so handsome * *

this photo gives me difficulty in breathing || © 17_0808s2

anonymous asked:

alright alright... first Caitriona Fuckiing Balfe in all her goddess glamour was just perfection and I have to say that I hadnt think that for a little while.. but now Sam too? He is so hot, handsome... he seems very proud and manly... I have to say the same as Cait, it's been a while.. they are perfect and with all the friend/co stars pic of litteraly everyone in IG or TW at the after party we deserve a pic of this two epithome of perfection, glamour and sexy even in thé New narrative.. 😍🔥

I know!!! I’m hoping we get at least one photo of them together. You know there’s probably one on Sam’s phone that we’ll never see. But please share!!!