so happy to have kurt back

The signs as Nirvana lyrics

Aries:  She’ll come back as fire, to burn all the liars, And leave a blanket of ash on the ground, I miss the comfort in being sad // Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle

Taurus: Don’t, tell me what I wanna hear, Afraid of never knowning fear, Experience anything you need, I’ll keep fighting jealousy, Until it’s fucking gone // Lounge Act

Gemini:  I’m so happy ‘cause today, I have found my friends, They’re in my head // Lithium

Cancer:  I wish I was like you, Easily amused, Find my nest of salt, Everything’s my fault, I take all the blame, Aqua seafoam shame // All Apologies

Leo: Would you believe me when I tell you, You are the queen of my heart, Please don’t deceive me when I hurt you, Just ain’t the way it seems // Love Buzz

Virgo:  Teenage angst has paid off well, Now I’m bored and old, Self-appointed judges judge, More than they have sold // Serve the Servants

Libra:  Who said don’t look back? Don’t believe ‘em, Go for that crazy sounding restaurant, Cause they’re gonna try and get behind you, Don’t you let them do it, You know what I’m talking about? You hear me talking? // Turnaround

Scorpio:  Where do bad folks go when they die? They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly, They go down to the lake of fire and fry, Won’t see ‘em again till the fourth of July // Lake Of Fire

Sagittarius: I searched for form and land, for years and years I roamed, I gazed a gazley stare at all the millions here, We must have died alone, a long long time ago // The Man Who Sold The World

Capricorn: I am my own parasite, I don’t need a host to live, We feed off of each other, We can share our endorphins // Milk It

Aquarius: Load up on guns bring your friends, It’s fun to lose and to pretend, She’s over-bored and self-assured, Oh no, I know a dirty word // Smells Like Teen Spirit

Pisces:  My heart is broke, But I have some glue, Help me inhale, And mend it with you, We’ll float around, And hang out on clouds, Then we’ll come down, And have a hangover // Dumb


i have this HC that jubilee was so happy to see the guys n’ gals that went to cairo when they came back safely that she tackle-hugged them all… and they all appreciated it, but kurt did the most… so every time he comes back home from an x-mission she makes sure to go find him when the x-jet’s landed.

at least until she passes her own eX-am and gets to be an x-man too. then she can just look out for him on the job.

Okay, so Jesse rekindles his relationship with Rachel when she moves back to New York, stars in his first musical, wins a Tony either for that musical or another one (THANK GOD, because Jesse St. James is immensely talented and I always knew he was going to be a star if RIB would just let him become one!), makes his peace with Rachel’s friends and is now on good terms with them all, proposes to Rachel, MARRIES her, is the director in a musical starring her, supports her decision to be Kurt/Blaine’s (gestational???) surrogate, can’t wait to have his very own kids with her and is there supporting her when she wins her very own first Tony. 

In short, just like he promised, he makes all her dreams come true. 

Imagine Jean being really excited about Kurt’s passion for reading; Happy that there’s finally another book worm around. Imagine Kurt being super happy and grateful when she lends him her books. Imagine him teleporting into her room at 2am to rant about the part he just read and Jean saying “I’m glad you’re enjoying the book and I know you’re excited but we will talk about it tomorrow okay? It’s time for sleep.” And Kurt being the sweet, awkward baby he is just kind of studders and feels bad for bothering her so he apologizes and bamfs back to his room. Imagine them constantly handing each other books and Kurt running up to her excitedly yelling “Jean you have to read this!” Or “Jean did you get to chapter 9 yet?! I need to rant about it!”

Uncle Kurt comes over to babysit

Wordcount: 1,070

Summary: Kurt is requested to babysit Rachel Summers for a night.

“Mein Gott?! Vhat zhe hell is happening?!”

Two hours earlier…

“Uncle Kurt!” Rachel ran towards the blue man and hugged him tight. “I’m so happy we’re having a pajama party tonight!”

“Not so quick, little lady! You gotta be in bed by 8:30” Scott said to his daughter.

“What?! But, daddy! It’s Friday night!” said the little 5 year old.

“It doesn’t matter, love. We’ve talked about this before, so please, behave.” Jean said caressing her little one’s face.

“Okay, mommy” she said, head down and hands to her back. Kurt got a glimpse of what seemed like crossed fingers on Rachel’s hand.

“I guess ve von’t behave for long, right, liebe?” Kurt thought.

“Bye!” the little girl waved to her parents while Kurt lifted her on his arms, standing on the doorstep.

“Take care of uncle Kurt, Rachel!” Jean mocked.

“Auf Wiedersehen, mein freunds!“

“O beer-then!” Rachel tried to say just like Kurt did.

“Pretty close, liebeling” he squeezed her against him and then walked into the house.

Kurt, having the spirit of an eternal child, got crazy as soon as Rachel started to act, well, like a child!

“I want cookies, uncle Kurt!”
And Kurt gave her cookies.

“I want potato chips!”
And Kurt gave her chips.

“I wanna horse ride, pony Kurt!”
And Kurt became a horse for his lovely guest.

“Can we watch a Disney movie?”
“As long as it isn’t zhe hunchback of notre dame, liebe, we can watch any movie”
And they both saw tangled and the beauty and the beast.

“You zhink zhat could happen to me, liebeling?

“What?” she asked, her mouth filled with popcorn.

“Meet a princess even if I look like zhis” Kurt said pointing at his appearance.

“Hmm… not really…”

“Ouch. Zhat vas harsh” he said a little hurt. Kids always tell the truth.

“…Because you isn’t mean like the beast, uncle Kurt. You are kind, and like a teddy bear. You are a prince…” she said leaning on his arm and petting his fur.

He was very fond of the little girl’s touch when she suddenly gasped and jumped off the couch.


“YOU ARE A PRINCE! AND YOU ARE BLUE! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?!” she said, excitement filling the room.

“Zhat I look like a smurf or an avatar prince…?” he asked missing her point.


Then Kurt understood why she fangirled so bad.

“I’ll wait until my blue prince comes and saves me!” Rachel shouted from the top of the stairs with a very big princess dress.

“Here I am, milady!” Kurt jumped out at the end of the stairs dressed as a prince with a sword on his tail. “And I vill save you… Vhat am I saving you from?”

Rachel screamed like a damsel in distress.

“Carefull, my blue prince! Here comes the dragon!” she said pointing to her stuffed dragon.

“Zhou shall not vorry, mein liebe! I’ll save you!” And with those words, Kurt threw himself towards the stuffed animal. After an endless war with the fierce dragon, the stuffed animal ‘stole’ Kurt’s sword and ‘stabbed him to death’.


“NOOOOOO!!! BLUE PRINCE!” Rachel shouted, running down the stairs.

Kurt was lying on the floor holding his chest ad if he was really hurt.

“I’m sorry, mein liebe. I failed you…”

“You know what you need?”

“Vhat?” he said, getting a little out of his character.

“A kiss” she said just as she leaned forward. He got scared to hell, until the little one gave him a little kiss on the forehead.

“Oh!” he said relieved. “I feel my energies coming to me again!” and with a jump, he ‘killed’ the dragon.

“My hero! “ she hugged Kurt.

“You scared me vizh the ‘kiss’ part” he said.

“Don’t worry, mommy explained to me that kisses are just for parents, or people that is going to marry, and we are not getting married. Ew. We are friends, duh…” she left to the kitchen.

“Vell… I’m sorry to tell you zhis, mein freund, but you have to go to bed…”

“No, uncle Kurt! Please!”

“I’m sorry. It’s already half past your bedtime.”

After a while of fighting, begging and a bit crying, Rachel got into bed. Kurt kissed her forehead, turned off the lights and got out of the door.

Few minutes had passed away when Kurt started to hear weird sounds near him. He ignored them when they finished, but then they came again. He turned around and saw the dragon he was fighting earlier was floating behind him and approaching.

“Mein Gott! Vhat zhe hell is happening?!”

Moments later, some other things began to float and move around him. Dishes, candles, books… all of them moving around Kurt.

“Ist eine geister!” he shouted and then ran upstairs to check on Rachel.

“RACHEL!” he screamed, but when he got into her room, she was missing. “RACHEL! VHERE ARE YOU?!”


The blue man turned around scared. Jean was at the door of her daughter’s room.


Scott walked in with Rachel in his arms.

“Do you have anything to say to Kurt? Look how worried he is”

“I’m sorry, uncle Kurt…” she said, eyes on the floor.

“Vhat? I don’t understand…”

“There’s no ghost… It was me… I didn’t wanted to go to bed…” she said pouting.

“I still don’t get any of zhis…” he said looking at Scott, then Jean, and after that to Rachel. He really didn’t get a thing.

“I can do what mommy does… And I moved the things. But I didn’t wanted to scare you, I just wanted to keep playing with you… You are fun…”

“So… She’s like you…?” he asked Jean.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, but we all agreed that she would behave…” she gave a hard look to her daughter.

“I’m sorry”

After clearing up all the mess, Kurt began to say goodbye to his friend to go back to his house.

“You know, next time we could use your povers and mine and have an even better time” Kurt whispered when she hugged Rachel. He backed a little bit and winked at her.

“If that ever happens, I think we will need you both to be babysitted by someone else” Scott said as Jean hid her face on her hand.

[Request by @shakespearevillain. I’m very sorry for the delay]

Three times Kurt finds a sticker on his butt after having sex...

…and that one time he gets an explanation.

Filling a prompt.

“Oh… oh my God…”

Kurt’s tone is breathless, and he hears Blaine chuckle. A soft kiss is placed on his lower back before Blaine falls onto the mattress next to him and turns his head so that they’re eye to eye. Kurt smiles, tired, happy, satisfied.

“That was rather amazing,” Blaine concludes with a grin.

“That it was,” Kurt agrees.

“You almost came from just…”

“Like you said. Amazing,” Kurt interrupts Blaine. “I really needed that.”

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Sorry for this little meta monologue, but I had to gif this scene.

Blaine tells Kurt not to tell Dave about their duet, and when Kurt brings up that it’s “just a song”, Blaine mentions that Dave has been suspicious about the two of them, and he thinks that hearing about them singing will have him thinking that something is up. This isn’t the first time Blaine shown irrational paranoia about a relationship, considering he’s had similar “I thought you would x” moments with Kurt, which are always immediately proven to be false.

(Also, do Kurt and Dave run into each other often? Because I honestly like the idea of happy!Dave riding a grocery cart down an aisle and tapping bitter!Kurt from the back with it in greeting.)

But alas, Dave doesn’t give a crap about the song, and it wasn’t until Blaine cheated on him that Dave even really bothered to bring up how odd Blaine has been acting the last few days– despite having been spending so much time with Kurt in the first place.

Then again, with Blaine confirming that he was the one to initiate the kiss (rather than just the kiss itself), Dave’s simple “I knew it” speaks wonders for how much trust he actually had for Kurt over Blaine, which pleases my shipping heart. That, in addition to Dave’s previous comment about how he had to convince Blaine that Kurt was an incredible, kind person, puts the “everyone prefers Blaine to Kurt” theory to shame. 

Love Wins

Short little story about Kurt and Blaine’s reaction to the Supreme Court ruling.  In case you’ve been living under a rock today and have not heard, same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states, including my state and Ohio.  So, going back to Dreams Come True, when McKinley is starting the new school year in the fall of 2015, Kurt and Blaine’s marriage is recognized there.  I’m so happy for all of my friends who now can get married.  Love Wins.

674 words.  Rated: G

After staying up late the night before, Kurt and Blaine had decided to sleep in Friday morning.  They were awakened by Kurt’s cell phone ringing nonstop.

“Ugh,” Blaine said sleepily as he rolled over.  “Just answer it.”

Kurt groaned and reached out towards his phone on his nightstand.  “Hello?” he said, answering the phone.

“Hey Kurt,” Burt said.  “Sorry if I woke you up, but I’m pretty sure you’ll thank me.”

“Dad?  What’s up?”

“Bud, turn on your television to the news.”

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Look how far they have come:

2x15 - “I want to be with you. But I’m afraid of the talks and the looks. I mean, you know what happened to Kurt at this school. I’m so afraid of what everyone will say behind my back. Still, I have to accept that… I love you. I love you and I don’t want to be with Sam or Finn or any of those other guys. I just want you. Please say you love me back. Please!’‘ 

3x12 - ’'And by that I don’t mean my friend who’s a girl I mean my girlfriend girlfriend’' 

6x3 - ’'I normally use a lot of words when I say something negative so since this is the most positive thing I’m ever going to do I’m going to keep it simple, Brittany. S. Pierce, will you marry me?’' 

AND in six days the will say their vows and become wives!! 

Till We See The Sunlight

It was Molly’s birthday last week but I was in New York and couldn’t write a fic

But now I can

She said that she was in the mood for “maybe something very early with like hand-holding and stuff? just v v cute” so I’m trying my best

Title inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Hold My Hand” song ;)

Blaine expected to be feeling like he’s walking on air.

But not that badly.

To let all of his feelings out, to confess his love for Kurt, and to have Kurt kiss him back–

Yeah he’s walking on cloud nine.

Blaine is so happy he feels like he could float away like a happy balloon.

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Rush Hour

Summary: Blaine’s late for his meeting and Kurt is happy to help where he can.

Author’s note: I’m back from my dry spell with this little fluffy fic of pure domestic klaine. Enjoy the fluff!

Oh he was late, he was so late.

“Sweetie, come back to bed.” Kurt whined, arm reaching out to grab at Blaine but missed and flopped back down with a quiet thump.

“No, I’m gonna be late.” Blaine nearly tripped over their clothes that were carelessly tossed on the floor the night before. “Project meeting starts in an hour!”

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