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I would give my right kidney up for you to write a wild and unruly epilogue 😭😭😭 Please! Do you think you might one day? It's killing me .

ahaha oh wow, it really makes me happy that you would still be interested in an epilogue after all this time.  thank you!!  

We won’t be writing one, though. Sorry!! 

Having said that, we did respond to a lot of asks about headcanons after the fic was first finished, in case you are interested.  They’re all in my wau tag, but it’s super disorganized, so i decided to give you some links because I would like to have it all in one place, too. :))

Some of those have two separate links because there was more than one ask. 

if you have any specific headcanon questions yourself, you can also always ask, but I cannot guarantee a quick turn around on a response lol.  

16. The Nameless One.

I started writing this a couple days ago but it didnt feel like it was going anywhere. Lo and behold did that BEAUTIFUL picture of dear old Harold appear and here we are. He must have known. 
Title creds to @whoopsharrystyles, shes lovely!

It happened at 1:24AM. An hour and six minutes ago.

The room was now quiet apart from the slight snuffles that were coming from the tiny little baby that was laying in Harry’s arms in a large, yet rather uncomfortable, arm chair. You weren’t asleep, but you were lying back in your bed, eyes closed and taking some time for yourself before the task of raising a child took over your life.

“Hey, little baby,” you listened to Harry whisper as he gently rocked in the chair. “Yeah, hi. How does it feel to be out in the real world now, little one?” His voice was quiet but high pitched and you could hear the smile on his face.

“I don’t think she can understand you” You spoke and Harry looked up to you immediately, his grin only getting bigger as he watched you adjust yourself.

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The Game Part 3/3

Hello! I’m sorry this took an extra week to come out! I have learned my lesson-always finish a fic before you start to post! I was just so excited to share this with you I couldn’t wait! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this. Thank you for reading and for all the comments you guys gave me on this, it helped me figure out where I wanted this to go. Happy Sunday!

If anyone in The Game taglist wants to me added to my overall taglist, lemme know! :)

Things to know: Time Period: 1940′s Bucky, tiny Steve, Info: Reader and Bucky have mutual friend in Steve, but Reader and Bucky don’t really know each other too well….UNTIL NOW BOOM BABY

Part 2

No Warnings except for this pic below cuz im dyin a harsh death rn

Though the walk home from the bar was only 6 blocks, it seemed like a marathon. The temperature was steadily dropping as the night went on and the whipping wind sent chills down your spine with every step.

You were surrounded with the bright lights and traffic sounds of a Saturday night as you strode on. You passed strangers piling into cabs and walked through clouds of smoke on the corners of bars. 

Somewhere in the back of your mind, a voice was screaming at you, scolding you for walking alone at night, but it was easy to ignore. The memory of you screaming at Bucky was much louder. 

Your head hung low and your focus was pushed to your feet as your low heels paced along. Your toes and the sidewalk cracks grew blurry as hot tears started to stream down your face and guilt pooled and solidified in your stomach.

When you finally turned onto your street, you heard Steve call your name. You looked up to see him running down the steps of your apartment toward you.

“Steve, what are you doing outside? You’re gonna get sick!” you said, wiping away the channels your tears left on your cheeks. “Stop running, Steve.” You rambled on, chastising him for being out in the cold as he pulled you up the stairs and into your apartment. 

“Jesus, (Y/N), you’re freezing,” he said, rubbing your arms and leading you into your bedroom. You watched as he pulled your warmest clothes out of your closet and set them on the bed. “Change into these and then I made hot chocolate.” His whirlwind stopped as he turned to face you, his nose slightly crinkled and his brow furrowed. “Do you need me to help with the zipper, or…”

“No, I got it.”

“Okay good,” he said, his shoulders relaxing for the first time since he saw you outside. He closed the door behind him as he left the room and as you changed you heard him shuffling in the kitchen.

Once in your warm clothes, you made for the door, knowing that if you spent too long in your room, Steve would grow even more concerned about you. But before you reached the hallway, you passed a small mirror on your nightstand and winced at your red and puffy skin.

Figuring there was nothing you could do about it, you opened the door and made your way down the small hallway, jumping slightly when you heard something fall on the floor and shatter. 

“Steve-o, you better not be breaking my Ma’s china,” you called.

As you entered the kitchen you saw him pick up a half broken saucer. “It’s just chipped.”

“Mmhmm,” you hummed from behind him, making him turn around with a start and send you an apologetic smile. You grabbed both mugs he set out and walked them to the couch.

You plopped down on the cushion and tucked your legs under you, already feeling much warmer. Taking a sip of your drink, you closed your eyes and hummed in appreciation. “Finally, something you can’t burn.”

He hummed distractedly as he gently sat next to you on the couch. You both sat in silence, like the air was filled with invisible pins and if you moved or said anything, you’d be stuck. You watched Steve run his fore finger around the rim of his mug until he finally spoke. “(Y/N), Buck didn’t-”

“I know.”

“You know?”

You sighed and nodded, watching your lopsided reflection shake in your hot chocolate. “I went to that bar and saw Maria dancing with someone else.” Your eyes closed tight in an attempt to keep your rising anger buried inside. Everything in your body tightened and frustration and jealousy clawed at your chest, leaving you only to shoot open your eyes and look to the ceiling for answers. “How could she even look at anyone else with Bucky Barnes in front of her?”

“She’s just not the girl for him, (Y/N),” he said, squeezing your knee.

“Well, obviously Bucky thinks she is or he wouldn’t have asked her out again.”

“No,” he shook your knee, forcing you to look at him. “That’s what he told me tonight at the diner after you left. He wanted to call it off with Maria, but she insisted they go out again and he just didn’t wanna hurt her.”

With Steve’s words, everything that had risen to your chest fell with a thump to your stomach. You winced and pinched the bridge of your nose, trying to piece everything together. “He tried to tell me,” you mumbled. “I should’ve just listened.”

“You were sticking up for your friend.”

“I was mean and judgmental and just…awful. Did you hear me tonight? I said awful, awful things, Steve!” You tried to speak over the lump in your throat, squeezing your eyes shut again to stop any more tears from falling. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look him in the eye again.”

“He’ll understand (Y/N). He’ll forgive you in a second, really.”

“No, I never even want to see him again. I am never going to leave this apartment again and if I do, I will make sure you keep him busy and away from me,” you declared, poking Steve in the chest. 

“Well, that is the rational thing to do,” Steve said, accepting your head as you laid down in his lap.

“Yes, I think so too,” you said, wiping away your last tear and closing your eyes. You tried to think about anything other than Bucky as Steve ran his fingers through your hair, sending you to sleep.

The next morning, the sun was shining brightly through the open blinds and warming your skin. You were buried in blankets and piled on the couch next to Steve, your hands tucked into your stomach and your cheek nuzzled into his fragile chest. 

As carefully as you could, you slid out from under the covers and off the couch. Steve’s nose crinkled and he mumbled something completely unintelligible as he sleepily reached for your wrist.

“Go back to sleep, Steve-o. I’ll make some breakfast.”

He mumbled some more syllables before you started down the hall toward your room. You stood in front of your small closet with your hands on your hips, studying the week’s worth of dresses you had hanging there. Your eyes landed on your favorite dress, a light pink, knee length fabric with white trimming, which you pulled out and laid on your bed. Thinking the matching shoes would work well for the occasion, you reached into a shelf, your mind and eyes elsewhere, until you felt no white shoes, but just an empty place. Remembering, but not dwelling on where your favorite heels were, you reached for your other, brown, everyday shoes and slipped them on your feet. They looked nice with the pink, you told yourself. 

As you entered the kitchen, you glanced over your shoulder to see Steve still sleeping on the couch. You chuckled to yourself as you threw down some bread in the toaster and started warming water for instant coffee.

Your mind chugged along as you absently dished out the toast and mugged the caffeine. You didn’t notice Steve behind you when he said, “Strawberry or raspberry?”

You spun around, with your hand over your chest to see him holding out the jars of jam. You giggled at him, his hair messy and still wearing the clothes he was in last night when he came to pick you up for malts. “Raspberry.”

He handed you the jar as he closed the fridge and took a sip of coffee. “What’s the occasion?”

You hummed in question, your mouth full of toast and jam. 

“You’re wearing your favorite dress. Did you change your mind about never leaving the house again?” 

You breathed a laugh out your nose. “Yes, I did. I’m going to apologize to Bucky and I thought wearing this might make me feel a bit better,” you said with a wince.

“Want me to come with you?”

“No. I gotta do this one my own.” 

As soon as the words left your mouth, you heard a loud knock on the door. 

“Who’s that?” Steve asked. 

You shrugged and walked over to the door. Through the little window, you saw who was on the other side and with a sigh, you opened the door. “Morning, Maria.”

“Good morning.”

You glanced back at Steve, who was peeking his head out of the kitchen to get a good look at the front door. He was still chomping on his toast. 

Before Maria could say another word, you said, “I was actually just leaving, so,…”

“Oh. Okay. I just- I wanted to- but it’s fine, I can come back later.” You watched her shuffle around and struggle for words on the stoop. After everything that happened, you still felt bad for her. She looked so lost. 

“I have a minute before I have to go,” you said, looking at the clock on the little table by the door where you kept your keys. “Steve, we’ll be out on the steps, okay?’“

“Kay!” you heard him yell.

You joined Maria outside, closing the door behind you. You both leaned on opposite railings, making it feel like the entire country of Switzerland could fit between you. You uncomfortably crossed your ankles and folded your hands in front of you, waiting for her to say something.

Maria cleared her throat and smoothed her dress, a nervous habit of hers you were very aware of. It seemed like hours had passed before she spoke. “(Y/N), I am so sorry. About everything. Steve told me what happened, and I just feel awful.” She looked up at you with a deep frown and concerned brow.

You wrung your hands as your gaze fell to the concrete below your soles. Your chest was tight and squeezing. You knew you needed more from her before you could think about forgiving her.

“I wish you told me how you felt, but I know if I paid half as much attention to you as I did to myself I would have seen it.” 

You continued to stare at your hands in front of you until she reached out to take them in hers. “I’m sorry for being so selfish and so inconsiderate.” 

She let go of your hands to pick up a box she must have set on the ground before you stepped outside. It was bright blue and tied with a white ribbon. You listened to her voice break slightly and watched a tear fall down her cheek as she continued. “And I’m so sorry I ruined your favorite pair of shoes you were nice enough to let me borrow.” She handed you the box and stepped down to stand on the first stair, her head hung low. “I have been so lucky to know you and to have a friend like you and I hope someday I’ll be able to make it up to you.”

You watched her slowly descend the stairs, her heels clicking, curls bouncing, and dress swaying with every step. You pulled the bow out of the ribbon on the box and opened the top, your eyes widening and lungs sucking in a breath at what you saw.

Your eyes roamed over the pristine, white heels, brand new from the store on 5th Avenue, miles away from your little apartment in Brooklyn. “They’re beautiful,” you whispered to yourself.

“So are you, (Y/N),” Maria said from the bottom of the stairs before she turned up the street. 

You secured the lid on the top of the box and headed inside in a daze. But before you stepped inside the little apartment, you winked at Steve and called to Maria, “Wanna come in? We have toast.”

She turned around with a smile, though it wasn’t as bright as it usually was. You held the door open for her and as she passed you, she squeezed your wrist and thanked you.

“Don’t let Steve make it for you unless you like it burnt to a crisp.”

You heard Steve defend himself from inside, and you giggled until someone calling your name stopped you. You turned around and saw Bucky standing at the bottom of the steps. 

“Hi,” you said, flustered. You handed the shoes through the door to Maria and descended the stairs. 

“Hi,” he answered simply. You didn’t miss how his eyes took in your dress and it sent a shock right to your heart, making it thud wildly. “I wanted to explain a few things-”

“No need.” You nodded over your shoulder in the direction of your apartment door. Steve and Maria were not-so-gracefully eavesdropping on your conversation. “I think I got the whole story. But I wanted to apologize-”

“No need,” he copied with a smirk. “I think I also got the whole story.” He smiled over your shoulder at Steve. “Our friend has a big mouth.”

“Don’t I know it.” Neither of you knew how you reveled in each others’ laughs, his low and strong, yours easy and soft. 

When your giggling ended, there was a silence as Bucky worked up the courage to ask you what he had wanted to ask you since he first met Steve’s other best friend from Brooklyn. His large hand swiped through his hair, and you watched the brown waves wiggle and fall back exactly into place.

“(Y/N), uh,” his eyes fell to his feet and his tongue swiped over his lips as he struggled. “Would you liked to…” he sighed and his eyes lifted to meet yours. “Do you wanna go for a walk?” he said, gesturing down the street.  

“Sure. Let me just go grab my coat.” You gently touched his arm as you turned up the stairs and internally squealed at how his muscles felt under the skin of his long arm.

You leaned in the entrance and squeezed around your waiting friends to grab your coat off the hook behind the door. “We’re going for a walk,” you said very calmly. But when you made eye contact with Maria, all your serenity went out the door and your whispered a scream, your smile so wide it almost ripped your face in half. 

“Wait! Put these on!” Maria opened the shoe box and handed you the heels. You kicked off your brown shoes and slid on your new white heels that looked better than ever.

“Thank you, Maria,” you hugged her tight and then Steve who was rolling his eyes, before walking out the door and down the steps. You didn’t notice how Steve gave Bucky a thumbs up before he closed the front door.

At the bottom of the steps, Bucky reached his arm out for you to take and you both started down the street.

No matter how you worked to hide it, you were always a little jealous of how boys seemed to flock to Maria and her perfect dresses, perfect hair, and her pretty daintiness. But now, the only boy you wanted was holding you, running his fingers through your hair and complimenting your favorite dress. Now, you were so happy to be no one else but you.


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THE GAME TAG LIST if any of y’all wanna be on my permanent tag list lemme know! <3

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Happy 25th Birthday Marc-Andre ter Stegen! 

Happy Birthday Sunshine🌞🌞

“[…] • Let’s talk about the ‘Remontada’ against PSG. Your play, recovering the ball in the opposition’s half and provoking a foul will be remembered forever. 

 It cannot be explained. It was something so unique.. At the end of the day, you play and dedicate yourself to football to be able to live things like that. It was very special. In that moment I didn’t think that things were going to go our way. Sometimes, trying is the most important. 

 • But what were you doing there?

 I don’t know (laughs)…Being up there does not fit my position. 

 • Did you ask to go up or did the coach tell you to? 

 The boss gestured at me like he was trying to tell me ‘go on now’ and Unzue was saying ‘no, no, no, no, stay, stay’ and I tried to not look at him.Later on Luis (Suárez) asked me ‘what are you doing here?’. I told myself ‘come on, there is only one minute left’, ‘you have to take advantage of these moments, they rarely happen’. […]

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I love you. So much. The expressions you draw in your comics are so *great*, I love the emotions you allow them to convey! That face that Cas makes at the end of the comic where he says Satan's baby can wait 2 hours is SO CUTE. Thank you for drawing it, Aaaaaaaaa!

i’ve been getting a lot of really sweet messages about the way i draw expressions in the last couple of days!? I’M SO GLAD 

Anonymous said:

(re: your most recent comic) tears. actual tears. #iloveyou

i’m so glad you guys liked them ♥♥♥ my heart was really in it this week and i’m just so dang happy

Anonymous said:

I love your art so much!!

thank you!!

Anonymous said:

Do you have a giveaway going on or did I imagine it?

i do not! you’re probably seeing one that’s about a year old now, but people are still reblogging it (guessing this is because they haven’t checked the date on the original post)

looking back, i should’ve added the year to the original end date. apologies!

Love Triangle - Final (Jensen x Reader)

Originally posted by jmaclean

Characters: Jensen Ackles x Female Reader, Daughter!OC Gracely

Warnings: Fluff, some cussing

Word Count: 671 (short for the last part, sorry)

Catch up! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

(Before reading, I just want to say thank you for everyone who has read this and gave me such kind words. I love you all so much!)


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this fucking website stresses me out so damn much but it’s also been the best thing in my life because it brought me to my amazing @longlivetheheda. today is our one year anniversary…… like….. WHAT A YEAR OF CALIZA WHAT IS THAT

anyway, this is a post to tell everyone once again how amazing she is. happy anniversary, baby. I love you so so much.

everyone go drop in her inbox and tell her how amazing she is and how she’s a positive influence your life because I know she is for a lot of you and she deserves to hear it all the time

*Cue sad violin music*

Folks: I just love Orihime *sniff* it’s so terrible how Kubo treated her *sniff* he saw her nothing more than fanservice and Ichigo’s baby momma *sniff* he made her give up her dreams and sacrifice her personality for a man *sniff* he doesn’t even want to elaborate on the pure hearted girl from the beginning *sniff* I would have paired her with Ulquiorra for character growth *sniff* I love you snuggle bunny Orihime! *sniff* Why doesn’t Kubo want you to be happy? :(

Narita: *Writes one innocuous line about Orihime being in the Shiba residence after trying to heal fallen shinigami soldiers after the war*

*record scratch*

Same Folks: Does Kubo think we’re stupid? That poor excuse for fanservice can’t even begin to replace Queen Rukia, the real heroine of Bleach! This is sick, he keeps trying to make everything the Inoue Orihime show. Kubo’s a failure and should stop. Why is he trying to shove titties in our face? Moron is still trying to legitimize the failure ending ship  Orihime has nothing to do with the Shibas!  This is pathetic, Even more so that Orihime herself. Fuck you Kubo you hack! 


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With all this drama happening in skam rn, I'd like to just ask random chill questions bc I miss evak Hahaha. But yeah, how are you?♡♡I thought it would be cool to talk about favorite evak kisses. Which one do you like the most? I know this is probably like THE hardest question bc all of them are so incredible and beautiful but let's try to choose our fav at least from s3. I personally would say either the kisses from the last scene or the very first one. Du er ikke alene one was also amazing ♡☆

Hi sunshine♥ oh my! i can hug you right now ! yeah, there is lots of negativity in the fandom rn. it’s kinda sad seeing that there is so much ignorant people out there….

 i’m doing great btw how are you? how was your day? ♥

aahh i miss my babies, too but knowing that they are together and happy and cuddly makes everything more bearable ♥

weellllll i really love cheek kisses. you know, i love passionate, hot kisses but cheek kisses are always my fav. so, i’ll say elevator kiss but on the cheek one. i think i posted something about how i love this kiss but i cant be sure..

this kiss was so pure. he was saying like “i am so happy to have you” and it took my heart immediately :) 

i also love this cheek kiss because why not?? 

and my another fav is nasty ™ even askjdjhs i llove this because even being nasty and he knows he is nasty and that smirk on his face ajshdjs i can tell he is having quality time askhdsa and NOSE?

i know i have to choose onebut  how can i?????? i also like “chilling in the bed ”kiss and “lockerroom kiss” and “kitchen kiss” and their first kiss sakjdhjd

i’m sorrry i am suck at choosing something ♥ 

let’s keep playing this. what is your fav moment in s3?

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I'm getting two cats and moving into my own place in a few months. I'm so happy and excited and I know my new fur babies are going to do so much for my mental health, considering when I learned of them my recovery actually sped up markedly (I was in the hospital six months ago for a suicide attempt). Just goes to show that there is always going to be something for you around the corner, you just have to hold on long enough to get there! Just wanted to share :)

i’m so so so happy for you! this is so cute and i proud of you. 

have a gr8 time with your fur babies  ♡ ♡

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Awww your early versions of Jaide were so cute, she looked like a little elf vampire thing, now she looks like a cat vampire thing. She reminds me of this Korean rapper Cheetah especially with the pixie cut

ohh lol i know who that is.. her face is so nice but tbh i don’t know who Jaide looks like.. i didn’t try to model her after anyone irl. but smh yeahh her old face she was super pale and had little baby elf ears for some reason???? i used to struggle with Jaide’s face a lot but now i think i’m somewhere i feel comfortable.. i just have to continue to work on her skin so she looks the same with and without makeup on.

i’m really happy that i got her to look like the rest of her siblings though.. now if you stand her next to Fenix she looks like she belongs. 

Dancing w/ Hansol
  • omg i just got my first hansol request everrr i’m so happy
  • i love this baby so muchhh
  • i miss him a lot too, when is he going to debut
  • my heart is in pain, i srs miss him
  • shoutout to the anon who requested this
  • man, i miss blonde hansol
  • it was a blessing for this world right
  • also, please support and love him a lot
  • he may be a giant but he’s actually a baby inside didn’t u see him doing aegyo
  • anyways, let’s start~~
  • so
  • you and hansol were besties
  • even though u didn’t know each other for thaaat long, just like half of a year or smth
  • and the whole time hansol has been having the biggest crush on you
  • you’re just so beautiful and unique and he’s just so in love with you
  • and you like him too
  • like he looks so hot while he’s dancing and idk singing or rapping and breathing u know
  • like everyone is low-key a hansol stan in life u know
  • but what i’m trying to say here is that he would constantly invite you to his dance practices
  • he shows you new choreographies that he invented and you can see how strong he passion for dancing is
  • and how talented he is and how ethereal he looks while being so focused in his moves and so into the music
  • jesus christ i’m so in love with him
  • but after seeing him practice for so many time while u do nothing is boring right
  • so he would aaaaaaaaaaalways try to teach you
  • but ur like nah thx bro next time lmao
  • but the true is that you’re just too embarrased of how bad your dance moves are
  • and specially if you’re by the side of this dancing king u know
  • u are always constantly comparing yourself and yeah not cool man
  • until there was a day when he actually asked why u know
  • “y/n, i can’t believe that i know you for so long i have seeing you dancing not even once”
  • “hansol, when i dance it looks like I have two left feets just, stop trying honey”
  • but no bitch, ji hansol is not giving up so easy do u hear me??¿
  • so next week he’s asking you again
  • “hansol, no”
  • “after what you told me last week i have been searching and i found this really easy choreography and we’re not leaving this room until you try to dance at least a half of it”
  • you were so nervous
  • you begged him but nope, u had no option
  • “fine, j-just don’t laugh at me, please”
  • “i would never, y/n”
  • so the lesson started
  • it was a couple coreography so you had to do a lot of shit together
  • but he even learned the parts of the dance that corresponded to you so he was able to guide you perfectly
  • and damn he learned the whole thing in a wEEK
  • and it was so hard for you to remember everything, jfc
  • even if it wasn’t too hard or too long, still that was so sweet of him
  • and he was so nice towards you, helping you and never getting angry or tired when you do something wrong
  • actually, he would motivate you to continue
  • “move you feet a bit more to the left.. perfect y/n, you’re doing great”
  • “that was amazing y/n!”
  • “wow, you learn so fast!”
  • and you were super blushy the whole time
  • sometimes he would look at your face in the mirror and smile at how precious you are
  • but, going to the interesting part
  • there was this specific dance move
  • ;)
  • and let me tell you that it wasn’t a innocent and cute choreography
  • cube entertainment please forget about triple h, we want troublemaker 
  • but seriously, just like imagine that okay
  • him being beside you, his heavy breath in your neck and his hands in your waist, moving in slow and sensual ways
  • i’m going to faint if i keep writing i swear
  • you turned your head and there he was, looking right into your eyes
  • but it was just for a few seconds before his gaze goes to your pretty lips
  • and oh boy
  • “can i..?”
  • and he didn’t need the answer because you were already kissing him with the same passion that he was dancing a few minutes ago
  • both of you were out of breath once the kiss ended, but you were so blushy and smiley and awww
  • both of you hugged each other and you could listen to his heart beating as fast as yours
  • omg this is adorable i’m dying
  • “i told you we were going to have good results from this”
  • “shut up hansol”
  • and hE LAUGHS OMG
  • you know that cute little giggle of him omg i’m so soft
  • “let’s rest a bit, baby”
  • man this was so cute
  • i hope yall like it

amespixels  asked:

Just wanted to say thanks for all your youtube videos! I spent the morning watching the latest two 100 Baby Macarons videos and the new Stardew Valley one (Anchorette is adorable btw). They kept me sane while I edited pictures and queues some posts. Love watching how you play and seeing how genuine you are <3

;__________; This literally just made my world! Thank you so much!! You are so sweet and this is like the nicest message and compliment ever! Thank you so much!! I’m a little insecure/not sure about my videos yet as it’s still new, so this makes me so happy to hear and just ;alskfj;lskdjflsdkjf Thank you! Now stand still so I can give you a big ol’ bear hug! <3

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It's so weird that you also re watched Tokyo mew mew recently because I did too! And revamped all my old mew mew Ocs to be happy lesbians. Did you ever make mew mew Ocs?

omg i never had mew mew ocs but thats only cuz tokyo mew mew was the very first thing i was ever into.. before i knew the internet..i did self insert onto ichigo tho and made her much cooler and less straight
also how nice is it that mint was 100% a baby bitchy femme lesbian

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Did you hear that Bom is under Teddys Label, the Black Label? She is still YG Family! I'm so happy :)


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Carrison has a baby!!!

Gosh, everyone wants Carrie and Harrison to have a baby!! Finally, here I am to quench your thirst for domestic bliss. Hope you like it, anon!!


Carrie’s exhausted but beyond ecstatic for their new baby girl. Her piercing blue eyes make her want to weep every single time she looks into them. Her pale complexion contrasts with Harrison’s brown flannel shirt, where she finally rests. He looks at her like she’s the world’s most precious being. His lips are frozen in a wide smile, something no one’s ever been able to do. In fact, he hasn’t stopped smiling much the past few days and she can’t help but feeling utterly fulfilled for having him be so amazingly happy.  

“Look at her, baby.” He says, as he sits on their couch comfortably. “She’s so beautiful.”

“Takes it from you, I assume.” Carrie chuckles and sets down her things on the coffee table. She then puts on a record on the record player and helps herself of a glass of cool coke.

“How did you guess?” he teases, winking at his beaming wife. She blushes, that pink that always reminds him of spring and sunshine. She goes to their room and fetches a camera:

“You look so adorable,” she smiles as she takes the picture. “Oh, that must’ve been a good one.”

“Put that away and give me a kiss.” He orders. She obliges without missing a beat, sliding next to him and their new born girl. His lips are warm under hers, their peck filling up her heart even more.

“Can we go to the room? I can hardly keep my eyes open, babe.” She requests, not really waiting for his response. He follows her, still carrying their daughter affectionately.

As Carrie undresses, she leaves a path of clothes behind her, first her silk camisole, then her blue jeans, and finally her black bra. She slides into one of his grey t-shirts and meets her family under the covers.

“Let’s watch something, huh?” he offers, as their surprisingly quiet baby sleeps soundlessly in his arms.

“Sure.” She rests her head on his shoulder, inhaling his musky scent. He turns on their TV and Casablanca pops up. She sinks deeper into the white sheets and kisses her baby’s soft head.

“I love you so much, Harrison.” She smiles into her baby’s skin, feeling his intake of breath. “Thank you for giving me her.”

“I love you, dear.” He kisses her sleepy lips, a little too long for a peck. She kisses him back, the sweetness of him transferring into her.

Carrie, once the tempestuous young woman turned successful actress and author and now a mother of one lucky little girl, knows virtually nothing about eternity. She knows nothing about where somebody like her will end up, but what she knows is that she’s been on this bed. She’s been amidst these white sheets in more situations than this one, most of them full of pleasure and bliss. She’s been blessed with a wonderful man and a wonderful little girl. This is all that she’s possibly getting, and it’s more than enough. Falling asleep here, just south of heaven.

TMNT C/N First Day of School!

Warnings: None  

Requested by the lovely: @brayden1616

Prompt: I thought of this cute idea, sorry but I love your responses to my asks, how would the boys wake up their little one say to their first day of school? Say they were start pre-k and like there is a warm golden father son/daughter moment, and maybe even cute nicknames for each other?

Notes: AHHH! Please noooo don’t be sorry! Your amazing and I love the request you send me and AHH IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY YOU LIKE THE RESPONSES THIS MEANS THE WORLD TO ME! THANK YOU <3<3<3

C/n: Childs name

C/n/m: Childs name mom

F/f: Favorite food


Leo calls his C/n Baby

Donnie calls his C/n Tinker

Raph calls his C/n Tiger

Mikey calls his C/n Babycakes

Leo: “Ok ok ok” Leo was freaking out. It was his C/n first day of school and he had gotten up early to get them ready for pre-k. He was so nervous to leave alone even if it was just 4 hours. C/n/m had been more calm than him! So here he was at him/her door. He was so not ready for this, but he walked in anyway. He saw that C/n was already awake waiting for him. “Good morning Daddy!” His Baby beamed. You looked so excited and you were all ready dressed and everything. He was the one that wasn’t ready for this. What if hes Baby got tease or worse bullied? He tried to push those thoughts out but looking at his child now, he started to cry. “Daddy? Daddy! What’s wrong?” His little Baby grab his hand and pulled him to sit in the bed. “It’s just that you’re growing up too fast Baby” he started “And I’m just going to miss you to today” his tears didn’t slow down, not for a minute, But his sweet  got up and gave him the bestest hug. Don’t worry daddy I’ll only be gone for a few hours! C/n said “ I’ll miss you daddy!” “I’ll miss you to Baby he replied. “Come on now mommy made F/f for you. “YAY” C/n cheered

Donnie: His precious little Tinker was going to their first day of school and he was a nervous wreck. He knew you had to go but he didn’t want  you to, He wanted to be able to protect you always. But having you gone for about 4 hours of pre-k was too much for him. You were his everything. He should outside your door for 5 straight minutes before he could bring himself to come in.When he finally walked in, there was his baby just finishing getting dressed as he/she turned around and smiled at him. “Hi Daddy!” C/n said giggling. Good morning Tinker. He said picking C/n up in a hug. Are you ready for school? “YES!” C/n replied happily “But I’m gonna miss you alot daddy” That did it here came the waterfall for donnie. “Daddy are you okay why is there water coming from your eyes?” C/n asked with concern. Its nothing Tinker im-im just gonna miss you too so much. C/n nuzzled into Dons chest. “Don’t worry i’ll be back before you know it daddy” C/n said with the cutest smile. “Yeah donnie smiles “ I guess you will.  

Mikey:  He was not ready for his Babycakes to leve him. Even if it was just for about 4 hours. But the thought of that still hurt inside. He loved to spend time with his Babycakes. Playing, reading them a story, napping, cuddling, watching a movie you name it! He was not ready for them to go. So for about 10 minutes after C/n/m had told him to wake you up he just stood there at your door in tears. He finally wiped his eyes and quietly walk in. But C/n was already and just putting on their socks. “HI DADDY!” they jumped up and run to him, giving him the biggest huge which he gladly return. “Hey Babycakes you excited?” mikey asked trying to sound cheerful. “YEP!” C/n replied “But I can’t wait to come home and play with you!” the said sounding even more excited if that was even possible. Mikey couldn’t keep it in anymore he held them tighter and the tears started to roll. “Daddy why are you sad?” they asks in a small voice. “Nothing Babycakes im just excited to play with you too” he said with a tears-of-joy look in his eyes.” Now come on Mamma mabe you F/f! He said taking their small hand. 

Raph: He did want his Tiger to go. He wanted them to say right here with him so he could protect them from everything. But that couldn’t happen because today was your first day of pre-k. Sure it was only about 4 hours but that was to long for him. So he just stood there at your door. The second he open it was the second you would have to leave him. He was angry but mostly just sad you had to go. Hed had it. He opened the door and walked in to you fully dressed and playing with a toy. You looked up and smile” Morning Daddy!” “Hey ya Tiger”he said lifting  and throwing you up in the air which sent them into fits of giggles. Oh he miss that laughter. Tears started to prick his eyes as he look at C/n. “Daddy? What’s the matter?” they asked in the cutest voice. “Nothing i’m just gonna miss you that’s all.” He replied. “Hey as soon as a I get back well you play with me? C/n asks. “Of course he said “Anything for you Tiger.”