so happy aleks is a creature

*cough* anyways.

sorry but I’m with the bandwagon on this one. Daniel wanted the best for the creatures I feel, but Jordan kinda treated it like it was expendable ??

something wasn’t right for me when James and Aleks left. Sly and Seamus left for personal reasons, I get that but James and Aleks?? The Creature hub was like… The hub was important to them. They wouldn’t have left just to be like “hey let’s ditch these losers and start a channel” and when James talked about the leaving on his channel, he was being nice with his words, as are all the ex Creatures when they leave, but he was basically saying his and Aleks’ ideas were being chucked out the window constantly.

Idk like it feels like Jordan was like “this is my channel, you are my employees.” And when he got bored, he dropped his toy (the hub channel) and never picked it back up again.

Even if the rumors aren’t true that he’s giving up The hub because of Stef, I still don’t appreciate how he smiled and talked about his good job and nice planned out future while Dan sat next to him and cried silently hoping that no one will notice. Like okay you had a safety net, Daniel didn’t so either you plan to help him financially or, you know like, shut up. Dan has no idea how these next however long time it’ll be until he is not just financially stable, but comfortable again.

Idk I just want Dan to be happy again.

Okay so heres the story about meeting Aleks!!;

So i came up to him at the table right and i was like hey Aleks and hes like hey how are you (btw hes so fuckin polite its concerning) and i was like good whatever blah blah and i asked him to sign my poster and for a photo. While he was signing my poster i told him that he stopped me from making a lot of bad decisions in my life and that i’m very thankful and when i was saying this he stopped signing and he was just looking into my fuckin eyes and i was SO shakey i really didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable but when i finished he just didnt respond for a minute and was just looking at me (and at this point im like fuKC I FUCKED UP HES PROBABLY LIKE WTF) but then he goes “im so happy that i stopped you from doing the really shitty things but sometimes you gotta do the kinda shitty things to be happy” and i cried.

Story time because I'm sad about something

An 11 year old girl had to leave her home and everything she knew to a completely different state. This girl was very upset to see that happen, so she ventured back into her first love along with her cousin. They fell in love with a video game called Left 4 Dead 2 and the girl decided it would be funny to find some videos about the game and show them to her cousin. She stumbled on a video uploaded about a man with the name SSohPKC and she watched his video series and loved his commentary. Fast forward a few weeks, she discovers the creatures. A group of guys that made her laugh. From James calling Jordan “Hordan”, the treehouses, creature server, payday, creaturetalk, the first 24 hour livestream, everything. She watched the very first 24 hour livestream at a friend’s birthday party because she wanted to see them hit their goal to move to the first creature house. She watched the departure of Max “Gassy”, the first move, the introduction to Aleks “Immortalhd”, the second move, to the departure of so many creatures. Now, she watches the final goodbye.

I’m sad to see the fall, but things like this happen. I hope every member that was involved in something that made me smile when everything seemed so shitty is happy and doing what they love/want (I hope you’re not at target, Seamus).

Thank you for the smiles, laughs, comfort, positivity.

i’m so sad. i’m not crying or anything but i will be at a “farewell creature” video. what can i say beside the fact that i’m genuinely sad. well i had the biggest blast with the creatures, they were my one of my few first youtube loves and they helped me a lot during the time i was hospitalized bc of my anxieties and depressions. but i’m also not surprised… they channel went down the time aleks took a hiatus and after cow chop left it was a matter of time. anyways. thank you, for all the great memories and moments, you brought so much sweetness, joy, craziness and happiness into my life. thank you, thank you, thank you for everything.

Transman Aleks

Transman Aleks first movin into be with the creatures. Learning to bind and being able to cut his hair how he wants and really getting to be out and happy. (He wore that transformers mask for so long cause he looked like a girl still and he didn’t like his appearance yet.)

Several years later him and James start cow chop and little transman Aleks being nervous to be on camera all the time and having a main role in many videos and promotional material. Aleks wearing that dumb beer bra cause at the time his scars from top surgery where very prominent and he couldn’t cope with gettin shit from shitty youtube commenters on his transitions. Aleks tryin to be macho and shit just to get rep cause he’s just so hung up on passing and not gettin made fun of by his fans for bein trans. 

His worse fear is his community hatin him for it (he knows they won’t but it’s just a really big fear of his) 


James and Aleks pretend to be a couple. It confuses the fuck out of the other Creatures.

Seamus always expected shenanigans whenever he went out with James and Aleks, used to their mischievous comradery and their playful arguments after being friends with them for many years.

He’d never expected to see this though.

The two of them, holding hands.

It had started when they’d been waiting in line at the cinema to pay for their tickets and their snacks. James had been ranting about his low expectations for the movie ahead, and Seamus was listening, chiming in occasionally with opinions of his own. Aleks’s attention was seemingly elsewhere as he scanned the advertisements displayed above the counter.

Suddenly he grabbed James’s arm, halting the conversation. “Hey dude, look!”

James did, and he examined the poster that Aleks was pointing to. Seamus did as well, but he didn’t see what the fuss was about. It was an advert offering 50% off tickets and snacks for couples, all in celebration of Valentine’s Day, which was in a few weeks’ time.

“Take my hand.”

Seamus started at Aleks’s words and turned to look at him in horror. Fortunately for him, Aleks’s gaze was solely for James as he held out his hand expectantly.

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I am honestly kinda sad because of this last goodbye.
The creatures were my everything when i was an antisocial person who didnt know how to communicate with others.
I still remember how i first found them 2011,when I was about 12 years old, i was watching the newest yogscast video at the time.A livestream charity event,where Simon and Lewis were messing around with other people in the shadow of israphel server.
There i noticed an odd fellow,with an adorable quirky voice,with the name xxslyxx and decided to look him up.there onwards i started watching slys videos and became a proud homie knight,and eventually,after 2 year or so,i noticed a walking meme named Aleks appear in many videos,after which i found the creature hub in the sidebar.
I started watching every random video the creature hub had uploaded because i fell in love with the guys behind it. Kootra being a dork was great to watch, Seamus’ sarcasm was hilarious, Slys adorable giggle made me incredibly happy,it was really fun to see how Aleks does things,Dans kind heart reminded me of many friendly people ive met through my life, James and his crazy rage was glorious to witness.The other people who joined after i found the hub were also very fun to watch. Dex pranks was hilarious,Spencer becoming a member after his internship was inspiring,Kevins reaction to having “liquid ass” released into the streaming room when he was streaming was easily one of the best things id have witnessed and the interns who joined cowchop(Aaron and Joe) were also really fun in the hub.

Even though i grew a little distant from the creatures after cowchop was formed,it is still incredibly heartbreaking for me to see them completly disband.
I feel like the creatures were the group that kept me smiling during my darkest times and i cannot thank any of them enough.


anon asked for immortalanex in 2 >> vibrant colors
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How did you get into cow chop? do you like other rooster teeth content? what's one of your favorite videos to watch?

hi love! i got into cow chop bc i actually watched them in the creatures!! i even watched james before i knew he was in the creatures, like when him and felix were like top dogs in the gaming commentary community. but yes when they created cow chop i was so happy bc james and aleks were always my favorites at the hub.

yes i do!! i watch achievement hunter and funhaus as much as i do with cow chop, i also watch off topic, always open, rt podcast, on the spot, etc!!

if you’re talking about cow chop, i always find myself going back to the NEW YEARS FIREWORK DISPLAY video. it’s just the epitome of cow chop to me?? also, i rewatch Dark Souls a lot, and i know some people couldnt stand it but i love long let’s play’s like that!! and i go back to the Pokemon Go series too because i miss them going out and being silly, and the summer with Go was just…so Pure

As much as the hub has been fucking up recently i still find myself very sad. idk its like the end of a era. Maybe like saying goodbye to my childhood. i loved the creatures so fucking much for almost 5 yrs now.  But at the same time i am very happy for James and Aleks as they are and have always been my favorite creatures who brought me into the hub.

I guess on to  a bigger and better future for cow chop and James and Aleks. We will always have our memories and the good times  :(

Chip and Marshall, when Aleks got beaten by a water bottle, THE NOVAHD STREAMS, where is seamus and lets not forget Sly. I loved them all so much but I feel like it has been a downward spiral since 2014.

I can keep talking forever but lets just leave the past in the past and keep supporting James, Aleks, Aron and Joe in any future ventures. And for Dan and Jordan i hope that they succeed as well.