in jail. They made no justice to the Mac n’ Cheese.” You grumbled.

“Agreed.” Said Santana, pushing away her tray with disgust.

You grabbed her tray and ate her food, her giving you the raised eyebrow.

“What?” You said through a mouth full of cheesy pasta, “they might not be great, but it’s still Mac n’ Cheese.”

Just then Tina ran in with wide eyes. “Guys you won’t believe who I just saw!” She stood at the end of the table while looking at everyone in turn.

“What?” Rachel asked now with big eyes too.

“The Warblers and Sebastian was leading them!” Tina exclaims.

You choke on my Mac n’ Cheese and Kurt pats your back rapidly.

Blaine, your brother, has a small smirk on his face and a knowing look too.

Out of all your friends, only your brother, Finn, and Puck, know about your crush on the lead Warbler. Sebastian. So it’s no surprise to them that your face is almost as red at the apple on your tray.

The shrill sounds of the lunch room begin to cease as the familiar intro of the Jackson 5′s popular song, “Want You Back”, being sung by the Warblers, gets nearer to the lunch room. You slowly turn around in your chair and come eye to eye with no other than Sebastian Smythe as he begins to sing the first verse.
Sebastian (The Warblers):
Let me tell yah now
When I had you to myself,
I didn’t want you around
Those pretty faces always make you
Stand out in a crowd
Someone picked you from the bunch,
One glance is all it took
And now it’s much too late for me
To take a second look

Sebastian dances over while the Warblers do their routine behind him and he takes your hand gingerly and helps you up as he continues to sing with a smile plastered onto his face.

Oh baby,
Give me one more chance (To show you that I love you)
Won’t you please let me (Back in your heart)
Oh darlin’ I was blind to let you go (Let you go, baby)
But now since I’ve seen you in his arms (I want you back)

Sebastian twirls you around before bringing you into his chest, making you unable to breath and red faced.

Oh I do now (I want you back)
Ooh ooh baby (I want you back)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah (I want you back)
Na na na na

Trying to live without your love
Is one long sleepless night
Let me show you, girl
That I know wrong from right
Every street you walk on,
I leave tear stains on the ground
Followin’ the girl I didn’t even want around

Sebastian looks down at you and you laugh while dancing along with the Warblers out of fun.

Oh baby,
All I need is one more chance (To show you that I love you)
Won’t you please let me (Back in your heart)
Oh darlin’, I was blind to let you go (Let you go, baby)
But now since I’ve seen you in his arms

Sebastian puts one hand on his chest, above his heart, and points with one finger at you, making you a smiling mess.

All I want…
All I need…
All I want!
All I need!

Is one more chance (To show you that I love you)
Baby (baby) baby (baby) baby (baby!)
(I want you back)
Yeah oh baby,
I was blind to let you go (Let you go, baby)
But now since I’ve seen you in his arms (I want you back)
Yeah oh baby,
I need one more chance, hah
(To show you that I love you)
Oh, baby!
Oh! Oh, oh! (I want you back!)

Dancing along, you laugh and catch your friends’ looks. Some look surprised, shocked, and/or glad.

Oh I do now (I want you back)
Ooh ooh baby (I want you back)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah (I want you back)
Na na na na (I want you back)

The Warblers finish the song and Sebastian steps forward, with both hands behind his back.

“So, what do you say? Will you please forgive me for what I did and go to Prom with me, Y/N? I want you back…?” Sebastian’s face is the color of what yours is probably right now. Red and smiley. He sticks out his hands in front of him, holding a bouquet of beautiful orange and white Lilies. Your favorite. 

You laugh and clap your hands before taking the Lilies and engulfing Sebastian into a big hug, wrapping your arms around his waist (height difference is your head is barely above his chest) and shoving your face into his chest. “Of course my little Warbler.”

All around you are the sounds of the student body clapping, cheering and whistling as Sebastian kisses your forehead and grabbing one of your hands and facing your friends and brother, who are looking at you with crossed arms and pursed lips.

“I hope you don’t mind me taking your little sister out?” Sebastian looks at Blaine sheepishly.

Blaine snorts and stays silent before slowly turning to Finn and Puck. “I told you guys he would ask her out in song!” He shouts happily before jumping and patting Sebastian’s back.

You chuckle, not knowing what’s going on and look at the others who look lost as well.

Finn laughs and Puck rolls his eyes. “Fine. Just have her back before 11 in one piece.”

Sebastian nods eagerly, giving your hand a small squeeze. 

“What the heck is going on?” Kurt asks. 

“It looks like our little Y/N has been hanging out with Smythe behind our backs.” Santana says with a small smirk of approval, which soon turns into a scowl. 

“Try anything Mite, anything, and I will go all Lima Heights on your ass so fast that you’ll never see it coming.” Santana says before returning to her happy/bitchy self. “But if our Y/N is happy, then I’m happy.” 

The others congratulate you and give you small hugs before you give Sebastian your full attention. 

“I guess I’ll pick you up after school for our date.” Sebastian says and gives you a small kiss on the cheek before giving you a hug and walking out with the Warblers behind him, leaving you a blushing mess. 

My thoughts on the season finale

Okay so I’ve just finished watching the season finale, and I have a LOT of feelings, so here we go:

- Can we just take a second to appreciate how freaking brilliant the Blindspot writers are? Seriously, the way they’ve written Phase 2 has been both terrifying and marvellous at the same time, I don’t know how they do it. They’re all geniuses.
- I know it is a very small moment compared to what happens throughout the rest of the episode, but Jane flashing back to her dream with Kurt while she was talking to Director Hirst absolutely broke me. I mean, here Jane is, being asked what she wants, and the first thing she thinks about is Kurt and just being happy with him? I dunno, but this little moment just hit me hard.
- Speaking of Director Hirst, I freaking love her. I hope we get to see more of her in Season 3, as she already seems to be gelling really well with the team.
- Similar to Jane thinking about her dream, I loved the little 10 second moment where she leaves Kurt a voicemail to say she’s worried about him. I swear to God, these two kill me.
- Not gonna lie, I feel like I didn’t breathe throughout the entire episode, especially when Patterson was trying to stop the satellite. So freaking tense.
- Tasha’s snark with Keaton was brilliant; I loved how she immediately cuts him off every time he speaks, and I loved her little “Since when do we work with the CIA?” comment. Also, she gets shot and then she’s out kicking ass the next day? Damn Zapata.
- Roman. My poor baby Roman. I’m so sad about how he’s ended up at the end of this season, especially when his journey has been so brilliant to watch. It broke my heart when he walked away saying “Goodbye Jane”. Someone please reassure me that he’s gonna be alright?
- Shepherd is without a doubt the most terrifying character I’ve ever met. She’s ruthless, and she’ll quite literally stop at nothing to get what she wants. I’m so proud of the team for capturing her, that was such an amazing moment. Also, I was so happy to see Nas back to interrogate Shepherd. Her hard work has paid off, and she gets to reap the rewards with the team.
- Speaking of the team - oh my beautiful broken children, what am I gonna do with you? I loved the team scenes in this episode - when Kurt refused to let Patterson say goodbye, when Patterson told Jane and Kurt “you’re not gonna make it back” (my heart literally broke), when they all hugged each other when Kurt returned, and then the little moment in Patterson’s lab with the trio. I loved Reade’s speech about being family to cheer Patterson up; it was just so perfect and well written. I’m glad we got to see the three of them working together like last season’s finale.
- Patterson was a literal unicorn in this episode. She made me laugh and cry with her so many times in this episode. She’s such a strong female character, and Ashley plays her brilliantly. Seriously, I could write a six page essay on why I love this angel.
- Kurt’s speech in SIOC, oh my goodness. For a man who only lets one person (*cough* Jane *cough*) see his emotions, he did a damn good job of delivering a victory speech. I’ve loved watching Kurt’s journey this season, he’s come so far and I’m SO DAMN PROUD (Also his immediate worry for Jane made me smile like an idiot).
- The flash forward. Did ANYONE see that coming? Seriously? I’m so intrigued. Why did Jane have to leave Kurt? (I’m convinced that it was her only choice, she wouldn’t just randomly leave). Where’s the rest of the team? Who wants Jane’s attention? How long has Jane been gone for? Jane and Kurt are MARRIED? I can’t. And don’t even get me started on Jane’s glowing tattoos. I have So. Many. Questions.
- Last, and by no means least, the Jeller moments. Oh my god, we were so blessed. The I love you’s (which made me cry, especially Kurt’s), the “I’m not leaving you”, the hug, the hallway kiss…. I could go on forever about it. Jane’s literal dreams are actually coming true, Kurt Weller told her he loved her (he said it first too????) and I’m just so damn happy for them. They’re finally together. If you think back to how we started this season and then flash forward to now, this season has been a painfully wonderful development for them. I just can’t. “This is where I wanna be”. I’m dead.

First Disneyland Halloween HC: reader x Kurt Wagner

Warnings: graveyard, ghost, food, kissing, fireworks, Halloween 

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Going to Disneyland while it’s Halloween themed and dating Kurt Wagner would include:

  • pulling Kurt by the hand down main street because he’s so in awe of the scenery that he is hardly moving
  • “Zat is one big pumpkin!”
  • going to New Orleans square and waiting in line to meet Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas- it’s Halloween, how could you not?
  • “Why is zis taking so long?”
  • “It’s just how lines are in Disneyland”
  • him tilting his head to the side seemingly puzzled by the concept of waiting in lines to meet someone
  • “I could just teleport us up zhere”
  • giggling at your cute little innocent Kurt
  • “We have to wait just like everyone else, cutie”
  • Jack and Sally having a ‘moment’ while you are next in line
  • they held each other close before turning to look at you two and gesture for you to come in
  • “Why hello there! Did you want a picture with us?” Jack would announce while walking towards you both with wide open arms
  • “Might I say, blue one, you are the most handsome creature in all of Halloween Town!” Sally would say 
  • Kurt’s tail would curl (his way of blushing) and would hide his face between your shoulder and neck
  • the camera man would begin to count down from three
  • He would wrap his long arms around you and Kurt while Sally curtsied next to you for the photo
  • “Everyone say Happy Halloween!”
  • Kurt smiling soooo wide at having been complimented
  • it made you feel good to see him like this because you knew how self-conscious he gets about his appearance in public
  • Waiting in line for the Haunted Mansion would take for. ev. er.
  • “Kurt, I’m getting so hungry I may just eat your face”
  • he’d laugh then say, “Hold on vone second!” before vanishing only to reappear across the street by a vendor
  • He’d buy some popcorn and then transport right back to you where you practically leapt on him to get to the food
  • “-anks fur th’ food, babe,” you’d say through a mouthful of popcorn
  • he’d hold your hand firmly during the ride, the various graveyards and ghosts causing him to whimper
  • “Vhy must Halloween revolve around zhe scary sings (things)? Vhy can’t it be about blue skies and flowery meadows?”
  • you responded by smiling, kissing his cheeks, and then cuddling into his side, immediately feeling him relax more at your closeness
  • Okay but his teleporting ability is not only perfect for getting food, but for getting around the crowds
  • when the parade finished later that night, people were swarming in the masses, but Kurt simply hugged you to him, looked at the entrance to Adventure Land, and then teleported straight there
  • once you materialized, you leaned up and kissed his cheek
  • “Thanks for the lift, cutie!”
  • His tail curling (again) at your nickname
  • You’d absolutely LOVE going on Thunder Mountain
  • Sure it wasn’t exactly Halloween themed, but it was, in your opinion, the best ride in the park
  • “Vait vhy are ve going up? Oh no, ve are going to fall down next, aren’t ve? Aren’t ve? Oh no, Y/N, ve are going to die!”
  • just laughing with your hands up as he clung to your side, as if he was a toddler, and screamed his lungs out
  • Getting off the ride only to have him silently grab your hand and lead you back towards the entrance
  • Giving him a questioning look and him shrugging his shoulders in response
  • “Vhat? Ve didn’t die and I actually liked it vonce it finished!”
  • Sharing a churro while you watched the fireworks from the castle entrance
  • “Zhis has been zhe most incredible night of my life. Sank you, Y/n… I love you.”
  • this was the first time he said those three words
  • turning your head to face him and immediately crashing your lips against his, causing him to drop the churro in surprise
  • He’d pull back and frantically bend down as if to salvage the snack
  • “I am so sorry! I vill get us another one!”
  • as he went to run towards the nearby vendor, you grabbed his arm and spun him around, reconnecting your lips
  • slowly distancing your lips, you rested you forehead against his 
  • “I love you too, Kurt Wagner.”
  • at that moment, as if you were in a Disney movie, the final fireworks went off, lighting up the night sky as the instrumental music that played along with the show reached the ultimate crescendo

Thanks for the request: @theboyofwolvesandash

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Wanda none of this was your fault... you can still have a life and vision and be happy.... I love you.. I need you to do something for me though....I'm running away *you notice the bags on my back* tell Kurt and LizzieMay and anyone that comes looking for me to just go back to there lives please, I don't want to hurt them again

You are not going anywhere. If my friends can forgive me for what I’ve done then so can yours.

Give them a chance to decide for themselves before you go, okay?


A little Warren Worthington the Bird story

Warnings: language. (It’s Warren)

Warren sighed when he heard a little cheep. The swans and the ducks that lived in the pond liked to follow him around. “What do you want?” He turned around to see a tiny yellow duck. It cheeped again and climbed on his boot. He frowned, the duckling looking proud of itself. He reached down and pushed it off before walking away. But it followed him. The cheeping got more frequent; it wanted him to wait. “Look fluff butt-” He accidentally kicked it. “Shit!” He didn’t mean to hurt it. He crouched and looked at the little bird, who seemed a little dazed. Warren let out a sigh of relief when it rolled back onto its feet. It cheeped and started biting the edge of his boot. Warren smiled a little. “Fine.” He scooped it up and put the duckling in his pocket. “If you shit in my jacket, I’m throwing you back into the pond.” It cheeped in response.

Warren opened the door to renter the mansion, concerned when the cheeping stopped. It fell asleep. Warren sighed; this wasn’t going to go well when he had to put it back outside later. Warren approached his friends and dropped the duckling onto the table. “Awe!” Jubilee squeed. Kurt and Jubilee instantly fawned over the little bird. Warren sat down and the duck looked at him expectantly. “I’m not going to feed you.” Cheep. “No.” Cheep. Kurt smiled as the duckling waddled over to him. “Hello.” Cheep. “Warren?”


“What does he eat?” Kurt asked, his eyes never leaving the duckling. “Worms. Grass. My boot.” That made Kurt look up. “Why your boot?” Warren shrugged. The duck got impatient and attempted to nip at anyone near. “I will throw you in the pond.” It stopped. Kurt disappeared in a puff of smoke and came back with a pile of grass. Everyone at the table watched as it happily ate the little offering Kurt brought it. Even Scott had to admit it was cute. After it was done it pushed its way into Warren sleeve. The girls awed, Warren feeling a small smile sneak onto his face. “Maybe you are good for something.” Warren mused quietly. It got passed around, Kurt holding onto him the longest, happy to have the little bird sleeping in his lap.

Unfortunately, the duckling eventually had to go back outside. It was getting late and Warren didn’t want to have to take care of him all night. Kurt and Jubilee pleaded but Warren wanted him out. So here he was at the pond holding the tiny duckling in his hands. “Good bye, fluff butt.” Warren placed him by the edge of the water and nudged him to it. Warren turned and started to walk away. Cheep. “Dammit.” Fluff butt, as Warren decided to call him, was waiting expectantly for Warren. Warren sighed and crouched down to look at the duckling for the second time that day. “Come on.” Warren held out a flat hand begrudgingly. It waddled into his palm and Warren smiled at it. “I guess you’re cute.” It tucked its head into its side as Warren carried it back to the mansion. He guessed maybe having birds follow you around all the time wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe.


A/n: I figured I’d try my hand at some fluff for Angel boy. He needs some softness in his life


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Oooo well do you have any headcanons for how Kurt would take care of his s/o after having her wisdom teeth out? (I just had all four of mine cut out and currently feel like I'm dying) Thank you!!!!

-Kurt knew your mouth had been hurting lately, and didn’t want you in pain so he was happy when you told him you were going to get help for it, he didn’t know what was going to be done though.

-so when you arrived back at the mansion after your dentist visit, groggy and disoriented from the left over effect of anesthetics and strong pain meds, cheeks stuffed with bloody gauze Kurt was borderline frantic

-he kept asking what happened, in his worry he kept switching from English to German, mixed with the drugs and pain, accidentally giving you an unwanted headache

-Charles wheeled up to Kurt explained what had happened, and Kurt, never having been to a dentist thought it sounded terrifying and didn’t understand why Nurse Hank couldn’t have helped you instead

-he had screeched, his golden yellow eyes wide as saucers when Charles said your teeth were removed, he also thought he meant all your teeth

-after he talked with Charles he quickly bamfed away to find you, you weren’t hard to find, tugging at your lip and saying you couldn’t feel your face (he would have laughed at how your voice sounded if it were a different situation)

-he suggested taking you to your room for a nap, which you adamantly protested and kept saying you needing to go fly fishing tonight with a llama Scott

-Kurt gave you a sympathetic little smile and took you to the comfy couch in a quiet part of the library so you could rest

-you still needed to go fly fishing, but agreed to lay on the couch with Kurt only because he promised to read to you

-he carried your medicine with him everywhere,

-brought you soft foods whenever you were hungry, (there was no ice cream in the mansion for weeks)

-each time you would wince or groan from pain he would whimper quietly, his tail waving anxiously and wishing he could take your pain from you

-if anyone tried to bother you about anything Kurt would growl in their direction, saying you needed to rest before leading you away from the annoyance.

-lots of forehead and cheek kisses, he would mutter small prayers hoping you felt better and healed quickly

-for weeks after Kurt is too scared to kiss you, worried he will cause you more pain even though you’ve said you feel much better

-All in all he tried his best to make sure you were comfortable, bamfing away to fetch anything you needed

Colorful Glass

Relationship: Kurt Wagner x Reader

Word Count: 2040

Request:  also! i thought of one with kurt where like you can see people’s futures and maybe telepathic too so you’re like a fortune teller at the munich circus and you meet him there during his circus days!! sorry if it’s really specific i just have a lot of ideas and feelings -  hrleyqunns

AN: Italics are the characters speaking in German! I was very tempted to write some smut in this story. Also I don’t think I should ever stay up late to finish requests because I feel useless in the morning lmao. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

If there was one perk of living with the circus it was the blue boy that lived in the housing space next to you. It was lonely during the day when the owners were prepping the shows and over the years, he was your only consistent companion as the act that lived on the opposite end of you was always changing.

He’d helped you speak German fluently as your parents had abandoned you there, making a deal with the ringmaster, Herr Max Getmann, when your gift had manifested in you, growing and frightening the kids in your class when you unintentionally shimmered purple and spoke with a dark voice their fates and future.

The Munich circus had only been in town for the night and you had been more than excited to go as the past months had progressively gotten worse, the treatment from everyone, even your family, pulling you under and into a dark place.

They had left you at the acrobat show where you first laid eyes on the blue boy and you had become transfixed by his amber eyes.

You couldn’t have been happier that they left you there.

“Guten Morgen!” you heard his happy voice and it left you groaning. Of all the years you had known him, you were never quite used to the fact that he was a morning person, always happy and ready to start the day as soon as he woke up.

Kurt, it’s too early, tone it down please.”

Right, sorry.”

Kurt poked you with the spaded tip of his tail, urging you to wake up. You turned away and arched your back so he couldn’t reach you but you’d forgotten how long his tail actually was.

“Okay, I’m up,” you yawned and glanced at the tall boy. “Do you have a show tonight?”

“Ja, you think you’re going to get some business?” he asked, offering you a helping hand.

You shrugged your shoulders. The morning sun started to drift its light through the window of your small caravan, the light reflecting off the glass chimes that a fellow performer had given you. He watched in wonder as dazzling colors danced around your wall. You admired the innocence that he held. After all the years spent in your caravan, wondering about the outside world, he always loved the light that was reflected.

You opened the dresser drawers, trying to find something suitable to wear.

“I should go.” Kurt said awkwardly. He’d never been comfortable with anything too intimate, such as seeing each other naked. You respected it though, he had his beliefs that he clung onto to keep himself him and for support and to cope.

“Yeah, I’ll see you at our spot? After the show?”


You smiled softly, “I love you, Kurt.”

“I love you as well, Liebling.”

And with that, the familiar cloud of smoke and sulfur appeared, leaving you in the middle of the black cloud.

Although there was a large crowd, very few of the patrons ever came to you. You could almost smell the fear that radiated from them as they walked by looking at the tarot cards and crystal ball that sat on your table. No doubt they had heard rumors of what you could do.

Some snickered at the cheesy looking get up but they still didn’t walk over and take their chances.

Except one.

A man, more specifically a drunk one, came stumbling over the flat ground. With each step that he came closer to you, the smell of liquor surrounded you, making you squirm in the wooden fold out chair.

Tell me the future, pretty lady,” he said as he placed the larger bottle of beer on the table, knocking over the stack of tarot cards, and the sloshing liquid staining the beautiful blue of the table cloth.

Of course,” you said wearing a toothy grin to hide your disgust, “But first you must pay me.”

“I thought everything but the food was free in here?”

“Yes. But my services require it.”

Technically, you weren’t allowed to take money from the costumers. Herr would think you were plotting an escape, which in fact you were. You were getting out of here, you’d never imagined your life like this, you’d wanted to travel the world not stay in the confides of the circus your whole life, no matter where it went within Europe, being drained of your abilities until you no longer brought anyone in, and you knew it was coming soon.

You were leaving and you were taking Kurt with you.

His hands fumbled in his pocket, digging around for his wallet. When his brows furrowed, you looked up and past him to the little boy with sly hands waved at you with the brown leather wallet in hand. You smirked at him but turned your attention back to the inebriated customer.

“I don’t have my wallet.”

“That’s alright, just show me your hands.”

He outstretched his arms and turned them over to show his palm. Carefully stroking the lines, you glanced up at the man and poked around in his mind, trying to find anything to set off your sight.

And you did.

Your eyes began to blur as you felt the black of your pupil melt and spread out across your eyes through the tiny veins in them. For that moment in time you saw the look of horror in his face as you began to shake and glow purple.

It wasn’t a blinding light that radiated from your skin but a shimmer as the skin ran with a pigment of brilliant purple.

“Do not be fooled by the moments of peace. Something is coming from the other side will bring revenge your way,” your voice deepened and resonated loudly throughout the open area. He leaned back in his seat as he watched you, “She hates you. She knows what you did to her. Don’t think that because you think you are guiltless that the revenge will not reign down like a firestorm on you!”

He had fallen out of his chair and began to panic. The sound of his shouts pulled you out of your trance. The purple faded away from your skin, the black in your eyes retracted, slowly coming back to your pupils.

“What was that, you- you freak!”

It felt like the wind had been knocked out of you as you came to, trying to suck in air calmly even though the customer was in a rage.

“I don’t think you should be blaming me; you are the one that wanted to know your future,” you said.

“Do not play games with me girl!” he came to stand on his feet and clenched your wrist tightly, fingers digging into the thin skin there.

“Don’t touch me! I know what you did to that poor woman.”

He pursed his lips and let go of you, throwing you down on the ground before storming off.

“Fucking prick,” you whisper in English as you picked yourself up and resituated yourself. You sat back down, holding your head in your hands.

“Joachim, let me see what you got tonight.”

The small boy slid wallets and spare euros and coins. He smiled at you, waiting for you to count up the earnings. You were so close to making it, just another night like this and you’d be off with Kurt, exploring the world.

“You did good, Jo,” you handed the boy a twenty euro note and smiled kindly at the blond boy, “Go buy yourself a treat.”

You watched him run off to the food vendors and tucked the money in your skirt and the wallets went down your blouse for later disposal.

“We are so close Kurt. Just another night and we can be out of here and we can visit all those churches you want to see. Just one more night and we can have a life together,” you say, clenching his hand and moving closer to him. More water spread through the fabric of your shirt with each move you made to him.

Kurt brought your hand up and softly laid a kiss across your knuckles, his lips moving slowly as he glanced over at you. His amber eyes softened as he mumbled a prayer against your skin.

Your eyes fluttered closed at the sensation of his warm breath on your skin.

“Do you think we could be happy?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean,” you come to lay half on his chest, one hand intertwined with his and the other touching the scars on his face, “Are we only happy now only because of our circumstances? Will it be the same when we leave?”

He frowned for a second as he came to understand what you meant.

“Of course, don’t doubt that we will be happy.”

You smile was sad as you continued to stroke his cheek, feeling the patterns that he had carved into his face. The first time you’d seen them, you thought he had been born with them but the moment your found out he had done it to himself, your heart broke for the boy. And each time he would teleport into your room with a broken sob and blood seeping over his blue face and chest, you wanted to cry.

He told you that is was okay, that it was his fault, that he had sinned and deserved it.

You told him otherwise.

You would hold him close to your chest after you had cleaned the wound, rocking him back and forth in your arms.

The lights turned off one by one around you two, engulfing you two in the darkness of the night but his eyes stood out, still attracting you like a moth to a light.

The content feeling in your chest that stirred inside you so warm, when he pulled you down and held you close and tight with his arms was what you wanted to feel with him in the future.

“What do you think you are doing with this money?”

You’re frozen when the owner approaches you, waving the money in your face and slapping you. The caravan had been over turned, your possessions, once neatly organized, now a clutter on the floor and the glass broken in pieces, scattered over the linoleum by bustling feet.

Kurt hisses from beside you when he heard the horrendous smack of Herr’s hand against your cheek.

“What does it matter, you are mutant no one would take you in even if you had the money,” he looked back to Kurt and then to his goons. “Get him. They are going to pay a pretty price for him.”

The men in your caravan stormed past you, shoving you to the floor to reach Kurt. They were too fast for him to even teleport or run in the opposite direction. He was grabbed by the men at the wrists and neck, holding him down against the wet ground outside your home. His tail waves wildly in the air as he struggles against them and he feels the sharp sting of something sharp poking through his skin and a pressure.

“What did you give him?” you say, stumbling and trying to stand up straight.

Herr ignored you as he walked towards Kurt. His hands tying knots around Kurt’s wrists and you screamed your heart out as they dragged him away, hooking their arms through his and his head drooping from the tranquilizer.

No! I won’t let you take him. Kurt! Please, don’t take him from me. Please!You watched in horror as the lion tamer dragged you away from Kurt, your hand outreached, grasping at air and trying so hard to reach him.

It’s okay, I’ll come back for you,” his words slurred as he started to feel the effects of the tranquilizer.

“Kurt!” you screamed and clawed at the men that held you back.

Kurt heard your anguished cries for him and as much as he wanted to turn around, to reassure you that everything that the both of you had planned would happen, but he knew if he did, his heart would break and shatter into tiny pieces like the beautiful glass that lied on the floor of your caravan.

Kurtoberfest one-shot - “Kurt’s Killer First Time Behind the Wheel” (Rated T)

The first time sixteen-year-old Kurt Hummel got behind the wheel of his brand new SUV, he became a killer, and only his dad could help him out… (2267 words)

Rare pair: Kurt and Burt Hummel

Written for @treebleeding

***Okay, just so you know, this isn’t as dark as it sounds xD Written for the @kurtoberfest prompt ‘graveyard’.

Read on AO3.

“OhmyGod! OhmyGod! OhmyGod! OhmyGod!”

“Do I take it that means you like it?” Burt asks his son as Kurt circles the black SUV parked in their driveway.

“I love it!” Kurt squeals. “It’s exactly the one I wanted!”

“Of course it is,” Burt says with a laugh. “You only emailed me a picture, gave me a brochure with this model circled, and then taped the listings of every one available in Lima on every wall of the house. You might think I’m not quick, kiddo, but I eventually got the hint.”

“And I thought I was being so subtle,” Kurt jokes, peering through the tinted window at the immaculate interior. Ooo, cream colored leather. Yup – exactly what he wanted. Way to go, Dad!

“Why don’t you take her for a spin?”

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misapprehension: a mistaken belief about or interpretation of something.

Summary: Blaine makes assumptions and Kurt gets hugs. (aka 5+ times Blaine thinks Kurt and Elliott are in love and one time he realises why jumping to conclusions seriously does not make life any easier.)

A/N: I have no idea how this happened except that I really wanted to write about Elliott and how good he is for Kurt. And, well, I pretty much always want to write about Klaine. Also, I mean, come on. They’re all just so pretty, you just gotta get these feelings out sometimes.

Warning for shameless overuse of italics and dumb boys being dumb (but what else is new).

Also up on the AO3.

Sophomore year Blaine decides to move out of the college dorms. He just likes the idea of having a place of his own. And Tina knows a guy from her job at the diner who’s looking for a new roommate just now, after his old one moved to LA to become an actress.

The guy’s name is Kurt and Blaine likes him immediately. He has amazing hair and a very cute smile and wears really tight pants and is just a little awkward.

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