so happy for the two of them

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So we saw how Cullen, Josephine, and Cassandra reacted to walking in on the Inquisitor and Bull. What about the others?

Blackwall: Laughs, tells them to have fun, then turns around and leaves.

Sera: Starts sobbing, she’s laughing so hard. Her laughs go silent as she fights for breath. She can’t even make out any words when she leaves, because she’s still laughing.

Varric: Bites back a laugh and tells them to enjoy themselves. Book notes? Book notes.

Cole: Doesn’t understand why everyone’s laughing, but he wants them to leave, because it was turning something that was previously making the two happy not happy because of all the attention. The couple minds him the least until he starts talking about their feelings aloud.

Vivienne: Turns around and leaves without a word.

Solas: Also turns around and leaves without a word.

Dorian: Laughs. “Don’t mind me; my apologies. Have fun!” Then leaves.

Leliana: She leaves quietly, but Bull sees the smirk on her lips and muffled cackles in her chest.

  • Friend : Hey are you okay?
  • Me : magnus bane and Alec lightwood are probably two of the most beautiful fictional characters ever. The growth they went through both as a couple and individually is so heartwarming to see. We see Alec go from a perfect soldier who follows order even if it means sacrificing his own happiness to someone who is a leader, a role he was born for and is very much in love with his boyfriend and he still follows orders but has now learned to question them and he kisses his boyfriends and is so in love. Magnus who has kept his heart locked for more than a century learned how to let people in again and not just anyone but a shadowhunter, and he is learning to balance being a leader to his people and being a lover. And both have them together have started on their way to become a power couple™ and they are out there everyday slaying my existence and growing and falling more in love with each other all the time.
  • Friend : What?
  • Me (with tears rolling down my cheeks) : Nothing :)

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Hi Bridget!! My family likes to be private on social media so I can't submit a picture but I am stopping by to let you and your followers know that I have two very happy lesbian moms! They are married! They have four daughters including me! They are both teachers in a lovely Massachusetts town and they love their kids and raise them well! They go by Mama and mummy, mama likes to do yard work and mummy likes to cook and they snuggle with their kids and are very happy and gay! I love them so much!

this is the absolute sweetest thing in the world im really crying right now thank you for sharing you have a beautiful family 💜💜

All my ships have been fairly canon lately, so I'm super happy. I literally feel like one after another just keeps getting canon/semi-canon???
  • Merthur: "they're a love story between two men" "there you have it, the debate is over, Julian confirmed it", got almost-kiss, sed ily to each other
  • Destiel: "he's in love......with humanity" *cas literally chooses Dean > humanity every time so we all know that quote meant Dean*
  • Hannigram: *got almost kiss*, then confirmed gay
  • Makoharu: sed ily to each other, confirmed to have been written as a married couple, official art released had them both in groom/wedding clothing
  • Sourin: "sousuke only has eyes for Rin", official art has them in really romantic positions
  • Vaason: "Jason is attracted to vaas"
  • Denzo: matt saying "you couldn't get Damon so you went for his mother and she doesn't even want you" and enzo doesn't deny it
  • Spirk: *kisses vulcan style through glass*
  • I could go on. THEY'RE JUST ALL GAY

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Hi. i was wondering if you could give me some tips on commenting on writers fics? I've seen lots of posts saying that writers really like feedback and i want to leave good comments for them. but im kind of shy a lot and don't know how to review well.

Hello, anon! Thank you for asking me. However, I must admit that I myself am not good at reviewing fics, but I hopefully can give some advice on what I find authors typically look for.

  • Freak out. Authors genuinely don’t care if your comment is, “HJHGFBFFGF OH MY GOD DJGHJGGFJGHFXFG HOLY CRABCAKES FHFJHJGHHJS THAT WAS AMAZING FHHGFHGFXHGF.” So long as you are encouraging them and letting them know you enjoyed their fic, they will 100% be very happy. 
  • Let them know how their work made you feel. Did it make you smile? You laugh? Cry? Did it leave you feeling unsettled? Was it scary? Authors love to hear about the emotional impact it had on you. 
  • Quote a line or two that you loved. “I loved X, because X. It made me feel X.” or something along those lines. Even just quoting a line and then keysmashing lets an author know that it stood out to you and you especially enjoyed that part. 
  • Tell them you look forward to seeing more from them! If they’ve wrote something for a fandom you enjoy and you say something like this, they are more likely to provide more work for the fandom. 
  • Now, for a little more controversial: offer tips for improvements. Now, take this into account: not all fan authors want critique. If they don’t, just don’t provide it. A lot of fan authors just write for fun and aren’t really looking for serious critique. However, if an author would like critique and/or ways to improve, providing it proves very beneficial to them. Just make sure you know first. 

Rule of thumb: Just always be gracious and kind, giving advice, praise, and even critique with care and understanding. Do not flame. Do not be rude. Do not demand updates. Often times, being nice to an author and supporting them makes them motivated to put out more of their pieces for you to enjoy. If you really think about it, your comments = happy author. Happy author = more than likely more fan content for you to consume and enjoy. 

Anyway, I hope this was helpful. These are things I usually keep in mind when commenting on author’s fics. Thanks again for the question, anon! 


                    CHALLENGE     NUMERO     DOS        !                  the     challenge     is     to        reblog     this     and     then     compliment     whoever     you     reblogged     it     from.                    doesn’t     matter     if      you      know     them     well     or     not     just     love     on     everyone.            takes     two     secs     and     could     make     someone     very     happy        !

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Rob asking the others about feelings when he first reveals tothem he has a crush on you.Not knowing what it is telling them he doesn't want to crush you.Anti teasing him but becoming super involved in the love story. Marvin and Schneep sharing concerned looks for the mortal that captured his attention but loving you.Chase and jackaboy man swap fanfics.Angel Is so happy for him!Meanwhile he's a blushing mess and you ask why are all the ppl with the same face hiding in the ceiling/behind that tree

Chase, Jackaboy and Angel would be the trio that would constantly try to set you two up. By “accidentally” running into you while they were out with Rob, and then suddenly disappearing when you two were talking. 
The three have hundreds of plans on getting you alone with him. Angel and Chase always encouraging Rob to ask you on a date. Which Jackaboy has already planned out. 

Marvin and Sneeple adore your company, but they worry that Rob may not be the best partner due to his….condition. But encouraging it nonetheless. Knowing that not all relationships have to be physically intimate. But they would give Rob the talk and warn him about those sorts of things. 

And then there’s Anti who is all about the love story, but constantly teasing Rob and dropping subtle hints to you. When you’re talking to Anti, he sometimes draws the conversation towards Rob. Saying how nice he is, but how he can get lonely because all the Egos have their own lives and they all can’t look after him. 
So he basically guilt trips you into hugging Rob, to which Anti shoves you both in a room and locks it. Anti refuses to let you two out until Rob has confessed.

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Can you do a story about uma being a man eating mermaid and harry being a pirate because I've seen two versions of this in rp's but none of them are finished and I'm really curious about how this would happen. Happy fanfiction readers day 💓💓

Here you go, love! Happy Fanfic Readers Appreciation Day to you too! This is just Chapter one! I plan on writing at least one or two more chapters, so stay tuned!

Uma’s mother struck her across the face, “You listen well, daughter of mine, a man that is allowed to live is a man that will kill you later. Curse you for your foolishness.”

“He wouldn’t mom!”

“Oh so now you’re in love with him? With this pirate boy?”

Keep reading

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"next season the game gets reset" i love it, it is not gonna take so long this two are gonna reconect early they still love each other,maybe i'm the only one but i think they still in love too,but they need to fall for the new versions of them,it not gonna take so long,we are gonna be there soon than late same with the canon.

Originally posted by bellamybb

This girl is so in love with Bellamy Blake. Look at that smile. She was so excited and happy when she finally thought he was coming back to her. 

We don’t know where Bellamy is emotionally right now, but Clarke is so dear to him. She’s a part of him. That doesn’t just fade away. He’s gonna see her alive and be so gone for her again. 

Originally posted by bellamy-the-rebel

It’s time for them to fall in love and be truly happy together. 


I wanted to do something special for The Deep. I haven’t been around your blog long but what I’ve seen so far has made my heart run wildly. The song is “Pan’s Lullaby” from Pan’s Labyrinth however I modified it a bit so that it sounds like it’s underwater and is more masculine. I hope you like it and I can properly express how much I love this story. Thank you.

Every time I listen to it I just picture the two of them at the bottom of the lake in one another’s arms while Eiya sings to Max again. It makes my heart hurt.

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So I'm not sure if this has been done before and I just skipped past it all, but have you all considered YamaYakuLev? May I ask for headcanons of this or should I submit my own? I feel like they'd be so funny and dorky together on and off the court!!

>That’s a lot of tough love for Lev XD These two are quick to call him out on mistakes in his forms and receives and spikes. But they’re also quick to praise him whenever he does something good. Yamamoto will ruffle his hair and Yaku will kiss his cheeks. 

>Nekoma ships it btw. They’re too cute. Akane and Alisa are very happy for their brothers. 

>When Yaku graduates, Yamamoto and Lev cried when they saw him off. Yaku called them ridiculous since his university is just an hour away from Nekoma. He cheers them on whenever he can go to games in between classes. 

>Yamamoto spends more time with Lev in his third year. He knows the kid will be the ace one day so he’s doing all he can to help him. 

>It’s hard without Yaku since he tends to be the most levelheaded out of all of them and the one time Yamamoto and Lev fight during practice Lev cried. It takes some coaxing but Lev ends up admitting he just misses Yaku. Yamamoto cries too and they end up having movie marathon with Yaku over Skype. When Yaku sees them cuddling in Yamamoto’s bed he admits that he also misses them.

>Yamamoto studies his ass off to get admitted to Yaku’s university but he ends up getting an offer from another uni that’s just near Yaku’s. They decide to get an apartment together and when Lev doesn’t have practice or too much homework he stays with them on the weekends.

>When Lev officially becomes ace, Yamamoto is just so proud. He kisses him in front of the team during the farewell party and later when the party is over Yaku visits from university to do the same. 

>It’s a big celebration when Lev graduates and he gets admitted to Yaku’s school. They move in together and live happily ever after with their cat (Lev’s idea) and a dog (Yamamoto’s idea). 


Image Description: Six drawings of Shaa, a Pureblood Jedi, and Ilia, a Togruta Sith, leaning their foreheads together and closing their eyes. The first picture is a bare outline with just pencil. The second is shaded in with pencil messily. The third has black pen with some shading and outlines. The fourth has hair fully shaded and montrals partly colored in with blue pen. The fifth is fully filled in with the blue pen and the last has all the pencil erased, leaving black outlines and shading with hair and montrals filled in or shaded with blue.

So I swear I actually do work at work. Most of this was finished on my lunch break. I just really love these two. And I’m actually super happy with the way this one turned out. Profiles are really easy for me and I’m happy with them both. Which I said. Anyway.

A good drawing.

Bedtime Rituals

For as long as she’s known, Hélène has been the one to tuck Anatole into bed every night. It was the same routine, ever since he was three, and her father was away far too much to be doing it, and Lito never acknowledged them, far too focused on his books to pay much mind to the two who were twins in all but name.

“Lennie,” Anatole would gurgle at her, wide eyed and happy, and Hélène would crawl onto Anatole’s bed, pick up a random book, and make up a story.

“-and so the prince and princess got a dragon, and they turned their older brother into a s’more!” Anatole would giggle and curl against his sister, yawning but fighting to keep his eyes open as Hélène kept telling the story, making things up until Anatole would fall asleep. Then Hélène would slide off of the bed, wish him a goodnight, and tuck the blanket over him. Nothing changed, until she went away for college, and then Anatole enlisted.


It was four years until they saw one another again. Hélène, now a young woman of twenty four, was studying to get her Master’s degree when she got the message. A simple, ‘I’m in town. Coffee? -A’ from a familiar number, and Hélène was dropping everything she had to see her baby brother.

She walked into the shop and her eyes fixated on him at once. Tall, taller than she remembered, white blond hair, and the shining blue eyes she loved, had always loved. Hélène laughed, almost in tears, as she hugged him tightly, Anatole spinning her in a small circle, clinging to her just as tightly as she was to him.

“God, I missed you,” she whispered, not realizing just how damn true it was. And like that, the barrier between them was gone, and they were texting almost every second of the day, telling each other everything. Anatole spoke of the boy he’d met in the army, a young man named Fedya, whom he was fast falling in love with, Hélène replied with information about the professor she’d found herself seeing more and more recently, a brilliant historian by the name of Marya.  There was nothing they couldn’t speak of.


Did you get it? -A

The invitation for Christmas, I mean. -A

I did. Do you think it’s a trick? -H

I don’t know. -A

Are you going to go? -A

Only if you do too. -H

???? -A

You trust them? -A

Hardly. But I’d rather be there with a familiar face. -H

Your familiar face. -H

I’ll be there. -A


Christmas was fast approaching, and Hélène and Anatole both replied to their father in the affirmative that they’d be home to the estate for Christmas. Dinner was a carefully navigated affair, the politics of the house obvious. Vasily wished to relive his former days in the military through his youngest son, disapproved of his daughter’s choice in academia, and generally didn’t like his eldest son, Lito now a lawyer, though he avoided the courts whenever he possibly could, to avoid the mockery of a lawyer with a stutter.

They retired to bed around midnight, all returning to their rooms. But Hélène found herself drawn to wander the halls of the manor until she reached Anatole’s room. She let herself in, quiet, and found her brother sitting on his bed, legs pulled up to his chest, staring blankly at the wall. Hélène sat down on the edge of the bed, watching with concern as Anatole started, blinking into focus before his baby blue eyes turned to her, confused. “Hush,” Hélène murmured, pushing Anatole back onto the bed, before settling next to him, all but in his arms. “Let me read you a story, let me read you a romance. I will read, you will listen, and this terrible night will pass.”

Anatole didn’t make a sound as Hélène spoke, telling the same story as she had when he was little, of the prince and princess and their strange games with their older brother, who was now king, but he smiled at every part where she spoke of the closeness of the main characters, yawning a little during her story but remaining silent, until she thought he’d dozed off by her side.

“Good night, Toto,” Hélène whispered, shifting on the bed before sliding off, tucking the blanket over him and pressing a sweet kiss to his forehead.

“Good night, Lennie.” Came the reply before she managed to turn the lights off and leave the room, with a smile on her face as she returned to her room.

Aftermath Ch. 4 : A FaGILiar Song

It was two days after Uma and Harry’s private sailing trip. Gil had been down for a while. It had Uma and Harry worried sick. Now that they were happy being together in secret it pained them extremely to see their friend so down. They had an idea to cheer him up. Gil had told them the tale of LeFou singing for his dad proudly so many times before. They all knew the lyrics to the song. They decided that this was the way to cheer him up. That morning Gil walked onto the dock. The moment he stepped on the deck of the boat he saw that something was wrong. There was a chair on the deck and a set of tables with benches. The chair looked exactly like Gaston’s chair, Gil noticed. What a nice touch to their ship! Then one of the Wharf Rats came down and pushed Gil down in the chair. Harry started massaging his shoulders. Harry started to sing.


Gosh, it disturbs me to see you Gil

Looking so down in the dumps

Every guy here’d love to be you, Gil!

Even when taking your lumps

There’s no man in town as admired as you

You’re everyone’s favorite guy

Everyone’s awed and inspired by you

And it’s not very hard to see why

~Harry let one of the Wharf Rats take over the task of massaging Gil’s shoulders. He jumped onto the tables and started dancing with Uma. Gil’s smile seemed to light up the Isle.~

No one’s slick as Gil

No one’s quick as Gil

No one’s neck’s as incredibly thick as Gil

For there’s no man in town half as manly

~ The crew joined in.~

[Wharf Rats]

Perfect, a pure paragon!

~Uma walked towards the Wharf Rats and pointed per name towards one of the crew. They had never seen Gil that happy before.~

[Harry & Uma/Wharf Rats]

You can ask any Tom, Dick, or Stanley

And they’ll tell you whose team they’d prefer to be on

Who plays darts like Gaston?

Who breaks hearts like Gaston?

Who’s much more than the sum of his parts like Gaston?

~Gil knew his part and choreography and stood up. He started to sing his part with an enormous smile.~


As a specimen, yes, I’m intimidating!


My, what a guy, that Gaston!


I needed encouragement

Thank you, Harry and Uma


Well, there’s no one as easy to bolster as you! ~she hugged him~

Too much?




No one fights like Gaston

Douses lights like Gaston


In a wrestling match, nobody bites like Gaston


When I hunt, I sneak up with my quiver

And beasts of the field say a prayer

First, I carefully aim for the liver

Then I shoot from behind


Is that fair?


I don’t care


No one hits like Gaston

Matches wits like Gaston


In a spitting match, nobody spits like Gaston


I’m especially good at expectorating!

[spits] ~Harry caught it in a pot, just like LeFou had once done for Gaston.~


Ten points for Gaston!


When I was a lad, I ate four dozen eggs

Every morning to help me get large

And now that I’m grown, I eat five dozen eggs

So I’m roughly the size of a barge!

[Uma/Wharf Rats]

Who has brains like Gil?

Entertains like Gil?


Who can make up these endless refrains like Gaston’s son?

I use antlers in all of my decorating


Say it again

Who’s a man among men?

Who’s the super success?

Don’t you know? Can’t you guess?

Ask his fans and his five hangers-on

There’s just one guy in town

Who’s got all of it down…


And his name’s G-I…L…

I believe there’s another L…

It just occurred to me that I’m illiterate

And I’ve never actually had to spell it out loud before…



They didn’t understood how happy they made Gil. Gil had had another fight with his dad. His dad said he could never live up to his name. He should have seen him! The three best friends quickly hugged before returning to their daily tasks. Uma and Harry had agreed that if Gil didn’t ask where they got the chair, they wouldn’t tell him they stole it from Gaston.

 The lyrics are from the live action remake of the move Beauty and the Beast. Next chapter will be up soon.

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I can't really help but as an animal lover I really want to thank you for being so kind and taking care of them. Kittens are such a handful and it's really hard to take care of them when they can't eat kibble. So just thank you so much for looking after such wonderful creatures (and as a tip, trying buying some wet food for them, they can eat that about two weeks before they start eating kibble because it's softer, just don't let them overeat)

Thank you Anon.! 

As much as I love the kittens they are in fact a lot of work. lol. I think I have forgotten what sleep feels like to be honest. But it is worth it to see them all happy and healthy and finally back to where they should be. 

We did have a scare with one of them and had to take him to the vet (hence why I ran out of money) but he seems to be doing much better. 

(Ironically it was the one we named Genji cat- I name all the kittens cause its easier for me to keep track of them that way- and now my SO just walks around saying “Genji needs healing.”) 

I was holding back a bit before, believe it or not, but from now on I’m going to post some DanSen Wars translations too. There’s really not much, but if even one or two people would be happy to read them, then I’m happy. I really liked DanSen Wars a lot! I thought the character designs were really similar to GO! My favourites are Muraku and Vanessa by the way, but maybe that’s obvious…

Apologies if it’s not your thing, but come September this blog will be exploding with Inazuma Ares-related news so for now it’s gonna be GO and DanSen Wars : D

Still primarily an Inazuma blog tho, so please don’t worry!

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Both me and my partner are nonbinary. We're in a long distance relationship (they're in Washington DC area, I'm in Minneapolis). We just travelled to Oregon to see the eclipse in its totality and it was so beautiful! We met 6 years ago in a summer engineering program and we started dating last December! They really love languages, dogs, and bots. I love them so much <3

omg that is so romantic I’m so happy you got to see the eclipse together!! aaa I’m so happy for you two they sound great and you sound like you’re so happy with them! <3

Fic Rec

If you have even a passing interest in Jessica Jones and Matthew Murdock (of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Defenders) as friends or lovers, please go read @livingvakariouslythroughyou‘s “A Skirmish of Wit.” 

Why? Because it’s a sensitive, soul-searching slow burn of a fic that never feels forced and never seems to gloss over Jessica’s and Matt’s respective issues and trauma. They’re friends first, in a way that does them both so much good. Watching these two damaged and complicated people struggle but gradually open up to—and connect with—each other was really a sweet journey. 

I really, really enjoyed the conversations @livingvakariouslythroughyou wrote for them. They seemed real and also true to character. She did a truly excellent job of capturing just how up and down and just plain hard and painful change, growth, and recovery can be. By the time I reached the end of the tale, their realistic but still happy ending felt well-earned.

One specific thing worth noting is that the story is respectful of both Matt’s and Jessica’s romantic histories with other people; the author didn’t denigrate what they shared with Elektra and Luke, respectively, in order to prop up Matt and Jessica’s growing relationship.

If it seems like I have major heart eyes for this fic, I do. *g* Now, shoo: please go read.