so happy photos ahhh


Bungo Stray Dogs - The old Soukoku

NEXT BUNGOU SEASON!!! :D They animated the Light Novel! m so happy!

Way before we fell into SERVAMP hell we finished our cosplays for Bungo Stray Dogs. And we had a really fun shooting with @rythme ! <3

So this two photos are taken by her. Thank you very much for taking your time and being such an awesome person! <3 Special thanks go to her love Yuzu! Cause she helped a lot and is responsible for our Servamp flash. :D

I want to see you guys again soon!


Costumes are selfmade~

Instagram: @ryankpotter

“Looking back on 2015 I know I made mistakes, and failed numerous times, but because none of those setbacks hindered me from getting to where I am now, I know I succeeded. I leave all my regrets and sleepless nights in 2015, 2016 is already looking far more rewarding than any one individual can comprehend. I’ve gotten to where I am because of the support of my family. Whether they’re blood or not is irrelevant. Keep the circle small and real. I wanna thank all the individuals that made 2015 truly exceptional. I’m looking forward to all the new hidden opportunities that can only be found by taking leaps of faith. You’re never more prepared to take on life than now, you’re never more beautiful than you are now, and you’ll never be more present than you are now. So grip 2016 with both your hands and make it yours.” 


i told myself id wait until i finished with finals to get the achhd but i cant resist a cute animal crossing game!!!

thanks nintendo lol

Dear Happiness photos are so beautiful.  I can’t.  It’s so effortless, with such breathtaking and ethereal aesthetics.  There’s no overly sexual bed shots or hip thrusts or grinding on canes but it’s so sexy and tasteful.  Looking at the pictures, their goofy smiles, and silly candid interactions, really makes me so happy.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Props to whoever thought of the concept!