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OMG I absolutely love the spam you just did about that night when KD were super intimate with each other. Could you please do one on the kolon sport incident where we heard the conversation between the two of them. That was the same time when JI got caught caressing KS's ear and then got really self conscious and stopped. I love this moment and would love to hear what you say about it. Thanks ^^

Thank you for liking the spam I did previously ;-;

(credit to gif/pic owners, some of the gifs are mine) 

ok so *cracks knuckles* I’m happy you asked about this moment, cuz it’s one of my faves!!

so first the vid.. 

I talked about this in a previous spam BUT, basically, this vid has gained attention due to the fact that nini is obviously being flirty with soo (and soo is loving the attention fyi, his eyes are all *__*). Nini switches from formal to informal language, back and forth, throughout the vid which is considered to be flirty (guys tend to do this when they’re trying to pick someone up and ppl have commented saying that just bros do not act like this or speak like this) 

nini was wearing the ring in the “wrong” way, according to soo, so he decided to be cute and “scold” him for it~ 

NOW THIS!! The way soo calls nini babo (stupid) is SO cute!!! And nini reacts very cutely to it and goes all flirtybear mode on soo. cuz he’s all like “i’m stupid??” and you really need to watch the vid to understand fully, cuz he says it in such a flirty way T____T

you should hear the way soo giggles in the vid *cries a river* he’s SO loving the attention from nini!! (I’m screeching at this point)

Happy!soo now that nini puts on the ring right xD (intriguing how the placement of a ring can be SO INTERESTING to discuss ;))

a closer look. see the way nini looks at him? he’s tilting his head and giving those eyes…. and soo is giggling I repeat GIGGLING!!!

after some time, the photographer actually scolds them for not focusing so they have to stop flirting talking, and nini becomes super pouty cuz he wanna talk more with his baero

look at the way nini looks at him.. he just wanna talk to soo again ;;;;; 

I think soo kinda feels bad for being scolded while working, so he ignores nini a bit, which makes nini go “PLS LOOK AT ME IM A SAD HEARTBROKEN PUPPY” x1000 

let’s talk about ba-ek xD

ba-ek observing the flirting couple beside him (poor ba-ek tbh)

idk this guy looks a little concerned to me

not to sound too delulu (might be too late tho?), but.. ba-ek notices a camera and does look a little worried..

ok so, at the same shoot, we got kaisoo chilling together once again (ofc)

Nini is rubbing soo’s ear (highly intimate), and soo’s got his arm lazily resting on nini’s leg. they look comfortable AF tbh. 

BUT then they notices that a camera is filming them O__O, so suddenly they change positions to look a little less intimate, cuz now they realize that they can’t be all carefree and chill with each other.. 

backview.. while they were chilling by the fence you can see that nini was stroking soo’s wrist/hand (cries) at one point

I rest my case tbh :)

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If Cesar didn't post his own video we wouldn't know he was there. He was missing from Lauren's pics/story. Sam like Cesar just didn't get in Lauren's IG.

Indeed. I believe Sam was there and just didn’t get caught on camera.

The only reason for him not to be there is if he was working or in meetings with Maril and/or Matt with some other cast members.

I am so happy this weekend was so fun for them and in turn for us… South Africa agrees with them :).


smaul maull haul

Lifted VS Boughten

I was too afraid to steal some of the things since it’s been a while since my last lifted… well anything even chapstick or something small.
not pictured: birthday card from the 99 cent store: boughten

🌿✨Lifted total:42.86
🌿✨Boughten Total:66.36

Stores Hit:

♡ Nordstrom Rack
♡Forever 21
♡Hot Topic
♡Ulta (Chickened Out)

 Yes, that last pair of socks in my first picture still has the tag on! I had so much anxiety that I rushed through in the dressing room and nearly got caught on my first time out. I need to be more careful and wake up!!! Not happy about it. Luckily it didn’t beep, but it could have… also I don’t have a hook or magnet yet so it’s staying there for a while :/

Also, last pic is my new lifting bag i’ll be using. It has those flaps so it doesnt completely zip, I’ll be able to steal lipstick or something small without having to open my bag at all/much. Very happy about it. :)

004. morning kisses | pjm

morning kisses
[Pairing] Jimin | Reader
[Genre] Fluff, Drabble
[Word Count] 731

The morning breeze tickling your nose was what first caught your attention as you were slowly dragged from your slumber.  The second thing was just how cold you were because yet again, Jimin had stolen the duvet.  The third was the light making the back of your eyelids just a bit more red than black.  Lastly, was the absence of a familiar weight around your midsection.

Blinking and struggling to adjust to the light trickling through the open window (thankfully the thin curtains were down, somewhat shielding you from the onslaught of UV rays), you turned your head to see a mess of black hair and swollen red lips.  Just the sight made you smile; you turned your whole body just so you can look at the boy next to you.

Jimin’s hair was everywhere, and thankfully it was just short enough that it didn’t cover his eyes (well, it wouldn’t if they were open).  It looked just as silky as you knew it felt, having ran your hands through it just the night before.  You wanted to do it again but withheld the urge: you didn’t want to wake him up just yet.

His head was securely tucked into his pillow, his arm curled under it to keep it close, and the duvet was pulled up to his chin.  The only indication of his tight grasp on it was the way it scrunched up a little further down from the top, exactly where it was tucked under his side so it wouldn’t move.  The arm that usually would be resting lazily across your stomach was up, it’s hand pressed against his chin and the bottom of his lip.  It only served to make his lips fuller, if that was possible.

His lips.  Red and swollen, they were pursed ever so slightly, almost as if he were pouting, with a small gap inbetween.  At random moments when he’d jerk in his sleep, they’d pop out a tiny bit more, practically begging for your attention.  It took everything within you not to lean over and press your own lips against his, just to feel the cracks and rough patches on them before he covered his lips in lip balm.

With his lips pursed, the hollows of his cheeks—the right side with a small breakout, almost too light to be noticed, even without makeup—sucked in a tiny bit.  It did nothing to hide the puffiness of his cheeks, though.  You never quite knew why, but every morning his face seemed to be puffier than usual.  You didn’t mind; it was one of many things you absolutely adored about him.

His delicate eyelashes rested against the tops of his cheeks, somewhat covering the purplish bags from all the nights he spent up in the practice room, memorizing choreography with Hoseok so they could help the other members learn it.  You remember many caffeine charged nights spent waiting for him, just so you could let him fall asleep with you holding him.  Whenever he was exhausted, he always became the little spoon, no matter what, and you were okay with it.

The only sound in the room was that of his soft snoring, almost quiet enough to be mistaken as simply breathing.  You had barely even noticed that you were holding your breath, as if just the sound of it could wake him—ridiculous really, considering you knew just how hard it was to wake him up.  So, as you let out a breath, a lazy smile found its way onto your lips, and you leaned forward.

As you got closer, you noticed he had forgotten to take his earrings out.  Even closer and you noticed the small bit of drool at the corner of his mouth.  Closer still, and you could feel his soft breath, steady and warm against your skin.  Your lips softly touched his, unable to hold yourself back, and as your eyes fluttered closed, his fluttered open.

He leaned in, and it wasn’t long before you found yourself underneath him: his firm, bare chest pressing against yours and your palms flat against it.  Jimin pulled back, his large, warm eyes gazing down at you with a small smile playing on his lips.  You giggled softly, leaning up to catch his lips again in a quick peck, uncaring that both of you probably had horrible morning breath.

“Well, good morning to you, too.”


“Morty… that picture is NOT taken out of context.”

Look at what I accidentally caught! Thanks so much for liking my shenanigans guys! <3 I love talking to you guys to feel free to send me an ask or the like! …though I do still have quite a couple of asks to answer. xD 

I have totally forgotten about the 500 followers pic so uhh… I guess I’m going to disregard it. :P Maybe I’ll use an excuse to draw something like that.

It’s almost too easy sometimes to forget about my progress. 

This is March to August and a 50lb difference. Sometimes I get so caught up in how long it takes to reach my goal that I forget how far I’ve come and instead make some pretty bad food choices. I need to remember to always continue to work towards my goals. I’m happy. I’m grateful. I’m so lucky to be where I am right now. I can’t wait to see where I’ll go from here.

I’ve been tagged in different selfies by some lovely people and this is gonna have to cover it haha. 


So @flanlaurens and I got invited to Hamilton’s Grammy recording rehearsal and I caught these pics at the end of one of the runs. (Don’t worry, we were allowed to take pictures because it wasn’t an actual show. The lights were on.)

Lin was crazy happy the whole time! He was genuinely dancing between sets. I happened to catch one of his Sick Moves ™ in the second pic, which is now my new favorite picture ever.

Just thought I’d share! I hope everyone enjoys the Grammy performance tonight — it’s gonna be great!


I wonder which rpg maker games I love the most ahahaha

I was so happy to see so many Wadanohara and The Gray Garden cosplays I wish I could of caught all of them.

also got to meet my favorite youtuber and messed up when taking a pic with him curse my dumb face why can’t I smile like everyone else I look so bored while in reality I’m internally screaming

Please tell me if you’re one of these amazing cosplayers I’d love to tag you and possibly talk maybe


Samekichi / Kcalb: ManlyBadassHero

Female Kcalb: Blindfoldmemory

Normal Outfit Wadanohara: lapinquin

Yosafire: Memoryprince

Etihw:  k-chanlovesanimexd

True End Wadanohara: sweetsugardrops

Red Witch Wadanohara:  complexies

I look so deliriously happy, but can you blame me? I’m caught in a tight sandwich hug with Misha fucking Collins so this is one of the happiest moments of my entire life.

Basically we went up to Misha when it was finally our turn and @kamicom asked “Can we squish the life out of you in sandwich hug?”  With his permission given, we got into position on either side of Misha and put our arms around him. We weren’t hugging him very tightly despite our request because we were so nervous, but then Misha just wrapped his stupid arms around the both of us and pulled us in super close so that we ended up pressed right up against him. That’s how our op ended up with Misha hugging the life out of us instead of vice versa. 

When in Bali (Luke Hemmings imagine) Part 2

[A/n]: This is part 2, I hope you like it. I’m gonna put here the link for part 1 if you missed it and use the tag #masterlist on my blog so you can find the parts until I finally edit my masterlist. Enjoy!

Part 1 | When in Bali 

Bali was an amazing place I could tell just by the little I saw walking around, taking pics and enjoying the sun shinning above us. I already felt pretty relaxed and happy to have these weeks off to put my thoughts on the right place and have fun for the first time after an exhausting year of work and studies.

The way back to the pool, where everyone was before, was already familiar so I got there easily. I caught the group ,that I met earlier, at the beach right in front of the pool area they were all gathered before. Now the girls played volleyball while some other was just watching with the boys; them all sitting on the sand and admiring the view.

I couldn’t tell if it was the fit girls playing or the sea that attracted their eyes. I took a picture. I walked a few steps until I reached the group and I sat on the spot between Bryana and the blond guy that should put more sunscreen. He looked at me and smiled not showing his teeth. He was adorable.

“How’s around?” Bry asked facing me.

“There are a lot of kids here” I said comparing my smile to hers “,they’re looking good in my photographs.” I saw with the corner of my eyes the guy by my side now watching our conversation and Ashton also joined us.

“There’s gonna be a show tonight at the bar; we should go. This might be fun” I said looking at Bry, Ash and facing to the other side to catch the blond guy’s eyes. He smiled once again and nodded to my invitation.

Suddenly Bryana started a conversation with the girl who clumsily played volleyball. I opened my camera and with my lens I tried to find another perfect picture and I found the beautiful hairy face of the blond guy. I made a click and his peculiar lines were safe.

I put my camera down and looked at the guy who was watching the set. I felt comfortable enough to ask for his attention just to know how was he called.

“What’s you name?” my voice went audible and he turned to look at me and simply replyed with a smile “Luke. And you’re (y/n), right?”

A beautiful name for a beautiful guy. Cheesy, I know, but I couldn’t help. It was true. “Yes.”

I heard Bryana say she was going to walk by the beach and suddenly everyone else left their spots on the sand. It was left me, Luke, the girls playing and two other guys still seated there.

I looked at the horizon and soon we would have a beautiful sunset. Luke still had a smile on his face and kept it until I started speaking again.

“Do you wanna play?” I pointed to the the set still happening in front of us. He denied with his head and let scape a small laugh.

“It’s for girls” He said teasing, I could tell by the way he looked at me. I joined his play and acted like I cared. But let the role fell as soon as I spoke again.

“You say that because you don’t know how to play.” He pretended to be offended and took off his sunglass now showing his beautiful blue eyes that matched perfectly the color of the sea.

“That’s not true” he said laughing like he hided that he really couldn’t play. The girls had finished their game and greeted each other for the set. They came to our direction and when I thought they would seat, them all ran to the pool to refresh.

“Hey, you guys, wanna play?” I asked to the two young men there with us, they were friends with Luke I assumed. They nodded and quickly got up and passed the ball warming up.

I got up too and offered my hand to Luke to help him stand up and get ready for the game. “C'mon. I will teach you how to play. You’re a tall guy, this is gonna be good.”

He laughed and I didn’t know if it was for what I said or for my accent that suddenly sounded pretty funny. He got up and we walked to the other side of the net. While the boys warmed up passing the ball to each other, I made sure to teach the basic to Luke so we could play fine for a long time.

“All you have to do is pass the ball, either to me or to the other side. Make sure not to touch the net. You could block the balls if you want, it can be very helpful since you’re freaking tall!”

I looked at him now analyzing how small I was next to his presence. The guys from the other side of the net laughed and asked to start the game. We nodded and finally we were in our positions to play.

The match was going good, Luke wasn’t clumsy as I thought he was, but I knew we could do better. Just a little strategy would be enough to beat the guys.

After some points, I asked for time and they allowed it. I took Luke by his arm and he leaned so I could whisper close to his ear. I didn’t want our adversaries to hear my new plan.

“They are letting this huge space free behind Justin. The first opportunity we have, the ball must reach there. They will have no reaction to that position so I think it is gonna work.”

Luke heard me carefully and he laughed after I had finished. He petted my head and teased “okay coach.” He went back to his position now smiling wide checking me behind him once again before the ball flew to our side.

A few minutes passed, this was the set point. Luke was about to serve when I shouted at him from my position.

“NO PRESSURE BUT THIS IS THE SET POINT!” he undid his pose and stared at me almost killing me with his gorgeous eyes.

“Thank you, (y/n), this is very helpful!” I laughed and so did Justin and Sam. Luke breathed out and for a second it really felt important to us to win this game.

Luke finally served the ball and it flew in a beautiful curve on the air making it hard for Sam to receive but Justin gave him the support. But it was not enough to make a point because Luke quickly blocked the ball on the net making us win the game.

“YYEAAHHAHAHHAHA” we screamed running and meeting each other at the center of our side and hugging tight in commemoration.

“Can’t believe YOU DIDN’T RUIN IT!” I said and Luke laughed hugging me still tight and lifted me up. It was easy for him to do it, I was less than ¼ of his weight.

He put me down on the sand and Sam laughed at us. We really looked ridiculous and silly at the beach where everyone could see us. Luckily there weren’t much people.

The sun was having its beautiful moment diving in the horizon. It was when Ash and Bryana came back from their walk and had a huge confused expressions wondering what had just happened for us to be laughing like little kids.

My sweaty body was asking for a shower but the sunset was irresistible. So I decided to take my camera and snap a few pictures of the moment also capturing the gorgeous couple in love that admired the view. Bry and Ashton really were beautiful together and it was evident they were happy. The sun went down and we all headed to our respective rooms to get ready for the show tonight.

[A/n]: Part 3 is gonna be up tomorrow. Don’t forget to use the tag #masterlist on my blog so you can find the parts of this imagine by far.

Part 3