so happy about this one :33333333


First I just want to say - The final top 15 list we got was a BIG surprise for me [except of the top 6 - they were pretty expected - but i mean the last places…] and it was a very GOOD surprise!!!! ^___^ I didnt expect the list to be THIS GOOD - I thought we’re going to see here seiyuus that are very fav by the fans but not actually SO beautiful - and I was wrong, the list is AMAZINGGGGG!!!!

Rreally this list has OPEN MY EYES about some popularity of seiyuus.

And now to the winners that are heading to the final of the top 15:

At the First Place:

Suzuki Tatsuhisa With 180 Likes♥!!!

2nd Place:

Miyano Mamoru With 162 Likes!!!

[SO CLOSE! these two will fight forever on EVERYTHINGGGGG]

3rd Place: [which made me extremely happy]

Hosoya Yoshimasa with 102 Likes -

thats like on the singing contest!!!XD this was the top 3 there too! Im telling you I will be so very happy if Hosoyan will end up winning<333 he deserves this, he is AMAZING

4rd Place: [like DAAAHHHHHHHHH]

Aoi Shouta with 89 Likes

5th Place:

Kaji Yuki with 85 Likes

I think is contest made me realize how popular he is between the fans its CRAAAZZZYYY :)

6th Place: [and not very surprising either]

Kamiya Hiroshi with 75 Likes

Kamiya also - I didnt knew HOOOOW popular he was until this contest

7th Place: [as usual, after Kamiya comes……]

Ono Daisuke with 73 Likes!!!!!! only 2 less then Kamiya!!!!! this actually was a surprize for me - I knew I love OnoD but I didnt knew other notice how beautiful he is XDDD though HE IS sparkling *_* and the funniest person ever

8th Place:

Kakihara Tetsuya with 72 Likes!!!!!!

1 less then OnoD!!!! can you believe it??? though Kakki is so handsome, its not surprise me at all.

At the 9th Place:

Sakurai Takahiro with 69 Likes

also so very close!!! Well what can we say about him??? the sexy goofyXDDDDDD I mean really even his number of likes is pervertXDDDDDDD he does got this crazy charm, but it still took me by surprise that he got this high. [not that I think he doesnt deserves this - i totally think he does]

At the 10th Place:

Nakamura Yuuichi♥ with 64 Likes♥

ohhhh beautiful Nakamura-san and his big cat eyes<3333 you guys got a very good tatse, indead<333

At 11 Place:

Soma Saito with 62 Likes

K that was A SHOCK. I mean he’s a totally babe, but till recently he was very unfamiliar compare to other seiyuus [I knew him for a long time from Drama CDs but it was only lately that he got really famous]. I am so happy. it means that this competition is actually true, because even though he isnt that famous, he DID catch your eyes :)

12 Place:

Fukuyama Jun♥ with 59 Likes

also makes me really happy - JunJun is SO very handsome to my opinion, and again it was a big surprise for me that others think the same.


NOW WE GOT 3 SEIYUUS ON A TIE!!!! These 3 seiyuus all got 57 likes, so they are all takes the 13 Place [together they take the 13, 14 and 15 places]



about KENN - Im so happy he got here. I really do believe he got such a beautiful sweet face<33333333 he’s the cutest thing ever<33333 I really think he’s one of the most beautiful seiyuus.

Ono Kensho

Well, Onoken is a model si it WOULD BE WEIRD if he wasn’t here right?^^ I actually thought he’s not gonna make it here, so I AM SOOOO HAPPY HE IS HERE!

Eguchi Takuya

The more I look at Eguchi - the more handsome he looks. He really did closed this list for me on the best way it could have. I wasn’t happy with the list if he wasn’t here.

This result of the 13 Place made me SOOOO HAPPY!!! :) Im so happy that the last 3 seiyuus consider to be beautiful at the same level!!! ^___^ That way we don’t have a last place right?:)


In few hours I am going to publish the final top 15 pictures - AMAZING PICTURES, really took me FOREVER TO CHOOSE THEM!!! ^_^

All the pictures up here are cutten - but don’t worry I will publish the full pictures later on personal posts.

As for the rest of the seiyuus on the contest, I WILL POST THE FULL RESULTS LATER, PROMISE!!!!!! :)

Before Im going to make the FINAL TOP 15 personal post I just wanted to say

THANK YOU. thank you. thank you all my beautiful followers. You really took this contest seriesly. I know you did, and I am so very happy for it<3333

I love you all

-Beautiful Seiyuu