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We'll Live On (Kris)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Can you do scenario with Kris when you passed away during giving birth and left him with child and he’s watching recordings with you when you were pregnant? Something angst and fluff. Sorry for my bad english and thank you

It was a hard reality to accept for Kris. He was an extremely devoted husband, you two were so happy to have a baby. You had no complications until you gave birth. The happiest moment in his life was the moemtn your daughter Jingyi was held in your arms. Your face lighting up, your looks were heavily maternal the moment she came into the world. But often the happy moment he treasured continued playing to the moment it all went wrong and he lost you. He had his last connection with you on the earth, his precious gift from you. Your daughter Wu Jingyi who was nothing but smiles and complete joy.

She looked just like you when she smiled. A large goofy smile would grace her face and all he could do was stare at her until she snapped him out of it. She made sure he was always on his toes as well.

He did everything depicted as a ‘mother’s job’ in society. Ballet classes, clothing shopping, cooking classes, haircuts, just about everything you could think of he did for her. The giant man often got hit on and flirted with by mothers but he always said he was married. To him he was always gonna be married to you unless someone had the power to make him refall in love, he never planned on remarrying anyone. So the main woman in his life was going to be his daughter.


Jingyi watched her father’s eyes as they were glued to the TV screen. Soon a video came to screen as you were the center of it all “Kris why are you recording?” a female voice asked making her look at the screen. “So Jingyi can see what mommy looked like when she was pregnant” he cooed as he came up beside you wrapping his arm around you. She glanced back at her father seeing how glassy his eyes were as he watched, more like worshipped the video. It meant so so much to him. The video had the ability to break and fix his heart at the same time. She got up from her spot and crawled onto him. His arms instantly wrapped around her as he rested his head on her little shoulder watching with a sad smile.

Video after video Jingyi watched of you and Kris and the journey of your pregnancy. He seemed to have every moment filmed but it still wasn’t enough for him, he always wanted to see more of you. “Did mommy leave because of me?” she asked, she still didn’t grip death fully. She knew mommy went to heaven and that was about it. “No Jingyi” he says as he stopped the video. “We all have our time when we have to go to heaven” he says.

“Your mommy was a woman who would give everything up for the people she loved” he explained. “She left Korea for me, she had a wonderful life there and left all for me. She gave up so many foods that were bad for you and her when she was pregnant” he said stroking her long dark locks. “We used to spoon and I’d get to feel her stomach. Even if it made her uncomfortable when you would kick and hit her. She liked seeing me smile” a soft smile came to his face. “She smiled the whole time she got to hold you. I know she was nothing more than in love with you” he promised as he pressed a solid kiss on her forehead. “Can we visit her?” she asked as he seemed shocked. Normally he would take her to visit on the day you were born and the day you passed away and today wasn’t either of them. “Right now?” he asked as she nodded. “Okay. We can do that baby” he whispered as he stood the two of them up. “We’ll get her flowers and candy then at the store before see visit” he says as she nods taking his hand.

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“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”


Happy Birthday to my baby kim yerim - #iloveyou ♡ 05.03.1999

i hope you a good day my baby, when you come to red velvet i already like you, you are so nice and a beautiful girl, and a talent girl, i wish you more years and pass a great day with your family and your unnies. You’re the baby of red velvet, the gorgeous girl ever, your fans support you and love you a lot, keep like you are and don’t change my baby (forever with you kim yerim)

I look for you everywhere. Even in places I know you won’t be. I still look because i keep hoping that maybe one day you just might come back to me.
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