so happy they got their hea

Series Finale Thoughts

- Since neither of their deaths were on-screen, I choose to believe that Kate and Gerard both died.  Which means Derek Hale won.

- If you had told me 6 years ago that Chris Argent would end up essentially best friends with both Derek Hale and Scott McCall, I would have laughed in your face.

- Papa Stilinski and Mama McCall both got to be badass and that’s awesome!

- Peter Hale finished out the series as a protector of Beacon Hills, like the Hales were always supposed to be, and that makes me happy.

- Beyond excited that Jackson and Ethan got their HEA in London.

- The Jydia reunion hug was adorable and I’m really glad we got to see Lydia smile genuinely for once.

- No mention of Cora, Kira, or Isaac, which was super disappointing…

- I’m a little sad that the Pack is still fighting for their lives 2 years later - don’t they deserve to be happy and warm and safe now?

- Stiles coming through with the mountain ash because he’s got his spark YAS!

- Theo proved that he could feel things, so I firmly believe that he stayed with the Pack and helped them after the dust settled.

- Derek Hale is part of a strong, loving pack again.

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all of the munday meme questions!

Munday Meme WELL THEN | Anonymous
Accepting But this is all of them LOL

♻ Any advice on improving Tumblr RP experience?

      I think my advice for this question has always been the same for everyone. Just don’t stress about things here. You haven’t written in weeks? Doing one more OOC post? Haven’t replied to someone in a month? That’s okay. I want to advise everyone that this is suppose to be our fun space, where we can sit here and talk and enjoy the things we love together. I know that it’s easier said than done but everyone stresses SO MUCH over this stuff when really it’s stress that you can easily avoid. Just take in a deep breath and have fun, it’s as easy as that. And if anyone gives you issues ever, just unfollow, block, and blacklist.

     Simple. But saves you so much more stress. 

⛅  Do you believe aesthetics are another form of expression?

       I love the form of aesthetics. I really do. I think it’s fun to find something that screams your muse, to see aesthetic boards, with images that all represent one thing or person and more often than not you can tell what it means. It’s fun interpreting it and figuring out how each would fit a muse or person. It’s very much like an individual representation on on a poetic level, except it’s like poetry in a visual representation. And I personally, am always a sucker for symbolism and aspects that mean so much to muses.

☮ Are you feeling happy and inspired right now?

       Well. I’m listening to music, I feel asleep for 3 hours, and I’m bundled up. I enjoy my muse and I enjoy her general time period. So in a sense of muse yes, I am feeling inspired. Now whether or not I’m responsible with that is a completely different matter.

☄ Has someone ever admitted to being inspired by you?

       Yes, @kingslaying actually started up an RP blog because of me. She is my anon’s HERE , HERE , & HERE and is now my Main Jaime because she has a dedication and love for him that is always poetic and so true to his character. She has quickly become one of my most cherished friends next to @cerseilionesslannister and our triplet verse is one of the best things that has ever happened on my blog.

⚌ Who inspires you?

      Wow this might be such a long list. @cerseilionesslannister @kingslaying , @starkmatriarch , @handofhonor , @killthebxy , @taintedblccd , @princessbcrn , @mistressmxleficent , @watcherandshield , @phaesm , @neitherknightnorlady , @iniziare, @kingwhocared / @fadetogrey, @undeadcersei , @boltxnbastard . @decthsentence , @royalsadist-hiatus (sorry but I STILL ADORE YOU REN!!!) , @rainbowguard  , @scarredhound , @predative / @conduicive , @willbeshot (listen- we don’t talk but my dash would seriously be less without you in it) , @wildmoored , @thecodekeeper , @hangtherules , @trickstercaptain , @obdurare , @obuljagon , @queenlannistertyrell , @theeldestsun , @thesellsword , @womenwritten (we don’t talk but heavens you’re quality ) , @twiicetheheart , @podstye , @aloneinmycage , @dxdger , @drdumaurier , @donapirata ,  @flxbber (adorable bean ) , @goldenhaircd , @godsiwasstrong , @hydrophobiic , @needlcd @mithraiic , @lynchthedove , @akingslayerx

♋  Are there any FC’s you believe should be used more? Why?

       I honestly have zero complaints about FC’s aside from the point that I am UNCARING of the popular fancast of younger Cersei. That one from Reign.

☸ Do you reblog from the source when someone practices reblog karma or do you follow it?

      I am really respective of someone’s rules if they wish for someone to send, or if i feel like they’d be more comfortable with me sending one in, I do it. Sometimes it’ difficult because while Cersei is fake nice, when true colors are shown she doesn’t like very many people so I have to go through the options with a very meticulous thought process. I personally never require people to practice reblog karma and would never mind being someone’s meme source. 

☯ Do you believe you’re a forgiving person?

      I honestly am always willing to work through conflicts and do what is best for the sake of peace but I have to work at it. I’m not an automatically forgiving person, and I can be pretty petty. But I’m always willing to let bygones be bygones if necessary. I suppose it depends on the situation.

⚑ Have you been forgiven for a mistake you’ve made?

      Yes, I have. Thankfully. And I have made mistakes, plenty of them. I’ve accidentally jumped the gun on some people, I’ve made wrong assumptions, and I’ve lightly confronted and came out completely wrong. And each time I apologize I never expect someone to automatically forgive me always keeping in mind that if they don’t and they wish to unfollow me. I make it clear that it is okay and I will not respect the many less. Thankfully, I’ve been forgiven and am always as honest as I can be.

♛ Have you ever seen drama be maturely sorted out?

      Yes, I’ve seen it and experienced it . And thankfully it has led to a peaceful existence between both parties. And thus far, so long as each party, [myself included] remain a 100% honest and communicate wholly when it comes t our feelings. It’s a relaxing and honest partnership.

♞ Do you tend to ignore drama?

    Ignoring it, solving it, and not feeding it are three different things and more often than not they mix together. Ignoring it to solve it is actually the biggest and best way to solve it, because you are actively not feeding it. Because 90% of the things that I have witnessed lately have done nothing but feed the drama instead of solving it. (this is where I always say to block if it becomes too much. People always think that unfollowing and/or blocking are the ultimate taboos of tumblr. which they aren’t. The whole reason that these two options exist is to make YOU more comfortable in your space and once you realize there literally is no shame in using it then your dash is a 100% stress free space in true.) 

      I also highly believe and always recommend solving issues privately. If there is a user that you have an issue with or a concern or a question concerning an issue. Just go right to their PM’s and talk it all out in a civil matter, and if it doesn’t work that’s okay. Just unfollow and/or block by both parties. And if the said person doesn’t wish to talk and ends up being rude, then end the conversation and again, block and ignore.

      So I don’t ignore it, so much as I prefer to settle things privately without a show on the dash and the wrong kind of attention brought to both parties. You know I’m not the type to play white knight in my valor armor and my sword of justice. No I’m more like the average jane wrapped in leather climbing over walls with my slingshot because I want to face an issue directly instead of making a show for dozens of people.

☾ Have you ever tried to bring peace to a situation?

        Always. I always recommend peace to all situations. That, or just parting ways and going on their way. There are often times that so many different people confide in me and always advise the best course of action to get them to come to a form of peace. (often times I would be the confidante of both parties working it out for the best)

        And in situations like that I always ALWAYS stress how much I will not utter a word of the other’s conversation and I haven’t. (unfortunately it drove one in one of the situations to try and guilt and lie to me to make it sound like the other party turned against me. And then proceeded to lie to OTHERS about the situation and continuously vagues like crazy about it today; but I won’t go into too much detail)

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Monogamy in Romance Books

People I have feelings and thoughts I need to discuss!

I recently finished ‘Where we Left Off’ by Roan Parrish, the third book in her fantastic M/M contemporary romance series ‘Middle of Nowhere’. I really enjoyed Will and Leo’s story (FYI this is going to contain spoilers), for me, the ending was the natural and organic conclusion of their relationship given the two heroes different ideas concerning relationships.

Leo is a hopeless romantic, who is looking for the typical monogamous relationship. Will isn’t. He’s a massive commitment-phobe, having been scarred by his parent’s relationship (childhood sweethearts who were so in love with each other they neglected everything else including their children). He doesn’t see the value in a relationship, but he does like Leo… A lot.

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

After a lot of angst and soul searching Will agrees to try a monogamous relationship with Leo, with the condition that it can be re-negotiated at a later date. In reality, Will would prefer a polygamous relationship with Leo as his primary partner, but still being able to sleep with other people. Yet Will gives up his polygamous beliefs to be with Leo. He makes a choice. Whether it guarantees a long-term HEA for the couple is another matter. Given the fact they want such different things out of a relationship make me question if this would be an HEA, but I enjoyed the ending for what it was. Also, Will and Leo are clearly in love so maybe they’ll make it work?

Originally posted by reasonablyepic

Yet when I read the reviews I was shocked how many people disliked Will, seeing him as a cheater or not good enough for Leo. In my opinion, Will didn’t cheat, as he never promised Leo exclusivety… In fact, he clearly told Leo he would continue to sleep with other people when they first got together. Leo knew this and agree to ‘date’ Will anyway. 

So this got me thinking, is monogamy an essential part of the HEA in a romance book? Or can agreed non-monogamous relationships between two people be a HEA? 

I think if the two or more individuals are happy with the arrangement then I don’t believe monogamy is essential for a HEA. But I’m intrigued to see what other people think? Have you read any other romances where the central couple have a polygamous relationship? (FYI I’m discounting the Ménage à trois romances I’ve read as they all featured committed 3+ relationships)

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This must be the millionth msg you mustve recieved for Fumbling...but I finally got around to reading it and it was joy, so much joy. I loved the post TFP dynamic between Sherl n Molly and its all so gorgeous...I have so many feels I dont know what to do...

Thank you so much <3

I really wanted to make it happy.  I don’t usually do fluff or anything less than abject misery, but I just wanted them to get the HEA they deserved.

Thank you for reading, and for the message :D


This drama drove me nuts. This was one of two dramas (other being reply 1988) that I watched live. It got me so emotionally invested in the story. I wanted a happy ending for our So-Soo lovers and watching it live somehow added to that urgency of knowing what happens next.

Combine in the fact that this was also the only drama that had multiple versions floating around, and my anxiety levels were officially sky high. All in all it was a very emotional affair.

But I held on hoping for emotional payoff when we get our HEA. I remember anxiously watching the timer when the finale episode was airing, freaking out more and more when only a few minutes of drama time was left and we had still not gotten anywhere with our couple. And then to have it end just like that. On that bleak and utterly desolate state? It broke my heart and put me off dramas for a while.

I watch sad dramas as catharsis to let off some pent up emotions inside. Instead, all I was left chocking on my feelings at the end of Scarlet Heart.

How would EXO act if they saw their crush pushing away a guy that hit on them?

Thank you for the request! And sorry for da late reply <3

~Complete Reaction List~

Xiumin - That’s right. She’s not into you, buddy, move on. That girl will be mine soon enough.

Luhan - *laughs out loud* Look at this guy…

Like he’d ever have a chance against… the deer.

Kris - Uhh, did you actually expect to get anywhere with that corny ass pick up line or…?

Suho - You go girl! Kick him to the curb!!!

Lay - She actually said no! Maybe I have a chance.

Baekhyun - Aish, he got dumped bad.

Now time to seduce her with my eyeliner game.

Chen - Byeee. Byeeeeeee. BYEEEEEEEEEEE.

Chanyeol - Aww, they’re so cute together let me make a hea-… oh nope it failed just like you’re relationship. Too bad.

D.O. - She said no, get it through your head.

Tao - *is a happy panda* Hehe, loser.

Kai - How dare he even flirt with her?

But who are we kidding? How could she ever prefer him over all this…

Sehun - YES!!! Tell him to fuck off already!

Part 2 of this request! It’s the drabble, using female pronouns ^^

Kuroo smothered a yawn with his hand as he leaned on his desk and drowsily returned his friends’ greetings. He was so out of it; another restless night had resulted in heavily lidded eyes and hellish bedhead. Kuroo reached up to adjust his earbuds, stopping short when the seat beside his moved.

The girl who sat there paused to smile at him. “Good morning, Kuroo!”

Geez, she was really good at throwing him off first thing in the morning. Kuroo pulled out his earbuds, his quickening heartbeat finally doing the job of waking him up.

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