so happy they kept their old hairstyles

The new hairstyle had her feeling all types of emotions.  She was regretful, excited– Happy, but it also made her sad. The last time Sunmi had cut her hair she was eleven years old, sitting in the one person she had ever considered to be her mother’s room. Sure; she had a biological mother, but she had died during Sunmi’s birth, so it wasn’t like she had ever gotten to know her.  Most of Sunmi’s life in Russia was unknown, she kept it locked away and didn’t talk about it too much; Not even because it was traumatic but simply because before she had met Minho and Fay– Her life hadn’t existed. She learned things from baby sitters and her father, plus the women he had brought in and out of his house.When she had Fay, she was only four and she knew from the way the woman treated her (Even if she wasn’t a full blown woman then.) Sunmi looked up to her like a mom. Her death had left the girl with a lot of thoughts, it was her fault, she could’ve stopped it– But also the promise to herself that she would never let someone cut her hair again. Which is why for the past seven years the tips of her hair had ended at her hips; That is until now.

It was short, just ending a little bit below her actual head; And it was more messy looking than anything. She had kept her promise to not let anyone else cut it, and attempted to do so herself. (Though the back needed a bit of fixing.) She figured that if Minho, who she knew loved the woman with all of his heart, could move on and manage to start over, so could she. Even if that meant letting go of her hair. In a way her hair was there for her for comfort, when she was nervous she’d grip the ends, it kept her warm and concealed her when she needed it. when she was frustrated she could tug it and when she cried it could hide her; But she felt like this could also help her confront her emotions from now on and working on actually fixing them instead of wallowing in them without saying a word. As much as she was excited for the new hair, however, she’s grateful for the beanie that covers her hair as she twirls the food in front of her; eyes staring at the window. She had came for just something quick to eat before she went about her daily duties and didn’t even notice the figure that had waved to her from the same window she was looking at– It was only when she heard someone clear her throat, did she snap out of her trance.

Baby Seller

You sold what?

Josephine set her quill down on the desk, mouth slightly open in horror. The pleasant faced, matronly dwarf before her raised an overly plucked eyebrow, then took a pull from her pipe and blew a leisurely smoke ring before answering.

“Babies, darlin’. I sold babies.”

A bit of backstory for my planned Dwarf Inquisitor, Frygg Cadash.

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