so handsome and adorable

You make me feel like maybe I’m not as bad as I think


Just gonna drop these gems here for all you folks to enjoy.


Happy anniversary to my favoritest couple on the face of this earth <3

(WEDDING PHOTOS ARE BY JENNY HAAS PHOTOGRAPHY. The rest of the photos are from Tyler and Jenna’s Instagrams. [[@ jennaajoseph + @ tylerrjoseph ]])


From NCT’s extra lifestyle: 

Playing with self-camera 😂

“Tokyo, it has been a really long time, right? Have you been well?”

Fans: ye~~s

*nods* “We have been well too. Health is the most important.” *thumbs up*

“Always… ehm…” *shakes head adorably* “Today too, let’s have a great time. Alright?”

“Also, as always, please take care of us*.” *bows*

cr. do_machi12

170727  SMTown Live World Tour VI Tokyo

*note: he said “yoroshiku wo negai itashimasu”. he is using keigo here, the highest level of honorific speech

trans. by me