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[title]: Talkative

[pairing]: Bucky x Reader

[prompt]:  may I request a Bucky/Winter Soldier where you’re an avenger and idk a setting but jealous Bucky?? And fluff, maybe a little angst? Thank you xx

[warnings]: angst, sad Bucky 

[a/n]: this one’s kinda short oops sorry friends

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           Bucky Barnes really wasn’t one for talking. But that’s the reason that they got along so well. Y/n talked enough for the both of them. She seemed to always be chattering away to him about her latest interests and exciting things that happened, and while it annoyed most of the team, Bucky found himself looking forward to the time when the only source of light in the room was a stupid sit-com on television and Y/n was slumped next to him on the couch, rambling on about what happened to her that day. And she would be completely content with him only reacting with nods and grunts.

           Y/n continued her story while another episode of a show that Bucky couldn’t recognize began, playing a cheesy introduction song.

           He glanced over to the clock to notice that it was 12:45 in the morning. A bit weary, he shifted his body into a more comfortable position and abandoned putting together the words that Y/n was saying and just listened to her calming voice. A voice that was reassuring, a voice that he knew would always be with him.

           Until it wasn’t. There was one night when he sat in front of the TV, the same channel flickering across the screen, but Y/n wasn’t there. He waited for what seemed like forever for her to walk through the door with some wacky story of why she had been late to their unspoken nightly meeting. But she didn’t, not until almost midnight.

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Karaoke Blues

Title: Karaoke Blues

Author:  Kat

Reader Gender:  Female

Fic for @blacktithe7 1500 Follower Celebration Challenge!

Warnings:  Abusive relationship, fluff, karaoke

A/N:  Thanks to @oh-jesus-sammy, @bloodysideofhell, @district-12-erudite, @soab1967, & @mamapeterson for helping out with the karaoke songs! It was very much appreciated! Also, I don’t own any of these songs. 

Song: So Small by Carrie Underwood

Character: Jensen Ackles

Jensen was your very best friend, as was Jared. The three of you were a trio that was almost never apart on screen and off-screen. Jared and Jensen both married in 2010; you and Jared had been surprised when Jensen told you he was marrying Sarina. She had been possessive since she and Jensen had gotten together. They fought often and Sarina was always facing Jensen with fierce ultimatums. Because he was your best friend, you and Jared had refrained from saying much about the decision.

In the three years Jensen had been married, you’d noticed small changes. Jared did too. Whenever you brought it up, Jensen brushed it away with an excuse. Jensen’s demeanor changed in small ways. He’d become quieter, not speaking as much. His childish nature had disappeared; pranks became few and farther between. The shine in his eyes wasn’t quite as bright anymore. You knew this was Sarina’s doing, but Jensen refused to acknowledge any change and remained adamant that he was happy with her, so you left it alone.

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ferretsoup  asked:

Hey! So I saw ur vid and I just wanted to tell you that during his signing at RTXAU Adam mentioned he was 'nobody's favourite' so understand that him saying that about you and your art probably means a lot more to him that he'd ever actually say. Carry on drawing adorable buff Adams now <3

you know when youve had a really bad cold for two weeks and your blocked nose finally clears and you can breathe through your nostrils again??? reading this message felt like how that feels