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Let’s do this reaction :) (I was so eagger to do this one since it’s probably in the top 3 of the cutet ones I have ever received!)

Rap Monster

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I think namjoon would be like a little proud but he would also be happy beacuse he/she would have stop crying. And I guess he would also be happy to take care of the baby and help him feeling better.


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So first about the flower, I don’t know but I can picture Jin taking it’s role so seriouly he would make everything to stop the baby from crying. So yeah that’s why he would wear a flower disguise. And he would feel very proud and certainely would be really excited if the baby suck on his fingers.


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He would probably feel also so proud after being kind of surprised. Maybe he would have asked himself if it’s normal or why the baby is doing such a thing and you would have to explain that it let him release some pain and taht there’s nothing more normal.


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Ahah. I think it would kind of tickle hobi but he would be so proud and so thankful to have the baby he would want him to suck on his fingers even when the baby’s alright.


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I think Jimin would be so surprised at first, maybe you’ll have to explain. But honestly he would still feel embarrassed and pretty uncomfortable.


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So I basically think would be a little surprised at first but then he would know why the baby’s doing this. So he would feel proud and happy to help him doing his teeth.


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I think jungkook won’t really like to give him/her his fingers and that’s why he would try to amuse the baby so he he could have his mind on something ele but the pain. And if the baby would still cry then he would probablly go and buy some special products and games for the baby.


Tell me everyone what you though about this reaction :) Love you all ♥

I will fight every single person who rudely commented on Tyler’s post about him playing Pokémon Go.
But seriously Tyler has done so much to keep us happy and proud and some people have the nerve to make fun of him for playing a game. A lot of people still play Pokémon Go,including me, just because you lost interest in it doesn’t mean you have to down others for trying to have fun. Tyler doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. It is extremely rude for his “fans” to be saying those things to him.
But what I’m trying to say is you shouldn’t be dissing people for the things they enjoy watching or playing. Most people who watch Markiplier get rude comments about themselves because they enjoy watching him, so what makes you think that you can do the same to Tyler.

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Since Dean loves food, Cas tries to cook for him. He always watches Dean take the first bite with little kid anticipation like he's the judge on a cooking show. Dean doesn't have the heart to tell him it's awful every time. So, he swigs down each bite with a sip of beer, a thumbs up and a nod because he'd eat the rubber from a bike tire if it meant that Cas was HERE every day, giving off his proud smiles for making Dean happy. And Dean is. So happy ♡. (You said you wanted a fluffy head canon :))


Then when Cas becomes human he tastes his own food and realises how bad it is and how Dean was sparing his feelings and he is so touched by it but also annoyed so he wants to learn to cook better. 

He asks Dean to help and he teaches him little by little every day until one day Cas surprises Dean and Sam with an amazing meal that he managed to do all on his own (well, he did text Sam at one point to just check whether it was a bulb or a clove of garlic he needed, but that’s all) and they are all so happy and Cas is so happy and proud of himself, while Dean is proud of himself for teaching him so well and Sam is happy that they are all content. 

Dean and Cas do the washing and tidying up in sync while Sam gets the movie ready then they all settle down to watch classic Marilyn Monroe with toffee popcorn for Dean and a whole heap of candy for Cas and Sam (skittles are Cas’ favourite and Sam loves gummy bears). 

okay last year john gomez posted a picture of himself at pride with jess bowen (who’s openly gay) and the caption was ‘proud not afraid’ and everyone was like “uh did he just come out??”

he just posted a pic of him and his bf, put the pride flag in his user, the caption said ‘happy pride im happier than i’ve ever been’, and im legit crying because im so happy 

So a long time ago i really wanted to draw Luke with flowers in his hair. And a few days ago i had a new idea to add some pink/purple colors in his beautiful long curls, bc why not. I guess it’s just makes him even more pretty.
And i really like how this drawing turns out. I’m a bit proud of it tho. And as you can tell i’m so damn obsessed with Luke’s long curls. 🌹🌸

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i am going to delete this in a bit just because i don’t really want landon to see it BUT! i have been handling my bpd so well in our relationship and i’m so proud of myself. i have been so….. distant and destructive in other relationships but i’m so careful with him because i don’t know what i would do without him. i love him so much and so genuinely. whenever i have an irrational thought or i doubt him or feel like he’s going to leave me for WHATEVER dumb reason my mind comes up with i recognize it as a thought i’m only having because of this disorder and although it’s hard i dismiss it as much as i possibly can and it’s really been worth it. he would never do anything to hurt me and he is everything i have needed for so long and i’m so happy. i’m proud of myself for not letting my bpd control me or my relationships anymore

Fun little thing happened when my mom took my brothers, my boyfriend, and I to see captain underpants (she thought we'd enjoy it and dammit we did)

So we were exiting the viewing room theater thing and were making our way to the bathroom and there was a kid who was probably 6 who also had just came out of the room in front of us. It took me a while to notice but he was wearing a cape. A few seconds later he noticed there was people behind him. He turned around very quickly and stopped and stood heroically. He was cosplaying as captain underpants (I’m guessing as much as his mom would let him XD he had blue tights and a blue shirt on and he wasn’t bald so but he had underpants over his pants) but it made me SO FRIGGIN HAPPY I’m not a huge captain underpants fan but dammit this kind of dedication made me proud! I told him I have MAJOR respect for him, he honestly made my night and I hope he keeps that kind of dedication to whatever fandoms he encounters in future

Fight For My Way Ep 12

Okay, I haven’t watched yet but I heard SulHee dumps JongMan and I could not be more proud. I am happy she is making a move for herself instead of changing for him. If he isn’t willing to work with her and make their relationship work this is for the better. 

I know she doesn’t need a man to make her happy but I m hoping she still finds someone who is there for her and doesn’t treat her like a Dirty Little Secret.

This is so big. And it can be a great lesson no matter how it ends. They were together for years and it didn’t work no matter how much she tried. Letting people especially women know they don’t have to wait around for a man to be ready to make them happy. SulHee didn’t deserve what was done to her and how she was treated and I am happy the show let her leave the relationship instead of making it seem like what was going on was okay.

I’m telling you, this show is gold. So many great lessons, and it isn’t following the norm. 

#SulHeeDeservesBetter and I am hoping we get to see her get better….Maybe that new dude.

Or she can be Single. That is fine too.

Tonight I will be reading and listening to Gallifrey; Intervention of Earth. Sean Carlsen aka Narvin himself has very kindly given me his whole script when I met him in September even when he didn’t have to so I am and will always be thankful for his kindness. Honestly, the Gallifrey cast has been so wonderful and gracious to me and have brought so many happy memories that I will always continue to support them with how much they have impacted on my life. Gallifrey fan and proud!

I cannot believe how perfect Chris was, from the moment we thought of him to the moment he played every second in this movie. Chris is one of the most talented actors I’ve ever worked with in my life. But also, he’s a real man, very comfortable with his masculinity, so much so that he’s not sexist at all. He completely takes other people on their own face value and is willing to leave space for them, and as a result he was a perfect boyfriend for Wonder Woman because it’s someone who could actually look at her and admire her and appreciate her and it didn’t take anything away from him. And then he just made us all laugh all the time.
—  Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman Director (source)

character development is yuuri going from screaming when viktor tried to initiate physical contact with him

to th  i    s

children we are blessed

Y'all know that Benjamin Alire Sáenz is a 62 year old man who came out when he was 54 after coming to terms with his childhood sexual abuse and exploring his sexuality through writing LGBT themes in his novels? ​I’m so proud of him and happy that he’s gotten to this point in his life no matter how long it took. I love him so much, he’s my inspiration.


seokmin + MVs

↳ 1997.02.18 | happy birthday to the love & light of my life ☀️