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GUYS I MADE IT remember last week was my presentation in class??? Well today my professor said out loud in front of everyone that she started watching b99 and that she LOVES IT and that it lived up to the expectations I built and then my classmates one by one said they started watching it too and IM YELLING im doing a better job promoting it than the entire fox marketing department

May 7th - Justice League

‘Ahem,’ Flash said briefly. Logan raised an eyebrow. ‘I’m sure you know the drill, guys. I don’t want to have to hurt you.’

‘That’s the benefit of being fucking psychopathic,’ Raven responded. ‘We do want to hurt you.’

They had been waiting on the steps of the Capitol Building for maybe thirty seconds, watching interestedly as crowds of people scattered in chaotic fashion away from the green in front of them. The huge white dome loomed above, providing a suitably dramatic backdrop. Gar bounced on the tips of his toes.
‘Damn, I love this.’
‘Me too.’
‘Why did we never do this before, Rae?’
‘No clue. Ask Dick.’
‘It is kinda his fault, ain’t it?’ There was a pause. Gar tapped his foot impatiently. ‘Fastest man alive, my ass. It’s been at least a minute since –’

The air in front of them erupted, a thunderclap echoing around the huge space. Raven shielded her eyes, squinting uncomfortably into the glare.
‘Right on time.’

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WHAT THE FUCK???? WHT THE FU CK??? IS GOIN G ON???????????????????



23 things I learned, experienced, felt, or mistakes I made before turning 24.i

I decided to make a list of the 23 things I have accomplished this far, experienced, felt, and also the mistakes I have made before turning 24 tomorrow. I find this as a way of letting go some of the bad and looking at all the good that came from this year of life. 

let’s do this.

1. I got my first major job in December of 2016. I was in a McDonald’s parking lot eating chicken nuggets when i got the call. I will never forget how grateful I am for my first job and the memories. As I enter almost 11 months of my current job, I feel a sense of relief. I am working full time and doing something that I am passionate about. I am also building myself up to do bigger things and that is exciting.

2. My sister lost her best friend to cancer in December of 2016. He was a family friend and losing him was the hardest thing I could watch my sister ever suffer through. She lost her rock, the shoulders she was carried on. Keith, we miss you so much. Thank you for blessing us with your kind and compassionate soul. You never let cancer define you, you truly did say fuck cancer. I am proud of you, you’re now getting an endless party in heaven. Forever with my sister and all of us.

3. I saw twenty one pilots in boise and embarked on the last show of tour de columbus. crazy experiences, both easily highlights of my year. incredible shows, bonding people from all over the world. I could not be any proud of Tyler and Josh and to be able to see them end the Blurry era was unreal. I felt the love of the clique and the guys. We made it. Here’s to the next era.

4. Not everything at the dollar store is edible. This was a painful mistake, but what can I say I like to save as much money as I can. Let’s just put it this way, be mindful of what you pick up and try to find the expiration date. Everything else that is not edible is good for saving your dollars, but careful with the food! Oops! Let’s be real, this will probably happen again because I will forget my own advice. 

5. My bug passed it’s first emissions test. This was a huge deal since I had to get new tabs and my little guy was due for emissions. He is 11 years old and all I could think was “we are not going to pass”. Well when we did, I had nothing to fear. Little fears can turn into good news. This was my case.

6. I finally got my Jesse Cale hug and saw/met Vesperteen. I cannot be more thankful for this chance. I made two amazing friends, aka @powertothelocalcliquer and @onceuponaphan-lockedtardis. We bonded and had the best time. Met all the lovely guys and they helped me have my moment with Jesse. I got to share my being 3 years clean and give him a giant hug. It was all love and deep feelings. Would do anything to go back.

7. Ending friendships that were not working. Well, this was a hard thing because with any ending of a friendship a lot of broken feelings come. I made mistakes in those that I cannot ever fix, but know that some of the shit I pulled was not cool at all. I wish all those people the best in life. I think that this has mainly taught me that some friendships will not last forever, but that is okay. Some friends are short term, come and go, long term and forever. Life happens. I do not regret one of those friendships. 

8. I have found some amazing new friends and strengthened old bonds with co-workers. Tumblr has blessed me with all of you, need I say more! Seriously though, thank you to all of you who have taken a chance on me and established awesome friendships. As for my co-workers, I have gotten closer to the ones I left at my old job and those new ones. I have even had some over for wine and painting! Just goes to show for me that friends are everywhere and it’s good to have people even if they are not your best friend for life.

9. It is perfectly okay to say yes to things, but it is also okay to say no and no thank you. I am someone who always wants to say yes to things. It seemed easy at first and I felt like that it what people would appreciate about me. Yet, as I have grown, it has been easier to say no thank you and no. Not to feel peer pressured into doing something or just not liking the way something is panning out. It is a growing thing, as I try each day to remember I do not always need to say yes. 

10. Googling if your chicken is cooked enough is probably a sign you may of undercooked it. This was a mistake that I did not have too many bad reactions from! I made my first chicken and followed a recipe, but could not tell if the chicken was done. So i googled pictures and was like “seems like it!” and ate it. Long story short, I did not get sick from it. Life lesson, if it does not look ready, let it sit and cook a bit longer.

11. Medications do not make you weak. As someone who has gone through too many medications to count, they do not make you weak. Some work really well and others are a freaking mess. Not everyone is going to work with medications and that is okay. I would think that after one round of meds, I would not ever need to refill. I was wrong and would spiral into a dark phase. Now that I take my meds regularly and realize they help, it’s not a weakness. It is a strength. It is my way of telling myself it’s just another way I can continue to recover.

12. Buy a good ice scraper, not the cheap one. Wow, this was my failure last year and then I would try to scrape my car at midnight after my shift and it would take forever and I would get so cold. Bless my mom who gave me a better one this year. Also have a good pair of gloves, turn your car on and wear a jacket. I have my not so smart moments.

13. Life is meant for adventures, even the smallest ones. I have travelled a lot and will next year too, but let’s talk about the small one. When I got my conch pierced, that was a big adventure for me. Getting all my tattoos was a special adventure and as I type this I will be getting my biggest one and newest one on Friday! Heck, even cooking for the first time in my new place was an adventure. You do not need to go on grand adventures to make them feel big. 

14. I got my own apartment! Well this was a huge step for me, as it has been just over a month since I got it. I am in love with it and have found it to be my perfect happy place. It is cozy, but open. It is my first place, a place I can truly call home. Still close enough to visit my fuzzy kitty Oreo. Everyday I find something new to put into my place or change. I am so happy about this accomplishment.

15. I felt love, then I felt heartbreak. I fell for a guy last year and went on quite the honeymoon phase before I realized he was not in this relationship for the reasons I was. It was amazing to have someone to cuddle, to kiss, to call my person. Yet, it was not right to be with someone who was not looking for what I was. The breakup was painful and I struggled a lot to move on. I asked the questions of if I was too ugly or was it because we didn’t have sex. After a while I came to terms with my heartbreak and realized it won’t be the last time. I will have other loves and losses, but one day I will find my person. I am beautiful in my own way and I am going to be okay.

16. Do not leave your car lights on all day at work, you’ll have a super dead battery and be super unamused. Yea, once again not a super smart move by yours truly. I remember being like “oh my god noo”. I troubleshooted it and have now learned to check my lights every time I leave my car.

17. Make up is for me, not for you. I have for sure evolved in makeup in the past couple years and have embraced it as being a thing for me. Not for a date, for a fancy outing, for me. I can do a wild cat eye and red lipstick or do a subtle nude lip and mascara. I should not let others tell me how to look. Embrace my own looks and do not be afraid to wear a bright color. I wanna wear a blue lipstick, you bet your butt I will and smile. It’s for me, not to cover up any imperfections, but just to enjoy. 

18. Watching my sister marry the love of her life. Wow, I was a crying mess at my sister’s wedding and it was because she truly was the happiest and most beautiful bride. Her wife is amazing and to watch them fall in love all over again and their vows, like I said I was a crying mess. I could not be happier for them. Love is love and screw those who do not have anything nice to say about it. Let people be happy with who they love, that’s it. Love you both!

19. Some days are meant for no pants and too much netflix and other days you need to get your butt up and go be productive. I can say the luxury of living on my own is being able to walk around with no pants and watch too much Orange is the New Black or Grey’s Anatomy. I also have days where I need to go do chores, laundry, or go to work and get over my little rain cloud. It is not easy when you do not want to “adult”, but you have days where you can be a kid too. Find a happy and healthy balance. 

20. Creativity is a feeling like no other. Whether it be finding the perfect setup in my place or drawing something. Creativity has an endless amount of growth for everyone. When I am work and think of something that expedites the process or that is useful to others. Learning a new style of painting, or figuring out how to string some lights on a not so sturdy area. Your mind has so much to offer, let it out. Share it with the world, no matter how big or how small. 

21. You can be an open book, but you are also allowed to be an enigma. We can share a lot about our lives with people, but sometimes its more fun to leave the rest as a mystery. Who knows, maybe that chapter in my life will change and I want to surprise people. Not everyone may like the mystery, but it’s my life. Do not be afraid to let some things be left unsaid or left to be found at another point in life.

22. I lived another year. Wow we are getting super deep but it’s true. Most birthdays are a big celebration due to just that feeling of surviving another year of unknowns. I do not say this to act like I would not be here, but at 19 I thought I wouldn’t. Now I am about to be 24 and I got to say this year was pretty damn good. I had a couple hiccups and such that is normal, but had a lot of good and victories. Life is not always going to be sunshine and rainbows, it can be thunderstorms. So dance in the rain, scream at the world, take it back. I am very happy to be alive. I am very glad I stuck around to see what this year had to offer and what the years have to come.

23. comfort zones are acceptable, it is also okay to get out of them. As someone who is an introvert, the whole comfort zone is “i’ll stay in my bubble and you stay in yours” motto. Yet, I have gotten better with doing things that pop that safety area. I challenge all of you to take that little baby step. Do not push yourself too hard. Everyone will do it at their own pace and that is totally okay. 

24. Coming November 2018.

It has been a wild and magical year. When I wake up tomorrow, November 16th starts a new chapter in my life. I cannot wait for the new adventures that come. Thank you all for being apart of this journey. 


my two favorite things that i’ve noticed ppl comment in the tags or when they retweet/reply to my comics :

“this is so soft”


“i can see this happening”

bc my goal when i make comics is always to try to make it realistic, but i also always aim to make taehyung (since my comics are 99.9999% him) as soft and cute as he is in real life