so happy to finally be able to share this

I’m so happy to finally be able to finally be able to share this!!

This was my piece for Gold Medal: A Yuuri on Ice Fanbook (featuring only Latin American artists woo!!)

The’re strolling down Coyoacán (the municipality in Mexico City where my mom grew up, and where I spent most of my childhood holidays), with pecked paper hanging over them (one of my favorite Mexican aesthetics). They’re both wearing Otomí embroidered shirts (Victor is wearing a belt as well), which is my favorite indigenous textile pattern, and embroidered wrist-bands with their names on it (a very silly Mexican souvenir you can get at mercaditos). 
Victor is having a bollo (they have other names in the rest of the country, but we call them that way in Monterrey), which is basically ice cream in a plastic bag. I added this bc it’s a thing you see almost everywhere, and Yuuri is having an elotito with spicy chile. Because elotitos are the best  (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

I hope you like it!! 


I am back from a brush with death (a demonic fever that just would NOT quit) and I’ve finally finished my piece for @a-little-light-zine! *collapses* Ya’ll have no idea how much I nitpicked this. :p 

 I’m quite proud of it and I hope everyone likes it!  I’m so thankful to be able to share this with you all and be a part of something truly awesome with so many other talented creators! I can already tell this zine is going to be STUNNING and full of good vibes and light and happiness! 

A Little Light is a Miraculous Ladybug charity fanzine in honor of the victims of Hurricane Matthew and seeks to raise money to help the people of Haiti rebuild and heal. This zine has writers, artists, and cosplayers and I really think it’s something special. If you can, please donate! (and also get a zine, I mean, win-win right?) 

If you want to see the full piece you gotta get the entire zine! As if that’s even a bad thing, since it’s full of amazing participants, which you can see here

You can preorder the zine hereThere’s also a pre-order giveaway you can enter once you pre-order that runs until December 5th! So you’ve still got time! Donate and enter and secure your copy gogogogogo! 

Reigisa week day 4
Theme: friends

I’m so happy to finally be able to submit to reigisa week! ^^

(>< sorry it’s not more reigisa-y, I feel like I focused on the daily theme of friends more than the overall reigisa theme- I only realized this after I finished, but I still wanted to share what I made)


So this year has been pretty eventful for me. I came out, I went full time, I started nomming estrogen like Popeye and spinach. All so I could present to the world how I have always wanted, and needed to.

I admitted this later than I should. All due to fear and shame that should not have been. I am in a better position now, because I can finally be honest with myself. Being able to share a little part of my journey over these few short months has helped me feel worthwhile. So thanks all and merry xmas and happy new year

Mikaela xoxo

Man Face Monday - The Face That Launched 100 Eps Edition

Survived Thanksgiving. Had all kinds of good pie. Hope you had a great week last week. Now, we have 99+1 reasons to be thankful as we (finally) approach the much-anticipated episode this week. I am very happy to be here and to be able to share my little flights of face (and other attributes) fancy with you. 

I’ve decided to revisit some early Oliver this week. What a handful he was, right? Let’s  just jump into those blue pools and recall what a self-loathing bag of trouble this pretty dude used to be. But holy cabooses, such a gorgeous face. 

So dark and broody. This picture is less intense, so you can recover from the last one. 

So many moods. So much pretty. 

Super hot and heroic. Even when his makeup got smudgy. Where did he buy all that goop anyway?

An achingly beautiful face. It has seen so much tragedy and looked in the face of much love. 

To close, just a bit closer up so we can worship those pillow mountains. They give us so much. 

I hope that you have a great week ahead. I’ll be watching and rooting for our guy. Rooting for the Arrow. Rooting for Oliver Queen.  

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Happy Holidays

Aah, so this year I’m doing a holiday art exchange with @chibimonki​!! With finals being over for me now, I was able to sit down and draw the first part of her gift, which of course ended up having to be Rindea! It took me about four days in total, and ended up being around 100 layers (it was around 200 but I had to reduce it), and since she ended up liking it so much, I really wanted to share it with the rest of you. Oh how I wish it would snow in my town 💔

Coming out was a revelation to me. I spent the first thirty years of my life without any language to describe who I was, what I was feeling, so when I finally had words for it, I wanted to tell everyone. It felt like suddenly bursting through the surface of a lake after being held under water for too long. I was gasping for air and elated to be able to breathe. There were people like me! I wasn’t weird or alone! The more I talked about it, the more I shared, the more I discovered that I was surrounded by people like me and beyond that, the more I realized how important it was for me as an adult to show young people how you could be happy and queer. That both can exist in the same space and shame can be left behind in our dust. We can be joyful. 

Yesterday, for the first time since I came out, I really regretted ever coming out. I’m scared. Truly and deeply terrified of what is happening in our country. 

But right now, I am trying to remember that there are young people who still need people like me: queer adults who are successful and out. And I keep reminding myself that as a teacher, I owe them that. I have to continue as I am, because if I am terrified, than how do all these young teens feel? 

So I am here, folks. I am here and I will remain loud and queer and happy. It is my form of protest. I will teach that queer YA lit class in the spring and I will continue to teach my students the importance of love and acceptance. 

And if you are scared, I am here for you. If you need an ear, I will listen. If you just need someone to sit with you in silence, I will be there. I love you whether you are out to the entire world or if you have to stay in the closet in order to protect your life. I love each and every one of you amazing queer people and I will be here for you. I promise.

What she says:  I’m fine.
What she means:  The locker in season 3 has so much more meaning than I could have ever thought. Throughout the whole season Isak is struggling the whole time to get it open, paralleling his struggle with being gay. And then in episode 4 Even helps Isak by giving the locker a slight push and again later in that episode they share their first kiss. Therefore meaning that all Isak needed was someone like Even to help him become comfortable with himself and who he is as a person. In episode 10, Isak is finally happy and comfortable with who he is and is able to open the locker, no worries, with it open for everyone to see. 

I’m so happy to finally be able to share with you what I’ve been working on for the @kh-worldsconnected fanzine! Be sure to also check out the corresponding story to this artwork, written by my wonderful collab partner @alone-in-my-little-infinity !  The story about these three lost children can be read here.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else has been working on !!

anonymous asked:

Me and my friend have decided to finally go vegan! I've been vegetarian/pescatarian for about a year and a half dithering over whether to go vegan. I'm only 2 days in so it's a bit early to say but so far I'm suprised by how many foods I'm still able to eat. It turns out I was fairly vegan anyway 😄 sorry if this is random, I just wanted to share the news x

Aww that’s awesome!! I’m so happy for you! Anyone has to start somewhere and even if it’s just two days, it’s always a great change!! 😊❤

How many Ringabels is too many Ringabels?

Aaah! I’m so excited to finally be able to share this with you guys!! Here is the completed version of my Zine piece that was featured in @chibimonki​‘s Ringabel Zine!! I’m so happy that I got to participate, and so much love went into this piece (despite it being overall very simple)! I wanted to feature both of Ringabel’s canon looks and a custom one I designed, and I’m really glad I was able to do so! If any of you want to see a full version of the custom armor, I’m sure I can whip a full conceptual view of it!! ❤

All textures used in this picture are either hand drawn or come from my personal collection of textures, which will be listed under the read more:

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anonymous asked:

I'm so proud of myself for staying alive. I'm proud of myself for realizing that it's okay to cry and be sad. I'm proud because despite sexual abuse, I am still able to have a physical relationship with someone I love. I'm proud because I'm intelligent, no matter what my abuser said. I'm proud because I'm learning how to stand up for myself. I'm proud because I'm finally taking care of my body and giving it the food it needs to survive. I'm so so proud of myself for learning to be happy.

thank you so much for sharing this with us <3<3 thank you. 

Sunday Positivity: what are you the proudest about yourself??

obbsessedturtle replied to your post: CAME OUT TO THE FAMILY

Oh set! I am so happy for you! You’re such a gem and it’s great you can finally share more of yourself with your loved ones :) ALSO YOUR GRANDMOTHER. is adorable. is she planning on setting you up with a billion dates now. “now dear young set, my neighbor mary has the most darlingest granddaughter who i think you’d like. or lou here has a great grandson. both single and ready to mingle ;]”

Ah, thank you! I am very glad I was able to tell them, yes!


When my cousin T first said she was going to introduce her boyfriend (they’re married now) to my grandma, she told my her, “now grandma, please don’t do anything embarrassing!”

So my grandmother wore a bucket for a hat during the introduction.

(she was probably hoping that I did have a secret girlfriend so she could Bring Out the Bucket)


Part Two of my fan art for my fanfic Coronationalthough technically this is for my fanfic Regalia - that is finally ready to be shared! 

(Part One can be found right here! ) 

Presenting Queen Marianne of the Fairy Kingdom, first of her name, Adventurer and Warrior who braved the Dark Forest and fought the fearsome Bog King, thus gaining his respect, his trust and his love, all of which inspired this gift to her, armor forged from both Dark and Light, capturing the beauty of each…  

I am so incredibly pleased with how this turned out! Armor is an absolute devil to draw, but man, I am so thrilled with the end result here! The shading, the texture of the metal and Marianne’s wings, the coloring (done with both markers and pencils)…everything is just how I wanted it. So damn pleased. 

Marianne once again makes the fiercest, loveliest Fairy Queen, and you are free to imagine this as the royal portrait commissioned for her reign. Look at my Badass Beautiful Butterfly Girl!

(Not pictured is the King of the Dark Forest being an absolute hot mess over his Tough Girl looking smokin’ hot in his gift…)


Agent Gibbs had walked you up to two of his agents, clearly not very happy about having to share a case. “Agent Y/N, this is Ziva David, and Tony DiNozzo. You’ll be working primarily with them for this case.”

Those names. Those damn names that had seared themselves into your brain. Once you were able to nod at Gibbs, he walked off, leaving you with the two agents were also staring at you in amaze.

“Y/N…” Ziva had trailed off, eyebrows quirked together.

“So, we finally get to meet you.” Tony stated, taking a small step closer to you. “Well, it’s about damn time we met our other soulmate! What took you so long; me and Ziva’s known each other for years!”

Unlike most people, who only get one name on their wrist signifying their soulmate, you were lucky enough to get two. It wasn’t very common, but it did happen; one person having two soulmates.

But what were the odds that you would meet both of them at the same time?

Requested by Anon~

ojedi  asked:

You'll let us know the second you get invited to a convention, right? Because your fan base is growing so fast and it makes me happy and I know we all want to be able to meet you someday!

I’m absolutely not going to say anything in regards to convention guesting until it’s finally confirmed. Much like company NDAs, the convention may want to release guest list info at specific times in direct relation to their schedule for spacing out ‘hype builders’ to prepare for the actual event (like how Anime Expo slow-leaks their list over the months via email).

Once I have that permission, it’s a safe bet I’ll share the relevant info.

TVD Finale Thoughts...

I would be lying if I said that the series finale did not get the best of me…I literally cried as if I just lost a close friend or a family member. I honestly don’t think that I have cried this much for any other series finale in a hella long time. The last time cried this badly because of TVD was when Stefan first died. However, now that I have somewhat calmed myself down, I just wanted to share my thoughts about the finale…

I know that everyone has been saying this but I am just going to reiterate it….STEFAN SALVATORE DESERVED BETTER!

That man has constantly made sacrifices in order to protect and make other people happy. He gave way to Damon so that Delena could happen. Before that, he gave up his humanity. He left behind Caroline so that she would be able to raise her twins properly. At this moment, I can’t think of one thing that he did that was selfish with his humanity on.

As a hardcore Steroline shipper, this episode just pains me. They were fucking married for less than 12 hours. She was finally the one that Stefan ACTUALLY wanted to start a future with. She barely got a proper goodbye from her HUSBAND. As far as I remember (correct me if I am wrong), she never got the chance to call him that. He called her that once, while he was trying to convince his brother to leave and save him. I hate that we didn’t even get to see her grieve. She lost her best friend, true love, and her new husband. All we got was some message given by Elena and a shot of Caroline placing the snow globe keychain on whatever what thing was along with his ring. And I am livid that they would even hint that Klaus and Caroline could ever become a thing in the future. Obviously, knowing Stefan’s character, he wouldn’t want Caroline to be sad forever and would want her to find love again. But did it seriously have to be implied so soon (I know realistically, some time has passed in their world but as a viewer and when it took place in the episode…it was too soon).

When I think about it, it bothers me how different Damon’s and Stefan’s reasons were to seek redemption. Damon has repeated himself time and time again that the reason why he wanted redemption and why he wanted to become a good individual was only for the sake of Elena. Everything that he did, was done in the name of Elena. Whereas Stefan didn’t necessarily do it for Caroline, he did it because he genuinely felt guilty for everything that he had done wrong in his life. He felt that needed to make up for all of his mistakes.

Is it just me or does it seem like, “Elena” (the writers) forget that at one point or another, Stefan and Elena were actually in love. They actually discussed what their future would look like. Now, I also noticed this the first time Stefan died but Elena literally could not have cared less knowing that Stefan had passed away. Let’s not forget the big reason why he did it too; it was so all for the name of Delena. And yet, when they saw each other after he died and he was telling her what had happened, the first thing she was concerned about was Damon. Then when she finally fucking realized what Stefan had done for THEM, she was so “insincere” about the whole ordeal. With this being said, Elena never deserved Stefan. I used to be a Stelena shipper but as the series has gone on, I realized that Stefan and Caroline are perfect for each other. They deserve each other whereas Damon and Elena can do whatever they want.

I am not saying that Damon didn’t deserve to be happy but I feel like the writers did not have Stefan’s back. All they cared was that Damon and Elena would get their happily ever after, even if that meant making certain characters dispensable. I am glad that at the end of it all, Stefan wasn’t alone and was able to reunite with his first blonde best friend, Lexi. But I can’t help wishing that he was able to live a long and happy life with his wife. That he would be able to help raise his step daughters. I am happy that at the end of his life, Damon was able to reunite with his brother. Thinking about it now, the only people that genuinely cared for Stefan was Caroline and Damon. I don’t hate Damon, I just hate how much the writers favorited him more.

wusboppin  asked:

i just wanna share my story. i'm an indian bi girl and i kinda realized (today actually) that i definitely like girls more than guys. idk i just feel really proud that i've been able to finally see this part of me because throughout my life i've been taught being anything but straight and cis was a bad thing and to this day i'm surrounded by plenty of homophobes but after 3 of my friends came out to me as wlw i came to closer terms with my sexuality so now i'm a happy gay :-)

That’s great!! I know that it can be hard to figure out your identity while living in a conservative society and I’m really happy for you! :-)

Thanks for sharing!!