so happy i could buy a gun

I’m overwhelmed

170114 Golden Disk Award Day 2

Lots of aesthetic photos guys, taking pictures are no problem, but making gifs…. oh my gawd

Height difference plus model couple pair

“hello I am Byun Baekhyun and I’m here to explode your ovaries and if you don’t have ovaries well, I’ll explode them anyway”

Going from a probably very adorable smile (because he was talking with Chanyeol, he’s gotta reciprocate that beautiful smile on Chanyeol) to a derpy…squirrel (?)

Chanbaek was so happy today XD I love it~

Lowkey shook 

It’s just them shaking hands yet why do I love it so much? I think I’m deprived, or maybe just how pure this action is, Chanyeol’s posture somewhat reminding me of a gentleman at a dance or something. 

Chanyeol. Hand

I think this was during the Ceci asian style award

Yep, seems similar. I love their interactions during this event XD it’s all so happy and cute

Baekuhen is just playing with de toy when Chanyeol talks to him

*scene from drama ensues* “Where’s da munnie”

“Dunt have it, so the only thing I can du is shoot u”

I love when they make each other smile while being in their own little worlds

(the best thing about this blog: The unnecessary multiple angles)

Don’t you just wish you can hear what your otp is talking about? Like they could be talking about why the sky is blue and not green and I’d still want to listen 

*gun click*

“I’ve been seeing you with my cereal. Buy me more and I’ll spare you.”

You know what? I will not be ashamed of doing unnecessary angles! I like seeing it in every perspective!

Baekhyun, the mimicking machine has returned




chanshook and a cute close up of Chanbaek

This gif is the best thing because Chanyeol’s hand is going around Baek’s waist or touching his back and we got Chanshook up in here

Shoulder touches

Height. Difference

All the members were doing age during this segment and Chanyeol started off

Baekhyun touching Chanyeol’s arm like “bruh with” saying “aeygo aeygo!” because they be judginggg


I know the gif is small but this is after all the members did their aegyo, and look at Chanyeol’s hand touching Baek’s shoulder~

Baekhyun is so cute ;-; he always has such a fond face when Chanyeol is saying his speech ;-;

Smiles are the best when they’re made by people you hold dear~


Back touches~ It looks like Baek is looking at his hand touching Chanyeol like “awwww yehhhhhhhhh look at me being slick”

Sitting next to each other~ 

The in sync couple~

Chanbaek + toys = mayhem and adorableness 

Baekhyun never fails to make Chanyeol (any member for that matter) happy :3

Low-key in sync XD

Whenever I’m with you I can’t help but smile

I just find this so funny because I mean, here we have Baekhyun hugging Minho and that’s perfectly normal cuz dey all frands so hugging is normal but then Chanyeol is over here subtly touching Baek’s back for a reason I can’t place other than trying to limit hug time or subliminal jealously. I’m not trying to sound delusional but come on, it’s not an action for just the heck of it

Ending the post with a cute gif

(I’m kinda late but CONGRATS EXO FOR WINNING THE DAESUNG 4 TIMES IN A ROW AND CONGRATS ON THE OTHER AWARDS!! They totally deserve it after all their hard work and awesome comebacks~)

So we had a very good amount of CB moments if I do say so myself ^^ I literally took a picture of the events they’d be attending and the days just in case there were to be Chanbaek moments and I’m happy for it and I hope you guys are too :D 

2 weeks into 2017 and I’m kinda loving it


Top 5 Cutest Sam Moments (full series)

I adore this prompt so much because it’s already lead to so many posts about how adorable our man can be! Some of my absolute favorite cutie moments have already been named, like Sam x Madison and the underwear folding, prankster Sam from 1.17, and basically every frame of Sam from Bad Day at Black Rock, but there are still so many to choose from, so here are some of my favs in no particular order:

  • “This is nuts!” - Taxi Driver isn’t a cutsie episode at all, but that doesn’t stop Sam from having the cutest reaction to finding the door to Hell ever. 
  • Sam’s reaction to the Bela dream - I tend to buy into the theory that Bela was testing out her dreamroot on Sam in this episode, which is why Sam dreamt about her, and why Sam seemed so incredibly confused/surprised by it. I also find his reaction to it adorable, from how happy he is when he wakes from it, to how horrified he is when he realizes what he just dreamed like “WTF?”
  • Sam cutes himself out of being shot - This may actually be the cutest Sam has ever been… ever?????? He’s a 6'4’’ giant, cornered with a gun in his hand, and should be lethal. He could intimidate his way out of the room, but when he realizes the situation is not what he thought it was, he smiles like a little boy, apologizes profusely, then slowly backs out with that big dumb smile and puppy curls falling around his face while he takes his gun apart and leaves. The people pointing the gun at him are so confused by this they just… let him go… feel the power of Sam’s cute!
  • “Do you have bigger cups?” - The way you know that the cute in Sam is super strong is the fact that even soulless, he manages to be adorable. Most people when they’re soulless, freak out and raise havoc. What does Sam do? He’s slightly rude by cluelessly asking if he can drink his tea in a larger glass. It’s STUPID cute. 
  • Sam’s ‘bad cop’ - Sam is completely adorable the entirety of Plucky’s, but one of my personal favorite moments is when he decides to take on the role of 'bad cop’ when questioning employees. It’s comical because he’s enormous and should be scary, but for some reason it’s CUTE AS HELL instead. Probably, it’s because we know he’s so uncomfortable at Plucky’s so he’s a little off his game, but also it’s probably because we know the role he’s best at is being an actual cupcake. 
Felicity Smoak, Who's Your Daddy?

In her video for cwfantalk for the CW/thecwarrow, Emily Bett Rickards posed the question to fans: Who should play Felicity’s father? (vid can be found here, embedded in this tweet)

It’s a question we’ve mulled over for a long time and of course I wanted to be sure to tweet Emily and the Arrow Writers my answer.  Man, this was hard!  But I did, finally, come up with someone I thought would be perfect. 

Before I go into that, I’d love if everybody would come up with THREE actor choices (1st pick, 2nd, 3rd) for both a “Hero” father and a “Villain” father, then, of course, state which character type would be your preference.  Be sure to post your picks and don’t forget to tag the CWFanTalk & Arrow tumblrs on your posts so they see your answers to Emily’s question.  If you’re on twitter, feel free to tweet the same to Emily, the Arrow writers & CWFanTalk, too, of course.

Now me?  I don’t have 3 actors in mind.  Heck, I don’t even waffle on hero vs. villain. I know what I’d like love. I want Felicity’s father to be a villain on Arrow.  I think it would offer the best conflict for Felicity for personal story, for her relationship with Oliver, for the team, and for story as a whole for the show.

To be honest, I’m kind of burned out on the revolving door of heroes developing on Arrow, so getting a villain like the Count or Slade that we can see return multiple times and not run out of story is really attractive to me.  Plus I want Felicity to have her own personal nemesis the way Diggle has Hive/Deadshot and Oliver has Deathstroke.

So who’s my pick for her dad?

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