so handsome ;;;;

tsukibeamfics  asked:

SPEAKING OF RAVUS'S HAIR-----any headcanons for how our Rae Rae maintains his beautiful self?

He maintains it by conditioning it with the blood of virgins. But he doesn’t need any virgins because he supplies his own blood for it- *SHOT*

I mean, he probably has just as normal of a routine as anyone. c: Shampoo, condition, maybe applies a little bit of that dry shampoo too? He probably doesn’t spend too much time out in the sun, so he probably doesn’t have to worry about sun-damage to those lovely locks either. Has a healthy diet enough to where his hair won’t really suffer as a result of it. He does all the right things to have fabulous hair~ :D

Judging by how his hair though looks like a mess of ‘I don’t know whether or not I want bangs’ and ‘I just sort of pushed my hair back, so here we are,’ he probably doesn’t really do much in the morning to do his hair besides brush it too.

But he probably has some extreme bed-head when he wakes up because he tosses and turns alot from his insomnia and general trouble sleeping/getting comfortable/relaxing. When he finally gets comfortable, most of his hair gets dented because he fell asleep and just doesn’t budge for the rest of the night because he’s too tired to move anymore. c:

All of the gorgeous hair though~ Hair, hair, everywhere~