I feel this intense feeling of relief almost like an impression of finality since the whole titan serum debacle ended. Armin is safe. Eren and Armin hugged. Eren was overcome with emotion. Almost like I don’t need anything else from the story? I know I’m going to keep reading the story of course but I’m just so damn satisfied that I really can’t help but smile. I hope my fellow readers that love Armin (and the trio) feel the same.

I just saw the Moana trailer in theatres for the first time, and I hadn’t realized how important it was to me that the lead actor was Hawaiian…. but when Auli'i Cravalho’s name came up on screen I cried. I sobbed in the theatre.

Representation is happening. It’s happening slowly but people’s voices are starting to be heard. I’m so happy for Hawaiian people today. There is so far to go, but people’s cultures are important and it’s about fucking time white people understand that.


Benedict Cumberbatch picking up CBE.

“It’s a unique occasion and I feel very privileged to be here and flattered to be recognised in this way. It was wonderful, it was the first time I’ve ever met her and to meet her and be honoured by her was extraordinary.

Thank you Cumberbuddy for the video

justin lin: in the next movie there will be ranks on the women’s uniform. we’re ignoring the death cure and the teleporting-between-planets device. we’re also scrapping the jim and carol thing. (x)



jiyong is so lovely and precious in every way