so happy i was finally able to see them live

Oh hey look Jen finally made another one of these things. But I’m so glad I did because oh god if I don’t adore drawing Lapis. Her hair is so floof and I’m so pleased with all of these outfits. But anyway, as per usual, here’s this: 

1. Normal UF Lapis
2. Slave Lapis (Reverse/Diamond)
3. Momswap Lapis (Gravity Rises/Momswap)
4. Permafusion Lapis (Anti-Gravity/Permafusion)
5. Kid Lapis (Relativity/Gem Kids)
6. Swap Lapis (Swap AU)

So yeah I’m pretty proud of all of these, like I said. I especially love the design I came up with for Momswap Lapis. She looks so cute and happy and free! Permafusion Lapis is also pretty chill, seeing as her and Peridot have both been living on the earth for a few years, so she decided to let her hair down finally. Of course, I went with the golden freckles on Kid Lapis, but you might not be able to see them that well (But they’re there!) and Swap Lapis is pretty cool what with her channeling both Peridot (since she takes up Peridot’s role in that AU) and something of a fucking 1970′s look. But anyway, enjoy!

Are You a Virgin?

In which you are playing truth or dare with the boys and they don’t believe you when you tell them you’re not a virgin. So you’re dared to go up to your boyfriend, Simon’s room and somehow prove to them you’re not a virgin. Things get heated in the end. 

Requested? Yes. By multiple people xD

‘Where’s Simon?’ I ask as I settle down on the carpeted floor with the other boys. I was finally in London again, happy to be able to see the boys, but the plan was to see all of them. Including m boyfriend, Simon. So why wasn’t he down here with the rest of us?

I lived in Brighton, being able to see my close friends Zoe and Alfie whenever I wanted. I traveled to London quite often too, mainly just to see Simon, but lately I just haven’t had the chance. So I was so excited to see all of them again. We were all sitting down in a circle, ready to place some truth or dare. They all knew it was my favourite game.

'I don’t think he even knows you’re here,’ Tobi laughed and I shrugged. He’ll figure it out eventually.

'Anyways, let’s start.’ I said with a grin, rubbing my hands together to show how pumped I was for this game.

'She’s firing up already,’ Vik laughed. I winked at him because he knows it’s true.

'Alright, I’ll start.’ Behz said. 'Vik, I dare you to-’ He began but Vik cuts him off.

'Oi! You need to ask me truth or dare first!’ He laughed.

'Oh right, truth or dare.’ Behz asks with a cackle.

'Truth,’ Vik giggles and laughs harder when he sees Ethan roll his eyes. He must’ve had a good idea for a dare, but he can save it for someone else later.

'Fine. How old were you when you lost your virginity?’ Ethan asked with a smirk and my jaw dropped open. Of course I knew Vik couldn’t be a virgin anymore, but he was just so innocent that it was hard to picture it. No, no, control z, don’t imagine Vik losing his virginity, delete!

'Um, okay,’ Vik giggled and you could see his cheeks become a rosier colour.

'Go on!’ Ethan laughed and Tobi and JJ and I joined in. So far, JJ had stayed quiet.

'I was 16,’ Vik said quietly, and suddenly everyone started shouting.

'Sixteen! He was sixteen!’ JJ stood up and laughed so hard he tumbled to the ground along with Tobi, clutching his stomach. I laughed too, I don’t know why, and wiped the tears from my eyes.

When we all settled down again, Ethan said, 'Your turn, Vik.’

'Oh right,’ Vik snapped back to reality. 'Wait, but I want to know when you guys lost your virginity, too.’ He said, looking up at the friends around him.

'Oh,’ Behz said and began cackling again.

'Hey, okay, I’d say that’s pretty fair. Why don’t we just go around in a circle and tell everyone.’ I suggested. My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much. I still didn’t understand why Simon wasn’t downstairs, he must’ve heard JJ’s and Ethan’s laughs, surely.

'That’s only fair for you because you don’t have to say at which age you lost your virginity; because you haven’t lost it yet.’ Behz said to me and chuckled.

'Oh!’ Vik shouted, along with Tobi.

'Hey! That’s not true!’ I shouted over their shouts and yelling.

'Alright, prove it then.’ JJ challenged and I gave him a weird look.

'What do you mean, prove it? How can I prove that I’ve lost my virginity?’ I laughed at him.

'What do you mean, what do you mean?’ Ethan said and I flashed him a smile. I don’t think he noticed, but he said one of his catchphrases again.

'Alright, Y-N, I dare you to go up to Simon’s room and tell him you’re a virgin.’ Vik said. I raised an eyebrow at him.

'And then what? How’s that going to prove I’m not a virgin?’ I asked him.

'It depends on his answer,’ He smirked at me and I sighed and rolled my eyes.

'Fine,’ I said, pushing myself up off the carpet and heading towards the stairs. I jogged up to Simon’s room and knocked on his door before opening it a little.

I saw Simon turn around in his chair to face me, and his face instantly lit up as soon as it was me.

'Y-N! You’re here!’ He said with a smile, his arms wide to hug me. I walked over and sat down on his lap, his arms wrapping around my waist. I felt him place a gentle kiss on my forehead.

'Yeah, I have been for a while.’ I giggled at him. 'Anyways, can I tell you something?’ I asked him. I could feel my cheeks heat up already, purely because this dare was so stupid.

'Of course,’ He said, trying to look me in the eyes, and I could hear the worry laced in his voice.

'I-’ I paused, trying my hardest not to laugh. I bit my bottom lip gently. 'I’m a virgin.’ I looked up at him from underneath my eyelashes to see his reaction.

He furrowed his brows. 'What? No, you’re not.’ He said and my heart began beating so hard.

I couldn’t hide my smile. This date was so stupid, did the boys seriously think I would be a virgin?

'Babe? What’s going on?’ He giggled, his chest vibrating underneath my palms. I burst out laughing.

'I’m sorry, it’s just that…This was a dare.’ I said when I finished laughing. A toothy smile was evident on Simons face, too. 'I had to somehow prove to them I wasn’t a virgin so Vik made me do this.’ I explained to him.

'Let me help you prove that then,’ he said in a low voice, his grip tightening on my hips. I felt him tug at the hem of my shirt lightly and then lifted it up to slide his hands underneath. His hands were warm and comforting as they went around my back to push me closer to him. The cold of his ring touched my spine, making me hold back a shiver. To my disappointment, I felt him move his hands back down again, only to leave them on my ass. He squeezed lightly, causing me to moan against his lips which gave him an opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth.

I was enjoying myself too much to notice the small group of curious boys standing outside Simon’s door.

'She moaned, I’m 100% sure she just moaned,’ Tobi said to the rest of the boys.

'I guess she proved she’s not a virgin then,’ Vik came to the conclusion.

'Or she was a virgin until just now.’ Josh said from his room and everyone laughed, causing Simon and I to break apart.

I stared into his alarmed blue eyes. 'Are they literally stalking us from the hallway?’ I whispered, my lips brushing against his slightly. He leaned in again, tugging at my bottom lip with his teeth.

'I don’t care,’ He whispered seductively, putting his hands underneath my shirt and pulling it off over my head in one swift move. He threw my shirt across the room and reattached our lips, his hands immediately going to cup my boobs, making me moan again. My grip on his shirt tightened.

'Pull it off, babe,’ He whispered to me, so I pulled his shirt off, too, exposing the soft outline of his abs. I stared at his upper body for a second, soaking everything in.

'Like what you see, love?’ He asked in his low voice, adding a chuckle to the end of his question. I looked back up to meet his eyes with mine and bit my lip, nodding slowly.

'Yep, they’re 100% about to fuck, I’m out.’ Tobi said again and ran down the stairs back to the living room, followed by the other boys.

GUESS WHO IS GOING TO THE B.A.P CONCERT IN ATLANTA THIS APRIL? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! This group means so much to me and I have finally gotten the chance to see them live. Sure its not the expensive high touch seats but I’m  not complaining in the slightest. I am really happy to be able to see the group that helped me through so many tough times. It will be an experience that I’ll never forget.

When We First Met - Jungkook (Ft. V) X Reader

This is not a threesome, V is your brother
anonymous asked:
hi:)can i request a scenario where taehyung brings his younger sis(a 01’ liner maybe?)to his dorm and the members have a really good time chatting with her except jungkook?cause hes shy and he likes her or smth?thank you so much!:

A/N: So I’m trying to do requests in order (cause it’s better that way) And I’m happy that yours was first! Because I have ideas for this :D
I hope you like it ^^

Genre: Fluff (What else is new)

Word count: 1322 (Sorry for any spelling errors)

“Y/n! Are you ready to go yet?” Taehyung yelled from downstairs. You were still trying to get dressed, wanting to “Impress” the 6 boys you were finally meeting again since they debuted. You chatted regularly since they gave you all their phone numbers. But you weren’t able to see them in person, even though you lived under the same sky.
The person you texted the most was Jungkook. It was most likely because you two were the closest in age, understanding the means of youth. Even though you haven’t seen them in person, you still followed along with them and their music. Mostly because your brother Taehyung would keep you informed. Plus, you really liked the beat of their songs.
You jogged down the stairs after finding a nice cardigan to put overtop your burgundy shirt. You wore blue faded shorts with ripping seams at the bottom as part of the style. You grabbed your bag and walked outside to the car that Taehyung was already sitting in. You didn’t even get to settle in before Taehyung started driving off. It wasn’t a far drive.
Sure Your family was in Daegu, but you wanted to go to school in Seoul. Your parents let you stay here with Tae, which meant he had to get an apartment close to their dorm, so he could both take care of you, and do his work.
You arrived at the dorm soon after, warm smiles being given as Jin opened up the door. You entered the door with a welcome hug from all the members, except, Jungkook, who instead gave you an awkward pat on the back. You wondered what was wrong, he always seemed so happy when the two of you texted each other, he was always really bold into asking you questions too. So what was up with him today?


Jungkook POV
‘She’s changed…’ he thought to himself, ‘and like, a really good change. She’s gotten taller, prettier, and… bigger.. since the last time I saw her’ he shook away from his thoughts as Jimin placed a hand on his shoulder, telling him to sit down with the rest of them. He quickly nodded and awkwardly shuffled over, taking the only empty seat left, which was beside you. He was nervous, shaking in fact, and he couldn’t even take his eyes off of you for a second.
“Jungkook?” he snapped his head to the voice that was saying his name, “Are you okay?” Jin asked
“We know you’re not good around girls, but this is y/n. Tae’s sister, you’ve met her before” Jimin added
“I-I know” he stuttered, “It’s just, been a while”
You look over at him and smile, “I’m still the same person you text every day”
He didn’t answer, he just stared at you and blushed.
“Kookie’s got a crush~” Jimin mocked
“I-I Do not!”

Yes, he did.

“Really?” Yoongi said, finally joining in the conversation, causing him to look away from his phone.
“I don’t mind it if it’s you kookie, because I already know you” Taehyung said, laughing
“Tae!” he pouted.
“aww, he’s blushing!” Jimin said again, starting to poke his face, only to get harshly pushed off, “Don’t touch me”
“I support it! You know, young love is important these days, it really shows how-” Namjoon started rambling on, everyone else drowning him out so they wouldn’t have to hear his long speech.
“You guys are crazy! I don’t have a crush on Y/n!” he stood up angrily and stomped into his room, slamming the door behind him.
Everyone stayed quiet before bursting out into tears and laughter.
“Did you see the look on his face?” Jimin said, hitting the floor as he laughed
“He looked so done with life” Hoseok said, falling onto Taehyung’s lap
You sat there, giggling a bit as you remembered the look on his face before he stomped away. He was like a grown up child.
“I’m going to go check on him, he’s been in there for 5 minutes now” you said as you stood up, ignoring the glances they gave you as they continued making fun of Jungkook.
Your heart beat quickened, even though he was older than you, feelings did develop for him. And little did you know, he felt the same way.
He hasn’t seen you for almost 3 years now, of course you would change. He was stupid for thinking you would be the same girl he met back in 2013. He shook his head as he lied down on the bed, resting against the pillows. He didn’t even know he was developing feelings for you. He just thought that was normal for when you were friends with a girl. He didn’t have much experience with girls since he was a trainee since 12. He had no idea how he was supposed to react around them. Even if he had thousands of girls that biased him.
You knocked on his door and he flinched, “Jimin, go away”
You knocked again and he groaned, standing up and walking towards the door to unlock it, “Jimin I said – oh” unexpected to him, you were the one that was behind the door, “Can I come in?” you ask. He just nodded, opening the door wide enough for you to fit through before closing it again.
You sat down on his bed and he followed, sitting as far away as he could, “You can come closer, I don’t bite” you giggle. His stomach flipped, he didn’t know your laugh and smile was so cute. He scooched over a bit so there was just a small gap in between you and him.
“Are you okay?” you ask. He nodded. You were kind of upset that he wasn’t talking to you like how he would text you, “Is something wrong? I know I’m not in the position to say this, but, is this how you usually are?” He nodded again. Your face saddened, maybe he didn’t want to talk to you, “I’m sorry, I should leave you alone” You said as you stood up. You were about to open up the door when you felt a hand grab your wrist, “W-wait” He pulled you back towards him with a force. He didn’t know how strong it was until you came crashing onto him, catching you in his arms. It was like a scene from a movie, “I-I’m just really shy..” He speaks. Your eyes widen, “I’ve watched your videos Jungkook, you are not shy” You manage to smile past your flaming hot face.
“I-I know what it may seem like, but it’s not like that! I’m actually the complete opposite. More so with you…” he blushed.
“W-What do you mean by that?”
He let out a huge breath, “The boys were right”
“I like you, y/n. I’ve liked you for the longest time… I was so happy that I met you when Tae introduced us for the first time. I know I’m older than you, but it’s not that bad!”
You only smile, blushing more, “I like you too Jungkook”
he looked at you with shock, “Really?”
“Yup, you’re my bias too” you laugh. He hugged you tighter, “I wonder how Tae will react to this once we tell him” he says. You stayed quiet for a while before hearing a rather loud bang outside the door, “I don’t think we need too” you say, letting him go and walking towards the door
“Wait what-” you opened the door to reveal the boys piled up outside, obviously listening in on your conversation with Jungkook. They gave you cheesy smiles before trying to scatter away, “I knew you both liked each other!” Tae said. You gave him light punches on the chest and arms, him trying to protect himself by swatting your hands away, “you’re a horrible brother”
“No, I’m the best” 

~Admin Luna

Ok hold up a second, everyone needs to shut the fuck up about how us Edmonton fans didn’t appreciate the boys. We’ve literally waited 4 YEARS for them to come here. Maybe some of us just wanted to take in the moment and couldn’t believe it was actually happening. Stop saying we disappointed the boys and that we didn’t respond the band. You weren’t there, you were watching the show through tumblr so please just stfu and let us be happy about our show. That was literally the best day of my life I just had finally being able to see them perform live. And I went hard as fuck and so did the rest of the crowd. And plus at the end of the day it’s fucking Edmonton, lower your expectations.

this past weekend was incredible. I got to see my favorite band again but also I got my parents tickets and they were able to see twenty one pilots for the first time. They wore matching classic twenty one pilots t-shirts and it was really adorable and were so excited (they used to give me crap for liking the band so much but in the past year theyve really gotten into them which makes me so happy). after the show they waited for me to get out of the pit and ran up to me and were talking about what a good show it was and how amazing they were live and my mom was like “I finally understand why you love them so much and go to so many shows!” and it just meant a lot to me :’)

(Photo and faceup by @propertyoftheuchiha)

So, I can barely hold back my excitement at seeing my two beautiful ladies finally painted in a way that totally does justice to their personalities. ;w; Anj did such a wonderful job on them, I want to cry. lol I’m so happy to have been able to snag one of her slots.

Bonhomme (top) and Lourdes (bottom) are my only dolls who are actually a couple or have a (living) significant other. They’re the rabu-rabu domestic element of my crew. They’ve been married for about 100 years now and you think a Spanish nun and an Algerian Intelligence trader might be a weird mix, but they’ve made it work wonderfully. XD

Djammje’s gonna be hella excited to have her adoptive mommies home soon.

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