so happy to finally be able to share this

So happy to finally be able to share this! It’s some early concept art of Aloy, the lead character of Horizon: Zero Dawn. I worked on this character together with the rest of the character team for a few months in 2013. It was a huge honor working with Guerrilla Games and their inspiring, talented team. I loved working on this character! These images can be seen in this neat featurette about Aloy:, as well as in the artbook that comes with the collector’s edition of the game!

Images © Sony and Guerrilla Games.

I’m so happy to finally be able to finally be able to share this!!

This was my piece for Gold Medal: A Yuuri on Ice Fanbook (featuring only Latin American artists woo!!)

The’re strolling down Coyoacán (the municipality in Mexico City where my mom grew up, and where I spent most of my childhood holidays), with pecked paper hanging over them (one of my favorite Mexican aesthetics). They’re both wearing Otomí embroidered shirts (Victor is wearing a belt as well), which is my favorite indigenous textile pattern, and embroidered wrist-bands with their names on it (a very silly Mexican souvenir you can get at mercaditos). 
Victor is having a bollo (they have other names in the rest of the country, but we call them that way in Monterrey), which is basically ice cream in a plastic bag. I added this bc it’s a thing you see almost everywhere, and Yuuri is having an elotito with spicy chile. Because elotitos are the best  (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

I hope you like it!! 

Iwaoi Dance Au!
Story shared by sweet Anon!! Thank you!!! This is wonderful!!

        Transgender Day of Visibility is an important and vital day to celebrate those of us who are living as our authentic selves.  We can stand united in pride rather than shame and show the world our strength through our vulnerability.  As Laverne Cox said, “It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we shouldn’t exist.”  As our community gains more visibility, the hate and misunderstanding of who we are becomes more visible as well.  Murder rates and hate crimes against our community, especially trans women of color, have risen each year.  Rejection from friends and family often leads to homelessness.  Children face bullying, harassment, and high suicide rates.  Many of us experience workplace discrimination, live well beyond the poverty level, and we can still legally be fired in 32 states simply because we are transgender.  Lawmakers are introducing one bill after another that marginalize and attempt to exclude us from society.  Now, more than ever, visibility is necessary to help change hearts and minds.  

        I remember when my parents bought a computer and set up an internet connection when I was in Jr. High.  I was finally able to research why I felt like a girl trapped in a boy’s body.  I learned about the term transgender and that I wasn’t alone.  For the first time, I no longer felt like a freak or outsider.  I gained hope and strength through the stories of those who had chosen to be visible.  However, I still lived in fear of what my family and friends would think.  Suicide was a constant thought in my mind because I was tired of pretending to be who I wasn’t meant to be.  Societal norms and expectations weighed me down and I became an introvert.  I fought who I was and lived in shame and fear until I was 29.  I had been married for 7 years and when that ended I was broken and defeated.  In my mind, I had two options, suicide or transition because I could no longer go through the motions and pretend to be happy.  

         Five years ago, I chose transition over suicide and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.  Even though I lost friends and family who disagreed with who I am, I gained so much more.  Truly loving myself for the first time allowed me to connect with others like I had never been able to before.  I was finally happy and free!  I chose to document my transition online and share my story with the world because I knew how important visibility was for others who were going through similar struggles.  This gave me the opportunity to inspire and encourage people to live their lives authentically and to love who they are.  The response I received was amazing and, in turn, it gave me the courage and confidence I needed to be more visible offline.  I began sharing my story with almost everyone and the friendships I developed have been rewarding and eye opening.  

          Over the years, I have been asked why I do not move past saying I am transgender and live my life as a woman.  My response, is that visibility is vital and I am proud of who I am.  To me, the term transgender doesn’t define my gender identity, it defines how hard I have fought to be the woman I am today.  Sharing our stories and our struggles truly opens hearts and minds to change and acceptance.  I have learned that most people, when given the chance, do not care about labels.  They care about the person that is front of them and the connection that is developed.  I’m thankful for a day that celebrates who I am despite the fear and hate directed at us but we need to celebrate who we are every day.  Life is a gift and can truly be amazing if you allow yourself to love who you are with unapologetic authenticity.  Together we can make a difference in this world and slowly we will make it a safer, better place for those following in our footsteps.  

Supercorp: “The Spiderman Kiss” 

Amazing commission from the wonderful @zackdoesart

Lena hadn’t experienced a lot of things in her life but she would never get used to the rush she felt when she kissed Kara. Falling in love with Kara was so effortless and she cherished each moment they shared together but one thing that she loved more than anything; was how much of a dork her girlfriend is. How she insisted on carrying Lena bridal style to the bedroom, how she makes Lena sandwiches to take to the office or how excited she’d get every time the word ‘potstickers’ was mentioned. As their relationship had developed Lena had also opened up, showing Kara her nerdy side - it made her so happy to finally be able to share her love of sci-fi and comics to her equally enthusiastic girlfriend. The two had managed to have many movie marathons in between Supergirl saves and Lena’s demanding work schedule, after they’d watched the original Spiderman Trilogy (ranting about Spiderman 3 of course!) Kara had joked about reenacting the famous upside down kiss scene.

Which is how Lena walked into their apartment shrugging her coat off and carelessly pulling her hair free. The smell of takeaway lingered in the air and there was a plate of steaming hot fried rice on the counter but strangely her girlfriend was nowhere to be found. She looked around in search for the Kryptonian, calling her name softly only to be met with silence. Sighing she moved towards the kitchen which is when she heard a soft giggle followed by a muffled “oops!”. Smiling she looked around, raising her eyebrow as another giggle erupted - this one was louder and it only made her smile more.

“I guess Kara isn’t here…” Lena speaks in a teasing voice, biting her lip when she hears some shuffling, more giggling and then she sees Kara, floating at the top of the ceiling, upside down. 

Lena can’t help but laugh when Kara flashes her a proud grin. Kara beckons her over with an excited wave, smiling wider when Lena makes her way towards her. Kara easily floats down, still hung upside down like the deo bat - stopping when she’s mere inches from Lena’s lips. She waits, hovering there as her eyes drift to stare at Lena’s lips.

“Going to give me a kiss then Spidey?” 

Kara blushes at the nickname before nodding enthusiastically.

“Well, I can’t leave a beautiful woman hanging; can I?” 

Lena shakes her head rolling her eyes at the joke. She steps closer tilting her chin slightly as Kara’s hand cups the back of her head gently tugging her closer and effectively closing the gap. The moment their lips meet Lena melts, reaching forward to chase Kara’s lips. Kara keeps her hand tangled in Lena’s hair as they continue to kiss softly and she can taste the hint of wine lingering on Lena’s lips, drinking every bit of her in. Lena smiling breaks their kiss but neither can bring themselves to care - not when Kara is bringing their lips back together and kissing with such softness that Lena never wants to pull away.


I’ve been able to adapt this post into a video.
There’s nothing much added but it’s just cool to have the pictures showing up at the same time as the song and I wanted to do this since a while. ♥
I’m so happy that I managed to do it. Sharing this to ya doods! ;D

Alive - Bruce Wayne x Reader (Smut so obviously NSFW)

Summary : The Batman died months ago…Or, did he ? 

I decided to indulge some of you who keep asking for more Bruce smut so…here’s more Bruce smut. With feelings though because I HATE writing things without any emotions. I’m not into just the filthy smut with no story..and now I surely hope that I was able to write emotions/feelings properly up. NSFW so if you’re not comfortable with those things DO NOT READ ! I’ve got plenty of stories that are totally not NSFW you can check out instead (link to my masterlist down below). Hope you’ll like it :

My masterlist blog :


Your eyes were betraying you. 


Your brain was betraying you.

That was it, you had tipped over the edge of madness. You were definitely and irreversibly crazy. After months of grief and pain, it finally happened.

Because he couldn’t be there. You had wished for months and months for him to be by your side, and now, your own mind was playing trick on you. Because he could. Not. Be. There. No.

And yet…Yet why weren’t you the only one reacting to his sudden appearance ?

 Your children gasped, and Alfred made a loud sound of surprise. 

And why were Diana and Clark by his side ? If it was an hallucination, why would you see them with him ? Why would you hallucinate them too ? Especially since you still hadn’t forgive them for what they did…

Your oldest is the first one to launch himself towards him, and your boy’s body make a sound as he hits his father’s. A very real sound…You’re confused. 

Ho…how ? Bruce’s arms wrap around his son and…he does seem real.

For a second, you think maybe it’s a dream. One of many you had ever since Bruce’s death. Because this is all too good to be true. 

Because this is impossible. Because…Because you saw him die.

The memory of this awful moments comes flooding to you.


You saw him died. Or rather, you saw him being swarmed by monsters on Apokolips. It was the same thing really. There was absolutely no chance he survived that day. Even less chances he survived that long. The many months.

It was all so blurry, your own mind shielding you from the trauma of loosing the love of your life. You couldn’t remember everything in details.  

Him having to stay behind to disarm a weapon that would wipe all life in the universe. Being the only one who could do it. 

Him begging Diana and Clark to drag you to safety, because he knew you would never leave him willingly…And, trying as best they could to ignore your screams of despair, they did get you safe and sound. 

It was the least they could do. They owed him that much. After all, he was sacrificing himself for the greater good. And though it cost them a lot to leave their best friends behind…They knew they weren’t any other solutions. 

If even the Batman, even the man that had a plan for everything, from A to Z, said : “this is our only chance”…then it was the only way. 

And as the portal to Apokolips was closing, and you were safe back in the Watchtower, the last vision you had of him was his smile to you. Him mouthing “I will always love you”, before a wave of creatures buried him under them. 

Your supplication to open the portal again broke all your friends from the League’s heart. And when J’onn told you it wasn’t possible, that Bruce made sure the entire thing would fry when the mission was done (for safety, so that they wouldn’t bring any of the nightmarish beasts that lived on Apokolips back with them), you lost your cool. Your lost all control. 

Your screams of pain still haunt them at night. 

They had to give you a sedative. And against their will, called your sons to pick you up. They had to tell them…And it’s with a broken and heavy heart that they brought you back home. Took care of you as you always did for them. Because you needed them. You needed their love. Their support. And they needed you. 

One of the central pillar that was holding this family was no more. 

Their father was dead. 

The love of your life was dead. 

Bruce…Was never coming back. 

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SHINee reaction to your relationship getting public by accident

Jonghyun: ‘’Does that mean I can finally drown interviewers in my special collection of the stories about you?’’, a glint of hope on his face. And that’s when you realized you won’t exactly become a favorite person of the interviewers of Korea if they ever survive his passionate speech

Originally posted by daenso

Key: ‘’Ok, but look! We already have supportive comments!’’ He wouldn’t miss a chance to shove his phone in front of your face every now and then to prove how much his fans love you. ‘’Isn’t this your account, Kibum?? Why did you leave a comment on an article about us?!’’‘’What? I’m our biggest fan!’’

Originally posted by keybumforme

Onew: Though worried about the fans reaction he wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that he’s dying from happiness since he’s finally able to talk about you. The fact that he’s becomes super shy after every words said about you is just making the thing more hilarious for everyone else. ‘’You just talked about your shared apartment…why the hell are you blushing then??’’

Originally posted by 1aeyong

Minho: ‘’I don’t approve of this. What if someone starts stalking you only to get your photos or something….wait! Does this means we finally get to go on a real date…Forget the stalking, you’re moving in with me, I’ll protect you! And I’m planning our first real date. I so approve of this!’’

Originally posted by mintokkies

Taemin: ‘’I can finally hold your hand when we’re out n the public?’’ And that’s the moment when the chaos started because it took you the whole day to calm down the giggling mess Taemin was…and even after that he would randomly run up to you to hug you every now and then

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imagine september first.

imagine finally going back to hogwarts.

you’d wake up that morning with butterflies; you’d be anxious to get there, you’d think back on how you haven’t been able to sleep for days because you’ve been so excited.

you’d see your friends you hadn’t seen all summer on the platform. you’d run up to them and give them hugs and do a happy dance because, finally, oh finally, you’re going to be able to share a room again in your dorm and have late night talks and adventures.

you then get on the train and wave to your parents as you start to pull away. you feel sad you won’t see them until the holidays, but then you remember where you’re going. then you remember how they want you to have fun, and how distance doesn’t mean anything when you love someone. and you can write to them, you can still have a piece of them with you.

you make it to your favorite spot on the train and tuck in close to the window. you wrap your house sweater closer to your body and laugh as your friend tells you something funny that happened to them this past summer.

you get something from the trolley and snort from sarcastic laughter when the trolley lady scowls at you and your friends for being too loud.

it’s the same every year, but you love how it never changes.

you finally get to hogwarts. you look out your window as you pull up to the station. you can see the castle in the distance. you can’t help but smile.

you watch as the first years nervously follow hagrid out to the boats, but you wish you could be them again. you wish you could see the castle again for the first time, because nothing beats that memory. it will be forever ingrained in your mind. you wish you could re-live that moment over and over again.

you walk through the castle doors and take a deep breath and close your eyes just for a moment.

you’re finally home.

your moment is taken away from you quickly as one of your friends pulls you along.

you wave to your friends from other houses as you make your way to your house table.

you see people again you can’t stand, but you realize you’re happy to see them too, because they make this experience real.

you watch as the first years get sorted and remember what the sorting hat said to you. you remember how sweaty your palms were as you nervously rubbed them against your new robes. you remember how relieved you felt when you were sorted into the house you thought fit you best.

you smile to yourself as a first year sits at the front of your house table.

your mouth waters as the feast begins.

you grab your favorite food you don’t get at home and eat five servings of it until you are so stuffed you can’t even walk properly.

your friends tell you more stories as you walk to your dorm room for the night.

you look at all the portraits and wave to your favorite one. you make a joking comment to them and they laugh along with you.

you finally enter your dorm room and instantly feel relaxed. so relaxed, that you realize how exhausted you are from not getting any sleep the few nights before.

you make it to your old bed you have grown accustomed to. you smile as you see the old carvings you have made into the bed post.

you set up your corner and kick your trunk underneath your bed. you love that your bed is right next to the window.

your friends fall asleep before you, and you look out your window out at the lake and focus on listening to your friend’s breathing.

you’re home. that’s all you can think about.

you think about how you can’t wait to be back in your favorite class again.

you think about the study sessions in the library.

you think about sneaking around the castle late at night.

you think about all the secret parties in the room of requirement.

this is real. you are experiencing this magic. you never want it to end.

you’re home.


what to expect when you’re expecting AU I guess? @starcoweek3

I just wanted to do something cute for the *sniff* last *sniff* day, so this happened. Marco being a total mess and having to deal with a pregnant Star .. is just a very funny thing to imagine. I just love the idea of them having twins, they both get to name one of the kids! And once they’re born, Marco is all concerned for Star and she’s all like LOOK AT THOSE CUTE LITTLE THINGS THAT JUST CAME OUT OF ME LOOK AT THEIR SQUISHY FACES OH MY

At this point, I wanna take a moment to appreciate the host of this beautiful event - thank you so much for commenting and sharing all of this amazing content! That’s a huge effort and I can’t even begin to put into words how grateful I am that I was finally able to be a part of this! 

I got so happy every time I saw your comments on my art, so thank you .. and see you in 6 months! (:


Requested by @starcatchersontherun with the prompt: ‘Running. Just the feeling of running with another along side you.’

{2618 words)

As Peter counted down the minutes until the final class of the day would finally come to an end, he couldn’t help but think about the fact he would have to wait another two full days before he got to see you again. He found you incredibly captivating you see. Ever since the moment he laid eyes on you in the library. It had been a Wednesday, it was quite cloudy, and Ned had spent the day at home sick. So Peter had to find another source of entertainment for that lunch break. He wondered into the library expecting maybe a couple of other kids doing some studying, but what he did not expect was to see you sat down on the floor, your back leant up against the bookshelf and a copy of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ opened in your hands.

For that forty minutes Peter found it almost impossible to keep his eyes off you. It was the way your eyes were so transfixed on the words in front of you. The way you slipped your finger under each page just before you would have to turn to the next page. How your hair would slowly fall out of place after you had just pushed it over. When you would reposition your legs when they began to go numb. Everything.

This very long trance was broken when the bell rang throughout the halls. Peter quickly pushed all his unlooked at notes back into his backpack and stood up just as you had also stood up. Peter knew his next class was on the other side of the building but he didn’t seem to mind, he simply just wanted to be within your proximity for as long as possible. So as hung your bag over your shoulders and began to walk out of the library you were destined to cross paths with Peter. Who of which had began to walk very quickly past you. Now thinking to himself it would have probably been best to get out of there before he embarrassed himself in front of you in some ridiculous way. Just as he had pushed the library door open he turned ever so slightly, catching a glance of you a couple of metres behind you and as there was no one behind Peter he kept hold of the door so that you could walk through as well. And that was it, his first every real interaction with you. Peter was over the moon by his gentlemen like actions, to which had earned him a kind smile and a “thank you!” from you. When your eyes met his indulgent brown eyes he could feel his insides doing somersaults and tying itself into knots simultaneously.

Ever since that day, he had always looked forward to seeing you each day. Even if you didn’t speak to one another. Peter was quite simply enchanted by the aura around you.

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Single Bed Part 2

Hey guys! So I will not be able to post any more of The Game this weekend, I am so sorry, I put all the blame on finals. As soon as I get it done, I will post it! Hopefully no later than next weekend. But a lot of you have been asking me to do more of Single Bed, so here’s another part! I hope you guys enjoy. Happy Sunday! 

Warnings: mission, injury, fluff, language, teeny weensy bit of angst

Summary: You and Bucky have to share a single bed on a mission and it prompts him to say what’s been on his mind for a while, pushing you to think about what he means to you.

Part 1

Originally posted by sithlordalice

After hearing Bucky’s confession and sharing your own secret, sleep hadn’t really been an option. Your mind was buzzing, trying to figure out how it could all go wrong, or maybe how it could all go right. You didn’t realize you wondered the night away until the sunrise started to peak through the curtains of the hotel room.

You picked your head up to look over Bucky’s body at the clock on the night stand. 5AM. There was no point in going to sleep now, the jet was going to take you home in a couple hours. 

You sighed and fell back to your side of the bed and stared at the ceiling. You played with the tag on the corner of the comforter, twisting and pulling it with your fingers. You knew that with the way the universe was treating you right now, Bucky would wake up the second you looked over at him and wonder why the hell you were watching him sleep. But you could only fight that urge for so long.

You shifted your eyes his way, like if your head didn’t move, no one could prove you were actually looking at him. You sighed, feeling completely ridiculous, and turned on your side to face him. When you did, you felt your heart leap into your throat. 

He looked peaceful, almost untouched. You were surprised he even trusted the world enough to fall asleep in it anymore. Looking at his closed eyes, you suddenly missed the blue, almost wishing he would wake up and look at you.

He was lying on his back, the arm closest to you held up behind his head, and the other one resting on his stomach. It was like he was unconsciously inviting you to move over a couple inches and lay your head on his shoulder and rest your hand on his chest.

Before that urge also became too strong, you slid out from under the covers and grabbed your suit to change into. You tried to think of anything else while you changed, and threw your hair into its usual pony tail. It reminded you of what Bucky had said last night and you decided to cancel the appointment you had made to get your hair cut next week.

While you made breakfast, you listed groceries in your head and reminded yourself you had laundry to do, and decided what to get the whole team for Christmas next year. Anything to keep your mind off Bucky. 

You set a stool next to the window and counted the cars passing by as you ate the eggs you made. Thirty-six, thirty-seven…

“You’re up early.” His voice was rough and low, tempting you to throw yourself out the window so you could continue counting the cars from there. 

“Yeah, I got hungry,” you lied. “Those are for you,” you said pointing to the plate of eggs on the counter with your fork, while you watched him pull his green sweatshirt over his head. 

“Thank you,” he said, sinking a fork into them and taking a bite. “They’re really good,” he said. You didn’t miss his eyes briefly widen a bit in surprise. 

“Thanks. I know that’s how you like ‘em.”

“Hm?” he let out with a cocked brow while he scarfed the food.

“I am your partner, there are certain things I should know. You’re weak on your left, you throw a good hook, you prefer a 22 if you even use it, you like your eggs over easy.”

He chuckled as he took your empty plate from you and started washing the dishes in the sink. “So, I’m weak on my left?”

Your grin was so wide it almost split your face. That was the closest he had ever come to making a joke. “Despite the metal, yeah.”

You saw him shake his head and hide a smirk. He turned off the sink and spun to lean on the counter. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Not just for breakfast. You’re a good partner, (Y/N).” He eyes studied the floor and his long hair fell into his face. He quickly pushed it behind his ear and you noticed the gash on his cheek was gone.

“Jesus, you heal so fast.” 

Before he could lift his eyes and question, you were inches away from him with your fingers tracing over his skin where a scar should be. He watched you study him with awe. He wasn’t used to anyone being this close to him, especially you.

“Is that why you did it? Because you would heal faster than me?” Your eyes met his as you spoke. When he didn’t answer, you continued. “I know you took that bullet for me. You shouldn’t have. I can take care of myself,” you said turning away from him and pushing the stool by the window back into its place at the table.

“We’re partners, we take care of each other.”

“No.” Frustration started to bubble in your chest like a shaken bottle of soda, and your voice was rising, along with your temper. “You take care of yourself first. You have my back if I need it.” 

“You needed it.”

“No, I didn’t!”

“(Y/N), that bullet would’ve gone right through you. It would’ve killed you.”

“It could’ve killed you!”

“Hey.” As always, his voice was steady, which infuriated you even more before you tuned into what he was saying. “Calm down, take a breath, (Y/N), it’s okay.” His eyes were suddenly soft, and his brow full of concern. You looked down at your comparatively small hands violently shaking in his, and watched them become a blur with unshed tears.  

“But you-you could’ve-”

“Shhh, don’t think that way. Everything’s fine.” He encased you in a hug, like a shield from the outside world. You wrapped your arms around his waist, depending on him to hold you up. 

“Bucky, I-”

“I know. Listen, you’re overtired and stressed about the plane. We’ll be home in a couple hours, okay? Just sit here, and I’ll go give our bags to the pilot.” He placed you on the bed like a rag doll and fished his suit out of his bag. “I’m gonna go change.”

“Bucky, can you just-”

“Yeah. I’ll sit with you.” he said, sitting next to you and pulling you to him while he ran his fingers through your ponytail. 

Sure, you knew how he liked his eggs cooked, but Bucky could just about read your mind. He never missed a thing.

Final Part


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so for those not in the know, t-ara debuted in 2009 with 6 members (jiyeon, hyomin, qri, eunjung, boram and soyeon) and got their first win on jan 1st 2010 with “bo peep bo peep”. they continued to win with most of their comebacks until 2012 as they were extremely popular, on par with snsd and kara at the height of their career. 

their last win was on feb 24th 2012 with the song lovey dovey. after that was released, everything started going downhill. their company added an 8th member, areum, to the group (after previously adding hw*young as the 7th in 2011) and then The Bullying Scandal™ happened in mid 2012 during day by day era. they were hated so fucking much that in late 2012 (after hw*young left) when they came back with sexy love (now 7 members), companies tried to postpone their own group comebacks bc they didn’t want their artists promoting at the same time as t-ara. in 2013, areum eventually left the group and they were back to their original lineup as 6. however, the impact left from their scandal was so huge (and their company just let the scandal happen, they didn’t provide any support or offer any real clarity or statement until THIS YEAR) that korea essentially shunned them. they were sworn at, no one wanted to see them on shows, members were pulled out of dramas they were supposed to star in, the brands they were endorsing didn’t want them anymore. they were hated by Everyone. so they went off and found success in japan and (especially) china, but every time they came back to korea, they were faced with more and more hate, people telling them to stay in china, they didn’t want them in korea. 

however, this year FINALLY the scandal was cleared up, and hw*young (who everyone sided with at the time) was exposed as a liar and a fake, and basically t-ara shouldn’t have been blamed for everything bc it all turned out to be one ugly lie. but the lie Ruined their careers and the girls weren’t able to win ANY awards since february 2012. but today they FINALLY FUCKING DID. knetz shunned them for 5 fucking years over NOTHING and they finally got a win. im so angry it’s taken 5 years to get them another win and this is supposedly their last comeback and then they disband, which is such a bittersweet ending. but im so happy ppl finally woke up and got these girls what they deserve, even if boram and soyeon aren’t there to share it with them.

obviously there’s a lot more to say here about them, their history and the scandal in general, but i dont wanna make this post too long im just so fucking proud of them and im so happy korea finally woke the fuck up after 5 years. please support t-ara, even if this ends up being their last comeback, please support them all the way through this.

I’m so excited to finally be able to sharing the 1938 Marie Antoinette photos that @chezphotocosplay took at DragonCon. I am so happy with how they turned out. 😍

Costume, wig, jewelry and fan all made by me Lunar Rose Costuming & Cosplay

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Crime, Please! - niesbixby - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
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Lardo won’t stop trying to stab people, Kent Parson has a thing about Mark Rothko, and Bitty’s pretty sure Jack Zimmermann hates his guts.

When Bitty agreed to join a Robin Hood-esque gang of thieves, he’s almost certain this isn’t what he signed up for.

After nine months of work on this, @samisnotbritish and I are so excited to show you what we’ve created. Clocking in at 37247 words, this Check, Please! Leverage AU is officially the longest (and probably the best) thing I’ve ever written, and I’m so happy to finally be able to share it with you.

I got a wonderful commission of my Warden, Catriona Cousland, by the talented artist @taratjah! She did an amazing job on my very first Dragon Age character and I am so happy to finally see her outside of the horrid mod-less Xbox game I’d actually played! I’m working on writing my way through all of my dragon age characters and their stories, so hopefully I’ll be able to share my experience with these games with everyone~ Thank you again soooo much!

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how jackson reacts to having to share a bed with you and you two haven't confessed yet? i really liked the yugyeom one!

​glad you liked the yugyeom one!!💞
I decided to just do one for all of them lmao, it’s a cute idea!!

got7 reaction: having to share a bed with you and you both haven’t confessed yet

Mark - He’d go crazy, his mind would just be swarming with thoughts about you and how cute and comfy you looked. He’d steal so many glances and definitely wouldn’t hesitate to hold you close, he couldn’t help it, the situation and cozy environment compelled him to. You wouldn’t think much of it since in your friendship Mark, it was the norm to hold each other and just cuddle. During the cuddling, so much would be going on his mind yet on the outside he’d look so chill as if sharing the same bed were no big deal to him because to him, it sort of isn’t a big deal since you two usually cuddle and share the same bed often yet he wouldn’t enjoy the moment any less. Mark would be so happy and giggly, showing how genuinely glad he was to be laying next to you.

Jaebum - He would sort of panic, the thought of having to share a bed with you made him insanely nervous. Jaebum knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself, he’d want to hold you and kiss you and maybe finally confess his feelings… which is why at first he’d be so persistent on sleeping on the floor. But of course you’d win the argument and next thing you know, Jaebum would be laying down right next you. He’d quickly grow awkward and then suddenly start to build a wall of pillows, “So you’re more comfortable.” He’d say. Yet when you shyly tell him that you don’t want the pillow wall and that you want, need, him to hold you since you’re afraid of the dark, he’d happily comply after some thinking. He wouldn’t be able to sleep, he’d be such a soft fluff and probably watch you sleep until he realizes that that’s a pretty creepy thing to do.

Jackson - He would be 101% nervous, he wouldn’t be able to sleep. Being in such a soft and cozy environment would make him crave your physical touch. Jackson would be dying on the inside, desperately wanting to hold you close and just talk about everything. Yet he couldn’t just pull you close and snuggle up against you, so he merely kept on looking your way. A small sheepish smile on his lips, the air was slightly tense, “So… is it okay if I hold you?” He’d finally ask, no longer being able to keep to himself. A grand smile would become plastered on your lips, but you’d quickly try to calm it down, “Sure… I don’t mind.” Absolutely ecstatic, Jackson would pull you close and tell you to lay your head on his chest. The both of you would have furious blushes spread upon your cheeks and your cheeks would start to hurt due to your smiles. Jackson would then talk about everything… from his schedules, his stress, his hopes, and so much more. He’d also get you to talk about yourself because Jackson is so interested in you. It’d be safe to say that the both of you would get no sleep at night and would spend it by cuddling and talking.

Jinyoung - He would insist and be so persistent on sleeping on the floor and have you take the bed. He didn’t want to deal with the absurd amount of thoughts he’d get. Of him wanting to hold you and have you in his arms, he’d certainly let an “I love you.” slip out, he didn’t want to risk it. Yet when he saw the clear message amongst your eyes, that it was completely fine if he slept in the same bed as you, he couldn’t hold back the smile that’d form upon his plump lips. Jinyoung would lay next you, feeling absolutely calm and at bliss. He wouldn’t be nervous, he’d be too busy focusing on how happy he was to be next to you. You would be on your phone and Jinyoung would just be watching you with so much love filled in his eyes. He’d teasingly start poking your arm and your sides, next think you know the both of you were having a chaotic tickle war. You two would be laughing so hard and clutching your burning stomachs. Once the both of you calmed down, you’d chat for a bit about the simplest little things from books to favorite coffee drinks. Eventually you’d fall asleep and Jinyoung would be so in awe with how cute you looked, low key tempted to snap a few pictures but he ultimately decided against it. Still not sleepy, Jinyoung would stay up for a little bit longer to admire your beauty and gently drawing shapes on your arm before slipping into a deep sleep.

Youngjae - Would be super awkward and shy about the whole situation. He was of course glad that he’d be able to be so close next to you, the one he was completely head over heels in love with. Although he had the fear that he’d stare at you for too long and give away his feelings without properly confessing, the thought of it terrified him so he stayed quiet. For, what feels like, the longest time you two would just lay down there in absolute silence, thinking if one of you should say something. Youngjae wouldn’t know what to do, a part of him wanted to snuggle up close next to you yet another part of him wanted to abort and just sleep on the floor. Silence would linger in the air for far too long that you’d end up breaking it. You’d ease into conversation, asking him about work, if he was doing alright, and coco. Youngjae would gradually start to get less and less nervous, your sweet voice easily making his nerves falter. He’d then open up and slowly creep closer and closer to you until the both of you are messily tangled upon each other, your legs intertwined and you snuggled up to his side, just giggling and enjoying each other’s company. Soon enough you’d both fall asleep, snuggled closely together.

BamBam - Would feel like the luckiest boy alive to be in this situation. Him being next to you, the one he was so deeply in love with, in bed and being able to steal glances at you anytime he wanted? It was bliss for him. BamBam would be super giggly, not being able to contain his happiness and the heart eyes he’d have would be painfully obvious. He would desperately want to confess to you and pour out his feelings, but BamBam knew better than to confess like this. He wanted to confess properly through a date, not by laying next to you and randomly confessing. He would crave your warmth and touch to which why he’d slyly try to snuggle up to you and would ask if there’s anything you need to sleep, “So can you fall asleep easily or do you need something to hold onto? You could always hold onto me…” BamBam would just want to be against you and enjoy your softness and warmth. So when you told him that you did in fact needed to snuggle with something to sleep, he gladly accepted and pulled you into his warm arms. The both of you would laugh over the little stories you two shared while holding onto each other, your smiles so grand. He’d be playing with your hair while you drew shapes onto his sides, resulting with him giggling every few seconds. The night would seem to pass by so quickly due to how much you two enjoyed each other’s company.

Yugyeom - This boy wouldn’t be able to sleep!! Once Yugyeom knew the situation that there was only one bed, he’d offer to sleep on the floor while you take the bed, but you weren’t having it! You insisted that the both of you share the bed, trying to play it off that it was no big deal. Yugyeom would finally agree, but he’d be super nervous. He would be blushing furiously and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling!!! He’d be paranoid that you’d be able to hear his heart beating super fast and he’d be up the whole night. Yugyeom would also want to snuggle up against you and hold you, to just have you in his arms so he can fall asleep, but he’d be too shy to ask. He would shyly glance over at you from time to time and just watch you sleep peacefully, because wow he’s in love with you so much and a part of him wanted to wake you up to confess. Yet, he simply stayed in bed and stayed awake the whole night stuck in his thoughts about you.