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i told myself id wait until i finished with finals to get the achhd but i cant resist a cute animal crossing game!!!

thanks nintendo lol


Bungo Stray Dogs - The old Soukoku

NEXT BUNGOU SEASON!!! :D They animated the Light Novel! m so happy!

Way before we fell into SERVAMP hell we finished our cosplays for Bungo Stray Dogs. And we had a really fun shooting with @rythme ! <3

So this two photos are taken by her. Thank you very much for taking your time and being such an awesome person! <3 Special thanks go to her love Yuzu! Cause she helped a lot and is responsible for our Servamp flash. :D

I want to see you guys again soon!


Costumes are selfmade~

Instagram: @ryankpotter

“Looking back on 2015 I know I made mistakes, and failed numerous times, but because none of those setbacks hindered me from getting to where I am now, I know I succeeded. I leave all my regrets and sleepless nights in 2015, 2016 is already looking far more rewarding than any one individual can comprehend. I’ve gotten to where I am because of the support of my family. Whether they’re blood or not is irrelevant. Keep the circle small and real. I wanna thank all the individuals that made 2015 truly exceptional. I’m looking forward to all the new hidden opportunities that can only be found by taking leaps of faith. You’re never more prepared to take on life than now, you’re never more beautiful than you are now, and you’ll never be more present than you are now. So grip 2016 with both your hands and make it yours.” 



So before the show I was so nervous I could hardly eat dinner, I’ve flown 17 hours across the world to see this man it was SO IMPORTANT TO ME. So me and my friends go to the theatre, we get in and get to our seats (ROW 7!) and immediately start looking around for anyone famous (we thought jenna might go so we were looking for her), suddenly the entire audience burst into applause and everyone stood up and I was so confused, but then I see jane lynch waving at everyone! (turns out jenna and alex were beside her but no one was talking about them so I didn’t even notice siiigh)

OKAY SO THE SHOW STARTED and Darren came down and I was in shock like, THE MAN IVE IDOLISED FOR 4 AND A HALF YEARS IS THERE IN FRONT OF ME HOWWHAT????? sO the show was honestly amazing like so so incredible, and before I went I had heard everyone say that you forget its even him up there and I was like SUUUURE HOW DO YOU FORGET DARREN but mygod I actually did forget. Not even kidding Darren is one of the best actors ive ever had the pleasure to witness and I was literally sitting with my mouth open the whole time. He completely was Hedwig there was no Darren. EVEN TOWARDS THE END WHEN HE LOOKS LIKE DARREN I COULD STILL TELL IT WAS HEDWIG HONESTLY WHAT AN ACTOR. So during the show he said the criss-colfur line again, everyone cheered like MAD and apparently jane was laughing really hard. He kissed a man and a girl I believe, licked a girls glasses, and carwashed someone OPPOSITE jane (the whole audience wanted him to carwash her, people stood up to see but alas no). He also made a funny joke about his hair being filled up with screams because everyone was saying such positive things about it when he asked how it looked. So yeah I laughed, I cried, and fully 100% do not regret avoiding spoilers because watching it for the first time last night was SO WORTH THE WAIT. Also Rebecca was amazing, she is seriously so talented and I felt so bad for Yitzak the whole show <3

SO AFTER THE SHOW people ran out before it was even over siiigh, but me and my friends ran out just after bows once everyone was offstage and Darren had jumped back out like he usually does, dork, , and after a bit off subtle pushing I was at THE FRONT OF THE BARRIER YES. So I chatted to this lovely American girl, and soon after Rebecca came out and she is the sweetest lil muffin ever I love her. She signed my playbill and as you can see, TOOK A SELFIE WITH ME A MEGAN what a peach. OKAY SO WE WERE EXPECTING DARREN TO TAKE AGES BUT LEGIT 10:45 HE WAS OUT and signing things and I was just crying inside because ohmygod DARREN CRISS IS ONE METER AWAY FROM ME I never ever ever EVER dreamed this would ever happen in my entire life. So he came towards me and I JUST, I NEEDED TO SAY THINGS so here is our conversation in full -
Me: Hi
Darren: (looks up at me for the first time ever, im complete, I feel whole again. my idol knows I exist. bye) Hey
Me: I came all the way from Australia for you
Darren: Wow thankyou
Me: Yeah its a long trip
Darren: The land down under (he actually said that im so emotional)
Me: Yeah, you were amazing!
Darren: Thankyou, thankyou for coming all the way. I hope it was worth it (looks me in the eyes, I die inside because he’s so beautiful and kind)
Me: It was! It so was
Darren: Thankyou (moves onto sign other things, I think he’s done talking to me and im SO HAPPY because im happy with what was said) So what part of Australia are you from?
Me: (DIES BECAUSE HE’S STILL TALK TO ME EVEN THOUGH HE’S SIGNING OTHER PEOPLES STUFF) Canberra! The capitol, which not many people know
Darren: Yeah! They think its Sydney
Me: Yeah! Some guy said that to me today and I was like no, wrong
Darren: Yeah! Its like how people think the capitol of Connecticut (?) is (? I have no idea what he said here I forgot like instantly ?) (He goes to sign more stuff and a poster covers my face from him, I think its over again but AGAIN he turns to me and looks me in the eyes) Thankyou for coming all that way (Looks at me SO SINCERERLY AND KINDLY THAT I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT'S HAPPENING TO ME. He may have been tired or in a rush but he really cared)
Me: Of course (then he moves on finally aw)

SO THATS THE STORY OF MY FIRST HEDWIG SHOW AND MY FIRST EVER TIME SEEING AND MEETING DARREN CRISS. It was perfect and beautiful and everything I ever hoped for. I can’t wait for my next two shows <333

ps. sorry this is so long, I couldn’t put a read more in for some reason