so happy that he's back

But now i’ve just got scenes in my head where he gets back, and he’s running to her, so fucking happy he’s back and she’s okay and that little shit didn’t hurt her.

But she’s stepping back from him, hurt, thinking he left her and he’s trying to tell her the truth “it was Gideon, love. He wanted me out of the way. I was coming back home, I swear it. i wasn’t running.”

And she’s listening with tears in her eyes.

And then there’s big fucking declarations of feelings and promises and all that heartfelt shit and THEN HE’S GETTING BACK DOWN ON ONE FUCKING KNEE AND PULLING THAT RING OUT AND IT’S BACK ON BITCHES.

anonymous asked:

I just went on a date w a boy and it was my first date ever and he was so cute and very kind and it actually went super well!!! I have this issue where I don't like eating in front of people and by the end of the night I already felt okay enough to eat in front of him...I told some of my friends and they were so happy for me but then he never texted me back. I'm just sad bc I thought it went well but this is the second boy to drop me in a month...:(

ok that sounds adroable! im sure if you felt so comfortable with him and had such a great time that he felt the same way… the thing with some guys (and some girls #feminism) is that they try to act like theyre not into you because theres a stigma that caring shows weakness(false weakness is beautiful) and he just wants to make u wait a bit. for some people they want to have the power in the relationship and by making you wait then that could be his way of taking the power:// humans r confusing. i hope this helped/kinda explained things but please keep me updated:) hope everything goes well.


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They’re saps


halla. halla.