so happy even though i don't really care

listen i’m so proud of winn and how far he’s come though like first he was so angry and hurt but once he was filled in on what was really happening he didn’t even hesitate to trust what was going on and was understanding and forgiving and loyal and what the hell??? he took such huge risks tonight because he still knew he cared about lyra and believed in her and knew what he was doing was right??? and his development a year ago he would have never been able to stand up like that to protect her and oh my HECK

Im totally counting this as a request even though in reality @fun-fetti just texted me the idea and im gay and weak. It’s really short, but im really tired and pretty happy with it so… I hope you like it!


Peridot looked up at Jasper. She was much taller than she remembered. That was for obvious reasons. Peridot was smaller. Peridot was caught between emotions. Jasper was safe and here and her gem wasn’t cracked, but Peridot didn’t have her limb enhancers and she was so small. Peridots were all small, but she had never let Jasper see her with her limb enhancers. 

Jasper knew Peridots were small. She knew about the limb enhancers, but she had forgotten how small they were. She forgot that her Peridot was so small. She didn’t act like she was small. Jasper didn’t realize that she’d been staring for awhile. She also was so shocked at seeing Peridot that she didn’t really process her face.

Peridot had looked caught between joy and fear. Now fear had taken over. She seemed to shrink in on herself and began to say, “I know that you-” Her voice was shaking. She never finished whatever she was going to say. Jasper knelt down and squeezed Peridot tightly against her.

Jasper said quietly, “Hey, Dot.” Peridot wrapped her arms around Jasper’s neck. There wasn’t any way that Jasper hadn’t noticed that Peridot was stripped of her limb enhancers, but she decided that she wasn’t going to bring it up. Jasper stood up and brought Peridot up with her. That left Peridot’s feet pretty high off the ground. Peridot squeaked and clung onto Jasper.

Jasper laughed and said, “Oh my stars! You’re so small!” Jasper’s tone revealed that she was teasing, so Peridot didn’t feel as small as she had before Jasper had spoken.

Peridot screeched, “JASPER!”

Jasper said, “-but cute. I’m so glad to see you." 

Peridot wanted to stay mad. She cried out again, "Jasper!” Jasper started laughing. Peridot’s scowl wobbled. She sighed and muttered, “I’m glad you’re back.” Jasper began to twirl around. Peridot shrieked and clung onto Jasper tighter.

New Owl City songs that will most likely be on the new album. Both Back Home and Unbelievable have other writers listed apart from Adam (Matthew Thiessen and Emily Wright, and Unbelievable also has Isaac Hanson listed) so I suspect one of these songs might be the new single.